Gjw Ix Ooc Thread

Macron Sadow

09-03-2009 12:18:23

Post OOC comments here-not in the runon.

Nuff said.


09-03-2009 15:13:31

On that note, there seems to be some early confusion as to the whereabouts of Manji's apprentice, Dyrra. Manji and a few others have written her as training, whereas her Tetrarch has her running some maneuvers with the Serpents.

I suggest that discrepancy get ironed out, and soon. Continuity is graded, after all.

Nekura Manji

09-03-2009 20:09:29

For now, we'd like to keep Dyrra in the training room; at least until myself, Macron or Sai (or Ashura) decide to move the story on a bit from the training session.

Macron Sadow

09-03-2009 20:22:40

Everyone, PLEASE read the posts before yours. This is an absolute must, and will avoid problems such as the afore mentioned continuity problem.


09-03-2009 23:29:22

technically..it could make sense because she is training in Manji's post...but in my post, I ask to assemble the Jade Serpents...which means that she would've been called away from training.


09-03-2009 23:30:49

and then, in my next post, I did dismiss them...which means she would go back to training.


10-03-2009 18:44:12

Random note:

Mon Calamari blink code is basically a Star Wars equivalent of Morse code.


11-03-2009 00:43:42

Mac needs to alter his post. He put down that Zaroth was serving the GM now... in the storyline Sarin is still GM not Muz. I'll send him a e-mail about it.


11-03-2009 06:00:55

If someone else posts before he gets a chance to edit, I don't believe it will be the end of the world... in theory everyone "serves" the Grand Master... so to speak. So, in an indirect, non-personal sense, it is still technically true, albeit that clearly isn't what Mac intended for it to mean, but theoretically it could simply mean that.


11-03-2009 07:10:03

They'll forgive simple errors hopefully. I can't speak for them but a lot of DB writing is about creativity and imagination it's not degree level English Lit. Thats not to say people shouldn't have attention to detail we all do our best, but if you've made a simple factual mistake or a spelling error and you can't correct it put it behind you and concentrate on doing your best for your next post. This is all about learning and having fun. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to be put off and stop posting.


11-03-2009 08:21:41

Good points lads.

Macron Sadow

11-03-2009 15:55:56

Good points lads.

I have an idea to fix it, anyhow. We are all there at the GM's orders, technically and Mac would suspect that Muz will become the next GM so that will be my angle.

EDIT- fixed.

Ekeia requested to be written into the training room scene as well. If someone could post her coming in say near the end of a post, I'll handle the rest.


11-03-2009 16:38:29

Good fix, Mac. Folks, this is how we win these things: communication! No 'mistake' is too great provided we talk to each other!


11-03-2009 17:20:22

Since we're entering the Shroud I figured I'd bring in Raistlin and Darkfire now, so they don't get left outside on their own or whatever.

Also thought it wise to clarify the ships in Raist's earlier post as Vong analogs, since "escort-carrier" could possibly mean these, which at present we can't be sure there are since it's unclear if these Jedi people (or whatever they turn out to be) have any ships or just magically teleported to Antei or what :P


12-03-2009 11:43:17

If you are wondering why Xander showed up to the training room, the thing I was trying to imply, was he was told to go there by Shin.


12-03-2009 11:54:21

Sai, or Macron, how did you make your little characters? Also, who all are in the training room?


12-03-2009 15:37:39

Avatars: go to tektek.org, and click under "Dream Avatar". Fiddle 'til your satisfied! :D

Training room roster: Sai, Macron, Jade, Manji, Ashura, Xander, Ekeia, Dyrra, Aisha (NPC), Aleho (NPC)...not sure if I've left anyone out! If I have, deepest apologies!


12-03-2009 16:21:49

Just a side note currently Demonic is not in the training room, he is researching the Vong as ordered by Jade.


12-03-2009 18:09:26

how do in take my character that i created and make him my avatar?


12-03-2009 18:11:04

nvm lol:P


12-03-2009 18:42:34

As the next set of GM Orders will be coming in Sunday, just as a brief note on what we've got to do in the remainder of this week. Unless someone else happens to, I'm probably going to write about the fleet's arrival at Antei sometime on Saturday to give everyone a day to reflect on the arrival, there being no Vong, and the Vong all already being dead.

As presumably everyone will want to be ready to mobilise upon arrival, the best way in the next couple of days might be something like to the encounter a "Vong fleet", have everyone go to battle stations... all break off training and head up to the bridge, or launch in starfighters, or whatever, only to find the Vong are already dead (or, at least, they won't be fighting back much when they're all dying of plague).

Then the weekend is just a big "WTF?" moment before the final arrival and grand revelation.


12-03-2009 18:46:21

For Clarity's Sake: In the Training Room, Manji and Macron are the ones who're fighting, with the rest of us and the NPC's watching. As their fights are usually epic, it'll probably last well into Friday (less'n either of them decide to wrap it up earlier), and we'll probably all bolt from there once the announcement is made that we've cleared the Shroud.


13-03-2009 02:59:55

Alright, I've posted our first encounter with a couple of dead Yuuzhan Vong ships. I've ordered one flight of the Jade Serpents to go inspect it (not to board it). Once someone from the JS post a recon of the ships, letting everyone aboard the Final Way know what it looks like, we'll blow the ships up for fun and move along.

I figured since we were supposed to meet up with some dead ships we'd better do it now. After we get done with this we should have a post (Xanos already mentioned he'd do it) of us getting to Antei - maybe we'll have another encounter with a dead ship or two there and then get a relay from the DC fleet (maybe Paladin) telling us to hold steady. We want to get this all done before Sunday though - cause as Xanos said we'll get our next set of GM orders.


