Talos Vs Voden - Arcona Arena Tourney Round 1


09-12-2009 19:31:16

Arcona Citadel; Archives:

A substantial hall that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all member records, research, maps and schematics for the Arconan fleet. It is staffed by two Krath followers at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard.


“Talos, you have brought a simple lightsaber with you, while Voden is also only armed with his lightsaber. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun gentlemen.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, beckoning for the usual Krath attendants to follow him as he left the two room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Talos posts first]


11-12-2009 22:29:47

Talos forfeits, Voden advances