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16-08-2009 15:43:59

Feel free to ask any questions and/or discuss story ideas for the Run-On event in this thread.

EDIT: I've had one concern raised over the "GJW feel" of the "objectives". To put a long story short: please don't get too worked up about them. They're designed just to be a summary of what is already in the weekly Chapter stories (you already knew Sylus Vega was operating out of Vega Mine, for instance).

None of the objectives will be any more prescriptive than Week 1's, and they're all about as mind numbling obvious (e.g. "Ran jumped out the window -- so let's chase after him!"). On the whole, I'd like to think the objectives are what you'd have done anyway. "Chase the infiltrator!", "Kill the bad guy!", etc. You don't need to worry about there being anything anywhere near as specific as "Go to FOB Spear and help defend it" like we did in the GJW.

We were also conscious of how often people are uncomfortable about actually killing the bad guys themselves for fear that they aren't allowed to do so: the objectives in the later weeks will make very clear that, yes, you are allowed to kill the villain, that is indeed the idea of the story. I will not spoil the story, but you can basically be sure that in Week 4 both Houses' objectives will be "Defeat the Vong leaders". From that point of view, the objectives are less orders that "You must do X", but more permission slips to say, yes, you can do X.

As we chose to do a single run-on rather than two separate House run-ons, the "objectives" are also just to point your House one way, whilst pointing the other House the other. Exactly what you do to get from A to B, if it involves going via Australia to get from London to Edinburgh, is entirely down to you. You are of course also just encouraged to keep in mind that unlike with a casual open ended run-on, the Feud has a specific time frame, so there is a window in which you need to get things done, objectives or no objectives.

Nekura Manji

20-08-2009 14:43:30

Okay- in case anybody's wondering about my post, I left it open for somebody else who's with us to get involved and write what Arnet actually says after being tortured.

If you're not sure what he'd say... something along the lines of "Argh, oh god, those Vong people are holed up in the arctic part of Tarthos" or something like that. Basically, we just need to go north and find the base, so you can make him be as detailed or as simple on that theme as you want ^_^


20-08-2009 17:22:09

Took a wee bit of freedom on my post. Hope you guys dont mind.

Oh yes...if anyone I mentioned feels Ive done them injustice by rp-ing their characters wrong, please message me and tell me where I missed so i can correct :)


22-08-2009 17:55:26

Just so everyone knows.. all members of Marka Ragnos except for Jade, Zaxen, and Ylith.. jade and zaxen are at the Cathedral and Ylith is captured..
Just an FYI for all

Ylith Pandemonium

23-08-2009 12:18:05

just a headsup in a subtle way so I wont give away spoilers.

do not try to save Ylith just yet

Have fun ;)


23-08-2009 15:43:29

Note to all: never become a lawyer.

That pearl of wisdom aside, I'm running a bit late with getting the Week 2 stuff out. It'll be out tonight, you just may need to wait another hour or two.

However, on the basis I see the Run-On is catching up with where the Week 2 fiction starts, I've put up the Plot Update in the usual thread in advance of the official Week 2 announcement in a few hours so you can continue ROing.

Nekura Manji

25-08-2009 07:49:39

In case anybody's wondering where I'm going with Manji trying to face down all the Vong- he's going to get his arse royally kicked and be taken inside the base, but should just be able to escape and maybe activate the Silentium droid on his way to catch up with you guys :D


25-08-2009 10:37:41

Don't feel pressured to run with this or anything, but just as an idea of what I pictured inside Obsidian: I kind of had the nests from the Alien movies in mind, i.e. mechanical, but has since been overgrown with organic junk.

As far as The First goes, there's never been a proper Silentium in the EU, so you can write it however you like. They're your classic robot race who act all knowing and good, but are in truth probably coldly logical emotionless killers (Silentium).

What's it doing in Orian? Your answer is as good as mine. They're the Vong's arch enemies, so I figure it was probably just observing what they were up to or something.

EDIT: By the way, while they've only been mentioned briefly in the Prologue, another faction that you may feel like playing with are the Chazrach, the Vong's reptoid slaves. They've never had images for years, but released just today there's finally a picture of the little lizard guys here (as well as a giant Vong snake monster :P). So if you feel like fighting something other than Vong, Peace Brigaders, or converted Jedi, feel free to throw in some Chazrach if you want.