13-03-2009 15:36:47

Dlarit Special Operations Group Order of Battle

Click the link above if you need a reminder of what starfighters are available, as well as what other ships are with the Final Way, etc.

XJ X-wing Fire Heralds squadron
XJ X-wing Shadow Heralds squadron
XJ X-wing Blood Heralds squadron

Those are the three squadrons most likely to be used, since they're what are actually stationed on the Final Way.


13-03-2009 17:56:15

BTW, to bring others into the loop with the whole Cyrus/Shan Long/Bob things:

The basic idea is for Shan Long to be something of a pariah during the GJW.

Tron will presumably want him under armed guard the whole time, although may well recognise locking him in a cell isn't likely to happen as he'll just break out, but likewise isn't going to know what the Clan can really do with him until Antei is captured and the DC are free to respond. I figure this may mean Tron having him shadowed by a squad of troopers, or one of the Black Guard, or whatever.

Shan Long will likely be rambling on about Vexatus's survival, but people won't believe him as unlike with Trev people actually saw Vexatus dead because he genuinely did die, so they'll probably think he's just trying to talk his way out and pass the blame, or whatever. How you react is down to you, but after two years of thinking the guy is a traitor to the entire Brotherhood, chances are he isn't in for a warm reception.

That said, as the GJW plays out the basic gist is that when people discover first hand what has become of Cyrus they'll realise toward the end that Shan Long is telling the truth. There's also a sub plot involving Bob woven into all this.

About the only person who can really "vouch" for Shan Long is possibly Muz, but Muz will be busy doing DGM things in the official plot. The idea is basically not to involve Muz until the ending, when he'll be free to arrive in full new-Grand Master pomp and ceremony, and instead to take advantage of the tensions during the run-on itself.

Similarly, Paladin--for the same reason as Muz-- recognises that Shan Long is the only person who can track down the Heretic (Vexatus) if they want to destroy him. So, Paladin may not want to see Shan Long killed either. It'll probably be more interesting though if Paladin's word isn't automatically taken as gospel (the gospel is probably best saved for the eventual arrival of the new Grand Master, i.e. Muz), as everyone instantly being buddy buddy again would probably be unlikely.

Whereas, by the time Muz arrives to say anything, everyone will have got to see first hand what Cyrus has become.

So, until the confirmation of Shan Long's story at the end of the GJW, react as you wish and feel free to react to the survival of one of the Clan's worst enemies.

We just ask for there to please be no magic McGuffin moments where anybody magically knows he's telling the truth, because nobody other than Shan Long is capable of sensing Vexatus's survival. That means nobody. Even Shan Long had to encounter Cyrus first hand to finally believe it.

Anyway, this won't be a major thing during the GJW, nor do we wish to make it one, but it is a set up for the Clan Feud during the summer, so there are some subtle things that may be woven into the GJW, but the main plot should still take priority.

So that means don't forget that there is also a dying Vong fleet to react to :P

Also, as a small note, though Trev mentioned being gone three years... it's probably nearer two. Depends really on when Exodus Day technically is in the calendar, so one could argue it may only have been 18 months. Three years ago was Antei, so Lehon was probably nearer 18-24 months. Just something to keep in mind in future posts.

EDIT: BTW, as I've been having a chat with Sai in e-mail about this, figured I'd copy and paste a few of my other musings. Some of this is the same as said above, but it may put it in a slightly clearer perspective:
As Paladin was written out of the Clan fleet for this part of the story, it gives the Sons of a Sadow the opportunity to lay the smack down before he commands them that Shan Long is not to be harmed.

Paladin, of course, is still kind of an “outsider” in in-character terms. Muz is different, which is why my hope is for Muz to basically be treated as “too busy doing stuff” to add his two cents to the matter while the invasion is occurring. Paladin, I figure, would probably just say that Lord Ashen shares his feelings, and maybe make a veiled threat about whether people really want to go questioning the will of the Star Chamber.

The irony obviously is that Paladin and Muz will share the same feelings... but personally I'd like to play up the tension for as long as possible without any private “Cousin, what do you think about Shan Long?” phone calls to the Grand Master :P

I confess this is where Trev and I do have slightly different views... as personally I’d prefer it if everyone distrusted him, whereas he prefers it if Paladin and Muz hold no grudge against him. There is logic to his point of view though: that basically if the Star Chamber wanted him dead, he’d be dead, there’d be no trials or questions or chances to defend himself: they’d just click their fingers, and he’d keel over.

However, what I'd prefer not to have happen is everyone just go “Oh, well, if Paladin says he’s fine then that’s all okay then. Let’s be friends again!” as to me that feels like a waste of all the possible opportunities for tension and uncertainty that it opens up. With how loyal to the Star Chamber Tron and the Sons of Sadow have always been (which is really why Vexatus and Trev rebelled in the first place), I just find it very interesting that the tables have turned—now it’s Tron and the Sons who are questioning the Star Chamber’s decision, and Shan Long is their new pet all of a sudden.

Do keep in mind though that this is obviously all just my musing. Though the "plan" (and run-on plans are made to be broken :P) is for Muz's input later on to basically "absolve" Shan Long of his crimes via the word of a Son of Sadow being seen as trustworthy... it might be that some people will feel that "Muz Sadow" is drifting away from the Clan and that having become "Grand Master Ashen" he seems to be siding with an enemy rather than his brothers... or whatever.

Be creative. Lots of ways your character could ultimately respond as we see things play out.


