Sith Vs Obelisk Run On Event


12-03-2010 10:29:53


Fremoc awoke to screams, and sensing something powerful outside of Mucenic pushing inwards. Quickly he grabbed his lightsaber and ran over to his son’s room, immediately seeing that Thomas was awake holding his lightsaber in one hand and Darra in the other. Fremoc heard the front door burst open, causing him to ignite his lightsaber and move towards the door. Kalei’s presence filled the room, her lightsaber humming.

“Fremoc we need to move!”

“What’s out there Kalei?” said Fremoc as he and Thomas with Darra walked to the front of the humble Pepoi home.

“I don’t know who they are, but they carry lightsabers.” A shriek came from down the road, and the two of them could sense that they needed to get moving towards the Catacombs to inform everyone in the Night Raptors and the Night Hawks to get to Mucenic. Kalei led the way towards the Temple of Ragnos, followed by Thomas and Darra, who was crying, with Fremoc bringing up the rear. He watched as a Dark Jedi cut a Disciple of Ragnos Monk in half, the Monk screaming as the blade went through him.

“Kalei, have you tried your comlink?”

“They are jamming our signals. I can’t reach Bal to-”

“Stragglers! Get them!” yelled a group of three young Dark Jedi. The three Dark Jedi lit their lightsabers, aiming to kill the two Equites. Fremoc chuckled at them before issuing his final orders.

“Thomas, take your sister and hide. Kalei, run to the hangars and get in some shuttle and head to Markosian City. Get everyone here.” Thomas was hesitant to leave his father’s side but the stern face of the Templar told him he needed to run and hide. Kalei on the other hand knew that Fremoc wasn’t kidding around, and ran off into the Temple of Ragnos towards the Hidden Hangars. The Templar adjusted the cloth covering his cybernetic eye, allowing himself to see with both eyes as the three Dark Jedi came within striking distance. He smiled to himself as he stretched out his arms with his palms facing two attackers, sending devastating energies of the Force into their skulls, crushing it instantly. The third attacker, Fremoc grabbed his lightsaber and quickly lit the emerald blade defending himself against the Dark Jedi. He sensed Kalei running into the Hidden Hangar and prepping a shuttle to take her back to Bal. Fremoc twisted his lightsaber and drove it straight through the younger man’s neck. The Templar turned and began to enter the Temple of Ragnos before he was thrown into the stone wall.

The former commando slid down the wall and turned to face his attacker, to find a man almost as tall as himself, surrounded by six other figures. Fremoc remembered them from Kano’s video logs, and sighed. He knew the day was going to come when the Divine Reborn would attack, he just didn’t think it would be so soon after Salas V.

No rest for the wicked, he thought to himself.

“I am Drosk Nunes, I think there is much to discuss between you and I.” Drosk stepped closer towards Fremoc who immediately had his lightsaber at the ready. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” With the flick of his wrist, Drosk summoned the Force and yanked Fremoc’s lightsaber out of his hand, and Drosk’s own saber was at the Quaestor’s throat. “All we want to do is talk.” Drosk chuckled evilly as his apprentices brought their own lightsabers upon Fremoc.

En Route to Markosian City

“Bal! Can you hear me?” static went through the comm. “Bal! You sonuva karker! Answer!” the woman screamed at the communications device as she flew her shuttle towards Markosian City. “Bal!!”

“What??” came the much anticipated response for Kalei.

“Bal, Mucenic is under attack. Fremoc wants the Hawks and the Raptors there ASAP.”

“Fraking, Karking slimo!” Bal cursed furiously as the realization of an attack filled his brain. “He’s still alive, but we have to move fast. I’m alerting everyone now. Get here, and we’ll go back together.”

Immortal Tomb

Thomas settled into the Quaestor’s box, with his little sister who had finally stopped crying. He was silently crying himself now, in fear that his father would be hurt. “Dad’s gonna be alright Darra, he’s one tough guy.” He kept repeating it for her but it was more for himself to keep himself strong.

Temple of Ragnos

“So you are the Anguis of the Disciples of Ragnos?” asked Drosk. The main hall had been turned into an impromptu interrogation room with Fremoc on his knees with three red blades staring him in the face so that he doesn’t get any bright ideas.


“Then call your people here. Never.”

“All you’ll do is slaughter them.”

“That’s right, but if you don’t call them we’ll kill you and call them ourselves.” Fremoc on his knees stared at Drosk, he had already made the call for the Disciples of Ragnos to return to Mucenic. But Fremoc knew that his Disciples would be the ones slaughtering the Divine Reborn.


13-03-2010 15:36:57

Kar Alabrek

An ominous white figure stood watching as various men dressed in dirty torn Dlarit Corporation uniforms busily, and rather loudly, worked through the foggy night. The foundation was set on a new era for the Disciples of Ragnos as within the next few years they would once again have a Cathedral to call their own. While Robert Sadow had not seen the designs or plans for the new structure, he knew well enough that it really didn’t matter what was built. A building was just a building and what made it were those that dwelled within. This one would hold the best that Clan Naga Sadow had to offer.

Looking up at the Dark Souls Clock Tower, he noticed the time was near for him to meet with the Night Hawks leader. What exactly about, he was not sure. But the young Dark Jedi Knight had chosen a nearby pub as a meeting place which if nothing else it meant the Warlord could get a free drink.

As the Sith walked towards his destination his mind was quickly torn from what his choice of beverage for the night would be to the strange presences he felt descend upon Tarthos. A large number of Force-sensitives had arrived, all unfamiliar and powerful.

On cue his comlink began to beep.


13-03-2010 20:38:06

Markosian City

"Son of a..." Methyas leapt to his feet, grabbing his utility belt from the chair as he started towards the upper levels of the Mansion. He had set the headquarters on high alert before entering the elevator and found himself growing impatient as he grew closer to his exit. "How could we not pick up on this earlier?! Stupid, stupid, stupid...need to ensure Bal's safe first."

The doors opened swiftly with Methyas starting quickly towards the center of the lobby, his sight analysing the area around him as the Miraluka expanded his area of influence in the Force. His hands waiting anxiously at his waist as the Dlarit officer entered the room, the NR2S pistol quickly withdrawn and focused on the officer before he could act, "Oh shiii.....I need to clean myself everything alright sir?"
With a sigh, Methyas holstered his pistol and moved his hand from the sabre hilt, "No security breaches? Anything abnormal in tonight's rounds?"

The officer shook his head as he spoke, "Nothing I free to go?"
With a wave of his hand the young Sergeant responded, "Double the guard tonight and clean yourself up...I can smell you from here."
The remaining Raptors on-site started to enter the lobby and started towards him, each of them rather awkwardly speaking as they fought off sleep, "What's going on?"

Shaking his head he wasn't sure what to make of the matter and wasn't sure what to tell them when their datapad's started vibrating, Methyas' headset translating the message as they stood there.


13-03-2010 20:51:02

En Route to Markosian City

Having rarely heard Bal curse as much as that, though she started it, Kalei took in a big sigh, "Just have them ready to go when I get back!" She quickly cut the channel after a quick 'love you', though it was before he could answer. Focusing her mind back to where Fremoc was, Bal had been right; he was still alive.

Punching the ship to autopilot, she sat back to gather her thoughts. They had just finished a battle and now they were going to have another one. Her mind hadn't even had a change to process everything from last time. Glancing at her should which was uncovered by her outfit, she saw scars that were still looking as though they were healing, though they actually weren't. Battle wounds, something she always used to cover up but was now proud of.

