The Underworld


15-11-2009 11:09:26

Space, somewhere along the Daragon Way

"We are here," Fremoc said pointing at the display. They sat on the corvette's small bridge as the Liberator left hyperspace.
Bob moved forward. "Nothing out there," he muttered, "you sure this is the right place?"
"It's the co-ordinates we were given."
"I smell a trap," the Quaestor said darkly, "if half a dozen gunships turn up we're sunk."
Sai joined them. "Relax, I don't sense any danger. I'll tell Manji we're here."

A few minutes later the Consul and Taigakori joned them on the bridge, accompanied by Malisane and Dyrra. "Well?" Manji asked.
"Detecting hyperspace waypoints opening," Fremoc said quietly, "something's coming. Battlestations?"
"No just keep our current trajectory."
"This is a stupid risk." Bob replied.
They watched as four corvettes appeared from hyperspace, along with a dozen fighters. The clan summit watched as the other craft spread out, covering the area searching. "We're being hailed by one of the corvettes, it's a coded message." Sai pointed out.
"Respond with the one given," Taigakori replied, quietly. Fremoc signalled to a crewman who complied.
"Now we see if it's a trap." Bob grunted.

They waited a few seconds more, then a large object showed up on the scanners. They leaned forward to study it. It was immense, as large as the Amphor colony, larger than Marakith. The structure was dark metal and scarred but they could make out the joins between many freighters welded together into a mass that made up the structure. "Check out the size of that thing." Sai commented in surprise.
"We're detecting other craft approaching," Fremoc pointed out, "mostly civilian guess there's more customers."
"They're picking up more people before they jump," Taigakori reasoned, "must be an agreed waypoint for whoever."
Sai nodded. "This Drastig isn't the only crimelord onboard," he replied, "they're all doing business."
"We're getting docking instructions," Fremoc told them, "they want us to latch on."
"Do it," Manji replied simply.

Docking Bay
Sector Five.

Taigakori lead the way down the ramp, stopping at the end directing the other members out in their Nihilgenia armour. Bob Dyrra and Fremoc were designated as junior officers and each formed their sections up around the ramp. Across the way a large Trandoshan waited, surrounded by armed men and women stood nonchantly in a not entirely threatening way. After the guard was ready Manji himself walked down the ramp, followed by Sai in a similar rich outfit to the Consuls, and behind them Malisane walked down in his usual armored suit and hood over his head covering his burned features. Macron was last, dressed in a simplier outfit carrying a bag.
The trandoshan waited a few seconds and walked forward. "Welcome to Refuge," he said with a polite bow., "my employer is eager to meet you. I am Morax his second in command."
Manji nodded. "I am Nekura Keibatsu," he pointed to Taigakori, Sai, Malisane and Macron in turn, "this is the Major in command of my guard, my cousin Tsainetomo who manages my affairs, my personal bodyguard and my physician."
Morax nodded. "You have brought many guards." he observed.
"I am careful with my security," Manji replied.
"They will have to wait here," Morax replied, "you may bring just these." He pointed to the four Manji had introduced. "The rest can remain on your ship or enjoy the facilities."
Manji nodded. He turned to Taigakori. "Major give the orders." Taigakori nodded and spoke to Bob Fremoc and Dyrra, then followed Morax as he lead Manji and his attendants away.
Bob breathed a sigh of relief. "I want to find a bar."
Fremoc grinned under his helmet. "We're supposed to be searching for information."
"Sounds like a good place to start then," Bob replied.
Dyrra nodded. "We can find accomodation, we might want to loose the armour once we get settled we don't want to stand out." She glanced at the assembled Sith in their armour. "Alright move out people."


15-11-2009 14:31:39

Docking Bay
Sector Five.

"Alright, first I think we need to establish a base of operations first since more than likely the ship is being watched. Bob I know you want to get your drink, but I think this is more important," said Fremoc to Bob and Dyrra.

"Alright then, any suggestions on how we acquire it?" asked Bob.

"We need to be stealthy about it so, I suggest we go about the city and ditch the armor in an abandoned building. From there we find some place to rent that is kind of big for all of us," suggested Dyrra.

"Then I can get my drink I hope."

"Yes, master. You will get your drink after we have acquired our base, because by then I will need one too," added the Aedile from Marka Ragnos.

"I third that motion," came from Dyrra.

"Then what are we waiting for?" asked the Sith Warlord as he moved out of the docking bay. The trio walked without a purpose, silently scanning each building, trying to find one that would suit their need to change, as well as a building for their base of operations. They turned a corner and found an entrance way that looked like it had not been used for years. The Quaestor nodded at Fremoc, who took the hint to knock on the door as well as using the Force to scan the insides for any signs of life. The Knight pushed the door before motioning the other two inside. Bob looked at the two of them before moving into his own room, "Alright let's change into our street clothes people, hide your lightsabers."

Fremoc ventured into his own room and started to pull off the Nihilgenia armor. The Aedile of Marka Ragnos wore his standard black cargo pants and black boots, but this time he wore a black long sleeved shirt that went down to mid thigh. The Knight took his lightsaber and dropped it in his right cargo pant pocket. He took his pistol and stuffed it between the waist back of his cargo pants and his underwear at the rear of his back. "Dyrra you good to go?"

A red head poked around the edge of the doorway before revealing the rest of herself in her normal clothes. "Yup I'm good to go." The two walked back to the front door to find Bob waiting for them. The former Consul had taken a piece of cloth and wrapped it around his forehead to hide his third eye. Dyrra looked at Fremoc and saw that his pistol was uncovered at his lower back because his shirt was pressed between his skin and pistol. Quickly she pulled the shirt out and made sure it covered the pistol, "Now to find an apartment?" Bob nodded at the two of them and headed out the door, which Fremoc closed after himself and Dyrra left.

The trio once more walked along the streets, less encumbered by the Nihilgenia armor that they had been wearing and able to be more free in the open. They finally found a sign for an apartment complex across from a bar that was looking for tenants. Bob knocked on the landlords door before being asked inside. Fremoc and Dyrra stood outside the door waiting for Bob's return. "God I need a drink" said Bob as he shut the door behind him.

"Got us an apartment?" asked Dyrra.

"Yes, top floor though. Fremoc inform the journeymen to come here in twos and threes after they've ditched their armor. Send the coordinates as to where we ditched our armor as a possible spot for them to ditch theirs. As for me, I'm getting a drink." Bob tossed Fremoc and Dyrra a key to their apartment before heading across the street to the bar. The two went up the stairs to the top level and opened the apartment up, seeing that it was quite a large apartment as well. Fremoc typed into his comm unit the coordinates for the abandoned housing unit, as well as the apartment. He then typed into the unit about how the journeymen should come to the apartment in groups of twos or threes.

"Well, I think we have to wait until at least the first set of people get here before we can hit the bar ourselves," said Fremoc.

"Who do you think the first group will be?" asked Dyrra.

"In all honesty, I think it will be Kano and Severus, with Teu probably."

"Teu is on this mission with us? Shouldn't she be back on Tarthos since she's pregnant?"

"Her choice so I can't fight it. The question is, what to do until they get here."


15-11-2009 16:01:56

Docking Bay
Sector Five.

Kalei sat and looked at those around her. The Knight's silence was probably worse than if she were to speak right now. Tapping the hilt of her saber as she listened to where they were to go, she hated hiding who she was, but knew in this case, it was necessary.

Heading off to get changed into her street clothes at the abandoned housing unit, she tried to think why she was there. She had to much on her mind to focus on something like this. Shaking her head, she knew that she would need her head in the game.

Her street clothes? Not what most would expect in terms of street clothes. Basai slid her black boots on as well as some black pants. Her top was a multitude of blues and loose fitting. Her saber, who's blade matched her shirt, was slid into a pocket at her hip, which was well hidden by her loose shirt.

Checking the location of the apartment, the Dark Jedi Knight headed in that direction, hoping to avoid anyone unkind or wanting a fight.

As she reached the building, she glanced at all the stairs and sighed. Making her way up, she hoped someone was up there.

She got to the door and made her way into the apartment to find Fremoc and Dyrra there. "Glad to see someone stayed here to wait on people," she said with a small smile.


15-11-2009 19:59:11

Docking Bay
Sector Five

The trip had been silent between most of the Journeymen for the most part. Severus was happy for his time on Mandalore and with the Imperial navy, his militaristic stance had kept him in line as they landed. He had told the Aedile that he had his doubts leading the Raptors into this mission incase of Force sensitives but had been swiftly declined the ability to send Kano in his place. As the teams spread out he noticed Teu and Kano staying near him as they walked the "streets" of Refuge, apparently old habits dying hard for the Raptors.
"We need a place to dump this armour, warehouse on the left looks rather defunct and forgotten." Severus suggested quietly, knowing they were close enough to hear him.
Teu nodded quietly as Kano started towards the door with Severus headed to the right side of it, Kano examining the door before speaking, "Seems easy enough to get through, doesn't seem locked or anything."
Quickly exchanging a glance with the other Raptors, Severus gave his order, "Clear, check the corners and sound off."

Kano quickly opened the door and the three entered, checking the warehouse quickly and sounding off on their findings as they moved through the large area. Teu closed the door as she sounded off last, "Clear, I think we're ready to ditch this uncomfortable armour."
Severus nodded as he removed his helmet, moving to the center of the room, "Find a good spot to dispose of the armour and change, we'll meet by this door again. Don't go too far, this isn't a safe area to be alone."

It didn't take long for the trio to change; Severus vouched for something to keep him ready for anything, switching into a 'light combat armour'. It was something he had worn for sparring on Mandalore and something that was capable of taking some hits, it was black across his body with light armour plates covering his back and chest as well as he calves and forearms. With his Westars strapped to his thighs and his NR2 Pistol on his waist he seemed like a private body guard or bounty hunter. The others were pretty relaxed as well with Kano was decked out in his blue and black Mandalorian armour looking like a powerful bounty hunter and Teu was dressed in a relaxed fit wardrobe, a loose white t-shirt concealing her weapons and pregnancy while a pair of loose legged black pants and black combat boots kept her on solid ground. Severus nodded in approval as Teu spoke up, "Much better, should we get to the co-ordinates of the safehouse?"

It was obvious that they should get there without being obvious that the large group was returning to a location, let alone their own degrees of armour might seem like a rather ragtag group of hunters. Luckily for them the Quaestor and Aedile had managed to select a place that was quieter than the rest of the 'city'. With a quiet rapping on the door Severus hoped they had the right place, until the door shot open to reveal Fremoc. He assumed either himself or Teu had given them away, the two of them were more than enough of a Force signature considering how young they were with the Force.

Macron Sadow

15-11-2009 20:00:26

Sector Five.

It had been a very, very long time. Macron had not been anywhere near "inhabited" space for many months. His travels had taken him to strange places in search of his quarry- Ambria, Tython, others. A distant look flashed in his eyes for a few seconds as he strode calmly along beside Manji, Malisane, Sai and Taigikori. Ever since the detonation of the V-gas bomb against the last Vong invaders Macron had felt like a stranger in his own skin. He hardly even knew Taigikori although he had heard of the other man's reputation. So much had changed in his absence.

"Interesting," commented Macron as he winked slyly at Manji. The alchemist tapped a readout on his armband. "My lord, the pollutant levels in the air here are unsatisfactory at best," he sniffed in disdain. "They may irritate your airways."

Manji nodded. "I request clean air in my suites," he mentioned to the emissary Morax. "This is unsuitable according to my physician."

Morax looked troubled, obviously feeling disdain for the pompous Kyataran but yet afraid to show it. The man was filthy stinking rich. Judging by the elaborate guards and the servants with him he had high and refined tastes. "Yes," he said with a simple nod. "It will be done."

And it will get us closer to the ones we seek, flashed a mental message from Macron to the other Dark Jedi. The leaders will surely be far from their refineries.

Indeed brother, replied Tsainetomo. Good to see your return.

Most of me has, remarked Macron silently. But Vexatus is still out there somewhere.

Kano Tor Pepoi

15-11-2009 21:04:38

Sector Five

As Kano looked around at the other Dark Jedi assembled in the apartment a feeling of want grew inside him. He wanted what they had and yet now he couldn't have it. He wanted to be able to walk freely where he chose to walk and not have people stop and stare at him. The feeling was suppressed as the Mandalorian thought of his buy'ce, that was all the face he had now and its T-shaped visor was all that anyone needed to see. Kano caught a glimpse of Severus, his new Sergeant, cleaning one of his Westars. As he watched the weapon get disassembled his mind raced to thoughts of when he was the Night Raptors Sergeant. He wanted that honor back but was very proud of the man standing in his place now and if given the chance to go on that mission again or stay back with the Raptors sure enough the mission would be completed, no matter how bad of shape he would be in afterwards.

"I think I am going to go see if there is any work around here for a bounty hunter, get a good look at the area."

Before anyone could say anything the Jedi Hunter had made his way out the apartment door and was walking down a corridor towards, from what he could tell by the noise, was a cantina. As he walked into the cantina a bright flashing light caused the visor to adjust darker to stop from temporary blindness. Nobody in the place took not as the Mandalorian walked through the crowd and made his way to the bar.