13-03-2009 18:51:48

Well there go some points - WTF?

Guys - if someone has a post up already and it says posting - you cannot post, this is a big no no.


13-03-2009 18:54:08

In my last post, I put 'Posting...', meaning to edit that when I had my post written up, but I accidently clicked 'Add Reply', and I now have a post that just says 'Posting...', as well as one with my actual post after it.

What do I do?


13-03-2009 18:58:28

In theory I assume Bob or Ashura can delete posts... I just don't know if that's allowed or not?

I would probably say that from a grading perspective it strikes me as better if the redundant posts are deleted, otherwise when somebody clicks the "Replies" counter and works out the points they may accidentally tally in the redundant posts as if they were actual posts (i.e. our run-on is not actually 64 posts, it's 62, as we've had two double postings now).

But... I'm not running it... so I don't know what the policy is :P


13-03-2009 18:58:39

Tron I didn't notice Zaroths as I was reading page 3 and didn't notice there was a page 4 so it's my fault. However as Zaroth wrote his as a new post and Sai slipped his post in after we haven't actually broken the no editing posts rules so we won't get marked down.

It's all worked out alright.



13-03-2009 19:57:25

Alright - I wasn't flying off the handle - just want us to be cautious. I was actually waiting for Zaroths to post so I could and I hit reload and all of a sudden your guys' posts came up and I was like WTF. No big deal.

Yeah if the mods could delete the posts that would be excellent - as long as we don't get docked points or anything.

Nekura Manji

13-03-2009 20:12:43

I'm aware I'm being rather cautious in my last post, but I'm not too sure how Shan Long/Trev will be talking and responding- I didn't want to write him being all like "YO, MOTHER[Expletive Deleted]AHS", since I don't know for sure what his dialogue would be like.

Figured I'd leave that to somebody who knows his character better (Goat :D), unless Trev can post a quick thing here on how he wants people to handle his character vis-a-vis dialogue? That way we won't risk [Expletive Deleted]ing up a really bad-ass character in CNS history ^_^


13-03-2009 20:35:33

I think Trev's away for the weekend so won't post again until Monday, but I'm leaving Cyrus alone now for a bit so will probably post on behalf of the Shan Long stuff over the weekend in his place.

On the whole, I gather he's meant to be somewhat more calm and collected than he was in the past. Perhaps the word is overconfident. Shan Long has "triumphed" over Trevarus Caerick, and no longer feels threatened or caged... although deep down still possesses the "Dragon" instinct that marked Shan Long as Trev's bottled up frustration and raw fury.

He doesn't have an issue with the Brotherhood per se, and recognises he will need help to finally put an end to the abhorrence Trev created (me :P). However, with victory comes arrogance, so I presume he would be somewhat dry toward his current "welcome", given he will feel he has done nothing wrong, in his mind blames "Trevarus Caerick" who he sees as a separate individual, and will likely think of all of CNS as children who fail to understand anything.

So, in a way, it's the same old Trev... only more arrogant :P

The irony is where Trevarus Caerick pretty much lied the entire time, Shan Long will in fact be telling the truth, but as his lies and truths are largely indistinguishable from the other due to his talking in riddles, recognising that he's being honest is probably going to be tough.

I'm unsure if Trev plans to have Shan Long constantly speak in riddles and prophetic muttering though. I've got a feeling that was the idea, but am unsure if he plans to follow that through literally 100% or not... as if so then I suppose Shan Long might actually be a lot more quiet than Trev, and only say what he deigns necessary.

Which, thinking about what he wrote in the "Whacking Cyrus off the top of Kalekka" scene, may actually be the case... since Shan Long didn't say much, only what he needed to, then smacked Cyrus back down to earth. Literally. So, yeah, he might be rather quiet actually. Just stand there, stony faced, speaking riddled weirdness only if questioned directly, but not in idle chit chat.

I imagine he doesn't feel he should need to defend his actions... so in a way I half expect the assembly of the Sons could half involve Shan Long just standing there not speaking much. Just when he does speak it'll be forceful and to the point.

Trevarus Caerick was the word smith. Shan Long is the raw power. So, I suppose where Trev may have been good at talking his way out in a mix of lies and whatever, Shan Long may just tell it like it is, which is obviously not always the best way to build a defence case :P Trevarus Caerick would have lied and spun his way out of anything, Shan Long will just state the facts in the belief that people with brains would recognise what he said was truth.

That's kind of where for all his newfound power and wisdom Shan Long is still a "child". I think he may be a little naive in a way, a genius, sure, and a brilliant prophet, but he'll be in la-la land of thinking he's invincible and that the truth of his belief in the Final Way will ensure things go his way, blah, blah, blah :P So, yeah, overconfident or naive, depending on one's point of view.

Of course I might turn out to be totally wrong... but that's basically how I see things :P


14-03-2009 14:36:21

I don't understand this Tron speaking in someones head part.

Who can hear it?

Who can't hear it?

What should I know about this?

Oh one request if you write about my character. Unless being ironic in response to someone else, Xander does not usually swear. Or use a lot of slang, or use words like "dude"


14-03-2009 14:55:55

Tron was summoning the Sons of Sadow in an "Oh... s***! It's Shan Long!" moment.


14-03-2009 14:58:36

Ahh.. so since I am not a son, i have no idea what's going on,


14-03-2009 15:37:42

You might sense something foreboding occurring in the bridge, but just not the specifics. Rumours would presumably spread fairly quickly though.

However there are still the battle station alarms blazing at the (dead) Yuuzhan Vong sighting.

