Traitor Elimination


09-09-2009 17:42:56

This is a run on for Ryuk's character development as well as teaching Baki how a run on works. I serve mostly as an overseer to help them along.

Two for Flinch'n
Approaching Nar Shadda

"Alright, so you know what the mission is correct?" asked Fremoc Pepoi.

"Yes master, find the traitor before he can give our secrets away to the hutts," came Ryuk's responce. Fremoc, Ryuk, and Baki had been following a shuttle that had left Tarthos days earlier. It was days after the attacks on the Orian System, and there was another traitor in Marka Ragnos. This time it was one of the Dlarit soldiers Fremoc had over seen training to.

"Right then, Baki prepare your weapons to back up Ryuk. Ryuk you take the lead into showing how to eliminate an enemy." Baki nodded as Fremoc gave out the orders and Ryuk didn't have to respond since his Force presence started to go cold and focused.

"One minute until touch down," came the call from Ryuk.

Landing Platform Zeta
Nar Shadda

Ryuk brought the Firespray down on the landing platform adjacent to the traitor's. Ryuk grabbed his riot gun and his lightsaber while Baki just held her E-11 tighter and walked behind Ryuk. Fremoc grabbed his rifle and sat on the ramp, looking down his scope to see if any enemies where watching them. The Knight didn't find any and then focused back on the tall Dlarit trooper that was walking right into Ryuk and Baki.

Kano Tor Pepoi

10-09-2009 17:04:48

Landing Platform Zeta
Nar Shadda

As Ryuk and Baki got closer to the Dlarit trooper the tension grew. The data on the trooper know as Jahar Drezz hadn't been very descriptive apart from a image of his face. Looking at the trooper now Ryuk was glad he had brought his Riot Gun. The man stood a good foot taller than the Night
Raptor did and walked with his hand ready on a blaster at his side.

"Be ready. He isn't gonna be very cooperative." Whispered Ryuk in Baki's general direction. She simply nodded and tightened her grip on her blaster.

When the trooper was close enough to speak to Ryuk made him move. "Jahar Drezz, By the order of Aedile Fremoc Pepoi, you are either to return with us or face a more extreme option."

The trooper stared at the two dark Jedi and went to pull his blaster. Ryuk sensed what was going to happen before the trooper even knew he was going to pull his blaster. In a flash the Mandalorian blasted a shot from his riot gun into the Dlarit trooper, knocking him back and to the ground.

Everything happened so fast that Baki had no time to point her E-11. Ryuk slung his Riot gun around his back and drew out his Westar-34 and crept in close to the downed trooper.

A blaster bolt fired from the troopers pistol and both Ryuk and Baki fired 3 quick kill shots into the trooper to make sure the job was done.

"So is that is?" came Baki's voice from behind. Ryuk looked back at her, "Mission said kill him because he had info on the Brotherhood and he was planning on selling it. In my bounty hunting days I would make sure that info died with him."

Baki just looked at Ryuk with a puzzled look on her face.

Baki Keiju

11-09-2009 17:04:01

"I don't quite understand" said Baki, confused as ever. "If he's dead, he obviously can't expose any secrets... right?" she asked, hoping that Ryuk or Fremoc could fill in the gaps.

Baki waited for a response, but Ryuk was deep in thought. So she stood in this new territory, waiting for more direction as to what was going to happen next. Minutes passed, and still there was silence. She was hoping that the silence meant that the mission was in fact complete, and that she would be safe for another day. Yet, something in her stomach told her otherwise.

Finally, Ryuk acted like he was going to speak, but instead, he started pulling the man past Fremoc and up the flight deck. Baki came to Ryuk's aid and assisted with moving the body. Still waiting for an answer, Baki looked at Ryuk desperately.

Finally, Ryuk began. "We are going to remove his memory storage chip. His file said he had one installed in order to store security reports. This chip could be the key in providing us the information that we need."

"Where is this chip at?" Baki asked, feeling quite oblivious.

"We're going to have to remove it, from his brain." Stated Ryuk, without any emotional attachment. A chill ran down Baki's spine as Fremoc and Ryuk lifted him up, and slung the lifeless body carelessly onto the table. A loud noise echoed from the body hitting the table. Then, Ryuk turned and headed over towards the storage bin. Quickly he began rummaging through the random assortment of items.

