Ot Juda Vs. Kp Xathia


28-10-2009 22:11:13

Sashar glanced around the newly created Arcona Arena, a swell of pride threatening to spill out into a smile over his features before he regained composure and turned to the two combatants, both standing before him, the tension veritably bubbling forth from them in the force.
“Juda, you have brought a lightsaber and an A280 Blaster Rifle. Xathia, you have brought a lightsaber and two litch blades. Remember, no fatalities. Go!” The Consul ordered, stepping back, giving the two Arconans room to move, and to fight.


31-10-2009 10:59:04

The two Arconans circled each other as the Consul left the periphery, cool self-assurance oozed from each combatant as they passed by several pillars, never breaking eye contact.
“Your move Krath.” Juda spat, his red-trimmed Mandalorian armour catching glints of light as he circled, “-or would you rather read a book?”

Xathia smirked, her nimble hands reaching down to her hip, caressing her litch blade hilts as she shifted her copper braided hair. “Arrogant as always, assassin. Should I turn around so you can stab me in the back?”

“I’d rather shoot.” Juda snapped and shrugged his rifle into his grasp before squeezing the trigger and firing from the hip, sending several crimson bolts thundering towards the Priestess, kicking up plumes of sand and debris as they obliterated the ground around Xathia.

The female Arconan dashed towards a nearby pillar and launched herself into it, her leather boots smacking the column as she summoned all her strength and pushed away, back-flipping over the crescendo of blaster-fire and landing subtly off balance before setting off into a sprint away from the Mandalorian, weaving between the pillars. Her lungs stung as she respired, flinching with every bolt that snapped past, only just missing her lissom structure by a few inches.

The Mandalorian assassin cursed as he brought the perilous rifle up to rest against his shoulder and brushed the sweat through his dishevelled hair with his free hand, his eyes shifting as his Omwati opponent took refuge behind a column several feet away.

Taking a breath, Juda dropped his rifle to the ground and charged forward, gravel and grit crunching underneath his boots as he called upon the Force, a surge of malevolent energy swelled between his hands, crackling the air around the Templar as blistered beads of sweat traced his features. Juda bellowed a cracked roar as he skidded to a halt a few feet before the column and thrust his fists forward, urging all of his power into the pillar, sending a massive ripple through the support. [OBL]

Juda dropped to his knees as chunks of sharp debris imploded into a haze of dust, forcing the Kraith violently to the ground. “Ack!” Xathia shrieked as rubble rained down, pummelling her back and side as she writhed on the blood-stained sand.

Staggering to his feet, Juda waved the settling dust from his face and spluttered before trudging over the ruined column and raising the Priestess up by her hair. The Templar drove his free-hand into Xathia’s throat and tightened his grip, revelling in the sight of the Omwati gasping for air, his eyes intensely staring until suddenly a sharp, piercing pain erupted from his side. His eyes slowly fell from hers down to the bloodied hilt that protruded from under his ribs, the pain abruptly hitting him like a tank, his knees giving out as he dropped to the ground.


31-10-2009 15:11:20

His grip was finally released from her throat. It had felt like a decade as the woman gasped for breath, watching her opponent like a hawk as she rubbed her neck briefly. Her litch blade was still lodged in his side. It was probably best to leave it there although wrenching it free of the Obelisk's body would be delightful for Xathia to hear his howl of agony if she did it. Her torso ached in general from the rubble, and it felt as though there had been numerous cuts from the sharper pieces as the Krath sought to sooth it from her initial thoughts [CTP]. The sound of grit grinding against material pierced through the arena as Juda gained some distance from the Omwati.

The woman launched at the Sergeant, the Consul's words echoing through her mind about fatalities, though she'd probably done enough damage with that dagger embedded in his side. An invisible force slammed against her stomach, sending the Krath staggering off course and breathless as her adversary crept further away [STK]. Xathia snarled as the Obelisk smirked back, an air of confidence in his posture as he used the cold stone wall to get back onto his feet [CTP]. A brief sneer crossed his lips before firing his blaster with a look of intent across his face.

The Priestess ignited her saber to try and deflect the bolts, though with the amount of quick and slight movement she had to do to avoid them meant that her body began to nag back at the woman. Gritting her teeth, the Omwati kept dancing to avoid everything, the agony from the bolts would be much worse then the aches and pains she was going through right now.