As soon as Macron and his team (whoever they may be) have completed their investigation of the dead Vong ship, I'll have us arrive at Antei. I'm guessing the arrival itself will be tomorrow (Sunday) so that our reactions to whatever the heck is happening with the Jedi guy on Antei can happen once we actually have some information to react to in tomorrow's main plot update.

As tomorrow is the latest we can get there, Macron's trip will have to be fairly brisk I guess. Land a shuttle, take a few samples or something, then head back. Maybe the ship could be falling apart in its final death throes, necessitating a quick exit and stopping him doing a full examination?


14-03-2009 15:54:21

I think i would like to write Xander in, as being on that team if possible.

The only thing I wonder is, how do I write in the disconnect between Xander being the battleteam leader, but Macron being the "General" in command?

Macron Sadow

14-03-2009 16:33:46

I intend to make it a fast trip, taking one of the Devastors. I'll be glad to write you in, Xander. And anyone else that wants to go. 2 posts max I think.

As far as rank goes: normally I would be under your command, especially in a flight situation. In this case, Marshal Commander is a superior rank (got it last GJW as Consul)
but we are working together- you as flight command, myself as analyst/researcher.


14-03-2009 16:54:02

Could Conad be included to go to the ship? As part of the battleteam who went to investigate first time round, I'd like for the character to want to know what's going on

Macron Sadow

14-03-2009 18:16:21

Sure man.

Ekeia Iclo

14-03-2009 18:35:01

Any chance I could get in on the group? Not really in doing anything fictionally interesting yet. Would like to though.

William Archaon Darkfire

14-03-2009 21:09:06

ya know, I was actually hoping me and my master (or maybe just him) and a group of other people could board one of the dead Vong ship in an effort to discover more about their technology, weaknesses, etc. Me and Derev actually got a bit of a plan-in-progress that would involve boarding one. If we can't do that, I'm sure we'll find another way though, so don't change yer plans for us too much :)


15-03-2009 09:38:29

Just all remember we need to be done with the Vong mission today. We're into the second week now, so really need to be moving forward with the invasion or may quickly find ourselves falling behind by this time next week.

I'll be putting together a fairly lengthy "Week 1" plot update post this afternoon to bring the run-on up to speed with the new information, so don't feel too rushed to get through the Vong ship scene... but ideally everyone should be looking to make their Vong-ship posts in the next 12 hours.

My update will involve the mission being over, so do what you gotta do, else it'll be relegated to a brief "what happened on the mission" summary in the update. The only alternative is if the away team stay behind while the fleet continues on to Antei... that would be fine, but I'll see what Mac et ye al say before finalising the update. So, speak up!

At the most though, this thing really needs to be complete in the next day or so. Posting has been slow over the weekend though, so if you all wanna do this we really need to step the pace up a bit.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

15-03-2009 10:09:09

I wanting to jump in on some of this too, seeing as how I sort of posted myself into it. Mainly its to reunite with Jade. I figure if we get one or two posts concerning the matter we could move it along and get into the gritty stuff on Antei. Seeing as how we need to keep things moving more quickly I would just assume turn my role fictionally over to Macron or whoever writes the scene in order to spring board me into the next two or three posts I make. I don't think the investigation has to take a terribly long time.

I would not need too much in the way of this.. only that I would likely be making an analysis and likely reporting important findings to Tron directly and of course reconnecting with my former teacher Jade.

I would be showing up to the mission NOT in blackguard armor and on a character note Zaxen does not get overly emotional about things (angry growls, long reflective emo scenes and what not..)


15-03-2009 10:56:54

While Zaroth, on the other hand, *is* a bit "emo" :P


15-03-2009 11:42:48

Feel free to take Aleho on the away mission if you want. It's always useful to have NPC's about.


15-03-2009 11:57:44

Oh, btw, Valin'or'alani is the Saraii ("Chiss") wing commander for the Final Way. Her "core name" is Nora, like how Mitth'raw'nuruodo is Thrawn.

I figured I'd introduce one of the other chief NPCs on the Final Way, as we've got:

Adm Araic Simonetti -- captain
Col Valin'or'alani -- flight commander
Col Damian Voss - surface commander
Com Agrist - commissar (permanently stationed Dark Jedi liaisons for each warship)

Voss will possibly be mentioned once we get to Antei. We may not be taking our own troops with us, but I figure we might be bringing our chief military guys.


15-03-2009 17:04:56

Okay, I have the update post prepared...

I'll wait as late as I can before I go to bed before moving things on, but those of you on the away mission really need to get moving with it. My post has a little bit of leeway for you still to be investigating, but you all now need to assume you have already left the Final Way and are either en route to, touching down on, or already taking samples from the dead Vong ship.

I will most likely post the Week 1 update in maybe 4 hours, so if you've decided to go with Macron: stop reading my waffle and go post about it.

If you're unsure what to write, just remember that all you really need to do is collect some samples from liquefying Vong. It's been set up so you'll probably be in full biohazard suits. The Vong ship will either be a kind of hollowed out asteroid, or else some sort of organic thing with decaying squishy flesh-based corridors like a gigantic throat (think Space Slug in ESB).


15-03-2009 18:31:20

Nice job Conad! :D

Really, really happy that somebody has done a post on the ship. I'm still going to hold out until I finally go to bed, but it won't feel quite so odd now when I briefly mention the mission.


16-03-2009 00:48:24

So we can land now and start getting the Triple "A" up and running?