"A bottle of tihaar."

The bartender looked up at the Mandalorian and sighed slightly.
"We don't get your kind in here too often, but I got what you want."
The man slid a bottle of clear liquid onto the bar in front of Kano and it was met with the clink as a credit rolled across the bar. Kano grabbed the bottle and walked to the furthest back corner of the bar and took a seat, he sat the bottle on the table but didn't touch it. As he sat he watched the people in the bar and waited for just the right look on a face to tell him it was the one he needed to speak with, just like a thousand times before. Bars and cantinas were always filled with people looking to pawn work off onto someone else no matter what the price or what the work is for that matter.

After sitting for a few minutes the bar began to warm up and sweat began to form on Kano's forehead. As the beads trickled down onto the still raw sections of burnt skin the helmet began to seem like a prison. The Mandalorian got up, grabbed his bottle, and made his way out of the bar. This was going to be tough. It is the first mission since he came back and the effects of his injuries were still bearing down on him. Once in a dark area Kano removed his helmet and chugged the bottle till it was empty. He smashed the bottle to the ground and made his way back towards the apartment thinking to himself, "What am I doing, I don't know where I am or what I should be doing here. We should just blow the whole damn place and rid the galaxy of these drugs and their providers."


15-11-2009 21:39:33

Sector Five

Fremoc looked up, as did everyone else as the door opened. Kano stumbled in drunk, letting his helmet fall to the floor as he crumbled to his knees. Fremoc being Bob's apprentice new that Kano would be fine within a couple of hours, but what disturbed him was the fact Kano was starting to moan slurred words.

"Why am I here? Why??" moaned Kano. Fremoc knew that this was a bad sign, even for Kano a battle hardened warrior. "Let's just blow up this place and go home."

Before anyone knew it Fremoc had grabbed Kano off the floor and shoved the drunken Mandalorian into the wall. Without any warning the Knight lifted Kano off the floor by the neck, and looked into Kano's eyes. His baritone voice took over speaking, "Kano Verda, you are a Mandalorian. You are supposed to be trained to do what needs to be done and to follow orders to the letter. The reason that you are here is because the Summit, including myself requested you to be here. We are here to destroy this drug ring without killing civilians. You know better, I fraking trained you better than this. Wake up, Kano!"

With that the Knight through the drunken Mandalorian across the room, causing him to land in a heap of his own armor gazing up at the cieling.

"Dyrra, let's get that drink," said Fremoc.

"I'm coming too!" yelled Kalei as she jumped up and walked with them down the stairs, across the street and into the bar.

Nekura Manji

16-11-2009 07:09:51

Sector Five

Draping a silken sleeve across his nose and mouth in an almost effeminate fashion, the sleeve concealing his hand, Manji looked around at him at the corridors as they strode through them. Macron, Tsainetomo, Taigikori and Malisane formed a ring around him, keeping the inhabitants of Refuge away from the Kyataran prince with a subtle blend of force and a palpable air of menace. Raising his voice over the bustling sounds of activity around them, the Epis spoke to Morax again, his voice tainted with a petulant, whining edge.

"These corridors are filthy, man! Am I to assume that my quarters will be as bad?"

Morax choked back a snarl as he led the group down another corridor branching off at a right-angle from the previous one, heading towards a wide door, two guards stood on either side of it.

"No... lord, your quarters will be the finest that Refuge has to offer."

"They'd better. Or I might just take my business elsewhere."

Nodding to the two guards, who shouldered their blasters with only a few suspicious looks at the group, Morax led them through the door, a vein throbbing angrily in his temple. Lifting his baggy gown, Manji stepped over the threshold and glanced around at the room, finely carpeted and adorned with decoration. The door slid shut behind the Kyataran and his entourage as Morax turned to face them, bowing slightly.

"My lord, if you and your retinue would wait here, my employer will be along to meet you as soon as his busy schedule allows."

With a sniff, Manji turned away from the Trandoshan, sauntering over to a wall-hanging and examining it carefully, colourful silk robes swishing around him. Tsainetomo gave Morax a curt nod, dismissing the emissary. With another bow, Morax backed out of the room through another door, his emotions barely kept in check. Alone in the room, the Dark Jedi glanced at each other, telepathic messages flickering back and forth between them. Manji turned his head away from the wall hanging and nodded at his second-in-command.

Taigikori, keep your senses tuned for any possible traps. Our... 'friend'... Morax seems like the kind to lose his temper fairly quickly.

Affirmative. I'll be on the alert.

Then, for the benefit of any cameras that might have been watching, Manji flounced over to a rancor-leather couch and threw himself down, his voice rising in another whine.

"I'm thirsty! Couldn't they have left us something to drink?"


16-11-2009 10:03:46

Sector Three

"This is our territory human."
Javain spun around at the sound of the Gammorean voice. Three of them stood behind him, blaster rifles raised. "So?" he asked.
"You leave."
"I'll leave when I'm ready."
"You leave in box."
"Don't threaten me pigs."
"Drastig's scum not welcome here. Now you die."
As the lead gammorean's finger pressed the trigger Javain's foot hit the barrel forcing it upwards so that the bolt hit the ceiling. He grabbed the blaster and pulled, dragging the suprised creature forward into the blast of the second gammorean's shot, then dropped to the floor and kicking out at the third's knee causing a sharp crack and a roar of pain. With one dead gammorean on the floor and another falling squealing under it's weight and it's shattered knee Javain was up and on the last one, his fist moving past it's defence and smashing into the throat, crushing it's windpipe sending it gasping to the floor. Javain looked contemtously at the two wounded creatures then drew a blaster. "Round here things are changing. Drastig rules." He fired twice in quick succession, then drawing his long coat around him he slipped off into the shadows.

Sector One Arena

Kahudrak watched the second droid as it lumbered towards him past the burning remains of the first, blades spinning as it's powerful limbs flicked them around. Suddenly it swung downwards, driving the huge axe towards the zabrak. He waited until the last minute then sput aside, slicing out with his vibroblade with both hands driving it down in a shower of sparks through the droids arm. There was a crash as the axe fell to the ground and the crowd cheered. The droid swung it's other arm at him and Kahudrak leapt aside. He danced back quickly as the furious droid moved at him, trying to corner him. The zabrak flicked a hand to his belt and flicked a spinning metal disk at the droids neck, slicing through a pipe sending up another shower of sparks and a roar from the excited crowd. The droid swung it's remaining axe at him and Kahudrak blocked, though he staggered under the weight of the blow, and with a crack his blade span from his hand, causing a moan of concern from his supporters.
As the droid attacked again he leapt, his enhanced limbs pushing him into the air and he grabbed a bar above him on the arena, as the droid's head flicked upwards. Then he dropped, landing smoothly on the droid's shoulders. As it shook and struggled to dislodge him he grabbed it's neck in his hands, twisting and pulling at the head. The crowd pushed forward on the balcony above to watch as the droid staggered across the arena floor with the powerful zabrak clinging onto it. Kahudrak struggled with it's head as the droid turned and backed against the pit surrounding the floor, with the fifty foot drop, intent on dislodging it's passenger into it. Kahudrak clung on realising the droids intent, then glanced up seeing another bar hanging above. He leapt, grabbing the bar then swung his legs forward gaining momentum, then back and smashed them against the droids head, unbalancing it, and the crowd cheered as it toppled into the pit, exploding as it hit the spikes at the bottom. Kahudrak grinned, then swung again and flipped, landing smoothly on the arena floor. He bowed sardonically to the cheering crowds who strained at the barriers then walked down the corridor to the rest area. Teebrom was waiting for him, the little sulustan looked impatient. "Morax wants us back at the enclave," he said in his own language.
"No congratulations?" Kahudrak asked with a grin.
The sulustan shrugged then clapped sarcastically for a few seconds. "Come on."
The zabrak laughed then followed.

Sector Five

The twilek smiled. "I hope you appreciate the gravity of your situation," she told the man dangling from the hook over the edge of the railing, flashing a quick smile at Tremas who stood nearby and rolled his eyes at the joke.
"Please," the victim replied, "I can pay!"
She leaned her face next to his, "So why haven't you?"
"I'm sorry, I meant to," he tailed off.
She smiled again, "There you go Tremas, he meant to. Well thats alright then." She snarled then and slapped him, causing him to swing precariously on the hook and the victim screamed.
Tremas yawned. "Can we speed this up Shareth?"
"Alright," she replied, "you've got five seconds. Where are the credits?"
"In my quarters, behind the door panel!" he replied.
"You believe him?" Shareth asked.
Tremas nodded. "Let him go."
Shareth leaned over as the man breathed a sigh of relief, taking hold of his collar and slowly lifting him off the hook showing no signs of strain as she held the man with one hand. Then with a smile she opened her fingers and watched as he fell screaming down to the metal floor below.
"Unessesary," Tremas commented.
She laughed. "Drastig says we have a reputation to maintain," she replied, "no second chances."
The big man shrugged. "You'd better hope the credits are where he said," he replied, "otherwise you might be following him."

Kano Tor Pepoi

16-11-2009 10:09:03

Sector Five

As Kano awoke from his drunken rant he realized just what he had said and not just that, he had put the entire mission in danger. He looked around to see where he was only to find that he was laying on the floor against the wall, everyone was watching him as he began to stand up. The Mandalorian could feel their eyes, all of their eyes were looking straight at what was left of his face. A deep feeling of horror and sorrow crossed through Kano as he stood and looked back at the room.

"I believe this is yours, friend."

Fremoc walked up to Kano and handed him the black and blue buy'ce. The Mandalorian looked at it for a second and placed it over his head, sealing himself away and revealing the stern Mandalorian that he has always been.

"You're no friend of mine. You're my vod."

Kano reached out like he was going to shake hands with his master but grabbed his forearm and Fremoc did the same in return in the traditional Mandalorian greeting and farewell style.

"Bal kote, darasuum kote, Jorso'ran kando a tome. Sa kyr'am Nau tracyn kad, Vode an bal Cuy'val Dar."

Fremoc looked on in shock as he had thought a few times of what it would be like to be a Mandalorian and now, on a mission, Kano had just accepted him as a brother in the Mandalorian tradition.

"We just need to do something about that armor you wear now because that stuff you wear is kind of pointless, there is nothing in the galaxy stronger than Mando Iron. Okay, now for this mission..."


16-11-2009 20:31:32

Sector Five

"For right now, you are staying here and sobering up, Kano. Kalei, Dyrra and I are going over to the bar to join Bob and acquire information. Sev, Teu, would you mind taking care of him while we are gone?" asked Fremoc.

"Of course, Fremmy," answered Teu. Severus looked over at Fremoc and then back to his master, Teu.

"I'm going to act like I didn't hear that," Severus said as he went back to cleaning his pistols.

"Good man. I'll be back shortly," said Fremoc as he exited the apartment once more. He ran across the street and joined the two women who were waiting for him outside the bar. Kalei looked anxious to get inside, while Dyrra was as calm as she always was. "Shall we go on in?"

The two women entered the bar first, with Fremoc towering behind them, looking for Bob. They found him at the bar, having what looked like his 6th beer and 10th shot of some liquor.

"Bar keep, another round for myself and a beer with a shot of Brandy for my 3 companions here," said Bob drunkenly. The bartender filled the Quaestor's order and gave the drinks to the four Sadowans. Bob raised his beer as well as the other 3, and clashed them together, "Cheers!"

Fremoc took his shot, and quickly drank it before taking another sip from his beer. "Bar keep, another shot."


16-11-2009 22:03:15

Sector Five.

Kalei eyed Bob as she heard the drinks that were ordered. This could be bad she thought to herself as she sat down.

Downing one of the shots, she eyed the beer, wondering if it was safe to drink them together, at least for her. Shrugging, seeing Bob already pretty drunk, she figured at that moment it didn't matter and started to down the beer. The thing was, they didn't know that, even as part of this clan, she didn't handle alcohol very well at all.

It wasn't to long after that her beer was all but empty and her shots were gone. She then went and ordered herself another of the same set and started to ramble a bit, though her voice was slurred.

"You know?" She said to no one in particular, "it isn't fair. He off and runs off, and leaves me high and dry."

Fremoc eyed her for a second, "You okay, Kalei?"

She looked at him, "Hmm? Yeah, just don't know why he'd do that to me. Not even a word." She started to down her second beer.

Dyrra raised an eyebrow, "Who did what to you, Basai?"

"Zaroth, he vanished and didn't even tell me where he was going. He didn't say he was leaving, and doesn't know how that made me feel." She stared at the bar with a frown, "left me feelin' sad and mad and..."

She shoved the beer away and sighed.


16-11-2009 23:10:16

Sector Five

Teu stood and looked at Kano, surveying his armored form, she then shook her head for a brief moment, however she was smiling at the man but didnt say anything. Teu then turned to Severus, who was intently cleaning his weapon. "Could be worse apprentice you should hear what i call him in private."

"Please no." Severus looked over at his master and then shook his head before going back to his weapons. "So there is gonna be another Fremoc running around?"

Teu nodded and smiled, her hand resting on her stomach, everyone around her was well aware of the comming child, it wasnt hard to hide it was like a candle in the darkness, the child radiated inocense even now before birth.

