Driftan Vs Marick - Arcona Arena Tourney Round 1


09-12-2009 19:30:30

Arcona Citadel; Archives:

A substantial hall that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all member records, research, maps and schematics for the Arconan fleet. It is staffed by two Krath followers at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard.


“Driftan, you have brought a Sith Sword and a Bryar pistol with you, whereas Marick has an Echani knife, a dagger, a vibro knuckler, an armoury saber and a CS-12 stun master. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun gentlemen.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, beckoning for the usual Krath attendants to follow him as he left the two room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Driftan posts first]

Driftan Housan

09-12-2009 21:07:18

The Archives were a familiar venue for Driftan Housan. Unlike many within the clan who spent countless hours of practice within the dueling circle, the Battleteam Leader spent much of his time in the Archives of the Citadel, researching information for his next adventure or trying to get a leg up on information that could be used against a potential enemy. As he glanced around the room at the rows of books and datapads, Driftan groaned a little on the inside, knowing that so much information was at risk when blaster bolts and blades began dancing in the acrobatics of combat.

The two combatants had been placed at opposite ends of the Archives, not a daunting distance to cover before conflict, but enough that they would be forced to hunt each other before making contact. As the doors to the Archives hissed shut, Driftan saw Marick make a small bow, an obvious hangover from his Hapan training and the gentlemanly manners that Hapan Masters brought to their fighting. Driftan smirked at the gesture, and quickly raised his Bryar pistol from its holster, letting loose two rounds aimed at Marick's center mass. The bolts were true but found the wall instead of their intended target, as Marick had deftly bound out of the way and disappeared into the rows of treasured knowledge. So it begins.

Driftan took a deep breath and focused on trying to locate Marick behind the stacks [SEE], his vision through the Force coming in and out as Marick moved quickly through the rows. Driftan his opponent's strategy as he attempted to move behind Driftan and attack from the rear, so the Jedi Hunter turned around and decided to face his opponent head on.

As Driftan rounded the corner of one of the shelving units, he once again summoned the Force to guide him because he knew his opponent was near. The whisper of the Force [DDG] caused Driftan to drop to his knee and raise his Bryar pistol as Marick leapt down from the top of the stack, his Echani knife bearing down on Driftan from above. Driftan was able to get off one shot from the pistol before it was knocked from his hand by Marick, the Bryar pistol and Echani knife sent clanging to the floor out of their reach, and a fluttering of burning pages sent into the air from the blaster bolt.

Marick deftly rose to his feet while Driftan scurried to gain his footing and draw his sword. Driftan's choice of weapons was match by Marick as his removed the armoury saber from his hilt and ignited it, sending the familiar glow and hum of the blade echoing through the Archives. Driftan had to stop himself from laughing out loud at the sight of a Guardian wielding a saber. With a wave of his hand, Driftan sent a few books from the shelves flying at Marick [TES], causing the Obelisk to concentrate on the projectiles racing toward his head, and giving Driftan the distraction he needed to disappear into the rows of books. My turn. This should be fun.


10-12-2009 12:28:14

Marick's saber turned awkwardly in two quick arches to incinerate the flurry of books and data pads that had been thrown at him. He may have just been a Guardian but it didn't take much training to master the basic functions of controlling the glowing, weightless beam of energy that emitted from the hilt of his armory saber. He quickly disengaged the saber his eyes darting about to track the movement of his opponent but to no avail.


Clipping the saber back to his belt the Hapan glanced off to the side and saw his Echani knife resting quietly on the ground. Not too far away from it was Driftan's pistol. In his haste to flee, the Battleteam Leader must have forgotten to retrieve it. The Hapan noble shrugged, his arrogance willing to attribute the slip to Driftan's lack of proper schooling that he blindly associated most street-thugs to have lacked. It never crossed his mind once to look into the Kuati's history, which would have revealed that this was clearly not the case. Regardless, Marick glanced down at the blaster before him.

