Ot Juda Vs. Grd Driftan


28-10-2009 22:06:54

Sashar glanced around the newly created Arcona Arena, a swell of pride threatening to spill out into a smile over his features before he regained composure and turned to the two combatants, both standing before him, the tension veritably bubbling forth from them in the force.

“Juda, you have brought a lightsaber and an A280 Blaster Rifle. Driftan, you have brought a LaserHone duelist. Remember, no fatalities. Go!” The Consul ordered, stepping back, giving the two Arconans room to move, and to fight.


29-10-2009 11:28:20

Juda Kodiak stood perfectly composed, a dark-coloured tunic hugging his lithe frame as the flickering torch-light illuminated his features, breathing deeply his emerald-green eyes glared towards his opponent from underneath a dark leather hood. Driftan Housan; a new and upcoming talent in the Brotherhood, held himself with confidence a few meters opposite the Mandalorian Templar, his cybernetic right arm flexed with a mechanical drone as Juda’s fists tightened, sweat seeping out from between his fingers before he brushed the rifle that was slung across his back with his elbow for assurance.

The surrounding crowd that filled the arena jeered in unison as the Consul read the two combatants their rules, “No fatalities.” Sashar barked, “Go!”

No sooner had the Consul took a step back, Juda launched forward, his heavy-boots digging into the sand as he built up momentum, kicking up dust and reaching into the Force, he urged his form to thrust forward [EQS] while shrugging his A280 into his hands. Driftan’s eyes widened as his metallic grip tightened around his sword’s hilt a moment too late.

Juda viciously swung his rifle, forcing all his weight and drive behind the attack, a sickly crack sounding out as the rifle butt connected with the Guardian’s nose, instantly dropping him to his knees, a stream of blood trickling from his shattered nose down to his stubbly chin. The looming Mandalorian showed no mercy in his onslaught and grasped onto the fallen Sith’s wavy hair, yanking his head aggressively towards him as he drove his knee brutally into the stunned man’s face.

Driftan buckled onto his back, the crowd roared in excitement; muffling the young Battleteam Leader’s groans. Juda circled, shrugging the rifle around to his back once more and outstretching his arm, with a flick of his wrist, the Templar willed the Force to yank the laserhone duellist from his opponent’s grasp and flung the weapon across the arena [TRW] before allowing himself a devious grin.

Driftan Housan

31-10-2009 15:31:11

Anger and contempt swept through Driftan as the realization that Juda was trying to humiliate him began to dawn on the Guardian. Harnessing his emotions, and allowing the Dark Side to swirl around him, Driftan drove away the pain in his body [HEA] and rose to his feet to face his opponent once more.

With rage beginning to boil its way to the top, Driftan positioned himself opposite his sword, with Juda standing in the way of him retrieving the blade. Summoning the sword with the Force would be too obvious, and the Templar would obviously be ready for such a move, so Driftan decided to take a completely different approach and began to run at his waiting opponent. Now within feet of the Obelisk, Driftan dove at his target, knowing full well that the Dulon master would attempt to use Driftan’s own energy against him.

Just as expected, Driftan found himself in a hand lock that sent him flying through the air, straight over Juda and destined to smash into the ground. Because he had expected this, Driftan went with the maneuver, twisting his body and reaching out with the Force at the same time, drawing his sword to his hand [PUL] and slicing at the Templar in the same motion. As the blade found its target in Juda’s right forearm, he was forced to release his grip, sending Driftan flying, but in a more controlled fashion than planned.

As Driftan landed in a crouch and looked up, he saw the fire burning deep in Juda’s eyes as the Templar once again brought his rifle to bear and aimed at the Guardian. Fear now replaced rage, as Driftan was now the target in a place with little cover. The Guardian once again allowed this emotion to guide the Force, and Driftan was able to avoid the barrage of blaster fire that Juda sent his way [DDG].

With his rifle clip out of power, Juda slung the rifle back behind him and brought his Lightsaber to his hand. His rage was almost out of control as the Templar ignited the blade and stared deep into his target’s eyes. “Enough! We end this now.” With amazing speed [EQS], Juda once again charged at Driftan.


02-11-2009 14:42:47

Juda stormed towards his Guardian opponent, a steady stream of blood flowed down his forearm to the lightsaber hilt he held firmly in both hands, trying to focus his attention from the laceration [CTP], the assassin growled while aggressively attacking in quick succession. Driftan shifted his weight and quick-stepped from side to side as he allowed the Force to guide his movements as the yellow blade hacked around him [PCG] [DDG], his pallid palette blemished by dried blood and sticky hair, giving him a sinister flair.