Kano Tor Pepoi

12-09-2009 08:19:30

Cargo Hold of Two for Flinch'n
Landing Platform Zeta
Nar Shadda

Sounds of metal clanked from inside the storage bin until Ryuk turned and tossed a bone saw onto the dead trooper’s chest. Seeing the saw caused Baki to quickly cover her mouth with a gasp. A smile came across Ryuk's face at the reaction.

"You do know it would have been a better joke if you still wore your helmet." said Fremoc from behind Ryuk.

Baki dropped her arms to her side, "So you’re not going to cut him up. Good."

Ryuk pulled a knife from a sheath on his belt, "Oh I'm still gonna cut him up. Just with less of a mess on my ship."

With that, the Mandalorian moved the troopers head to the side and dug the knife a few inches into the flesh behind his ear. With a quick twist of the blade the trooper’s skull made a loud CRACK that caused Baki to flinch away. Without cleaning the blade the Guardian put the knife back in its place and grabbed a pair of pliers from the storage bin. Ryuk crammed the pliers into the hole and wiggled them around a bit. "Gotcha...”

The chip slid right out without a trace of blood on it, "And now I do some investigating." Ryuk climbed the ladder to the cockpit of his Firespray and sat in his chair. After pressing a few quick commands into the computers a small slot opened just big enough for the memory chip to fit inside. While sliding the chip into place Ryuk hit another button and the readings from the chip flashed across the screen. As all the info was loading Baki poked her head up from down in the cargo area, "Is it okay for me to watch."

Ryuk spun his chair around to face her, "Sure but there isn’t really much to see right now. My computer is scanning the memories and placing them in odder according to the date they happened."

Baki glanced over Ryuk's shoulder at the monitors, "Oh. Okay. Umm... Is it normal for the computer to shut off in the middle?"

Ryuk spun his chair around to see nothing but black screens where the info had been loading. "Gorramit!" He said to himself as he tried to get the computers to start back up. Then they flickered to life to reveal a face that Ryuk hadn't seen in 8 years.

The old bounty hunter's image flooded Ryuk's mind with every memory of the man who had raised him and trained him in the ways of bounty hunters and the Mandalorians. For a second Ryuk believed it was just an old image saved somewhere in the ships memories but then the bounty hunter began to speak.

"Greetings Ryuk. If you’re seeing this message then you did a good job completing your training and collecting on your first bounty, that’s right, I knew that you were going to kill me. That was the only way I could make right what I had done in the past. As you remember I found you on that awful planet Raxis Prime. When I found you, you were surviving off anything you found in the trash. I am sorry to tell you this Ryuk but that is a lie. It is a false memory implanted to make up for the memory swipe I myself did to you."

Ryuk stared with shock and amazement at the screen as the old boulty hunter continued with his story.

"You see boy I couldn't allow you to keep any memories of your family and what had happened to them. In all honesty it has haunted me every day since I did those horrible things to them." the bounty hunter began to tear up, "I killed them. I killed all of them. Your mother, father, brother, and sister. I let you live because you were the oldest of the boys and I thought that the family deserved to live on."

Anger and hatred began to rush throughout Ryuk's body. His expression caused Baki to slowly make her way toward the ladder and climb away from the cockpit.

The bounty hunters message continued on, "You see your father was a hunter like you and me, he was also a Mandalorian. A pure blood. As are you and I. He decided to leave the hunt and focus more on being a father. He ended a partnership between myself and him and it lead to me losing a great deal of credits. With that I hunted him down and killed him. I am truly sorry that you weren’t trained by you father but I did everything I thought he would of done. Anyways, the reason this message opened is because I programmed the computer to play it if the coordinates to the town you and your family lived in ever came up. So if you do go to this destination it shouldn't be very hard to find any info on the a dead bounty hunter by the name of Renn Verda. With that I say goodbye and good luck Kano..."

The screen flicked back to the memories being processed and they had stopped at the last location, a town called Pharr on the remote planet of Tatooine. Ryuk sat looking blankly at the screen for several minutes before finally moving his hand over and pressing down a button for the ships cargo holds speakers. "Master, I have a video message you need to see."