But now they would be facing a battle against someone they knew nothing about. All she knew was that she had caught a glimpse of them before she was ordered away. They had lightsabers, they knew the ways of the Force. Then again, what enemy didn't lately? Closing her eyes, she did all that she could to focus before she reached Markosian City.

Markosian City

Racing from her shuttle, Kalei yelled into her communicator as she went to find the Battle Teams, "Bal?! You crazy man answer me, are the teams ready?!"

Not getting word from anyone, she hoped that there hadn't been an attack here either, though she got no word of one when she landed. "Hope they're all getting ready or Bal's gonna have some explaining to do as to why he didn't tell the teams to get ready."

Hoping they were ready, she made her way from her landing point to where she hoped the teams would be ready to ship off.


14-03-2010 00:33:55

Kar Alabrek

Activating his comlink the Sith stated “Go for Bob.”

Dark Jedi Knight Bal Demona quickly updated the Rollmaster of the current situation. After asking a few details he responded with an “Understood” and ended the conversation.

No sooner had the Sith ended one conversation he was on another call, “General Brenton, I’m issuing Code NS dash 99. Have the A6 Juggernaut ready in 30, destination Mucenic.”

Arriving at his destination, Bob quickly entered and located the team leader of the Night Hawks. Upon eye contact he was aware she was up to speed on the situation. “Time to gather the troops Ekeia, once again the Night Hawks are needed in the name of Marka Ragnos.”

Kano Tor Pepoi

14-03-2010 18:45:40

Markosian City

Even before Methyas sent the comm signal for the Raptor's to gear up Kano knew what was happening. The presence that he felt back while he was still just a Jedi Hunter. Amongst this unbalancing disturbance was another that the Knight didn't want to think of. All the scars across his body burned with rage as he tore into his old bags to find his camo cargo pants and tan combat boots. Dressing quickly the Raptor grabbed an all black long sleeve muscle shirt and ripped the left sleeve off before throwing it on and reaching for his durasteel Mandalorian Armor that had been repainted to an olive green color and placed on a brown leather flak-jacket. Kano clipped his saber in place on his right hip and then grabbed his gloves and neck/face cover as he made his way to where he had his weapons stashed. Having dealt with this presence once before the Knight knew that his weapons needed to be something he was very familiar with.

Just minutes later Kano found himself walking into a crowded room with his fellow Raptors and several new additions. His Westar-34 hung comfortably on his left thigh and his 9118 Carbine slung across his back. Methyas just glared at the late Knight but deep in the Force Kano knew that his return to the team was timed just right.


15-03-2010 15:58:46

Markosian City
Main Hanger

Kalei heard Bob on the com with Bal and sighed. They were getting things together for at least the Hawks. Making her way towards where everyone was, she got back on the com to the Raptors leader, Methyas, to get his attention. "Methyas, where you at? We need the Raptors ready in a hurry, we have to get back to Mucenic to help Fremoc."

Cutting the com, hoping he got the message and was working quickly, she then got on the com to Bal, Bob, and Keia. "Guys, I just got in touch with Methyas to get the Raptors ready. Bob and Keia, get the Hawks to the main hanger there at Kar Alabrek and have them ready to go. Bal, get your sorry butt here to, we have to get to Mucenic. The attackers had lightsabers, that much I know. I think Fremoc's in trouble. So everyone get where you need to be on the double!"

She could tell that everyone was getting anxious once that call came in. Telling the hanger controller to get in touch with the Kar Alabrek hanger so they knew what was going on, she felt bad for everyone having no idea what they were in for.

Not really hearing from Bal, she grumbled and opened a private comlink to him as she decided to sneak up on him, "Get your ass working, Bal Demona!"

Bal's Room

A quick slap to the face came to Bal as Kalei stood there, looking a bit angry, "Get out of bed and get to work. We've gotta get back to Mucenic!"


16-03-2010 12:14:12

Gubernatorial Mansion
Markosian City

As the guard had been increased Methyas had taken the chance to change into something more fitting, his lightweight armour secured about him as he stood with his white ribbon covering his eyeless sockets. He was fully equipped now with his sabre secured upon his waist with an NR2S on his thigh and his NR3S secured to his lower-back. While clad noticably darker than Kano, it didn't matter much to the blind Knight, he spoke swiftly before moving, "Kano keep an eye on this floor, I'll make sure that Bal is ready to leave. We need to move swiftly for Fremoc's sake."

As the young Knight started towards the Governor's room he grumbled to himself, the familiar signature that shared the chamber with the "Governor" meant that his job could be a little more difficult here. He stepped upto the door and knocked loudly before speaking up, "Hey! You two decent? We have a Quaestor to save!"

The door flung open swiftly with Kalei glaring at the Miraluka before she realized it was slightly useless; Methyas spoke up before she could say anything, "The Raptors are assembled in the lobby and we're just waiting on Bal before we move out to Mucenic, anything else before we can get going?"
His face had gone from ready to slightly worried; Kalei was Fremoc's Black Guard, if she was here and he wasn't this mission was going to be difficult...mind you, Fremoc was a stubborn bastard and was just lucky that Teu wasn't on the planet to kick his ass once they saved him.

Bal Demona

16-03-2010 14:08:46

Gubernational Mansion
Markosian City

Bal had come to after Kalei's slap and had shot up out of bed. Moving about the master bedroom, he found some comfortable clothes in preparation for battle...he preferred loose fitting clothes for maximum mobility. Using the Force, he quickly yanked his lightsaber off of the stand that rested on his bedside table with it landing in his hand as he walked out the door. Adjusting his cloak slightly and clipping his lightsaber to his belt, he walked out into the main hall with the distinct sense that he wasn't particularly well-liked at this moment in time. Then again, he never really concerned himself with what others thought of him. Looking to Methyas, he finally spoke. “Get the Raptors to Mucenic. Kalei and I are going to meet up with the Hawks.”

Methyas nodded and rushed off to get the Raptors ready.

Main Hanger
Kar Alabrek

It seemed that everybody had already been whipped into shape and brought up to date on the current situation, so he didn't waste time with many words as he looked at the Hawks.

“Alright people, let's get ready to move.”

Main Hanger
Kar Alabrek

Heading into the transport briskly, he headed to where the team awaited him and was ready to take them to Mucenic ...and Fremoc as well. He mulled things over in his mind, trying to work out different scenarios as he walked. They all piled aboard the available transports to get mobile.

“Well, they wouldn't kill him otherwise Kalei wouldn't have been in such a huge hurry...and killing him and posing as him wouldn't do any good either since we'd be able to sense his presence from a ways away. Only real reason that they want him alive is that they know we'll come running to his rescue...and that would be both battle teams. So they intended to kill many more than Fremoc, that's a given...I wonder if they know just how many'll come to his aid...”

Bal hopped aboard the nearest transport and settled in after seeing to it that people were getting in their transports. He climbed aboard his transport and tapped the pilot on his shoulder.

“Wait a few minutes and check with the other pilots for a pre-launch head count. If we're going into a battle, I want to make sure we've got everybody on board.”

Bal sat down near the pilot's seat after the pilot gave a brisk “Yes Sir!” and waited quietly, watching everybody funnel on board.

“Well, I guess we'll see just how these attackers are with a lightsaber...”