“I do like you Driftan.” Juda barked, his outstretched arm keeping distance between the two combatants, his weapon droning nonchalantly, “But surely you can understand that I do have a reputation to set!”

The Sith paid no attention to the comment as he spun on his heels, bringing his rapier up in a sweep, slashing Juda from abdomen to chest, tearing skin and fabric in a sickly tear. The Mandalorian winced through gritted teeth as Driftan followed through with his onslaught and attacked in an arc, bringing his weapon down to bear across Juda’s face.

With a sneer the Templar abruptly brought his own blade around with a bend, and while applying his expert knowledge of the third form, sliced clean through Driftan’s weapon before reaching with the Force and yanking the Qel-Droman toward him [DRW].

Driftan jerked forward, dropping the now useless remains of his rapier to the sandy-floor before Juda urged himself forward [BOS] and drove his knee powerfully into the Guardian’s crotch, instantly dropping the young Sergeant into a heap, clutching his dignity while screaming obscenities into the ethos.

Juda allowed himself a moment to look down at his own wounds and after seeing the stream of blood that was flowing from his chest like a crimson brook, fell to his knees, his lightsaber still activated by his side as he bowed his head. His chin dug into his collar as he bit his lip and took advantage of his downed opponent by centring all of his attention to the large gash on his torso, mentally blocking out the roaring chant of the crowd as he called upon the Force to aid him [HEA].

Driftan Housan

03-11-2009 14:00:28

The Force was almost palpable to all who looked on, as the two combatants attempted to heal themselves in the midst of their battle [HEA]. The two proud warriors hated the idea of such a pause in a battle, but it was necessary, and winning the duel however it played out was more important to them than how they looked to those who looked on.

Driftan thought he saw an opening as he gazed upon Juda deep in a trance to heal his body, so unsteadily he rose to his feet and turned to face his opponent. Shifting his balance, Driftan let loose a kick aimed for the head that would have all but ended the battle, but just inches from its target, the leg was smacked back with an invisible hand [STK]. Stunned, but still determined, Driftan rallied with a series of punches at the Templar, but once again each of his strikes was blocked or turned away by the invisible defenses [STK].

Fear now seized Driftan as he realized that even in his healing trance, Juda was able to command the battle and defend against Driftan's attacks. Just as this realization sank in even further a brutal blow rocked Driftan in the chest [OBL], sending him flying backwards, landing hard on his back and sending all the air from his lungs.

A smile made its way to Juda's lips as he opened his eyes and once again joined the battle in a physical form. He ignited the lightsaber at his side and slowly made his way over to the prostrate Guardian, all the while noticing that Driftan's chest was trying to recover the air that had been forced out of him, but the rest of his body lay still as though he was dead.

Now standing over his opponent, Juda decided to leave a mark that Driftan would not soon forget. Raising his saber to the ready position, he swung down at Driftan's chest, withdrawing the stroke just enough so that it would burn Driftan, but not seriously injure him. It was just as the blade was about to make its mark that Driftan shifted out of no where [DDG] and rolled over into a crouch and out of immediate danger.

As a sparkle made its way to Juda's eyes, he looked over at the young Guardian and remarked, "I see you still have some fight in you. I like that."


06-11-2009 11:45:11

Juda: your usual excellent self in the Arena. Avoid using the phrase 'barking' so much in your posts - people can be genteel in the Arena and this isn't CSP =P

Other than that, no major complaints. Few grammar issues, but nothing heart stopping. Good use of your weapons and the force, realistic fighting against a CS-weaker opponent...however, nothing spectacular either. You can do better.

Driftan: a good debut in the Arcona Arena. Inventive use of your opponent's force powers, particularly using Force Strike in a defensive capacity, and the roll was also inventive...but not realistic. Whenever you close to close range with a force user, they usually start pulling out their sabers. These two points even themselves out in my eyes.

Some minor grammar issues, but other than that, no major complaints. I liked the style you wrote in, so please keep posting - you can only get better with practice.

Overall, this was a very, very close battle. Both had good points - Driftan had a highly inventive use of the force, Juda wrote fighting against a Journeyman well....it comes down to style. I gotta go with Juda on this one - he has a flare with prose that made his posts simply more enjoyable to read (despite the barking =P), So the win goes to him. Nice work Driftan, please don't be discouraged by this as you have a lot of potential.

Juda: 12 points
Driftan: 4 points