Kano was standing but only just, he heard the discussion his mind under the affects of alcohol, he mumbled something before falling to his feet.

Teu looked back and sighed. "Sev, help me move this drunk somewhere else so he's just not sprawled in the middle of the room. If I could i'd string him from the roof but Fremoc would be ungappy."

Severus nodded putting his weapon down, he stood and helped Teu move the now slumbering jedi out of the way.

Bal Demona

16-11-2009 23:44:13

Sector Five.

Bal walked into the bar and saw some familiar faces sitting at the bar itself. It felt odd not having his armor on, it made him cringe when he had to take it off. Hiding his lightsaber, something he was generally not used to, proved to be a challenge as well. As such, his robes were a little more loose than usual to compensate, having tucked his lightsaber inside his robes to insure that nobody saw it. He looked about the room, seeing who was in it and where all the doors were. An old habit, must be the warrior side of him that facilitated his gauging how the room was laid out.

Eventually making his way to the bar, he sat down next to Kalei. Nodding and saying hi, he saw that the dark jedi knight-ess was a bit tipsy. Looking down the bar, he saw that several others of his order were right there too...although they seemed to hold their liquor considerably better than the lady beside him.

The barkeep suddenly sat a shot and a beer in front of him, giving him a nod and pointing a finger down the bar.

“Courtesy of the gentlemen down there.”

Bal nodded and said thanks to the barkeep. Looking down the bar, his two superiors were looking back at him. Raising the shot glass in a silent thank-you down the bar to Fremoc and Bob, he received a similar gesture, meaning the “no-problem.”

He downed the shot rapidly, a good zip to it. It had been some time since he'd had a good shot of brandy. Sliding the glass away, he grabbed ahold of his beer and took a drink before setting it down. Looking toward Kalei, who seemed a bit buzzed, he smiled and said rather plainly...

“So, how're you doing?”


17-11-2009 18:54:27

Sector Five

As the trio moved Kano towards a nearby bed Severus was grumbling to himself under the weight of the older Mando, even with the Force behind him the man was a tank, "Haryc b'aalyc vod."
The closer they got to the bed the more Severus seemed to grumble, "Freaking stubborn bastard goes out of his way to piss off Fremoc and get drunk off his ass."
Out of the corner of his eye he could see Teu trying to surpress her laughter and a smile, the Knight aware that her apprentice was still growing in his power as they tossed Kano roughly upon the bed. Severus grumbling once more as he turned towards the main room again, "Hope you sober up soon, I swear...copaani mirshmure'cye, vod?"

As he slumped into a chair in the main quarters again Severus noticed his master eyeing him, "What?"
The woman tried to wipe the smile from her face as she sat on a more comfortable couch, responding to the guardian simply, "Nothing...just didn't realize you were Mandalorian."
Severus sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, "That's right, I don't really show my Mando side too often. Spent more time away from mum and Mandalore than I should've, she thought it was safer that way."
He paused as he felt the glow of the Pepoi's child encroaching upon him, "Especially with my grasp of the Force. But enough babling, with Kano down for the count it's just me defending you until the others return."

As Teu's eyes seemed ready to fire daggers they were both interupted by Kano spewing a slew of non-sensical words in the next room sounding close to "I'm not that drunk" in Mando'a, the two of them retorted quickly, "Get some rest Kano!"
After a quick smile between them as they heard the elder Mandalorian fall back into the bed Teu retorted quickly, "I can take care of myself perfectly fine my apprentice."

After a moment of silence, Severus sighed, quickly checking a pouch on his hip for the number of magazines for his NR2S. It was enough to catch his enemies off guard for now and to eliminate alot of the unsuspecting ones, but it wouldn't be enough to storm a building alone. He'd have to rely on his Westars and armour saber for that. The saber was tucked alongside some pouches, looking like part of his magazine pouch. With a sigh he leaned back in his chair, getting it on two legs as he was getting tired of sitting around, "How long do you think it'll take for them all to get back here and sober up?"
Teu looked over at him with a mischievious smile, "Well Bob could practically live at the bar, and Fremoc can take quite a few hours."
Without another warning she gave his chair a little nudge with the Force, causing her apprentice to topple to the floor without warning, a sigh escaping him as he spoke up with a bored tone, "I was hoping you wouldn't say that."

Kano Tor Pepoi

17-11-2009 20:46:17

Sector Five

As the voices of the others died down Kano found himself in a new world. He was back on Raxus Prime and sitting before him was the old man who had trained him in the ways of the Mandalorians and bounty hunters. The man reached down beside himself and picked up his buy'ce and looked into the T-shaped visor before getting up and walking over towards Kano.

"Ryuk, I believe after today you will need this."

He dropped the helmet into Kano's lap and without warning kicked the unsuspecting trainee in the face. Kano looked up, eyes wide, to see that the old bounty hunter had now been replaced with a dark hooded figure. The figure reached out and a bolt of lightning struck Kano in the right side of his face. He let out a scream as the flesh began to melt and for an unknown reason reached into the empty ammo pouch at his side, inside the pouch the Mandalorian felt a small object and pulled it out. With a snap-hiss the object sprang to life and the blade was driven deep into the hooded figure as Kano let out a loud scream.


Both Teu and Severus had already made it into the room to see Kano kneeling on the bed with his lightsaber activated. Both couldn't think of a word to speak as the Mandalorian knelt on the bed breathing heavy. The room was frozen for what seemed like hours until the silence was broken.

"I um, I think I need something to drink. None alcoholic of course."

Kano deactivated with lightsaber as well as Teu and Severus and walked past them both into the main room of the apartment.

"I apologize for anything I might have done. Had a bit of a bad time but I think it is all behind me now. Time to carry on and get things back on track, where is everyone? I didn't miss anything, did I?"


17-11-2009 22:56:42

Sector Five.

Fremoc set his drink down and looked around the bar. Members of Naga Sadow sat in the Bar as well as the booths on the walls. Kalei was rambling on about something with Zaroth to Bal Demona, Dyrra was drinking her beer next to himself and Bob. He turned to the two of them, "So? What's the next move?"

"Wait until I figure out the right person to talk to," replied Bob. Just then Bob turned his head towards the door, as did almost every other male in the bar, as a young woman in a red spagetti string tank top, tight black pants, and black boots, carrying a small back pack. Glancing around the room she found who she was looking for, walking towards Fremoc and Bob. Fremoc stared at the young woman as she eased her way between Dyrra and Fremoc, with Bob staring at her from over his apprentice's back.

"My God Ekeia, the whole bar is still staring at you," said Dyrra looking over at Ekeia. "Frak, Bob is still staring at you."

"Well I'm sorry that this is what I had under my armor," replied Ekeia as the bartender gave her a beer, like the rest of her compatriots. "Bob would you stop staring before I slap you?"

"I honestly think that we need to find something to do before people start to get ansy," said Fremoc as his left leg started to jump up and down.

"Like you are now?" Ekeia put a hand on his knee, and sending calming waves through the Force coursing through his body.

"Yeah, thanks."

"You must be in control of yourself at all times, even when drunk, my apprentice," came from Bob, using his knowledge and wisdom to teach Fremoc in drinking.

"Yes, master." He looked around, and found something that caught his eye on the vidscreen. "Anyone want to do some swoop racing?"


17-11-2009 23:49:07

Sector Five

Teu stood from the couch, glaring at her apprentice for a moment. Before stretching her arms, "Come on you two, time getting bored in here. Lets go see what the rest of the group is doing down in the bar."

Severus looked up at Teu and frowned but say the look that he received, remained silent before standing and moving toward the door. Kano called from the couch "Heey wait"

Teu smirked, she knew that would get both men up and moving. She then made her way down the steps and across the way to the bar.

Sector Five

When the door to the bar opened, the patrons in the bar breifly glanced up before returning to their drinks. Teu moved off towards the head table where Fremoc and Bob sat with a drink nestled in their hands. She nodded at Bob and looked at Fremoc. "Scootch over"

Fremoc looked up and frowned but moved over allowing Teu room to sit. He smirked and then wrapped his arm around Teu's shoulder and kissed her forehead. "You just cant stay away from a bar can you love?"

Teu smirked and shrugged. "No I couldnt. Besides you left me in a room with a drunk mando. I had to get away."


18-11-2009 13:11:52

sector Five

Kalei eyed Bal as he sat down and asked her how she was doing. Did he really want to get into that? Did she? Before she could answer him, Ekeia walked in and caught the eye of every man in the bar. Rolling her eyes, she tapped the beer bottle that she had shoved away and laid her head on the bar again, looking at Bal.

"You wanna know how I'm doing? You sure you wanna know?"

She caught his eye as he simply raised an eyebrow, "I did ask, I suppose I do."

Downing another drink of her beer, she raised her head up and turned on her bar stool to look at him directly.

"I'm miserable, alright Demona? Got left by someone that cared about me and I cared about. Not a single word from him." Her words were slurred, and her eyes got a bit big as she looked at him. "You're nice, you're listening to me, listening to my rants and raves. You don't have to, ya know. It is my issue, shouldn't take it out on someone as nice as you." Her hand moved to sit on top of his hand with a grin.

Bal looked down at her hand and gave a small smile. "I don't mind listening, helps to have a friend to talk to in my opinion. However, I do know about the whole getting left behind by people you care about so we can kinda see eye-to-eye there." He, of course, referred to his divorce from Octavia...a long distance thing since he was away on duty a considerable amount of time. He found his hand covered by hers and switched his beer to the other hand. He hadn't really been attracted to a woman since Octavia, but the lady who had his hand was quite attractive.

"You aren't ranting and raving, I listen to commanders and such all the time and if you should do something'll know all about ranting and raving. Being a prefect can also cause a few rants from of which including me.' he chuckled gently before taking another drink 'but I'm not bothered by conversation, if lets makes you learn things. Don't worry though, I don't mind."

Kalei smiled and pushed her beer away again, it wasn't something she wanted to deal with right now. Someone nice and actually nice looking was listening to her, and she wasn't going to make a mess of it, especially with the look she was getting from him. "Glad you think I'm not ranting and raving. Feel bad for doing that. You're a nice guy when you're no dealing with all the mess we normally do. Not so uptight."

She smiled again and kept her hand where it was, not really caring if the others looked at her oddly.

Kano Tor Pepoi

18-11-2009 19:55:30

sector Five

Kano sat at the bar and looked around at his fellow clansmen, everyone seemed to be having so much fun even though they were on a very important mission. Down the bar Bob seemed to be arguing with the bar tender about whether he had had enough to drink or not and with a simple gesture the Warlord had several fresh shots sitting in front of him and a newly opened beer. Right next to him was Teu and Fremoc joking around with each other and nudging each other's shoulders. Just beyond them Kano noticed someone that stood out more than anyone else in the bar. The Mandalorian ordered a drink and walked over towards Fremoc's Black Guard, Ekeia Iclo.

"Hey there, I almost didn't recognize you."

He placed the drink down on the bar next to her and hesitated for a second before removing his helmet and setting it on the bar in front of himself. Ekeia looked at the drink and then looked back at Kano, completely ignoring his injuries.

"That drink isn't for you is it?"

"I think I had enough for the night, I brought that over for you."

From just behind them two voices could be made out just slightly.

"What the hell is he getting into now?"

"Just let him be."

"He is still drunk."

"He is fine."

Kano glanced over his shoulder to see Teu wink at him and Fremoc ordering another drink. He looked back at the stunning figure at the bar beside him.

"So, where were we?"

Ekeia Iclo

18-11-2009 21:42:44

sector Five

Ekeia chuckled softly to herself at the scene before her. She looked over the Mandalorian’s shoulder and caught Fremoc’s gaze, smirking slightly before turning her full attention to Kano. Keia smiled up at the man before her, absent-mindedly ran the tip of her finger around the rim of the drink that he had bought her.

“So, where were we?” Ekeia repeated, “I do believe that we were on Tarthos. I was having a training match with Fremoc after he sent you to your room, though I’m not sure I want to know what you were doing once you got there.”

Kano laughed for a few seconds before replying, “A girl with a sense of humor, I like that…”

Keia held her glass in her hand on the table while she grinned and giggled at her own comment. Kano slowly inched his hand closer to hers. However, at the exact moment Kano reached to place his hand over Ekeia’s, she lifted the glass and downed the drink, grimacing slightly at the alcohol. Placing the empty glass back down she looked back at the Mandalorian and smiled.

“Sure ya don’t want another drink Kano?”

Kano stuttered, “Umm… I shouldn’t…”

“You won’t have just one more with me, please?” Keia asked innocently while Kano scooted closer to her.

“Well, I guess one more wouldn’t hurt too much, and since you asked so nicely, why not?” The Mandalorian motioned to the bartender for two more shots. He moved closer still to Ekeia, bringing his arm up and placing his hand on her waist.

The sound of someone choking on their drink was suddenly heard and Keia looked up over Kano’s shoulder and watched, amused, as Fremoc coughed on his beer.


18-11-2009 22:17:24

sector Five

Teu glanced sideways at Fremoc, tracing his line of sight; she noticed who he was looking at. Elbowing him hard in the gut she rolled her eyes, a smirk trying to works it way up to the surface, almost as if she was trying not to laugh.

