Prt Arack Tavar Vs. Grd Driftan Housan


01-11-2009 07:19:20

Sashar glanced around the newly created Arcona Arena, a swell of pride threatening to spill out into a smile over his features before he regained composure and turned to the two combatants, both standing before him, the tension veritably bubbling forth from them in the force.

“Arack, you have brought a Fira Sword, Armoury Saber and a SoroSuub GLX Firelance. Driftan, you have brought a Sith Sword. Remember, no fatalities. Go!” The Consul ordered, stepping back, giving the two Arconans room to move, and to fight.


01-11-2009 18:46:51

Arack Tavar looked around the Arcona Arena in awe as the Lord Consul, Sashar Erinos Arconae, read off the rites of combat and the weapons that each warrior had brought with them. The young Black Hammer Brigade infantryman had never seen this part of the Citadel and it looked newly built, despite its archaic outward appearance.

Tavar's reverie and analyzation of the Arena was cut short as Sashar finished his role as combat official with the three words; "No fatalities! Begin!"

The Epicanthix's eyes snapped to his opponent, Commander Driftan Housan from House Qel-Droma, as the Human and former gang member pulled out a very wicked but yet ornate Sith Sword from a scabbard at his waist and laced his two hands around the hilt, pacing around the subordinate Dark Jedi, his blade angled in front of him.

Deciding not to let the Guardian get the first move, Arack went down on one knee and swung his GLX up, eyeing downrange before letting a one-two-three volley of red plasma spiral towards the Qel-Droman Commander.

Housan managed to dodge the bolts and Arack closed, drawing not his armory saber but the Order of Sasha-inspired Fira sword. Driftan lunged with his own sword and Tavar barely was able to sidestep to the left to avoid an early defeat.

While somewhat clumsy, Arack's own set of sword strokes sent Driftan back a couple of paces and then the 'Droman returned the favour, leaving the two in a fight for ground as the dust from the sandy floor kicked up around their boots.

Pushing down with all of his physical strength, Driftan started to get the upper hand but a vicious headbutt from Arack sent the man to the ground, his Sith sword falling next to him. Panting from the exertion and massaging his forehead, Tavar closed once more on the fallen Qel-Droman.

Driftan Housan

03-11-2009 15:34:32

Seeing Arack draw closer and knowing he was in a position he did not want to be, Driftan used the Force to stir the dirt from underneath Arack's feet [TEL], briefly blinding the man, and giving Driftan a chance to grab his sword and rise to his feet. This is where Driftan felt most comfortable; with a sword in his hand and ready for whatever his opponent had to offer, the very epitome of a Kartranin master.

Arack swung his hand with annoyance and was able to clear the dust from his sight, and saw that Driftan was now ready for him. With a small shrug, Arack decided to once again plow into his opponent. The strikes and blows were powerful and aimed well, but the precision of the strikes were left wanting and easily parried away by the Guardian. Driftan decided to let Arack enjoy his attack for a while longer, even going so far as to sidestep blows completely without raising his own blade, a way of showing Arack who was truly in charge.

Perspiration was beginning to form on Arack's face, and Driftan had grown bored, so he decided it was time for something new. With one final chop from Arack's sword, Driftan caught the blade with the crook of his own sword, the force of the two moves suspending the warriors as though the had been frozen. With a swift flick of the wrist, Driftan wrenched the blade out of Arack's hands, sending it flying into the air. With another quick slice, Driftan cut the blade in two in midair, sending the crowd roaring with approval.

Arack stepped back and took a moment to reevaluate the situation. Being persistent and stubborn, he drew his armoury saber and brought it to bear. Driftan smiled and appreciated the gesture, "I've always liked it when someone keeps going with their plan of attack. Very well, round two it is."


03-11-2009 19:57:18

"Round two, indeed!" replied Tavar as the black armored infantryman returned to his slew of methodical blows with his lightsaber, the Sith Sword deflecting the attack flawlessly. Coming into yet another lock, sparks spat between the two combatants as treated metal came against crimson plasma.

Relying on a trick learned from his commanding officer, Juda Kodiak, Arack suddenly deactivated his lightsaber, sending Driftan stumbling forward and Arack lashed out with a vicious kick to the thigh, making Commander Housan grunt in pain. This gave Arack a moment to take a few steps back and catch his breath, wiping the sweat off of his brow and out of his eyes as Driftan struggled to regain composure.

The mid-level Journeyman, instead of engaging his opponent, ignored the boos of the crowd as he ran towards the nearest pillar and with extreme concentration and an application of the Force, [JMP], leaped to the top of it, nearly missing it and wobbling for balance.

Finally gaining sure footing, Tavar unstrapped his GLX Firelance and fired off a erratic series of blaster bolts that caused a now advancing (yet somewhat limping) Driftan Housan to take cover behind another one of the Arcona Arena's pillars. Feeling confident, Arack taunted the Shadow Gate Team Leader.

"Up for Round 3, Commander Housan?"


06-11-2009 12:14:31

Arack: Analyzation? Seriously? :P Analysis. Judging by your posts, you're trying to squeeze too many words into a sentence. For example 'The Epicanthix's eyes snapped to his opponent, Commander Driftan Housan from House Qel-Droma, as the Human and former gang member pulled out a very wicked but yet ornate Sith Sword from a scabbard at his waist and laced his two hands around the hilt, pacing around the subordinate Dark Jedi, his blade angled in front of him.'

That's all one sentence? Try saying that out loud and if you can say you don't struggle to draw breath by the end of it I cry horseshit :P

Next time, cut down on the word count a bit - you're not writing to fill up space; you're writing to best your opponent, and you won't do that by spamming sentences by putting 'but' and 'yet' next to each other.

Now, onto the big killer. You're using a rifle. You have no points on your character sheet for blaster or ranged weaponry. Fail.

I did like the abbreviation 'Droman', though. I think we may adopt that.


Again, good use of the force. I like using it to stir up a dust cloud. As usual, your writing is excellent, there were few, if any, grammar issues and you wrote realistically against your opponent. No complaints here.


I think by now you've both guessed who's won this. Arack, you have a lot of work to do to perfect your style. First thing I'd suggest doing is re-working your character sheet to suit Black Hammer if you want to use guns.

Driftan: 12 points

Arack: 4