Arcona Arena Venues


30-11-2009 12:58:24

NSD Invicta; Hangar:

Home to the legendary Black Wind Squadron, the hangar is complemented by rows of TIE Avengers and Scimitar Assault Bombers that boldly await a taste of battle. A steel walkway borders the hangar from the large panoramic magcon field and numerous highly flammable fuel drums line the service stations that are dotted around the docking bay.

Arcona Citadel; Archives:

A substantial hall that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all member records, research, maps and schematics for the Arconan fleet. It is staffed by two Krath followers at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard.

ISDII Eye of the Abyss; Bridge:

The central hub of a Arcona’s flagship, From here, the ship's captain develops warfare strategies and assigns courses for hyperspace jumps. Whenever the Consul is on the board the lights are reduced to a dim glow of hushed reds and blues.

BAC Shadow; Mess Hall:

The Qel-Droman Flagship’s mess hall is made up of rows of steel tables, perfectly lined up in an almost compulsive fashion. A ‘U’ shaped bar is positioned in the far corner, stocking a wide variety of alcohols, the barstools are usually reserved for the most senior members of the House while the lower ranks tend to take place in the uniformed and uncomfortable cantina chairs.

The Pit; Arconae Primus:

Located a stones throw away from a former Qel-Droman Temple, the Pit is a large crater created when a Yuuzhan Vong Gunboat was shot down during the 9th Great Jedi War. Lined with a wooden walkway, the bottom of the pit has formed into a thick, sticky sludge that gradually pulls any unfortunate trespassers to their death.


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