28-08-2009 02:09:51

Hope yall dont mind me posting that last post. I wanted to involve Jade into the plot so this was the less harmful way ;)

Nekura Manji

28-08-2009 08:16:15

I don't mind that, but why on earth have people come to 'rescue' me? Didn't I point out that I was intending to write Manji getting captured and having to bust out and meet up with you later?


28-08-2009 10:22:25

whoops...sry bout that...edited ;P


03-09-2009 14:42:08

Just to highlight what's buried at the bottom of my recent email:

For the purposes of the run-on, obviously you're not all on the Final Way yet, so you should just treat the Chapter III.ii plot update (about the Voice of Agony ramming the Yammka) as taking place whenever you actually get there later this week.

For the purposes of summarising the plot twist once you get there, upon arriving at the worldship wreckage you will find:

1. The Yammka of Warmaster Varesh Shai, amongst other Yammka Vong of Domain Shai ships loyal to him.

2. The Voice of Agony impaled in the side of the Yammka, overrun by the Shamed One rebellion led by the now Force-sensitive Vasi Khess.

3. Miscellaneous Yuuzhan Vong ships from Domain Amnan in confusion with their commander, Tolok, now dead.

4. The Patriot's Fist of Admiral Yashais dei Izvoshra, amongst other surviving Peace Brigade ships.

All four factions are battling all four factions. It is all out anarchy. Varesh and Domain Shai are now the Yammka Vong, the Children of War; Vasi Khess and the Shamed Ones are now the Extolled, or simply the Chosen, and are now rising up against their former oppressors (i.e. everyone); Domain Amnan are still plain Yuuzhan Vong, though now without any commander, so essentially cannon fodder; Admiral Izvoshra and the remaining Peace Brigaders are now caught in the crossfire after being betrayed.

Suffice to say, you can trust that the Week 4 objectives will be to kill Varesh Shai, defeat Vasi Khess, and plant the Violator Gas Bomb. It's up to you how long you want to spend in Orian for Week 3 as opposed to how much time you want to spend on the final battle royale, so you're free to hurry along to the Tingel Arm should you so wish.


10-09-2009 17:40:52

just so everyone knows I just walked into Varesh and a ton of vong.. while Ylith is with Vasi

Ylith Pandemonium

10-09-2009 17:44:29

Just to clarify and to give an extra addition to Fremoc's post.

Ylith will be taking Vasi on alone for now, dont worry, he wont Solo him in an uber godmode move,
but I need to do it on Solo mode for some character development I have planned.

After the battle he's all yours ;)



10-09-2009 17:55:21

Ylith is doing a great job showing what Vasi is capable of, but just to give you all a brief summary of Varesh Shai, the Warmaster of the Yammka Vong and Avatar of God:

He's wielding a red lightsaber as well as a really, really big extra-poisonous amphistaff known as a tsaisi. If you want, he might even be a bit like Grievous and have a bunch of dead Sith's lightsabers around his belt as trophies. He's in armour, but it's more ceremonial than anything, as being a Slayer, it means his actual skin is now lightsaber resistant and heals super fast. >:)

Slayers also basically have Wolverine-style claws hidden in their wrists, and Varesh has implanted claws on both his fingers and toes. They also have strength and acrobatic abilities equivalent to a Force-user's Force speed and Force jumps etc (they weren't called Shimrra's Jeedai for nothing :P).

You might recall Muz fought one in the GJW story. Just as an idea, that one got blown up in an explosion, then came back from the dead, had its arm hacked off, was cooked by lightning... and still kept coming, attacking Muz with its own severed arm. :blink:

If I recall correctly, I've got a vague feeling it ultimately tried to tear out Muz's throat with its teeth. So don't expect Varesh to go down easy. :P

Of course, after you've spent a few posts roughing him up and realise he's unstoppable... a vial of violator gas could go a long way... ;)

Though, that idea might also kill you, so I suppose that solution has its drawbacks too, plus is probably too deus ex machina... :$

Anyway, how the fight plays out is really down to you. I just wanted to give some vague ideas that you may or may not wish to go with.

Whoever wants to is also free to have Macron appear on the scene if you want some extra manpower, since he's now heading up from the crash site down below to help with setting off the bomb, given he built it and all.


11-09-2009 00:09:32

got mac and manji taking on the big dude XD

I'm fighting William which shall turn out to be fairly interesting


11-09-2009 00:10:55

and ylith what is up with your avatar? kinda confuses me mate


12-09-2009 04:48:33

Left side = normal Ylith; right side = crazy alter ego twisted by Vexatus.

