Jewel Of The Desert


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SLY* "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

Tyren observed the tightly packed planetary traffic above Corellia with an unconcerned gaze. His viewport gave him an unobstructed view on most of the planet, including anyone who jumped in and out of it's orbit. He wore his business outfit, a tight-fitting shirt with a collar buttoned all the way to his neck, a long three-quarter-sleeve coat he wore unbuttoned and loose and his standard semi-baggy black pants pushed into his tall leather boots. He wore his hair back, tightening the small ponytail to make his headdress seem slick.

The doors to his room opened with a hiss, as he heard footsteps. Militaristic, strong, yet elegant and graceful.

"Greetings, Aurora." he smiled, sensing her mild surprise. She brushed the feeling away and stood at attention.
Tyren turned round and waved his hand. "Come now, Aurora. We're partners, you don't have to be all official here." he smiled seeing her loosen up. She wore her official uniform and a shoulder cloak indicating her as the Commander of Synergy's forces.

"Now, what is it you needed me for?" Asking straightforwardly he waved his hand at the seat opposite. Aurora sat down and put her feet on the table.
"The guest's are on their way." She said pausing a second to grab an apple of the table. "Isabella is working as hard as she can to make this work."
"I know. That's why I took her in."
"Is it?" Aurora asked, a suspicious thread in her voice. Their eyes connected. Tyren sensed a suspicion in Aurora, and something else he could not read, she covered it too well.
"What exactly are you trying to say?" the Atema stared her down.
"Nothing really." She replied moving her gaze away, seemingly interested in the world outside the viewport. "Just saying it's a bit strange. She coming up so suddenly into Synergy."

"Look who's talking." Tyren laughed. "Wasn't your case the same?"
Aurora blushed a bit, remembering that indeed Tyren had taken her from the street and helped her get to where she is now. "Well, yes. But..."
Tyren raised his hand to stop her. "No! She and you are the same. Both picked up off the street and put where you are. I've never asked anything from you, not even thanks, so let's stop at that." he continued and Aurora nodded.

The comm device on his table came to life as both turned to face it. The holo-emitter flickered showing the visage of the Jewel's captain, Alexei Smirnov.
"Sir, the first of your guests is coming."
"Thank you, captain. Show them to the lobby. I will join you shortly."
"Yes, sir." the man replied and cut of the connection.

"Well, my dear. Shall we." he stood up and gestured with his hand for Aurora to join him. Smiling, she stood up and grabbing his arm strode out the door into the lobby.


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SLY = Synergy Leisure Yacht

===Aurora Orion===
===Synergy Corporation===


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Aurora held onto Tyrens arm, she hadn't planned on falling for the man, it had been all part of her plan. Him believeing he had done her a favour, taking her off the streets was one she was suprised to see he had but it gave her an angle to play. It got her closer to him and closer to her ultimate goal. She glanced up at him as they walked along, her heart semi breaking, unsure if she could hurt him or not. unsure if she could break his trust. She gave a soft sigh. This was definately going to make it harder.


Jade paced the interior of the shuttle before finally sitting down in one of the chairs near the helm. Crossing her left foot over her right legs her robes fell to her sides, showing off her long legs. She picked up the invitaion and held it in her hand, the hum of the shuttles engines reaching her sensative hearing as she read it for the 50th time. Tyren was having a party of sorts, wanted the Atema family there. she had always been loyal to the family, though when Ylith took off with the homewrecker and Tryen settled his sights on this Aurora girl she had to admit she wasn't as keen on the family. She had half entertained the thought of not going, of coming up with an excuse but she couldn't bare the idea of hurting or insulting Tryen, they had been rather close.
She put the invitation down and watched as the stars streaked by her view screen. She would arrive soon, have to put on her smile like a stick of lipstick, especially when she ran into Ylith again. The Man had come back, become a part of her House. She had only allowed it because she had grown in power, in force, knew she could take him out if she needed. That and her children desereved to see their father at least once, even if they would be too young to remember him.
The shuttle slowed and she saw the Jewel of the Desert floating infront of her. she was a Sadow now, the Atema family all but disbanded, it's Atemaru unsure of who to really protect. Jade was glad though, as three of her very own fine apprentices were in the Atemaru.
The comp beeped, she ignored it, sending back an automated responce, which took her into the docking procedures. she spoke softly to the empty interior of the shuttle, "Let the dance begin.