Fremoc looked over at Teu, his drink sloshing in his cup. He frowned. “Ow! What was that for?”

“What was what for?” Teu looked into Fremoc’s eye and allowed the slight smile to come to light.

“The elbow?” Fremoc chuckles softly.

“You mean this?” She repeated the action a bit more gently but only slightly. “That was for wasting perfectly good alcohol. Your drinking for two now.”

Fremoc smirked “I’m drinking for two now?”

“Yes for you and for me.” Teu looked over at Kano and Keia. “That might go farther then just comrades, but not my place. Should Kano really be drinking? He kind of had an episode in the apartment that kind was awkward.”
Fremoc remained silent for the moment, his eyes scanning the bar. He then look at Teu and laughed. “Its bothering you that you cant drink isn’t it?”

Bal Demona

18-11-2009 23:03:21

sector Five

Bal gently tapped his index finger that was under Kalei's hand, not taking long to figure out that she meant it to be there for some reason. She was looking at him with the puppy eyes look and it didn't really take a Jedi to know what she was thinking. He smiled gently and said:

“Well, I guess I try not to get too worked up about anything. Makes muscles cramp after so long and then it literally hurts to be uptight.' he smiled and polished off the rest of his beer. 'well, glad to be done with that. Personally woulda stuck to the shots if I had my choice, but had to take what I was given right?”

He bent his neck to the left and popped his neck gently. “Sorry, neck tends to ache if I don't do that.” he sat up a bit and smiled. “Well, now that all of the guys have turned to the lady in the red dress' Bal nodded it Kkeia's direction 'it's kinda died down. And, since we really can't do much but travel in between two places, you wanna go back to the apartment and get away from all the commotion?”


18-11-2009 23:16:35

Docking Bay
Sector Five.

Malik returned to the docking bay, having just ditched his set of armor in the abandoned building. He took a quick look around and disabled the cameras using the force, after making sure they were all disabled he walked towards the machinery that generates the shield keeping the atmosphere in the docking bay to escape into space.

He took a look at the mechanics inside it with the force to find the best way to sabotage it, after careful scrutiny he located a tiny chip that was easily removable while also hard to spot with the naked eye. After removing some plating he took a deep breath and removed the chip.
Warning klaxons began to ring as the shield disappeared and the air and anything that wasn’t bolted down was sucked out of the docking bay. Within seconds the door slammed shut to keep the atmosphere in.

Malik left the docking bay in a hurry before the maintenance crews would arrive, he’d only just gotten out when he heard the first people running towards the docking bay so he quickly used the force to cloak himself.

After the last of them had passed he decided that he should find the nearest bar and lay low for a little. He soon found the nearest bar and saw some familiar faces there, he walked up to the bar and ordered a drink and sat down near the others.

Bob looked at him and asked: “Are you responsible for all that noise we heard earlier?”

Malik downed his drink and looked up “Yeah, guess I shouldn’t play around with mechanical stuff.”


18-11-2009 23:25:52

Sector Five

Kalei's head was starting to get clear and she smiled. “That's one outfit I never thought I'd see Keia in. And she sure does seem to have everyone's attention, especially Kano's.”

Upon hearing Bal's suggestion about getting away from the commotion, she simply nodded, chuckling a bit at Teu elbowing Fremoc, “Promise, won't do that to you.” She left her mostly finished beer behind and smiled at the others as she walked past, Bal in tow.

All she knew is that she was glad the walk back to the apartment was uneventful, minus her mind glad she would actually have some alone time with someone who seemed to actually care about her. Not that she didn't mind being around the others, but sometimes being alone was a good thing.


18-11-2009 23:28:39

Sector Five

Severus stood by the door as the others sat at the bar, he wasn't much of a drinker and kind of an outcast amongst the others of Clan Naga Sadow. He shook his head as he watched the group getting close to each other, partly unsure if it was the alcohol talking or actual interest. His Master and Aedile seemed to be happily warming up to each other with that look of true love sparkling in their eyes as Kalei and Bal seemed to be growing close to each other, and Kano seemed to be fumbling with his hold on drinking as Ekeia wanted another drink with him.

The others along the bar seemed to be enjoying themselves completely either by the others in the group or by the conversation between each other. Amidst it all, the Night Raptor Sergeant seemed somewhat out of place. With a quick smile he ensured his datapad was on him if the others needed to get a hold of him before he stepped out of the bar.

Sector Five

The streets of Refuge seemed rather quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the bar, just a few people along the streets as he started along on a path in no specific direction. The further he got from the bar the busier the streets seemed to get, the Guardian's eyes and ears open for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. He didn't appear all that out of place much to his surprise, a large number of other figures in varying degrees of armour and clothing to keep themselves comfortable. He smiled as he listened to them all, his hands instinctively reaching to rest upon his Westars as he noticed some figures eyeing him from periphrials of his vision. It was then that he realized he had left one of the blasters in the apartment when he helped Teu with Kano. He sighed for a moment knowing he couldn't reach for his NR2S without drawing attention to himself so he left a hand on his remaining blaster, his demeanor unwavering as he walked a little further before stopping at a busy intersection of the city. He moved through the crowds before stopping and withdrawing his datapad, feigning ignorance as he looked at the map of the sector. The ploy was simple enough as he grounded himself, immersing himself in the crowd as he listened to the crowds talking about him; hopefully he would hear something withwhile without having to take that step further and reach out with the Force to amplify his hearing.

Amongst the noise his eyes scoured the region around him every once in a while, appearing as though he was trying to get his bearings compared to his map. The men from earlier seemed to have left him be as his one hand still discreetly rested upon his Westar at his waist, the commotion about him was that of a very mixed crowd. Rocket-jockeys, smugglers, men-for-hire; you name any of the scum of the galaxy and they were gathered here. As his attention turned back to his datapad he started to overhear some of the local conversation with more clarity. It was intriguing to listen to, talk of a gladiator that was down on his luck and a bounty hunter looming in a nearby bar. The conversations were rather deep considering these were just passerbys, but the two seemed to be rather feared in this sector. After a few more minutes he would have an idea of where they were in the sector, if the people around here were helpful.


19-11-2009 15:03:54

Sector Five
Drastigs Enclave

Tremas and Shareth sat in the enclave, which was essentially Drastig's mansion in sector five, a large building off the promenade near the laboratory. There had been no news from Drastig and Morax, or the guests. They'd recieved orders to return. Currently Tremas was on his communicator. "What do you mean it failed?" Shareth looked at him curiously and raised an eyebrow. "Well fix it," Tremas continued in annoyance, "Drastig won't want excuses. We have another rendevue in realspace in two days, and the docking bay needs to be open. Fix the damn shield!" He snapped the communcator off and threw it onto the table, where it bounced onto the floor.
"Problems?" the twilek asked curiously.
"The atmospheric shield in the hangar has failed, they don't know why. They've had to shut the main doors and the system won't open them again."
"Well they can fix it?"
"If they get off their arses and find out what the problem is," the usually calm man snapped, " They're doing diagnositcs but theres dozens of systems."
"Is it that much of a problem?" she asked
"If we want anything to come in or out at our next stop yes." Tremas got up and started pacing. Shareth stretched out on a sofa and poured herself a drink from a decanter.
She watched the older man in amusement. "Well it's not our problem. We have people to sort out the menial stuff."
Tremas gave her an exasperated look then stormed out.

"So what can you offer us?" the crimelord asked. He was sat on his throne in the enclaves private quarters. Manji and Sai sat on a sofa opposite him, sipping wine, while Malisane stood behind the Consul, his eyes boring into the trandoshan stood next to Drastig. Taigikori stood to attention near the door and Macron was sat on a stool at the counter.
Manji took a sip. "It's like I said in my message," he replied calmly, "my world has resources, but my brother has reservations about trade. He doesn;'t appreciate the weatlth we can earn, he just has his old traditions and ceremonies, and says this is how it was done in our granfather's age and and his grandfather's. We are stuck in the past."
Sai nodded. "My cousin is right. He fought for our planet but neither he nor I have earned from it. We want more."
Drastig nodded. "I can understand that. I have earned what i have here by not sitting on my thumbs. The other bosses on Refuge are happy to sit back with their own little empires, but I want more as you do. I want Refuge for my own, and I will have it."
Manji's eyes gleamed. "I respect that Drastig," he replied, "I think we can work together. As I said I have potential wealth, minerals, slaves, and my Nihilgenia, some of the finest soldiers in the galaxy at my disposal and perhaps at yours, if we can work together."
Drastig smiled. "You did well coming to me." he replied, "my organisation needs good men and new business oppurtunities." He considered this. "But you have travelled far, and Refuge has much to offer. I can offer you and your party room in my enclave, reflecting my status of an honoured guest. You might be interested in my operations here."
Manji nodded. "I will take you up on that, I need some fun and relaxation, Perhaps we can meet later and finalise our co-operation."
"Yes of course," Drastig replied. He stood and offered a hand, and Manji then Sai shook it. "If you wait in the anteroom outside I will have someone show you to the guest quarters."
He waited until the "guests" had left, then glanced at Morax. "Well?"
"As we expected," the trandoshan replied, "he's greedy, but he could be useful. His soldiers seem proffessional, we can use them against the others. His world sounds profitable as well, if this brother of his is such a bumpkin we can fleece him."
Drastig nodded, "We can string him along while he's still useful. Make them comfy, and have them watched."
"Yes boss."

Manji sat outside on a bench, Sai and Macron joining them, while Taigakori and Malisane stood to attention, They knew they would be watched and listened to. "A profitable encounter," Manji said keeping up the act, "Muhashi doesn't appreciate progress. We will be rich my cousin."
Sai nodded, "Indeed, and now we should drink to celebrate our expected success." The two Keibatsu sat back in relaxed stances and closed their eyes.
"Alright," Manji said to them all with the force, "this Drastig is pretty smart, as is his trandoshan. Don't underestimate them."
"Their augmentation is first rate," Macron said enthusiastically, "I haven't seen anything like it. Drastig could probably bend durasteel bars without breaking a sweat."
"They are still scum. Metal muscles and fancy chest plates don't match the force and a lightsaber.," Malisane replied.
""Maybe," Manji replied, "but we have a lot of people on the station, I don't want open fighting until we're secure and we know what we're facing."
"We should weaken them," Taigikori agreed, "hit them subtely. By now Malik ought to have taken out their hangar."
"I want a look at their laboratory," Macron said thoughtfully, "I might be able to see what their secret research is, make it our own."
"Good ideas," Manji replied, "Taigikori can go out in the pretense of organising the Nihilgenia and give some orders."
They glanced up as Morax entered. "I will show you to your quarters," he grunted.
Manji smiled faintly vapidly, "Thank you, I need a drink."


19-11-2009 19:58:22

Sector Five

A lot of Naga Sadow filled a portion of the bar, and like a typical bar, there was a lot of commotion. But most of the commotion were made by the locals who were watching the vidscreen talking about one of the men on the screen. Fremoc made his way over to the locals and studied the man on the video screen. The man the camera was focused on was a Zabrak and looked like a warrior of some sort.

"Who is that?" said Fremoc to the group of locals.

"That's Kahudrak, he's the sector 1 arena champion!" said one of the locals.

"He also works for Drastig," said another.

"Sssshhh no he doesn't!"

"Yes, he does!"

"We aren't supposed to know."

"But we do!"

"Where is he?" asked Fremoc.

"Just down the road," said the first.

"Thanks." Fremoc turned and walked back over to Kano, who was flirting with Ekeia. "Kano, I need your NR2S."

Kano took his hand off of Ekeia's and reached down, to give Fremoc the NR2S that were issued to the Night Raptors. Ekeia had got up from her seat and moved down, closer to Teu. The two women had become close friends since Ekeia became Fremoc's Black Guard. Teu was having a drink of water and knew that with the look on her husband's face, it best to stay where she was and Ekeia knew that she was to protect Teu until Fremoc returned. Dyrra on the other hand, got off of her perch and walked over to Fremoc while Kano started to hand over the slugthrower. "What do you need it for, ner vod?"

"I'm going on a mission. I want you to wait here and make sure that no one attacks our people. By the way, after our stay on this place, teach me some of that language." Fremoc took the pistol and turned to Dyrra as he shoved the pistol in another cargo pocket. "I'm going to need your help on this one. But first I need to get my gauntlets and boots."

"Did you think that you would go by yourself? You and I have been fighting since Antei. No, frakking way I'm not tagging along," said Dyrra. Fremoc looked at his friend and smiled, she was right. They both turned and left the bar, heading back to the abandoned apartment that they left their original equipment. Fremoc went back into the room he dropped his gear at, and found his commando gauntlets and boots and quickly put them on and stepped back to the front door where Dyrra stood. "Nice change, you done yet?"

"Never." The two Knights laughed as the exited the apartment, and headed down the road to where Kahudrak, was with all the media coverage. Fremoc sensed Severus in the middle of the large crowd who were watching the Champion get into his car. Fremoc turned to Severus, "Sev where is he going?"