BTW, I've not mentioned Supreme Commander Romm Shai a lot. He can be with Varesh's retinue of Hunters if anyone wants to fight another senior named Vong character other than the main two.

If he's not with Varesh, then it could be he gets in the way of Dyrra's VGB crew maybe.


12-09-2009 14:58:02

I didn't specify who was going to set up the bomb so people have a choice which they'd rather do, try and kill some Vong or go blow this thing up and get some glory that way. :)

If no one wants to post themselves doing it, and everyone would rather have epic single combat, there are NPC's and my battleteam who can sort the bomb out fictionally.

Kano Tor Pepoi

12-09-2009 17:00:06

Just to clear it up.. when i said i sliced him from head to cod i ment just that.. not head to toe... the blade went through a more painful place than his toe.. lol


12-09-2009 18:41:56

I gather there's a bit of confusion where Vasi is after Ylith's post:

After smashing Ylith through the wall, Vasi went off after Varesh again, which means he'll be crossing paths with everyone else when he catches up with Varesh (to fight him, if he's still alive... so there's the possibility for a three-way fight there).

So, that means everyone else gets to fight Vasi as well. Once he pulls himself back together, Ylith, presumably, will also be close on Vasi's tail to help out.


12-09-2009 18:42:52

if varesh is dead do we have to kill vasi as well?


12-09-2009 18:44:34

Macron and Manji are currently still duelling Varesh.

Whether they kill Varesh before Vasi arrives is up in the air. If Vasi arrives first, he'll want a piece of Varesh as well though, so it'll be a three way free-for-all rather than Varesh and Vasi trying to tag team you... so you don't have to worry about that happening. You're all in Varesh and Vasi's way, as they're likely more eager to kill each other.

Everyone else appears to be split between either (i) fighting Varesh's Hunters, or (ii) moving the VGB into position.

You've then also got Romm Shai to deal with if you want, who isn't on either Varesh or Vasi's power levels, so might just get in the way of the VGB possibly.


12-09-2009 18:49:20

Right.. My plan is to drag William back into the Hall of Confluence and then engage someone.. I guess itll be that Romm Shai dude


12-09-2009 18:52:29

Sounds good.

I know Will wants to be left behind with Macron to detonate the bomb once it's in position, so dragging him to "safety" for the time being works.


12-09-2009 18:59:10

"Safety" is back into the room where Varesh is and where we are going to set the bomb off


12-09-2009 19:03:48

Yeah... he's staying behind with Macron anyway, so I guess "safety" isn't high on his agenda. :S

As far as why someone has to draw the short straw and stay behind... um... "plot device"? :$

If someone wants to though, it might be more realistic if you had one of the Vong smash into the bomb or something, damaging the remote trigger device.

Could be a novel way to take out either Varesh or Vasi if you're stumped for "How the kriff do we kill these guys?" Have one of them slam into the bomb and it spring a small leak, causing one of them to dissolve, Roger Rabbit style, or something. :P


12-09-2009 19:12:17

sounds like something that can be done XD

William Archaon Darkfire

12-09-2009 19:24:01

Just another idea, if Varesh gets killed before Vasi gets there, and no one wants to fioght him, then you could just have him get blown up with the bomb


12-09-2009 19:32:46

That's possible. As a Force doppelgänger of the Overlord though, his very existence is anathema, so I'd be surprised if nobody's character wanted to personally end Vasi's life to score brownie points with the Sons of Sadow. I expect Tron would look favourably on the one who slew the Vong carrying his son's blood.

Regarding where Romm will have come from: if you want to inject further chaos, given the Yammka is falling out of orbit, it might be he's abandoned the helm and signalled the evacuation and, other than Varesh and Vasi who are both suicidal (albeit in Vasi's case only because he's convinced he's god and cannot die), the rest are fleeing to escape pods--hence how you bump into him.

...not that that'll save them from the VGB. But they're currently probably more worried about the Yammka crashing into the worldship.

If you just want to keep things simple though, Romm can of course just have been one of the guys who Varesh brought with him. :P

William Archaon Darkfire

12-09-2009 19:40:36

hmm, good point. Yeah, someone else should kill Vasi. Won't do much good for me if Tron likes me, will it? I'll be fricking dead!

Kano Tor Pepoi

12-09-2009 19:43:04

i am leading the VGB to a clean room.. jump in whenever will...