He had no idea what do with a blaster, let alone aim or operate the energy based weapon that had singed a nice hole through the trailing folds of his white, sleeve-less robe. It was, however, one less thing that could be used against him in a battle that he was already outranked and slightly overmatched in. Unclipping his saber from his belt the Guardian held the cylindrical hilt over the blaster, pointing it downwards. With a resounding hiss the azure blade of energy sprung out, striking the blaster head on like a blow a torch.


The saber hissed once again and disengaged. The blaster lay still on the floor smoldering from the burn. Marick shrugged again and clipped the saber back to his belt. However proud the Hapan might have been he was smart enough to know his limit with the coveted weapon, and knew full well it would be wise to utilize as a tool rather than a weapon.

With the task at hand completed Marick took a second to study his environment. The shelves where high and obstructed a view between the various rows that they created. Pushing experimentally against one the shelves to test it's integrity, he came to the stout conclusion that it wouldn't budge very easily. This was a good indication that any attack would need to be from above, in front, or behind him but not from his flanks.

Walking slowly with fluid grace on the balls of his toes, the Obelisk Guardian clenched his fist around the handle of his vibro knuckler at his side while raising his Echani knife defensively in front of his face in a reverse grip.

Here thugy-thugy-thugy... Marick mused, his eyes darting about as he called upon his limited use of the force to sense Driftan's location. [SNS]

Driftan Housan

12-12-2009 09:21:37

Driftan had rushed around the rows of data, hiding himself from Marick's vision and trusting that the Guardian's lack of Force mastery would ensure Driftan remained hidden in the Force. Having circled around from their first encounter, Driftan sighed as he watched Marick destroy his recently purchased Bryar Pistol. I guess it's back to the armory after this battle is over.

The Hunter began after Marick as the Hapan started to search for his prey, an evil game of cat and mouse being played in the Archives. As Driftan crept ever closer to his opponent, Marick stopped and looked around, a confused look on his face as though a veil had been dropped over his eyes [TWL]. With the vibro knuckler and Echani blade at the ready, the Guardian waited for whatever was to come. A sword blade broke the tension of the moment as it sliced through the veil of shadows and crashed down onto the defending Echani blade, sending it flying once more through the air; a thwack signaling that it had stuck itself blade first into a waiting book.

The image of Driftan Housan appeared once again from the Force-induced darkness, his Sith sword humming with the delight of battle. This time, the Kartranin master led with the hilt of his sword, a slash aimed at Marick's exposed face. The Guardian reacted quickly [PCG], bringing his vibro knuckler up for protection, but it too was ripped from his grip, causing a small grin to form on Driftan's face as he looked upon his now-disarmed opponent.

Marick had given himself over to the adrenaline racing through his body, causing him to become more in tune with the Force. With some thought and will power, the armory saber in his hilt appeared in his waiting hands [DRW] and with a flick of a switch, the hum of the energy weapon filled the space between the two opponents. A mere two meters separated the two, and the sword master beamed with the confidence of his training, but he also knew that his adversary had the definite advantage with his weapon.

The Guardian took his chance and initiated the confrontation. Basic slices and flurishes danced through the air as Marick attempted to make contact with his target. In response, Driftan moved with a fluidity that mirrored Marick's every move, his defenses aided by the Force as he parried some of the moves with an invisible hand [TES], occasionally sending the energy blade slicing through the shelves that attempted to hem the two warriors in.

Confidence grew with every move that he evaded, and this arrogance caused Driftan to try new elaborate moves in order to fend off the glowing blade. In a moment of inspiration that Driftan did not know he possessed, Marick made a brilliant spin on his front foot, which caused the blade to move in a way that Driftan did not anticipate. In a feeble attempt to protect himself, Driftan raised his metallic right hand as a guard, the wastefulness of the move immediately evident when sparks flew as the blade sliced through the middle of the hand, leaving it fingerless and all together useless.

Rage at both himself and the situation threatened to burst forth from Driftan's body, and that anger was released as he once again reached out with the invisible Force and pinned Marick's right hand and saber against the nearest bookshelf [GRP]. Marick flailed with his left had, pulling out the dagger waiting at his side, and waited as Driftan approach, eyes narrowed and full of hate.


