Prt Archer Merchant Vs. Ot Juda Erinos


01-11-2009 07:36:18

Sashar glanced around the newly created Arcona Arena, a swell of pride threatening to spill out into a smile over his features before he regained composure and turned to the two combatants, both standing before him, the tension veritably bubbling forth from them in the force.

“Archer you've brought a sword with you. Juda, you have your lightsaber. Remember, no fatalities. Go!” The Consul ordered, stepping back, giving the two Arconans room to move, and to fight.


01-11-2009 13:42:54

Archer Merchant waited patiently for the Consul to give the signal as he watched his opponent, Juda Kodiak, with the utmost fascination. He knew little of him, aside from the fact that the man had much more experience in combat then he did. His opponent practically spoke intimidation as he stood in wait, from the glare that Archer never seemed to escape to the dark colored tunic and lightsaber held at bay.

"Go!" The Consul's last word echoed briefly through the arena.

Archer brought his blade before him in a quick salute before lowering it parallel to the ground. He made the first move, calling upon the Force to enhance his speed [BOS] as he bolted at Juda in an attempt to catch him off guard. A quick slice cut through Juda's sleeve at the forearm, a mere graze as Juda twisted and brought his lightsaber about in retaliation, slicing through the sword of his attacker. Archer fell back onto the floor as the hilt left his hand, ducking beneath the slice and tumbling to the side defensively.

As he gazed at the two halves of his blade before him, Archer twisted to the left slightly, lowering his right hand to his side as he began to circle his opponent defensively.


03-11-2009 09:01:03

Juda deactivated his lightsaber with a hiss and clipped the hilt to his belt before glancing at his minor injury and after twisting his body to the side, stepped into a typical Dulon stance, his hands held loosely at chest level, beckoning for the Soulfirian to make a move. Archer took two strides forward and threw a heavy-handed punch that his Mandalorian opponent avoided [DDG] while lifting a leg off of the ground and spun on a heel, cupping the back of the Protector’s head, the momentum driving Archer into the ground, kicking up sand and gravel.

The assassin continued the attack and rushed forward [BOS], raising a leg before stamping down viciously. Archer dexterously rolled to safety only to be faced with a second stomp that connected with his chest, knocking the air from his lungs.

Juda pounced atop of his opponent, knowing that he stood a better chance of connecting blows while Archer was on his back and in a typical Dulon fashion, delivered a succession of elbow strikes to the Kraith’s head, instantly causing whelk-like blemishes to appear from the attack.

The Templar’s hand thrust out and caught Archer’s neck before barrel-rolling and hooking his elbow around the Protector’s throat, his palm gripping onto his bicep, gaining more leverage as he coiled his legs around his opponent’s waist while slowly choking the life out of Archer.

Traces of sweat ran from Archer’s russet dishevelled hair down to the stubble of his face as he gasped for breath, his eyes squinted as the arena became a hazed blur, the taunting crowd smeared into an echo as Juda whispered into his ear.

“It could all end right now.” his warm breath covering the nape of his neck, “Just say the word.”


03-11-2009 14:32:41

Archer felt his airway being restricted, the very air in his lungs leaving as the assassin easily overwhelmed him with sheer strength. He tried to struggle free, slipping one arm beneath Juda's arm and toward the ribs as he tried to jab into them repeatedly, his straightened fingers parallel to his arm as if they were a dagger, but it was no good. Juda tightened his hold around him, Archer not strong enough to break the lock as he tried again and again in desperation.

Knowing it was only a matter of time, Archer grabbed hold of Juda's forearm and focused his mind, barely able to concentrate as he tried to disorient his opponent through the Force [MAL] in a desperate attempt to escape; to create the opening he needed, but Juda proved too powerful in the Force for his attempt, shrugging off the effects easily as he shielded himself and tightened his hold further in retaliation. A groan of sheer pain escaped Archer's lips as he could feel consciousness slipping away, only a matter of time before it became inevitable but he would never give in. His fingers tightened in sheer frustration at the powerlessness of his situation, but he would never surrender.


09-11-2009 14:18:08

You've got Archer opening up with a swing that cuts the sleeve.....not likely. Juda uses Soresu - a highly defensive art, can see you as you pointed out in your opening paragraph, and is expecting an attack. Even with a burst of speed from the force, you're unlikely to get the opening drop on an Equite like that.

Good. you're respecting the fact that a sword wouldn't be able to block a lightsaber, and that you'd need to be on the defensive against Juda.

In your second post, well, I'll give you credit for sucumbing to an equite - that's fair enough. But [Expletive Deleted], you're Arconan! Act like it! you've got a little more fight in you than that, especially if you're in SF. Don't be so hard on yourself next time - yeah you're not going to win in a fight, but that doesn't mean you couldn't realistically score a couple of hits by outwitting him (Jay's pretty blond at times).


Bit of a rapist ending, but otherwise a solid post. No complaints at all. Nice work.


Juda takes it. Merchant, it's a good opening, but you need to practice. I suggest challenging our Clan trainer to some Arcona Arena matches ([Expletive Deleted] the ACC).

Juda = 12 points

Merchant = 4 points