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Just to summarise events to date and why we're here.

This Drastig is one of the crimelords aboard Refuge, head of a gang who are flooding our military with drugs that is causing accidents and deaths amongst our personell. We found out about this and sent Battlelord Agrist (NPC Equite) to find out about them, and haven't heard back from him since.

Manji the Consul has contacted Drastig introducing himself as a young nobleman from Kyataru (Keibatsu Homeworld) who wants to do business, and has now arrived with a large number of clan members (you guys) disguised as his elite Nihilgenia guards. He's gone off to meet Drastig along with Taigakoria, Malisane, Macron and Sai and the rest of you need to search the sector Drastig rules, establishing how powerful this gang is and finding the drugs laboratories they're making the drug in with a view to shutting it down.

What you do at this point is up to you, you can hunt down the lab, meet and kill gang members who are all enhanced as hell and strong, or have some fun in the bars casino and arenas. I want this to last a few weeks so right now we're being stealthy, we're be up for open combat later.


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Just and FYI, the abandoned complex where we dropped the armor off and the apartment is two seperate places


15-11-2009 20:13:55

Figure this might help some people:

Bob is at the Bar across the street from the Apartment

Dyrra, Teu, Kalei, Kano, Sev, and Fremoc are in the apartment.

Taig, Mac, Sai, Malisane, Manji, are off doing their thing.

Everyone else is wandering Refuge, or is in our ship still.


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Alright at Malisane's suggestion I mentioned in my post the possibility of some of us doing swoop races to earn money or something. Up to you guys as to how you want to proceed with that...

Kano Tor Pepoi

19-11-2009 20:32:25

just wanna get this out there... when the time comes to go after the bounty hunter, Javain, i want in. a mandalorian can show him a thing or two. lol


19-11-2009 22:19:45

Alright update on were everyone is currently.

Bar area surrounding Bob and Malik

Manji, Sai, Taig, Macron, and Malisane:
Some high end quarters

Bal, Kalei, Ekeia, and Teu:

Streets investigating some shooting

Walking towards the shooting

Fremoc and Dyrra:
Looking for that Kah dude and prolly going to kill him


20-11-2009 06:08:16

Alright at Malisane's suggestion I mentioned in my post the possibility of some of us doing swoop races to earn money or something. Up to you guys as to how you want to proceed with that...

If you wanted to add any, how should I put it, "violence" into that, you could up the stakes and try swoopdueling too... where you basically race whilst trying to kill the other contestants. It's a swoop race crossed with gladiatorial combat. :P


20-11-2009 06:22:48

If you wanted to add any, how should I put it, "violence" into that, you could up the stakes and try swoopdueling too... where you basically race whilst trying to kill the other contestants. It's a swoop race crossed with gladiatorial combat. :P

That is the single best idea I have ever seen.


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Man I saw Goat post in here and I got all excited that he posted in the RO.. but nooo.... :P

Macron Sadow

20-11-2009 23:35:03

Yeah, too bad. :P

Kano Tor Pepoi

22-11-2009 10:57:21

To add a few known guys for us to track down and eliminate I came up with two gangs that answer directly to Drastig. Each gang has five members and is a small seller cell and if an area decides that they don't want product sold in their area then the two gangs group up and cause total hell until the objectors have no other option than to allow it to be sold. The first gang listed below is in sector 4 so it isn't very far to have to venture to find them. I will be posting a gang for Sector 3 later on in the day.

The first of the cells is known in Sector 4 as The Ripper Crew. This is primarily because of the creature that keeps them under Drastig's thumb. A large and very disgruntled Wookiee known as Thorrin.

Thorrin - A Wookiee like most that has a very short fuse and bad temper. Thorrin took control of The Ripper Crew when the former leader mouth off at him. The Wookiee simple lifted the man off the ground and ripped him into pieces. Thorrin has the strength equal to that of a Jedi Knight at full potential but he isn't that bright. He allows his anger to cloud his judgment when provoked at a personal level. He always carries an old Imperial DC as well as a medium sized sword that looks like a knife when held by the Wookiee.