Kano Tor Pepoi

17-03-2010 08:29:18


All the Raptors sat in silence on the gun ship as it hung low in the sky on approach to Mucenic. The engines wined down as the ship dropped fast at the short outer wall of Mucenic. Instantly all of the Night Raptors were on the ground and over the small barrier. They all moved fast and came to a halt with their backs resting against a stone gardening shed.

Screams could be heard from just the other side on the wall and without hesitation Kano turned the corner leaving the Raptors behind. What he saw were 3 Dark Jedi holding red bladed lightsabers. At their feet was the body of a monk and another kneeling down and trying to scare them off with a simple dining knife. One of the Dark Jedi raised his crimson blade high and began to bring it down on the monk.

Acting quickly Kano drew his Westar-34 and sent one well aimed shot toward the Dark Jedi. The blaster bolt hit the emitter of the Dark Jedi's saber. A shower of sparks erupted from the hilt and all three Dark Jedi turned to face where the bolt had come from. What they saw looked like a mercenary with a saber on his hip.

"Get to the other side of the outer wall now!" Called Kano to the disoriented monk.

The 3 Dark Jedi began walking towards Kano as the monk ran off.

"Look at this." Said the Dark Jedi who lost his saber. "They still won't face us. They send a mercenary. Just one of them. I think we need to hang his pieces on that outer wall to help them get the point."

The 2 Dark Jedi with their sabers still lit charged in towards Kano. Moving quickly the Knight ducked a swing of one saber and twisted to avoid the second. As the blade slid harmlessly beside him Kano shifted his grip on the Westar and brought the weapons handle hard into the face on one on the Dark Jedi. The man staggered back and before the other Dark Jedi could react Kano sent a boot into his knee. The crunch was loud but the scream of the man drowned out all surrounding noises. The man dropped to the ground and grabbed his knee but before he could let out another scream Kano dropped down and slid a small blade across his throat.

The Dark Jedi who had been struck with the Westar ran back in swinging his saber violently. Focusing on the man and the saber Kano ducked and dodged the saber until he saw an opening. Kano dropped to his knee and turned his side to the attacking Dark Jedi, at the same time the Knight reached behind his back and pulled the trigger on his 9118 Carbine. The weapon went off and sent the Dark Jedi back and through the air until he hit the ground and rolled to a stop.

Kano looked over at the last man just standing there holding his destroyed lightsaber hilt.

"Now it is my turn, let see how you like it."

Kano pulled his saber from his belt and lit the emerald blade. The Dark Jedi turned to run but the distance was covered in seconds by the Raptor. Kano swung his blade once and caught the Dark Jedi in the right hip. Instantly the man went down and Kano stood over him. Looking up the Dark Jedi sneered with hatred. Kano pulled his head wrap down around his neck to reveal his face and the Dark Jedi's eyes grew wide.

"It can't be..."

Kano dropped his boot hard onto the man's face and felt the skull collapse under the pressure. The rage grew inside the Knight until a hand touched his shoulder and he heard the voice of his Sergeant.

"Nice work vode. That monk will be grateful for a long time. Now Oya. Let's hunt Raptors"


17-03-2010 14:09:54


The flight over had given everyone time to think, before they had left Methyas had made their objectives clear. A small contingent of the Raptors would spread through the sanctuary and find any and all survivors before getting them to safety; the remainder were to press to gain control of the upper levels of the sanctuary before regrouping for the press into the more secure regions of the Cathedral.
Disembarking the gunship had everyone running at full capacity, their work on Salas V coming back to mind as Kano went berserk on the three mystery assailants. As the battle calmed few remained waiting for orders as Methyas sent them off. It was clear this was personal for Kano as Methyas left him, heading for his objective amongst the shadows as the Raptors seemed to complete their objectives without being seen.

With NR2S in hand, the Sergeant dispatched his targets quietly as he surpressed his Force signature; a difficult task to say the least but it seemed to work on these sparsely trained soldiers. It seemed odd that these younglings had been given lightsabers when they didn't even grasp the full potential of the Force.

Reaching his destination he let go, feeling the Force flow more easily to him as he grabbed his NR3S in his free hand and kicked the door open. Three targets, should prove easy enough for the Knight. With a quick squeeze of the triggers the two on the outside were dispatched with a quick thud and ratta-tat-tat. Turning the weapons towards the last target he couldn't get a single round off before he felt the Force hit him like a wall. This one has a more powerful signature; with a quick toss the weapons found themselves skittering to the corners of the room as Methyas rolled away from the lightsabre destined for his chest.

As he completed his roll he withdrew his own sabre with a threatening snap-hiss, the cerulean blade humming violently as the young Sergeant held it in an inverted grip. The young adversary let out a small chuckle before he continued, "They send a blind man to take us out? You're Force sensitive or else my men wouldn't have fallen so quickly, let's see what you're made of then Jedi."
The last word was emphasised scathingly, before Methyas responded, "Less talk, more action."

The Knight leapt foward in a low stance, his blade spinning to a normal grip before his opponent stopped the weapon out for blood. With a quick series of strikes the two found themselves once again in a sabre lock before the Dark Jedi spoke again, "No power behind those strikes and only skill with those fancy guns to save you. Is this all you so-called disciples have to offer?"
With a smirk Methyas responded, "Ever think I was testing you?"
Methyas heard and felt the change towards fear in his opponent's stance, the quick inhale giving away the sudden shock of the less experienced warrior.

Focusing, the Knight pushed he sabre away from his adversary to break their lock as his started to build up his assault. The Dark Jedi slamming his sabre against the defencive Knight's position before Methyas let it all go. The blast throwing the Dark Jedi into the wall on the opposite side of the room and all the air out of him as Methyas started towards him, an avatar of death to this mysterious assailant. Gasping for air the younger man reached desprately for his sabre a few inches from his hand before Methyas placed his foot squarely on the man's wrist, "Such a waste of potential, know that your Master follows swiftly on your heels."

With a quick thrust of his sabre the man cried out for the moment of pain as the sabre pierced through his heart before life left him. Methyas disengaged his sabre as the life left the young man and placed it upon his waist, summoning his slugthrowers to him quickly as he closed the distance to the console he had come for. Holstering the weapons to free his hands he started stroked a couple of keys before speaking, "Start message; Attention all available hands. This is Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart, Sergeant of the Night Raptors. Mucenic is under seige by an unknown force, request immediate aid from any vessels in the system. Repeat, request immediate aid from any vessels in the system. End message." He paused long enough to hear a distinctive chime before speaking again, "Narrowband burst, fifteen second intervals, destination: Sepros. Security authorization, November Romeo Bravo Tango Lima Arcturi. Clearance, Hotel Mark Romeo Pepoi."

With another chime he heard the unit start spinning up, the message would be sent soon and hopefully a security net would be cast around the planet. Speaking to himself for a moment he sighed, "I hope the summit gets this, no telling how far this goes."


17-03-2010 20:43:24


The exit hatch of the gunship opened with a WHOOSH revealing only darkness. Heavy footsteps could be heard as out of the void appeared Sith Warlord Robert Sadow. The Sith looked upon the beginning of the battle as he walked down the ramp.

He quickly noticed the carnage the Raptors had begun and with a smile thought to himself, “To be young again.”

Judging by the techniques of the enemy, or lack thereof, Bob realized they were no match for the warriors of the Raptors and Hawks. Searching the battleground he found no signs of any leader of whoever was foolish enough to actually attack Tarthos. However, he could sense the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos which was a good sign meaning he was alive.