14-12-2009 15:09:57

Marick, post and make it [Expletive Deleted]ing good


15-12-2009 13:46:33

Hate was a good word to describe the look on the Hapan nobles’ face. Yes, the blow he had landed on Dirftan's mechanical hand hindered the Jedi Hunter's ability to use his only remaining weapon. That still didn't stop him from channelling the force, though.

With his right arm invisibly pinned to the wall, Marick lost both the use of his strong hand and his ability to dodge effectively. Driftan's strength and technical ability prevailed in the short range between the two combatants--not to mention the long reach of the Kuati's sith sword against his slender dagger.

Adrenaline coursing through his veins, Driftan lurched forward, sword in one hand, keeping half of his concentration on Marick's arm. The Hapan, however, was able to channel his full attention to his free hand to dexterously parry the vicious downward slash.

A sly grin crept over Driftan's face though as he flicked his wrist, expertly wedging the tip of his sith sword into the grip of the one handed Guardian. Another simple torque of his wrist nicked the inside of Marick's gloved hand and sent the dagger scurrying out of his grip into the distance. In the same flowing motion, Dirftan released his grip on Marik's arm and with his full concentration swung his mechanical arm like a club directly into Marick's jaw.

Even with his hand now free, the Guardian had no way of dodging the blunt attack. Blood and spittle sprung from his mouth as he staggered backwards a few steps, somehow staying on his feet as he dug his heels into the ground. Driftan wasn't one to let the momentum he had gained go to waste, though.

Trailing on the heels of his heavy punch, the Battleteam Leader cleared the distance between the two fighters, thrusting his sword forward with all his might into the dazed Guardian's chest. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. Where most Dark Jedi would have been in trouble, however, Marick's constitution gave him the ability to almost immediately shake the cobwebs out of his head following the hit.

Using his limited control of the Force he channelled energy inwards, a sudden burst of energy washing over him [BOS]. Just as the blade would have sunk into his flesh, Marick spun gracefully on his heel, deftly avoiding the sith sword's bite. With his thrusting momentum carrying his body forward, Driftan's flank was wide open.

A loud cry escaped the Hapan's lips as he flattened his palm into a straight, knife-like edge and chopped deftly at the Kuati's neck. Driftan staggered and stayed on his feet, but not for long as the Hapan followed up his chop with a brutal knee to the solar plexus. Air gushed from Dirftan's lungs as he toppled backwards onto the ground, rolling onto his stomach.

Marick knew he shouldn't let up. The brotherhood would dictate to attack now while his opponent was down. That wasn't his style though.

"Get Up!" The proud Hapan cried out, his long hair partially covering his face as he panted.

Driftan Housan

16-12-2009 20:48:35

[Death post]

The ground spun beneath Driftan's eyes as he remained hunched over from the blows Marick had delivered. He had overextended himself and once again underestimated his opponent; the lack of air in his lungs and the blood trickling from his nose were the instant reminders of his failing. Marick's words were soupy in the air as Driftan closed his eyes and turned his attention inward. Your silly sense of honor will be your undoing. A few moments later, Driftan rose to his full height, the blood flow having ceased, and his body feeling mostly whole [HEA].

The two warriors faced each other now, empty handed and compelled to rely on their mastery of the Force and their hand-to-hand training. Both men stood at a 45 degree angle, Driftan with his hands held at the ready near his chest, and Marick with his strong fist chambered and ready at his side. With a small, noble nod Marick advanced and closed the distance, every step he took projected the violent intent of his actions.

Now within a meter of his target, Marick unleashed a violent flurry of blows upon Driftan, the strongest of which were deflected either by Driftan's hands or by persuasion of the Force [PSH]. The Guardian's swiftness and agility far outmatched the Hunter, and Driftan found himself once again being backed up through the row of books, forced to rely on inspiration from the Force [DDG] and his own mastery of Dulon, but it was not quite enough to overcome Marick's quickness and speed as the Hapan landed a fierce blow to Driftan's kidney, sending him winching and clutching against the nearest bookshelf.