Isabella Quinn

16-09-2009 15:12:03

Isabella was making the last preparations for the party. Her apparel was still hanging on the door. This would be the first event that she arranges for Synergy.
Tyren came to her a few days ago with a request to make a party for his family and the chairman of Synergy. Isabella wasn't really surprised, she thought that such a test would come very soon. Certainly he didn't come to Nar Shadaa, took the first girl from a small striper bar, gave her a high-position job and an apartment to just sit there and act pretty. And there's the Brotherhood too. Despite all that, the request to organize a party in just a few days came suddenly. However, the task was done and she took a data pad to check if anything was left to do.

“Music....check, flowers....where are the flowers? Ah, there...check ...“ the com device rang in the background
“Chefs, waitresses, decoration, silver dishes....invitations...Alright, alright I'm coming…“ she pushed a button on com device.
“Yes Dan?”
“Miss the guests are coming”
“Candles, table cloth's...What? They already coming?” she dropped the data pad
“Yes miss, it’s already 7:55 PM”
“Oh damn I should get dressed. I'm coming in a few minutes. Send Natalie over here please.”

She took a long bronze tube-top dress with matching gloves with no fingers. She dressed herself only then realizing that she couldn’t button herself up. In a minute Natalie came in while Isabella was trying to reach the zipper on her back, with a comb in her short hair and only one shoe on.
“Dear, I really could use some help.” said Isabella gracefully. Three minutes later she was walking down the stairs to the lobby where the party was meant to happen. Now she was not only dressed but also make-uped and with a small tiara on her head. Watching her reflection in mirror she was satisfied with the job that Natali had done. Isabella was hoping that Tyren would also be satisfied with the party as well as herself.

Entering the lobby she saw that everything was perfect, just the way she demanded. Taking a little walk round the room she noticed that the tables were decently but tastefully decorated, everything was clear and polished, musicians in their corner, bar was full and the waitress on their positions. After this inspection she greeted a group of guests that were coming. When she turned right she saw that Tyren and Aurora came too. Does she ever takes off that officinal uniform? She thought that Aurora was beautiful, but she always seemed so serious. In addition, Isabella was sure she felt a bit of jealousy in Aurora a couple days ago, when she was talking to Tyren about the party. Maybe I should use my special skills to get this junk out of her head. Me and Tyren? No way!


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The Stryker
Core System

Fremoc just exited hyperspace and set The Stryker on auto pilot and went to the back where his quarters where, his tattered robe swirling behind him. Teu had already got dressed with nothing too fancy and was holding up a dark green collared shirt for him when he entered the room. He looked at it and then looked back to her.

"You're serious aren't you?" asked Fremoc.

"I wouldn't be holding it up if I wasn't," replied Teu.

"Why can't I just wear this?" He was referring to his tattered robe, sleeveless shirt, cargo pants, and commando gauntlets and boots. All of which was in matte black.

"Because we are going to a dinner party, and you need to look presentable."

"Arggg... kark..." Pulling off his robe and black shirt, he put on the collared shirt. "There that better?"

"No, gauntlets off and take off some of your weapons. All you need is your lightsaber."

"You know... "

"What? That you hate being dressed up? This isn't dressed up, your looking like a man for once."

"Fine.. Can I at least take my DC-17?" he asked removing the two gauntlets from his hands and placing them in his locker. Then removed his knives and the lightsaber he had from the converted Vong-Jedi that he and Manji had killed. "That better?"