Marching towards his fallen comrade, the Sith quickly drew the attention of a young human wildly swinging his crimson saber. As the attacker approached, Bob swung his hand while concentrating on the force. An energy blast of “infinite hatred” struck the human instantly putting him to the ground with a thud and crunch as numerous bones shattered upon impact of the energy. Sidestepping out of the Raptors Sergeant way, as Methyas finished off another attacker, Bob continued on his path.

As Bob moved through the streets of Mucenic he suddenly felt the sense of the frightened. It stuck out as something that usually wasn’t felt in the city of Dark Lords and their followers. Searching more he realized who it was and it all made sense.

Entering the Immortal Tomb, the Sith Warlord assumed where the Quaestor would tell his children to hide and was correct. Opening the door to the Quaestor’s Box, Bob looked down at the two brave children, “Come with me if you want to live.”

Kano Tor Pepoi

19-03-2010 15:08:36


Kano moved silently throughout Muscnic. As he entered building after building he kept finding more and more monks cowering in corners or under furnature from the attackers. Everytime he found three or four he would lead them off to the perimeter wall so that they would be safe during this battle. The number of Dark Jedi was becoming more spread out so it seemed like forever between the short battles. Each one left one or to of the attacking Dark Jedi dead on the ground. Some of these fights the Mandalorian took it easy and just killed the lesser beings quickly. Several of them caught Kano when he was feeling the rage from the last time he had met this enemy. Those poor souls were left laying almost undetectable as ever being a living being.

Now Kano found himself walking slowly behind a dark skinned figure. As he reached into the Force Kano read that the man was a Zabrak and he was one of the attackers.

"Di'kutla aruetii."

The Dark Jedi turned to see Kano standing their with his emerald blade waiting for more action. The Zabrak ignited his crimson blade and charged in. Kano felt that the Zabrak was not the same type of person as the other attackers so the battle only lasted three quick seconds. Kano turned and walked away as the Zabrak's head fell to the ground still blinking.

The Knight knew that this battle needed to end and it needed to happen soon. Reaching into the Force once again Kano found the person he was looking for and began to head in his direction. If this was going to end he needed to be with the rest of the Night Raptors. The Mandalorian had his fun. Now it was time to get serious.


20-03-2010 00:05:53


"This isn't good Taig. We have a Battleteam Leader, requesting the aid of the Final Way and any other ship in system," said Manji Keibatsu Sadow. He was at his desk on his comm, talking to Taigikori, the Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow. "I will board the Final Way and take whatever other available vessels to Tarthos."

"Good good, stuff at the Shadow Academy is being sorted. I'll be there as soon as I can," replied Taigikori. The Consul shut the transmission off and made his way to his shuttle, but opened up his comm once more.

"Get me Teu Pepoi on the Final way ASAP."

Just outside Mucenic

"Go on up there Thomas." Bob escorted the young child back to the A6 Juggernaught that he and the Night Hawks came in on. The boy had held himself together and had helped the infant Darra to stay calm. If he is anything like his father, a powerful Dark Jedi he will become... Bob yelled up to the cockpit, "Take these kids to Sepros. They need to be away from this fight."

"Yes, sir!" came the enthusiastic reply. The Juggernaut lifted off and made its way out of the Tarthos atmosphere and towards Sepros, where Manji had just boarded the Final Way. The Consul commanded the Juggernaut to land aboard the Final Way as the children's mother was on her way as well.

Temple of Ragnos
Main Hall

"So, your "Disciples" are here. Not to worry, we are prepared for them," said Drosk. "Remus, Ravenned, Pekka, and Kennex. Go assist our followers and crush Pepoi's followers."

Bhindi and Antar kept their lightsaber trained on the captured Templar. He contemplated attacking, but with his hands bound, he could not effectively attack. He sensed Manji's coming with the Final Way along with Teu who was on board talking to their children, he sensed Bob rejoining the fight in Mucenic, and he sensed Kano's rage.

It's almost time...


20-03-2010 10:12:54

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

Methyas had managed to get off the transmission and had dispatched some of the men willing to give their lives to defend the transmitter. Standing near the temple entrance, he was rather frustrated that these infiltrators had managed to seal themselves within it. With a grumble the Sergeant barked out his first set of orders since they landed, "Get those blasted doors open! I don't care if you have to rend them from their hinges with the Force, we will get inside!"

As some of the Raptors started towards the doors they seemed to start to open on their own accord, four figures standing in the middle of the opening with their sabres at the ready. As quickly as the doors started to open Methyas could feel Kano beside him, his rage simply overflowing as the figures made themselves more visible to the group. With a low voice Methyas spoke, "Take whoever you need to Kano and I will help you if you need it."

As the various figures of Marka Ragnos started to enter a defencive stance no-one was making a move, with a slight smirk Methyas had his attention drawn to the group as he could feel their overeagerness and cocky demeanor through the Force. Speaking quickly he encouraged the Ragnosians to do what they knew best, "Give them no quarter! Attack!"

With a quick succession of snap-hissing, anyone weilding a sabre had it engaged swiftly before throwing themselves towards the four Dark Jedi. As Methyas started towards the group following Kano he knew it wasn't going to be an easy battle, anyone that could capture Mucenic and Fremoc was obviously more skilled than the younglings they had dispatched on their way here.

Kano Tor Pepoi

20-03-2010 11:55:39


As the Raptors raced in to meet these attackers Kano moved slowly. He barly moved at walking speed yet one of the strangers managed to get through the other Raptors and to where he was. The attacker was a Nautolan and was moving fast. The quickness of him bringing his saber in an arc towards Kano was almost unreal, but Kano was quicker. In the blink of an eye the Knight yanked his hilt from his belt and ignited the emerald blade to life. The red and green blades clashed together sending sparks showering over the two. Kano reached out and kicked the overconfident Dark Jedi in the chest. As he slid back the Nautolan shot a wave of invisible evergy at the Knight who took the strike full on into his Mandalorian chest armor and slid back alond the ground.

Still wanting to toy with this discrace Kano reached into the Force to see how the rest of the team was doing. They were all engaged in a battle except one. He watched as Kano exchanged blows with the Dark Jedi until Kano finally called out to him.

"Vod, Hukaat'kama."

With that the Raptors Sergeant jumped headlong into the fight. The two Raptors hacked and slashed at the Dark Jedi, each just testing to see just where his skill level really is. After several seconds of this both the Knights could see that the Nautolan was begining to tire. Without warning during one of the Dark Jedi's attacks Kano ducked very low and slid behind the attacker. Methyas and Kano started a series of attacks at the Dark Jedi from both sides and even with the two Knights moving slightly slower than normal the Dark Jedi was straining to keep up. Then suddenly the Nautolan let out a grunt that was cut short as Methyas's blade severed the Dark Jedi's head. Both Knights took a step back and Kano watched on with more building rage as the Nautolan's tentacles and head dropped to the ground and the upper half of the body fell from the lower half of the body.


21-03-2010 10:05:36


Kalei watched as Bob ran off. She knew where he was going, at least hoped that was where he was going. It wasn't long before he came running back with Thomas and Darra. With a sigh of relief, she looked around, feeling someone coming towards her.

"Oh, this is going to get interesting."

She looked at the other Hawks as many red lightsabers lit in front of them.

"This could get fun," stated Pekka. Twirling his lightsaber, he stood in a ready position, giving the look of I dare you towards Kalei, whom had been the only one to speak that he had heard.

Ignighting her turquoise blade, Kalei simply smirked and looked at the others.