"They said to the Champion's Bar, in Sector 1, why ner vod?" replied Severus.

"Go back to the Bar, you and Kano are in charge of the situation until Dyrra and myself return. " Severus started to make his way back to the Bar. "Why do the two of them keep calling me that?"

Dyrra stood there and shrugged, "Heck if I know."


19-11-2009 21:57:34

Sector 5

Fremoc had left with Dyrra after talking to Kano, leaving Teu drinking her water talking to Ekeia. The fellow Knight had grabbed all the attention of the bar, but no one had noticed Teu walk in but that was fine considering she was trying to hide her pregnancy.

"How's the little one?" asked Ekeia. She had moved away from Kano after playing her mind games on him.

"She's fine. Just wondering where her father went," replied Teu, who was trying to calm her own nerves down. She needed to get out of the bar and get some fresh air, maybe even some peace and quiet. "Hey, let's go back to the apartment. I need some fresh air. Kano, would you come along?" Kano looked over and simply stood putting his helmet under one arm as he walked behind the two ladies, out of the bar.

They started to walk across the street towards the apartment when the trio heard some noise that sounded almost like blasters being fired down the street. Kano slipped his helmet back over his head and looked at Ekeia, "Go. I'll figure out what is wrong and then report back. Ekeia, protect my brother's wife." With that the Knight turned and casually yet quickly walked down the street towards the noise.

The two women climbed the stairs and entered the apartment. The air smelled like a mixture of apple pie and sweat, as the two Knights walked inside. Bal and Kalei were on the couch together, both fixing their pants and Kalei's hair a mess as well as her shirt.

"Did we miss the party?" asked Ekeia who chuckled to herself.

Bal Demona

19-11-2009 22:44:28

Sector 5

Bal finished fixing his pants, still leaving his scarred chest bare. He brushed his hair back with one hand and sighed.

"Sorry ladies, it was a private party and is by invitation only. And, no offense or anything, but I don't think that she'd go for it".

He stood and stretched a bit before sitting back down. Helping to get Kalei's clothes back on and proper, he sat straight up again.

"Oh, and so you know we didn't do anything on the couch so don't be afraid to sit on it". Piped Kalei, breaking her silence before resting her head on Bal's shoulder.

Sighing, Bal popped his neck and fingers with a loud crunch. Putting his right leg on his other knee, he sighed.

"So, since you ladies are here, I'm assuming the party at the bar's over?".

Kano Tor Pepoi

19-11-2009 23:20:35

Sector 5

As Kano made his way towards where the blaster fire had come from he glanced back over his shoulder to make sure that Ekeia had gotten Teu into the safety of the apartment. As he looked back to where the shots had rang out he used his helmet to magnify the area to catch a glimpse of where exactly the shots came from, who they were directed for, and who had fired them.

As luck would have it Severus was standing at the entrance to an alley with his back to the wall. Kano came up and mimicked him, placing his back to the wall opposite him. The Dark Jedi Knight activated a screen inside his helmet with several quick blinks and sent a message to Severus's datapad.

"What you got down there?"

"Four went down the alley, one didn't look willing to go. Shots followed."

"Then let's step in and say hi."

Both men cleared the corner into the alley at the same time and quickly surveyed the area. Three men stood at the far end of the alley with one man down at their feet. Kano ran a quick profile of the alley through his head and only one thing popped, no cover. From the end of the alley came a loud voice directed right at the two of them.

"What the hell are you bounty hunters looking for? If it is one of us you got a hell of a fight cuz we aren't getting turned in to anyone."

The three men all rose what looked like some customized DC blasters and without any hesitation fired. In complete unison Kano and Severus both rolled forward, their armor making a scraping sound as they came back up with their Westar-34s pulled and firing. Blasted bolts flew past both of the Raptors getting closer with each shot. A shot hit Kano's chest plate and knocked him back a step. Enraged the Mandalorian charged in, firing shot after shot. The men at the end of the alley ducked beyond the T section at the end of the alley and kept firing.

As the two Raptors got closer the shots ricocheting off their armor grew in numbers until several blaster shots from Severus tore through one of the men, leaving him laying on the ground and the two others broke out in a run.

Kano broke into a sprint and shouted back to his BTL.


The men running had no chance as the two Raptors caught up with them before they could get anywhere close to being safe. Kano dove out of his sprint, aiming for the bigger of the two men, and slammed him hard on the back smashing him to the ground. Severus fired his Westar and hit the other man who was further down the alley in the back knocking him to the ground.

The big man who Kano had tackled swung an elbow back and hit the Mandalorian helmet hard enough to cause the Knight to lose his grip. Kano rolled over from the force of the hit and the big man pulled a small blade and lunged at the dazed Mandalorian.

When the blade hit it tore through the cloth suit under the Mandalorian armor and ripped a hole into Kano's shoulder. As instinct took over Kano brought his fist hard into the man's face and deployed the retracting blade. He retracted the blade, pushed the man off him, and got up to check on his BTL. He found him down the alley kicking the man he had shot.

"Who runs things around here? Tell me now! Do you want to end up like the others?"

Kano watched as his Sergeant kicked the man again and yet the man said nothing. Growing tired of the man's lack of cooperation Kano leaned over and whispered into the Guardians ear in Mando'a. After a second Kano leaned down to eye level with the injured man and looked through the T-shaped visor strait into his eyes. The man began to whimper to himself then started naming of names.

" Drastig is in charge. Morax is like his second in command. Sidrac is the scientist who amps everyone up. Javain is Drasting's personal bounty hunter. Tremas basically makes sure everything is in running order. That's all I know, I swear it."

Kano looked at his BTL and Severus looked down at the injured man.

"Okay, you didn't see what happened to those guys and we don't say who gave us the information. Get out of here. Kano, let's get back."

The man got up slowly and started running down the alley away from the two Dark Jedi. Kano raised his Westar and fired a single bolt that connected with the back of the man's head. He looked at his Sergeant through the T-shaped visor.

" Ba'slan shev'la."


20-11-2009 09:53:07

“So I hear you are looking for a “fix”.”

Robert Sadow looked up from his drink to see the goat-like snout and three eyes of a Gran staring back at him. Adjusting his white hat over the bandage of his extra eye, the Sith motioned for his visitor to take a seat.

“You have money?”

The Sith slowly slid a napkin across the table. Satisfied with the contents under the napkin, the Gran wrote an address on the napkin sliding it back to the Sith. The Gran nodded, got up and left.

Robert Sadow slammed the last of his drink and silently muttered to himself, “Time to pay Doctor Squid Head a visit.”

Macron Sadow

20-11-2009 23:11:37

Sector Five
Drastig's Enclave

"Pardon me, but I am most interested in seeing your... laboratory facilities," remarked Macron as the group got up to be shown to their quarters. He released a tiny mosquito-like bug from his hand underneath his sleeve, allowing it to buzz away unnoticed behind him. the time away from his normal labs had encouraged him to experiment on a much smaller scale than normal.

Morax looked disgruntled even for a Trandoshan. "It's my understanding they are restricted," he replied gruffly. "Off limits."

Macron frowned. A sly grin tightened the Warlord's face as he gestured toward the lizard-like alien. An invisible wave of mind-twisting Dark Side energy washed over Morax as Macron chuckled. "Then you will unrestrict them for me my good fellow," the Sith whispered with hidden menace. "You do want my lord to be happy with your wares, no?"

Morax's beady eyes glazed over for a second. He nodded. "Yes, we want you to be happy and spend lots of... er, yes."

"Very good," Macron chuckled as the group stopped before a largish portal. Weakling, he sent to the others telepathically.

"Your quarters, m'lord," said Morax as he gestured toward the suites. "There are no other guests in this area so you should have the privacy you deserve."

Manji crinkled his nose in disdain. "This will do, I suppose," he commented offhandedly. "Do send some quality entertainment and fine drink quickly."

"Allow us to search the quarters first," offered Taigikori as Sai and Malisane stepped ahead.

"Indeed. Your security is paramount," commented Sai. And you know the place is bugged, he sent mentally.

I'm sure it is, replied Malisane to the group. Probably former Imperial gear.

Morax gestured to Macron to follow him. "This way Doctor....?" he grunted as he slapped at his wattled neck. "Bugs are annoying this time of year."

"Mononoke," replied Macron. "You can call me Dr. Mononoke." And now I have your genotype, Macron sent to the group as the tiny near-invisible artificial fly flew into one of his pockets.


23-11-2009 21:14:52

Streets & Apartment
Sector Five

As the two Night Raptors moved back towards the apartment there was a comfortable silence between them. Dispite the beatings they had taken to save a civilian they had easily become comfortable working together, something that was good news for the young Sergeant. The civilian had left rather shaken from the event, if they could remember any of this event later they may only remember a fierce Mandalorian with a man in dark armour.

The two made it back to the apartment in silence, seeing the look on Ekeia and Teu's face as Kano started towards the room to look at his wounds. Severus simply spoke up quickly, "It's taken care of, no one saw us."
As he saw the two women relax he saw his two newest Raptors still fumbling with buttons and clothing, a sigh escaping him as he held out a hand, "Bal, could you please hand me my Westar and finish getting your clothes on?"
A slight laugh escaped Demona as he handed the Sergeant his weapon and finished getting his clothes on, Kalei blushing with the sudden number of people in the room aware of what just happened. Severus let out a sigh of relief as he felt them settle in, although he was aware they were getting rather anxious. Turning slowly and holstering his Westar he closed his eyes for a second before opening them swiftly.

"Movement? Couldn't be...but my eyes aren't decieving me" The young Guardian thought as his eyes quickly shifted to the next window. The vague image of a figure darting past the window and looking back caught his instincts quickly as he burst out the door with a quick phrase upon his lips, "Son of a..."

Sector Five

The figure was fast, from behind it was hard to tell the species as the target hauled ass to get away from the young man. He knew it had been too easy to silence the situation but he hadn't let his instincts get to him. He had relaxed far too much and showed too much kindness.
The target started rounding a corner, only one way to head him off, with a quick leap to a low-hanging fire escape the young Mandalorian started to scale the building as quickly as he could, reaching the roof much faster than expected with his breathing growing heavier.

Quickly glancing around at the street level he spotted his prey, fleeing as fast as his legs could carry him. It was a little Rodian, but the little man was still moving as quickly as he could leaving the Raptor little time to waste thinking. His legs quickly carrying him across the roof alongside his quarry, some of the leaps between buildings shorter or longer than others. With a couple of nearmisses and his breathing growing more ragged as the chase wore on the Raptor started to notice the Rodian slowing down, checking the area behind him to make sure he wasn't being followed.

Sector Four

As the Rodian started to slow he headed down an alleyway, bad move for the young creature as the Raptor took his chance, leaping from the building he slid down the wall beside his prey as carefully and quietly as he could before pushing off it and bringing his knee down into the creature's back. His Westars drawn as he spoke up roughly, "Where do you think you're going?"
With a dull whine behind him the Raptor cursed as he rose his hands above his head, "Directly to us Stranger, surprising that you didn't see us considering how deftly you pounced our poor friend here."
Raising to his feet slowly he heard the air fill the little Rodian's lungs as the started to curse the human for the pain he had brought him, carefully holstering his Westars while maintaining his "non-aggressive" stance.

He threw on a heavy Mandalorian accent as he played his cherade, his thumb striking a key on his datapad as he clipped his Westar's into place, "Didn't mean to cause any trouble, but this little bastard took something of value to me."
The man laughed for a second as he grabbed Severus' shoulder and turned him to face him, a human who had obviously grown up here, "Wouldn't be a first for the little guy to keep information from a Sector Five bully, had to have been good for you to follow him here."
With a sly smile the Sergeant spoke up, "But of course, he was withholding information about a job...local gangs normally like to have enforcers every one in a while."
He hoped his ruse worked, cause his message to his Battleteam would take time to get their attention and for them to get here. A single thought ringing through his head, "Fly and hunt Raptors, if I'm in trouble, bring the noise."


23-11-2009 21:57:48


Teu watched Severus burst out the door. She moved to follow after him despite the pleas from Ekiea from behind her. She patted her waist ensuring she still had her arsenal waiting. Moving in the direction that Severus went. She watched as Severus was surrounded by a few thugs. Keeping in the shadows she moved closer to him.

Severus felt Teu near but remained focused on the thugs in front of him.

Teu stepped from the shadows just as Severus finished speaking, her hands empty but sitting close to her weapons. "Do we have a problem here?"

Stepping up with Teu was Ekiea and several others from Night Raptors were a few steps behind, apparently interested in what Severus saw.

The thugs looked at the group Night Raptors. "No, no problem just having a discussion." one said.

Teu nodded, she moved up to stand beside Severus, breaking into the rough circle. "Well there appears to be a problem? Shall we discuss it or commence with the fighting?"

One of the thugs raised his blaster at Teu and fired, missing the young women by mere centimeters. "Severus, may I?"

Severus nodded, licking his lips "Go ahead."

Teu smiled and simply moved at the man who fired the shot and punched him square in the face, really wishing for her lightsaber.

The rest of the raptors quickly started in on the 5 remaining thugs. Teu and Severus worked in perfect sync with one another with the 'leader'.