"Yes, it is Frem, thank you. Now-"

"DAD!" yelled Thomas.

"Yes, junior!" yelled Fremoc back.

"I think we are almost there!"

"Alright!" He turned back to Teu, "Looks like it's time for dinner." He said walking towards the cockpit holding Teu's hand. He sat in the pilot's chair while Thomas stayed in the co-pilot's chair. Teu took a chair behind Fremoc and watched as Fremoc and Thomas brought The Stryker towards the yacht. "Hmm, that looks like Jade's shuttle entering the hangar. This is going to be a fun evening after all."

Ylith Pandemonium

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SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems


Tyren walked down the stairs onto a large room, dressed with marmer and crimson like curtains hanging from
pillar to pillar. It was fashioned in a same fashion as the Jedi Temple of Coruscant was, yet instead of the
various statues of Jedi masters he had dressed the room with various props gained by either bounty hunting
or from his company's relations. They varied from pieces of armor to weapons of all kinds, from blades even
to a stuffed Amphiistaff and Vonduun Crab armor. When you entered the room you watched in awe as pillars
and crimson cloth surrounded the room, with in the middle a large door and two stairs at each side leading to
the upper level where Tyren just seemed to come from.

Suddenly the Atema stopped in his tracks and watched in awe as he looked into a mirror, yet different.
"I didn't expect you to come brother." Tyren said smirking and the man in front of him bowed slightly.
"I wouldnt miss an all paid vacation on a ship like this brother. It seems living the business life paid of for you."
Ylith said. He was dressed in a ceremonial robe and an overcoat he did not seem to have worn in ages. His
white hair was tied back and he wore an eyepatch over his left eye, making the twins seem more similar.

"Tyren, I.." Ylith began but Tyren cut him off and smirked. "Don't grow all sentimental on me Ylith, you know
I hate that. We've both done wrong things, for now, rejoice and celebrate. - Tyren moved his arm to mention
the area around him - For tonight we celebrate the rebirth of the Atema and the future it may bring."

The Valheru nodded and bowed slightly. "As you wish."


17-09-2009 13:53:03

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

Jade waundered the halls towards the Lobby, her shuttle in the bay. As she walked in she saw tyren stop and turn, the man he looked at made Jade stop in her tracks for just a moment. Ylith, part of her wanted to run at him screaming with her sabers ignited, and part of her wanted to kiss him till he couldn't breath any more.

Sighing she walked into the room, her boots pratciclaly slient as she moved the deadly stealth of a predator after prey. Comign up beside tyrn she smiled. "Tyren, it has been far to long." She reached out and gave the man a hug, as she pulled away she nodded towards Ylith. "Ylith." Her tone was even, giving away no clue to her emotions.


17-09-2009 16:45:03

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

Fremoc brought The Stryker down softly next to Jade's shuttle and powered it down and headed towards the ramp. Teu and Thomas and already descended and were waiting for Fremoc.

"Coming dear?" said Teu.

"Yes, I'm still mad that I have to wear these clothes," grumbled Fremoc. Thomas giggled at his father's expense. "You should have a collared shirt on too! Go back up there and-"

"Nope, he doesn't have to, he's only eleven." This cause Fremoc to grumble even more as his son laughed even more.

"Let's get to the party then, shall we?" Fremoc stuck his elbow out as Teu slipped her arm through the opening. The three walked towards the lobby of the ship. Fremoc could sense the familiar presence of Ylith, Tyren, and Jade ahead of them. "Did the party start yet? Are we too late?"

"Just on time my friend," said Tyren, his eyes looking over at Thomas.

"Sorry, we had to bring him with us. All the likely babysitters are doing something for the house while Jade and I are out here. And Teu was invited to come as well... So... Junior had to come."

"It's ok! The more the merrier right?" said Tyren. But then he added quietly for all to hear except for Thomas, "I was more concerned about any side effects from his captivity."