"Feel their power and take on who you can. That's all we can do. Then we have to go after Fremoc. Hold nothing back!"

With those words, she heard many lightsabers activating near her. The Hawks seemed ready.

"Little blue lightsaber, little woman holding it. I could have fun with her." Pekka looked to the others whom had come with him. "I think I'll dispatch of her quickly."

Moving towards a semi-open area, Pekka began to taunt Kalei, which only made her smile more. "You may not want to do that, I pack more of a punch than you realize," she stated as a quick Force Blast came his way, knocking him back off his feet. "I told you."

Pekka grumbled and got himself up, "Ok, I'll give you that one, I wasn't ready for it. How about we do this with our saber skills?"

Before she could answer, he had come at her with a quick strike. Able to block it just in time, the battle raged on away from the other Hawks. Both battling were leaping over obstacles, blades clashing and humming.

After what seemed like an extremely long-winded battle, Pekka thought he saw an opening as Kalei backed away and knelt down a bit to catch her breath. Going in for the strike, Kalei simply shook her head and took the opening that was left, slicing the man from the waist on his right side to his shoulder on his left. He had tried to simply attack and not defend himself, a stupid mistake.

The attack took its own toll on Kalei though, as the falling lightsaber from Pekka dug deep into her left shoulder and arm as she pulled away from her own attack. Yelling out, she managed to turn off the red blade and get herself up. Her arm was nearly numb, and she took a deep breath, pushing the pain away. She wasn't going to let this stop her from doing what she needed to keep everyone safe and save Fremoc.


21-03-2010 13:54:20

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

Calming himself slightly after the beheading of the young Nautolan, he didn't get a long time to center himself before he saw Kano bolting for one of the primary four. The group had spread out by this point, the big four in groups of two. It was difficult to really recognize anyone but two of them seemed to run down to the Hawks while the one Kano bolted for seemed more difficult than any they had faced before. Seeing Kano distracted by the older man, he knew he hadn't taken the other man into account.

With a quick burst of speed Methyas fell to a knee partway through his run, sliding on the gravel as he ignited his cerulean blade to collide with the attacking younger Dark Jedi. The man speaking up quickly as the Miraluka pushed against his assailant's blade and rose to his feet, "Hey! Remus, looks like these two 'disciples' want a fight. Oh the Master will be pleased when I bring your head to him."
As the sabres of Kano and Remus clashed violently behind them Methyas felt Kano against his back for a moment as Remus spoke up, "Shut up and kill 'em Ravened!"
Methyas smirked for a second before speaking, "Copaani gaan Kano? Back to back, we'll take these guys vod."

With a sudden surge forward the two Raptors pushed against their attackers, blue and green against the threatening red sabres as the two displayed fiercesome strength against and unknown opponent. In the light of the moon and the shadows of the Temple the blades eerily danced as Methyas put his weapon to good use. With a deafening crash the Methyas and Ravened were face to face, their breathing was heavy but vastly different, Ravened speaking between ragged breaths, " can you so calm?"
With a simple smile Methyas responded, his mind and body as calm as the waxing moon above him, "Born from ashes; we fight to grow in strength, our brotherhood just endured all out war and then you come and fight us? I sparred and fought with people just as if not more powerful than your Master during that war, and you ask how I can be so calm?"

Dun Möch was a powerful technique when used properly, and all it takes is a couple of well placed words. With the Force behind these particular words they crafted many illusions as they sank in and Ravened found himself on the defence. The brilliant but deadly blue of Methyas' blade spiraling towards the unsteady knight and crashing like violent waves upon his weakening defence. It could be felt, the man's weakening resolve as doubt began to sink in and with each violent crash of their sabres it was as though the breakwater was threatening to disolve right before him. With each strike, Methyas remembered his duels on Salas V against Master Dalthid and the others, the pain he had endured and the lessons he had learned that strengthened his resolve. Dropping to a low crouch the Miraluka's foot swiftly pulled the human's out from under him before him he rose to his feet and channeled the Force.

Scrambling backwards desprately, Methyas looked like the Grim Reaper to the poor Knight now; the power of the mind is an impressive thing as Ravened's mind started to crumble in on itself, he knew he would die at this Knight's hands as he unleashed a wave towards the Miraluka to buy him time. Methyas felt the hit and slid backwards on the loose gravel without loosing his focus or balance, his eyebrows lowering into a scowl around his eyeless sockets as he leapt towards his opponent and released a focused ball of the Force into the young man's gut, his sabre following swiftly for the Knight's heart.
With the cry of pain from the sudden assault of his gut the man didn't have time to respond to the heat or sudden pain of the sabre through his chest. It wasn't without his own personal victory though, his sabre angled for the approaching attack and effectively pierced cleanly through Methyas' shoulder at the joint.

As life faded from the Knight his sabre disengaged, the safety mechanism kicking in as Methyas stayed knelt over the body of his victim; the pain surging through his shoulders, arm and side eating at him as he spoke silently, "Your Master follows swiftly on your heels, you fought admirably admist your defeat."
As he started to rise to his feet he knew his left arm was limp at his side, without the joint it would be impossible to move but difficult not to cause further damage to. Almost as though he was in his own little world, he called upon the Force in minute ways to undo the white scarf he had been using as a blindfold for his eyeless sockets and to form a makeshift sling for his disabled arm. As he made the final adjustments with his right hand, his sabre within it causing slight difficulty, he returned to the world with the sounds of combat around him with the Raptors covering him and Kano from the younger assailants, his eyeless sockets turned to Remus and Kano with a single thought on his mind, "K'oyacyi Kano; I'm here now."

Quo Wing-Tzun

21-03-2010 17:11:52

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

A moment of shock registered on Quo's face as he saw the final act of Revened, his blade entering and exitting the rear of Methyas' shoulder. Seeing Methyas's self ministrations on his injured arm Quo reached into his force control, little as it was, and sent a wave of curing energy onto his superiors body, concentrating on his injury. The sergeants eyes seemed to lose some of their pain, and his movements became easier, and his breathing softened.

Looking up at the young Jedi, Methyas passed an unspoken thanks.

"Ok, let's get moving. Finish these off, then move forward, no mercy" Methyas barked, standing, shrugging his shoulder to test the movement.

The Raptors moved forward as one, spreading out, Methyas at the head, the rest fanned out either side, with the less experienced towards the middle. Quo on his left, Geber on his right, Kano out to the far left, William Darkfire to the far left. Surging into the fray in a wedge shape they put up a tight defence against all comers, sending them from the point to either side along the line, hacking and slashing as they went, cutting a path through the melee.

Quo felt the adrenaline rise within him, his anger fuelling his limbs, slashing with his sword as every opponent came near. With only two of the primary four left they angled their wedge to intersect their progress. Quo's sword in one hand, and a small vobroblade in the other he stuck close to the Obelisk Sergeant, gaining confidence with every step. He glanced over to where Geber was, saw him doing much the same, and holding his own, and saw the commitment in his eyes as he took down another attacker with a sharp slash to the throat.

Behind them a swaith of bodies lay in their wake, some dead where they lay, some in the act of dying. Blood and Gore on the ground held 8 sets of footprints as they felt the battle turning their way, however there was still the primary targets to dispose of before they could move forward into the temple.

