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Prologue to Children of War

Six years have passed since they first appeared.

The Far Outsiders.

For four years they waged their holy crusade, holding the Galaxy to ransom
from their fortress of power on Yuuzhan'tar in the ruins of Coruscant; their
incursion into Orian Space averted only by the timely assassination of
http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Drathul_Amnan>' target='_blank'>Drathul Amnan and his worldship's debilitation.

For four long years the Galaxy burned. Trillions died.

Until, finally, just as all hope appeared lost: they were defeated. Their
Supreme Overlord slain; their religion exposed as a sham built upon a bed of
lies. With their beliefs crushed, their holy war was over, and their
hierarchy finished.

The gods had deserted them.

Thousands surrendered.

Many more simply committed suicide, incapable of the heresy that was the

The death of the Supreme Overlord brought with it Judgement Day. With the
backbone of their empire broken, the remaining warleaders fractured into
rival cults. The Galactic Alliance dealt with the remaining resistance,
mopping up alien and sympathiser alike, and reclaiming its lost territory
across the Outer Rim; the Jedi crusaders of Omancor Crask prised the throne
world of the dead from the still warm hands of the would-be conquerors; and
around the Galaxy the vassals of the Iron Throne took back what was
rightfully theirs.

And so, at last, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire was destroyed.

But belief is not so easy to extinguish.

One Supreme Commander managed to escape the empire's purge. For two years he
rallied the faithful, unified the dispersed survivors, and planted the seeds
for his eventual revenge. All the while the Galaxy thinking the Chosen Race
defeated and the Galaxy free.

But now, finally, he has returned.

His forces marshalled, striking from his hidden base in deep space, his
attacks have been without mercy. This time it is not an invasion; no
conquest of the prophesied holy land. There is no pantheon of gods to
appease. The gods have failed, turned their backs on their Chosen Race in
its time of greatest need.

This time there is only Yun-Yammka, the Slayer, God of War-the one true god.

And the shamed Children of Yun-Yuuzhan will yet reclaim their rightful

http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Varesh_Shai>' target='_blank'>Varesh Shai, Warmaster of the Yuuzhan-Vong, has willed it.

Their attack hit the Orian system before the early warning stations even
knew the armada was there. Hundreds of alien ships-Yuuzhan Vong cruiser and
frigate analogs, swarms of coralskippers and assorted bio weapons; all
bolstered by the bloodstained daggers of the sympathisers' durasteel
battleships and rusty Star Destroyers. Throughout settlements masked
infiltrators showed themselves, peeling aside false masquerades and
revealing their true defiled and disfigured faces.

And not just alien and sympathiser . . . but Jedi; Jedi and Sith alike as
well as an army of others standing alongside the invaders who had been
thought defeated. Across colonies, lightsabers flared into action as Vong,
turncoats, and backstabbing Jeedai warriors took to streets and burnt cities
to the ground. In the skies above, organic fire unleashed itself upon the
skies, setting light to atmosphere as the towering walls of Seng
http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Seng_Karash>' target='_blank'>Seng Karash, http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kar_Alabrek>' target='_blank'>Kar Alabrek and
http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=San_Korinar>' target='_blank'>San Korinar reduced to molten liquid.

Buildings burned.

Bodies collapsed.

Rivers of blood surged in scarlet torrents down the streets.

But where were the shields? The defence systems? The heroic warriors of

Gone. Betrayed from within. Unknowing.

The blinding star shine of Orian Major burst open as fire lanced across the

Laggard, the men, women and aliens of the Disciples of Kressh and Ragnos and
Sadow finally awoke from the dead of slumber into the orange inferno of
daybreak, finding the nightmare was not just a dream as their eyes befell
the apocalypse . . .

A star system on fire.

But by the time they took up arms, it was already too late.

The Warmaster had vanished back into the oily blackness of deep space once

In his wake, mountains of disembowelled bodies, districts shattered, weapons
batteries reduced to ash. Where there had been hundreds of opposing ships
glued together in fatal conflict, all that remained were the burning hulks
of friendly cruisers and the charred corpses of those unfortunate souls now
forever spiralling through space.

The invasion was no invasion. The invaders were no conquerors. Their quest
is but one of martyrdom, of reclaiming their lost honour through glorious
death. Throughout streets, their minions still move, building to building,
slaying and setting fire to whatsoever and whosoever they cross.

Vong, Peace Brigader and Jeedai betrayer: allies.


As the smoke still smoulders from ruins to the skies, shrouding cities in a
haze of ashen grey, battleteams flood the streets, every pretence of stealth
behind them as crimson blades snap-hiss to life to cleanse their blasted
homelands of the invaders' filth . . .

And praying the locusts of Warmaster Varesh Shai do not return once more to
finish the job.


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Seng Karash
31 ABY

Sith Guardian Angral Revaen looked out from a window on the second story of a now abandoned (and mostly destroyed) bakery at the orange, yellow, and red flames that licked at every building, park, and street corner of the gigantic city called Seng Karash.

Cradled in the nook of his right arm was a Deep Strike Operative helmet, painted in Angral's custom color scheme, green and black, and grasped firmly in his left hand was the hilt of his Armory-issued lightsaber, the same blade that had just taken the life of a Jedi betrayar by surprise (the same corpse that was now hidden in a supply closet in the bakery kitchen), the emerald lightsaber taking the first blood of Sapphire Squadron that evening.

"Or is it day time? I can't tell anymore, not with all this karking smoke" thought the Sith Commander and he turned from the window and surveyed the members of his Alpha strike unit; Guardian Pylarus and Dark Jedi Knight Krandon Rowella, all similarly dressed like him, except for Krandon, who only wore his Mandalorian armor.

"Slicer, any luck with establishing contact to Interrogator?" asked the Human, coming to kneel where his new friend and comrade-in-arms was working with a field-communications unit.

"Nothing yet, Warden. I'm trying all frequencies, but staying away from public D-SOG channels" replied Jinius, the field technian smacking the communication unit as the static of a dead-end channel buzzed back at him, almost taunting.

"Interrogator, Ryoko, and the others may not even be here on Aeotheran anymore" finished Pylarus as he stepped away from the comm. unit and ran a hand down his soot-covered face.

Taking a deep breath to call himself, Angral (who's callsign was Warden) looked to Krandon, the Zabrak hunched over a series of datapads, all connected by the fine sinews of cable.

"Please...please...give me good news, Jenkins" pleaded the officer, using his friend's chosen callsign as he did on all operations, whether deep strike or flight.

"Good and bad, Commander; our starfighters, all of the Squadron's, have been located and from remote security cameras, they appear to be in one piece, the only noticeable change is that they obviously bear signs of the massacare. That's the good news" started Rowella, shifting on his haunches to give Angral a better look at the primary datapad.

"Then what's the bad?" prompted the Sith, though afraid of the answer. He was a mere Guardian, a senior Journeyman, but his power with the Force was still growing, as it would be for years to come, and yet somehow, in a crazy and unexplained way, this other Guardian and Dark Jedi Knight looked up to him, though as a leader and friend, not someone with more power.

It was a safe bet to say, then, that Angral's nerves had begun to set in.

"Well...our fighters are fine, yes, but their location...they're...well...over three kilometers away from our current location" stammered Krandon, looking into the clear hazel eyes of his friend and Battleteam superior.

"Ok..gimme a second" mused the Commander as he stared intently at the readouts displayed before him.

Sapphire Squadron, while primarily a flight unit, was also somewhat capable of special forces tactics, so as long as they moved quickly and quietly through Seng Karash, they shouldn't have a problem getting to their starfighters.

"Here we go, gather 'round" ordered Angral and, with his combat knife, drew the new plan into the floor of the bakery.

"We move out in one hour, and I mean ONE hour. Packed up, ready to go, and moving. We take up a tri-formation, two flankers, one pointman, that'll be me, and make with all Sith speed to our starfighters. Once there, we throw off the need for stealth and haul ass off of Aeotheran, splitting up as to attempt and confuse whatever resistance might be alerted of our presence. After we're off planet, I'll send a message to the entire Squadron through our encrypted channel and try to account that everyone's alive, but we won't meet up, not as of yet. Sound good?" explained the Commander, gesturing with his knife to various parts of the plan.

"Yes, sir!" said Pylarus and Krandon in unison.

"Good; Slicer, try and raise Jinius, Interrogator, and Ryoko on the communications one last time. Krandon, pack up your gear and be ready to move. After that's done, lock and load, boys!" commanded the Sith and the three operatives broke from the huddle to complete their various tasks.

The escape from Seng Karash had begun!


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Outside Ragnos Cathedral

Fremoc and his Night Raptors walked across the surface of Tarthos sweeping the area of any enemy that could have possibly been left. They had defended Ragnos Cathedral with their lives along with the various other members of the House. Raven's Night Hawks were inside the Cathdral resting while the Raptors where doing their sweep.

"Demo, we've been out here for hours with no sign of another attack. Want to call Raven out with the Hawks to continue the sweep?" asked Valorian rubbing his bald head.

"Alright Raptors move back into the Cathedral. Ryuk contact Ekeia in to inform Raven to move his team out here. After you have done that, you and Nix bring up the rear. Horus, you take point," commanded the tall former commando. Demonic wore his black boots, black cargo pants, black sleeveless t-shirt, and his tattered black robe, that had new battle holes from the battle almost a day before. Ryuk contacted Ekeia and as the Raptors started to enter the compound, the rested Hawks started to exit it.

"Still walking with the help of that electrostaff Demo?" said Raven passing by.

"It's a force of habit by now, the knee's all better now though," replied Fremoc. They were referring to how for a time Fremoc had a knee problem, and that the only thing that would be able to help him walk was an electrostaff. The Commander looked at the electrostaff he had in his right hand. Since Telos, it had served him well, in combat and to help him walk.

The Night Raptors entered the safety of the Cathedral, each man split off to their own quarters. Ryuk and Nix still remained at Fremoc's flanks until their master reached his quarters. They moved on past him and stopped at their own quarters, which was down the hall.

"Get rest, food, and practice your drills with each other. I will contact you when it is time to move again," said the Pepoi before entering his quarters. His two apprentices replied in unison, "Yes, master."

Demonic entered his quarters and found his son, Thomas, standing in the middle of the room practicing his drills with his blaster rifle and targeting helmet. Not many knew about Thomas being Fremoc's son, only those that Fremoc trusted knew, but even then Thomas looked eerily like his father.

"Hello, son. Your drills going ok?"

"Yup, doing okay Dad," Thomas said taking the helmet off and putting the blaster rifle on the floor.

"Good to know bud, maybe I'll take you out with the Raptors one day." As he walked into his own room to get ready for a sani-steam, he heard a banging on his door. The Commander walked over and opened the door. Valorian stood in the doorway.

"Commander, we have a problem."


06-07-2009 12:41:19

Vanise Tower
Seng Karash

Gorbane looked out of the windows curiously. In the distance over the buildings he could make out the fires that the emergency crews were fighting to contain. Around him tables lay on their sides and broken glass and porcelain surrounded them. The part of the Commenrcial and Leisure district Vanise Tower lay in had been safe, but the vibrations had still rocked the building disturbing the inside. The bodyguard sighed. They had been lucky. He turned and walked towards the stairs to the private apartments, making his way up thems. He took a breath then entered the room beyond. Immediately a dark figure stepped in front of him. He shivered and a memory came back to him

"He is a triumph," she gloried, walking around the zabrak in self congratulatory awe.
"Yes mistress," Gorbane replied, none plussed.
She laughed. "You understand so little my servant," she told him, "if you knew the effort I needed to retrieve the corpse and restore it, the rituals of the force I had to perform. But now he is mine."
"He makes me nervous mistress," Gorbane replied, the usually cold man said with a shiver.
"And so he should. He was the best I could find. He is stronger than before, and he is mine. To protect me better than fifty guards, and to kill or destroy as easily."
"Is he safe?" Gorbane asked.
She glanced at him, then stepped forward and slapped the zabrak across the face. There was no movement or reaction. "Yes," she replied with a cold smile.
Gorbane frowned then stopped forward and swung a fist. A second later one hand gripped his arm and the other his throat, lifting the heavy man easily into the air. Gorbane struggled fighting for breath and she watched a second before saying. "Drop him." Gorbane hit the floor with a thump and lay gasping. "He is safe to me anyway."

The zabrak studied him, then moved aside. Gorbane wiped his brow then stepped forward past him. She turned. "What news?"
He bowed "The attack is over," he replied, "much of the city is on fire, but we are safe."
"Good," she replied, "this chaos may be to our advantage."
He was used by now to shrugging off her mystery. "If you say so mistress."
"I did not find it before," she replied, "and that disturbs me. But soon. An opportunity will present itself soon enough."
"Yes mistress."
"Leave me."
"Yes mistress." he said and turned, the zabrak silently watching him as he left.

The Commercial and Leisure district.
Seng Karash

Agrist and Malisane moved through the city, ignoring the flames around them. "We will never have a better time," Malisane said quietly.
"As you said before," Agrist said in a bored tone.
"We can take her, the chaos will confuse her senses she will not sense us coming And against both of us she will die."
"I hope so," the mercenary grunted.
"I have killed her before with help," Malisane replied, "this time will be permanent. We will not give her time to separate herself."
"I know the damn plan De Ath."
"Good," Malisane replied, gripping his saber hilt in his hand as they approached.

Nekura Manji

07-07-2009 09:00:07

Kar Alabrek Castle

A pall of black smoke hung over Alabrek Castle from the fires that had scorched the dark stone. The Vong sympathisers and their alien overlords had struck hard and fast, shocking the Dark Jedi of House Marka Ragnos and catching them almost completely by surprise. Kimono rolled down to his waist to reveal his scarred, scrawny torso, Manji rubbed a sooty hand across his forehead to wipe away the sweat, leaving a black smear as he slumped down onto a marble bench. He'd been leading the Journeymen of the House in a pitched battle against the flames in the few hours since the attack, and he'd been starting to feel the strain.

"You guys go and get some rest, y'deserve it."

The soot-stained Journeymen around him filed away to their own quarters to rest, the fire firmly quenched. As he looked around at the blackened corridors, Manji felt a growl of anger rise from his throat at the thought of Vong fire raining down from the heavens onto his second home. Even now bandits, rogue Jedi and Vong warriors prowled the streets of Kar Alabrek. As soon as he'd recovered his strength, he'd lead the Journeymen, the Night Hawks and the Night Raptors out into the streets so that they could crush these insolent invaders.

Exhaling heavily, Manji pushed himself to his feet and stumbled away toward his quarters. A shower, some cold sake and a couple of hours rest would have him fighting fit again. In the meantime, the Cathedral could surely take care of itself.

As the door of his office slid open, Manji stumbled through and was asleep before he hit the futon rolled out across the tatami-covered floor.

Nix Saren

07-07-2009 14:50:51

inside Ragnos Cathedral

In the Cathedral with the night raptors going to their quarters, ryuk and I walk master fremoc to his quarters he turns and says, "Get rest, food, and practice your drills with each other. I will contact you when it is time to move again," we both nodded and said, “Yes master” and then we went our ways to our rooms. As being a shistavanen and not taking many showers I began to stink and being told by other members not to stand to close to them for fear of smelling my wild musk I find it quite funny. Entering my room I find it dark except for the red light from the fires shining through the window, never turning on the lights reminds me of the many hunts I was in back home on uvena prime. After striping off my robes and climbing into the shower I feel the cold water rolling down my face and muzzle closing my eyes and seeing the wild forests of my home world. This scene playing in my mind I feel the wild best in me the primal rage, the anger, hate, giving in to all these feelings. I open my eyes quickly being able to hear a building collapse due to the fury of fire that the vong left behind.

I finish my shower and having a little less of a stink I grab my cleanest of my dirtier robes and put them on sniffing them to make sure they don’t smell to bad. I sit in the middle of my room on a cushion trying to clear my mind and focus on what was going on around me. I try to close the animal scenes and focus through the force to feel if there are any vong still out there I see nothing but my home world I cant clear my mind I let out a little growl due to my unable to focus. I dig my claws into the floor and push off my hands into a handstand and hold it for a few seconds then landing on my feet. I find the bed and lay in it. I roll a few time to try and find a good spot to sleep I fall into a deep sleep and would not wake until it was time for the night raptors to head out again.

NOV Nix Graves (Obelisk)/TRP/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow
apprentice to DJK Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi

Kano Tor Pepoi

07-07-2009 15:47:34

Inside Ragnos Cathedral

As Ryuk walked threw the door to his quarters he could see the glow of the burning building seeking threw the windows. For a second he smiled as he thought about all the other guys joking about Nix and his interesting smell but the smile quickly went away when he realized that his armor was letting out its own foul stench.

"Great, I have a little meditation time and instead I am stuck cleaning armor."

While scrubbing the surface of the armor Ryuk's mind raced back to the day he first received his traditional Mandalorian Armor from the man who had taught him all the ways of his people and the ways of bounty hunting. All he had learned following that old man had been what lead him to where he is now. A Protector in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and serving under an excellent master.

Ryuk quickly jumped to his feet from his deep thoughts and cleaning, dropping his armor to the floor. He did not know what had made him become defensive so quickly but then he got the feeling again. He knew someone was close that shouldn't be. Quickly he threw his half cleaned armor chest piece back on and threw his tattered black cloak around his shoulder plates. As he quickly grabbed his Sith sword from a table Ryuk caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror on the wall and his eyes focused on the dark marks burnt around them. The eerie dark ovals around each eye and the little curved horns on each side seemed to match perfectly except the switched places of the big horn and little one on each eye. Seeing this look with his torn cloak and scratched and dirty armor he knew that it wasn't a bad look. It was just what was needed.

Ryuk threw the hood over his head and slipped from his room and headed down the hall and towards the back exit of the cathedral.


07-07-2009 17:28:23

Ragnos Cathedral

The main doors to the Ragnos Cathedral slowly creaked open and admitted a lone figure, dressed in a dark cloak over simple, black armor and carrying a single duffel bag. The resounding "clacks" of his combat boots against the polished granite floor of the Cathedral echoed around the castle as the man walked down the long corridors.

He arrived, finally, at the room assigned to him by the Ragnosian Summit and he entered the door, finding himself in not-uncomfortable quarters. Against one wall was a single bed made up with a comforter and sheet with a deep red pillow and against another wall were two shelves and two dressers and finally, the final wall held a weaponry alcove, with a rack for armor and various weaponry.

As the Obelisk set up his few belongings, just a few holo-pictures and a sleek blaster rifle placed in one of the holders in the weapon alcove, he hung his cloak on the peg just by the armor rack. When he finished, the tall humanoid sat down on the comfortable bed and looked around his new abode....

Arack Tavar had found his home.

Rising, the Knight quickly clipped his lightsaber back onto his belt and slid his silver dagger through the back-scabbard and did likewise with his 22T4 blaster before departing his quarters.

It was time to see what he could do to help defend his home.

By the time that Knight Arack Tavar returned to his room over seven hours later, two squads of four Peace Brigade personnel had been sent to the abyss and over ten buildings were extinguished of fire by both the skill of the DSF squads and Arack's Force-powered assistance.


07-07-2009 18:46:23

Vanise Tower
Seng Karash

Gorbane looked around in surprise at a knock at the door. He brushed dust from his hands and approached it, pulling a blaster from his belt. "Yes?
"Gorbane, it's Commander Agrist. Open the door."
Gorbane turned at the sound of light footsteps.
"Show him in," she told him, standing calmly at the bottom of the stairs.
Gorbane nodded and holstered the blaster. He pressed his hand to the plate and pulled the door open. Agrist entered calmly. He was out of uniform, wearing a black suit.
"Agrist I'm so glad you're alive," she said rushing to him, "I've been so scared. The city is in flames. We only just survived."
Agrist looked at her passively, and she frowned, while Gorbane stood watching suspiciously.
"We nearly wasted our trip then," Malisane said, entering the restaurant and leaning against the door frame.
She glanced from one to another. Then her face took on a resigned look. "I see."
"It's over Severina," Agrist said gravely.
Malisane moved forward, while Gorbane backed off slowly, his arm moving to his holster. Malisane gave him a contemptuous look. "Don't be stupid."
"Enough talk," Agrist said, his saber igniting and he swung at the elder, intending to end it quickly.

Severina stepped backwards in a movement that would have relaxed had it been replayed slowly and the saber sliced empty air. She raised her hand and Agrist stopped moving. Gorbane reacted raising his blaster before Malisane's fist smashed him from his feet and he too drew his saber
"You're out of your depth," Severina said. Her features had changed, the visage of Meria Vanise had gone, and she now resembled the tall imperious woman they'd both met years before.
As Agrist struggled to move Malisane advanced slowly, studying her. "You broke your promise Severina," he told her.
"Stop talking and hit her," Agrist snarled.
Severina ignored him, concentrating on her former lovers son. She laughed. "You still don't understand Malisane," she told him, "despite my efforts on Kangaras. What is a promise to a Sith?"
As Agrist stared at him furiously Malisane replied, "Obviously not much."
He moved forward and smiled. "Move and Agrist dies." He stopped, studying her. "Pathetic," she told him, "if I didn't witness the birth I'd swear you were adopted."
"No, I'm just curious," he replied, "why are you back? You hardly seem the entrepreneur type."
Her eyes flickered in annoyance. "Your clan stole something that was mine."
"Which was?"
"I don't suppose it matters," Severina replied, "an item, that would have lead me to ultimate power had your elders not got their thieving hands on it first. A sceptre."
"Of Hafa Chun?"
"Indeed," she replied, giving him a slight congratulatory look, "and it will be mine. And when the time comes it will lead me to glory."
A few things clicked into place in Malisane's mind. Trevarus and Vexatus. Lehon. He'd been busy fighting Agrist and escaping but he'd heard the stories. "You're insane."

A second later he raised his saber to meet a bolt of force lightning,and gritted his teeth as it arched around the blade. A split second later Agrist moved as her concentration shifted, his saber once more slicing at her body and she moved again, holding him for a second before he shrugged it off. Malisane moved forward then leapt aside as a broken table flew across the room towards him then smashed against the wall.
"You can't beat us both," the mercenary told her as the two Sadowites flanked her and she backed off, Agrist battering aside a chair as she flung it at him with the force.
"We shall see," she replied and she snarled, sending lightning towards them and they raised their sabers again, dissipating it.Severina backed up the stairs, attacking them with the force and they concentrated on wearing her down, holding off the attack for the moment.
As one they suddenly lunged at her and she tried to hold them both with the force, but they brushed it off. "She's weakening," Malisane whispered.
"You will both die," she told them.
"You know someone who can make that happen?" Agrist demanded.
"Yes," she replied with a slight smile, her eyes flickering to the doorway across the balcony.

They followed her glance as a tall dark shape entered. Agrist took a look at his face and the mercenary backed off, his face filled with horror. "Impossible!"
Malisane studied the features of the zabrak, a surge of recognition washing over him. "Is that who I think it is?"
Agrist was stood motionless, still staring. The red eyes of the zabrak showed no recognition as he moved towards them. Then the spell was broken as Agrist leapt forward in the attack and a dual blade saber met his own, moved to block Malisane's and then nearly took the former Quaestor's head off. Both battlelords backed off, raising their sabers as the zabrak advanced calmly on them.
"Meet your death." Severina said calmly, leaning on the balcony to watch.


07-07-2009 22:25:23

In Orbit around Aeotheran

The Dark Seraphim moved at full speed toward the planet hovering before it. Raistlin had been out of the system, handling a CSA interest in the Outer Rim when he had received word. The Holonet message from Consul Daragorn was short, 3 words, but they explained all he needed to know.

"We're under attack."

His ship would remain undetected in as he began to break atmosphere and only as he hit minor turbulence would he be even visible to any enemy in system. Only as his descent slowed and the cloud cover broke did he see the reason the distress call was sent....

Flame... Smoke.... Destruction... as far as he could see. With a subtle opening of himself to the Force, the agony of many minds assaulted him. He flew over the city of Seng Karash, and many recognizable landmarks were now either partially destroyed or entirely missing. What's worse, as a seasoned military commander, he knew this was only the beginning. Phase One of what was obviously meant to be an assault. Though he didn't know how long it had been since the attacks had taken place, he knew it would be only a matter of time before a second, more lethal attack would occur.

He pushed a button in the visor and set his ship to autopilot, pausing only to shake his head at the amount of damage he was seeing out of the window.

He stood, and quickly made his way to his quarters to gather his things and change into a more suitable set of armor. Raistlin knew what he was in store for, and he didn't like it...

Outside, the Dark Seraphim quickly descended into a pair of doors built into the middle of a park on the outskirts of Seng Karash, leaving no trace of the prodigal son's return home.


Raistlin sped through the underground tunnels, running at breakneck speed, augmented by the Force. The structural integrity of the underground tunnels had held up well, despite the orbital bombardment, and only minor debris stood in his way as he ran.

Within a minute he had reached a large circular rotunda which opened out, creating many layers with many tunnels. Any of these could be taken to strategic points in the city, though a loud scream dictated which one Raist would take. He ran at full speed, jumped over a railing and fell 1 story to the platform beneath him, landing cleanly with minimal help from the force. Several civilians rushed past him running and more came at him brushing past him without a second thought. As two DSOG troopers pulled up from the rear they both pulled out their rifles at him

"Identify yourself!" They said. Raist simply pushed a button, which peeled part of his helmet away. The two troopers snapped a salute immediately before being waved off. "Commander we apologize, the situation is hectic up there."

Raist nodded "Understood, the main priority needs to be to get these civilians to safety as quickly as possible. Is there a rendezvous point?" he asked and the trooper nodded.

"Good," he paused for a moment to think before pulling the remote call/start for his ship out and tossing it to the trooper. "Can you fly?" he asked and the trooper nodded again. "Take my ship and get as many people as it will hold to safety, then come back for more, I'll get them to an extraction point somewhere in the city. You will remain undetected, but if there is even the slightest damage to my ship, you will be court marshalled immediately. Understood trooper?"

Both men nodded though Raist was only talking to one.

"Go, and be fast. Get on TACCOMM and requisition me a squad. Preferably those with combat experience and have them meet me at Police HQ in the Government District." The men exchanged salutes and then Raistlin was off, running rapidly through a different tunnel which would take him to his destination. He quickly ran through it and opened the door at the end via voice recognition. Now he was in the sewer system, underneath the city. He quickly closed his helmet to encompass his face and filter out the possibly toxic air and stench. He activated his saber for light and he made his way to the police HQ. Above him, the ground shook with more explosions and he could hear people screaming, possibly due to a riot, though he couldn't tell and again, didn't care.

He soon was underneath the police HQ and Raist effortlessly climbed the ladder and popped the manhole. The sight that greeted him was chaos. Police, and Army regulars and reservists were clashing with what looked to be like citizens who were rioting. Raist saw mercenaries, Vong, and other agressors further away, in large numbers.