William Archaon Darkfire

12-09-2009 19:45:13

Yeah right now, I'm lying down on the ground, grabbing my face and screaming at the top of my lungs cause my face just got ripped off by my best buddy Fremoc... cause that's what friends do... He's gonna be carrying me over his shoulder and dropping me off in the safe room in his next post, so you guys can leave whenever the bomb is planted

Nekura Manji

13-09-2009 16:10:32

Just an FYI, everybody; Manji's not Consul in the run-on, Bob still is. I'm thinking that the last post of the run-on should have a bit of ceremony where he gets made Consul (like at the end of the GJW run-on) but at this moment, he's not Consul, so bear that in mind :D

William Archaon Darkfire

13-09-2009 16:16:44

umm, I need sum help here. Ylith kinda just killed my plot with his last post. i was supposed to stay behind and blow the bomb instead of macron, reasoning that he was far more important a member and that i was dying already. But since he's holding onto the hose thing, he can't leave. What am I supposed to do now?


13-09-2009 16:24:38

Easily enough solved: once Varesh is dead and everyone's legging it out of there while Mac is holding on for dear life, you grab it and tell Mac to go and let you stay instead.

With Vasi having now kriffed Varesh up by tearing his armour off, it presumably will now also mean Manji + Others will be able to finally take Varesh out, albeit with Mac now not in a position to help.

William Archaon Darkfire

13-09-2009 16:25:21

yeah, but mac's wearing the enviro suit, I'm not. If I tried it, it'd just melt my hand off and kill me...


13-09-2009 16:28:00

Well... he needed the envirosuit to get close enough to initially grab hold of the hose while it was spewing gas to shut it off... so presumably as long as you grab it while he's still grabbing it, no gas will come out to kill you until you then let go later.

I figure the scene could go something like:

"Everyone get out of here!" Macron screamed.
The alchemist felt another hand grab hold of the hose. Macron turned around to see William's mutilated face looking back at him.
Macron started to speak but William cut him off.
"Go," William said firmly. "I'll do it."
Macron glanced down at the two hands, then looked back up at the skinless face still staring at him.
"Just go."
Reluctantly, Macron let go of the hose and stepped back slowly.
"I said go!"

Or something vaguely along those lines at least.

William Archaon Darkfire

13-09-2009 16:34:38

that'll probably work... thanks man :D

Nekura Manji

13-09-2009 17:58:56

Will, I'm assuming you'll post next setting yourself up to destroy the bomb? I'd like to do the "final" post of the run-on, since I'm Consul and all :P, so if you can finish it off with you grabbing the bomb and the rest of us beginning to evacuate the place that'd be great.


13-09-2009 18:13:48

I was going to write the bomb exploding in the epilogue, but if you're going to end the run-on tonight then as a basic idea:

The collision with the fragment of the worldship and the detonation of the VGB was going to result in the entire Yammka exploding, transforming it into a Super Star Destroyer sized cluster bomb, and hurling flaming, infected wreckage out to every other remnant of the fragmented Baanu Amnan worldship and major Vong vessel, smashing into and infecting them all, and probably shattering several of the smaller ones in the process. >:)

If you want to incorporate that into the run-on itself though to allow you to be able to then do the Consul ceremony after, I'm fine either way. O-)

If so, given Romm Shai is (currently) still alive, the epilogue would then probably just be from his viewpoint from the Yammka's bridge as the virus spread through the ship first, dissolving his flesh just before the nuclear shockwave ripped through the room, or something like that. Then a final scene with the sole Yammka Vong survivor. :huh:'d also be nice if it could get to 80 posts to hit the fifth page. :P

William Archaon Darkfire

13-09-2009 21:09:58

yeah, my apologies to manji for making you wait so long. I'll get to work on the post right now, but all that matters is that I'll end mine with all of you guys leaving the room, so you can write yer post right now, regardless of what I actually write

Nekura Manji

14-09-2009 07:21:00

Right, I think it's time for Goat to blow these Vong sky-high :D

One thing I insist upon, though- there needs to be a brief scene near the end of the epilogue with me and Sai getting drunk on the Final Way and doing Kyataran karaoke :P


14-09-2009 10:47:44

Nearly finished... conclusion will be up shortly. :)


14-09-2009 13:05:38

Nearly finished... conclusion will be up shortly. :)

Don't forget the ewoks, you can't have a good SW finale without musical ewoks.