Teu grunted several times as a few blows hit her in the face, "I'm getting enough of this" with that she brought out her slug thrower and shot the human thug in the arm causing him to growl in pain, pulling his blaster up he shot at Teu. The rifle being slightly knocked off aim only grazed Teu in the arm.

Severus moved into the mans site and quickly shot the man trice, leaving four additional thugs to be dealt with.

Kano Tor Pepoi

24-11-2009 10:00:21

Sector Four

Kano sat in the side room of the apartment finishing up the final touches on the small cut he received earlier that day. Thoughts began to race once again bat the Mandalorian shrugged them off and got up to go join everyone else in the apartment's main room. As he grabbed his helmet and went to place it over his head he hesitated for a second and decided not to.

As the Knight entered the other room he knew something was up, nearly all the Raptors were gone. He quickly placed the helmet in position and went for the door. As the helmets HUD clicked to life a small light was blinking that indicated an open comm.

"Well there appears to be a problem? Shall we discuss it or commence with the fighting?"

It was Teu's voice coming from Severus's comm. Kano activated a trace on the comm signal and started walking slowly in front of the apartment. After several seconds a small map appeared and a blip told him exactly where he needed to be.

It only took a few short minutes to find the fight and several more to know that the Raptors could more than handle these thugs. Using a force leap Kano landed on the low roof of the building right beside the fight and watched to see if he was needed. The Knight watched every move that went on below and didn't notice the creature walking up behind him.

Something grabbed the Mandalorian and hurled him to the alley below. As he hit the ground and rolled he hit one of the thugs that Severus was fighting.

"Nice intro Kano, but I think I had him."

Kano looked up the roof top where he had just been thrown from to see a large black and grey Wookiee standing there.

"Well you finish these guys up, and quick. I might need your help in a few."

"Help with what?"

Kano ran off before he could answer the question but shouted back as he made his way onto the roof.

"I'm going carpet shopping."

The Wookiee pulled out a medium sized sword and looked ready for Kano. The Mandalorian unsheathed the dagger from his leg and charged in.

The pain from the Wookiee's punch was enough to rattle Kano for several seconds. The Wookiee swung its blade and it connected with Kano's helmet. Suddenly everything went black and quiet. For a split second the Knight believed he had met his end, that is until he felt the impact of the Wookiee's foot connecting with his chest.

The kick sent Kano through the air and off the edge of the building. The Dark Jedi focused hard and managed to land on foot despite not being able to see or hear.

He pulled the helmet off and glanced around to see that the Wookiee was still on the roof. Kano looked at his helmet and saw a large slash had cut into the helmets side mounted data processors, a part not made from Mando Iron. He tossed the helmet to the ground and drew his Westar out. Not really aiming Kano sent several shots deadly close to the Wookiee and one got close enough to singe his fur.

"Let's go fuzzball."

The Wookiee jumped from the roof and began a sprint towards the Mandalorian. Kano turned and ran down the alley. He focused on each building as he grew close to them until he found what he was looking for. The Knight looked back to make sure the Wookiee was still there and kicked a door in and made his way inside.

As the Wookiee stepped into the dark building it uttered a low growl. A large pile of rocks dropped from above the Wookiee, nearly hitting him, and sealed the door shut. Kano stepped from behind a pillar and the Wookiee screamed a loud roar.

"Now I am going to skin you. You picked the wrong bystander to throw off a roof, twice."

Kano used the force to pull the small silver hilt from its spot clipped on the back armor plate and with a quick spin and a snap-hiss the blue blade sprang to life.

"It's just me and you in here."

The Wookiee charged and slashed out with its sword, each shot dodged by the Dark Jedi. Kano swung for the large creature and the blade only got close enough to slice the DC in half that hung from its side.

The Wookiee reached out and managed to grab Kano by one of the armor chest plates. The Wookiee pulled, jerking Kano closer, and tore the plate from where it was positioned. The cold air of the building hit the burn scars on Kano's bare chest and sent a wave of anger through him.

With a quick spin of the blue blade the Wookiee lost both arms. As the creature screamed out in pain Kano kicked the creature's knee and with a loud crack it dropped to the ground. Kano looked at the creature as it let out soft growls and raised his saber. There was a loud sound of rocks shifting, Kano knew who it was and that he was in no danger with the blade still out.

"Vode, STOP!"

The words were too late as Kano swung the blade and severed the Wookiee's head. Severus walked over and looked at the beat up Kano.

"Looks like you had it rough. Too bad about the armor."

"It's okay. I've been working on something more streamlined and well built. I think it might be time to switch over and test it out."

"Alright, well let's get back to the rest of the Raptors."


29-11-2009 13:02:58

Sector Five.

Kalei watched as the others went out to the street to chase after something that was seen out the window. Looking over at Bal, she smirked a bit. "That was a tiny bit embarassing, wasn't it?" She got up from her seat on the couch and went over to a mirror to pull her hair back after an attempt to fix it.

Bal shrugged and sat back on the couch and popped his shoulders, "not really. Then again, seems we did get caught in an interesting spot. Imagine if it had been a few minutes earlier." He laughed a bit and sat there.

She nodded in agreement as she came away from the mirror, her hair looking much better than it did a few minutes before. Glancing out the window, she saw the rest of the Raptors down there. But as she went to turn away, someone else caught her eye.

"No, it can't be," she mumbled as she stared out the window, "it just can't be." Bal looked out the window, not seeing anyone special, "can't be who?" He asked.

Kalei sighed, "Well, right before I became a Knight, I had gone on a mission with Ashura, had to kill someone. Well, that someone has friends, friends everywhere. They know who I am, I won't go into how, but one of them is here, down there." She walked away from the window as the man vanished.

"I didn't expect to see any of them again. At least he seemed drunk and wandering off towards off-planet transports." It was obvious that this shook her up, she didn't want to be the one to blow their cover, not this early. Bal sat and watched her, unsure how to help this situation. The only thing he could do is help keep her hidden for now.


02-12-2009 11:28:33

Outside the Champion's Bar
Sector One

Fremoc and Dyrra found a cab, and took it from sector 5 to sector 1. It took them a short time to reach the Champion's Bar, but what was going to prove difficult was to pull Kahudrak out of there.

"Alright, how are we going to do this," said Dyrra.

"I was thinking you would do it with your lovely charm," replied Fremoc. He scanned the area, looking for an idea.

"The only person with lovely charm would be Ekeia, you saw what happened at the bar."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Alright, I see an apartment building down the street. I'm going to rent out an apartment for a month, and you bring him there. I'll be in the bathroom until you give me a sign."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry, I'll be there."

Fremoc moved off to the apartment building while Dyrra went inside the bar looking for Kahudrak. The Knight stepped into the apartment building and knocked on the landlord's door. A Zabrak opened the door, "How may I help you?"

"May I step inside?" asked Fremoc politely. The Zabrak landlord stepped to the side allowing the tall human to pass by. He noted that the windows were closed, and the shades were shut as well as two chairs by the holoscreen. "I was looking to use one of your apartments for a month."

"Of course, apartment 3 just opened up. That will be 2,000 credits for a month." The Zabrak found the door card to the apartment and began to hand it to Fremoc.

"Alright, is there anyone else that lives with you in here?" Fremoc reached out with his left hand to take the card, his other hand slipping into his right cargo pocket grasping the NR2S by the grip.

"No, it's just myself -" Fremoc heard all he needed to hear as he pulled the NR2S from his pocket and shot the landlord in the chest twice. The landlord fell to the ground wide-eyed staring at the ceiling. The Aedile from Marka Ragnos searched the pockets, finding over 1,000 credits.

"Be damned if you think I'm paying." The Knight got up and exited the room, closing the door behind him. He sensed Dyrra coming and knew that time was growing short for him in making sure that everything was ready.

Champion's Bar
Sector One

Dyrra walked into the bar, scanning the area for Kahudrak and trying to avoid the drunks hitting on her. She finally saw the Arena Champion surrounded by women and adoring fans. The Knight worked her way from the bar to where she could talk to Kahudrak.

"Oh my god its Kahudrak! I was told I could find you here and actually meet you," Dyrra etched the Force in her words to try and persuade Kahudrak away from the other women. "Could I please, have a moment of your time and buy you a drink?" She made her cutest smile, while also trying to hold back her anger at Fremoc for making her to this.

"Of course, anything for a fan," said Kahudrak as he moved away from the women around him. Kahudrak ordered drinks for himself and Dyrra, as they began to talk. "So what is it you want to talk about?"

"Well, I have a boyfriend that's very abusive, and I was wondering if you could kill him for me." The Arena Champion was taken aback but at the same time he smiled and took a sip of his drink.

"Alright, let's go meet this boyfriend." He set his drink on the bar and began to walk out of the bar along with Dyrra. "Where do you two live?"

"Just down the street in that apartment building." She pointed to the apartment building that Fremoc had pointed out to her earlier.

Apartment 3
Sector One

Fremoc sat in the bathroom meditating, waiting for Dyrra and Kahudrak to enter the room and for Dyrra to give him the signal. After several minutes he heard Dyrra and Kahudrak enter the room and sensed them as they moved around the room.

"So where is the boyfriend?" ask Kahudrak as he was slightly confused.

"There is no boyfriend, it's just me and I wanted you away from everyone else for a while," came Dyrra.

"Well then..." What Fremoc heard next was the sound of Dyrra being pushed into the wall. Dyrra pushed the Arena Champion off her, and give Fremoc the signal through the Force. The former commando stood, and opened the door to the main room in time to watch Kahudrak snarl and say, "I'll just have to do things the hard way then."

"No you won't," said Fremoc as he shot the Arena Champion's knees out. Kahudrak crumpled to the floor and moaned in pain, but then screamed as Fremoc shot his shoulder's disabling the man completely. "Enhanced, my karking butt. You tell us all you know about your boss Drastig and your gang, and we shall let you live."

"There's a lot of us, and be damned if I tell you anymore." With that Dyrra pulled the NR2S to her hand from Fremoc's and shot the Arena Champion.

"You won't ever touch a woman like that again where you are going," growled Dyrra. She shot the man repeatedly until the gun started to click as the magazine had been used up.

"Dyrra," said Fremoc stepping over to her taking the gun from her hand. She looked up at him with a predatory stare, "It's time to go."

She nodded as she licked her lips and exited the apartment, with Fremoc locking it behind them. "So the landlord is okay with one month deal?"

"What landlord?" They started to walk past the landlord's door.

"What landlord? You didn't just break into that apartment did you?" She pushed her senses of the Force to check the landlord's room, only to find it empty of life. "You didn't." Fremoc looked at Dyrra and nodded.

"Hey, I got us 1,000 credits though." He smiled and hailed for an airspeeder taxi.

"It was unnecessary though." They climbed into the airspeeder and asked to be brought back to the bar in Sector 5.

The Bar
Sector 5

Fremoc and Dyrra entered the bar and made their way to where the members of Naga Sadow had settled in. Fremoc noticed that Bob was no longer at the bar and Malik was sitting there drinking his beer. Fremoc saw a new face and motioned the journeyman to sit next to him.

"So Gavin, enjoying your first Clan mission?"


04-12-2009 17:29:08

Room Beneath Drastigs enclave
Several Hours Later.

"Who are they?" The prisoner stared blankly at the screen through his one eye, apparently oblivious to those around him. Drastig scowled. "You know this Keibatsu. Admitt it."
Morax sighed. "He's been unresponsive to everything so far," the trandoshan muttered from behind his boss. "Maybe he does know nothing."
Drastig slapped the prisoner across his face, "You want to loose the other eye? Talk."
There was still no reaction from the man in the chair, neither had there been over the torture over the last few days since they'd captured him in the laboratory. His broken fingers and burns were a testimoy to his apparent oblviousnes to pain or pressure. Drastig frowned. He leaned close to the prisoners ear. "This can end you know. Maybe to your benefit. I am a rich man, and I need people with talent. You are being foolish."
"We've offered him that boss," Morax replied, "he's responded to nothing."
Drastig delivered a couple more punches to the prisoner's face. "You have an hour, then you die. I do not posess eternal patience."
The prisoner continued to stare blankly ahead as freshly sealed wounds opened again at the hits. "Maybe his mind has gone. " Morax suggested.
"He hears me," Drastig snapped back, "Don't you? Alright. My patience has run out. Fetch me this Nekura Keibatsu. And round up his followers. I will see if he is more ameniable."
"If he isn't you risk loosing profit boss."
"I haven't liked this from day one," the crimelord replied, "if nessesary the man will work for me anyway and I will have his money on my terms. Contact the gang and get them to spread out over the sector. Bring him to me, and his followers, him and his cousin alive, the rest I am less fussy about."
Morax nodded and left the room. Drastig turned to the prisoner. "Perhaps I will not need you soon my friend. Then you will die."


04-12-2009 19:15:43

Sector Five

Malik finished off his beer and got up to leave the bar. “Hey! You need to pay for those drinks.” The bartender said, Malik turned around and waved his hand infront of the man. “I did pay for my drinks.” The bartender nodded and Malik left the bar.

