Operation Poison Stroke


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The Stryker
Exiting the Tarthos System

"Ryuk, plot a course for the Onderon system," ordered Fremoc who stood behind Arack and Ryuk who were piloting and co-piloting respectively. Just hours before the Knight had woken the Night Raptors and told them to gather their gear and head to the hangar. Most of the team was confused but it wasn't the first time they had been woken up in their sleep to head off on some crazy mission. While Arack and Ryuk piloted the ship, Valorian, Nix, William, and Horus had gone to the sleeping quarters on the port side of the ship.

The mission that Fremoc had in mind for his team was a simple one. They were heading to Dxun to find a mysterious tomb that the Knight had been having dreams about lately. He knew from his readings of Dxun, as well as taking the Shadow Academy courses, that Freedon Nadd's tomb was there. This was one was different, but also not as powerful as Nadd.

The dream was nothing but a disembodied look at the outside of the tomb, some parts had been overgrown with moss and weeds, but the entrance had been cleared for people to enter it. There had been people standing around the tomb, most where wearing armor but others where in plain clothes. The Knight assumed it was his Night Raptors entering the tomb discovering the secrets of the dark side inside it.

"Course placed Master Fremoc," said Ryuk. The Mandalorian had been a useful asset on several missions covering Fremoc's back as well as his squadmates's. It made the Knight glad that Ryuk had become his apprentice.

"Arack, enter hyperspace," ordered the Knight, holding onto an overhead handhold.

"Yes, Commander," came the reply from the Novice as he moved the hyperspace switch forward. The stars became blue streaks of light as they entered faster than light speeds towards Onderon and Dxun. Arack and Ryuk raised from their seats and began to move to the quarters in the starboard side of the ship for some more rest before they reached their destination. It would take them a good several hours before they would be near Dxun.

"So your off to see that tomb huh Fremoc?" said the voice inside his head.

"Of course. I brought back up with me as well," he replied.

"Good, you'll need it. I went there for you and saw Jedi and some mercenaries. Some Mandalorians are still living down there too, be careful sweetheart." The voice was familiar, but the Knight couldn't place it.

"Thanks darling?" But no response came. The Knight moved to the passenger area to find Valorian sitting there watching a holo-drama.

"So what's the plan boss?" asked the fellow Knight.

"Find what's in a tomb, and probably kill a few Jedi on the way," said the Commander.

"Sounds like a good ol' time to me," smiled the bald man.

Nix Saren

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Aboard The Stryker.
Nix was sitting in his quarters aboard the ship The Stryker when he felt the ship jump into hyperspace. Laying on the small bed cleaning his fangs with his index claw wondering what the team was going to encounter while looking for this tomb Master Fremoc had in his dreams. “ Well time to quite being lazy and get some meditating time in” nix mumbled to him self as he began sitting up on the bed. Crossed legged on the floor nix cleared his mind and focused his mind on the mission knowing it would take a few hours to get to Dxun.With his mind cleared he began to feel lonely and lost. Images of is tribe on Uvena prime made him miss his family and his people, nix opened his eyes and stood up and climbed back onto the bed and laid there wondering if he will ever fit in. Nix slowly fell into sleep and would not wake until the Stryker came out of hyperspace near Dxun.

ACO Nix Graves (Obelisk)/TRP/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow
Apprentice to DJK Fremoc “Demonic” Pepoi


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VCX-830 "Stryker"

Arack Tavar's seasoned hands flew over the controls of the VCX-830 freighter transport, the Stryker. She was a beautiful ship, a hard thing for Arack to admit; he had flown many ships in his time as a Captain in the Cliffhold Judicial Authoirty, from snubfighters to gunships and this VCX beat them all...well all expect the Sliver snubfighters that the Night Raptors had just stolen from Melida/Daan.

"Ryuk, place a course" ordered Fremoc Pepoi, the Commander of the Night Raptors, resting a hand on his apprentice's shoulder. Protector Ryuk nodded and his hands busied themselves as he inserted the course for Dxun.

After a minute, Ryuk spoke again, breaking the palpable silence that had enveloped the cockpit. "Course placed, Master Fremoc" stated the Mandalorian. Fremoc nodded and then the Protector spoke to Arack; "Arack, we have our course, ready to jump"

"Jump to hyperspace, Arack" ordered the Commander, reinforcing his apprentice's statement with an order of his own.

"Yes, Commander" replied the Novice and he moved his right hand to the hyperspace jump lever while his left hand confirmed the coordinates that Ryuk had set and disabled the real-time sublights. "All ready to go, we're jumping in...5..4...and who cares about the rest!" said Tavar and he opened the lever to full capacity and his stomach dropped as space slowed to a crawl and the stars became lines of light and the VCX-830 shot into the hyperspace lanes.

Tavar's quarters

The Solifugae knelt in the middle of his quarters, and with a flick of his hand he lit the two candles that flickered to life with a evil red flame. Marking himself in the name of the Divine Lord, Tavar began to chant the Ritual of Blessing and Protection.

Lord Ragnos! In the name of a devoted servant to you and your own, bless this unit, the Night Raptors, as we strive to carry out your dark will in the ways of lore and bloodshed. See to it, in your infinite wisdom, that our enemies keel before our blades and your blessing, Lord. I ask this in the name of your Disciples, your ever faithful vassals!

With his ritual done, the Novice stripped out of his Night Raptor A/P armor, the Assault Pilot specification lending more to enhanced reflexes for both piloting and combat, memory capacity for coordinates, and reinforced plate armor for protection than the other armors, save for Pepoi's own Commander armor which trumped all of the other suits.

Placing the A/P combat suit on its rack in his small, but comfortable quarters, Arack Tavar blew out the red candles and stretched out on his cot and let sleep overtake him.

Kano Tor Pepoi

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VCX-830 "The Stryker"

As Ryuk made his way to his quarters he thought of his own ship. It seemed like it had been forever since he had taken the old Firespray-31 out for a trip. A smile came across the stern Mandalorians face as he thought about the first time his deceased bounty hunting trainer had told him the name. "Two for Flinch'n" whispered Ryuk in a low voice as he remembered the image of the old man telling him of all the times it saved his skin. As Ryuk ran a hand along the corridor wall he thought about how many times this ship had saved the skin of the Night Raptors and his master.

Quickly snapping from his day dream Ryuk realized he was already in his quarters. Not knowing what to expect from the trip the Mandalorian did what he did best. After a few quick minuted all of Ryuk's weapons had been disassembled, oiled down, and reassembled. With the weapons ready and hung on there racks Ryuk removed his armor and hung it at the foot of his bed. Before sitting down for a break he reached over and picked up the helmet from the armor rack. Ryuk stared deep into the T shaped visor and drifted into a sleep like meditation.


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