Bwua'tu - A Bothan that is used to sneak product into the higher class establishments because of his overall look of wealth and honesty. Bwua'tu is far from that, along with selling to the rich people wanting a fix he also specializes in sells to kids. This Bothan isn't much of a fighter and never carries a weapon of any kind, to make up for that Thorrin assigned a set of twin Sullustans to be his lookouts and guards while he works.

The Jalus Brothers - These two Sullustans may not look very deadly but that is what deceives most people. Both brothers have had experimental surgeries done by Sidrac, Drastig's private cybernetic and narcotics scientist. Under their clothes is an armor chest and their arms have been fully replaced with robotic limbs. These limps are highly attuned for both strength and defense, rumors even say they can block a lightsaber attack barehanded. The Jalus Brothers have a tendency to ignore their surroundings when drawn into an argument with each other.

Draven Mollo - A large(fat) human male who enjoys the simple joy of selling products that make people feel good about themselves. Draven is very addicted to the product he sells. Thanks to a bit of work from Sidric, Draven's body feels no pain. That does not mean he can't get hurt, he just has no clue if he has been hurt. That alteration has allowed Draven to survive fights that would kill an average man. He is very talented with a blaster pistol and has twin pistols hanging from either side.

Kano Tor Pepoi

22-11-2009 11:41:42

Continued list of targets at a lower level.

The second cell is known as The Rep Squad mainly because all five members are reptilian. Two of the members are Barabels and the other three are Rodians. This cell operates in Sector 3 as sellers and muscles working directly for Drastig.

Tes - A female Barabel who is in control of The Rep Squad. Tes is a fierce fighter and has never allowed a person who isn't paying her to treat her like an inferior creature. Tes had a bit of work from Sidric and now her senses are heightened beyond that of the average person as well as her reaction speeds. She carries two curved blades, each measuring about 2 feet, strapped across her back and is highly deadly with said weapons.

Shalduk - A male Barabel and also Tes's mate. Shalduk is unaltered in anyway except his over protection of Tes. He to carries the twin blades strapped across his back but also wears a pair of shockboxer steel gloves that put off a jolt of electricity when it comes in contact with anything.

Onacon - A Rodian who spent nearly his entire life training as a bounty hunter. He was recruited into the gang when his first bounty has an utter failure because of interception of the target by Javain. Onacon wears the chest plate from an old set of stormtrooper armor carries an old Imperial DC. Onacon's left arm was lost in the failed hunt but was replaced with a robotic arm crafted by Sidric. This arm has a built in micro flamethrower like those popular with most bounty hunters.

Rool - A Rodian seller who is extremely against all drugs. He was forced into selling when he was jumped by a group of gang members (The Ripper Crew) for speaking out against the drugs in his neighborhood. The attack left him badly wounded and Morax made a deal that if he would sale the product then he could live. Rool accepted and Sidric replaced Rool's legs and right arm with robotic limbs. Rool still objects to the product but would still kill anyone who placed his life in danger by trying to stop him from selling.

Chekar - A Rodian hitman that was recruited into The Rep Squad to help make people see that selling of product was going to happen no matter what. Chekar refused to accept any upgrades from Sidric. Not much is known about how Chekar works or what weapons he uses but everyone knows that if called to an open challenge he will accept and will adhere to any rules laid down.


22-11-2009 12:34:02

Good stuff Ryuk. was hoping people would start to do that. Why don't you add them to the wiki.

Was hoping we could list them as dead killed by who etc at the end.

Such as Morax, killed by Malisane in the ballroom with the candlestick etc. Give more of a permenant record of what happened.

Kano Tor Pepoi

22-11-2009 13:10:48

no prob.. i will get to adding them to the wiki soon..

and it i Kano... lol.. i hate the name Ryuk... just dont know if i can get it changed.. lol


02-12-2009 11:31:54

Sorry for the wait everyone :P

Kano Tor Pepoi

16-12-2009 23:04:05

The two Sullustans and the Bothan have bios in one of my previous post here. Their names are The Jalus Brothers and Bwua'tu.