16-03-2009 06:23:11

Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood were often assigned military brevet ranks while working with elements of the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne in order to supersede a unit’s chain of command when necessary. As their appointed authority was derived from the Grand Master, the rank held was typically that of general officer so the Jedi could more easily see his lord's will done where it concerned military matters. Brevet ranks were also given as points of honor to those Dark Jedi who demonstrated themselves particularly suited to command of conventional forces.

Since we will be using Iron Throne forces on Antei, do we know what these brevet ranks are? Are we like Generals like how the Jedi were during the Clone Wars. I'm writing my post you see and want to get it use as much realism as possible.


16-03-2009 06:32:51

I figure something like general for equits or higher and commander for journeymen like in the movies.


16-03-2009 06:53:29

That's good enough for me. I'll have my post written soon. Almost done.

Edit: OK, I posted... it pretty much does what is required of us in the "orders".


16-03-2009 07:32:04

Note to forum people: We need a thumbnail image button. :P

Yeah, that's basically what I figured we'd do.

In the Clone Wars anybody that had been Knighted was a General, Padawans were Commanders, and members of the Jedi Council were High General (not that they ever really got addressed as such).

Part of me would sooner stick to the DSOG ranks, but they're a little more complicated by rank, so it's probably easier just to address DJK+ "General" and Journeymen as "Commander" for this... will keep things simpler if anyone gets promoted during the course of the GJW too, etc.

If anybody watched last weeks Clone Wars episode (if you don't watch the show you suck :P ) the third part of the Battle of Ryloth trilogy was actually a rather nice depiction of what our landing operation might be like, since it has Anakin in the sky with Ahsoka battling vulture droids, and Mace trying to land troops on the surface, and so forth.

I figure at the moment anyone who wants to be in a starfighter initially can help keep the skies clear while we try and deploy our initial teams to the surface. There being no specific GM Orders as to what Iron Throne forces we get, I figure the easiest answer is to say we're having our troops deployed from the Nebula-class Star Destroyer Dark Star, which Paladin is on.

I assume we'd be trying to deploy armour (i.e. walkers) in these:

Y-85 Titan dropship

Those things hold up to four AT-ATs, so are fricking massive, hence easily shot down by the enemy droids like in the main GJW plot, which is why we need to clear a landing zone first--hence this week's GM Orders.

We'd probably be deploying our advance forces to help secure the beachhead using more mobile craft, e.g.:

Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i, casually refer to as a "larty")

That doesn't mean we wouldn't be deploying some armour initially:

Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier (LAAT/c)

Rather than AT-TEs or AT-ATs or AT-STs or anything... we'd probably initially want to deploy:

All Terrain Anti-Aircraft (AT-AA)

And if you wanted to talk about using things a bit more modern than just Clone Wars relics, you could perhaps talk about these instead:

Multiple Altitude Assault Transport (MAAT)

Presumably they're basically identical to the LAATs from AOTC, just newer.

Basically what I see happening initially would be a combination of:

Starfighter air support
LAAT/c rapid deployment of Anti-Air walkers
LAAT/i rapid deployment of initial infantry teams (I'm thinking no more than 100 or so)

And, if you wanted to get a bit more dramatic and exciting, you could also have the infantry deploying in rapid deployment drop ships like the one man pods in Halo. You know those sort of egg Star Wars escape craft looking things that just rocket down in a few seconds?

I'm unaware of the equivalent in Star Wars ever having been given a name, they just tend to be nondescript pods in various video games. In Halo itself they were called both Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles (SOEIVs) as well as Human Entry Vehicles (HEVs). I prefer HEV as it's easier :P

If you're unfamiliar or don't recall what I'm talking about, I mean these:

Human Entry Vehicle (HEV)

As far as ground troops go, as Ashura said, we'll primarily be utilising the Army of the Iron Throne. However, in this first week setting up the beachhead the army is yet to deploy, so there might be more of a free-for-all going initially as we seek to establish a perimeter in which to set up a field headquarters.

As a basic visual aid, you've mainly got:

13th Starborne Division of the Army of the Iron Throne

However, there may initially be a very limited number of Dlarit Commandos helping with establishing our own landing zone:

Dlarit Commandos

As far as where we are landing goes: We're landing on the edge of Narmar, the sunside of Antei. I figure this will be easier as it just means an ordinary grassy plain that everyone can picture easily.

As you can hopefully work out from the picture (which is also linked in the GM Orders thread), basically we're landing on the right-hand side of that map (which, due to the odd orientation, means we are landing in the north, and will be advancing south to the Dark Hall).


However it has just come to my attention that there is now a new map up:

I've just found this updated map on the GJW site, and it shows a deployment in the Shadowlands.

Well, clearly that doesn't correspond with our run-on, and it's too late to go and change that now. What we'll have to do is establish a Naga Sadow beachhead in Narmar, and just treat the Shadowlands beachhead as for the main Dark Council led force.

This just means we'll have more to get through this week, since we'll set up an initial beachhead on the edge of Narmar, then advance into the Shadowlands to the main planetary beachhead. So... we've kind of got two sets of orders to get through now.

Unless this map is not part of the run-on? I don't know. I only just found it by happening to click on the "Strategic Phase Map" on the GJW site and discovering they've updated it.

For now though, continuity is more important, so everyone should just carry on with the Narmar landing and we can worry about the new map later in the week.


16-03-2009 09:47:34

What happened to that survey mission macron was going to do? Did I miss the posts about that, or is it just not happening? Should I simply be posting that I am headed to Antei?


16-03-2009 09:58:22

That had to be finished over the weekend, I'm afraid.

His team should now be heading to rendezvous at Antei, yeah.