"Nothing to worry about, he's completely 100% human," he said quietly in return, then added more loudly. "So what's for dinner? I'm starving!"

"I am too!" yelled Thomas from where he was standing a few meters away.


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SLY Jewel of the desert, Lobby
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

"Khm... Shall we go into a more... private environment?" he said pointing toward the smaller room on the left side of the lobby He started walking closely followed by his guests.
"Now, to continue. Yes, brother. I have built a good business and it does work for me." he began "Unlike most of our... "brethren", I see the profit in business. I don't scavenge off the master's table, as it were."
"And how did you acquire all this?" Fremoc asked, amused by the unusual design.
"I started with bounty hunting and mercenary work, and gradually I expanded. This particular vessel I got from a Calimari official, who's name I won't mention, in a sabacc game."
"In a sabacc game?" Jade cocked an eyebrow.
"Yeah, you wouldn't believe what people will bet just to get their money back." the Priest smiled.

They reached the entry-way shortly. A thick, richly decorated table made of wroshyr bark and eight chairs dominated the rooms interior, with weapon artifacts, armors and other objects decorating the glass shelves along the walls. Ylith stepped to one glass exhibit, one of an ancient mandalorian armor. It was old, scarred, rusted but highly decorated and obviously made for someone of importance.
"Where did you get this, brother?"
"Oh that. I believe it's called a Crusader armor. Ages old, not even sure how much. I'd guess it belonged to someone important, maybe a great warrior among them?"
"Yes, but where did you get it?" Ylith smiled deviously, knowing his brother evaded the question.
"I got it from dealer I dealt with in the past."
"In the past?" Ylith smiled even wider looking at his brother.
"Yes. We ended our business contract." Tyren smiled back.
"I see." Ylith said and dropped the matter knowing full well what happened to the "Art dealer". "I wonder how he died?" Ylith said, more satisfied than anything. Tyren knocked his fingers against the glass, pointing at the other side of the helmet. A small, two inch wide hole was burnt right through it.
"Ouch!" Ylith said gritting his teeth. "That must have hurt."
"No sh-" he started but footsteps stopped him from continuing.

"Ah, my guests." a young, female voice came from the Lobby-side. Fabulously dressed, Isabella entered the room.
"Jade, Ylith, Fremoc, Teu. This is Isabella, she will be your... our host for the evening." the Priest smiled at the Zeltron.
"Hey.. what about me?" Thomas asked, disappointed.
"Oh, I'm sorry." Tyren said chuckling "And of course, our favorite little guy.. Thomas."
"Hi." Thomas grinned widely.

Isabella Quinn

17-09-2009 20:16:01

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

”Hi young man” Isabella smiled to little Thomas.
”Oh bloody hell, I didn’t know that children would be here. I should send a message to the chef to make something for the child and get something sweet…
“So my dear guests, it’s nice to meet you and I hope you’ll enjoy the evening. The dinner will be served in half an hour.”

She waved to the waitress nearby to serve the guests.
“One Ruby bliels for me please.” Tyren said, looking at Yilth who was still watching the Crusader armor.
“Make that two!” Teu added fixing Fremoc’s shirt.
“Corellian ale for me.” Fremoc said through his teeth “Please just let it be Teu…It’s enough that I have to wear it.”
Thomas was babbling to Jade about his new baby gizka pet Germ when the waitress came to them.
“Please lady, two orange juices for me and my auntie Jade” Thomas said like a real adult person.