If he didn't think fast, they would have no chance of survival. He sprinted the short distance to the Police HQ and despite the massive gate being shut he two-stepped over the 15-foot wall with minor aid from the Force before landing in the courtyard. There were numerous military inside, some injured, some tending to the injured, others still milling about. As the Exarch approached the throng of people he was greeted by several salutes.

"Sergeant Milloy sir, your squad is en route to this location, our orders are to suppress the rioters at all costs, direct from High Command."

Raist paused momentarily before speaking "Belay those orders.... Take every capable man and rally every citizen you can find. Secure passage to an extraction point at the park northwest of the city. If they don't go with you, shoot them, its that simple. We cannot afford to waste time here, our lives are at stake."

No more was said between them, just a salute. The Sergeant left to relay his orders and Raist looked outside of the gates which slowly began to open.

Chaos..... the only word that could describe it. The worst was yet to come.... but for Raistlin he knew there was only one solution, Victory, or Death.


08-07-2009 00:09:57

Dead Drop Location Alpha-Zulu
Builder Brannik's Armor Warehouse

A dark blue Lambda-class shuttle docked with the central boarding tube of a free-floating space station and a robed Angral walked down the tube to where a Trandoshan guard clad in the ceremonial armor of that race and armed with a likewise axe stood in front of a durasteel door.

In butchered Basic, the Trandoshan halted the hooded Sith. "What..ye..want?"

Switching to what he knew of the Trandoshan language, the Sapphire Commander replied. <"I am here to pick up an order from Brannik. My name is Angral">

Whatever passed for a Trandoshan smile was what the Human got in return from the guard and the alien rapped on the sliding door and ushered Angral into a small workshop. Minutes later, a Bith appeared, dressed in dirty worker fatigues with a tool belt around his waist and racer googles atop his head.

"Yeah? Can I help you?" asked the Bith who identified himself as Brannik.

"I'm here to pick up Gruttu's order of seven custom sets of armor" came Angral's answer and recognition dawned on the Builder as he ran through a list of customers on a datapad.

"Ok, yeah, here we go. Seven sets of custom armor, normal agreement of such and paid in advance. This way, please" muttered Brannik and he showed Angral to a saferoom where seven sets of beautiful armor in a deep sapphire color for the undersuit and gray armor plates were laying on a table.

"Care to explain how to use it? Gruttu would be quite pissed if I couldn't properly show his new guards how to operate their new armor" prompted the Sith Guardian.

"Fine, fine" grumbled Brannik and he picked up a set of armor and went through the various features; the peel-back helmet, the bio-linking that would attach the wearer to their chosen starfighter and be able to access that starfighters essential controls at any time, as well as the undersuit that was fire resistant and could provide fresh oxygen to the wearer for 15 minutes of hard vacuum. Each plate was individually attached to maximize mobility and protection and could absorb the energy of a low-powered blaster bolt and shrapnel, with the Sapphire crest, called the Wings of Victory, painted painstakingly on the right shoulder pauldron.

The helmet was another piece of masterful artistry, looking identical to the flight suit helmet, the only difference was that no skin whatsoever was shown and only a voice plate and sapphire visor stuck out from the otherwise dull gray and subdued silver paintjob. Inside, however, was a full tactical suite that displayed a map of a 4 kilometer radius and icons of friendlies, tangos, and key locations. A multi-link communication unit was also present, allowing all seven members of the Team to communicate at the same time, instead of individual channels. Finally, a feature was present that allowed a continious cycle of fresh air to be moved into the helmet and used air recycled air out, keeping the wearer from overheating.

"Well there you go, a very nice suit, one of my best if I may so. Now, may I ask a question?" finished Brannik as he watched Angral put his chosen suit of armor on and slide his 22T4 blaster pistol into a thigh holster.

"I suppose so, sure" answered the Commander, raising an eyebrow at the armor smith.

"What does some inn-keep's guards need for such a high-tech suit? It isn't like he's some mob boss...or is he?"

"Oh...right...he doesn't. My Battleteam does" answered Angral.

"Your Battle-what!?" started Brannik before he went flying into a wall as a blue plasma bolt shot out of the Sith's 22T4 and burrowed into the Builder's head, killing him instantly.

Looking down at the corpse, the Commander carefully placed the other six sets of armor in a black duffel bag before withdrawing two Throwing Knives and holding them lightly between his fingers. Stepping out of the saferoom (which was sound proof), Angral let fly the twin knives and they found their mark in the soft flesh of the oblivious Trandoshan guard's neck, killing him instantly.

Leaving only blood behind him, Sapphire Commander Angral re-boarded the Battleteam shuttle and set course for the Marakith Skyhook, because before he could present his Battleteam with the gift of new armor, he had to find the one member of the House Ludo Kressh Summit...Quaestor Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow.

Kano Tor Pepoi

08-07-2009 22:18:27

Outside Ragnos Cathedral

Once outside Ryuk dropped the hood on his cloak to be sure that if there was something he was sensing that he didn't miss it. His hand was tight around the hilt of his sith sword tho it still remained in the sheath. The burning building all around caused the most eerie glow to be cast on the area and added to the tension as Ryuk silently walked to where his gut was sending him.

Minutes seem like hours as Ryuk walked around the cathedral until he heard footsteps moving quickly behind him. As he jumped around to see who had managed to sneak up on him he was hit. A solid figure slammed Ryuk to the ground and made him roll a few times. Coming out of the roll Ryuk brought himself right side up and onto his feet to face his attacker, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior.

This was it. Ryuk's first true battle since joining the Dark Brotherhood and learning the ways of the dark side. Ryuk calmly got to his feet to face his enemy. It stood taller than him and in the darkness with nothing but distant flames causing light the attackers face look almost like a skull. This thing was what caused all the destruction and pain to the Dark Brotherhood. It was THE ENEMY and needed to die. Ryuk reached for his Sith sword but it wasn't there. He knew instantly that he dropped it when hit from behind, a rookie mistake.

The Vong swung a long whip at Ryuk and he rolled to the side to avoid its great force that sliced threw a large rock in his place. Thinking quickly Ryuk focused on the rock and sent it flying at his attacker. The Vong With ease cut the rock in two using the whip. Ryuk hadn't noticed or cared because the rock ocupied the Vong long enough to spot where the sword had handed. With a quick burst the sword flew right into Ryuks hands as he took stance for a real fight.

The Vong slashed over and over at Ryuk and ever shot was deflected with the sword until it was wrapped up in the whip. Ryuk pulled and pulled to free his sword then gave in. He released the grip on the sword throwing the Vong off balance and used a burst of speed to quickly close the gap between the massive attacker and himself. The sword quickly caught up with Ryuk and he took total advantage of the moment. With a quick leap and a high kick Ryuk forced the sword into the Vongs chest but the massive attacker still didn't seem ready to go down.

The Vong used the handle of the whip like a club and caught Ryuk in the face knocking him back several feet. Sword still sticking from his chest the Vong swung the whip at Ryuk again. Ryuk rolled to the right and then focused as hard and with everything he had on the blade of his Sith sword, then when he thought it was time Ryuk pulled the sword strait up and threw the rest of the Vong warrior. The whip fell from the Vongs hand as he dropped to the ground face first with a thud. Drained from the fight Ryuk dropped to his knees and stared at the Vong Warrior.

Ryuk gained his breath back and retrieved his sword. He knew this was a great weapon. Something about a sword is just way more personal he thought to himself as he made his way back up to his quarters and passed out face down still wearing his armor.


09-07-2009 10:48:47

Ragnos Cathedral

Apprentice Arack Tavar gasped awake from his deep slumber that had befallen him, cold sweat rolling off of him. Quickly rising, Tavar ran over to where his small gear cubby was located and opened the door and pulled out the footlocker that was within. Organized neatly inside was Arack's Brotherhood Combat Armor, vibroblade, and disassembled Prax Arms AXM 50.

There was no lightsaber there, nor a silver knife...then what had his dream had been about? It felt so real...the lightsaber, the Peace Brigade bastards, their deaths at his hands, the power...oh the power. It had felt like Taris all over again. Gathering himself, the Apprentice quickly grabbed a towel and undersuit to his armor and speed-walked down to the hall to where the nearest sani-steam was located.

Twenty minutes later, Arack Tavar sat on the edge of his bed, buckling his right combat boot. Rising, the now-clean Journeyman slid his vibroblade through the scabbard at his waist and his assault rifle snug in the back-sling. Pulling his advanced combat helmet on, the Apprentice looked at himself in the mirror and a black armored wraith stared back.

A lot had changed since his days on Iego as a Cutter for his family's drug trade and then later as a Lieutenant for their special tactics unit. Sighing to himself, Arack hit a button on his waist and the helmet closed shut, activating the internal Heads-Up-Display.

Glancing once more in the mirror, the Apprentice began to walk towards the southern exit of his new home when his datapad beeped. Looking down at the gauntlet installed device, Tavar accepted the message from Rollmaster Manji Keibatsu Sadow.

Apprentice Tavar,
On orders of Quaestor Jade Sadow, you have been assigned to the Night Raptors Battleteam. You are to report to Commander Fremoc Pepoi immediatly for further orders concerning your part in these coming battles. Good luck.
~ Epis Manji Sadow

Arack quickly read the message and his adrenaline started pumping as he thought of seeing real combat with real Brotherhood soldiers...soldiers that could what he did but only on more powerful levels. Quickly turning direction, Arack Tavar walked down the large corridors of the Cathedral, coming to door that was given as his destination in his orders from Manji.

Taking off his helmet and gathering himself, the Obelisk Apprentice knocked thrice on the door.

OOC: This post is a desperate attempt to retcon what happened concerning my character, his demotion, and the previous post I made as a DJK. Basically, the DJK post was a dream about Arack's eventual future, but hopefully we'll have Tarthos once again under HMR/CNS control by then =P. Thank you

Ylith Pandemonium

09-07-2009 14:00:24

Ragnos Cathedral - Security Bay

It had been a few days since Ylith had returned to the Orian system from his two years of exile. He had not
forgotten the way he left the clan during the disarray of the Batlle of Lehon and the aftermath that ensued.
He had arrived in a half broken shuttle greeted by no other than his ex-wife Jade Sadow, it was a strange
meeting but one that turned for the best none-the-less. He had to stay in the security bay untill everything
was checked, what a waste of time, what a waste altogether.

He groaned as pain struck trough his arm, the pain hit him like a sharp dagger piercing his flesh and trailing
upwards towards his neck. Blood seeped through his bandages onto his robe and onto the floor, he shook his
head, the Force was unable to be called at his will. He had been unable to call upon the Force ever since he
fought the Vong and they tore his spirit asunder.

The Sith sat down and placed his face into his hands as the images of the Battle of Lehon pierced his memory,
the horrific retaliation by the Darth that sparked his Force Connection but did not heal it. Instead the Force was
a stream of fire, unstable and uncontrolled. Suddenly the guards were shouting and calling out commands, the
Valheru moved up and walked towards the forcefield to see what was up.

"They are here, again!"

"What?! What about the Dlarit armies?"

"Who knows? We need to secure the city!"

"What of the prisoner?"

"Let him rot, the betrayal of the Scorpion is not forgotten."

As he heard the guards leave he started to walk around in his cell, walking from back to forth looking for a way out
before he heard another set of footsteps. He moved to the back of the room untill he heard someone clear its throath.

"Again, I have no means to betray Naga Sadow again and..- As he turned to see who it was he was silenced. - You?"

"Yes, now here is your equipment, I want you to go to the city and fight off the Vong there. Do not fail me else you
will find yourself in here again." Jade said and she gave him his sword, mask and saber.

He bowed slightly and turned his serpentine eyes to her as she left. "Jade."
"Be careful."

She nodded and moved out. Leaving Ylith with his gear. He quickly clipped his mask to his outer robe while binding his
sword to his belt with on the other side his saber. He took a deep breath and knew that this was his chance to prove himself
and to clear his name from the guilt that was placed upon it. He had to re-earn his place within the Clan and that he planned
to do. Determined he set out to leave Ragnos Cathedral, fight off the cursed Yuuzhan Vong and reclaim his honour.


09-07-2009 19:12:54

Vanise Tower
Seng Karash

The zabrak moved forward, his saber slashing and twirling and Malisane and Agrist backed towards the stairs. Severina continued to lean in a relaxed manner against the balcony watching. The two battlelords counterattacked as best they could, looking for a gap in the zabraks attack and defence routines that didn't seem to be there. The stairs were right behind them now and Malisane was growing increasingly concerned, Severina was playing with them. Occupied with the Zabrak and unable to concentrate on anything else she could kill them both in a heartbeat. He guessed Agrist knew it as well.

"I've been waiting for this a long time I am not in a hurry to end this," she said as if reading his thoughts, "you are doing well so far. How long until he breaks through?"
The two equites ignored her, continuing to block and counter against the zabraks deadly moves, cautious against taking a step down the stairs and giving the zabrak the height advantage. Below them they heard a moving of broken furniture as Gorbane the bodyguard slowly got to his feet. He too could easily shoot down both Sith from behind and they knew it. Malisane threw a side glance at Agrist, and met the mercenaries eye for a second. "Now!"

Both equites leapt sidewards and backwards twisting in the air up and over the balcony, narrowly missing the ceiling and landed in unison on the ground floor, startling Gorbane who quickly moved backwards covering them and the doorway. The battlelords ignored him, concentrating on the zabrak who watched them with emotionless eyes, before slowly walking down the stairs.towards them. Above Severina moved forward to get a better view, the same infuriatingly amused and interested look on her face. A second later both equites leapt forward at the zabrak and once again the dual bladed saber met both of their blades with breathtaking speed and precision, foiling the attack. Then he was on them, his weapon leaving trails of light in the air as it twirled and stabbed at them, forcing them back on the defensive. Agrist wrenched a chair from the floor sending it spinning through the air at the zabrak and a second later a blast of force lightning from above obliterated it. "No cheating," Severina said in mock chastisement, laughing to herself.

"We're screwed," Malisane muttered inside Agrist's head.
"Never say die De Ath," the mercenary replied as he blocked a head cut, "now shut it and concentrate!"
Malisane did so, trying a slash at the zabraks side as he blocked an overhead cut from Agrist. The seperate clash of blades as the zabrak blocked one blade and the other in sequence almost blended together, his speed was terrifying.What happened next also was. Malisane leapt back as Agrists saber hand fell to the floor, hilt still gripped in it, and the mercenary gasped as the zabraks blade slashed into his side. He fell gasping to the floor at the zabraks feet, fighting off the agony that raged through him.

Malisane backed off as the zabraks gaze focused on him, and the enemy advanced slowly. Malisane took a deep breath. "Severina call him off."
"Now why should I do that?" she asked.
"I can help you."
She indicated the zabrak, who had paused briefly, hearing his mistress's voice. "I have enough help."
"Not that kind," Malisane said quickly, "information."
She leaned forward regarding him curiously. "I can get you the location of the sceptre, make it easier for you. It will lead you straight to the heart of the force." There was a pained exclaimation of alarm from the prone Agrist.
He could see she was suprised. "You have that information?"
"I can get it Severina, I am a Son of Sadow now, I have more resources than before."
He waited, meeting the gaze of the zabrak. "When?"
"Give me half an hour, and I take Agrist out of here. That's the deal."
"I don't waste assets Severina, as don't you."
"What do you propose?" she asked, sounding eager now.
"I will be in the basement of Dystopia. I will have what you need."
"Do not try to trap me Malisane," she told him, "if there are a half a dozen Sadows waiting I will sense them before they do me. And when they are gone I will send my zabrak after you. Tommorow. Next week. Next month. You will die painfully."
"Just me. Half an hour. Dystopia."
"Very well. Take your friend and leave."
Malisane stooped and picked up Agrist, who was unconsious now, and carried him outside, as the suspicious Gorbane opened the door. When it was closed Gorbane glanced at her. "It will be a trap."
"If it is I will know," she said confidently, "but do not underestimate that ones instinct for self preservation. He sways with the wind and survives. We shall see what he does."

Outside Malisane handed Agrist over to two suprised emergency medics. "Take him to the skyhook," he ordered, "and don't ask any stupid questions. Be quick about it."
"Yes sir," one replied.
Malisane watched them leave, then glanced up to where the dark tower of Dystopia dwarfed the buildings around it. "Half an hour," he muttered, "I need to think of something spectacular."


10-07-2009 21:29:16

Ragnos Cathedral
Pepoi Quarters

Fremoc looked at the troubled, bald Sith that had entered his room. Valorian panted from running from his own quarters to Fremoc's he doubled over for a minute before straightening himself. There was a serious look on his face but one that was also filled with anger and worry.

“Fremoc, the Night Hawks have been ambushed. We need to go help them,” said his fellow Knight breathlessly.

“Assemble the men, and get them to the entrance now!” Fremoc ordered and turned and began to put his weapons back onto his belt as Valorian went to leave.

“Commander, there’s someone outside for you,” said Valorian as he left, his cybernetic leg joints whining as he ran back to his own quarters.

“Enter, and this better be important!” Fremoc was angry, his friends were outside the Cathedral and he didn’t have time for trivial things.

“I believe so sir, Apprentice Arack Tavar. I got transferred into your unit today, sir,” said the Apprentice. Arack stood in the Knight’s door way as Fremoc finished equipping himself.

“Orders of your transfer please,” Demonic said holding out his hand. The Apprentice gave him the datapad with the message from Manji opened. Fremoc handed the datapad back and grabbed his assault and started to exit the room. “Welcome then. We are responding to an ambush, get that helmet on and stick with me. You might learn a few things.”

“Dad! What about me?” asked Thomas Pepoi. Obviously he wanted to go with them, he was training really hard to be as good as his father if not better.

“Next time, I promise junior.” With that Fremoc shut the door and heard the door lock before walking to the entrance of the Cathedral. The entire team was waiting, he could sense everyone’s excitement and wanting to get out there. “Everyone ready?” he said with a smile and pulled the bolt to his assault rifle back with a loud clack.

“Yes, sir!” every yelled in unison.

“Then let’s go kick some Vong tail!”

Nekura Manji

12-07-2009 06:53:12

Ragnos Cathedral
Rollmaster's Quarters

It was a straightforward dream that disturbed the Epis, easily understood and easily accounted for.

He sat in the middle of a vast, black-dusted plain, occasional shards of obsidian and dark crystals jutting from the ground at obscene angles. The wind howled mournfully, overtones of loss and regret easily heard in the shrieking as it seared across the blackened landscape, pushing dust about in a futile display of rage.

Before him stood a brown-robed figure. Green head-tresses spilled from the figure's head and down his back, pushed slightly by the wind as he stared at the seated Keibatsu. Two blazing green lightsabers thrummed in the figure's hands, pointed at the ground. Every time he had the dream, Manji could feel an overwhelming sense of hate and aggression coursing through his body at the sight of the brown-robed figure, a burning desire to surge forward and rip the foe apart limb-from-limb. Every time, that desire was counterbalanced by crippling self-doubt. Slowly, he lifted his head to stare into the eyes of the being standing before him. The figure's eyes gazed down at him, not mocking or triumphant, not full of anger- but full of sorrow, regret, and worst of all, pity.

As that knowledge rushed into his mind Manji let out a bloodcurdling roar that jolted him out of sleep. His heart thumped painfully as he tried to come to terms with the knowledge that Ayln'ohn wasn't present and he couldn't gut the Nautolan like the fish that he was.

An insistent beeping noise pulled the Keibatsu off the futon and towards his terminal, his fingers tapping across the keys sluggishly. Eyes still muggy from sleep, Manji stared at the incoming message then groaned at the thought of having to wake up properly.

Night Hawks ambushed in Residential District- Night Raptors moving to their aid. Assistance appreciated.
~DJK Fremoc Pepoi

Pushing himself to his feet, Manji rubbed the last vestiges of sleep from his eyes vigorously and looked around for his weapons. The crumpled, soot-stained kimono was swiftly exchanged for another freshly-laundered black garment, the Epis also pulling on a pair of hakama and his boots. Grabbing his lightsaber and reverently taking the Kunisada blade from the stand on which it rested, Manji strode out of the room to find Fremoc and get the Night Hawks out of this mess.


12-07-2009 07:31:26

Seng Karash

Malisane pushed past the guard on the clubs entrance, where two grim faced bouncers, blasters at their hips, watched the chaos around them and prepared to deal severly with anyone looting or rioting. Once inside the main entrance area Malisane stopped, noticing the figure of Jenna Talith, Managing Director since he had resigned,
"Ah Jagos," she said turning to him, "I was about to contact you, we've having an emergency meeting upstairs to discuss the damage in Lor Zatean from these attacks."
"I am busy," Malisane replied, "I have urgent matters to attend to."
"This is important Jagos," she replied.
He considered disabling her subtly with a blow to the throat, then shook his head. "Give me ten minutes, then I will join you."
She nodded, "Very well, we're in Atmosphere on the top level."
"I know where it is," Malisane replied as he entered the lift, hitting the putton and descending.
A few seconds late he stepped out into the Hole, the clubs underground industrial and goth floor, with it's red walls and cages the customers danced in beneath the smoke machines that provided the gloomy hellish enviroment. Most of the effects were off but the room was still dimmly lit. He grabbed a bottle of ewok liquor from behind the bar and slumped onto a comfy red sofa. His mind worked feverously. He was out of ideas, and the clock was ticking.

Vanise Tower
Seng Karash

"It's been twenty minutes mistress," Gorbane pointed out, "and it might take a while to walk there."
She nodded. "We will leave." She turned to the zabrak. "You will stay here, Do not answer the door. If anyone does come in kill them discreetly."
She picked up a scarf, wrapping it around her shoulders above her dress, then lead Gorbane out onto the streets. The flames seemed to be lessened now, and overhead more emergency craft flew the injured to the cities hospitals and crisis centres. "The Yuuzhan Vong do not appear to have subtety amongst their traits," she said, disaproving of the unfocused attacks, "they have achieved nothing."
"They may be back mistress," Gorbane replied.
"By that time I intend to be long gone, if Malisane keeps his word."

Dark Hall
Four Years Ago

The master looked up from the Marakith plans. "Your question is impertient Warrior," he replied, "such knowledge is unsuitable for one of your rank."
Malisane took a deep breath. "I do not seek to learn the ability Master Zorrizor, only to learn how to counter it. Considering my recent history, and my origins, I have a vested interest."
The Deputy Grandmaster sat back in his chair, staring at the Aedile stood before him. "Very well. I of course know of such uses of the force, though so far thankfully I have yet to need it."
Malisane waited eagerly for the Faleen elder to continue. He had to know.
Xanos looked at him. "One skilled in this ability must prepare their spirit beforehand. That requires time, if not much, and knowledge of their impending death."
Malisane nodded. "So if they could be killed instantly, in a way they could not predict, they would have no preparation?"
The Elder nodded. "That is no easy task, how would you arrange such circumstances? An elder skilled enough to achieve a transferance is not one to be caught unawares, or killed so easily with no perception of what is to come or the intentions of their assassin. Such a task is beyond a strength and understanding you are likely to achieve for many a decade, if ever Malisan]e."
Malisane nodded. "Perhaps you are correct Master Zorrizor."
"Now leave me."
Malisane bowed and left.

Malisane took another swig of the liquor. It sounded so easy and yet so impossible. What could he do that Severina with all her mental and force powers could not detect or predict? Then his gaze took in a glowing object in the corner of the room, and as he looked at it a plan began to emerge. Quickly he got to his feet, striding towards the lift and his private quarters above. He had to work fast by now she would be on her way.
A few minutes later he returned to the Hole. His preparations took a minute and he worked intensely with a single minded purpose, then he sat back on the sofa. Taking out a needle, he inserted it into a small vial, then raised his sleeve and slowly injected it into his arm. Then he sat back and waited for her to arrive.

Ylith Pandemonium

12-07-2009 11:52:34

Ragnos Cathedral - Residental District

Ylith moved through the hallways within Ragnos Catherdral untill he heard the sounds of fighting nearby,
shouts of Vong roaring through the air while other shouts commanded the Night Hawks to stand firm and
fight back. Remembering himself to be the battleteam leader a long time ago the Valheru couldn't help
but to smirk.

"For old times sake..." he said to himself silently while placing his Mask over his face.


"Set up a Perimiter! Don't let them get through!" Raven commanded, the Night Hawks were surrounded by
the Vong who were getting closer and closer. The rest of the Nigth Hawks present were wielding either
sabers of blasters to keep the monstocities at bay.

"Commander!" One of them called out, Raven glanced behind him to see a Vong laughing menacingly, his
skin tearing as he did by hooks going up from his torso armour ripping through his face. Raven flinched, trying
to bring his saber up but knew he wouldnt be in time. His eyes widened as suddenly the Vong's arms and head
fell off, and as the body too fell Raven saw the Battlemaster standing behind it.

"Need help?"

"Depends who you are..." Raven got up and the Valheru spun his blade around, slashing through another one
of the Vong who planted his Amphistaff into the Sith's shoulder. Ylith groaned and grabbed the Vong's head
and twisted it, breaking it's neck with a sickening crack.

"Ylith Atema, reporting for duty."

"Atema..? Ylith..? You were presumed dead!" Raven said and his saber burned through flesh as he spun around.

"It takes more than that to kill me. Now help me bring that stud down." Ylith pointed at a half broken stud at
the far side of one of the hallways, if they brought it down they would seal one side off for the Vong to get

Raven nodded and they both moved and extended their arms. Ylith activated his Masks Neural Stimulator and
was able to command the Force normally, together with Raven he was able to break and pull the stud away,
having the ceiling collapse on a fw Vong trying to get through and to block that side. They were still ambushed
but now only from one side, lightening the load.

"Ylith, Welcome to the Night Hawks squad." Raven said and as the Valheru removed his mask he eyed the
Human. "Glad to be of service...What is the plan?"
"For starters, get these guys off of our backs..." The Night Hawk leader said while nodding towards the Vong
who were flanking them and the warriors running towards them.

Ylith removed his torn outer robe, his torso did not have any armour except the bandages covering his lower
torso and his right arm. he took hold of his Phoenix Blade and activated his Lightwave Shield
To block incoming fire from the Vong. "very well, lets go and drink their blood." The Valheru said and Raven
nodded with a grin.


12-07-2009 22:20:31

Seng Karash

Severina and Gorbane walked up the steps to the closed nightclub. A member of staff approached them, and his eyes widened when he recognised one of the city's most famous citizens. "Miss Vanise, this is an honour. Unfortunatley the club is currently closed."
Severina glanced at him. "I am here to see Jagos Var," she said using his official name, "I am invited."
The man looked flustered, "Certainly, Mr Var is in the basement, but I believe that he is about to meet the rest of the directors on the top level in a short while."
Severina pushed past him, "It won't take long." Gorbane glanced at the man then followed her inside.