16-03-2009 10:14:07

Right, well, it emerges that new map IS meant to correspond to the run-on.

So. Yeah. This is a problem. I suggest this week we focus on the following:

i.e. although we've landed in Narmar, we quickly push "left" (south) to the main planetary beachhead to rendezvous with the rest of the invasion forces.


16-03-2009 10:48:35

You know I didnt say we landed in Namour, but that we landed. Heh.


16-03-2009 10:55:23

No-one has yet to post on Antei apart from me, so we can still have it how its supposed to be on the map. Less complicated I think. So we could have aleady landed on the planetary beachhead.


16-03-2009 11:14:42

Previous posts explained the battleplan as to land in Narmar then advance into the Shadowlands though.

It'd seem a bit odd if we now are landing in Adas and not doing what Shin/Tron/Paladin instructed.


16-03-2009 11:20:22

as far as drop pods go I prefer the wh40k ones which hold 10 man I think over 1 man ones :P


16-03-2009 11:45:17

In any case, it is going to need to be done in as few posts as possible, we want to be able to carry on with the planned operation. What you think?


16-03-2009 12:27:46

Yeah... shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Most people can just be dropping straight into the main landing zone in the Shadowlands, while those who deployed into the aborted landing zone in Narmar will be exacting a quick retreat and evacuating across the join the main landing too.


19-03-2009 12:22:21

Just a quick question - Have we retrieved Ashura and Aleho from the LZ?


19-03-2009 12:24:58

Hey folks, what is the possibility of creating a thread for "Snapshots from the front lines"? As I reported, I am making some pics just as I see fit. I am not asking for requests. These are just little suprises to keep people excited.


19-03-2009 13:33:20

Zaroth: They've been picked up by Mac and his team, and are now onboard the Nachzerer on the way from the failed landing zone in Narmar (Sunside) to the the main landing zone in Adas (Shadowlands).

However... they've just received the call from Malisane that the main landing zone is going to fall as well unless they do something to put a halt in the advancing droid forces--so they're now heading direct to the coordinates of what is believed to be a droid control relay hub thing that, if destroyed, should hopefully disable the local droids for a while to provide long enough to finish setting up the main landing zone's defences.

Joseem, no harm in making another thread if you like. We can do whatever we like in this forum AFAIK.

Macron Sadow

19-03-2009 16:15:17

Xanos has it right.


19-03-2009 18:05:14

Cool, thanks Gents.


20-03-2009 14:42:33

Wow - I didn't realize I was such a [Expletive Deleted] in the eyes of the clan members - I know some people don't like my approach to matters but wow - Krandon's run-on post


20-03-2009 16:57:46


I guess we have to put it down to you being cranky with Trev being alive :P


20-03-2009 18:28:56

Just to clarify for all involved: the reference to a "beetle" ship landing at the droid bunker is referring to Macron's ship, the Nachzerer. So, if you're with Macron, you're now already at the bunker and just a few minute behind Malisane's team.


20-03-2009 20:35:15

Love you Tron lol:P


21-03-2009 08:39:32

To re-iterate what I said in my e-mail this morning: everyone be aware the droid relay needs taking out this weekend, so that we can get the rest of the anti-air defences landed and the combat engineers from Alpha Company can set the shield generator up.

I'll be posting that tomorrow like I did the update last Sunday, so as with the Vong-ship visit last week, we once again need to make sure the bunker mission is completed come the end of the weekend.

Ideally though, it would be great if the actual droid relay can be disabled tonight, so that I can post the update at any point tomorrow. If you haven't dealt with Jerex Saul tonight, that isn't as important, so Priority 1 should be taking down the droid relay; whereas if you're still fighting Jerex tomorrow/into Monday it won't matter. Droid relay though: ideally today/tonight/sometime before tomorrow afternoon.


21-03-2009 19:22:17

Macron...you know I'm with your group too right?


21-03-2009 22:30:29

Is Aisha a real person or an NPC?


21-03-2009 22:41:11

NPC I think

Macron Sadow

21-03-2009 22:53:35

yep, my fictional Zeltron apprentice, essentially a Knight

also, if someone could pls disable the droid relay unit in the run on tonight- I'm pooped

edit- nevermind, I got it just in time.


22-03-2009 07:01:25

I'm tweaking my update post now to incorporate the new Clan vs. Clan development, but expect things to move forward in the next couple of hours or so.

My post basically has Alpha Company finally get the shield generator up and running, and the fleet finally free to drop its Y-85s in with the rest of the AT-AAs, now that the droids nearest the LZ have been deactivated.

Anyway, hope to get that post up soon, but you've all got to finish the Jedi off anyway.


26-03-2009 19:40:11

That's it, no more reading or watching lord of the rings for you goat... :P


27-03-2009 07:21:48



27-03-2009 08:08:08


The "You Shall No Pass" part, heh.


27-03-2009 08:19:47


I was actually thinking of Ganner Rhysode in Traitor, but oh well. :P


27-03-2009 16:01:09

Uhm...Trev? Tron is actually planetside. You might want to go ahead and edit your post to reflect this: TR-MB Okemi One
II Legion Mobile TAC HQ
Adas Landing Zone

And...the convo happened already...

Macron Sadow

27-03-2009 17:09:51

yep-hold yer posts til he fixes it pls. Trev, you should read the posts before yours, you know that ya old dog. :P


27-03-2009 17:43:21

I believe he's edited it to make Tron's presence on the Final Way a hologram and so that Anshar is just reporting losing more transports beyond just the first one.