Sector Five

He headed back to the apartment but after a couple of minutes he sensed that he was being followed. He turned down a dark alley and smiled to himself when he saw that they continued to follow him. As he reached the halfway down the alley he turned around, he reached out with the force and grabbed the heard of the first of them and squeezed it. The four others stared at their companion who was suddenly falling to the ground in pain, the moment it took for them to realize that the one they had been following was responsible for that was all Malik needed to send a piece of scrap metal flying at one of the of them. With two of them down in seconds, the first whose heart had finally given out and the second lying on the ground with a piece of metal sticking out of his bloody chest the three remaining thugs finally managed to pull out their blasters and opened fire on their foe.
Malik dodged the first shots and dissipated the energy from one that hit him, after dodging another round of shots he decided he’d had enough fun and sent his lightsabres to his hands from where they’d been hidden under his clothes. He lunged at the three thugs and made short work of them, after making sure all five of them were dead he stashed away his lightsabres again and headed for the apartment.


04-12-2009 20:08:52

Sector Five

"Alright, so we've covered our tracks and no one can trace our little 'incident' back to us." Severus said as he quickly double checked all the ammunition and condition of his gear. The group of them had kind of been thrown-off from the entire thing, it was something Severus hadn't wanted to do but their cover was paramount right now.
"The walking carpet deserved what it got, no-one throws a Mando off a roof twice. He was just lucky I was restrained for most of the battle." Kano mumbled as he finished patching up pieces of his battered armour.

It was surprising how well they worked together considering their lack of experience together, but it would've been better under different circumstances to have figured that out. Kalei and Bal still seemed to be sorting themselves out, having stayed outside of the battle to clean themselves up; the rest of the Raptors were preoccupied maintaining their equiment and trying to relax after the ordeal.
It was rather nice to be able to just relax quietly rather than being in combat mode all the time, "Looks like we've finally got some downtime."

Streets, Outside of Apartment
Sector Five

"Is this the place?" A gruff voice spoke up as the figure looked at another, "Looks like it, matches the co-ordinates sent from the Boss and the people in the bar mentioned this place to us. If it's not the place; no harm, no foul...people know the Boss runs this place and they know he busts places up on and off."
The figure next to him smiled as he motioned for the rest of the group to move up, "So what's our course of action, straight to the point or should we start more civilized-like?"

The leader of the group seemed to smile again before he withdrew a weapon, "Let's see how well they've set themselves up. Breach and clear boys, breach and clear."

Sector Five

With a sudden crash against the door, Severus drew one of his Westars in a fluid motion as he turned towards the door. The sudden group of armed figures facing the group of swiftly armed Raptors was obviously expected for them as a single through crossed Severus' mind as he spoke up, "Me and my big mouth; weapon's free."

Without another word from his mouth Severus fired his Westar between the eyes of the figure in the door before he could act, the bolt finding its mark as Serverus dove behind the nearest object he could use for cover. The firefight started faster than he expected as he opened a communication on his datapad to his Aedile and Quastor, "The apartment has been comprimised, I repeat our cover has been blown. Need to regroup, please advise."
As the message was sent the young Guardian swiftly started away from his cover to continue the firefight with his team, hoping to survive this onslaught without losing anyone. As he ducked back into cover with a hail of fire following him, he smirked lightly with the thought that he would be the first to fall to the enemy if they were over run.

Nekura Manji

04-12-2009 20:41:22

Sector Five
Drastig's Enclave

A loud knock thumped on the door of the guest quarters, the inhabitants turning their heads towards the source of the noise. Almost imperceptible, Taigikori and Tsainetomo looked at Manji, hands edging towards their weapons, only for the disguised Consul to give a slight shake of his head. A second later, the door to the room opened and several muscled Trandoshan enforcers moved in, a rather fat man at their head. Nodding at the Keibatsu, one of the Trandoshans growled a few sentences of Galactic Basic.

"There he is, Draven. Nekura Keibatsu."

Waving a hand absentmindedly, Draven grinned wickedly as he swaggered forwards, the twin blaster pistols prominently displayed on either side of his belt. His voice was a soft drawl, strongly accented.

"Yer to come an' see Drastig, mah lord. He's some questions to ask you an' yer cousin there."

Slowly, Manji stood, his features solidifying into an expression of imperious disgust, suffused with the arrogance of generations of Kyataran nobility. As he prepared to speak, Draven dropped one hand to his belt and whipped a blaster free, levelling it at the Keibatsu's forehead. In a flurry of motion, Tsainetomo's blade was several inches free of its scabbard as the other Trandoshans yanked their blaster rifles up. For a moment, every person in the room froze, locked into a tableaux of readiness. Then Manji's face relaxed into it's usual arrogant smirk as a chuckle crawled from his lips. The Force poured through his limbs to create a distraction, drawing Draven's attention slightly to one side. The fat man's eyes rolled away from the Pontifex as something took his interest in the corner of the room.

Then Manji moved into action, his blade clearing its scabbard before Draven could react. Almost a blur, the Pontifex ripped his sword upwards in a sweeping, curving slash that tore through the fat man's wrist, sending the blaster flying away into the corner of the room. Draven's response was unexpected; his eyes went to the gushing stump of his right arm with an expression of puzzlement. After a split second of silence, the Trandoshan enforcers shrieked and opened fire, blaster bolts ricocheting into the walls. Sai and Taigikori both surged forwards as Malisane flung his hand up, knocking the blaster rifle from one Trandoshan's hand before Sai's katana embedded itself in the lizard's throat.

The second Trandoshan managed to squeeze off another few shots before a thrown dagger from Taigikori slammed into its arm, dropping the enforcer's aim to the floor. Moments later, Tsainetomo's blade flashed through the air and ripped the lizard's head off, the armoured body slumping to the floor. On the other side of the room, Draven had thrown himself into a surprisingly agile dive for such a large man, his remaining hand grabbing for the other blaster at his belt. Manji's blade glinted wickedly beneath the fluorescent lights as he threw himself after the human, the Kunisada-forged katana flickering out with surgical precision to cut Draven's remaining hand away from his trunk. The blade bit into his arm just below the elbow and another gout of blood splashed against the floor as Draven dropped to his knees, staring in confusion at his stumps, unable to feel the pain from the wounds.

As Manji whipped the katana around, spraying an artful pattern of gore across the floor, before slipping it back into its scabbard, the other Dark Jedi advanced on Draven, faces serious. Taigikori was the first to speak, his expression dark.

"So... either they know who we are, or they suspect something. Either way, we're not safe on Refuge any more."

Manji nodded, his own expression sour as he stared down at Draven.

"True. But we can't leave until we've done what we came to do. I think we need some answers from this lump of bantha lard..."

Macron Sadow

05-12-2009 15:52:02

Sector Five
Drastig's Enclave

Morax had taken the Sith to this area in a mental haze, and then went to meet with Drastig. "You will remember nothing," Macron had admonished him with a sinister giggle as the Trandoshan walked away glassy-eyed. "Strong of body you may be, but your mind is weak lizardman," thought the Sadowite.

Glassware tinkled as it bubbled away, decanting various multicolored fluids used to create the mind-numbing drugs that Drastig peddled. "Interesting, if primitive," commented the Sith as he peered about the fairly well equipped room.

Several simpering scientist types regarded him coldly. One Barabel walked up to him, hissing in their particular sibliant dialect of Common. "You not belong here, man-thing Dr. Mononoke. Your foul scent smells worse than our chemical waste."

The Warlord nodded in agreement. "Indeed it would to one of your keen olfactory prowess. I'm not exactly human, as you have well guessed. Rather more... synthetic instead. I don't believe we have been introduced properly?"

"I am Xilithilaria," replied the Barabel. "Now. This area is secure. You leave." She touched an alarm stud but was surprised as the red lights began to flash before her scaly finger finished pushing the switch in.

Macron recieved a telepathic transmission at that moment from Tsainetomo. The pudu has hit the fan, Mac. Weapons-free. Come and join us, but wreck that drug lab first.

Always a pleasure to wreak havoc at your side, replied Macron in an instant.

The Barabel looked confident as she backed away. "Now security come deal with you, yessss little fake man-thing."

"Let me introduce myself. Say, is that molecular acid over there?" quipped the alchemist as he raised his walking cane. A twist of the haft separated the slightly curved jeweled metal handle from the rest of the fine Kyataran blackwood. The wooden cane hit the ground with a clatter as Macron dropped it carelessly.

"Yesss," laughed the Barabel as the corridor security door opened some meters behind them. Five lightly armored guards poured through the door shouting.

"Unfortunate- for you," quipped the Sith dryly as he waved his hand. A maelstrom of power ripped through the lab, shattering glass and spilling various vaporous liquids throughout the air. The Force grabbed all the debris in a giant invisible fist. The three scientists and their gear were whipped together like a screaming bloody margarita full of searing acid, bloody gore, and shattered glass. The acrid scent of acid split the air as Macron ignited his saber hilt with a crackle of tangerine light.

The Warlord turned to the dumfounded guards as he pulled a certain heavy gauntlet made of Mandalorian Iron from his robes and slipped quickly it on his left hand with a whine of servos. "I miss that smell, blood and acid," he giggled. "Now. There's this little matter of you being in my way to my comrades, whelps."


06-12-2009 15:44:26

Sector Five

"Oh this is just what we need," Kalei mumbled as she decided for the moment to forego her saber and pulled out a blaster. With the space so confined, she didn't want to chance hitting one of the other Raptors. The one problem was she was no good with basic weapons, whether the space was confined or not.

Diving behind the couch she was previously sitting on, she took aim at the men coming through the door as the couch she was behind was hit and a few small flames appeared where the shots had hit.

She then heard Severus call out to let the others know the apartment was compromised. Looking up from her hiding spot to see where everyone was hiding, she noticed only a second to late that some of the men coming in were getting closer. By the time she had taken hold aim, the man that was closest to her managed to have a long dagger out. The Knight managed to duck away from the first swing but then, as the attacker was hit from behind by a shot, he fell forward, the dagger slamming into her shoulder.

With a scream out of pain, she shoved the man to the floor and pulled the dagger from her shoulder. "Really didn't need that," she grumbled as she tried to find something to put pressure on her shoulder while still firing at the incoming enemies. "We need more room than what we have in this apartment!" she yelled out to the others as she wrapped her shoulder. They weren't going to put her out of commission that easy.


10-12-2009 16:14:09

Sector 5

Fremoc looked at his built in datascreen on his gauntlet, wondering if it was a message from Teu, who obviously had left the Bar. But instead it was from Severus, The apartment has been comprimised, I repeat our cover has been blown. Need to regroup, please advise. Anger flowed from Fremoc, pouring out into the Force causing Dyrra to look at him wondering what was going on. The Aedile stood, paying for his and Dyrra's drink and left the bar quietly and in an unhurried manner. His counterpart in Ludo Kressh followed him out of the bar as did Gavin, unsure of what was going on.

"Master?" asked Gavin, wondering what was going on.

"Don't, kid," whispered Dyrra back to the Protector. "You best not speak or else you might loose a few things you treasure."

Gavin Pollan took the hint and shut his mouth, watching Fremoc walk calmly across the street and into the apartment building. Demonic although angry, and wanting to make sure his wife and unborn child where okay, walked up the stairs in no rush. They could hear blaster discharges and the Night Raptor slugthrowers's ammunition hitting the wall. One of the gang members stood outside the door way to the apartment, using it as cover as he leaned inside to shoot at the Night Raptors. Dyrra stood back along with Gavin, as Fremoc pulled his lightsaber from his pocket and ignited the blue blade. The gang member heard the snap-hiss and turned towards Fremoc, who was now only a meter in front of him. The Aedile of Marka Ragnos quickly flicked his wrist, cutting the gang member's forearm's off, leaving the man screaming.

"My arms! What have you done?!" screamed the gang member over the roar of the blaster fire. The man tried to run into the room but Fremoc grabbed the gang member by the shoulder at the door and plunged his blue lightsaber through the gang member's heart. The man coughed, "Who.. are.. you..?"

Fremoc withdrew his lightsaber and looked into the gang member's eyes. Fremoc's voice turned to an icy baritone, "Death." Demonic threw the dying man over the banister in the apartment building, sending him crashing to eh floor below.


Teu saw the blue blade puncture the gang member in the doorway, and she could feel the an angry and worry presence outside the door. The gang member disappeared from the doorway, replaced by a towering man with a blue lightsaber. She immediately knew that it was her husband, causing her heart to flutter, knowing how he had came back for them. The assault team that had been shooting at the Night Raptor's behind their cover, turned on Fremoc and opened fire. The adept in Soresu easily deflected the blaster bolts as Dyrra rushed in as well as Gavin, immediately igniting their own lightsabers and proceeding to attack.

Severus and Kano jumped over their cover, and using Fremoc as a distraction started to shoot at the different members of the assault team. All of a sudden Fremoc threw his lightsaber at a man in the corner of the room who was shooting at him, impaling the gang member in the chest. But the shooter got one last shot off before the lightsaber impaled him, hitting Fremoc in the corner of his left eye socket. The Knight yelled out in agony and held his eye as it began to bleed, and his vision in the left eye was gone. Teu screamed out as she saw her husband get shot, and began to move to help him but watch as he straightened up and pulled his blaster out of his back, and opened fire on the already dead man. It took Severus and Kano to restrain Fremoc, dropping the larger man to the floor.