Gorbane left the lift first, moving out into the dimmly lit room, hand holding the blaster at his belt. "It seems secure mistress."
"I can sense that," Severina snapped as she pushed past him.
"He's over there," Gorbane pointed out to where the tall figure of the Battlelord was sat on a sofa, head back against the cussion.
Severina approached Malisane curiously, and looked down at him. He was sat slumped and immobile, his face pale and his eyes staring blankly ahead of him.
Gorbane frowned. "What's wrong with him?"
Severina let her mind enter the Battlelords, then she frowned. "He's comatose," she replied, "some sort of mental supressant. His head is a mess."
"Can you heal him?" Gorbane asked.
She shook her head. "He must have taken something to try and block me out and overdone it. I don't have a lot to work with."

Gorbane drew his blaster, looking around the room. "He's planned some sort of trap."
She gave him a contemptious look. "Don't you think I could sense.if there was?"
He took a deep breath. "Sorry mistress. What's that?" He walked over to a table, noticing a metal crate about a foot square under it.
"Wait," she said, then she shrugged. "Empty."
"It mght be what he wanted to bargain with," Gorbane insisted.
"It's empty," she repeated.

Carefully Gorbane crouched down and opened the box. "It isn't," he said rearing back in disgust. Inside blinking in the sudden light the head of Talorthane Zemar looked up at him angrily, and made a few incoherant sounds.
Severina drew closer. A yuuzhan vong, no wonder she hadn't been able to sense anything inside it. "He wanted to bargain with a disembodied Vong?"
"Maybe it has information?" Gorbane replied, "it seems to be trying to say something." He touched the vongs mouth. "It's been glued." He slowly pried the mouth open. "There's something in here." he said in alarm glimpsing a hint of metal.

The entire Dystopia building shook as the explosion from the basement ripped through The Hole and upwards, and a second later the power generator exploded, deactivating the forcefields around the clubs prefabricated floor sections. People in the streets below looked up in terror as a tremendous screech of tearing metal indicated that the joins between the sections tore apart, and the building wobbled. A second later they screamed as half way up the fifth and sixth floors parted, the floors above also ripping apart and like falling building blocks they fell downwards, the highest containing Atmosphere where the Dystopian Leisure directors were meeting fell the furthest hitting the dome containing Seng Karash's park district. The dome shimmered but held as explosion rocked raining debris in the streets around. A second later Dystopia's hangar crashed into a row of restaurants and bars near the park, among them the Adelphi cafe and Vanise Tower, the latter collapsing and exploding under the weight of the falling section. As the next levels containing the guest accomodation floors and Euphoria fell a sudden blast of turbolaser fire from Marakith hit and disintergrated them, showering molten debris onto the streets below but averting further major destruction. A tractor beam from the Skyhook fixed on the remaining levels, holding them in place and held them in place, but a fire was ripping through them as system after system failed and the structure continued to buckle.

The death toll in the Leisure district was in the hundreds, and many more injured victims were being rescued adding to the dead from the earlier attack. The area around the remaining black and gutten sections of Dystopia had been cleared by the police and demolition ships had been scrambled to disasemble and remove them. A news broadcast said the cause of the disaster was unclear at this time, but it was believed that earlier damage to the building had lead to structural weaking and the failure of the safety systems. This was unable to be verified as it was believed that the Board of Dystopian Leisure had been in the building at the time and had perished along with it's founder and former Planetary Governor who witnesses had seen entering the building half an hour earlier.

Further away but still within the cordoned off area some of the debris of the destroyed Vanise Tower shifted, unoticed by the emergency services nearby, and a figure slowly pushed it from him. He stood up, shaking his head to clear it, memories and emotions flooding back with an immense feeling of freedom. He looked around him in appreciation at the destruction, then quickly pulled his hood over his head and slipped away.


18-07-2009 15:23:34

Marakith Skyhook Shuttle Orenth
Seng Karash

No sooner had Epis Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow stepped from the shuttle onto Seng Karash’s devastated streets he felt the rumblings of the destruction of Dystopia shake his very bones.

His famed tripartite eyes, sharp and set within his thinly mustachioed face, held the light of one who had seen much in recent years as they cut towards the distant plume of dust and flame that bloomed from the world-shaking event; the small wrinkles that now adorned their corners said as much. He was a little older, a little heavier, a little more broad of chest and shoulder now than when he first joined the Sadowans; thankfully, he was also more than a little wiser, as his current rank and station demanded it be so. Despite the blessings of his genetics, age and experience, when all was said and done, affected all beings, and Time marched on inexorably. The Keibatsu held no grandiose and Plagueian delusions of immortality.

Not yet, anyway.

Sai was appointed by Robert to be the new Kresshian Quaestor, and his first order of business was to rebuild his demolished House; in many ways, his current struggle was mirrored by the destruction wrought upon Aeotheran by the cursed Vong and their ilk, the Peace Brigade.

The Son of Sadow was to firstly find out why D:SOG had failed so miserably; his new offices were supposed to be the bulwark against the very thing that had him picking through the rubble, assessing the damage and attempting to assuage the varied and sundry war refugees, made homeless, and hopeless, by the cowen’s attack. Yet, after he took the office of Quaestor and reviewed the security logs on board the Skyhook, he found something very..interesting: not a shot had been fired by Marakith in the planet’s defense.

Not a single turbolaser had leapt from a barrel, not one fighter had been launched from the hangar.


That act; rather, the lack of one, had been telling in and of itself: with his predecessor’s resignation, corruption had been allowed to run rampant within the walls of the floating fortress. The Son of Sadow would need to root it out at its source.

To do that, he surmised as he discretely delved within the Dark Side to help him lift a torn section of prefab wall off some faceless mundane, he would need help. Help, from someone nearly as resourceful, and powerful, as he. But to ensure that help would come, he would first need to make sure that they would have as much to lose as he did if things were not set right.

Never taking his eyes from the direction of Dystopia, he reached out and grabbed a soldier. His single utterance would set in motion a chain of events that would shape the course of House Ludo Kressh in the months and years to come:

“Bring me Malisane.”

Nekura Manji

18-07-2009 22:01:13

Kar Alabrek
Residential District

Fountains and carefully-manicured lines of hedges and trees had filled the Residential District, providing a pleasant counterpoint to the forbidding grey stone of the buildings enclosing the area. Before the Yuuzhan Vong attack, benches and carefully-carved pillars had been scattered around a small park in a circular space between some of the houses; tall trees had cast their vibrant branches over the heads of those who walked beneath. Now, only charred stumps remained of the trees; only lumps of disfigured stone remained of the pillars and benches. The park had been desecrated by both the initial bombardment and the ensuing combat that raged through it. The delicate archways that led into the park had been brought down, the closely packed and enclosed hallways that ran down each side of the grey stone buildings strewn with rubble.

Throwing his lightsaber up to smash away a blaster bolt, Raven moved calmly backwards into the open, leading his squad out of the corridors in which they had been trapped. A motley squad of Yuuzhan Vong and a few lightly-armoured members of the Peace Brigade followed them, the Peace Brigade fighters laying down a curtain of fire as the Vong advanced menacingly. Suddenly one of the Vong broke free of the line and charged, amphistaff rising to strike swiftly at Ylith's shoulder. The Battlemaster lashed out with his Phoenix Blade, sparks flashing from the contact between the two weapons. The amphistaff suddenly relaxed and tried to coil around Ylith's neck as Raven stepped smartly forwards and sent his crimson blade towards the Vong's head. A swift duck sent the alien out of his range, the amphistaff loosening as Ylith thrust forward with the Phoenix Blade, treated durasteel sliding across the Vong's hardened carapace.

Together, the two Night Hawks pushed the monster back, until a lucky chance presented itself. Nearby, Ekeia and Bal continued to fend off the advancing members of the Peace Brigade with their lightsabers- suddenly, a scarlet bolt flashed off Ekeia's lightsaber and smashed into the Vong's back, staggering the alien slightly. Raven and Ylith took the chance, thrusting forward with their weapons and dismembering the Yuuzhan Vong.

As the monster fell they heard shouts from the other side of the plaza, over the cries of their attackers. Several lightsabers were thrust into the air as two figures, one black-robed and the other armoured, charged into the Yuuzhan Vong and the Peace Brigade from their flank, weapons humming loudly.

Cutting his way through several stunned members of the Peace Brigade with frightening dexterity, Manji grinned widely at Raven, baggy trousers swirling around him from the speed of his movement.

"We're here to get your people back to the Cathedral. Perfect timing, huh?"

Behind him, Fremoc and his Night Raptors set to butchering the remaining attackers with their weight of numbers, the Knight's sapphire blade claiming the life of another Peace Brigade soldier terrified by how suddenly the battle had shifted against them. The last Yuuzhan Vong still standing was putting up a ferocious fight, however, surrounded by Fremoc's Night Raptors. Valorian, Arack, and Ryuk circled the monster with their weapons levelled at it, the Vong turning to snarl at them angrily.

Striding towards them, Manji's face became serious as his one good eye locked with the two gleaming orbs of the alien. His voice was filled with cold fury as he spoke.

"It's over, beast. You will die here."

The Vong hissed a snarling response back at him, contempt infusing it's voice.

"It is you who will die, Jeedai!"

Like a flash Manji surged forwards, the Journeymen moving backwards as the hakama flared around him from the force of the charge. The curiously-fashioned silver lightsaber he bore smashed against the Vong's amphistaff, strength driving the beast backwards. It responded quickly and furiously, hurling Manji away; the Epis' blade whirled around his body as he moved backwards, good eye taking in every movement that the alien made.

The Vong snarled sibilantly and rushed forwards, amphistaff coiling and hissing as it lashed towards Manji's neck. Only natural instinct saved the Epis as he bent over backwards, spine bending to allow the attack to pass over his head. Snapping back upright, Manji used the momentum to send his silver blade up and through the outstretched right arm of the Vong, the lightsaber buzzing fitfully as it met more resistance than it expected from the tough skin of the alien.

As the Vong screamed horribly, eyes shooting to it's mutilated arm, Manji stepped back and gestured to Raven and Ylith.

"You two, finish him off. Fremoc, what's our situation?"

The screams of the Vong were cut short as Fremoc stepped towards the Epis and cleared his throat, the bad news he bore made obvious in his expression.

"We've received a transmission from the Cathedral- enemies have breached the perimeter."


19-07-2009 00:12:38

Kar Alabrek
Residential District

"We've received a transmission from the Cathedral- enemies have breached the perimeter."

"How is that possible? We are holding them here!" yelled Manji with obvious rage in his voice.

"Manji, I believe the Vong and Peace Brigade are using this little skirmish as a diversion. I think they are going after the heart and soul of the Cathedral. That means Jade and Zaxen are at risk, as well as everyone else that is inside. Countless Journeymen, soldiers, and other personnel. And also..." the Knight's voice trailed off, but Manji knew that Thomas was his son.

"Yes I know. Raven, you are in charge out here now. Push the Vong back! Fremoc, you and I will go inside and start to clear out the place," anger seeping through the Epis' voice. Raven looked over at Manji and nodded, and started yelling orders at the some of the Night Raptors. Ryuk and Nix, as well as some of the other Raptors, looked back at their Commander wondering what they should do. Fremoc pointed at the Archpriest and nodded, and they understood the gesture to follow Raven's orders until he returned.

"Sir, requesting permission to tag along, sir!" said the enthusiastic Arack Tavar. Vong blood was smeared across his armor, as well as some sort of other alien blood that Fremoc assumed was from a Peace Brigade soldier.

"Sure kid, we might need an extra gun or so," replied the Rollmaster. "Shall we?" The trio returned began to return to the Cathedral when Fremoc's gauntlet began ringing. "What is it now?" Manji said with disgust, obviously not wanting to hear any more bad news.

"Sorry, but fires are breaking out throughout the Cathedral and-" Fremoc stopped mid-sentence. His gray eyes became distant and wide, as if trying to remember something.

"Commander? What's the problem?" asked the Apprentice.

"I.. I can't feel him Manji..." but before Manji could say anything the Knight was putting every ounce of energy and putting the Force to aid him, as he ran full sprint back into the Cathedral. He started bolting through the hall ways, jumping over bodies and small fires that had started until he reached his own quarters. Fremoc palmed the switch to open his door, but was welcomed with the insane heat resonating from the room as it was engulfed in flames. Fremoc trying to sense what was inside the room, could only feel so much with the fires going. The Knight couldn't feel his son's presence in the Force or even sense the body in the room. He collapsed to his knees as he felt his heart tear into two, and he let out a primal roar of anger, sorrow, sadness, and grief.

Manji and Arack finally caught up with the Knight as he slowly began to rise to his feet. Fremoc turned to the two men, his eyes turning from gray to a yellow and orange mix.

"I'll kill them all..." muttered the Knight.

"Then let's do it, and cut the talking," replied the Epis, who seemed to be joyous, wanting to retake the re-built Cathedral.

You let them kill our son Fremoc...

The voices where coming back again.


"Where's my dad? You said he'd be here!" yelled Thomas Pepoi. He was handcuffed and secured to a chair in a shuttle. Thomas was surrounded by lizard like creatures, known as ysalamiri.

"Shut up kid before we gag you!" answered a tall man from the cockpit. Thomas shut his mouth before he said anything else, and wondered if his dad wonder come and get him.


19-07-2009 17:44:57

Seng Karash

The streets of Seng Karash were a hive of activity – everywhere you looked, there were people in pain, people running, people trying to help out their families... And yet it all came to a standstill for one brief moment as Dystopia met its demise.

Dyrra’s first thought as she watched the pieces fall over the city didn’t really do the event justice.
Well, there go my chances of a quiet drink once this is all sorted out.

A fist grabbing her shoulder interrupted her thoughts. She spun round to see that the hand belonged to Tsainetomo Keibatsu, her House’s new Quaestor. Following his gaze, she realised he was staring past her at the destruction. She wasn’t even sure if he’d recognised her or just grabbed the first body he’d seen. His voice was completely calm when he spoke.

“Bring me Malisane.”

“Yes, sir,” Dyrra responded, sprinting away in the direction of the wreckage. She didn’t really know much about Malisane, but she knew he had something to do with Dystopia. Chances were, he’d be there or on his way there to assess the damage.

Ruins of Dystopia
Seng Karash

It was even more spectacular to see close up. There was a lot of wreckage. Dyrra looked round to see if she could see anyone she knew. Spotting some people who were trying to clear some of the rubble, she jogged over.

The clink of broken glass heralded her approach and one of them turned and saw her. She realised that she’d seen this man before, on the Skyhook, and in the robes of a Novice, if her memory was working as it should.

“Do you know where Malisane Sadow is?” she asked, being careful to keep her voice low in public. The man just shook his head sadly and pointed at the ruin.

“Under that.”

Dyrra began to swear.


20-07-2009 06:52:07

Intensive Care

Agrist looked up from his bed when the Quaestor came in. Following half an hour in surgery the mercenary was supposed to be asleep and recouperating but his mind was too active. His severed hand had been cauterised and bound and the wound in his side had been closed. He was quite heavily drugged up on painkillers and stimulants.
“You are well?” Sai asked.
“Can’t complain,” Agrist grunted.
“Care to tell me what the pair of you were up to?”
Agrist looked up at the ceiling. “Not particularly.”
Sai raised an eyebrow. “That is an unsatisfactory response.”
The mercenary continued to study the ceiling. “It’s all you’re getting.”
The Quaestor looked down at him. “I want the truth.”
“You can’t handle the truth,” Agrist replied.
“Don’t give me that.”
Agrist turned to fix the Quaestor with a look. “I am in no fit state or mood to explain this Quaestor. It was a personal matter De Ath and I were dealing with.”
Sai studied him, then went over to a wall display and clicked it on, then adjusted the signal until it showed overhead footage of the destruction in the Leisure district, panning round to show the gutted remnants of Dystopia. “Your personal business has destroyed a large part of the city below, and my Aedile is missing. Now he was seen entering the building an hour ago. You were dropped off with a medical crew outside Vanise Tower a few minutes previously by Malisane with critcal lightsaber wounds and the famous Meria Vanise left half an hour later and was seen entering Dystopia a few minutes before the explosion. She is also missing."
Agrist nodded. "I had no idea."
"Now do you want to explain? I'd like to point out that there is a very good medical facility in Gamuslag I can have you shuttled there."
The mercenary closed his eyes. "I have said all I have to say."
The Quaestor sighed. "Very well I shall speak to the Consul. He is less patient than I am."

The mercenary opened his eyes again when Sai had left. In truth he had a high degree of regard for the Epis, more than for most. How could he explain though? The news of Dystopia's destruction and De Ath and Severina's disappearance suprised him, though he had felt the last remnants of her grip on him gone when he had woken. So she was gone, if De Ath had lured her into a trap then he was impressed, even if it had cost the Battelord his life it was worth, if half of what she had said about the heart of the force was true.
His recollection of events was a bit blurred, partially due to his injuries and half due to the drugs they'd given him. One thing stood out, though Agrist was struggling to believe it. He couldn't actually be back could he? It must have been some trick of Severina's, or a lookalike? If it wasn't they might have a problem.

Seng Karash.
Near the starport.

Mithrarg Kor watched from the damaged building at the nearby repair vechicle that was lifting debris into a large compactor. Nearby his warriors sat in silence waiting for orders. Mithrarg got to his feet and walked over to the door, glancing out through the gap. It was nearly time to move. They would suspect nothing now, the attack had died down. He gripped his amphistaff and raised his hand in a signal. His warriors got to their feet, and the six Yuuzhan Vong moved out of the back door into the alley. It was quiet, the only sounds came from the main street. Mithrarg cast his mind back to the display of the streets. He moved forward slowly and carefully, the six of them moving in a line against the wall, shadows hiding them. This was almost too easy. He stopped, sensing something. A shadow could be made out in a doorway. He raised his hand again in a signal, then they moved forward and the shadow detached itself. It was a tall figure, with a robe pulled over it's head. Mithrarg could make out a tatooed face and red eyes that watched them with a calm curiousity.
"Jeedai," Mithrarg said in hatred, "Kill." As the six Yuuzhan Vong moved silently forward the Jeedai's double bladed saber snapped into life.

Mithrarg lay on his back on the ground, his helmet discarded and a glowing saber blade inches from his face with his staff and the five bodies of his subordinates nearby.. The Jeedai was studying him, the red eyes seeming to bore into his soul. The Jeedai coughed as if speaking was new to him, then in a hoarse voice asked. "What...are... you?"


21-07-2009 16:11:04

Jade snapped the head of a Brigade Solider and watched the limp body fall to the ground. The man actually thought she would be an easy target, just cause she was a girl in a training room, she proved him wrong.

She turned and moved towards her office. She could feel the various fires starting and her family members running around the new Cathedral defending and fighting. What she wanted to know was why the hell they needed to do so again, and why did their enemies manage to get inside?

The door to her office slide open at the same time as her sliver blade. Turning on the balls of her feet she sliced midsection taking out another solider who had found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Walking towards her desk she pulled up the security logs. The computer flashed a couple times, it was obvious the enemy was trying to gain access to the computer systems. She checked the logs for the past 6 hours and notice that nothing had happened, there had been no shots fired, no defense of any kind. The patrols had gone out as usual, but it wasn’t until they had been attacked face to face that things had happened with them. The cathedral though had done nothing to fight back. Jade frowned. Something or someone had gained access to the Cathedral and allowed the enemy to come closer, fooled the security team, or was the security team. Jade typed in a few pass codes she had programmed in. She knew the ones who had helped her make the hidden access wouldn’t be a problem, they weren’t around to tell anyone about it. The computer beeped as all the files were transferred to another computer in a safe location, erasing all files in the process form the Cathedrals computers.

Jade picked up her complink. “Zaxen.” The static response came first followed by a few grunting noises, a couple blaster shots pinging off of a light saber, and the two separated thuds of a body cut in half falling to the ground.

“Yes mistress.”

Jade smirked. “I take it you’ve finished your battle.”

“This small one, yes.”

“Good. We need to talk. But not over the complink, I don’t believe it is secure.” Jade thought for a moment. “Meet me on the roof of the Cathedral. We will be well hidden yet able to see down below.” It was a false location; one she knew Zaxen would be able to figure out was actually the heart of the Cathedral.

“I will meet you there.” The complink cut and she knew he was on his way.

Jade sighed and ran a hand through her hair before looking out the viewport, grabbing her extra dagger and blaster, hiding them on her body. Picking up the complink again she put in a secured channel, as much as she could trust it to be secured, “Quaestor Tsainetomo, Quaestor Jade.” Sai was part of a mini family of hers, not only was he a Sadow, but she had gotten to know him slightly by being an apprentice of Shin’ichi before the abomination left the Clan he had loved so much. Sai had also taken her on to help teach her a few things. Jade ran a hand over her abdomen, the wound only slightly healed since the fight with the beserker, the fight Sai had sent her on.

“Quaestor Jade, we are a little preoccupied over here.”

“Sai, we’re under attack.” Jade was upfront with it, but her voice carried a hint of worry for the man and his house as well as her own.

Sai sighed on the other end, “As are we.”

Jade paused, “I think we were hit from the inside.”

Tsainetomo frowned, if that was true then it was bigger then he first expected.


21-07-2009 23:17:09

Ragnos Cathedral
Grand Hall

Fremoc Pepoi moved like a torrent of pure Dark Side energy; Force pushes interspered with the flashing of his sapphire lightsaber blade. The death of Thomas...it was all he could think about as his lightsaber severed arm from shoulder, leg from knee, head from shoulders. Beside him, Apprentice Arack Tavar was barely a ripple in the Force compared to the Knight, his Firelance assault rifle spewing crimson blaster bolts at the Peace Brigands.

As the two Dark Jedi came before the huge oak doors of the Grand Hall, where the House of the Mentor met in times of war, a surge in the Force washed over them and a scream cut short by the blazing sear of a silver lightsaber echoed around the burning corridor and a Peace Brigadier, sans his head, came tumbling down from the upper-balcony. Following the intruder was the kimono-clad figure of Manji Sadow; the Commander and his trooper had split from the Rollmaster about twenty minutes ago to further exterminate the invasion forces....by the Brigand corpse at the feet of the Keibatsu, he had succeeded.

"You've done good work, Commander. And you as well, Tavar" said the Rollmaster, giving a nod of appreciation to the Krath and Obelisk.

"Thank you, sir. Shall we clear the hall together than? I hate to think that some scum of the underworld is seated on my mistress' throne" asked Fremoc, the Commander handing his lightsaber to the young man as he re-loaded his own blaster rifle. Manji shook his head in agreement;

"Yes, let us cleanse our hall of the brigands" Manji paused and look at Arack, then continued. "Journeyman, what close-quarters weapon do you carry?"

"Just a knife, Rollmaster" answered Tavar and he pulled a simple combat knife from his belt and gave it to the Epis. Fremoc, meawhile, took back his lightsaber from the apprentice.

"Well it's a good thing I found this then" Manji stated, smiling as he withdrew a sheathed longsword from his kimono and held it out to the apprentice.

"Epis Sadow...are you sure?" stammered Arack, wrapping a hand around the beautiful hilt, made of durasteel covered in tightly wound black leather. The durasilver blade was simply forged, but held a dark edge to it, being a double-edged variant. A twisted durasilver crossguard separated the actual blade from the hilt...simply put, it was a sword fit for a king or a captain of some royal guard...and it was his.

"Positive...besides, the Brigand wielding this sword was to much of a brute to have such a fantastic weapon. Now, we bloody it with the blood of his allies!" finished the Son of Sadow and he turned to the double doors of oak and raised both hands. Pushing forward, the doors buckled and caved in, flying back and squashing over a dozen Peace Brigands. Charging through the now gaping opening were the three Dark Jedi, a silver lightsaber leading a silver blade and sapphire lightsaber.

Arack ducked under a swinging vibro-mace and brought up his new longsword up, the shining steel blade servering sinew and bone, dying the blade a deep crimson. As the one Peace Brigadier swam in the abyss, Arack turned to another, batted away his own vibrosword and quickly hopped up onto one of the long wooden tables and relieved the man of his head.

Returning to the ground, Tavar ran up the dais to where Manji and Fremoc stood back to back, cutting down wave after wave of Brigands. Thrusting his sword up high, Arack crowed as he saw the last of the hall guards fall to the floor, missing a considerable half of his body.

"Haha! Yeah! Take that, Peace Brigands! Go and swim in the abyss with your fathers! Ha--ack!" shouted the young man and then he stumbled and gurgled, lifeblood dribbling out of his mouth. The Apprentice of Ragnos, Arack Tavar, looked at Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi, then Manji Keibatsu Sadow, and fell to the floor of the dais, his sword clanging as it met the cold hard tiles of the platform...and standing behind the fallen Journeyman was a grinning Peace Brigand, a blood-drenched double-edged vibrosword held in his hand.

Nekura Manji

22-07-2009 19:42:13

Ragnos Cathedral
Grand Hall

Almost absentmindedly, Manji reached out through the Force, a choking, constricting tendril of Dark Side energy locking around the throat of the Peace Brigand. The man's bloody blade dropped from a suddenly lifeless hand as he was pulled up onto his toes, the life being gradually, inexorably crushed out of him. With a grunt, Manji swiped his hand across and a horrible crack echoed through the Hall, the Peace Brigand slumping uselessly to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut. Turning his back on the fallen enemy and Arack, Manji snapped a command at Fremoc, his eyes locked onto the other two entrances into the grand hall.

"Fremoc, heal him. He could be useful."

The Knight moved towards the fallen Apprentice and pulled a med-pack from the supply belt around his waist, unsheathing the needle on the pack and injecting it into Arack's arm swiftly. Healing chemicals rushed through the Apprentice's body as Fremoc reached into the Force and tried to direct the energy into Arack's body to assist in the healing process. Above him, Manji paced back and forth, silver blade thrumming dangerously. Suddenly Fremoc looked up as he heard Manji's footsteps quicken, the Epis darting towards one of the doorways leading into the hall.

A Yuuzhan Vong Warrior had moved through the doorway, amphistaff clutched tightly in its horned hand. As it turned its head to survey the Grand Hall Manji was upon it, lightsaber blade hacking towards the Vong's head. The hardened organic material of the amphistaff moved to intercept the blow before the staff loosened and snapped for the Epis' face, forcing Manji backwards.

The Brotherhood had been rudely awakened by the Yuuzhan Vong conquest of Antei; they had been forced to adapt their fighting techniques for a completely new foe, an enemy that none of them had faced before. It had taken many painful losses for the Brotherhood to learn how to combat an enemy that could not be affected by the Force. One technique was a more creative grasp of the Dark Side- the Vong themselves could not be affected by the Force, but they could be affected by an object thrown with the Force.