12-09-2009 19:22:07

Cargo Hold of Two for Flinch'n
Landing Platform Zeta
Nar Shadda

"What is it?" said Fremoc as he reached the cockpit. A look of shock and puzzlement filled Ryuk's eyes and face.

"Watch this master." Ryuk hit a button and the message that had played for Ryuk moments before now played for Fremoc.

"Interesting..." The Knight crossed his arms, and looked at the message and hit the button one more time and watched the message play for a second time, absorbing all the information he could from it. "So... Your name is Kano? Interesting..."

"I guess so Master. What's the plan?"

"Head to Tatooine then." Fremoc took his seat behind Ryuk and closed his eyes and waited for them to leave Nar Shadda.

Baki Keiju

13-09-2009 12:18:40

Two for Flinch'n
In route to Tatooine

Baki waited, sitting in a corner on the ship, scared that her presence would cause annoyance. Yet, she was worried about Ryuk, so despite her gut feeling against the idea, she made her way back to the cockpit.

"Rry-u-k" she stuttered, but before she could finish she was interrupted by a harsh tone that came from Ryuk's voice.

"I don't ever want to hear that name again." He demanded, without further explanation.

Baki didn't understand anything that was going on really, but she could tell the Mandalorian was hurting. She tried to speak, but nothing came out.

"Now hold on," Ryuk stated, "I'm about to take us into hyperspace."

Baki nodded, then realized that she just nodded to herself seeing as how Ryuk was busy navigating the ship. She glanced over at Fremoc, but he was asleep. If she were to understand what was happening, she'd have to get Ryuk to talk to her; a mission that is guaranteed in failure. She knew she had to try though, she knew she should at least reach out to him. At the very least, she wanted him to know that someone cared enough to ask.

Baki stood there, waiting, showing that she wasn't going to leave even though she understood that leaving would probably be in her best interest. Finally, Ryuk turned around, and with a minor crack in his voice that only someone who was paying close attention would notice, he said these three words, "I am Kano."

"Kano?" Baki asked, "I don't understand. I mean, why have you changed your name? Ryu-I mean Kano, are you okay?"

"Watch." This one syllable fell from Kano's lips like ice, cold and distant.

For the fourth time now, the video message appeared and began, and Baki took a seat. Baki had already seen the beginning, but she had walked out half way through. Tears formed in her eyes now, but she refused to let them fall. She was sad for Kano, she knew what it was like to not have family. As the message came to an end, she now understood that it was Tatooine that they were going, and that this mission had developed into much more then it started off as. Baki stood from the seat and reached out to hug Kano, but he forced her away. She just wanted to help, but instead her kind gesture was rejected. Baki left Kano to himself, and went to the back of the Firespray, where she could be alone and out of the way.

Kano Tor Pepoi

13-09-2009 15:22:07

Two for Flinch'n
In route to Tatooine

Thanks to Two for Flinch’n and its extinctive upgrades the trio found themselves in orbit around Tatooine just a few hours later. Kano, as he was now known, hadn’t said a word since the last time Baki had tried to comfort him. Now it was only him sitting in the cockpit looking at the vast desert planet wondering just where else this mission could possibly take him. In the last day he had two days he had learned that the man who had raised him was actually the same man who murdered his entire family, kidnapped him, erased his memory, changed his name, and then raised him in his own way. All that because he wanted to follow his master on a simple mission to eliminate a traitor. That same mission now had him about to land his ship in the very town that his family was murdered and he was taken from.

The ship shook slightly as it made its way through Tatooine’s atmosphere causing Fremoc to wake and climb up to the cockpit. Kano heard his master coming up the ladder, “Greetings master, we are just getting ready to land in Pharr on this dustball of a planet.”

“How long do you need here?” Asked the Dark Jedi Knight to his apprentice.

“Well master, I can be in the building the trooper sent the info too and back out in about 5 minutes.”

“You know that’s not what I meant… Do what needs to be done Kano.”
Hearing those words caused the Mandalorian close his eyes and think about if he was going to really investigate anything more about his past. After a long silence Kano brought the ship down and gathered his weapons.

As the cargo hold opened the heat and sand smacked against the cloak Kano had wrapped around himself. The wind blew the cloak in the wing as the Guardian stepped out into the bright sun. Checking a readout on a data pad Kano quickly made his way behind a few small buildings until he found the one he was searching for. Kano pulled his Westar-34 from its holster and kicked the wood door off its hinges. There were no signs of life in the building so Kano made his way inside.