Methyas' sabre swung in graceful arcs, humming as it cleaved through attackers to his right. A double sided blade appeared from his left, curving towards his weaker left side. It seemed as if it would connect until Quo's sword moved inside the arc, pushing it down and out from his centre line, moving the attackers weapon away from Methyas. Stepping inside the guard Quo brought up his vibroblade, not in an arc, but straight out from in front of him, driving it deeply into the attacker's throat, then out towards his left, tearing through flesh, veins and sinew until it exitted beneath his left ear, severing his carotid artery, sending blood flying through the air, the attacker dying as he fell, dullness reaching his eyes, as his life force drifted away.

They were closing on the final two primaries, only fifteen feet to go. Breathing heavily they pushed through the last of the groups of fighters, barging between allies and attackers with equal indifference.

"Final push, For the Quaestor" shouted Kano from the flank

"Bring them eternal Darkness!" shouted Methyas

"[Expletive Deleted]in' kill 'em" shouted Geber, caught in the moment

The chevron pushed together, closing the distance, pushing their aching muscles over the max, all driven by loyalty to the Quaestor and the battle team. Breaking through they saw their prey, enthralled in mini battles with single opponents. The battle team focussed on them, driving forwards.

From the corner of his eye Quo caught a movement behind him, one of the attackers had feigned death and was approachng Kano from behind, his sword held above his head ready to swing. Releasing his shuriken from his belt buckle with his left hand he took one in his right. Spinning on the balls of his feet his arm whipped through, extending with the fingers ending pointing at his target. The shuriken released it arced toward the target in a slow roll, hitting him in the chest, distracting him enough for Kano's sabre blade to cleave him in two from left shoulder to right hip.

Finally upon the final pairing of primaries, Methyas held his blade at the defensive.

"Happy Deathday boys" he said, low and rumbling

Two flashes of the sabre and the job was completed

Protector Quo Wing-Tzun, Battleteam Night Raptors

Kano Tor Pepoi

21-03-2010 18:39:51

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

As the Raptors fought off the various Dark Jedi that followed Kano was locked in a battle. His emerald blade pressed hard onto the crimson blade of Remus Xemo. Both combatants reached out with the Force and knocked the other back several feet. Kano reached up and slid his face wrap down around his neck to reveal his face to Remus. The Dark Jedi looked on and his face twisted in pure horror as he saw who was beneath.

"You should be dead!" Screamed the Lord. "We sent you away dead. Scared and beaten. How can this be?"

Kano just looked on and slowly a grin formed across his lips.

"Hatred can fuel great things in people and revenge just adds a boost. What your pathetic group did to me will be corrected. I am going to kill you. Your saber is going on my trophy case. Aruetii."

Kano raised his saber as the Lord charged in. Everything around the Knight had been forgotten. He reached deep into the Force and allowed it to see where his next strike should be sent. Countless times the emerald and crimson blade clashed together, each time showering sparks across the ground. Remus spun around to quickly for Kano to react and his saber struck the Knight across the chest, the blade melting through the durasteel armor and scraping the skin. Kano winched at the burn and brought his elbow down onto the Dark Jedi's hands, knocking his blade downwards to where it singed the ground. Moving as fast as possible the Knight brought the same elbow up and slammed it hard into Remus's chin, knocking him back.

Remus didn't allow the hit to effect him. Instantly the Dark Jedi raised his left hand and sent a stream of red lightning towards the Knight. Kano raised his saber to absorbe the electrical attack. The energy seemed to dissipate into the brilliant green blade and Kano pressed forward, closer to the Lord. Kano knew that no matter hos hard he fought the Lord was stronger in the Force than he was. As Kano pushed closer he could feel the heat of the lightning and this the idea sprang into his mind. Using the Force to fuel him Kano jumped back several feet and extinguished his blade.

"Dar'manda, I know that word gets to you."

The Dark Jedi stood froze in place. He knew the word all to well. He raised his saber high into the air in preparation for a running attack.

"How about you finish what you could have never done in the old days, dar'manda. No sabers. No Force powers. Me and you. Strait up."

Remus's face twitched with anger and then he released the activation button on his saber. Both men tossed their hilts to the side and took up a bar fight stance. Without warning the two were locked in a grapple with each other. Random fist shots were delivered to both men. Kano's lip began to bleed from a punch Remus threw. Remus's nose shattered and oozed blood after Kano sent a knee hard into it. The fighters fell to the ground in a brutal display of hatred. Kano managed to get on top of the Lord and began hammering fist after fist at his face. The Dark Jedi tried his best to block them but the continuous barrage broke the defenses and began swelling and blackening areas of the Lords face.

The Lord began to get dizzy and then with a burst of power sent Kano rolling to the side. Feeling the Dark Jedi calling on the Force Kano did the same and in an instant had the hilt of Remus's saber in his hand. The Knight swung hard and fast while pressing the activation switch. The red blade slid through both of the Lords arms as he was trying to get to his feet and continued through his legs. The man's limbs dropped as he did. Screams of agony tore their way from the Dark Jedi's mouth as Kano used the toe of his boot to roll the man's torso over to face him.

"You cheated. Now you die by your own weapon."

Kano dropped to his knees with the Lords saber still in his hand, deactivated, and began pounding the hilt into Remus's face. Over and over Kano hit the man. The skull began to crack and give way. Kano continued until the hilt was hitting the ground beneath. Feeling dizzy the Knight got to his feet and tucked the bloody hilt into a cargo pocket. He reached out with the force and called his own saber into his hand and looked up to see Methyas as well as several other Raptors just staring at him. Not knowing what to say the Knight re-wrapped the face wrap around his face and called out.

"Oya, Lets hunt these chakaars down."


23-03-2010 20:00:10

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

It had been a mad battle, keeping a perimeter around Kano while he simply laid waste to the Mandalorian against him. Even with Quo's help his arm more or less hung limply in it's makeshift slip, the joint had been cleanly severed with the blade and was frustrating being limbless although the pain was barable thanks to the young Protector. As Kano finished beating the Mandalorian into a fresh pulp the two sides started to stare at the Knight, Methyas with his blade finishing a younger Jedi as he felt Kano's rage subsiding.

As the group seemed to compose simply of the Raptors at this point with the Hawks swiftly storming the hill to join them, Kano finished wrapping his face as the group turned to the open doors. There was still a good deal of people between them and their destination but Methyas was ready. As he stood slightly off center of the doorway he could feel the members of these assailants waiting to ambush them. With a slight smile Methyas spoke, his eyeless sockets turning to eerily look towards where Fremoc was being held captive; the Force was his tool and had there not been civilians inside the building he would punch holes through it to save those held captive. Instead, there was another plan ready in his head.

Stepping into the open with his sabre in hand the young Knight let loose a burst of the Force into the room, the resulting shockwave making those on the frontlines stumble and the confusion begin to rise from their lips. As the shockwave travelled down the main hall, the carefully lit candles began to go out one-by-one as the darkness began to grow throughout the room. As the darkness grew, so too did the smile upon the Miraluka's face as he clipped his sabre to his waist and withdrew his combat knife, "Good hunting Raptors."

With the Force behind him, Methyas dove into the darkened chamber, the only source of light being the doorway behind him encircled by the two rapidly growing Battleteams. Darkness wasn't a fear for him, why fear the dark when you cannot see? With a quick roll under the blade of a frightened youngling, the Sergeant thrust his blade into the boy's foot. A startled yelp followed by a scream of agony as the Knight continued his assault, the blade pulling from the youngling's foot to carve a clean line from the young man's ankle, through his thigh to his hip. The boy fell over quickly, the muscle too injured to keep him on both legs as Methyas quickly inverted his grip on his knife and spun about slamming his elbow into the boy's head with the Force behind it.