As the blaster withdrew, another silent force slammed against her torso, albeit from the side this time. A shriek of annoyance escaped Xathia's mouth and lungs before the Krath threw her free arm out, sending some of the loose bits of rubble that were scattered over the ground in front of the Omwati [PSH]. The Templar dove to the side of the target in an attempt to miss the assault, though some of the chunks of stone rebounded off his clothing.

Xathia dashed at the Obelisk, calling on a boost for her already high speed to engage the male in a close combat since it seemed like the only way for the Trooper to win this fight [BOS]. The small cuts from the earlier rubble felt as though they were being torn bigger and bigger whilst the woman struck for the Templar with her saber. Her emerald eyes widened as she saw his yellow blade blocking her amethyst one [PCG].


01-11-2009 16:10:56

Juda aggressively rebounded the strike with a grunt, throngs of agony shooting up his side as he staggered back. The Mandalorian’s vision was a blurred haze as he held his lightsaber with caution, his free hand running down to the blade that was dug hilt-deep between the plates of his red-trimmed armour. The weapon’s hilt coated in a film of sticky blood that gushed from the brutal wound.

The Shadesworn gasped as he pulled the weapon from his ribcage with a sickly squelch and concentrated on the Force and his injury, his eyes squinting to focus on Xathia who paced closer while he mentally imagined binding his torn flesh together [HEA].

Xathia bounded into the air [JMP], her torn rags fluttering with momentum as she thrust her hand forward, her forefingers jutting out as she enveloped her aura in dark energy, wishing nothing but absolute pain for her red-haired opponent as she desired for his windpipe to collapse within her grasp [CHK].

A wave of panic overcame the assassin as his throat clenched, spluttering as the Priestess landed in front of him, her arm outstretched, willing him to surrender to her. Juda grabbed his throat with his free hand, trying to pry the invisible force that choked him as he hunched over, the arena crowd grew silent as they looked on in anticipation, the throbbing hum of his lightsaber being the only sound to interrupt the silence.

The Templar wretched while keeping his sight on his attacker from the corner of his eye and watched as Xathia raised her weapon above her head before Juda dropped to his knees and slackly swung his weapon in a blaze of yellow, hacking off the forefingers that pierced towards him.

“Gah!!” Xathia cried out as she flicked her wrist relentlessly, trying to cool the two cauterized stumps where digits once were, sucking in the musky air through gritted teeth as Juda scrambled to his feet, stepping into a typical Soresu stance. Rage overwhelmed the Kraith as she stormed forward, her lightsaber high over her head.


01-11-2009 17:46:42

The rushing air cooled the burning stumps, though the Priestess could still feel the agony as her amethyst blade sliced through the air. The vigour her saber smashed against Juda's caught the Templar slightly off guard [EHA]. A wave of determination shot through her brain, her focus completely on making this Sergeant beg for his life. Her body was starting to beat from the tiredness as she repeatedly struck at the Obelisk, making a brief decision, Xathia delivered a heavy blow using what strength she had left, only for her humming blade to slice through thin air [DDG].

Her emerald eyes shot to the left as the male sneered and slashed out at the Krath. His yellow blade denigrated the rags of clothing that the woman was wearing as she ducked and rolled into Juda's feet [BOS]. The Priestess's breath was ragged as she clumsily got back onto her feet and watched the Sergeant do the same, trying to sooth the agony that was pumping through her body [CTP]. His body had hit the ground with a dull thud. The saber had burnt her back a little amongst all the cuts which just added salt to the wounds.

His armour was blood stained from the earlier stabbing as he steadied himself on the approach back to his adversary. Xathia tried to throw him off course with an invisible punch, cursing hastily as she watched the Templar stumble for a couple of steps before resuming his former course [STK].

The silent force smashed against her chest, leaving the feeling that her body space had just been made compact as she shattered against the pillar behind her [OBL]. The Krath was gasping for breath as the Templar smirked broadly, his stance full of confidence as the hum of his saber broke the silence between them. Her hilt was lying on the ground a few metres away. Trying to taper the pain away from the forefront of her mind, Xathia snarled before flinging her arm out and calling the hilt back to her [HEA] [PUL]. The Obelisk dove towards the deactivated weapon, hitting against the surface heavily just short of landing onto of the saber seconds after it had moved.