Ducking under a sweeping blow from the amphistaff, Manji was forced to give more ground to the Vong. Fremoc had gotten to his feet on the edge of the dais, leaving Arack to be healed by the med pack as he clutched the hilt of his saber tightly, unwilling to get involved in the duel; to interfere would be to throw Manji's concentration off and possibly to get them both killed. Even if the Vong Warrior was defeated, Manji was very likely to kill him afterwards for daring to step in.

The Vong sneered wickedly, sensing an easy kill. The amphistaff was raised above its head to strike down towards the Epis' skull. Manji's eye fixed on the weapon as he prepared to end the battle. As the staff seared down, Manji hurled himself to one side, the razor-sharp edge of the staff tracing a thin cut down his calf as he reached out with the Dark Side to the vibrosword that had been dropped by the Peace Brigand.

The amphistaff smashed heavily against the marbled floor of the Cathedral as Manji put all of his physical and mental strength into hurling the vibrosword towards the Vong with the Force. Like a bullet, the vibrosword speared through the air and crashed into the Vong's face, the tip of the blade ripping through the Vong's eyeball. As the Vong screamed and reared backwards, one hand reaching convulsively up to its face, Manji ignored the stinging pain in his calf and dived forwards, silver saber slashing towards the Vong's armpit. The tip of the blade carved into the Vong's flesh and sent it crashing to the floor, steam rising from the mortal wound.

Fremoc moved towards the Epis as Manji sank down onto the edge of the dais, exhaling loudly. Behind them, Arack began to stir, groaning as the pain in his stomach resided slowly from the chemicals in the med-pack. Looking across at Fremoc, Manji let a roguish grin sneak across his features.

"Don't try that at home, kid."


23-07-2009 17:11:54

Marakith Skyhook
Seng Karash

Tsainetomo’s mind was ablaze with thought as he strode purposefully, yet slowly down the long corridor towards the skyhook’s central command center. He’d seen enough of the devastation at street level to know that he’d better serve trying to find answers rather than trying to clean things up brick by shattered brick. He had enough fires to put out up here, and so had boarded the shuttle to return to Marakith’s mockingly clean hangar bay.

His conversation with his Ragnosian counterpart Jade was not encouraging. He had his feelings up to this point, but her words had put the finest point to them:’I think we were hit from the inside’. To think that they had been infiltrated so thoroughly spoke of gross incompetence...and of hubris that even he didn’t think the Sadowans were capable of. Answers only brought more questions...

To further complicate matters, his other exchange with the mercenary who was laid up in the medical bay was maddening in and of itself. 'Agrist; the man’s a bloody wall!' Sai allowed the emotionally charged thought to intrude momentarily on his reflection before gathering himself. The Kresshian Quaestor had no real intent of running to Robert like some brain-addled school boy; it was only a ploy and, after all, they were all creatures of habit, and Agrist’s just happened to be more ingrained. Still, the more he searched for answers, the more questions had been raised.

Who blew up Dystopia? How deep was this supposed infiltration? Where in the nine hells was Malisane?!

The Keibatsu was in the middle of that last string of thoughts when he reached the command center’s door. It wooshed open obligingly and he stepped through, pausing at the threshold as the hatched swished closed. Sai was marginally aware of the people within the command center pausing as he filled the doorway, his eyes closed and his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose as he fought to focus his deductions.

’Who could possibly have engineered such insidiousness?’

A possible answer washed over him much like the feeling of warning that the Dark Side had sent to lap against the shores of his consciousness.

His eyes snapped open to see varied figures – armed figures – staring at him and training blaster rifles and pistols at him. No face was familiar to the Quaestor, yet they were all alike.



Brigands, in the name of a false Peace.

One man central to the lot had his back to him, bent over a communications terminal, and Sai was aware of a holoimage just shadowed by the man’s impressive frame that was cloaked in an all too-familiar and impossibly crisp uniform. The fleeting, blue haze of a figure dissolved, and the man straightened and spun, an uncharacteristic grin on his homogenous features. Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow spat his name as some charm meant to dispel the feeling of base betrayal that had welled up in him.

Captain Orenth.”

The DAC, 32nd of thirty-four clones that had been especially engineered to serve the highest ranking Darksiders within the Clan tossed a mocking salute to the Epis. “Ah, Governor Sadow! It is good of you to join us.”

A measure of disbelief and a herculean effort of self-control allowed Tsainetomo to give his next words with care. “Captain, I order you to clear this offal from my command center.”

“I am afraid I cannot do that.”

If there was any doubt to DAC Orenth’s loyalties, it was shattered by that singular utterance. Sai’s jaw set as he surveyed the room while Orenth continued to speak.

“You see, these men are essential. I’ve my orders, and it is by their cooperation alone that we can continue to shunt enough of the skyhook’s power to the tractor beams holding the remains of Dystopia aloft. Anything irresponsible on your part is likely to jeopardize the rest of your beloved city.” Orenth clasped his hands behind his back. “This is why you won’t do anything...untoward...and why I must now order you to order all Kresshian forces to stand down.”

The Peace Brigand’s eyes shifted back and forth between the DAC and Sai as they monitored the exchange.

“I’m afraid I cannot do that,” came Sai’s reply. A pause. “Oren. Do you remember what I said to you the last time we spoke, back when you were still at the Sadow Prefecture?” The Keibatsu’s voice was laced with icy menace as his body tensed.

“Ah, like it was yesterday!” Orenth smiled. “You said – and I quote – ‘You should know that I will feel some measure of regret after I’ve killed you.’”

“That’s right.”

Orenth tilted his head condescendingly. “Keibatsu, I know you better than you know yourself; allowing me such access to you and yours over the years has given me an insight to your tactics and fighting capabilities that no other man has. Governor.” The insufferable grin returned to the DAC’s face. “So, in light of that, I can’t help but wonder: well? Do you feel it now? Regret, I mean.”

A pregnant silence filled the space between the men as safeties were thumbed and rifles were charged, sounding eerily like the tumblers clicking in Sai’s head.

“We’ll have to see, won’t we.”

The next few moments were a blur of action.

Following an unseen command, the Peace Brigands opened up on the Epis with their sidearms, who a nanosecond before, had ignited his orange lightsaber blade; its characteristic growl was punctuated by the staccato screams of the weapons’ discharge. Djem So’s aggressive lethality batted the bolts away from him and towards Orenth, who had expertly – and inexplicably – dodged every single one. Even in the red haze of battle, Sai couldn’t help but wonder if Orenth had studied him as well as he had boasted.

Still fending off the bolts, but choosing not to direct them, the Son of Sadow delved into Soresu to keep him alive as he backed towards the door. When it wouldn’t open – Dren, the schutta’s locked me in! – an explosion of his dark will bent the hatch open with unseen hands, allowing him an escape. Sai filled his legs with the Dark Side’s power and sprinted towards an escape pod situated at the end of the corridor – but not before shooting one last, hate-filled glare towards Orenth’s smiling face.

Entering the escape pod, Sai activated it and it left the skyhook with a brief expulsion of vented atmosphere, heading for the ruins of Dystopia.

Orenth, meanwhile, returned to his console and tracked it, rubbing his genetically engineered chin with a manicured hand. “D’ya want us to blast ‘im?” The rough voice of one of the Peace Brigands reached the DAC’s ears.

“No. We’ve our orders, after all. Besides, he’ll be back, and he’ll bring help. We need to get ready.”


23-07-2009 20:42:47

Ruins of Dystopia
Seng Karash

Not for the first time, Dyrra silently thanked whatever gods were in the vicinity that she could use the Force. The herculean task of shifting this much destruction would be nigh on impossible without it. Not that she could sense the Battlelord under there. She had a horrible feeling she’d be digging up a corpse to show the Quaestor and was suddenly relieved she wasn’t squeamish.

She looked around at the ragtag group of Journeymen and Dlarit personnel she’d managed to round up, checking they were all doing what she’d told them to. She was surprised to see that they were. They were probably relieved to have someone give them a job. This attack had surprised everyone. None of the Yuuzhan Vong or their huttkarking allies had attacked them yet, but she wasn’t naive enough to think they wouldn’t. She was doing her best to stretch out with her force senses while she worked at shifting some of the debris, but it was hard going.

“O-over here! I’ve found a body!”

Her head snapped up and she sprinted over to the man who had called out, leaping over the debris like a Nexu in pursuit of its prey. Skidding to a halt, she hopped down to stand next to the man who had called out. Sticking out from under some rubble, the slender arm of a woman was visible. Dyrra winced, looking at the positioning of the fingers. Working with the man, she helped him heave a piece of durasteel off the body and immediately wished she hadn’t. What was left of the woman was barely recognisable as a human body. Quite apart from any other concerns she had, it smelt utterly vile. The man who had made the discovery went sprinting away and Dyrra heard vomiting.

Realising she was briefly alone, Dyrra let her frustrations out by lashing out with the Force at the large piece of permacrete in front of her. It shifted a little way and Dyrra saw blood. It was too far from the dead woman to belong to her, Dyrra realised. She put her back into it, pushing with all her might and using the Force as much as she dared, knowing there were mundanes close.

After heaving with all her might for a few minutes, she managed to heave the offending permacrete out of her way. It had formed a small natural pocket as it had fallen, Dyrra realised. However, it was the body wedged underneath that the Jedi Hunter was more interested in. Leaning close, she inspected the face. It was hard to reconcile the image before her with that of the Battlelord she had met briefly on Antei.

She pulled the body gently out so she could see it better. She was no medical expert, but it looked like every bone the man had, had been broken when Dystopia collapsed. He was covered in burns from head to toe. By rights, he probably shouldn’t be alive. And somehow, impossibly, he was. She could sense it.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Dyrra yelled for a medic. He was only barely hanging on and wounds like these were way beyond her ability to heal. A short woman came over as fast as she could, staring in disbelief when Dyrra informed her the charred, twisted being before her was somehow still alive.

“That’s Jagos Fel, isn’t it?”
Dyrra nodded, her attention now on the area surrounding them. She had to get Malisane to the Skyhook somehow – he’d need the medical facilities. Where the frack was a shuttle when you needed one?
As she looked round, Dyrra saw an escape pod touch down near the edge of the destruction.
“He’s incredibly lucky to be alive,” the medic mused behind her.
“Yeah,” Dyrra replied distractedly as she set off for the pod. “He’s got the devil’s own luck, that one.”

Tsainetomo strode out of the escape pod and surveyed the carnage around him. Dyrra sprinted across the rubble to his side, the Force guiding her steps more surely than her sight could.

“I found him, sir. I found Malisane. He’s in a bad way.”


24-07-2009 01:42:35

Seng karash

Controlled chaos.... That's what best described the situation at police headquarters. Raistlin had tried unsuccessfully to contact Bob, Ashura or anyone else from the clan that would be able to provide some insight into their situation, but his attempts had failed, and for now as well as the immediate duration, he was on his own

The Exarch was tired of waiting, action was needed NOW, and though the squad of DSOG soldiers he had recquisitioned had still not arrived, Raist again 2- stepped the large wall in the front of the compound before landing soundly in the middle of the street, outside

There were some civillians running toward the Police building, but not many. Raist feared the worst, and before the situation deteriorated any further, the Exarch hurried past the civillians, pausing only to sling his Prax-Arms blaster rifle into his hands.

He didn't even make it 100 yards before blaster fire came in his direction, forcing him to slide and seek cover behind a husk of what once must have been the front half of a speeder

"F me" he muttered to nobody in particular as he blind fired back from cover hoping to buy himself a reprieve from the now constant stream of blaster bolts being fired in his direction, but to no avail. Raist stood and aimed carefully before firing off several rounds at his attackers. His aim was true and the shots landed right between the eyes of the mercenaries, dropping several as more turned the corner to take their place.

Raistlin returned to cover as the attack began anew with increased intensity. His mind was racing a mile a minute, heavily outnumbered and outgunned, he needed to find a way to buy some time for those who had taken refuge in the police HQ. Thinking quickly, Raist stood as blaster fire rained all around him. Then he leapt high into the air with the aid of the Force, pirouetting midair to avoid blaster fire before landing in the middle of the fray. Raist could see 12 mercenaries just in his immediate vicinity, and he was sure their Yuuzhan Vong masters wouldn't be too far off. He concentrated, whipping out his lightsaber simply to help repel the incredible amount of blaster fire coming his way. He could feel the Force concentrating inside him, building exponentially, until it became almost unwieldy. Then he slammed his fist into the ground, releasing a shockwave that sent his advesaries flying in all directions. Some were torn apart from the explosion,
while those further from the epicenter were thrown into ferrocrete walls, shattering bones on impact. However, his true purpose had also been achieved, as the road behind him had split and collapsed, effectively cutting off a main corridor of travel to the police HQ. What mercs that remained were nearly a hundred yards away, and the destruction from his attack had only been severe in a rather small area comparatively.

"Which means I'm not out of the woods yet." Raist muttered. His attention quickly shifted however when the ground began to shake again, this time in a much larger radius then before. He leapt up on top of a nearby building with one smooth effort thanks to the Force and in the distance he could see a rising cloud of dust some distance off.

Raist didn't immediately recognize which building had collapsed, only that it was rather large and located in the commercial district, less then 3 miles from his current location. He began jumping from rooftop to rooftop, unsure of what he would encounter


"Thank God for this helmet" Raist muttered as his rebreather kicked in. The area around the collapsed structure was clouded with thick dust, though the Exarch was using the Force to generate wind away from his current location. He recognized the collapsed structure as the popular nightclub Dystopia, indeed he had visited a few times for various reasons. The tall, black monolith was now completely unrecognizable as a massive pile of rubble now stood in its place, and Raist knew that it would soon be swarming with Vong so he had to react quickly. Around the structure, Raist recognized a few D-SOG soldiers, who were trying to form a security perimiter, which was a wise move. He also saw some search and rescue squads starting to clear rubble in an effort to find survivors, and one in particular appeared to be using the Force to move massive slabs of debris. As the Exarch approached, she stopped, recognizing his presence

"How goes the search?" Raist asked. Though she was unfamiliar with who he was, and he as well, their common interest was more then enough to forge a bond.

"So far nothing, but Malisane is under here... somewhere." Dyrra trailed off, as Raist began to move large slabs off the pile, chucking them in every direction. The two worked in tandem for a few minutes before a voice cried out from the distance.

"Over here, we found him!" someone exclaimed. They hurried to the source, knowing each second could mean the difference between survival or death, especially to their good friend, Malisane.


24-07-2009 14:12:27

Ruins of Dystopia
Seng Karash

The Quaestor moved to join the Exarch and the Hunter at the wreckage; the smattering of D-SOG soldiers and search and rescue personnel ceased their motions, cognizant of the command that the Korun-Keibatsu instantly brought to the scene. Sai waved them off, urging them to continue. The D-SOG forces resumed their perimeter watches, highly trained as they were, but the search and rescue workers continued to focus their attention on him.

Ignoring them for the moment, he greeted Raistlin as warmly as he could, considering the circumstances. Though both men hadn’t served in combat together, the Exarch had been present at Tsainetomo’s naming as a Son, and so an instant respect had been formed. The two warriors grasped one another’s forearms in a soldier’s clutch, and curt nods had been exchanged. “Raistlin, it is good that you are here.”

“Likewise, Sai. It’s been a long time.” Though the tall human was of Ragnos, he still recognized the Keibatsu’s authority on the scene, and both were brothers in Sadow in the Overlord’s name. “Maybe now I can get those D-SOG forces I requisitioned.”

“I’ll be happy to oblige...but, not as yet. As you can see,” Sai said, gesturing broadly around the ruins of the once-grand nightspot, “we’ve a need, and I could use your ‘saber.”

“And, you shall have it,” Raistlin replied.

Tsainetomo nodded gratefully. He looked at the still-standing portion of Dystopia, being held aloft by the tractor beams issued from Marakith. He wistfully surveyed the fires still burning on many of the levels, and the weakened structure continued to rain debris and large slabs of duracrete from on high, the pieces slamming to the ground not far from where they stood. He’d have to move quickly.

Turning towards Dyrra, he lowered his voice, projecting calm into the Force. “Where is he?”

“Here, sir.” Dyrra led the way, taking care not to stumble on the jagged pieces of metal and loose masonry that surrounded them. “As I said, he’s in a bad way.”

The Kresshian Quaestor knelt at the charred and broken form that was Sith Battlelord Malisane Sadow. “Oh, Malisane; what have you done to yourself?” Sai’s voice was barely a whisper as he regarded his friend. The medic tending to Malisane’s wounds looked harried and he wiped at his forehead, smearing the soot that had collected there.

“I’ve done what I can for him, but he needs far more than what I can do here. I need to get him someplace better equipped, somewhere stable.”

“Understood. Now, give me a moment, if you would?” Tsainetomo let the command in his voice, along with a touch of the Dark Side’s sway, trickle into the medic’s ears; the man thought he heard a search and rescue worker call for him, and suddenly stood and rushed over to where the call for help came from. “Dyrra and Raistlin, if you would?”

The Hunter and Exarch understood instinctively what Sai needed, and stood around him and Malisane, protecting the pair from mundane eyes. The Keibatsu gently placed his hands on Malisane’s chest and head, and lidded his own eyes as he let the Force flow through him and into the Battlelord. The Dark Side told him what he needed to know; aside from his grievous wounds, Malisane’s mind had also been affected. Not only had the shock of the physical trauma shut down his consciousness, something else had been done to it. Within the dark depths of the man, a tiny spark had still flickered; it was as if he was there...but, not.

Releasing his hold on the Force, Sai stood and motioned for Dyrra and Raistlin to follow. The pair obliged, and listened intently.

“Malisane’s wounds are...grave. The medic has done a good job of stabilizing him, but his mind is...” The Keibatsu’s voice trailed off as he searched for the right words. “He’ll need to will himself to recover, but his mind is in no position do that right now. The knowledge of the Force required to get it back is beyond my ken.

“Further,” he continued, “we need to get everyone away from here. As important as it is to search for survivors, the tractor beams aboard the skyhook cannot be trusted.” Dyrra noted the flash of annoyance and hatred that appeared on Sai’s face as he cast his eyes toward Marakith; something was amiss up there, of that she was sure. She wisely held her tongue while Sai gathered himself.

Raistlin spoke. “Well, we need to get Malisane to the skyhook asap. Just call down a shuttle, and we’ll be on our way.”

A pause. “Not an option right now, I’m afraid.” Sai nixed the plan. “We’ll need to come up with an alternative. Are there any structures nearby that are secure?”

“I just left Police HQ; it’s probably under siege by mercs right now, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled.” Raistlin hefted his Prax-Arms blaster rifle.

“It’ll do.” Tsainetomo suddenly spun, turning back to the assembled soldiers and workers. Cupping his hands around his mouth for effect, the Son of Sadow shouted to be heard – and projected his will into the Force.

“Listen up! Effective immediately, this area is quarantined; search and rescue, build litters to carry the wounded. D-SOG soldiers, I want a skeleton crew to assist with the evac; the rest of you are under Sergeant Skye’s command.” Dyrra’s eyes went wide at the field promotion as Sai continued.

“We are to rendezvous at Police HQ in thirty...MOVE!” The last nudge of the Darkside on their collective minds spurred soldier and mundane alike into furious action as they obediently obeyed the Quaestor’s orders.

Tsainetomo placed his hands on Dyrra’s slender shoulders as he fixed her with his strange eyes. “Dyrra, I know this is a bit of a shock to you, but you are deserving of the promotion. You have done well...but your task is yet unfinished. You are to guard the medic and him,” Sai nodded towards Malisane, who was being gently loaded onto a makeshift litter, “with your life. Nothing less will do; much depends on it.” Dyrra said nothing, instead nodding curtly to begin overseeing the evac, barking orders as she went.

Sai watched her with pride as she smoothly took the reins of command. Raistlin spoke up. “Three miles, thirty minutes, scores of wounded? Is that going to be enough time?”

“It’ll have to be, my friend. Come, let’s pave the way for them. I’ve a stop to make in the meantime.” Sai followed as Raistlin led the way back to the besieged headquarters.


Five minutes after leaving, Sai asked Raistlin to wait for him a moment while he went into a nondescript structure, one marginally damaged by the attack and subsequent destruction of Dystopia. It was one of his safehouses – listening stations, to be more precise – and he went in as Raistlin kept watch on the street.

The Quaestor stepped over shattered computers and smashed vidscreens in the tiny room as he made his way to a panel in the far wall. It was regrettable, the loss of this asset, but it could always be replaced, he thought.

Nudging the lock to the panel with the Force, it slid open whisper quiet to reveal the reasons why he had to make the stop. Taking his custom lightsaber hilt from his belt, he palmed it briefly, lovingly, as he placed it inside the small alcove. He then reached in with both hands, and withdrew two lightsaber hilts; they weren’t as ornate as his custom weapon, but they were no less deadly.

Locking the alcove once again, he gave the hilts a once over; their reassuring weight filled his hands as he thumbed the activation studs, and twin columns of energy, bright and fiery as the noon-day sun, leapt from the metal cylinders, the growls of each distinct, yet harmonious in their destructive melodies. ’Orenth, you’ve no idea what I’m capable of,’ Sai thought as the blades’ light shone in his tripartite eyes.

“Very nice,” Raistlin’s voice came from over Sai’s shoulder, and the Quaestor deactivated the ‘sabers, placing them within the folds of his robes as he turned.

“A surprise for an old friend,” he explained as he motioned for them to leave. “Now, we can go make sure Dyrra will have a safe place to arrive.” The two Equites exited the structure and dashed towards the police HQ; time was short, and Malisane’s life depended on expedience.


25-07-2009 03:03:30

Jade sighed as the conversation with Sai died. He was really like an older brother to her, it was odd to be ends like this. Both of them worried for the survival of their Family, and their Families home. Each fighting for their house, their Clan, and whether or not they would admit it out loud, each other.

Jade rearmed herself and quickly moved from her office, her right hand never leaving the hilt of her saber. As she moved towards the meeting point with Zaxen the force shot up her spine, it was quiet…too quiet, something wasn’t right. A flash to her right had her pivot and slide to her left, but not before the head of an ampistaff clipped her right hip. Her balance getting thrown off with the hit causing her left knee to buckle taking her down towards the ground, she summer saulted before hitting the metal floor, turning on her sliver blade as she spun and landed again on her feet. The ulgy thing of a Vong stood with a wicked grin. “Jedaai.” It spat before it raced her. Jade ducked and slide out to the right, bringing her saber down quickly against the Vongs’ lower back as she slipped passed her. It growled, the saber blade burning into his flesh, just past his armor, before he turned around, his hand coming up to slap her across her face. Jade blocked it quickly with her left hand, bringing her saber up to block the ampistaff as it aimed for her midsection. The vongs eyes narrowed and Jades moved to a pure soulless black.

“You invade my home and threaten my family for the last time!” The dark hiss in her voice only seemed to make the vong more intent on his prize of her murder. Jade gritted her teeth, refusing to let her fangs extend. Swinging the lightsaber up, the vongs ampistaff came up as she expected, before the two collided she kicked out with her right foot, knocking the vong back slightly, then curved it in to swipe at his feet. As the Vong stumbled she called the force and pushed him into the wall. Feeling horrible about having to ruin the Cathedral she gave a slight nod to the Disciples of Ragnos, the ones she knew who would be watching everything going on, then reached out with the force and brought the wall crashing down onto the Vong. The life of the Vong slipped away through her own dark tendrils. Jade released a breath then kept going, only getting a few feet before two brigade soldiers’ blocked her path. “Bloody hell! I knew this wouldn’t be easy but come on!” Her silver blade hummed and twirled in a circle at her side, coming across her chest to block the shots from the blasters as the soldiers’ fired at her. Shifting the angle of her blade she returned the blaster beams back at one of the soliders, the guy went down fast, but the move was costly. The second soliders’ fire slipped past the tip of her blade, grazing past her shoulder. Jade got pissed as her shoulder burned, and a hole appeared in her outer robe. Her fangs slipped past her lips. “That was a mistake!” Jade pushed off the ground and spun in the air, activating her purple blade, coming over the top of the man, dropping both tips as she flipped over him, slicing through his shoulders, she brought the blades to cross and effectively chop off the mans upper half. She landed behind him, the ampistaff wound shooting pain as she landed, her right knee bringing her to rest on the ground involuntarily.

Swearing under her breath she stood up, limping a couple of steps, the force sent another shiver up her spine as she neared a corner. She kept her blades ready as she came around, but what she found actually stopped her in her tracks for a moment. 6 brigade soldiers turned to face her among 4 vong. “Figures.” One of the vongs ran at her, she tried to move on the ball of her right toe, but her hip was paralyzed win pain, allowing the vong a square shot to her abdomen. Jade grunted as she was thrown back down the hall she just came. She coughed blood, the wound Xander had given her to kill the beserker still not fully healed, the hit becoming worse. Jade scrambled to her feet as she heard their footsteps still coming. This was a battle she knew she wouldn’t win this battle. She ran her rans along the wall, finding the hidden switch within the makings of the stone. Presing quickly she moved into the hidden corridor, the door shutting behind her as the vong ran by. Jade wanted to take a moment to rest but knew it would be her undoing, especially where she was. Moving through the dark passageway, the only light coming from her silver blade she found the opening. Flipping the switch she stepped out and looked around. Seeing no one she brought her left arm across her abdomen and groaned. Turning to her right, she jumped, fast footsteps were comeing down the hall behind her. Reaching out, using the force like a sonar she found they belonged to 2 vongs. Jade shook her head and took off in a quicker pace, unable to fully run, thanks to her previous run ins. Coming around the hall she saw her old Master Manji, along with her apprentice Demonic and someone she hadn’t seen in ages, Arack, course she knew him as a different name.

Manji turned as he sensed the new presence. “Jade?” He was more questioning in the way she was moving. Jade only nodded and pointed behind her, he instantly felt the two vong soliders’ coming in behind her. Jade moved closer to Demonic and Arack. She nodded and smiled to Demonic, it had been a while since she saw him, though she was proud he had become a Dark Jedi Knight. Glancing at Arack she remembered him as a spy, yes he use to serve as one in the past…perhaps he would be used as that again. Standing as straight as she could, she prepared for battle.


27-07-2009 10:02:07

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27-07-2009 10:27:10

Seng Karash
Dlarit Police HQ
Aeotheran Barracks

Major General Mass’ipa’skora ducked as another row of pockmarks lanced across the duracrete wall above him. The mercenaries were getting closer to breaking their way in; if it weren’t for Lieutenant General Ganymede’s almost fanatical devotion to militaristic training, they all would’ve been executed by now, he surmised.

The CO slapped another powerpack into his blaster rifle and opened up out of a window, returning the mercenaries’ fire. Emboldened by their commander’s bravery, the remaining Dlarit police officers shouted encouraging words to one another, tossing ammo here and there and doing the same as Sipask, firing wildly out of broken windows and ragged holes in the duracrete.