For those at FOB Spear though, I didn't really intend to have Cyrus there. The idea was he just came across a random recon team from Tarentum. As it now seems though he's at "FOB Spear" I'd ask for that to be treated as a fairly general "FOB Spear region" and not mean he is directly on top of the base.

The idea really was just for Sai to come across him all alone out in the desert, since Sai is meant to kind of be going off mission in search of him, rather than heading straight to the objective.

Well, "come across him". Presumably he'd come across the raging cyclone first, given Cyrus is kind of travelling across the desert as a telekinetic tornado--which I suppose can be the reason behind Tarentum now losing several more transports. Or something.


30-03-2009 11:20:34

Moved things on a bit in the RO. Zaxen Zaroth and Ekeia are being held "prisoner" by a Quarren Master by the name of Gelusk. They're not exactly prisoners, he wants the three of them to join him. I've left it up to you guys what you want to do next, you can flatly refuse and get stuck in a cell somewhere or go along with him temporarily, though he's unlikely to be fooled by a sudden conversion and oath of undying loyality, if you act confused and tempted you can string him along appearing indecisive.

Agrist and Malisane AKA the cavalry are on the way, rather than trying to sneak in they've been arrested as well as it seemed quicker than trying to fight their way past hundreds of droids.

Basically we've got a DA level Master to take down, which is difficult but not impossible, and he's got two DJK level apprentices with him, one of which Malisane and Agrist has just met who is a bit of a noob and is arrogant to disguise his nervousness, between Zaxen Zaroth and Ekeia they could probably take the pair of them. The big guy is likely to be more of a team effort.

Hoping to move it along so it's finished by weekend it's only monday now so could be fun between now and then.


30-03-2009 22:31:02

Moved things on a bit in the RO. Zaxen Zaroth and Ekeia are being held "prisoner" by a Quarren Master by the name of Gelusk. They're not exactly prisoners, he wants the three of them to join him. I've left it up to you guys what you want to do next, you can flatly refuse and get stuck in a cell somewhere or go along with him temporarily, though he's unlikely to be fooled by a sudden conversion and oath of undying loyality, if you act confused and tempted you can string him along appearing indecisive.

Agrist and Malisane AKA the cavalry are on the way, rather than trying to sneak in they've been arrested as well as it seemed quicker than trying to fight their way past hundreds of droids.

Basically we've got a DA level Master to take down, which is difficult but not impossible, and he's got two DJK level apprentices with him, one of which Malisane and Agrist has just met who is a bit of a noob and is arrogant to disguise his nervousness, between Zaxen Zaroth and Ekeia they could probably take the pair of them. The big guy is likely to be more of a team effort.

Hoping to move it along so it's finished by weekend it's only monday now so could be fun between now and then.

It's Kalei... not Ekeia. I believe.


30-03-2009 23:37:12

Jade is tagging along with Malisane and Agrist to rescue the group, Zaxen had asked me to help in this type of "rescue" based on the fiction I am going to write for this weeks events. I know he was hoping to keep it going till the weekend, so it sounds like a good plan. Should be interesting.


31-03-2009 07:20:16

Jade is tagging along with Malisane and Agrist to rescue the group, Zaxen had asked me to help in this type of "rescue" based on the fiction I am going to write for this weeks events. I know he was hoping to keep it going till the weekend, so it sounds like a good plan.  Should be interesting.

We also need to focus on the whats being asked of us by the weekly orders, I believe it is something we are going to be judged on (although I could be wrong; better safe than sorry, heh). I dont know about the rest of you, but I dont fancy to many side-plots to distract our main writers from the goal at hand. I was one of the reasons why I had my character take charge, as Kalei and Zaxen would be two people he would want to rescue himself (one being his apprentice the other being his brother).


31-03-2009 09:38:20

I think the main plot can still be achieved besides without side plots it comes down to basically only 3 or 4 people writing and only their characters while the rest feel left out or hanging on what they could posisbly do. There are still lots of people in the area, and I'm sure the mina objective can still be done even by the ones who are on the rescue, come and go so to speak. And yes I believe we are being graded on the main objectives but also the plot of the story from what I was told.

Nekura Manji

31-03-2009 14:16:06

I reckon the next poster who isn't concerned with the kidnapping side-plot should have our reinforcements actually arriving so we can do a couple of 'big battle' posts before we have to mop things up at FOB Spear and move to reinforce CSP.


31-03-2009 14:30:46

I may have a chance to post tomorrow... not sure. If I don't, I'll definitely be posting again Thursday. First half of this week has just been a nightmare for me though I'm afraid.

I would echo Manji though: it's Tuesday and we still need to get through quite a lot. Remember, objectives this week basically boil down to:

1. Hold off against the droid reinforcements.
2. Reinforcements (both our own and additional ones from Taldryan) arrive to help out.
3. Once the droids are dealt with and FOB Spear finally secure, then move further east to rendezvous with CSP.

I would suggest you just have the 14th Mechanized (the guys I've been mentioning in my posts already) arrive first--to stop Taldryan turning up totally out of the blue, which would probably feel weird, probably best to just have them appear Friday or so just before you go to CSP, so they can just provide the final support needed to rout the droids entirely.

I'm content to handle most of the CSP stuff in my big posts over next weekend, as there isn't much we'll be able to do other than "Hi CSP. What now?" so we can probably make the most of now until Saturday night on the battle.

Anyway, random thoughts:

I'd suggest maybe linking the rescue mission into the victory against the droids as well. Perhaps the Jedi is the commander of this particular unit, so once he's dead it'll confuse the droids a bit, making them easy pickings for our reinforcements.