The building was just one room and there was nothing in the room except a computer on the far wall with a flashing message. As Kano made his way to the computer the message became readable.

-Memory File Received
-Awaiting Transfer Code
-Payment Waiting

After seeing this message Kano felt glad about something for the first time in a few hours. The mission was complete. Kano deleted the file and destroyed the computer. As he left the building he went through the front to get a good look at the town.

The entire town was deserted. Every building was closed up and falling apart. As he turned to make his way back to the ship something told him to go into the closed down cantina. Kano saw the cantina across the street and began walking towards it.

Kano’s communicator then beeped to life, “NR this is TFF, what is your ETA?”

In a calm voice Kano responded, “5 Minutes master.”

5 Minutes later Kano was dragging a large crate into the cargo area of Two for Flinch’n. Baki was waiting in the hold and helped him pull the crate onto the ship, “What is this?”

“It is my life.” Said Kano in a cold voice.

Before he could make his way to the cockpit Fremoc had already closed the Cargo Door and fired up the engines.

Baki Keiju

13-09-2009 17:38:15

Two for Flinch'n
In route to Tarthos

Kano and Baki sat the crate down in the cargo area. Kano's anger appeared to have grown in the short amount of time he was gone, and his expression remained empty. There was a lot of tension surrounding Kano, and it made Baki extremely uncomfortable. Kano took a seat on the crate and faced the other direction away from Baki. Baki knew that meant she should leave, but instead she stayed, she wanted to help.

"Um, Kano?" She began, trying not to sound afraid of him. "What happened to all of your armor?"

Kano gave her an evil glare. "I tossed it into a cargo bin. You'll never see me wear that again." He explained.

"But, why? It was nice armor." Baki questioned, hoping that he didn't shut her out.

"It was given to me by my old trainer. Obviously, I have no desire to wear it now." Kano stated, as he turned his back towards Baki again.

"Oh. I'm sorry. What about the crate, what's inside it?"

"Nothing." Kano exclaimed, entirely unamused.

"Are you okay?" Baki's voice now was laced with concern as she tried to get him to open up.

Kano turned back around. "I'm fine!" he demanded in a harsh voice. He was obviously aggravated at Baki's consistent conversational attempts. He then pulled out his Westar-34 and began cleaning it. The sight of the silver blaster pistol made Baki cringe and back up. Kano observed the reaction his pistol gave Baki, and a slight smirk came over him.

Kano then lifted the pistol just slightly, causing Baki to reveal her Q2 Hold-out Blaster Pistol in response. Kano got much pleasure from Baki's obvious fear, and his smirk grew as he watched her hands tremble. "If you're going to be with us," he began, "then you need to learn to at least hold a weapon."

Baki put her pistol back, and asked how he expected her to know how to fight when she had such limited experience.

Without any type of response, Kano just turned away and avoided anymore conversation that Baki attmepted to start. Failing yet again with the Mandalorian, Baki headed up to the cockpit to sit beside Fremoc while he drove the Firespray back to Tarthos.


17-09-2009 17:11:08

Ragnos Cathedral Hangar bay
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos

"Alright, Baki head to your quarters, Kano and I have something to do here for a minute," ordered Fremoc. Kano looked at Fremoc trying to understand why he was being told to stay when he wanted nothing more to return to his quarters. Fremoc looked at his gauntlet where the message was from Jade.

Ryuk is the new Night Raptors Battle Team Leader. He sent a response back to her, His name is Kano Verda now. Just found out. Explain in detail later.

"Kano," Fremoc crossed his arms and let his voice deepen. "You have been seen fit to be promoted to Sergeant of the Night Raptors. Congratulations, apprentice." With that he walked down the Firespray's ramp towards his quarters.

Baki Keiju

18-09-2009 16:51:30

Two for Flinch'n
In route to Tarthos

Baki, being the curious creature that she is, went to her quarters as requested, only to turn back around. However, she passed Fremoc on her way out, meaning she was too late, she missed what it was that they were talking about. So instead, she decided to go to the cargo hold while Kano was distracted with navigating the ship.

When she got there, she immediately went to Kano's crate. Curious about what was inside, Baki began to gently open it, only to find that it was locked. She began to examine the crate, hoping to find a way to unlock it without Kano knowing.