The Chiss looked upon his men, unable to suppress the feeling of pride that threatened to blossom into hope. Ever since the Vong and Brigands had laid waste to his city, the order of things had degenerated swiftly into utter chaos – a chaos that he felt responsible for keeping at bay.

Suddenly, a thud-bug crashed through a window and embedded itself in the CO’s shoulder, sending him crashing to the floor. “Shavit!” The curse flowed freely from the Chiss’ lips. The men made to move to his aid, but he quickly ordered them off as he stood. “Back to your posts! It makes no difference if the scum have Vong out there to aid them now; we will hold!” As the Chiss worked to sling his arm, holding a torn piece of cloth in his clenched teeth, the officers began firing with renewed vigor.

Sipask vowed to return things back to the way they were.

If their ammo held...if help arrived...if their spirits did not break. There were so many uncertainties...so many...

Dlarit Police Grounds

The Yuuzhan Vong known only as Thr’ull who had thrown the thud-bug through the window smiled as his effort was rewarded by the delicious curse that floated out to him on the air; well, he approximated a smile, as most of his nose, cheeks, and lips had been torn away, giving his face a death’s-head rictus that most in his caste relished.

He peered over at the human mercenaries who continued to fire their unnatural weapons at the unholy structure; had he his own way, he’d just as soon call in a tank beast and burn the whole place out. However, he had his orders.

Thr’ull turned to speak some words designed to spur the humans on – by Yun-Harla, the humans’ language was so guttural! – and noticed, with some minor alarm, that there were a few less standing around than he remembered.

Did the cowens desert? he thought, distaste turning the corners of his mouth into parentheses. He looked to his left; no, that man was still there, his weak body recoiling from his strange weapon. Looking to his right, there was definitely something wrong; there were only two Peace Brigands remaining, and they noticed something, too, as they had stopped firing and were looking stupidly at him. He whirled back to the man on his left and found that the human was now laying prone, a gaping, smoking hole where his right temple used to be.

Grasping his amphistaff, the Vong turned slowly, putting his back to the structure and raising himself to his full height as the living weapon went rigid in his misshapen hands in anticipation of battle. Out of the darkness, a lone warrior approached him, the light of the small fires burning around the besieged building reflecting dully off of his inorganic breast plating. Just behind him, another sat in a shooter’s crouch, sighting down his own weapon, similar to the ones his Brigand comrades carried.

“Burn down the shooter, but leave the dark one for me,” Thr’ull commanded. The men moved to obey, but were instantaneously shot themselves, both receiving crimson blaster bolts to the faces as payment for aligning themselves with the Far Outsiders.

Thr’ull literally began to tremble with excitement; finally, a challenge had presented itself. He noted, as the approaching warrior got closer, that the human never broke stride, that he had never began wavering in his line straight towards him. This one was confident; it would be his undoing.

Bolting towards the human, he saw that the man had one of the metal cylinders in his left hand – a Jeedai! – and he almost cackled with satisfaction. A kill of this magnitude would surely raise his standing within his caste.

A bounding step closer, and the human ignited his weapon; no huge surprise there, as Thr’ull had seen them before, and the acid yellow blade would surely be repelled by his organic armor. Strangely, though, the blade was emitted in an inverted, backhanded manner. The warrior, even as he got within striking range, noted that the physics of his downward strike of his amphistaff and his own strength would power through the human’s awkward block. Sure enough, as the weapons clashed, Thr’ull began to force the human down. The last thing that went through the Vong’s mind was that this would be a disappointing victory.

More accurately, the last thing that technically went through Thr’ull’s mind was the top portion of the human’s second sunburst lightsaber, as it sprang to life in the man’s right hand and passed effortlessly through the meaty, tender portion under his chin, into his brain, and cleaving his face in twain. Thr’ull’s body went limp and began to fall.

Completing his upward thrust and spinning with the momentum, the human stepped adroitly aside, avoiding Thr’ull’s corpse as it landed with a thud. He extinguished his lightsabers and called to the men inside the police headquarters as they, having witnessed their deliverance, opened the main doors.

“I am Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, newly appointed Governor of Seng Karash. We have wounded on the way; make ready to offer assistance.”

Nekura Manji

27-07-2009 11:33:26

Ragnos Cathedral
Grand Hall

The Vong did not speak as they moved forwards, the heads of their amphistaffs coming to life and hissing spitefully at the cluster of Dark Jedi. A deranged snarl ripped through Manji's teeth as he strode forward to meet the two aliens, paying Jade and the others no heed. The silver blade thrummed dangerously in his right hand, the worn leather wrapped around the hilt both comforting and reliable. While the Force would not be as great an ally to him as it could be in this fight, due to the nature of the beings he faced, it would still strengthen his muscles and augment his natural strength and prowess.

A quick glance was shared between the Vong soldiers as the Epis raised his blade before him, crouching slightly in anticipation. Slightly behind the Keibatsu, Fremoc stepped forward with his own lightsaber ignited as Jade tried to swallow the pain of her wounds, lifting her own weapon. Behind the two Equites and the Knight, Arack pulled himself up onto one knee and clutched the hilt of his sword tightly. For a moment, none of them moved- the obsidian smoke of the Dark Side was gathering around Manji's body as he prepared to attack.

Then, in an explosive display of fury, the Epis broke into a dead run, saber flickering through the air towards one of the Vong's eyesockets. Shock painted the creature's face as it stumbled back, managing to knock the strike away with it's amphistaff; the Jeedai had moved even faster than it had thought possible. The Vong's companion recovered quickly, thrusting its own amphistaff towards the Jeedai's side, only for Manji to leap away from the attack. As the two Vong tried to deal with the raging anger of the Epis, Fremoc lunged forward, his own sapphire blade slashing towards one of the preoccupied Vong.

Luck seemed to be on his side; the Vong raised its arms to deliver another slashing blow with the amphistaff just as Fremoc's weapon reached it. The tip of the thin energy blade gouged into the gills of the Vong's vonduun crab armour, piercing through the material and ripping a hole into the Vong's flesh. A guttural, hissing roar was the response as steam burst from the wound, the Vong staggering backwards; wounded, but not dead. As the unarmoured head turned to stare at Fremoc with vicious hatred, Jade stepped smartly forward and brought her saber down on the creature's face. The plasma blade seared through alien flesh, dropping the Vong to its knees.

The remaining Vong moved back slowly as Manji battered at its defences with his saber, the blade whipping back and forth with frightening dexterity. Mutilated features twitched as the Vong suddenly realised that it was in trouble. Previously, the alien had only been faced with weak yenagh who had caused it no trouble. Now it seemed to be facing more skilled, battle-hardened warriors. A snarl ripped from the being's throat as it lashed out with the amphistaff at Manji's head, the weapon going limp and diving towards the Epis' face. Fangs bared, the head of the amphistaff smashed against the Epis' features with a triumphant hiss.

For a brief second, the Yuuzhan Vong felt triumph fill its veins. The amphistaff twisted and writhed as Manji's saber-tip dropped slowly to point towards the floor. A strangled shout of denial tore from Fremoc's lips as the other Dark Jedi watched in horror, blades still pointed at the Yuuzhan Vong.

Then another noise over-rode the hissing of the amphistaff. A chuckle. Manji's saber flashed back up as the Epis threw himself into a crouch, his blade searing towards the stunned Vong's waist, where the segments of crab armour joined together. The blade flashed between the two plates of armour and gouged into the Vong's flesh as the amphistaff fell away from Manji's face; the fangs of the staff had snapped shut around the sword-guard over Manji's eye, the durasteel trapping the staff's jaws open and shielding the Epis' scarred eye from venom.

The Vong staggered backwards, hissing in disbelief as Jade and Fremoc moved forwards to finish it off. The steaming alien corpse dropped to the polished marble floors of the Cathedral as Manji reached up to his face, untying the unorthodox eyepatch and examining it with his good eye; the amphistaff had left deep bite marks in the metal and it was pitted and corroded fearfully from the venom. In another few seconds, the staff would have bitten through the metal and Manji would have been doomed. Glancing up at Arack, the Epis grinned widely.

"Lucky break, huh, kid?"

Behind him, Fremoc, his face still set into a dour scowl, reached into one of his pouches. Passing Jade a medpack, the Knight moved back towards Manji and Arack, his eyes set on the middle distance as he thought about his son in the hands of the Peace Brigands. One of Manji's eyebrows twitched upwards slightly as he looked at Fremoc before turning to face Jade.

"Are you looking for Zaxen?"

The Quaestor nodded as she injected the medpack into her side. Manji stroked the scraggly beard clinging to his chin, his thoughts racing.

"I'm guessing you've checked the Aedile's office?"

"I was on my way there when I was ambushed," Jade replied, straightening up as the healing chemicals rushed through her body. "I should probably make sure he's not under attack there before I look anywhere else."

The Epis nodded, shrugging disarmingly.

"There can't be that many more Vong around, since there's still a fair few in the city. You shouldn't have any trouble getting to the Aedile's office now."

Turning back to Fremoc and Arack as Jade strode away across the floor of the grand hall, Manji pulled the kneeling Night Raptor to his feet.

"Shall we be off?"

Kano Tor Pepoi

27-07-2009 21:29:26

Ragnos Cathedral

Ryuk had no clue where he was. There were still sections of the cathedral that over the time spent here he still had yet to venture into and right now that was a very bad thing. All around him the sounds of the invaders echoed and after what seemed like hours of running nobody had been found. The Mandalorian thought out loud for himself to hear, "Maybe I should of stayed in the residential district." As the words slipped out Ryuk turned a corner and saw something he had been waiting for. Just before him stood 3 members of the Peace Brigade. With a smirk crossing his face Ryuk spoke once more under his breath, "Then again this could be fun."

Bolts flew past Ryuk as the Peace Brigade soldiers opened fire on him. Quickly the Mandalorian rolled back around the corner and began to reach for the BlasTech 500 ESPO "Riot Gun" that was slung over his right shoulder but stopped quickly. Instead he reached down to his side and pulled the Westar-34 blaster pistol from its holster. The former bounty hunter took one quick and deep breath and jumped out from around the corner to face the 3 soldiers. The 3 shots each hit there targets right on and Ryuk carried on towards his destination that he had no clue of the whereabouts. The only thing he relied on was a gut feeling and a knack for getting caught in the best of the bad situations.


28-07-2009 06:37:15

The Planet Dranan
Union of Free Worlds

Viceroy Kareves studied the diplomat as he entered. The man bowed "I bring greetings on behalf of the Galactic Alliance. It is a pleasure to finally come to your worlds. I am Ambassador Galar."
The Viceroy smiled. "On behalf of the Union of Free Worlds we are extremely grateful to the Galactic Alliance for your coming to us and we are very enthusiastic about the potential for the future. Please have a seat Ambassador."
Galar sat at the other side of the table from the Viceroy and a servant approached and poured wine for both of them. The diplomat took a moment to study the young man in front of him. He was classically handsome if a little cold looking, with his short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He appeared to be in his late twenties, though whether this was a result of surgery it was impossible to tell. He had the bearing of someone a lot older. He and his union had appeared seemingly from nowhere immediately after the war's end, and it was in the Alliance's interest to investigate.

Kareves smiled. "So I imagine there are a great many questions you have Ambassador. Feel free to ask I do not believe in unnecessary secrets between new friends."
Galar smiled back. "Well we have been impressed so far by what we have seen of your Union, ten systems, thirty four habitable worlds and an agreed constitution. And all in a few short years since the war."
"It is precisely that timing that moved progress along so quickly," Kareves replied, "the Yuuhzan Vong withdrew, your own forces were depleted and thinly spread, the systems that formed the Union of Free Worlds grouped together to protect themselves, aided by a number of displaced ships and crews that sought a home there in return for that protection."
Galar pressed a little. "Indeed, we noticed an Imperial Class Star Destroyer on the journey here." He did not add that their intelligence suggested there were several more observed as belonging to the union, as well as a host of smaller ships.
Kareves nodded. "One of the displaced ships," he confirmed, "as I said the success of the Union's growth is the level of protection we can provide to current and prospective members." He studied the ambassador, who felt slightly uneasy suddenly. "Please do not get the wrong impression about us ambassador. We offer protection, we do not force it on people."
Galar shook his head to clear it. "We would never have believed otherwise Viceroy," he assured the other man quickly.
Kareves smiled again. "I may be overly defensive Ambassador, we are just very conscious of how we wish to be viewed by others, especially yourselves."
Galar nodded. "So, to cut to the chase, what can we do for each other?"
The Viceroy smiled. "I like the direct approach. Firstly I have been asked by our council of members to make it clear we do not wish to join your alliance at the present time. Perhaps in the future."
The Ambassador nodded. "Very well. There could be trade opportunities with some of our worlds near your own. There is still much rebuilding on many worlds to be done."

Kareves opened his mouth to reply, then he began to shake violently, his face paling. Immediately two guards were hurrying the Ambassador out of the room into the ante chamber beyond, as two more pulled the Viceroy back through the door behind him into his private office. Medics quickly surrounded Kareves. "She is gone," he croaked, "I sense it. She is gone." He began to struggle.
"Sedative," one of the medics said quickly.
"Leave me!" Kareves shouted at them.
"Viceroy, you're going to be.." the medic began before he screamed as lightning surged through his body, and the others around him, then they were blasted backwards to hit the walls behind them. Kareves got to his feet slowly, disregarding the smoking bodies. He was still pale and confused. He turned as Colonel Ithrorn entered, the head of his personal guard. "Lord?"
Kareves walked over to his desk, and picked up a decanter of wine and drank deeply from it. Then steadier he glanced at the officer. "Get rid of the ambassador, subtly we need to appease these people for now. Tell him I'm unwell."
Ithrorn bowed deeply. "Yes Lord." He turned and left.
Kareves sat down deeply in his chair, and took another deep swig. "Severina," he murmured.


28-07-2009 10:54:01

Ragnos Cathedral
Grand Hall

Fremoc watched Jade move away from them out of the Grand Hall and towards the Aedile Office. A lot was going through his mind, his pain about his son being killed, Jade was hurting but she now had one of his medpacs that would heal her pretty quick. The young Arack was starting on his feet now, still clutching his sword.

"Thanks for the medpac and the healing," came from Arack but Fremoc wasn't paying attention. He was deep in thought but also deep in the Force trying to figure out when he couldn't feel Thomas anymore. But suddenly he felt Ryuk running through a corridor several meters away being chased by several voids in the Force.

"Manji, Ryuk is in trouble," said Fremoc, his voice disembodied and far more deeper than it ever had been before. Arack looked at the Knight slightly scared since it was his first time meeting Fremoc and did not know what to expect.

"I know, shall we?" The trio started sprinting towards Ryuk's presence. Fremoc switched to his assualt rifle while they were moving towards the Mandalorian's Force presence. The three turned a corner to see two Vong troops and a Peace Brigand chasing the Protector. Fremoc immediately opened fire on the Peace Brigand, killing him with three shots through the heart. Moving forward, the Knight continued to fire aiming at the two Vong's heads. Both turned to engage this new enemy but were met with Manji's katana-like lightsaber. The Epis stabbed his blade through the breast plate of the crab armor and then pulled the blade down and to the left, cutting through the Vong's vital organs. The warrior fell to the ground and twitched before finally dying. The final Vong warrior let out a roar as his comrade died.

The amphistaff from the other Vong started to come down to Manji's right shoulder. Surprisingly, Arack had moved quickly enough to get to the Epis' side and raise his sword to block the staff from causing any harm. The Novice struggled to keep the Vong at bay, but slowly the amphistaff grew closer and closer to Arack's face. Fremoc had moved from his position at the corner of the hallway to Arack's side as well. Looking over at Manji, who had in turn looked at him, nodded at each other, and in one motion the two stabbed their lightsabers through the Vong's armor. The Vong roared, but was silenced as Fremoc's and Manji's lightsabers cut through the warrior's lungs and heart. Fremoc withdrew his blade at the same Manji did, and shut the lightsaber down.

"Ryuk, I thought you were outside?" asked Manji.

"I was but I got bored of the turkey shoot," replied the Mandalorian. Arack chuckled but Fremoc stayed quiet. "Figured I'd come inside to see what was going on and to check on Master Fremoc. I could sense his anger and pain, like a star going nova."

"Let's not get into that Ryuk. We are trying to kill the last of the invaders," said Fremoc. Fremoc started to hear footsteps, and voices coming from another hallway. Looking at the other three Dark Jedi, he raised his index finger to his mouth while in the Force he said, Quiet...

The four moved to the corner of the hallway to listen to the Peace Brigands.

"We have the child Commander," said one.

"Excellent job Lieutenant. We need to get that child to Yavin 4 to convert him," said the Commander.

"He's already on the way, shall we retreat?"

"No, I want to meet the father."

"And so you shall, you dirty bag punk that calls himself a Commander," said Fremoc stepping out from the corner. Manji held Arack and Ryuk back, making sure the two of them knew that it was Fremoc's fight and his fight alone. "Steal a child to convert him to one of you, not my son."

Without a word of warning, the Knight ignited his lightsaber and thrust himself into the Peace Brigand, stabbing the blade through the chest, just under the heart. The Lieutenant that stood next to the Commander, looked on in horror as Fremoc slowly killed the Peace Brigand. The Knight stared into the eyes of the Commander, watching him slowly die. The Lieutenant went for his side arm, but Fremoc being faster with the aid of the Force, pulled his own pistol out and shot a single round into the other Peace Brigand's forehead. The Knight withdrew his lightsaber and turned back to the corner.

"Shall we go to Yavin 4?"

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2009 16:02:15

Ragnos Cathedral
Main Hall

Ylith roamed the hall alone, seperated during battle with the rest of the Night Hawks he moved to the main hall in
order to get back into position and to get a clear view on the enemy. He moved to the far back corner of the hall,
which was heavily damaged by the gruesome attacks, to check himself for wounds. He removed his outer robe and
toso armour and reveiled most of his upper body covered in bandages. The Valheru watched as blood seeped through
the bandages around his left arm. He cursed between his teeth as he heard the hall being breached, something other
than Vong.

His serpentine eyes watched closely around the corner, seeing soldiers march in, looking like New Republic soldiers yet
of a different variety.

"Fan out! Mark every position! We will take these Dark Jedi out once and for all!" One of them called out and the Valheru
moved back and re-equipped his Ultima Bracelet onto his left arm and expanded it, creating a bow. From straps bound
around his leg he pulled out an arrow and placed it between the now spinning magnetic currents on the bow, creating an
invisible 'string' to pull the arrow and launch it.

The Sith Battlemaster moved around the corner and pulled the arrow back and took aim, aiming for one of the lieutenants
ordering the soldiers around. He released and the arrow whistled through the air, spinning within its momentum causing a
terrible flesh wound as it punctured the Soldier's torso armour and body, it's travel ending by being lodged into another
soldier's skull.

"Sniper!" One of the Soldier roared while the commander took the arrow out of the dead solder and examined it. "An arrow?
what kind of primitive force are we dealing with?" He barely said it or two other soldier fell down stricken by the same arrow
being drilled through them at high velocity. "Find him and eliminate him! Now!" The soldiers scattered across the hallway
and started shooting at Ylith's position.

Groaning the Valheru sat down and saw he only had four more arrows left. Suddenly pain shot through his left arm and echoes
of voices moved through his mind, shaking his head he looked at the arrows in his hand, suddenly wondering why he had
them in his hand untill blaster fire slammed into the wall next to him remembering him of the Soldiers shooting at him again.

Quickly he rose back to stand, his arm still pulsing with pain and blood seeping through the bandages dripping onto the
floor. He moved his mask over his face and felt the Neural Stimulator allowing him to fully access the Force once more. He
gritted his teeth and flexed the bow, firing another shot around the corner, quickly seeing that more soldiers were pouring in
and getting closer.

The Sith cursed underneath his breath as more laserfire slammed into the wall behind him.


28-07-2009 22:57:15

Towers of smoke and flame filled the void in the sky left by the nearly leveled cathedral, and at its foot its guardians fought to preserve the remnant of the crumbling structure. Behind the rubble of the destroyed gates, they made their stand within the gaping hole that once served as an entrance to the cathedral's main hall, long since blasted in.

Dirt darkened features gazing out upon the forces arrayed against him, obscured by strands of his own sweat-drenched hair, Raven's exhausted figure commanded this House's best in a valiant defense. Crimson bolts traced lines across the distance at which the Brigadiers and their Vong compliment laid siege from, yet the Archpriest stood firmly amidst his fellows, laser fire and thud bug alike dissolving into a carmine barrier that appeared to defend him whenever struck.

From behind the massive shards of duracrete that dotted the former main hall, the less powerful of the two Battleteams currently under Raven's command unleashed a hail of lethal scarlet and emerald blasterfire, only ever stopping to reload or to unleash tidal waves of energy; as Raven commanded the tandem power of his team to launch walls of duracrete, stone, and dirt to crush multitudes of their enemies at a time. Regardless of their efforts, a seemingly endless tide of enemies poured forth, another always rising to take a fallen's place.

'How long,' he wondered, 'Will we last?'


Ylith knew he needed to let the teams know that there were more hostiles, behind Raven's defensive line, but the Brigadier soldiers didn't seem keen on giving him the moments he needed to do that. Instead, a grenade rolled to sit by his side, and the Vlaheru was forced to move, diving to land chest down a metre away when the blast went off. His leap had saved him from the explosion, but it wouldn't save him from the incoming energy bolts, and the beaten Battlemaster forced himself into to his feet. Emblazoned in crimson by the light of his saber's blade, Ylith carved a reflective shield in the air, hurling the deadly rain back to it's origin. The wave of laserfire bowled rampant through the Brigadier soldiers, feeling them all.

Taking grasp of the moment, Ylith reached out to his Krath ally with his message, and readied himself to rejoin the fight, as reinforcements poured forth into the far end of the main hall.


The Archpriest realized the gravity of the situation the moment Ylith touched his consciousness. Annoyed with having to be saved again, he in turn he sent a request for help on all Brotherhood channels using his com unit. Keeping the Raptors with him at the entrance, Raven sent the Hawk's Knights to aid the Valheru, and hoped to whatever god, that help would come soon enough, as the Vong leapt from behind the Peace Brigade line and into the Battleteam.

Sabers ignited, the first Vong warriors found themselves in a swirling maelstrom of fiery blades, amour and flesh chopped to pieces, but the second row threw thudbugs, diverting and distracting as they thrust out with amphistaffs. The razor-edged serpent seeking Raven's blood turned to stone under the influence of the armed sorcerer, and the Vong attacking Horus was sent metres back by a kick that would have shattered bones if it weren't for the warrior's crab armour. Valorian and Nix fought in tandem to simultaneously impinge two warriors between their two blades, killing them both instantly.


Behind them, four Peace Brigadiers fell pray to the Dark Side's magic, unleashed by Ylith and the three Night Hawks Knights, thrown into their fellows at lethal velocities before any discharged their rifles.

The Vong behind them, however, were not so easily deterred. Spinning sabers downed the first, but the second's staff chewed into Bal's hip as it slid by, sending him to his knees while Keia's blade burst from the chest of the gloating warrior. One singled out Ylith as the most powerful, seeking glory, but the ground beneath his feet exploded before he ever came within striking range of his prey.


Horus pressed an armoured fist in the face of the second Vong warrior that approached him, ignoring the aphistaff wound given in response, hacking down with his saber into the warrior's cranium. Raven's Force imbued brutality hammered the unarmed warrior crumbling before him, adding to the scars on his ritualized flesh, beating him into a mirror of the rubble he fell upon. The Dun Moch coursed through his veins, transforming him into something beyond primal, both in simplicity and complexity.

Each and every one of them found some clarity in the moment, a singular impulse to kill permeating thought.


28-07-2009 23:26:29

Ragnos Cathedral

Novice Arack Tavar looked down at the two dead bodies of the Peace Brigand captain and his lieutenant; one with a smoking hole in his chest from Fremoc's lightsaber and the other with an equally smoking hole in his forehead, only this was from a blaster shot.

Manji Sadow, leaning against one of the fire-blackened walls of the Cathedral broke the silence first. "Your son is alive...I don't see any reason why we shouldn't go to Yavin IV. He was quite the Force adept when I knew him Fremoc, if he is to be converted, we could be in trouble...not to mention losing a possible Dark Jedi for our Clan"

Fremoc nodded and rolled his shoulders, his eyes still the molten combination as he lifted his lightsaber hilt from his belt again and eyed Arack and his Mandalorian apprentice, Ryuk, his features impassive behind the black 'T' visor of his Mando'ade helmet.

"Are you two with me...with us?" asked Demonic, his Force-induced baritone resounding off the marble walls of the Ragnosian bastion.

Tavar walked forward first, his combat boots clacking against the polished floors and in an elegant movement, the former Rishi-native unsheathed his longsword and held it out to his Commander before saying

"Commander Pepoi, these past hours have proven to me that you are more than a Commander and Knight but a friend. I will go with you and Rollmaster Sadow and rescue your son and any other mission you have for me beyond that...for Protector Ryuk to lay witness to, you have my fealty and my sword"

Fremoc raised a black eyebrow at the Novice before grasping the longsword and swinging it over his head once before handing it back. "Your oath has been known to me and to Manji and to Ryuk...and also to Ragnos above. Know that I will never have you do anything that I myself wouldn't do" replied Fremoc and he looked to the fourth companion.

"And you, Ryuk?"

The tall man stepped forward and bowed to the Dark Jedi Knight. "Master Fremoc, you have my word as a Dark Jedi and Mandalorian that I will be with you till the end...no matter where we go or what we do" and the Mandalorian stepped back.

Manji snickered and everyone turned to look at the One Eyed Dragon; "Fremoc, as touching as this gathering of your disciples is, we really need to get going. Come, the hangar is not far off....

Cathedral Hangar

"Odd...I sense no one in there...obviously a trap" murmured Manji Sadow and he looked back at Fremoc and the two Journeymen. "Now we spring this trap; Arack and Ryuk, you two take the vents and do some recon." Arack nodded and he and the Mando'ade quickly broke the locked door into the custodial closet next to them and climbed up the service ladder.


Arack peered through the vents at the squad of Peace Brigand soldiers lallygagging around the various craft of the invaders; three X-Wing starfighters, a Y-Wing, and a MAAT gunship all bearing the Peace Brigade logo were grouped in a mis happen pattern around the Ragnosian HLAF starfighters and transports and the Ragnos' Four's destination...the VCX-830 Stryker

"Looks simple enough, Ryuk...two techies and one squad of Brigands. Nine men total? And damn, I really like their armor" muttered Tavar to his partner and the Novice was about to break the hatch and come down on the two technicians that were trying with desperation to raise some 'Captain Nevillo' and 'Lieutenant Ordnaz' on the Peace Brigade-wide communication line.