Isabella stepped to the side when the waitress came and called the kitchen, so they could make something to eat for the eleven year old boy. When she finished the call she noticed that Tyren was walking toward her.
“So Boss, how do you like the decorations and everything else?” she smiled at him.
“Ok!” he shrugged.
“Nah…I’ll ask you tomorrow. I suppose you should return to Aurora, she has been staring at me since you came here. If views could kill, you would have to find a new chairman of leisure.”
“Why do you think so?” he said with a smile as he drank his drink.
“Because I’m a Zeltron and we can read others emotions. And I can feel she ‘s very jealous. “
“Really?” he cocked an eyebrow. “So what is the reason for this jealousy… in your opinion, of course.”
“You should ask her.” she lit a cigarette. “I know that she shouldn’t be. Not on my account.”
Tyren chuckled, drank the last of his Ruby bliels and walked back to the table. Half way there he turned around and gestured at Isabella “You coming?”
She smiled to him and went toward the guests.

Ylith Pandemonium

18-09-2009 14:38:06

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

Ylith got his drink from Isabella and smiled politely. It's been a while since he had tasted red wine that
fashioned just right. During the Vong war luxuries like wine and other comforts were hard to come by,
which was just the thing Tyren seemed to harvest off of the weak of heart and con them out of their luxury
to either bring it to his clients or to add to his expanding wealth. The Valheru sipped his drink and watched
the damaged mandolorian armor through the window, then closed his eyes and smiled.

"You've been silent." Tyren said, while standing behind Ylith.
"It's hard to come up with words in this situation brother, a year ago you tried to kill me, now you welcome me
with open arms pretending nothing happened." The Battlemaster said and he turned to face Tyren.
"You just won't let that go, will you?"

The Twins stood right across each other and with every second passing the tension seemed to grow between
the two. Both had done unspeakable things against their own family and yet they now stood before one another
pretending nothing happened.


A tiny voice snapped Ylith out of his anger and as he and Tyren both looked down they saw little Thomas staring
back at them.

"Why do you look alike?"

Ylith watched Tyren as he began to laugh, and as he did Ylith couldnt help but to laugh at well.
"We're twins Kid." Ylith said and Tyren watched as the child ran to his father hearing him ask what twins were.

"Did you talk to Jade yet?" The younger Atema said to Ylith and he shook his head. "Not yet."
"Do so."


19-09-2009 19:51:21

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Private room

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will be serving the Corellian lobster soup. As the main meal there will be the Dantooine Iriaz steak with Bol milk gravy. As desert we have the ever-so-popular, Tatooine Sarlacc pancakes. Please, enjoy." the chef said, bowing slightly as the waiters and waitresses distributed the meals to the guests.

Tyren rubbed his hands together getting ready to enjoy the meal with a glass of his favorite wine.
"A good meal to everyone." he said bowing his head slightly in respect.

As the guests ate and talked about trivial things, Tyren's gaze went from each to the other. Most of his colleagues from Synergy talked to each other, while Aurora discussed something with Julius Sinclair, the Chairman of the science department.

He watched as Thomas tried his soup and smiled to the boys sour expression upon doing so. Fremoc was still slightly angry at Teu for making him wear that silly shirt. Ylith and Jade eyed each other from time to time when they thought the other wasn't watching, Tyren guessed there was still bad blood between them, he had hoped this little gathering would bring them closer together.

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Engine room

The Zeltron engineer's face darkened looking at the latest maintenance logs. He walked to the rail, looking down.
"Hey, what's this about the heat exhaust vent being down, eh?" he yelled. Another engineer pulled out from under some components he had clearly been fixing.
"What's so strange about it?"
"Well, we did a full maintenance on Corellia a few days ago."
"What do you expect me to do about it?"
"Go check it out, pea brain." The Zeltron insulted. "What am I paying you for?"
The other engineer grumbled and walked over to a terminal. He pulled a flashlight from the compartment on the side and opened the main interface on the computer. Clicking a few buttons he closed the heat vent and shut it from the vacuum of space. Stepping down a near-by ladder, he followed the tight corridors until he came to the vent trap door.