"Vode! Calm down, let me look," yelled Severus as Kano took the blaster from his former master. It took Fremoc a moment to calm down, Teu nervously working her way over to her husband, but also the rest of the Night Raptors except for Bal, who was helping Kalei patch her shoulder up, and even Dyrra who were all concerned about the Aedile. "Alright, you calm yet?"

"Yes, how bad is it Sev?" asked Fremoc, sitting up with his back to everyone else except Severus and Kano.

"It looks like you might loose the eye, but that can be fixed with a cybernetic one." It was true, the eye and where he was shot had become black with dead cells. "You were lucky though, if it had been a couple more millimeters to the right you would be missing part of your ear and a decent chunk of your face."

"Kano?" Fremoc looked for confirmation from the fellow Mandalorian.

"Your lucky vode," said Kano.

"Right then, well thank the gods that I was graced with a spare. Knife?" Kano withdrew one of his knives from his belt and gave it to Fremoc. Fremoc cut both of his sleeves off and returned the knife back to Kano. "Bacta patch?" Severus responded with placing the patch one the wound and eye. "I could have done that myself."

"Well you can't see it."

"Touche." Using one of the cut off sleeves, he wrapped it across his head, hiding the bacta patch and the damaged eye. He stood with the help of Kano and Severus since he was adjusting to having only one eye for the time being. The Aedile reached out in the Force and called his lightsaber to him, deactivating and placing it in his pocket. He finally turned to the rest of the group noticing Bal huddled over Kalei. "Bal, how is Kalei?"

"She's lost much of her movement in her arm," came his response. "I'm patching her up as best as I can for now, but she will need some time in the bacta tank."

"I second that motion." The next thing Fremoc knew was Teu wrapping her arms around his waist. He looked down and smiled at her, "Sweetheart I'm fine, just missing an eye." He winced in pain as the bacta started to work but for the most part Fremoc was controlling the pain with the Force. He looked up at the rest of them, Dyrra looking worried but standing in the back of the group but then turned to check on Kalei. He could sense the tears coming from Teu and instinctively began to rub her back.

"Don't ever, do that again," cried Teu.

"I won't."

Teu let go of him and then looked to her own apprentice and Kano and finally Ekeia. "Don't let him do something this stupid again."

All three nodded, knowing that the chances of Fremoc not doing something stupid were very very slim. But now they were in trouble, they were in a hostile zone and their enemy could be anyone and everyone. "What's the order's vode?" asked Severus.

"We need to stick together, because the enemy can be anyone. Kano you take forward position of the group, Severus you take rear. Everyone else spread out but close enough so that if one of us get's attacked we can back each other up." He looked over to Bal and Kalei, "You two stay in the middle at all times. Hold onto each other like your really boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife since Kalei is injured." Fremoc took Teu's hand he started to exit the room.

"Where are we going?" asked Ekeia.

"To find everyone else and finish these thugs," came from Dyrra as she followed Fremoc, Teu, and Kano out the door.

Kano Tor Pepoi

16-12-2009 23:01:41

Sector 5

Kano checked over his gear he had acquired from several of the downed attackers and tore a sheet from one of the beds in the apartment. He ripped the cloth into a large triangle and wrapped it around his shoulders and neck, allowing about three feet of cloth to hang over his right side where the most damage was showing on his armor and under suit. He watched as everyone checked that they were good to go and then looked over at Fremoc, Teu, Bal, and Kalei.

"Are you all ready to get this herd moving? Bal, do you need a few minutes in the closet with Kalei or can you wait?"

There were a few chuckles and smiles throughout the crowd as Kano made his way out of the apartment and into the street. He checked both directions and as a final precaution looked up above.

"Good. Let's get going."

Kano walked off in the direction of the hangar that everyone had last seen the rest of the clan in as an attempt to begin tracking them to the undisclosed location that Drastig had asked them to come to for a more secure negotiation area.

The group walked as casually as a large group of people could in an area filled with limitless enemies until they arrived at the entrance of the hangar. The first thing noticed as Kano turned the corner that led to the walkway was that the armed guards were gone. The Mandalorian froze in his tracks and signaled everyone to stop and keep their eyes open.
Kano made his way to Fremoc's side and looked him in the one good eye.

"It is a trap. Not sure how many are in there but it is a guaranteed fight."

"Figured this wound be waiting. At least they don't know we are here yet."

A loud clanking sound at the two Knights feet alarmed both of them. When they looked down they saw a thermal detonator rolling between their feet. Instantly Ekeia grabbed Teu and pulled her back. Fremoc Kicked the detonator as hard as he could and hit the ground hard as Kano jumped onto him.

The device exploded safely several feet away and was followed by a barrage of blaster fire. On the roof across the way Kano could just make out two Sullustans and what looked like a Bothan taking aim at them. Also there were several masked soldiers firing at the group.

Fremoc yelled out, "Everyone get defensive. Then we eliminate them the proper way."

Kano kicked a door in behind them, "We aren't any good in the open, In. NOW!"

The entire group rushed into the building and pulled out their various weapons in preparation for battle.


17-12-2009 01:06:49

Sector 4

Raistlin strode along the concourse of Refuge wearily, having been on an assignment for nearly 10 days, many of those with little sleep, he found himself almost in a daze. He struggled to clear his head, his thoughts, and as he scratched at his chin through the hooded robe he wore, the scruff on his chin showed how little he had paid attention to minor details on his last assignment.

"Master, what are we here for?"Sel asked, and the Exarch felt a tug at his sleeve, suddenly snapping him back to reality, at least for the moment.

'Master....' Raist thought, the very sound of the word seemed foreign. In his 20 years of studying the Jedi arts, he had never, not once taken an apprentice, and that particular situation would have been fine for him in perpetuity. However, Bob, in his last act as Quaestor, assigned an Apprentice to him, whether as a joke or for some kind of purpose Raist didn't know. Even after a very long argument between the two men, Bob didn't budge... and so here he was.

Novice Sel was a very young female, and the Exarch knew the process for the two of them to get acquainted would take time, for now it was an incredibly awkward situation, especially for one used to his own thoughts and inward focus. Between her, and the new D-SOG squad he had been assigned for his last mission, it had been a completely different situation then he was used to.

"Sel.." Raist said, his voice quiet, "We're to meet the rest of our brethren somewhere within this station. However... I have a personal matter I need to take care of. You can either come with me, or wait in the bar in Sector 5 if you so choose." he finished.

She said nothing, merely shrugging her shoulders at him. Raistlin normally would have been incredibly irritated, but his lack of sleep only left him apathetic. He kept trudging through the concourse, knowing his destination was near.

Refuge was truly an ingenious idea, and though Raist's contacts extended pretty deep, he didn't know the proprietors personally. The few times he had been here in the past, the Exarch was impressed at both the variety of illegal wares as well as the ability to find almost anything one wanted to look for, provided they knew how to look.

"We're almost there." Raist said, as he rounded a corner and started walking into a long alley between two larger buildings. A pair of Rodians walked past him, and for a moment, he felt something in the Force ripple in them, but he couldn't put his finger on it. "Did you feel that Sel?" he asked her telepathically, in an effort to remain inconspicuous

"No." she said simply, and looked at him quizzically. "What was it?" she asked.

"No idea... It's not important. Listen, just keep quiet, don't say anything unless spoken to, and above all, do not get out of line. These are people I would prefer we avoided complications with. Any questions?" Raist asked as he slowed his walk.

"No Dad." She said sarcastically, and paused, waiting for Raist to say something. Instead he began to ready himself. trying to stay focused. "I'll be fine. You on the other hand don't look so good." She said, and Raist turned to look at her.

"I'm incredibly tired, after we leave, it's time for some R&R. At least for me..." he said smirking.

He stopped, and began to size up the situation he was about to walk into. After WKG's greenhouse was destroyed by a civil war on his planet, Raist needed to find a new supply of weed while a new grow operation was established elsewhere. Unfortunately for him, this meant having to rely on new, less reliable and established contacts in order for him to receive the quality he was used to finding. A longtime business associate of the Exarch recommended him to a contact here on Refuge and while killing two mynocks with one stone was always a bonus, he didn't know who he was dealing with.

Raist quickly realized that his firepower was minimal, and should the situation get out of hand, he would have to calculate the odds on the fly. He had only a lightsaber, on the inside of his black robe, a blastvest covering his chest, and his two Kylan-3 blaster pistols. His knives were left on the ship, as he knew they'd get frisked away. His apprentice had only a dagger, and he was sure they'd try to take it from her, though he was hoping he could persuade them otherwise.

"Ok, let's go." the Exarch said, and a short distance later they approached a door built into the side of one of the buildings. He knocked, and a short viewport opened to look at them.

"What do you want?" Raist heard from the other side of the door.

"I'm here for the goods." he said, not using any kind of persuasion.

The viewport slid shut and Sel looked at him oddly. A short commotion could be heard and suddenly the door swung open inward.

As he entered, the Exarch counted at least a dozen individuals, all armed and what looked to be a warehouse of some sorts given its size and the amount of boxes and storage unit piled on top of one another. However the several rooms leading out of the large cental room he stepped into meant the building's true purpose was anyone's guess. The two Dark Jedi were immediately patted down, and Raist quickly went to work.

"Cmon guys," he said to the two Nautolans patting him down "We don't have anything on us." They looked at each other, and Raist concentrated on their consciousnesses, twisting just so slightly that they wouldn't see through his ploy. A tense moment passed...

"They're clean" the one said, and they stepped aside, allowing the two to walk toward the rest of the men congregated in the center of the room.


19-12-2009 10:40:00

Sector Five

The Firefight near the hangers had started without warning, it had been surprising that none of the Force Users had been able to sense the impending attack and was something that wouldn't happen twice. Inside their makeshift fortress the group was in place as well as they could be, the young Guardian quickly checking the ammunition for his NR2 before withdrawing one of the Westar's at his hip. With a quick duck around the corner Severus squeezed off a couple of rounds in the general direction of their aggressors, getting an idea where they stood before he returned to cover, getting an idea of where the current team stood.
It wasn't the greatest array of fighters available here, especially with as many of them injured as there was. With a quick sigh he spoke up, "I'm tired of dealing with these bastards on their terms. Fremoc, take one of my Westar's and help the others keep those fools distracted, Bal make sure Kalei is in a safe position and come with me."
With that he tossed one of the two blasters to his Aedile before moving a little closer to the door, looking at Bal as they chanted together, "One...two...three!"

Reflecting on it as he took a bolt out of the room and into the street, it was a stupid plan. With a hail of fire coming from either side of them, the two Raptors were almost guarenteed to get shot as they tried to breach their opponent's building. The two were making good speed until almost halfway to their destination when the active Thermal Detonator dropped at their feet. It didn't take long for their instincts to kick in, Bal starting with a burst of speed from the Force towards the door as Severus swiftly used to Force to try and fling the explosive back towards his aggressors. The timer on the explosive had to have been running before it landed at their feet as the explosive went off mere seconds after Severus started to throw it back, the device exploding mid-flight towards its new desination.

Standing within the blast range, the heat from the explosion was nearly unbarable as the shrapnel whiped past the Guardian; had he not been on guard already or wearing his light armour it would've been fatal.
With heavy breathing and visible damage and injuries upon him, the Guardian arrived at the door next to Bal with a weak smile on his face, the Knight looking at him with disbelief.
The breastplate had a large piece of shrapnel sticking out of it as some of the other armour plates had collapsed and pieces of the fabric holding the armour together were tattered and torn by the smaller pieces of shrapnel had whizzed past him; his appearance was visibly red for the exposed skin that had been near the blast but the young man was still standing somehow.

"Alright Bal, give me a second and then we'll breach and clear..." Severus paused to catch his breath before continuing, " it?"
With almost an almost hysterical laugh Bal replied, "Yeah...but I think it's going to be mostly me out there."
With a smirk the Sergeant started to undo clasps holding certain armoured plates in place, the thin durasteel plates falling to their feet as their usefulness had faded. With a somewhat pained grunt the breastplate fell with a dull thud, the shrapnel had barely passed through the metal but the force of the concussive blast had left a mighty bruise. The only "serious" injury was a small piece of shrapnel embeded in the Sergeant's left calf and that had been dealt with in a matter of seconds as the young man quickly tore a piece of loose cloth from his "armour" and tied it tightly about the wound until they had time to remove it or heal it.

"Ready to go?" Severus spoke up as he withdrew his NR2 and had a hand resting on the pouch concealing his armoury sabre.
"How are you still standing?" Bal said with utter disbelief and moved towards the door, ready to open it as Severus responded.
"I'm using the Force to control my pain, it may not be perfect but it's enough to finish this fight. Alright; weapon's free and fire at will, breach and clear."

With a crash the door opened and the two Raptors stepped into the open door, the slugthrowers sounding swiftly as the men behind the door found a large slug between their eyes as the Dark Jedi began to enter and clear the lower floor before moving up slowly to deal with their rooftop adversaries.