"Nu-uh, wait a second, Arack! That armor is new alright but I recognize the logo beneath the Brigade one on their armor from my studies on Lyspair. Those are the Equalizers, an elite unit of the Peace Brigade and I'd bet you a week at Mucenic that their little lazy appearance is really a ruse and they're waiting for us. See there, by that MAAT? A ysalamri...blocks them from being sensed in the Force. Time to raise Rollmaster Sadow and Master Fremoc on the comlink" replied the Mando'ade and he did just that, reporting the statistics to the Epis and Knight.

"Ok...break the hatch now, Tavar!" ordered Manji through the comlink roughly two minutes later and the Solifugae did as bid, kicking out and unsheathing his longsword from its baldric scabbard. At the same time, the Son of Sadow and Fremoc burst through the main hangar door and sure enough, the Equalizers wasted no time in opening fire with their Prax Arms AXM-50 assault rifles.

The Brigand technicians had no chance as a Force-fueled Mandalorian and soldier quickly ended their lives with a blast from a Riot Gun and a swipe of a longsword, respectively. Looking up to see hid commanding officer and Rollmaster neatly finish off the last of the Equalizer squad, Arack vaulted over the communication table and ran to meet the Equite and Krath Battleteam Leader as they strode towards the Stryker , Fremoc Pepoi's personal starcraft.

Enamored by the presence of the an Imperial-MAAT, Tavar nearly tripped over a Equalizer corpse. Looking down, Arack saw that the man couldn't be but a year or two older than him and nearly the exact same height. An idea quickly formulating, the Obelisk sheathed his longsword and picked up the dead invader, slinging him over the his own shoulders.

Ryuk, who had been trying in vain to crack the communication terminals, sprinted up to Arack as he neared the VCX-830 and stopped him. "Tavar, what the hell are you doing with that corpse? Do you have plans to bring it onto my Master's ship?" inquired the Mandalorian, his now unhelmeted face flush with embarrassment and confusion.

Arack smirked at his Journeyman-superior and kept on walking, answering the Protector. "I told you Ryuk, I like their armor"

Nekura Manji

29-07-2009 08:08:58

Ragnos Cathedral

Footsteps pounded up the durasteel ramp of The Stryker as Manji and the Journeymen moved onto the ship, Fremoc heading immediately for the cockpit. Manji walked more slowly, a thought coming to his mind as he reached for his communicator.

I wonder how that Apprentice of mine is doing? Haven't heard from her in a while.

His communicator beeped fitfully then the noise was replaced with the strained voice of Dyrra, the sounds of people and chaotic activity underlaying her words.

"Master? What do you want?"

Unbidden, a slight smile twitched onto the Epis' lips as he lowered himself into the co-pilot's chair in the cockpit, Fremoc manipulating the controls quickly to begin lifting the ship out of the hangar.

"Just thought I'd check that you haven't died yet, Apprentice. Killed many Vong yet?"

"Not yet, I've kind of had my work cut out with-ksssh-look out! There are snipers behind that-ksssh-"

Manji sat forward, his face immediately serious.

"Dyrra? Dyrra?!"

The girl's voice came back, sounding harried.

"We're under attack-kssh-Skyhook not safe-ksssssh-you, take cover!"

Suddenly the communications link went dead. Manji frowned- the message did not bode well for his Apprentice's chances of survival. Skyhook not safe? If Marakith was under enemy control then there was something seriously wrong on Aeotheran. Boosters flared from the back of The Stryker as Fremoc guided the ship out of the hangar, only for the Epis to grab his arm quickly.

"Fremoc. Set a course for Aeotheran. We have more pressing concerns than your son."

The Knight's anger flared, the ship shaking slightly as he turned in his seat to glare balefully at the Epis. Ryuk and Arack moved into the cockpit and stopped instantly as they sensed the atmosphere within.

"What?! There's nothing more important than my-"

He was cut off as Manji raised his voice, his own anger swelling furiously. Fremoc involuntarily moved back slightly from the Epis; he'd never seen Manji looking quite this furious.

"You have a duty to your House and to your Clan, Knight! Unless you want me to gut you like a fish, throw you out of this ship and pilot myself to Aeotheran, you'll do as I say!"

Ringing silence filled the cockpit as Manji finished speaking, Ryuk and Arack both holding their breath at the seemingly imminent conflict. Then Fremoc backed down, his expression souring into a dour grimace. His fingers reached out to the navicomputer, tapping in the co-ordinates for Aeotheran.


Below, in the Entertainment District of the city, a troupe of Peace Brigade soldiers moved casually through the streets, heavy weaponry on their shoulders. Suddenly, their leader raised his voice, a finger shooting up to point at the blocky shape of a ship floating over the city. Instantly, two members of the squad stepped forwards, lifting PLX-1 missile launchers to their shoulders. Sparks burst from their barrels as two rockets accelerated upwards towards the ship, trailing smoke.


A tremendous impact smashed against the side of The Stryker, warning lights immediately flashing up on the control panel. Fremoc swivelled back and forth hurriedly, shouting angrily at his ship.

"What the hell? What was that?"

A damage report flashed up on a holoscreen; one rocket had impacted with the starboard wing of the ship, blowing a chunk completely off, while another rocket had scraped past the hull. The severity of the attack became immediately apparent as the ship listed horribly and began to plummet down towards the city. Fremoc and Manji both wrestled with the controls furiously as Ryuk and Arack quickly struggled to strap themselves into their seats, the ship shaking and roaring as it soared down towards the grey stone buildings.

As the city loomed up in the viewscreen, Fremoc reached out and slammed a button on the control panel at the last minute. A set of emergency thrusters kicked in, levelling the ship out and sending it crashing down onto a house, crushing the walls beneath it's weight. For a long, horrible moment the roaring and shaking intensified, then stopped. Fremoc, Manji and the two Journeymen looked around carefully, the viewscreen obscured by rubble and debris, and warning lights flashing on the control panel. As the group realised that they were still alive, Manji glanced across at Fremoc.

"Nice landing, kid."

Ylith Pandemonium

29-07-2009 11:29:20

Ragnos Cathedral
Main Hall

Ylith felt fatigue rushing over him as he removed his Mask. He had used all of his energy to get a message back to
Raven and now was reduced to a mere Acolyte at the control of the Force. He cursed for a moment underneath his
breath and recomposed, eying around the piece of wall behind him only to pull himself back in time for incoming
blaster fire.

He cursed the lack of the Force to use by his hand. While he as least was connected to the Force again ever since
the Battle of Lehon he was still unable to fully grasp control of it yet. While most Jedi and Dark Jedi could easily
control the flow of the Force coursing through them he could not, forcing him to use his Mask, which held a
Neural Stimulator to 'boost' his ability to wield the Force to gain the normal levels of a Battlemaster again.

The Valheru sighed as he pinned the Mask to his belt then eyed his saber. The blade did not ignite, the saber
was old, dirty and damaged, damaged enough to show the inner parts of the weapon that served the Jedi and the
Sith for generations. He then moved to his arrows, two left, too few for so many, where the hell do those soldiers
come from?

The Battlemaster shook his head and rose from his seat and saw how help from the Night Hawks came and helped
him keep the position manned and controlled. He couldn't help but to smile for a moment, in the two years of exile
he was used to being alone but instead he found he had more allies than he thought, though he doubted it was because
of him.


Ylith growled as a sickening pain gripped right, his left arm felt as if it was burning, as if his very soul was being pulled
from it like a bird pulling flesh from a carcass. He fell onto his knee and watched his arm, blackened blood seeping through
it, the curse was getting worse, worse enough to destroy the red blood cells making even his blood a lifeless vessel.

"You cannot escape."

Only three words, yet said by thousands of people simultaniously. From the corner of his eyes he could see a figure cloaked in
blackness, three suns burning where it's head should be, it's light piercing, it's breath chilling the Valheru to the core of his
very being. he blinked and it was gone, yet the walls were covered in blood, handpalms and streaks of fingers spreading
the liquid of life, forming words, words of agony and torture. The Valheru shook his head again and it wasn't until he heard his
name called out he stopped.


The Sith opened his eyes and saw Bal Demona standing in front of him, the Knight having a hand upon the Battlemaster's
shoulder, shaking it slightly trying to snap him out of it.
"How long was I out?" The Valheru asked and the Knight shrugged. "A minute, maybe two, we need your help to get these
soldiers out of our halls."

"Very well, keep position, I will try and get a clear shot at their commanders." Ylith said and the Knight nodded. As he moved
away from his position he noticed the walls clean of blood. he shook his head and tightened the bandages around his left arm
before moving off, expanding his bow the Valheru moved to find the right position while in his mind he pondered about the
visions coming more and more frequently.


29-07-2009 18:30:49

Seng Karash

The two D:SOG paramedics approached quickly, and looked suprised to see the planetary governor. Sai turned when they approached and pointed to the comatose Aedile. "The skyhook is compromised. Take him to the city hospital, do not tell anyone his identity. I will assign guards to watch over him."
"Yes sir." They carefully slid a stretcher under the Aedile then lifted him into their shuttle. Sai watched it as it lifted off into the sky.

In the rear of the shuttle Malisane lay in a sealed transparent coffin. One of the paramedics watched over him while the other flew over the city. "How is he doing?" the one at the controls asked.
"He's stable," the other replied, "weak lifesigns but they're maintaining. Fracture to the right arm and left leg and five ribs, but they're clean. Serious burns to ninety percent of his skin. If he wasn't out he'd be in agony."
"Good job for him he is then," the pilot replied.
"Yeah." He paused, "wait a minute." He leaned over the screen.
"Whats up?"
"His neurological readings just went crazy." He backed off as the body in the coffin began to twitch. "I'll administer a sedative, put him back out."
"Do that."

A second later the medic clutched his head and screamed. The pilot looked around in horror as his colleague fell to the floor, his arms wrapped around his head. Then he was on the floor as agony raged through him. Pilotless the shuttle rocked then began to nose dive. It hit a large neon advertisement in an explosion of sparks, and continued it's descent. The two paramedics were oblivious to this, the agony still racked them both. The shuttle flew over the residential district, then plummeted to the ground outside the walls, scorching along the floor before coming to a halt.

It was quiet for a few minutes, as the emergency systems filtered the smoke out of the cabin, then the door automatically slid open. After another few minutes a figure left, wrapped in a large medical blanket and holding a long piece of metal as a crutch. He collasped to the floor immediatley, then began to drag himself along the ground, coughing. After thirty seconds he pushed himself up, grabbing the metal rod and began to limp slowly away from the shuttle. Five minutes later when a rescue craft arrived there was no sign of anyone but the two dead paramedics.


30-07-2009 00:41:02

As Jade walked away she thought she sensed a slight tremor of concern for her well being from her apprentice Fremoc, though as she disappeared around a corner out of sight she figured it was merely due to his son being gone. She had seen the Vong take the boy but she hadn’t been able to do anything to rescue the kid. She shook her head. Why the boy had taken to calling her mommy was beyond her. Though she figured it had something to due with the time of his arrival being at a key point in Fremocs trails, causing her to be around more. Jade looked up at a broken stain glass window and sighed. She figured Fremoc would run off after the boy, though it would leave the House without a fighter, possibly more if he took help. She ran a hand over her head. It would be an act of treason against the House, she would have to fire her own apprentice for it. Though she would understand why he would go after the boy, the same reason why she went to rescue Zaxen, Kalei, and the others in the Great Jedi War.

Gently palming her saber hilt in her hand she kept moving towards Zaxen office. When she got there it was not unlike her own. Everything has been tossed around, along with various pieces of broken furniture, looking like a rancor had been set loose. Stretching out with the force she knew Zaxen was still alive. Concentrating hard on the Aedile, he was still on the way to the meeting point, though it was a slow go, as her’s had been.

Jade couldn’t help but wonder what her counterpart Sai was up too at the same moment. Stepping over what looked like it had once been a chair, Jade moved from his office.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

30-07-2009 04:07:59

Ragnos Cathedral
Western Wing

All was chaos and destruction, a torrential hell that had all but brought down Ragnos Cathedral around its inhabitants. Fighting had raged in scattered pockets and order was hardly a word to be used in describing the efforts being made. Yet a cool wind blew through what was once hallowed halls in the form of House Marka Ragnos' Aedile.

Zaxen Isradia moved as a wraith among the dead, unseen by uncaring eyes until those very eyes were gouged out or left staring unblinking as they too joined the dead. His foot falls were thunderous silence and his breath barely disturbed the air. Darkness was with him as if the shadows themselves were loyal pets at his command. Not Peace brigade nor Yuuzhan Vong Warrior escaped his path of silent, vicious judgment.

The blood of his enemies dried and cracked on his fingers and smeared the hilt of his lightsaber. His cold yet serene face was also specked with both red and black of enemy viscera. Zaxen felt only his movement as he weaved himself through those who would destroy his House. In that movement was unlocked a quiet rage and a massive outpouring of power triggered through the Force. His Isradian infused blood coursed through his veins and his eyes flashed deep blue as each new victim fell before him.
He was destruction made manifest and the eye of the storm of chaos, where all was quiet and calm.

Zaxen had made his way towards the inner sanctum of Ragnos Cathedral where modern technology gave way to the deeper mysteries of the Force. No computers or magnetic locks held the doors that led to the sacred chambers below the center of the Cathedral shut. Only those who had been gifted with the wisdom of Ragnos could enter. His mistress had been wise to choose this place to meet. Even if the entire castle crumbled to rubble the inner sanctum and its secrets would remain intact and safe which would mean that their legacy would at the very least live on. Castles could always be rebuilt.

"Hey! There's another one!" came a shout from behind him followed by the sound of shuffling boots on marble floor.

The Krath Priest slowly turned to see the new crowd forming before him. Several species of Peace Brigaders began to draw their blasters and other weapons. Zaxen began with a few steady even steps that soon turned into a flurry of motion mixed with the shocking screech and angry growl of his sunlit lightsaber blade. Once more the fury began. Screams were sung only to be cut short. Blaster shots if they found a mark found it often in the flesh of an ally from the one who shot it. Some lost their lives instantly, others suffered as life was ripped from them slowly, while others still were left to live on and suffer for what remained of their pitiful lives.

Mercy had no place here, only retribution.

Then as soon as the storm had begun it was gone and all was quiet once more. Zaxen stood over the bodies of his victims and closed down his weapon in time to sense his old Mistress's approach.


30-07-2009 15:26:22

Seng Karash
Dlarit Police HQ
Aeotheran Barracks

Tsainetomo watched as the repulsors of the shuttle carrying his Aedile slowly faded from sight. Turning to enter the barracks, he glanced over his shoulder one last time before crossing the threshold, a distant feeling of dread washing over him. He made a mental note to contact the city’s hospital personally to ensure Malisane’s safe arrival.

He entered the barracks, which had been transformed into a makeshift triage unit, and looked around at the scores of wounded that had arrived earlier with Dyrra and the D:SOG soldiers. Moving through them, he wondered just how many letters requesting ‘war-time reparations’ would cross his desk. Sai made his way towards Sipask, and the Chiss stood at attention, reaching out to clasp the Sadowan’s hand.

“Governor, sir; congratulations on your appointment. I regret that it came at such dire times,” he finished, sweeping his hand around the room.

“Alas, General, we cannot always choose the events that make our fortune,” offered Sai. “Keep up the good work. Know that, with all of these wounded, you will make a ripe target for our attackers. This is why I will leave the D:SOG soldiers here, to bolster your own ranks. If an attack should come, hold for as long as you can. I will send reinforcements as soon as I can.”

The Chiss raised his brow in slight alarm. “You are leaving, sir? You only just arrived.”

“I’m afraid that I’ve a pressing matter to attend to. If all goes well, you’ll not have a need for any more men; deliverance will come from on high.” The confidence in his baritone and steel in his strange eyes gave Sipask the assurance he needed.

“It will be as you command, Governor.” Coming to attention again for a brief moment, the CO made his leave of Sai and joined a few junior officers to begin issuing post assignments around the barracks, and to continue ministering to the wounded.

Meanwhile, Sai subtly touched the minds of the Force-users scattered around the room. Dyrra and Raistlin raised their heads from their respective tasks and saw that the Quaestor had made his way to Sipask’s office. When they had come to the office themselves, they opened the door to find Sai seated on the desk, his arms folded across his broad chest and a lit cigarra between his lips that was trailing bluish-gray smoke into the air.

Tsainetomo took a deep drag and exhaled, his words chasing the fumes. “Alright. Here is what we’re facing: this area should now be considered target priority: one for our attackers. As such, I’ve given Sipask leave to command the contingent of D:SOG soldiers for protection.”

Dyrra spoke. “Will that be enough? We don’t know exactly how many Vong and PC’s are still kicking around here.”

“Too true,” Sai admitted. “That’s why the second part of my plan is so important. I must find a way to get back aboard the skyhook and retake it. With Marakith back under our control, we can begin to oust these interlopers once and for all.”

“You never said what exactly is going on up there, Sai,” Raistlin reminded. “It’s time you came clean.”

Tsainetomo took another drag on his cigarra, measuring his words carefully. Finally, he decided to lay it bare.

“My erstwhile DAC, Captain Orenth, has allied himself with the Vong and PC’s and taken over Marakith. He’s holding the ruins of Dystopia in the tractor beams as a way to keep me from moving against him. If I do, he’ll drop the burning structure on the rest of the entertainment district.”

Raistlin and Dyrra had a simultaneous epiphany: that’s why Sai needed everyone away from the demolished structure so quickly.

“Let me make you perfectly aware of what Orenth embodies,” Sai began. “He represents the finest commando and anti-insurgency tactics our current training provides. He knows the locations and capabilities of every Force-user in the clan, and could threaten to oust us to the general public should he so choose, bringing down everything our Overlord Astronicus has worked so hard to build. He knows all of our security protocols, and exactly where and when to hit us to make us suffer. In short, Captain Orenth has become the very thing we created him to protect the Clan from; the very worst sort of mundane we could ever imagine facing, from here to Mandalore and all parts in-between.”

Dyrra’s jaw dropped, if only for a nano-second, before she quickly composed herself. “Sir, how could he be such a menace?”

A wistful smile creased Sai’s features. “Because, dear Sergeant: I taught him. Which is why I must be the one to kill him, and that, right soon.”

A few quiet moments passed before any of them spoke again. Finally, Raistlin broke the reverie. “Well, what’s done is done, and all that. What do we do about it now?”

Sai replied. “Well, I know I’m going. I don’t expect either of you to join me; although I have an insider there” – here, Sai’s thoughts touched on Agrist in the skyhook’s medbay – “I admit I will need more assistance.

“However,” the Korun-Keibatsu continued, “I cannot deny that the presence of one or more of us would greatly help Sipask here, to fend off any trash that comes a-calling. Unfortunately, I can neither be in two places at once. It does present quite the conundrum, would you not agree?” Sai finished, smiling broadly, his teeth flashing as cigarra smoke issued from between them. The tabac finished, he stamped the butt out on Sipask’s desk.

Spreading his hands, he looked at his Sergeant and his fellow Son of Sadow. “Any suggestions? I gladly welcome them.”


31-07-2009 11:07:42

Jade smiled as she looked at Zaxen. She was glad they both had managed to arrive, even if both of them had been rather detained. Her hips swayed as she walked towards him. “Nice decorations, take you a while to come up with the design?” she smirked, waving a hand towards the bodies near by.

Zaxen nodded. “Figure it could serve as a warning to anyone who thinks they can defeat us.”

Jade nodded. “Very true.” Taking out a data pad she handed it to him. “I found something disturbing about this invasion before I was attacked in my office.” She knew her wounds were still apparent, though slowly healing. Zaxen’s face glew form the tiny light of the data pad as he read it.

“No defense was used.” He voice seemed confused.

Jade turned and looked at him, her face solemn. “No defense was used at the first sign, not even after we had been attacked.”

“But that would mean someone would have had to been working from the inside here.”

Jade sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. “What makes it worse is I believe Marka Ragnos wasn’t the only one to experience this lack in defense.”


31-07-2009 14:03:18

Crash site of The Stryker
Entertainment District

Fremoc was glad that he had installed those emergency thrusters on his VCX-820. In the past couple years he's crash landed four ships, including an X-Wing on Telos and the shuttle that made him arrive on Tarthos. He shut down the systems to the VCX, and made his way aft to the exit ramp that Manji had already lowered and was standing outside inspecting the damage. Ryuk and Arack where already standing outside with their rifles scanning the streets for any snipers or troops. The Knight walked down the ramp and closed it behind him. Touching several buttons on his hand gauntlet, he activated the security system and then sent the code to Manji. Manji looked down at his datapad and turned to Fremoc, nodding at him.

"Looks pretty bad, going to be out of commission for a while Fremoc," said the Epis. Fremoc looked at the damage as well.

"Yeah, it'll be a while before I can use this baby again," replied Demonic.

"Well since are now we are still on Tarthos, shall we return to the front lines?"

"Agreed." Fremoc looked over the side of the building. The walls underneath them where slowly going outwards, folding under the weight of The Stryker. "Gentlemen, we need to get off this building." Fremoc jumped over the edge, his robes swirling behind him. Manji, not far behind leaped after the Knight, closely followed by Ryuk and Arack. Fremoc landed and immediately went to the corner to look around for any Peace Brigands. Making a hand motion to the others, Fremoc moved around the edge of the wall and walked along the wall back towards the Cathedral.

"Fremoc, I sense a lot of activity on that next block," said the Epis. Manji moved infront of the four man team, and ran to the corner looking at the troop size. Minutes went by before the rest of the team reached Manji, who turned around and looked at them. "Alright kiddies, here's the deal. Fremoc, that Lieutenant and Commander you killed where only part of the command structure. I think you killed the second and third in command, there is another leader out there. I kept hearing that Captain Orenth wants Captain Paterson. New mission, find and kill this Captain Paterson and get the rest of these Peace punks off this world."

"Sounds good to me," said Fremoc, his voice in a deep baritone voice.

"You know where we go Manji. We follow our leader, Fremoc," said Arack.

Manji shook his head at the two of them and took his lightsaber off his belt as Fremoc did the same. Ryuk pulled his Sith Sword and gripped it with two hands, while Arack pulled his longsword out as well.



01-08-2009 15:25:40

Kar Alabrek: Entertainment District

"Well at least this Paterson isn't a DAC..." muttered Arack Tavar, dressed now in his looted Equalizer armor (as his own battle armor had been rendered worthless when he had been injured) bringing his Soro-Suub Firelance rifle around and then he let a choice curse as he saw his favored assault rifle sparking, its innards clearly visible and totally melted. Perking up, Manji moved as fast as a Nexu, grabbing Tavar and Ryuk and sending them through a weakened plaster wall and motioning for Fremoc to follow him in.

Pepoi dove to the floor and looked at Manji with an expression of wild exasperation and the Rollmaster mouthed one word to the Dark Jedi Knight and his two strike team members. "Jeedai" and then said into a Force-meld to the Battleteam Leader "To the west, about a klick and a half...one Jeedai and two Peace Brigands...that elite unit to boot"

Arack and his Mandalorian friend shared a terrified look then looked at Fremoc and whispered "Plan, sir?"

Sharing a series of glances and communications in the Force-meld to the Son of Sadow, the Krath finally replied to Tavar "Ambush...Ryuk and you will go up on the roof and eliminate the two Equalizers while Manji and I ambush the convert. Good?"

Ryuk replied to his master before sliding his helmet back on "It would be, sir, but we don't have any weapons fit for that. Arack's gun is karked and I only have a ESPO Riot Gun, short range"

"Damn...Manji?" cursed the Knight and looked up at his superior as he rose from his prone position and, with a wicked grin on his face, walked out through his self-made door and all that was heard was the cruel snap-hiss of a lightsaber and screams of death as flashes of silver were seen.

A minute later, the Keibatsu-Sadow walked back into their hideout and without warning, threw a long shape at Arack, who barely caught it in the nick of time. "Will that work?" asked the Krath Epis, grinning as Tavar realized what the device was.

Cradled in the Novice's hands was a brand new Xerol Nightstinger sniper rifle. Looking up at the Son of Sadow, Arack nodded and whispered, his voice suddenly dry at the fact he was holding such a beautiful weapon. "Oh yes, Rollmaster, this will work.

Kar Alabrek
Ambush Site

Arack was in love with his new helmet; after fiddling around with the optical enhancements, and with Ryuk's generous input, he had synced the scope of his new sniper rifle with the visor of his helmet...and just in time too, because the Jeedai and his Equalizer bodyguards rounded the corner not a moment later.

"Sniper, when the trio is in front of you, dead center, fire carefully, taking out the Equalizers. You have to do this quickly and TAKE NO SHOTS at the Jeedai. I'm already covering your Force Presences so you should be good, but I'll have to uncover you when Fremoc and I charge him. Understood?" came the voice of Manji Sadow from Ryuk's Mando'ade armor's gauntlet datapad.

"Understood, Rollmaster" whispered Tavar into his friend's datapad before focusing again on the approaching convert and his entourage.

Looking over at his now fully-armored Mando'ade spotter, the Novice muttered "Give me a sight line and an ETA, Mando" and the warrior of Mandalore raised his gloved hand in a get-ready signal.

"Gotcha...fire on a western angle in...5..4..3..2..1...." started Ryuk and then he dropped his hand, signaling 0, and Arack depressed the trigger on his Xerol and a crimson bolt flew out of the muzzle and embedded itself in the first Equalizer's cranium, sending him to the ground.

Empowered by the Force, the sniper turned his Nightstinger and fired a second bolt, just as the other elite Brigand brought his weapon, a Prax Arms AXM-50, to bear. The blaster shot from Arack ended his life before he could get off even a single shot at the two Dark Jedi Journeymen.

"Arack! Ryuk! We're charging now, so Manji's dropped your Force blanket. Get out of there!!" and sure enough, as Fremoc stopped speaking through their comlinks, a large chunk of rock came hurtling towards the roof, courtesy of the convert.

"GO GO GO, Ryuk!" and the Dlarit-born soldier and the Mandalorian jumped over the southern parapet of their snipers nest and rolled to the ground. Sneaking back around to a northwestern view, the two Night Raptors peered around a wall, to see a perfect view of a kimono-clad Manji Keibatsu Sadow and an armored Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi charge out of the ruined shop they had taken cover in.

In an instant, the sapphire flame of Fremoc's blade was reinforced by the deadly silver of the katana-lightsaber of Manji's own and the two paced around the Jeedai convert, a tall man, about on par with Fremoc's height. However, the shaping at the hands of his new masters had left the Jeedai scarred, looking more like a Vong than the dark-skinned human he once was.

Bony ridges crested his head and black bumps and markings ran down his arms as the convert shrugged off his gray outer-robe and was left in a sleeveless vest of matching color along with black trousers and combat boots.