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Private room

The dinner had just finished. Tyren observed young Thomas enjoying his pancakes, the Krath never particularly liked those. A bit too sweet.
Jade, in all her attractiveness, walked up to him holding two glasses of wine.
"Why are you alone?" she asked watching his reaction from the corner of her eye.
"I feel I'm always alone, dear sister." he said, taking the drink with a quiet "thank you" nod.
"How so?" she sipped her drink.
"Even after we had put aside our past wars and I truly started to trust him, Ylith pulls a stunt like that. Does he still think I'm out to get him?"
"I don't know, brother. I truly don't know what goes on in that mind of his." she said continuing to observe the traffic outside the viewport.

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Engine room

"Damn, lousy boss." the engineer cursed as he crawled through the exhaust vent. "What am I paying you for?" he said in an insulting manner"Overpaid, lazy, non-professional..." he stopped, stumbling on a small black box inside the vent itself.

It was roughly the size of a humans head and it blocked a great amount of heat from exiting. "What the hell...?" he touched the outside layer of the box. The jolt of electricity the box created knocked the engineer unconscious. Small, needle like legs exited the housing and a diminutive head rose from the top-most part of the box. Small sensors searched the area around the droid as it's body further twisted, turning in to a crawling serpentine shape.

The droid moved over and around the unconscious engineer and exited through the trap door he entered. It crawled up the piping and wires, evading personnel that walked by, effectively hiding in the shadows. As it came closer to the sublight engines it's body separated into two, another head showing on the separated end.

The droids crawled all round the engine room until they found their targets. One settled on the sublight engines, the other on the hyperspace motivator their needle-like legs penetrating the cores of the two engines. Their sensors flashed and the ship trembled. A few seconds later the droids detonated.

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Private room

Stars turned into lines in front of Tyren as he watched through the viewport. At first thinking he had dank too much, the tremble of the ship and the blue endlessness of hyperspace hit him like cold water.
"What the hell is going..." just as he was about to finish, the ship fell out of light speed and shook violently forcing him to the ground. Screams echoes through the ship, as terrified guests started running for their lives.

He rose to his feet observing his surroundings. Jade, Ylith, Fremoc, Teu and Aurora, all looked at him with a cool, self-centered gaze. He nodded confirming what they had aimed to tell him. He sensed it, a two ships, out of hyperspace, and headed for the docking ports.



23-09-2009 11:37:36

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Private room

Jade looked at Tyren, her protective instincts kicking in as well as her need to kill something for messing with the event. She muttered "A sith's work is never done." If it wasn't someone you thought you could trust, or someone you had helped, trying to mess with you it was some random asshat who thought he could actually win.

She turned watching Thomas run to Fremoc, she smirked remembering how the kid use to call her mommy. Teu stood close to Fremoc, both to protect him and to get protection. she still thought it was interesting the two had fallen for eachother, guess they had worked closely as her apprentices, especially in their final task that was really the destiny of the force that brought them together. Aurora though was the only one not reaching out with the force, or looking put the viewport to see if they could see anything. She was looking either at her or at Ylith. Jade forrowed her eyebrows as she stared at the woman. Aurora gave her a slight salute before turning her gase to Tyren. Jade put the action in a file for later, she never did really trust the woman, though she never really got the chance to meet her for long, there was just some sense about her.


Aurora stared at Jade and Ylith, it would be so easy, especially right now, while everyone was focoused on the conflict to come, they wouldn't have time to see it coming, force sensitve or not. Her eyes focoused form her day dream and she noticed Jade was looking at her. she quickly gave her a mini salute to try and take away any suspicion and cast her eyes on tyren. Could she really do it? Could she really hurt him in this way? Could she even hurt him at all?


Jade glanced at Fremoc and Ylith, she knew they could both handle themseleves, even though Ylith was weak from his experiences he would put up a good fight. Fremoc had been trained well, though he now also had 2 to look after as well as himself. Teu would be great ina fight, but she hoped the two would be able to fight together well, especially if it came down to something involving thomas.