Hearing some noises inside the ship, Kano walked away from the controls and began to climb down into the cargo area. "Ahem," Kano said, but not in his typical angry tone.

Baki jumped and quickly moved away from the crate. "I didn't mean it!" She exclaimed, nervous about how Kano would respond to her failed attempt at snooping.

Kano let out a slight laugh at Baki, and finished his climb down the ladder. Once he made it inside the cargo hold, he sat down beside her.

"You seem different, not quite so angry,"Baki noted, still in shock that Kano did not yell at her.

"That obvious?" Kano responded with a slight grin.

"Well, I don't think I've ever seen you quite like this, especially since you caught me with your crate. What's changed?"

"I'm the new battle team leader of the Night Raptors," he exclaimed with a bit of excitement in his voice.

"Wow! Congratulations!" Baki said, with genuine excitement for him. Then, her face grew serious. "Are you mad at me?" She asked, with a slightly pitiful look on her face.

The Mandalorian grinned again. "No, it's fine. I actually figured you'd try to sneak in here."

"Really? Am I that obvious?" She asked.

"I can tell that you're curious about me. Mind if I ask you why?"

Baki didn't know what to say. She was put on the spot, and she didn't know how to respond. Finally, she said only what she could, the truth. "There's something mysterious about you Kano, and it pulls me in I guess. I want to know more, and I want to understand you. You seem so deep and guarded."

Kano was intrigued by her words. "Okay then, let's go through this crate together."

Kano Tor Pepoi

19-09-2009 14:46:19

Two for Flinch'n
In route to Tarthos

As Kano opened the crate he caught a glimpse of Baki peering over his shoulder into the darkness. Reaching into the crate Kano pulled out the largest thing he could see. As the item came into view himself and Baki both found themselves looking at a bulk of chest armor with an image painted onto it.

“What id that?” Asked Baki from beside him as she pointed at the image that looked like an exploding clown face.

As Kano looked at the image he explained, “It is my family crest. Back in the bar I found all this stuff was a large wall painting with this crest and the name Verda under it.”

Kano set the armor to the side and then pulled out other pieces that matched the chest plate. There were gauntlets, boots, and several other items of armor. After they were all out of the way Kano saw a knife. As he picked up the knife he noticed the same crest on the base of the blade. Kano didn’t hesitate to hang the sheathed knife from his belt and then looked down into the crate at the last item, a small book.

“And whats that” Said Baki as she looked into the crate at the book.

Kano looked down at the book, “I don’t know. I don’t remember putting it in here.” The Mandalorian reached down and grabbed the book and opened it. What he saw almost made him drop the book to the floor. He was looking at an image of himself, his father, his mother, his older looking brother, and his little sister.

Kano looked at the picture for a long time then closed the book and got up, “I’ve got to go get the ship ready to come outta hyperspace and land back home.” With that he walked away and climbed the ladder back up to the cockpit.

It didn’t take long after that for the Firespray to land in its resting place in the hanger back on Tarthos. Kano gathered all the things back into the crate and called for someone to get the crate into his new office that was awaiting him. The Mandalorian looked around for his master but saw that he had already made his way out of the hangar.

As the boarding ramp closed Kano turned to find Baki there waiting for him. He let a smile slip and walked over to her, “Would you like to come help me work on my new office?” She didn’t even hesitate and grabbed the Mandalorian's arm and began pulling his towards the exit of the hangar, “Of course I want to.”


25-09-2009 18:23:37

Outside of the Hangar
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos

Fremoc stood in the shadows, watching the two head back to Kano's new office. His arms folded, studying the two of them. They had worked well together on their first mission. The Aedile knew that it was only a short time until Kano would achieve the rank of Knight as well, and Fremoc would consider him a comrade in arms.

Turning back to go to his office, he stopped at his quarters for a moment to gather some more gear. He was going out on his own personal mission...

To rescue his son...

The End

Good work you two. The only problems I could foresee in the future is your grammar and the consistency. For example in the last two posts, we land on Tarthos as I stated but you both say we are still flying to Tarthos. It not major but it helps other readers from being confused. Other than that it was a good start for both of your characters especially yours Baki since you are new to this whole thing. If you two want to start up another one let me know.