No matter what the convert had encountered at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, the wicked lightsaber hilt hanging from his cloth belt sprang into experienced hands and two shafts of stunning emerald light extended from each end and the Jeedai twirled it around, his form not perfect but not to be underestimated, before holding it as his side and staring down the two Krath warriors.

"Still, it's apparent that the convert has not always used a saberstaff and that may come to the Commander's and Manji's advantage." thought Arack from his safe point, his helmet's optic zoom providing all the details of the brewing battle that he shared with Ryuk. Details shared, Tavar went back to observing.

The convert opened his bony mouth and a guttural sound emerged; something like what a true Sith Lord's voice would sound like after deep emersion into the Dark Side, but yet not quite the same. This voice sounded more like a man had shouted praise and glory to his gods day after day, without ceasing.

"I am W'rok Muyel...and I will draw the pleasure of introducing you to my Gods!" and then W'rok sprung, but he was met in the air by Manji, the silver single blade and one half of the emerald staff trading hisses as they collided. Landing back on the street, the two Ragnosians and the convert stared at each other, determination to see the other side fall evident in their gazes.

And all Novice Arack Tavar and Protector Ryuk could do was watch....

Nekura Manji

02-08-2009 19:01:30

Kar Alabrek

Emerald fire stroked silver and sapphire light as the Vong-corrupted Jedi broke away from Manji and Fremoc, whirling his saberstaff before him like a windmill. Feet scuffed across the smooth paving stones as the Jedi convert moved back from the two Krath, his features twitching unpleasantly. The skin of his face seemed to writhe unnaturally as W'rok opened his mouth and let out a guttural hiss, seeking to unnerve his opponents. The noise was answered with an ear-piercing shout from the Keibatsu, his silver saber rising to illuminate his face, the blade held pointing vertically upwards.

As Manji's voice swelled, the Epis launched himself forwards, muscles bunching as he brought the saber down in a sweeping vertical cut that would have hacked the Jedi convert in two had W'rok not danced backwards nimbly, his emerald blade grinding along the edge of the silver weapon as he pushed it downwards. Before W'rok could launch an attack, Fremoc surged forwards as well, his sapphire blade forcing the Jedi convert away from Manji and towards a low wall.

Loose stones were scuffed away from the Jedi convert's feet as the two Dark Jedi continued to press their advantage, sabers whirling skilfully through the forms. Each strike that W'rok sent towards them was parried or thrown aside, the spined brow of the Jedi convert wrinkling as it began to grow angry. A wave of Force energy surged from an outstretched hand to crash against Fremoc's chest, throwing the Knight backwards and allowing W'rok to turn his attentions fully to the Epis.

The viridian saber tore through the air violently, a flurry of blows sparking against the hasty defence that Manji threw up. A few measured steps moved W'rok away from the low wall, every blow of the saberstaff sending sparks cascading downwards. For a moment, the Jedi convert seemed to have the upper hand, forcing Manji backwards with the ferocity of his offensive. Then, a swirling, circular strike faltered and stopped mid-swing, W'rok freezing in his tracks, expression unreadable.

A humming azure shaft protruded from W'rok's stomach, the superheated plasma slowly eating away at his flesh. As he choked and gasped in pain, Manji let out a snarl and lashed out, silver blade ripping through the Jedi convert's neck and tearing his head free. The body slumped to its knees as Manji leaned down to snatch the saberstaff from W'rok's lifeless fingers, inspecting it silently. His own lightsaber went back onto his belt before a hand grasped each end of the saberstaff, seperating it into two individual hilts. One was thrown to Fremoc, who caught it casually, the other stowed through Manji's belt.

Then the Epis turned away, projecting his voice through the Force to Arack and Ryuk.

"You two can come down here now, we've a mission to attend to."

Arack and Ryuk exchanged glances before moving out of their cover and down towards the street where Fremoc stood, scanning the area for further enemies. Below him, Manji rooted through the pockets of the Jedi convert and his guards, hoping to find some information. As they rejoined the Equite and the Battleteam Leader, Manji retreieved a datapad and quickly scanned the contents of it, a grin lighting up his features. Standing, he handed the datapad to Fremoc then turned to the Journeymen, jabbing a thumb towards the south.

"As I figured, Paterson's leading a fresh assault on Raven's position at the gates of the Cathedral. We need to get over there and take 'im out."

A chorus of silent nods answered him as the small group set off through the burning city, heading south.


02-08-2009 23:27:48

Kar Alabrek

Fremoc took his half of the converted Jedi's lightsaber and secured it to his belt. His mission was to kill Captain Paterson but everyone else thought it was their mission as well. The Knight gripped his lightsaber tighter as he and the other three made their way back to Raven's position. A new wave of Peace Brigands and Vong had begun their attack, trying to overrun and kill them all. Slowly the presences of Ekeia, Bal, Kalei, Raven, and the various other Night Raptors and Night Hawks filled the minds of the four men, telling them that they were getting close to the Cathedral. Fremoc felt something to his left and stopped his run to investigate, causing the other three to stop as well.

"Fremoc, what is it?" yelled Arack as Fremoc walked farther away from the group. This Captain Paterson was the one who coordinated the attack on Tarthos, who had stolen Fremoc's son from him and was talking Thomas to Yavin 4 to be Vong-converted Jedi.

"I sense Paterson," said Demonic, his baritone voice etched with anger. "Go back to Raven. Help them defend the Cathedral and not get over run!" Arack and Ryuk started to walk after the Knight, almost as if they were loyal dogs following their Master. "I swear if you follow me, I will kill you myself." The two walked back to Manji, who was already looking towards where the Raven's lines were.

"Fremoc. If you go by yourself, and you get introuble, I or these boys will not be around to save you," said Manji.

"I know, now go. Get back to Raven. Make sure that the Cathedral isn't overrun." Fremoc began to move in a perpendicular path away from the trio as they raced back to Raven's position. Fremoc, not knowing if there were going to be troops around Paterson's position, secured his lightsaber to his belt and pulled out his assault rifle. He ran past several more buildings, knowing he was getting closer to Paterson's command center. Fremoc pressed himself against a build, and sensed the Captain's presence inside it. The Knight opened a door and made his way through the building looking for the command center that Paterson would be at. He edged to a corner and looked around the side of the building seeing only one man in the room that was filled with monitors and various other pieces of equipment to help track the battle going on in Kar Alabrek. The man was almost as tall and almost as muscular as Fremoc, which the Knight could see to possibly being a problem.

"So Captain Paterson," said Fremoc walking around the corner, putting his rifle on his back. His deep baritone voice grew angrier with each word as he continued, "Attacking the sleeping giant, and kidnapping a child of the sleeping giant? I dare say you are a fool."

"Not so much as you, who decided to come here alone, without back up," came the reply from the Captain. He stood and turned to the Knight, leaving his pistol on the table next to him. "So what are you waiting for? Kill me you terrible excuse of a father!"

Fremoc had heard enough, and dove at the man, tackling him into the various equipment causing sparks to fly everywhere. The two large men went through the those monitors and landed on the floor, with Fremoc landing punches to the Captain's face. Paterson brought his leg up and kicked the Knight in the groin, sending him sprawling on the ground. The Captain got up, his nose broken from Fremoc's punches, and began to kick the other man in the ribs. The Knight rolled in pain as Paterson brought the full force of his knee into Fremoc's chest. Oxygen escaped the Knight's lungs as his lungs collapsed, letting all the oxygen out. Fremoc tried to control his pain and slowly reached for the lightsaber attached to his belt. Holding onto the hilt of his lightsaber, the Knight activated the blade, shooting out the sapphire blade just before it cut through Captain Paterson's legs. The Captain fell backwards in shock as his feet stayed in the position they were in, while he laid out on his back.

"Don't ever, call me a poor excuse of a father. You are a poor excuse of a Captain," said the Knight. Closing down his lightsaber and re-attaching it to his belt, he reached for his pistol as well. Raising his hand, Fremoc aimed at Paterson's chest, just like he had done for years on end.

"Please. Don't kill me. I'll get you your son back, I promise. Just-" before the Captain could finish Fremoc fired a round into the Captain's chest, followed by several more, making sure the man was dead. Fatigued swelled inside Fremoc, as his rage was finally calming down. The Knight holstered his pistol and made his way out of the command center and the building, back onto the streets. Following Manji's Force presence, Fremoc walked in that direction, not knowing that along the roof tops men with rocket launchers were slowly becoming bored.

"Hey Sarge, there's a guy down there. Can we shoot him?" said one Peace Brigand.

"Go for it, we have plenty of rounds up here," said the Sergeant. The two men aimed at Fremoc, not knowing that he was about to get hit by two rockets. Two loud thumps resonated down the street as the two rockets sailed towards the Knight. At the last possible second, Fremoc realized that there were two rockets about to hit him. He pushed the two straight into the ground in front of him.

That wasn't smart... Fremoc thought to himself as the two rockets plunged into the ground in front of him and exploded, sending chucks of metal peppering the already hurting Knight's body. Fremoc sailed backwards, landing on his back several meters away, blood slowly oozing out from all of the cuts and punctures he had taken. The Knight looked up at the sky, feeling the countless pieces of metal in his skin causing his bleeding. Fremoc went to blink but closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I got to get up...

Ylith Pandemonium

03-08-2009 15:14:23

Kar Alabrek

'How the hell did it come to this?' The Sith pondered in his mind as he brought his sword up to block
an incoming vibroblade and pushed it to his left, then spinning halfway around spilling the soldier's guts
over the grass below him while his blade met another's that was coming in from behind. The Vong and
Peace Brigade were rampaging the entire city, it was strange, the Vong and Brigade seemed to both have
their own agenda and tried to move away from eachother, strange.

The Battlemaster did not get another chance to think about it as he used the Force to bend himself
backwards quick enough for him to avoid an incoming slash of a Vibroblade, the tip of the blade
hitting his mask with a loud clanging sound followed by a crack. Ylith quickly rose and stabbed the Phoenix
Blade through the soldier's kneecap into the ground, pinning him down while the Valheru activated his shield
and blocked incoming blaster fire with it.

The Dark Jedi quickly turned, grabbed the hilt and twisted the blade, shattering what was left of his kneecap.
The Soldier roared in agony before being quickly silenced by the Valheru's blade decapitating him.

Pieces of his Mask fell onto the ground, the part right of his right eye shattering and falling in pieces.
He started to breathe heavily again as the Neural Stimulator returned to recharge mode. While
he could only use the Mask for a short period of time, the device was made to recharge itself by the Sith's
movements, using the body's own made energy to restore power. Just as he pinned his mask to his belt
he felt a shadow being cast over him. His eyes widening he turned, facing one of the biggest Vong Warriors
he had ever seen in his life. The Amphistaff soared down hard upon the Sith. He brought his blade up to
meet the serpent like weapon and was forced onto his knees on impact, for a moment forgetting how the Vong
Warriors have a physical strength to reckon with.

The Staff hissed and coiled around the sword and Ylith narrowed his eyes and cursed underneath his breath,
using all his strength to launch himself backwards, leaving the blade, in order not to get bitten by the serpent.

The Vong made short, low-pitched, growls which seemed like laughter. He took the Phoenix Blade into his hand
and threw it at the Sith who could barely evade it, his right shoulder cut on top of it as the blade was pierced
into the wall. For a moment he missed having his Brother, Tyren, around to help him like he did on the Worldship
at Telos.

Ylith rose and looked around him, people were fighting everywhere, the whole area seemed to be lit on fire or
attacked, the sky was blackened by the amount of ships orbiting the planet. 'They mean business...' The Valheru
thought to himself. He rolled to his right before the Amphistaff was brought down to where he was only a split
second ago. The Sith took his saber in his hand and activated his energy shield. he brought his shield up and
blocked an incoming blow with the amphistaff, too powerful to parry it completely the Valheru forced the staff to his
left and slammed the back of his fist into the Vong's face.

The Servant of Yun'Yammka was unphased by the blow, instead smirking and licking its own black blood from what
would seem like his lower lip and slammed his shoulder into the Battlemaster's chest, sending him back.

He shook his head, his white hair falling along his face and his serpentine eyes empty at first, then recovering
as he regained his mind from dizziness created by the impact. The Dark jedi drew breath harshly and struggled to keep
himself up. In the distance he saw the Night Hawks advancing upon the enemy but he lacked the time nor strength
to call out to them, and the Force abandoned him, his Mask unfit for usage yet. Ylith re-activated his lightsaber with
a snaphiss and saw how the eight foot tall Vong approaching him steadily. The Valheru moved quickly, parrying an in
coming blow with his shield and brought his saber up to strike him, only scratching the Vonduun Crab armour.

Ylith jumped back to take distance and knew he wouldnt survive much more of this and took out his Mask and placed
it over his face. Far from fully charged it would be stable enough to save his life. He tapped into the Force and
enhanced his physical strength, launching himself at the Warrior, his saber held tip forwards and his shield aside it.

The Vong growled harshly as the crimson blade of the saber pierced the Vong's chest between the plates of armour.
The Dark Jedi eyed the extragalactic being for a moment before coughing up blood himself. The Amphistaff had
pierced his energy shield, dissapating because of it and was stabbed through his right shoulder right next to his
chest. The Vong cried something in his native tongue, Probably a verse to Yun'Yammka before his final breath
escaped him. The battered Sith remained standing but knew he would be able to do this for much longer, he had
to rendezvous with the Night Hawks before it was too late.

Limping towards them, he leaned into the walls, leaving a thick trail of blood where he went, in search of Raven and
his famed Battleteam.


04-08-2009 00:15:08

Police HQ

As Raistlin let the info begin to mull in his head, he realized there wasn't much of a decision. If Marakith was really under the traitor's possession, it was clearly their number one priority. Though Seng Karash was in bad shape, it was rebuildable, and a large portion of the underground network beneath the city had remained unaffected from the orbital bombardment, at least from what the Exarch could tell. Some of the sensitive data on Marakith alone was invaluable, information that was classified Above Top Secret and from Raist's personal knowledge, contained sensitive materials on a wide variety of topics, from internal R&D, to fleet movements, to military contracts and numerous other details.

In addition, a betrayal in D-SOG was unheard of. As one of the first Marshal Commanders, appointed by the Founder himself, Proconsul Isradia, Raist had helped to train the initial wave of D-SOG soldiers years ago, and though out of touch with the organization, as evidenced by his unfamiliarity with Captain Orenth, there was only one logical course of action.

The traitor must pay... and for those who crossed Clan Naga Sadow, there would be only one reward... the sweet embrace of death.

Though it seemed like an eternity to him, only a few seconds passed before the Exarch broke the silence.

"I cannot speak for the Lady Dyrra, but as for myself, I lend you my blade in battle. Reclaiming Marakith is a top priority for us, as well as for D-SOG. I doubt that they will touch our Clan's Headquarters here, and if the city falls, so be it, it can be rebuilt. My only concern is for those who will be forced to fight here, without any kind of reinforcements. Sadly as the Epis alluded to earlier, we cant be in two places at once."

Dyrra said nothing, and Epis Sai cracked a wry smile upon hearing the Exarch's response.

"It will be good to serve in battle with you, unless there is an army waiting for us up there, Victory is almost assured brother." Sai said.

"While I do not expect heavy resistance, especially considering the lack of alarm or notification of losing the skyhook, I'm taking no chances." Raist said. "I'm taking a squad with me, and speaking of..." he trailed off, remembering the squad he had recquisitioned nearly an hour ago that still hadn't arrived.

"We need a way to get onboard the Skyhook." Sai said, as he pondered.

"That's taken care of," Raist said, pausing before continuing, "my ship was ferrying some civilians to safety, and should be back by the time we reach the rendezvous point. Once onboard, we should be able to reach Marakith undetected, from there, we'll be in the dark. It's been years since i've been onboard the Skyhook, and while I remember the basic layout, I'm sure my security clearances have long since expired, plus by then, they'll know we're there..." he smiled, thinking of the implications.

"Before we leave, I'm curious" Sai said, pausing. "Where did you take the civilians?" he asked.

Raist leaned over and whispered something in his ear. At first a bewildered look crept across his face... then suddenly, realization.

"Incredible... I had heard stories... but that's just amazing. Let it never be said you weren't resourceful." Sai said, to which Raist nodded his appreciation.

"Let's move then," the Epis quickly continued. "we should be able to make it there within the hour." He turned and began to leave as Raist and Dyrra followed behind him. Raist paused, reaching into a small pouch on his belt to light up a rather large hand-rolled cigarra and as he took a long drag, he knew he would need it. He grabbed a nearby D-SOG soldier by his chest

"Where is my squad??!?!" he asked incredulously. "I should have every CO in this building court martialled for the lack of information i've received!"

"S......S......S....Sir, I'm J...J...Just a Corporal Sir, I d..d..Don't know where your squad is." the soldier responded as Raist dropped him. Seizing the opportunity, he quickly fled.

Raist shook his head... this situation would never happen again. Being away for an extended period of time had left him unfamiliar with D-SOG and the members within it. He made a mental note that once this conflict was resolved, he would need to select a new personal squad from within D-SOG. His last unit was most likely long since retired, though he knew a couple had risen within the ranks to achieve lofty officer positions. No... what he needed now were new, hungry soldiers.

As he turned to leave with the Epis and Dyrra, he nearly bumped into a human shorter then he was, saluting him.

"Sergeant Ancilotti, 3rd squad, assigned to Commander Raistlin, sir." he snapped to attention as Raist waved it off before he continued. "My squad was ambushed by Vong sir in Taramun Square, not 3 klicks south of here. Only myself, and two of my soldiers made it, they're currently outside on the line with command." Ancilotti said.

Raist extended his hand which the man looked at momentarily before grasping it.

"You're with me, we're en route to the Marakith Skyhook, via the Park. A ship will be waiting there for us. Are you ready to leave?" the Exarch asked to which the Sergeant nodded, "We're not coming back here, so make sure you're fully loaded." No response was necessary, Raist knew the answer

"Good, let's roll."

A Short Time Later

Using the underground network of tunnels, the small group was able to avoid the Vong who now swarmed over the surface. Within a short period of time they had reached the Park, and they began to ascend the small ladder that led to the surface. Though there had been damage in the area, a testament to the Vong's total lack of an organized and strategic bombardment, a lack of structures in the area had left the damage minimal, save for some trees and a small children's play area a short distance away. Raist took the point and led the group to a small clearing. Thankfully there were no enemies in sight, but neither was the Dark Seraphim, his ship. The Exarch pulled out a comm link..

"Seraphim come in.. report, what's your status?" he asked.

"TZZZZK.... route....SHHHK damage to the rear hull, repairable. Will be arriving in fifteen CHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the signal dissolved into static, though from the sound of it, he wasn't too far away.

"Ok people listen up," Raist said as the group turned toward him. "Our flight is on its way to this location, I want everyone to take a defensive perimiter around this position, hold it at all costs so our bird can land." Raist pointed to Sergeant Ancilotti and waved his hand left, using hand signals. Immediately he and one of his ment fanned out to the left, taking up cover behind a rather large downed tree trunk. He turned but the rest could already see his plans, and they began finding cover.

Now they just had to wait.... the only question was, how long and how difficult would the wait be?

Nekura Manji

05-08-2009 14:16:29

Kar Alabrek
Outside Ragnos Cathedral

The sweeping gardens surrounding Ragnos Cathedral were in ruins, transformed into a blasted, cratered battlefield. Squads of Peace Brigadiers took what cover they could find behind pockmarked stone walls and low barricades, occasionally co-ordinating their fire to pour a stream of blaster bolts towards the fortified redoubt occupied by Raven and the defenders of the Cathedral.

From their position, Raven sneaked a glance over the edge of the hasty barricade they'd erected out of fallen stone pillars. A fresh torrent of blaster fire threatened to sear his eyebrows off and forced his head back down, the Priest's eyes narrowing as he struggled to think of some way out of their situation. The ground shook as a missile crashed down nearby, scattering a cloud of dust across the Dark Jedi.

"We've got to try and break out or we'll be slaughtered," Raven muttered darkly. His glance roamed over his exhausted band of defenders, the Battleteam leader looking for some spark of resistance still left in them. "Where the hell are the rest of our forces?"

As the words left his lips, a scream was carried on the wind towards the redoubt. It was joined only seconds later by a chorus of shouts and cries, scattered gunfire overlaying the sounds. Pushing himself up as blaster bolts stopped spattering against the the barricade, Raven narrowed his eyes as he tried to see what was going on at the back of the enemy lines.

Suddenly, a lifeless body smashed against the barricade, smoke rising from the several lightsaber wounds it carried. Pushing himself upright, Raven grinned wickedly, hand clenching around the hilt of his own saber.

"Reinforcements! Come on, let's get out there!"


The Peace Brigadiers had been completely unprepared for Manji, Arack and Ryuk's offensive. The One-Eyed Dragon had crashed into the back of a group of soldiers aiming an E-Web blaster at the Cathedral, butchering them almost before they could raise a hand in their defence, the two Journeymen laying down supporting fire at nearby squads with their guns. As the enemies turned in confusion, Manji continued his brutal charge into them, silver saber weaving dextrously to bat away the few scattered blaster bolts that were sent his way. One soldier managed to put up a spirited defence before the Epis hacked through the barrel of his rifle and sent two precise, flickering cuts across his throat and stomach. As the Peace Brigadier staggered, Manji sent a wave of Force energy into his chest, hurling the man backwards and across the cratered ground to crash into the barricade just outside the Cathedral.

Mere moments later, Raven and his group crashed into the enemies who were still standing. The assault turned into a massacre as the Peace Brigadiers desperately tried to come to terms with their enemies, torn apart by the feared close combat prowess of the Sadowans. More and more soldiers died as those still alive tried to withdraw. Raising his voice above their shouts and screams, Raven cried out to his men.

"They're retreating! The Cathedral is safe!"

Nix Saren

05-08-2009 23:19:44

Tarthos, Ragnos Cathedral

Nix woke suddenly to the noise of fighting just outside his quarters he climbed out of his bed and walked to the window and peered out it and saw several Dark Jedi and a peace brigade unit in battle. “The peace brigade is trying to enter Ragnos HQ” nix said to him self. Nix was swift to put on his battle armor over his robes and to pack his gear; lastly he reached for his black hood cloak and swung it on over ever thing he had on. As nix left his quarters he saw many bodies on the floor none were Jedi but mostly of vong and those of the peace brigade. Nix passed a broken window and looked out on to the fighting and wondered where his master was, Nix could sense him through the force and could tell that he was still alive but not well. Nix felt a buzzing coming from one of his pouches on his utility belt it was his data pad. He had a message from the Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh, Epis Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. The massage was to inform Nix that he had been transferred to House Ludo Kressh and given command of Sapphire Squadron and he was to report to Seng Karash on Aeotheran. Nix put his data pad away and made his way to Ragnos Cathedral hanger bay where his ship HoundsBane was docked.

Orbit around Tarthos.

Nix soon made his way into the hanger bay and into his ship and piloted his way off Tarthos and into space. As he entered the the space around Tarthos he came across a blockade of peace brigade battle curisers. The curisers had opened fire on the HoundsBane and Nix took to defenceive piloting. “ Come on baby hold togther!” Nix said has the ship took several hits to the main hull. As soon as the HoundsBane was past the blockade Nix pushed down on the hyper drive switch and he lunged into hyper space towards Aeotheran. Once in hyper space Nix set the ship in auto pilot and turned to his quarters on the ship. Nix took most of his armor off and placed it on the racks and packed away some gear that he didn’t need. After unpacking nix went back to the cockpit to relax, for the trip was to take a few good hours to reach Aeotheran.

PRT Nix Graves (Obelisk)/SGT/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow
Apprentice to Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi


06-08-2009 20:25:55

Police HQ
Seng Karash

Dyrra stood at the entrance to the police HQ and watched as her fellow Dark Jedi and their mundane guards vanished from sight, heading towards their rendezvous with the Dark Seraphim. Then it hit her, she was alone. She had no idea where the rest of her House were, they could’ve been murdered in their sleep aboard the Skyhook for all she knew. She wished there was another Jedi around. Anyone at all, to take the weight off her shoulders and give her orders to follow instead of decisions to make.

Hell, I’d even welcome Ol’ One Eye right now, even if he does have a tendency to treat me like a five year old.

Thankfully, Tsainetomo’s inimitable prescence had given the mundanes surrounding her much more motivation than they had previously. They were all busy, no doubt doing what they needed to do. She, meanwhile, was attempting to sense anything she could through the Force. Not the Vong, she knew that was an exercise in futility – but perhaps some of the dung who had allied themselves with them, or maybe one of her Housemates. Nothing. The Force was always silent as the grave at the exact worst time.

Part of her wanted to be going with the Quaestor and Raistlin to throw those huttkarking schutta out of the Skyhook, but another part of her had quietly assessed the situation and known that she could do the least damage up there. She’d only be slowing them down and giving them a distraction to worry about. Although at least up there, she’d have been able to use a real weapon, she thought, staring disdainfully at the blaster in her hands. She hadn’t got the faintest idea what kind it was, or if it was any good. All she knew was that little red pinpricks of death were meant to collide with people that weren’t her and in theory, it should put them down. She shook her head as she contemplated it. She hadn’t realised quite how attached she’d gotten to the smooth metal of her armoury saber before today.

She stalked the corridors like a woman caged. The waiting around was getting to her. She much preferred a simple battlefield, where everything is out in the open and you slaughter anyone who didn’t arrive with you. She was a hair’s breadth away from getting nostalgic over the simplicity of ploughing through droids on Antei, when a familiar noise reached her ears.

Blaster bolts. The enemy was at the gates.

Took em long enough...


07-08-2009 21:07:53

Kar Alabrek

Fremoc coughed. A pink mist formed above his face and feel back onto his face. His medical training kicked in, and immediately he knew he was in trouble. The two rockets exploding on the ground had caused shrapnel and rocks to pepper his body. Blood oozed from each puncture wound, one piece of shrapnel nicked his lung causing blood to enter the lung. The Knight tried to get off the ground and head back to the Cathedral but couldn't raise himself off the ground without causing his chest an extreme amount of pain. Blocking out the pain he forced himself to stand up and lean against the closest building to him.

God this hurts, I need to get back to the med center...

He coughed again getting the blood that accumulated in his lung to come out. If he didn't get back to the med center the lung could possibly collapse and eventually die. He slowly made his way through Kar Alabrek, heading towards the Cathedral. He finally saw the familiar building of the Cathedral and the mixed battle teams of the Night Hawks and Night Raptors. He also saw Manji giving orders to some of the Journeymen that were taking out several fires outside of the building.

The Knight walked up to the One Eyed Dragon and stood beside the Epis. "Captain Paterson... is... dead..." With that Fremoc collapsed to the ground unconscious.