"Well they picked the wrong ship to attack. Won;t they be suprised who they meet?" Jade ignited her silver blade.

Isabella Quinn

23-09-2009 19:25:52

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

”Oh bloody #%(=)“*?%““*%$“ yelled Isabella. She sensed it too, but she couldn't say how many were there. The people were screaming around her and trying to escape.
“Engineering lock the door to the lobby, or all the chairman and half of the crew are gonna die!” She took a communicator with one hand and grabbed the rest of her throwing knives from her bronze pearled purse.
“Engineering? Engineer…Oh bloody pirates….Security?”
“Miss we're trying to get out from our compartment. Somebody locked the door.” People were louder and louder.
“Yes, pirates. Manage to get out soon as possible! And send some people to lobby and engineering. “ She was thinking who to send to block the door, but the she realized that they have a traitor.

She made her way to the entry of the lobby and locked the door. Draping her dress and attaching the knife holsters on her hunkers she searched Tyren. People were getting louder and louder. Isabella spotted Ylith among the crowd.
“Ylith!” she lost him in the mass “Ylith! Hey you sexy brother of my boss!”
She sensed him behind her back and turned around “Ah there you are…”
He eyed her head to toe cocked an eyebrow.
“Hey, you should try to fight in this dress. Ah and that thing with sexy brother was just to catch your attention. Could you make the crowd to shut up? They will do something stupid.”
“SILENCE!” A quiet stillness arose. Everybody stood still looking at the Valheru and the half-naked Zeltron. “Nobody goes out of this room until I say otherwise, clear?”
The crowd started to grumble but one look to Ylith was enough to stop every talk.
“Oh I like this guy.” Isabella spotted Tyren and moved to him quickly.

“Security is blocked in their compartments. Engineering is down. I’ll take Vryll For`ast there”
“I’m going with you” Jade said and Isabella nodded.
“Ok, I’ll will be taking the rest to the hangar, to confront the pirates.” He looked at Isabella and cocked an eyebrow. “Nice outfit.”
“Thanks boss. By the way, take this. “ She tossed him a small chip. The third panel from the left of the Crusader armor. But first, I’m going to settle a score with my employees.”
“What’s in there?”
“ A little reinforcement.” she smiled and took Ylith with her to backroom.
“How will you know who is the traitor?” asked Ylith
“My special skills dear!”

Ylith Pandemonium

05-10-2009 15:46:51

SLY "Jewel of the desert"
Corellia, High orbit
Core systems

The Valheru smiled as Isabella went her own way, he could see why Tyren was fond of
her, it wouldnt suprise him if the old dog decided to finally settle down. He smiled for
a moment then felt s stir within his sleeve, knowing enough the Sith Battlemaster did
not delay any longer and turned around and moved on, facing Pirates along the way.

The civilians started to panic and Ylith groaned as he watched his fancy robes with a
look of pity. "I just bought these..."

He grabbed the top and tore it off, underneath was his old Medusa battleplate armour,
an old memory of times passed. Along his arm and hand buried within his skin was his
Amphistaff, a gift he kept ever since he defeated Vasi on the World Ship threatening to
attack the Orian System.

The serpent hissed and Ylith smiled as he eyed the animal, during his time along at
Ragnos Cathedral he began training with the Vong weaponry and found a companion
he had grown rather fond of, the mindlink, made possible by years of manipulation with
Vong poisons and his experiences strapped on the Embrace of Pain, was one unlike any

"They smell like fear."

The voice was not heard, only in his mind were they said, the snake only looking into his
eyes. Ylith could swear he could manage to see a smile.The Valheru eyed the intruders as
they ran to him, holding vibroswords, others with blasters started to attack the few guards
on board.

"Sting, Sasori!"

The Amphistaff crawled over the Sith's arm and into his hand, stretching and flattening the left
side of his body so the scaled turned into an edged ridge capable of both slashing through
flesh and grinding through bone.

"Lets go..."