Arcona Arena Breakdown


28-10-2009 19:00:04

Arcona Arena Breakdown:

In terms of format, we will be closely following the ACCís structure, rules and judgement criteria. The main differences will come in 3 forms. 1st, until further notice, there is only one choice of Arena to fight in which will be detailed below. 2nd, All matches will be Skirmishing matches, meaning a 2+2 post count (2 posts each, then a deathpost apiece). 3rd, there is no morph hall in the Arcona Arena. Any injuries you inflict on your opponent will not be magically repaired at the conclusion of the fight. Likewise, no injuries you sustain can be ignored by your character. Obviously, that means no fatalities unless both combatants agree to it prior. Clan mates do not kill clan mates. So, lopping off limbs is no encouraged if you donít want to see your own character suffer similar debilitating and character-altering injuries.

To set up a match, contact the person you want to fight via email or over IRC and get A: approval from them and B: a weapons list. Then mail said approval and weapons list for both combatants to me at and Iíll put the matches up. The rest of the rules have been explained in the Arcona Arena section of the Great Hunt Events List sent out earlier this week. Any questions, grab me.

Arcona Arena Description.

A large circular indoor arena in the depths of the Citadel acts as the Arcona Arena. Tiered raised seating is arranged around it starting three meters above the sandy floor, separated by a raised stone wall and a transparisteel viewport. The Consul is afforded his own box from which to view the proceedings safely above the level of combat, and several pillars rise up arbitrarily from the floor, providing the only cover. Fire light provides the majority of the illumination from several torches ensconced into the walls at intermittent intervals, as well as several ringing each of the pillars. There are two main entrances into the arena at opposite ends, allowing entry for the combatants, as well as a massive caged off door that leads down to the Bestiary, rumoured to hold a pair of Drexls.