As the boy's skull cracked Methyas moved on, aiming for a target several feet away dispite closer targets; their lack of sight and the sheer fear of hearing their allies dying around them would aid the hunters in taking down an easier prey. As his next target turned, the sudden appearance of the Miraluka in his sabre's light caused a shriek as he jumped. Methyas acted quickly, grabbing the Jedi's wrist and twisting it to plunge into their body as he pulled them towards him to make the blade's thrust that much easier. As the cries of pain escaped the Jedi, Methyas could hear some of the nearby people moving closer to try and get the assailant as cries and shrieks started throughout the main hall. Pure chaos was about the ensue, it was time to move. As he kept himself in a low crouch the quick movements of his feet were causing his shoulder to jostle too much, the pain growing with each meter closed between him and his new target. Focusing his attention to controling his pain he didn't realize quite how close he was to his target; with a sudden snap hiss two red blades shot to life before him.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk...what have we here? A lost hunter away from his pack?" The sensual voice of Bhindi purred as the Lords and Lady of the Divine Reborn had spotted the young Sergeant through the Force.
Antar spoke quickly, "He's rather powerful, a sudden beacon lighting up before us...still untrained it seems."

With a smile, Methyas' wrist shot forward, his knife quickly seeking a home within Bhindi's gut as he leapt forward after it he a blur of motion as his instincts kicked in to keep him alive. The sudden pain was his opening with Bhindi crying out as Methyas quickly closed the gap, his hand thrusting forward to strike her sabre hand. The second sharp pain wasn't expected either, her hand instinctively opening and dropping the blade; a mistake Methyas took to his advantage, the sabre finding it's place in his hand before he spun on his heel, beheading the Twi'lek quickly before he felt the sudden impact equivilant to that of a wall hitting him on his left side. The elder of the two Lords smirking as he lowered his hand from his trickery with the younger lord quickly upon the fallen Sergeant, his shoulder screaming in pain as he lay upon the ground.
"Nice moves, too bad you die here Disciple." Antar spoke as he thrust his blood-red sabre towards Methyas.

Much to the Lord's dismay a blade rose up to cause him to miss his mark, the blade instead finding home in Methyas' left arm much to the Sergeant's dismay. Stepping back the Lord looked for his opponent as Methyas spoke up with a low pained voice, "Phantom blade, I may not be too skilled with it but I'm learning to fight without my hands."
A low laugh rumbled through the Miraluka as his cerulean blade leveled itself above it's fallen master, the blade wavering slightly as the Sergeant fought with the wracking pain coursing through him. With a smile Antar was ready to attack the phantom blade when a dazzling emerald blade lashed out at him, the Mandalorian speaking up quickly, "Can't leave you alone for a minute can I vod? First we take this bastard then we rescue Fremoc, eh?"

Kano Tor Pepoi

24-03-2010 15:45:17

Mucenic, Temple Grounds

Kano jumped over Methyas, bringing his blade down hard, and knocked the crimson blade away from the Sergeant. Changing his stance Kano reached down and drew upon the Force to send an invisible wall directly at the Dark Jedi. Using the Force to help guide him the Lord rolled to the side and allowed Kano's attack to slip by. In an instant Antar had gotten to his feet and cleared the distance between himself and the Mandalorian. Reacting upon pure instinct Kano brought his saber up and blocked the Lords crimson blade. The Dark Jedi swung, jabbed, and twirled his saber in many attempts to end the Mandalorian's life but each shot was narrowly knocked aside. Kano glanced quickly to see where Methyas's saber had gone and saw the hilt on the ground from the Miraluka losing his concentration on the object.

More powerful attacks were directed at Kano and still they were knocked away. The Knight fought off the red blade as quickly as he could until his concentration was interrupted. A sudden blast of lightning came from the Dark Jedi's left hand. The jolt caused every scar on the Mandalorians's body scream with pain and the lightsaber hilt slipped from his hand. Instantly the Lord charged in and instead of a fatal blow from the lightsaber he sent a devastating kick into the Mandalorian chest plate.

Kano went rolling backward across the ground and came to a stop. As he struggled to get to his feet he began to laugh. The Dark Jedi looked on puzzled.

"What are you laughing for. Do you not fear death?"

Kano looked up at the Lord, a smile could be seen formed under the face wrap.

"Death? What death? You failed to kill me. Now a lesson that unfortunately for you, will be your last."

Antar started in towards Kano but stopped suddenly. A sapphire glow seeped across the Lords face as he looked down to see a blade sticking out of his chest. Kano drew his saber in and cleared the distance between himself and Antar just to send the Dark Jedi's head rolling across the ground. As the body toppled over Kano saw Methyas standing there. The Sergeant had blood on just about every piece of clothing.

"Well Sergeant, I think that went well. Oh, and be sure to ask for a day off after this. You really look like you have had better days."

Kano smiled under his face wrap and began to search through the Force to find his former Master. Methyas, still bandaging random woulds was doing the same.

"Ya feel that Kano? Not much further. Raptors, Move!" Called out the Sergeant to his team.

Quo Wing-Tzun

25-03-2010 08:31:40

In orbit around Tarthos

Taig's shuttle approached the Final Way on finals. The wings folded upwards, and vents of gas escaped from the fuselage as Taig adjusted the trim of the vessel for the final touch down onto the hangar floor. Immediately powering down, the hatch hissed open. Before it had even touched the ground the Dark Jedi was on the hangar floor moving towards the turbolift to the bridge, ignoring the salutes as he went on his way.

The turbolift doors slid open and Taig entered, knowing it would take the best part of 30 seconds to reach the bridge, where he knew Manji was waiting. Turning to greet Taig as he entered the lift, he moved towards the command consol, gesturing Taig to follow him.

"This is the overall schematic of the battle as it stands at the moment," sweeping his hand over the display on the wall, "With our forces highlighted in red, the defenders highlighted in yellow. The battlegroups are in this area here, about to enter the temple proper. They have just entered the main doors, and are encountering moderate to heavy resisitance, however the flanking groups are clear of the hangars, and have secured the areas up to the main hall, they report that the area has no improvised devices, and the ships and weaponary have not been tampered with, so it appears that these Divine Reborn haven't had either the time, or the planning, to ensure that entrance of rescuing forces could be hindered"

"Either that or they were over confident" replied Taig, a frown crossing his face

"If we overlay the plans of the temple there appears that the Divine Reborn forces are concentrated on the front entrance, giving a pocket security to the inner enclave of the temple. From scans there appear to be only 4 defenders in the ante-chamber to the main hall, with maybe anther 4 to 6 in the main hall. This signature appears to be Fremoc, and he looks to be the only member of the Brotherhood within this area."

"If we could get a team inside the ante-chamber we could attack the defenders from front and rear at the same time, should create a tad of confusion"

"There is the problem of alerting the guards and the personnel inside the main hall if there are explosions, and the doors are security enabled to only let people out at the moment." Manji retorted

"Are there any other ways of getting anyone into the area to create either a diversion, or to allow them to mount a covert assault within the ante-chamber?" asked the Proconsul

"There are only the old heating system vents that go under the floor, and they can only take one or two people, not a whole squad"

Mucenic, Temple doors

The comm on his belt went off. Moving to back out of the main doors Quo released it from his belt and hit the connect button. Bowing his head in reverence as the image clarified he held the device flat on his palm

"Yes, my Master" he intoned in a low, quiet voice

Kano Tor Pepoi

26-03-2010 13:24:05

Mucenic, Main Hall

Looking through the darkness engulfing the Main Hall Kano's eyes focused on what he was seeking. At the far end of the hall his former master and current Quaestar, Fremoc Pepoi, was gagged and chained to the wall. Standing in front of him was a very dark figure. The moonlight from the main door hardly reached the two but a glint of light alerted Kano to what was about to happen. The Knight ran as quickly as he could, the Force fueling his muscles. As he reached the dark figure Kano's emerald green blade sprang to life and sliced the silver dagger that the figure was hold in two. The figure spun around and Kano looked upon the face of Drosk Nunes. Kano only got a single word out before a invisible wall sent him flying back across the room.