Instantly [BOS], Marick was on Driftan again, this time not giving his opponent a chance to regain his composure. Blow after blow reigned down upon Driftan, his back pinned against the shelving and his defenses failing to keep up with the attacks. Driftan felt himself on the edge of giving over to defeat, but the words of his many trainers echoed in his mind, Harness the Force. Use it for your ends. Wield it like any other weapon. The words pounded their way into his consciousness, and not a moment too soon as a devastating kick came flying in towards Driftan's head, a sure end to the battle at hand.

Driftan released his concentration from the physical battle at hand and switched over to the area in which he knew he was Marick's superior. With a flick of his wrist, Driftan caught Marick's leg in mid-swing [GRP], reached up to grab the Guardian's clothing near his chest, and swung him with enhanced force [EHA] against the bookshelf. "My turn". The Tu'rek master now turned Marick's own moves against him. Driftan sent his fists flying towards Marick, every now and then adding a little extra power to his blows [EHA] in order to wear down the strong man.

Driftan could see that his moves were doing little more than keeping Marick busy; he did not possess the physical strength necessary to end the battle with an exchange of punches. Driftan once again changed strategies and invaded Marick's mind through the Force, a dull look crossing the Guardian's eyes [STN]. In the brief moment of weakness, Driftan grabbed Marick's arm, twisted his own body, and sent Marick flying over his back and onto the floor. With his arm still grasped, Driftan spun his body down onto the floor beside Marick and gained the torque necessary to snap Marick's arm at the elbow, a bellow of pain releasing Marick from the dullness and bringing him back into full awareness of the battle.

The ebb and flow of the battle was now clearly on Driftan's side, and unlike Marick beforehand, he knew to take full advantage when the opportunity showed itself. A shove with his mind [PSH] flipped Marick over onto his stomach. Driftan pounced on top of the Hapan, securing his arms with his own legs and wrapping his arms around Marick's throat. The Guardian still had some fight left in him, and with a buck of his body, flipped over onto his back, but not with enough force to cause Driftan to release his grip. The seconds ticked by and with every moment Marick felt the blackness enter his body. After a few more seconds, his body went limp, and only then did Driftan release his grasp.

Adrenaline coursed through the Hunter and the heat of the moment overtook the man who was not as accustomed to battle as others. Reaching out with his arm, he summoned his sword that lay a few meters away [DRW], willing it into his hand so that he could end the battle for sure. As the Sith sword took flight and made its way over to its master, it was met by an invisible wall and clattered to the ground [TES].

The dark figure of Zandro Arconae stood in the shadows near the two men, having slipped in unnoticed sometime during the duel. "You have proved your point, Hunter. No need to waste a good warrior in a training exercise. Congratulations on your victory." The frenzy of battle began to wear off, and Driftan was able to control his actions once more. As he stood up and moved back a few paces, Zandro knelt over Marick's unconscious body and began the healing process [HEO]. "Summon the medical staff and prepare for debriefing. You are dismissed." With a small bow to his superior, Driftan turned on his heals and made his way out of the archives, once again assured that his place was in the strategy sessions of the planning room, and not the fields of war.


17-12-2009 07:16:40

Driftan - Post is alright, one grammatical mix up where a sentence made no sense whatsoever, but the writing itself is detailed and good to read. Note that you're not exactly skilled with a blaster, so quick drawing and getting off two accurate shots isn't particularly likely to happen, but you didn't hit him so it's not really too much of an issue.

Marick - Not a bad post, although not much really happened. Well written with few errors, but it just didn't really pack much of a punch in terms of things going on.

Driftan - Your description of Twilight was a bit dodgy. I mean, I had to go and search for what exactly you'd done as the only hint that Force powers were at play was the annotation, so you need to make sure you describe that you are doing something to him in the future, rather than just saying something happened to him and missing out the fact it was done by you. Other than that your post isn't bad, there is certainly a lot going on, although once again there was a minor error which made understanding one of your sentences hard. Make sure you read your posts aloud back to yourself once you're done to make sure they are right before posting in the future.

Marick - Second post was as well written as the first with few errors, however this time you added in a healthy dose of action and made it much more interesting to read as a result.

Winner - This one was awkward to judge, but in the end it was won by simple virtue of less mistakes being made by Marick. On another day Driftan could have won this though, and I am pleased to see how well both of you are doing, but the winner today is Marick