10-08-2009 11:10:16

Marakith Skyhook
Seng Karash

“It will be as you command, my liege.”

The DAC known as Orenth ended the transmission, the ghostly image of his new master fading from sight. The clone sat in the chair of the skyhook’s command center and pondered his newest set of orders as the Peace Brigands assigned to him rushed to and fro, giving him tactical updates. Truly, Marakith was the perfect ‘eye-in-the-sky’, and the vantage point allowed him to execute his portion of the plan to devastate Seng Karash nigh effortlessly.

“Sir, battalion four has engaged the Dlarit Police HQ,” a gravelly-voiced Brigand reported from across the chamber. “Dlarit forces putting up heavy resistance, but our estimates indicate no less than an hour before we crush them.”

Orenth acknowledged the report. “Very well. Continue sustained attack and appraise me on the status of the tractor beam modifications. Any sign of Governor Keibatsu?”

“None, Captain.”

Orenth smiled. ‘Oh, Sai. Running doesn’t become you, my friend.’ He let the thought tumble deliciously around in his head as he turned his attention back to his personal vidscreen. On it, a frozen image of the Quaestor shimmered, captured earlier in the day during their initial confrontation. Orenth hit the play button, and Tsainetomo’s image began to move haltingly, his lightsaber in hand as blaster bolts crept agonizingly towards him. Orenth was ever the student, as he was created to be, and he fastidiously studied Sai as the man moved through the forms associated with Soresu, impossibly batting away each hyphen of death at the last possible second. You’re good, Sai, but not that good. Next time, we’ll cut you down.

A high-pitched voice broke the clone’s reverie. “Captain, scanners indicate a single craft approaching.”


“One, sir.”

Orenth’s cheshire grin grew wider. “So, he comes to us! Send a squadron to the hangar bay to greet our...guest. Clap him in binders; I want him here and on his knees before the engines on his ship have had a chance to cool.”

The order was relayed as Orenth turned back to the loop of his erstwhile master.

Dark Seraphim
En route to Marakith

Raistlin’s ship sped steadily through the air above Seng Karash, its sleek form cutting a sharp silhouette against the suspended wreckage of Dystopia. Back-lit by the flames that still raged on many of the gutted floors, the ship flew as some mythological messenger from the bowels of Hades.

Tsainetomo sat, seemingly alone in the passenger compartment, his eyes closed in meditation and his mind digesting the events of the past few moments.

He, Raistlin, and the D:SOG soldiers who accompanied them from the Dlarit Police HQ waited silently at the park at the northeast edge of town; the Quaestor had just finished transmitting the order to his new BT Sergeant Nix Graves to round up the members of Sapphire and join Dyrra at the HQ when Raistlin informed the group of the Seraphim’s approach. Tsainetomo rose to ‘pop-smoke’; that is, ignite a colored-smoke canister to give the ship a visual approach vector, when a trap of sorts was sprung.

From all sides, Peace Brigands burst from their own cover to rush the exposed Son of Sadow. Raistlin and his soldiers tried to lay down a covering blanket of fire, but they were all caught unawares; the Brigands were too fast and upon Tsainetomo too soon.

It has been said that the practioners of Jar’Kai Niman were to be thought of as ‘leaves caught on the wind of the Force’; no truer words were spoken as they regarded the Keibatsu as he employed his knowledge of the dual-bladed form.

One by one, the Peace Brigands were cut down by his twin acid-yellow blades as he moved amongst them, the hilts seeming to jump in his hands of their own accord as he inverted, then reverted, grips on both weapons while he struck. The Dark Side, normally a willing companion to the Keibatsu, became a rushing torrent of the blackest of waters, flowing through the Son of Sadow unabated as he gave himself fully to the Force in employing the style. There was no defense to speak of; none that he offered to an attack that may have come, and none that the Brigands could mount that would save their misbegotten lives. It was simply a matter of time.

Raistlin rose from his cover at the edge of the park, mouth agape at the display, and now it was his voice that emanated from beneath the deck plating at Sai’s feet aboard the ship as it slid noiselessly into the skyhook’s hangar bay.

“Are you sure about this, brother? What if they kill you as soon as you set foot one down the gangway?” Though the unique design of the Dark Seraphim afforded Raistlin and his D:SOG detachment a shielded crawlspace in which to hide, he still whispered.

“Yes, and they won’t.” Tsainetomo’s eyes remained closed even as he reassured his fellow Son. “Orenth doesn’t merely want me dead; he wants to kill me, which is a big difference. His obsession with me will give you the window you’ll need to get to the medbay, free and arm Agrist, and join me at the command center. I’m sure I’ll have dispatched of Orenth and his ilk by then.”

“That sounds good, Sai; just make sure your own obsession doesn’t have you willingly walking to your death.”

Raistlin’s admonishment hung in his ears even as the Seraphim’s outer hatch opened and the squadron of Brigands tramped aboard.

The squad leader shoved the barrel of his rifle in Tsainetomo’s face. “Drop the laser sword on the deck, and put these,” – his squad mate tossed a set of binders roughly into the Quaestor’s lap – “on. Slowly; I’m looking for an excuse to burn you down where you sit.”

His eyes still closed, he methodically removed one lightsaber hilt from his belt and placed it on the deck, and clamped the binders around his own wrists as the squad leader bent and retrieved Sai’s weapon.

“All is as you say; I’ve a feeling I’m expected. Shall we go?”

Tsainetomo sat up and disembarked the Dark Seraphim, the squadron members pointing their weapons at him. Though clapped in binders, the Son of Sadow still bore the air of one in command, and the sentiment was not lost on the confused interlopers as they trotted after him.

Ylith Pandemonium

10-08-2009 13:39:12

Kar Alabrek

The sound of cheers surrounded him as the Peace Brigade and the Vong both seemed to retreat. it was a
hollow victory as the city lay in smoltering ruins and the civilian casualties would most likely equal that of the
first Vong enslaught a few years ago. Ylith smiled as he saw Raven and his Night Hawks standing in victory,
firing upon the Vong that were fleeing. He couldnt help but to think he would of executed those men on sight
for showing no honour in the defeat of their foes, but it was not his place to do so.

Pain gripped him.

The stabwound caused by the Vong Warrior bit into his fatigue, causing him to limp increasingly as he moved
towards the Night Hawk Battleteam in order to join up with them. He leaned against a wall and slid down onto
the ground, groaning in pain. His eyes widened as an Amphistaff was slammed into the wall next to his head.

The Valheru rose from his seat as multiple Vong Warriors came at him, prepared for a suicide attack against
the Sith. He ignited his saber and shield and blocked an incoming assault with the Vong's Amhpistaff, his eyes
squeezed shut and his teeth gritted harshly as pain shot from his shoulder. Even though he used what little of
the Force he could muster it wasnt enough to subdue the pain coming from it. Before the Sith could respond he
felt a harsh kick against his chest, sending him through the wall he leaned against a few moments before.

Groaning he lay upon the rubble, he wanted to move, he wanted to fight, he wanted to stand yet nothing in his
body had the energy to move. He slowly lifted his head as the Vong stood over him, talking to eachother in their
own tongue. One of the Vong Warriors nodded and rose his Amphistaff.

"You honourless maggots will die before we..."

With one swift motion of the staff the Sith was silenced, hitting the Battlemaster's head with the full strength of the
Servant of Yun'Yammka the Valheru saw his vision fall into blackness. The Vong picked the Sith up and silently took
him with them as they retreated steadily from the city.


((Sidenote: Don't come after me, this is all planned :) ))

Nix Saren

10-08-2009 15:02:39

Aeotheran: Sapphire Squadron HQ

The Hounds Bane lurched from hyperspace and into orbit around Aeotheran. Nix was back at the controls of his beloved ship and making his way to Sapphire Squadron HQ. As he began to maneuver his way down to Seng Karash he recived another message fromTsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow telling nix to round up members of sapphire squadron and meet Dyrra at the police HQ. As nix came closer to the western side of Seng Karash into the leisure district he saw the four story building know as Zafiro Torre and landed into one of the four large hangers of the HQ. After landing nix made his way to the turbolift and down to the second floor of the building, while rideing the lift down he could sense other life forms moving around the outside of the building. Nix began to look harder with in the force to see if he could find any of his new squad members but none could be found. Nix could sense someone reach out through the force and touch him but he did not send any feelings back towards the force user not knowing who it was. The turbo lift had reached the second floor and nix walked down a pitch black hall. The only lights that were on were the back up lights that lit the floor. Nix found his way into the debriefing room were there was a holomap for operation information were he could use the map to locate this lone being. Nix hit a few buttons and a map of the entire city came up as this happend he looked through the force and reached out into the city to were he could see the figure of a woman, it was Dyrra Skye the commander of the jade serpents. Nix left the debriefing room and went to the Sapphire Squadron’s armory were he could load up with some gear and ammo. As he walked into the room he noticed the Sapphire flight armor sitting on the racks he decide to put it on. He had now new armor and now he needed his weapons from his ship. He made his way back to the hanger to his ship were he picked up his modified sniper rifle, twin vibro daggers, and his duel BlasTech K-14 blasters. Nix made his way to the edge of the hanger and looked out onto the city, he peered through his scope toward the police HQ he could see shadowed figures moveing toward the building. Nix relized that’s were Dyrra was and he jumped from the top of the four story building onto the ground below as nix landed he took off into the darkness of the city towards dyrra and what ever was heading her way.

PRT Nix Graves (Obelisk)/SGT/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow [ACC: INI]

Apprentice to Fremoc “Demonic" Pepoi

Commander of Sapphire Squadron.

Nix Saren

10-08-2009 15:06:41

Aeotheran: Sapphire Squadron HQ

The Hounds Bane lurched from hyperspace and into orbit around Aeotheran. Nix was back at the controls of his beloved ship and making his way to Sapphire Squadron HQ. As he began to maneuver his way down to Seng Karash he recived another message fromTsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow telling nix to round up members of sapphire squadron and meet Dyrra at the police HQ. As nix came closer to the western side of Seng Karash into the leisure district he saw the four story building know as Zafiro Torre and landed into one of the four large hangers of the HQ. After landing nix made his way to the turbolift and down to the second floor of the building, while rideing the lift down he could sense other life forms moving around the outside of the building. Nix began to look harder with in the force to see if he could find any of his new squad members but none could be found. Nix could sense someone reach out through the force and touch him but he did not send any feelings back towards the force user not knowing who it was. The turbo lift had reached the second floor and nix walked down a pitch black hall. The only lights that were on were the back up lights that lit the floor. Nix found his way into the debriefing room were there was a holomap for operation information were he could use the map to locate this lone being. Nix hit a few buttons and a map of the entire city came up as this happend he looked through the force and reached out into the city to were he could see the figure of a woman, it was Dyrra Skye the commander of the jade serpents. Nix left the debriefing room and went to the Sapphire Squadron’s armory were he could load up with some gear and ammo. As he walked into the room he noticed the Sapphire flight armor sitting on the racks he decide to put it on. He had now new armor and now he needed his weapons from his ship. He made his way back to the hanger to his ship were he picked up his modified sniper rifle, twin vibro daggers, and his duel BlasTech K-14 blasters. Nix made his way to the edge of the hanger and looked out onto the city, he peered through his scope toward the police HQ he could see shadowed figures moveing toward the building. Nix relized that’s were Dyrra was and he jumped from the top of the four story building onto the ground below as nix landed he took off into the darkness of the city towards dyrra and what ever was heading her way.

PRT Nix Graves (Obelisk)/SGT/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow [ACC: INI]

Apprentice to Fremoc “Demonic" Pepoi

Commander of Sapphire Squadron.


11-08-2009 21:16:49

Kar Alabrek

Manji looked at the unconscious Knight on the ground. His fellow comrade had finally returned from killing the man known as Captain Paterson. The Epis did not know what had exactly transpired during the fight or after to cause him to become so grievously wounded. But from what Manji could gather, Fremoc had been near an explosion causing shrapnel to pepper his body. The Son of Sadow reached out to the fallen Night Raptor Commander, trying to feel the extent of the injuries he had sustained. Most was very bad cuts into the Knight's muscles, except for the couple of pieces of shrapnel that had gone completely through him. Manji's eyes widened as he found the cause of the blood from Fremoc's mouth. The Knight had a punctured lung that was causing blood to slowly enter the lung. The Epis' limited medical knowledge told him that it would be best for him to get Fremoc to the medical center and to the more knowledgeable medical staff. The best Manji could do at the moment was focus the force to shut the whole in Fremoc's lung. The Epis slowly felt the wound close but Fremoc's bleeding was still a problem, especially the internal bleeding around the lung.

Hang on, kid. I'm gonna get you to the med center...

"Ryuk!" screamed Manji for the Mandalorian warrior nearby. Ryuk ran from his position covering the gate to the Cathedral over to Manji. "I need you to come with me back to the medical center. Fremoc is badly wounded and we are going to have to drag his large self there."

"Understood, sir." Holstering his pistol, Ryuk grabbed the left side of the Knight's collar, while Manji grabbed the right side. Without saying a word the two moved together and through the Cathedral's front door.

"God, he weighs a ton. Too much time in that commando unit. You here me Fremoc! Lose weight!" Manji yelled at Fremoc while he dragged his unconscious form back into the Cathedral. Ryuk looked over at Manji and silently chuckled in his Mandalorian helmet; he found it humorous that an Epis was yelling at an unconscious Knight.

Thankfully the two where able to draw on the Force to give them the energy to continue moving the Knight through the hallways of the Cathedral. Manji and Ryuk passed a group of Journeymen putting out a fire next to the medical center and moving off to another fire somewhere in the Cathedral. The two walked through the door of the medical center before Manji asked, "Can I get a little help?"

A medical technician ran out from one of the side rooms, and looked at the two standing men and the one laying on the ground. "What's the trouble?" said the med tech.

"I have a man down obviously. Get him in bacta on the double or so help me you'll have one less limb."

"And then you will probably lose another limb from me," said Ryuk pulling his pistol out of the holster.

"Okay, okay. No need for threats gentlemen, I have to evaluate him first. Could you get him on the table here?" asked the medical technician. He also went to two 2-1B medical droids and activated them to help him with the evaluation. Ryuk and Manji lifted the heavy Knight onto the evaluation table. "Okay for starters, we need to get all of the shrapnel out of this man. We can't put him in bacta with all of this shrapnel or else the wounds would close around them." The two droids set to work extracting the shrapnel from Fremoc; some were very large pieces others were small but after some time, the droids had extracted it all. "Now, he's ready for bacta. You two can leave now if you wish." The 2-1Bs pushed the fallen Knight up the bacta tank entrance, Ryuk hesitated as if he was going to follow but turned to Manji.

"I'm going to stay here," said the Protector.

"I figured as much. There's the bench, I imagine he won't take long to recover. I'm heading back out there, the House needs me," said the One Eyed Dragon. He watched the Mandalorian sit on the bench and take off his helmet before turning and exiting the medical center.

Meanwhile, the medical technician had fitting Fremoc with a breathing mask, while the droids had removed the Knights clothing except for his pants.

"He's ready sir," said a 2-1B.

"Very good, open the hatch," ordered the medical technician. He guided Fremoc into the bacta while activating the mask to have oxygen flow through his mask. The Knight submerged into the bacta, causing the bacta to turn a slight pink-purple due to the blood on his body. "Close the hatch, and now we wait."

Fremoc was now at the mercy of the healing powers of bacta.


13-08-2009 17:33:52

Seng Karash
Dlarit Police HQ
Aeotheran Barracks

Sipask was tiring.

According to his wrist chronometer, the Peace Brigands had been assaulting the HQ for forty minutes straight, an eternity for a continuous firefight. He had started leading from the front, attempting to coordinate his officers with the D:SOG soldiers who had stayed behind, but then, the familiar battle fog had begun to set in.

Ten minutes in, the D:SOG soldiers had been forced to abandon their perimeter outside the building and retreat inside.

Twenty minutes in, Sipask had lost five of his officers and one D:SOG soldier.

Thirty minutes in, the Chiss’ arm dressing had to be changed, his life’s blood soaking it through.

Now, as the medic redressed his wound and he struggled to find the words that would spur his officers on, he had found himself on the brink of exhaustion. A near hopeless situation, and massive blood loss, could do that to even the most hardy of species.

Sipask’s eyes began to droop, but before he could completely succumb to his fatigue, he saw a curious sight, adorned in a shock of red hair.

‘That’s the one the governor called ‘Sergeant’...Dyrra, was it?’ The CO’s thoughts threatened to slip from him as mercury through fingers. Dyrra was a dynamo of action, flitting from barricaded window to barricaded window, pointing her blaster rifle outward and laying on the trigger.

The Chiss watched in wonder as Dyrra never stopped moving; when her weapon was empty, she’d quickly replace the power pack and resume laying down fire, never missing a beat.

When her weapon burned itself out from the prolonged use, she simply discarded it and borrowed another, uncannily finding a replacement weapon and bringing it to bear before the ruined one clattered on the floor.

And, when Dyrra would abandon one portal, a D:SOG soldier would smoothly replace her. The entire scene was beautiful to behold: cogs in a well-oiled war machine, doing exactly what they had been trained to do.

Even more incredulously, Dyrra was smiling all the while.

Sipask winced as the medic pulled a bit too tightly on his dressing, and the shock slammed him back to the present. His mind wrapped around a singularly important fact.

Through it all, Dyrra, and her D:SOG compatriots, never stopped fighting.

They never stopped. She never stopped.

Chaos take me, if this slip of a girl can keep going... The Chiss left the thought unfinished as he rose to his feet, and his mouth formed words whose meaning would slip his memory when later asked to recall them. The only thing that was agreed upon by all present was that their battle spirit was renewed, and the portals and holes in the wall were thereafter ablaze with the blaster fire from Dlarit Police and D:SOG weapons.

It had been forty minutes since Sipask had nearly collapsed from exhaustion. Four minutes after that, even he had to join in the cheers that the huddled wounded, the Dlarit Police Force and the D:SOG soldiers had raised up in honor of Dyrra Skye’s leading of the rout of the assault on the Aeotheran Precinct.

Marakith Skyhook
Hangar Bay Two
Dark Seraphim

Raistlin and his contingent of D:SOG troops rose from the crawlspace like specters, silent as the grave and with movements as practiced as any virtuoso.

They stole from the Dark Seraphim, moving fast and with purpose. The schematics that Sai had given them showed the most direct path from the hangar bay to Medical, and the stray Brigand that had found themselves in the commando force’s path was blinded and confused by some judicious Force-usage on Raistlin’s part, or rendered harmless by a silenced weapon or a broken neck.

Soon enough, they entered the med bay, and Agrist stirred and smiled gamely at the Sadowans. He thought with confidence that the tide had finally turned.

’Now, maybe I can get some real rest...’

Command Center

Tsainetomo, his hands still in binders, entered the space with surety in his steps, his strange eyes furtively searching the area for Orenth. The Brigands who ‘escorted’ him to the command center filed in behind him, the one who’d confiscated one of his ‘sabers moving to stand beside him.

He found him in due measure. The clone was near a hatch on the opposite side of the command center, smoothing his uniform. “Leaving so soon, dog?” Sai called out derisively.

“As a matter of fact: I am,” laughed the clone as he donned his formal dress hat. “It seems your revenge will have a little longer to simmer, as I have received my orders for reassignment.”

The Keibatsu bristled openly at this. “I will not be denied, Orenth. You and I are long overdue for a reckoning.”

“Too true,” Orenth agreed. “Take comfort in the knowledge that I’ve left you plenty to contend with in the meantime. Firstly, I’ve set a timer on the tractor beam controls; they’ll deactivate in, oh, say about six minutes? Honestly, I’ve lost count.” A grin creased his perfectly engineered features.

Orenth continued. “Secondly, any attempt made by you to deactivate or otherwise circumvent this will immediately shut them down and the remains of dystopia will summarily come crashing down.

“Thirdly...” Orenth paused. “Well, I’ll let ‘her’ explain.” Tsainetomo allowed his confusion to show until the doors slid open, and a tattooed, grafted being sauntered through.

She was human. And, by Tsainetomo’s ethereal impression, a Force-user.

The fact was cemented by the lightsaber hilt bouncing on her thigh.

Orenth tossed another mocking salute and walked through the open door, flashing one more condescending glance at the Son of Sadow.

The doors slid shut, whisper quiet. Any other man, it would’ve been as a casket closing.

The female Force-user sidled close to Sai, walking around him and appraising his shackled form. “I am D’nesi Muyel, and you, I dare say, are not the challenge that Orenth warned me you would be.”

Tsainetomo cocked his head in the traditional Korunnai way, indicating, in this case, only a mild passing interest in what D’nesi was saying. In truth, his mind had begun a mental countdown, and he feverishly thought of a way to stop the tractors from deactivating.

No easy way came to him. But, as D’nesi filled his vision, the answer became clear.

“Did you hear me? I was saying that Orenth wants me to wait to kill you until Dystopia falls,” D’nesi said, planting a deformed hand on her hip. “I don’t think I can, heretic.”

Tsainetomo snorted. “I really don’t care.”

D’nesi’s hand stole to her weapon. “You truly are without honor, undeserving of even the slowest of deaths. Need I remind you that those are your people down there?”

“What do you know of my people?” Sai asked incredulously. “Further, what do you know of me? I have lain waste to entire cities, killed villages whilst they slept.

“I have vented entire ships of their atmosphere, and laughed as their frozen bodies floated in the ether.” Sai continued as he filled himself with the Force, permeating the space with a palpable feeling of Horror as he spoke. “I have been run through by a lightsaber more ancient and hoary than you can imagine, and here I still stand. Considering this, do you think that you – any of you - pose any threat to me?!”

With the last, Tsainetomo muttered an intelligible incantation in the Krath tongue, and the binders on his wrists flew open, imbued with the Dark Side’s power through the rite of Mechu-Deru. Too late, the Brigands and D’nesi realized he was free; even as the converted Force-user activated her azure blade, Sai had snatched his confiscated weapon from the Brigand who held it, and jammed the charmed binders roughly into his chest. The resulting explosion opened the brigand’s torso, spraying Sai and the Brigand’s torso with gore.

The Son of Sadow was nonplussed as he ignited his weapon, the sunbeam yellow alternating between defending against D’nesi’s undisciplined strikes and dispatching the gape-mouthed Brigands. Sai moved as a man possessed, and in short order, all the mundanes were smoking corpses, sizzling on the command center’s deck.

D’nesi quickly gave ground as she assessed the situation. In the span of a heartbeat, things had gone from being under control to far beyond it, and she knew that should she survive, Orenth and his masters would her a brutal example of failure’s consequence. Her own internal clock told her she had two minutes before the tractor beams released; she’d no doubt be killed, but surely she could survive for a mere two minutes.

Couldn’t she?

The sudden appearance of a second lightsaber in Tsainetomo’s other hand quickly quelled any doubt. Loosing a war cry, D’nesi rushed forward, an invisible fist of the Force projecting from her misshapen form towards the Sadowan. It dissipated pitifully against Sai’s Force-born veil of protection, and he moved with impossible grace and fluidity, one blade batting aside her desperate lightsaber strike, sparks leaping from the clashed weapons and raining on the durasteel deck plating.

Incredibly, the same blade came around to lop off both of her hands at mid-forearm level; the other scored her deeply across her chest, causing her breath to catch in her throat as shock seized her body. Sai sent his own obliterating wave of Dark Side energy through her; her body, innards crushed to pulp and bones, shattered, flew across the short space and into the console that controlled the tractor beams. Machinery and flesh crumpled horrifically and she slumped to the deck, still.

Tsainetomo calmly deactivated his weapons and rushed to the console as the massive main viewport held Dystopia’s wreckage in its gaze, along with a small escape pod tracking across it. The lone functioning readout displayed the tractors working at full capacity, but his assault was not without cost. The weapons he was going to use to halt Orenth’s cowardly flight wouldn’t respond; it seemed, even from a distance, the DAC was going to get the last laugh.

Tsainetomo slammed his fists impotently against the ruined console just as the doors slid open. The Quaestor whirled as Raistlin and Agrist, being propped up by two D:SOG soldiers, entered.

The Obelisk let a long, low whistle escape his pursed lips as he assessed the scene. “What did we miss?”

Tsainetomo walked over to the command center’s main chair, and filled it with his battle weary form before lighting a thin cigarra.

“Long story, short? Marakith is ours.”


16-08-2009 00:05:13

Command Centre

Agrist watched Raistlin leave then turned to the Quaestor. "So what now?"
Sai shrugged< "We have Marakith back, the situation in the city seems to be stablising, we've had positive reports of the same from Sepros and Tarthos."
Agrist sat carefully in a chair, wincing slightly. Most of his injuries were patched up but he still wasn't a hundred perecent. "Anything about De Ath?"
"No," Sai replied, "he wasn't in the medical shuttle. I've got troops out looking for him. He wasn't exactly in great shape before, so until they find something conclusive he's officially MIA."
"Shame," Agrist nodded, "gone in his day of triumph."
Sai studied him, "Alright truth time. What happened?"
The mercenary Battelord thought for a minute, then let out a gasp of air. "Very well. It doesn't make much difference now." They went into a small anteroom off the command centre and Sai poured them both a drink. Agrist told him about Severina being the restaurant owner Meria Vaniser, her influence over him, and their attack on Vanise Tower.
Sai thought for a moment. "It didn't occur to either of you to speak to me or the Summit?"
"What occured to De Ath we'll never know," the mercenary responded, "but we didn't know who else she might have got to, and we didn't want her running off."
Sai gave him a hard look. "So what are you doing now?"
Agrist took a drink. "I'm on leave from the Final Way, I'll hang here and give you a hand until you find a replacement for De Ath. After a few hours sleep I should be ninety percent, or maybe eighty which is more than most around here."
"Very well," Sai replied, "get some rest then."

Seng Karash Shuttle Port
Freight Hangar Bay Nine

Dalim checked the figures again on his datapad. "Alright that's everything." he said into his communicator as he clipped the datapad onto his belt and walked down the freighters ramp. "you can sealher up you;re good to go."
He waited for a few seconds. "Acknowledged," the reply crackled back, "closing in ten seconds."..
Dalim nodded in satisfaction and turned. He stopped in horror as he came face to face with a calm tatooed figure with cold red eyes. "Hey who are..." he got as far as before a hand snapped his neck. The figure lowered him to the floor, then quickly turned it's head as a light next to the ramp began to flash. "Move, now."
A second figure detached itself from behind a crate and followed up the ramp as it began to rise, entering the dimmly lit cargo bay and checking it was empty of crew.
The zabrak watched as the ramp closed shut and sealed,. He felt the freighter power up, then the surge as it lifted off and began to climb into the atmosphere. "I have done my part, you will do yours."
"Very well Jeedai I will take you to them."