02-11-2009 17:51:03

Xathia swiftly ignited her weapon, drowning her features in a purple hue as she struck down upon the downed Mandalorian. Juda brought his own blade up defensively with a grunt, the two lightsabers locking together as his hands gripped the hilt firmly while he pushed up his knees, using the ground as leverage to shove against the Kraith’s oppressive blade.

Sweat matted Xathia’s bronzed hair to her face as she used all of her weight to push down onto Juda, his shoulders digging into the uneven sand before she straddled the assassin and delivered a rapid succession of hammer blows against the hooded Lieutenant’s yellow blade. Signs of fatigue started to show as the weapons clashed, slowly edging their way to Juda’s squirming face. Sweat and blood dripped to the absorbent sand as the crowd jeered, not one attendant sat as they overlooked the commencing battle.

Juda gathered the last of his strength and thrust his knees into Xathia’s lower back, jolting her forward before following through and rolling backwards. The manoeuvre sent the Priestess over his head as he revolved over, the pair lay sprawled across each other for a split second before they both struggled to scramble to their feet.

Xathia was first to rise and immediately swung out, the panicked attack skimmed Juda as he thrashed to a stand, leaving a smouldering laceration on his shoulder. The Lieutenant cursed as the damaged nerves caused him to drop his weapon to the ground, the blackened wound burnt embers around its edges while the Templar stumbled to his knees, feeling nauseous from the stench of burnt flesh.

Juda’s lungs stung as he gasped for air, his body battered and broken as Xathia staggered forward until the pair where an arms reach away from each other, her lightsaber held in a typical Makashi grip, the blade droning monotonously as she gazed with bated breath.

“It’s over.” Juda croaked, his green eyes shimmered as they glanced up from under a cracked brow, “I have nothing left. I surrender.”

Xathia exhaled with relief, a sense of triumph overcame her as she deactivated her weapon and hooked it to her belt before holding out an open palm, offering to compassionately help her rival to his feet who hung his head in defeat.

A subtle smile curled the edges of Juda’s mouth, hidden from underneath a hood before he violently lashed out and struck the Priestesses’ crotch with a devastating punch before willing the Force to uppercut the buckled woman’s chin [OBL]. Xathia’s pupils dilated as her ashen visage slanted into unconsciousness and her form crumpled to the sand with a splash.

The smile on Juda’s face grew into a smirk as he gripped the woman’s lithe wrist and raised it before releasing, the arm flopped to the floor as Juda fell onto his back and raised a finger, signalling for medical attention.


03-11-2009 13:09:18

The Priestess ignited her saber as the Sergeant pulled a blaster out and immediately started firing bolts at her. The amethyst blade flicked between points whilst the Krath started to slowly walk backwards, dodging the bolts she failed to block. Juda quickly scrambled back onto his feet and exchanged the blaster for a saber. His opponent was panting from blocking and avoiding the bolts, her pale face flushed slightly as her blade dipped.

She charged at the Obelisk, her teeth gritted tightly as the open wounds were stretched beyond comfort, her pace picking up violently for the last few metres [BOS]. Her lithe body leapt at the male's, and her saber smashed down against his glowering yellow blade.

The Templar smirked and mustered all his strength before pushing the female back. Her stumbling feet providing an open opportunity as Juda's leg struck out. The Priestess's leg lost its balance and slid along the ground. She hit the floor hard and another kick to her chest had the Krath pinned to the ground. The pressure built up as the Sergeant stood over his floored adversary, who glared and snarled as she tried to escape his grasp. Her breathing was erratic as her chest pushed against the base of his boot, the Obelisk's smirk growing wider with each passing second.

Snatching the litch blade from her belt, Xathia swiped the dagger at Juda's leg. Material snagging against the blade as blood seeped out along his skin. The drone of the lightsaber snapped the remaining dagger in half and nearly took off another three fingers from the former Quaestor's other hand. The Templar swiftly lifted his foot and booted the female hard in the side.

Panting and gasping for breath as the Priestess staggered back onto her feet, a sneer crossed her face. Pain was echoing in her hand and chest which she was trying to settle back down [HEA].

It's hopeless. You're finished. Just surrender. You're too weak and pathetic to continue with this little façade that you have it in you to continue with this battle. Just give in, the voices hissed, trying to seduce the woman to surrender.