When Kano hit the ground he shifted his body and rolled back onto his feet, saber at the ready. Drosk glared at the Knight as if Kano was the one being in the galaxy he hated more than the Disciples.

"I really hate loose ends. Your first, Mando scum."

Drosk charged the Mandalorian, his crimson blade sprang to life just feet before he reached Kano. Waiting for just that Kano braced for the collision of the two blades. Drosk moved faster than anyone Kano had ever battled before, all except one. Thinking back to his fight against the Dark Side Adept during the recent war Kano used that hatred to fend off the onslaught of attacks from the Master of the Divine Reborn.

Behind Drosk back Methyas moved silently to where Fremoc was chained and ignited his saber. With a few quick movements the Quaestar was freed from his chains. He pulled the gag off his mouth.

"Kinda odd having a guy with no eyes cut chains from my legs and arms. But now we have something else to worry about."

Fremoc looked across the room to where Drosk had backed the Knight into a corner. The Knight fought as hard and fast as he could to bat away the attacks, one slip and it would be over for the Mandalorian.


26-03-2010 17:28:05

Temple of Ragnos

There was one thing that pissed off Fremoc more, and that was being tied to a wall and gagged. The Templar looked over the blind Mandalorian seeing that his arm was scorched with lightsaber burns.

“You are getting a day off after this,” told the Quaestor to the Battle Team Leader. “Right now I need my lightsaber.”

Kano was being forced back as Drosk swung his lightsaber to kill the Disciple, but Kano stepped back and deflected the crimson blade. Fremoc felt for his lightsaber on the leader of the Divine Reborn’s belt, and yanked it towards himself, the emerald blade igniting upon touch.

“Methyas, move around to help Kano, I’ll move in from the opposite side.” The two sprung into the battle, Kano and Methyas taking turns deflecting the skilled lightsaber of Drosk while Fremoc attacked from the other side, who immediately ignited a second blade to deflect the Templar’s. A crash came from behind the fray, as Quo-Wing-Tzun pushed the grate from the ventilation shafts off its hinges and ignited his armory lightsaber, to join in. Fremoc stepped back from the fight as he saw more of the Disciples of Ragnos pour into the main hall. Drosk was surrounded by angry Dark Jedi ready to kill him. Fear swept through the Divine Reborn’s leader, fear that urged him to send a sphere of dark energy expanding from his body, throwing everyone backwards. Drosk ran for his life out of the main hall of the temple and into the darkness towards the transports he arrived on.

Fremoc quickly got off his back and chased after Drosk, while Kano and Methyas followed in close pursuit. The trio watched as the Divine Reborn leader closed the ramp and lifted off to leave the planet. Fremoc looked up and saw the Final Way hovering over head, as began to move towards the outward transport.

Final Way

“I want that fraking transport!” ordered Manji Keibatsu.

“Tractor beams locked on sir,” yelled one of the technicians from his console.

“Grab it!”

“Yes, sir!” Without another word the transport carrying Drosk was captured in the Final Way’s tractor beams, bringing it towards the hangar bays.

“Taigikori, on me, we have a visitor.” The Consul and Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow began to exit the bridge, not before they heard the incoming message from the planet below. “This is Fremoc Pepoi, Mucenic has been retaken. You have an incoming transport carrying the leader of the Divine Reborn, named Drosk Nunes.”

The Pontifex and Prelate rode the turbolift down to the hangar level and began to walk towards it. The door opened with the transport on the floor of the hangar, troops surrounding it. The two leapt to the floor and stood with the troops.

“Drosk, come out quietly, and we will spare your life,” yelled Manji. The ramp lowered slowly, as the Divine Reborn’s leader slowly walked down it. DSOG troops handcuffed the Dark Jedi and began to walk him towards a holding cell. There was a flash of blue light that ran past Manji and Taigikori, followed by a loud screaming emitting from Drosk. Teu Pepoi had ignited her lightsaber and plunged into Drosk’s chest.

“That, is for trying to kill my children,” she said, before she pulled out the blue blade and quickly cut off the man’s head. “And that, is for trying to kill my husband.” Drosk’s head rolled to the feet of a DSOG soldier, as the angered woman closed down her lightsaber. Quickly the soldiers cleaned up the body as Manji and Taigikori looked at the scene that had just played out in front of them.

“Hey Manji, remind me not to make Teu angry,” said the Proconsul.

“I don’t think we both want that to happen.”


Temple of Ragnos
Quaestor’s Office

“Well vode, let’s not have that happen again, shall we?” Fremoc said sipping his drink. Some several hours later, after they had finished cleaning the streets of Mucenic of the dead bodies.

“I agree,” replied Methyas taking a swig of his own drink.

“Here, here,” came from Kano.

“I got some business to attend with you two. Firstly we need people to defend Mucenic, so before you both say the Night Raptors will be the first to guard our home, I’m assigning Ekeia Iclo’s Night Hawks to Guard the place. Kar Alabrek is a Vong, mutated swamp, and they would best be used if they are assigned to the guarding Mucenic. DSOG is cleaning Kar Alabrek, and trying to restore the Ragnos Cathedral at the same time, but it’s taking some time due to all the creatures living there. They are also guarding the Sadow Library, and the remnants of the Dark Library. Since the Vong War damaged much of Kar Alabrek, we moved most of the inhabitants of Kar Alabrek to Markosian City, making it our ‘refugee city’ in a sense, but at the same time I think we angered some people who were planning on living there.” Fremoc took a long sip at his drink. “Secondly, Bal gave me his resignation after we reclaimed Mucenic. Sounded like he wanted to spend more time with Kalei.” The three chuckled amongst themselves. “So that mean’s I have to chose a new Aedile. Methyas, you’ve been in the City longer than anyone and you know most of the Disciples. I’d like you to step up and become the Aedile of Marka Ragnos.”

Methyas stammered in shock, “I-I accept the responsibilities.” Kano looked somewhat disappointed that he wasn’t chosen as the Aedile, but knew there was something else behind it.

“Good. Which leaves the Night Raptors needing a new Sergeant, and I figured why not let a former Sergeant take the reins once more. Kano I want you to take up your former role as Battle Team Leader and the GSF.”

“Of course I will!” said Kano. The three shook hands congratulating each other.

“Now if you excuse me, I think I have a pissed off wife to attend to.”

K'oyacyi, vode!” yelled Kano. The trio laughed as Fremoc went off to his home, none of the structures had been destroyed luckily but there were many civilians who had died. Fremoc entered his humble home, his son and daughter asleep, but his wife awake and in bed waiting for the Templar’s return. Fremoc took off his shirt and climbed into bed, and wrapped his arms around her. She laid in his arms shaking and crying with him trying to comfort her as best as he could. Slowly she calmed down before the two finally fell asleep after the nights ordeal.