A sneer crossed her face as Xathia leapt back at the Obelisk, her saber clashing against the male's. The purple and yellow hues dousing the fighters in vibrant colours. An imperceptible blow winded her stomach as a forcible clout sent the Priestess staggering to the side before collapsing against the floor with a heavy thud.

She groaned and half attempted to get up. Her body protested violently as her arms shook before giving way. Raising her head, the gleam in Juda's eyes were visible from under the hood.

"You win," she whimpered, clutching at her head whilst trying to soothe the fifth heartbeat [CTP].


12-11-2009 07:26:13

Lissom? No way you didn't use a thesaurus here =P Nice word use.

Perilous rifle? Heh. no. stop using words you don't know the meaning of =P

Blistered beads of sweat? Dude.... put thesaurus.com away :P

You can't knock over solid rock [Expletive Deleted] that's a few meters wide, man. You're an EQ 1 and even with OBL you'd have trouble with that. Tone down the power; this isn't force unleashed and you're not an elder :P

You finished the post having stabbed yourself in the side with a dagger just below the ribs in the side. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that'd hit some [Expletive Deleted]ing organs and cause you no small ammount of death. This may be a deal breaker if you don't RP it correctly down the line in the fight.


Neither of you have made reference to the somewhat catastrophic knifewound that would have Boba Fett himself checking into A&E other than acknowledging its presence. This mother[Expletive Deleted]er would seriously put a crimp on your movement and presumably the ammounts of blood you have left :P However, both of you have done this, so it's not just your error now, Jay.

Otherwise, a pretty solid post. No major errors, no grammar or spelling issues of any consequence, properly annotated, and a nasty touch taking off her fingers :P


Down upon the downed Mandalorian? You can do better than that Jay =P

There's a lot grunting, snapping, barking etc in your posts Juda, I'm half expecting you to give up the charade and start rutting next. :P

Other than that, a couple of minor typos (CHECK YOUR [Expletive Deleted]ING WORK) but a good, entertaining end to the battle. You nearly at your best, I'd say. Though, [Expletive Deleted] punting your opponent is [Expletive Deleted]ing harsh =P


I've noticed something, Xath: you're very, very perceptive on how the ACC usually is judged - i.e. basically counting the mistakes the kids make, which is a shame as I try to base merit in there too, but it's hard to maintain at times. Your style seems to centre around making as few mistakes as possible. As a result, not as much happens in the posts, but you produce solid, battle winning posts, such as this one that are grammatically fine, just prosaic enough to be an entertaining read, however not much happens in them to build tension, just maintain it. It's a conservative method, but I gotta say, in this fight so far, it's working.


Okay, I'm a little put off by the opening to your second post, Kris. you've said that the rushing air cooled your burning stumps. This, whilst technically true, would NOT be worthy of note or even available to sensory perception when one loses fingers. Also, there ain't rushing air indoors in a sandy arena =P I know I shouldn't be ragging over one turn of phrase, but it really caught me out and doesn't seem like a detail that would even add to the atmosphere of the fight, i.e. it doesn't feel like your usual standard of posting. You also don't try to control the pain from losing digits and continue to fight. That's a little bit of a no-no in my eyes.

Wait, retract that las point. you used CTP in the next para. my bad.

Otherwise, solid post, not bad, not bad.


A usual solid effort, however, this post felt...rushed, somehow. The abrupt change of momentum at the end is jarring. Xathia has held the advantage all through the match and yet she suddenly decides '[Expletive Deleted] it, I'm tired'? I find that hard to believe. It's not like she's going up against a clearly superior foe - you're both EQ1.

No errors other than a change in continuity that feels forced and false. I dunno :/


This mother[Expletive Deleted]er has been close. Jay cocked up at the start of the fight with the knife, but made up with some fantastic writing later on and the clearly superior DP. Xathia, you've been consistently good all through the match, but you've never been great. In future, you need to learn to push the boundaries and gamble a bit; it makes for a more entertaining read, and at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. The Judge is also looking to be entertained and feel part of the battle. Writing conservatively won't do that. I feel the momentous points of the battle were almost exclusively in Juda's posts, which also had an original flare I've not seen in a long time, so the win is going to him, however Jay, you do have a lot of room for improvement and you need to check damage [Expletive Deleted] in the future.

Jay = 12 points

Xathia = 4 points