There is still the possible tension with Tarentum, but I think we probably have too much going on right now to also have a rogue Tarenti start dropping bombs on our heads.

A random idea though that could work is if a Tarenti is among the captured group at the Jedi base, so maybe you guys could get into a scrap with someone from TAR perhaps. :P

Alternatively, if you wanted to get weird, you could interpret "Taldryan reinforcements" a bit widely, having it so some guys from Taldryan turn up to help the captured people from the Jedi, while the 14th Mechanized remain the ones who turn up to help the actual guys at the main FOB Spear. The team from Taldryan can then just join us after they've helped out Malisane et al.

Nekura Manji

01-04-2009 07:11:12

Okay, our armoured reinforcements have now arrived and started taking the battle to the droid tanks; Macron and our group will hopefully take care of the Hailfire tanks in the next post or so, meaning that we can have a day or two struggling against the droids.

If Malisane and Jade can get their mission sorted soon, we can work the death of the Jedi commander into the droid armour losing the battle against us.

Edit: Also, Goat, you said the 14th Mechanized in your post above but in the actual run-on you called them the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Mechanized... I wasn't sure which one is correct, so I just used the 8th Mechanized since you put that in the run-on itself. If that's wrong, I'll try and edit it before anyone else posts.


01-04-2009 10:58:54

Ah... yeah. Got them around the wrong way. 14th Recon are the guys we went to reinforce, 8th Mechanized are our reinforcements.

My bad. You got it right though.

And Mac... did laser cannons need linking? :P

Macron Sadow

01-04-2009 17:05:16

They sure do! Laser cannons always need linking at least once and it had a pic of what I had in mind. "Bew! Bew!"

Nekura Manji

02-04-2009 08:10:43

Xander, you need to edit your last post; you've written Jade as being on the battlefield with me and Macron, when she wrote herself going off to help Malisane.


02-04-2009 09:08:18

Xander, you need to edit your last post; you've written Jade as being on the battlefield with me and Macron, when she wrote herself going off to help Malisane.

Xander... you can change Jade to Ashura if it helps?


02-04-2009 10:46:30

Either of you guys mailed Xander in case he doesn't catch this thread? I'm about to post so... yeah... I don't really want to until he fixes it, but I don't really want the run-on to freeze either.


02-04-2009 11:17:32

sorry about the mistake, i fixed it. I apologize for the wait, I didn't have time to check the ooc threat until just now, changed it asap when i saw it.


02-04-2009 11:43:45

It's no problem, only just got done typing my post anyhow. :D


All: Where I mentioned a "miracle", though my post talked about the Taldryan reinforcements we have to include per the objectives, I was actually hoping that it could also be a reference to the rescue team taking out the Jedi general.

So... whatever happens first. Taldryan for the clean up job, or the rescue team assassinating the droid's command structure. Though we've got to get this done by the end of Saturday, that still gives us the better part of three days, so we should be able to have some fun still.


02-04-2009 15:28:42

I just want to be sure, since I haven't posted in a bit, that I am reading things correctly.

Jade, agrist and Malisane are captured.
Xanber is with Valorian, looking to get into the thick of it.
Macron and 4 Journeyman, plus two Equites are out blowing [Expletive Deleted] up.

That leaves Tsingtao and I at FOB, correct?

Macron Sadow

02-04-2009 16:37:56

it's possible Tsingtao might be blowing stuff up too, and you...


02-04-2009 16:49:55

If you're blowing stuff up you're basically "at" FOB Spear anyway, since it's not much more than a few hastily erected turrets and such where the troops had dug in to defend.

The main beachhead is a bit more of a properly fortified location... but FOB Spear is more just a tactically defined position than a physical one. So... if you're at it, chances are you're breaking something.

Or, did you mean the original LZ? If so... I don't think Joseem and Tsing have explicitly been mentioned as moving on to FOB Spear, but they might have just arrived with the 8th Mechanized group as part of the reinforcements or something.


03-04-2009 01:59:30

Isn't Ashura there too?

Also sorry for the very short reply my internet is acting up, hope to post more tomorrow.

Nekura Manji

03-04-2009 05:12:39

Joseem and Tsingtao did turn up at FOB Spear with mine and Macron's group, so I've been assuming that they're with us blowing [Expletive Deleted] up- it's just very difficult to mention everybody in the group by name in a post without it getting confusing pretty quickly and like a rather dull list.

So yes, I believe Joseem and Tsingtao are blowing [Expletive Deleted] up with me, Macron, Ashura and the Journeymen (Dyrra, Krandon, Conad and Demonic, I think.)


03-04-2009 09:43:39

With the droids now going crazy and shooting each other as much as at us, someone may want to mention the reinforcements from Taldryan arriving at some point today.

They won't need to do much... just help clean up now that the droids are already going haywire... but someone should probably introduce them today (Friday) so we can at least incorporate them briefly before the battle is wrapped up tomorrow.

There is no stated size of their reinforcements, so we can just make it whatever we like. I assume it'd be more than just a few Dark Jedi on bikes, but I guess it'd probably still have to be a fairly small rapid moving unit to have arrived so quickly.

So... I'd probably suggest just having a bunch of LAATs arrive and additional troopers pour out led by a handful of Taldryan guys to replenish the ranks. Then they can just help tidy up the last few droids or whatever.

The other option might be to just have them at a slight "distance" and describe a few heavy artillery tanks appear in the distance, emerging over the ridge of a hill, and then have them just nuke the hell out of the Jedi bunker, turning it into an inferno (obviously Malisane et al would need to be out before then). That'd be a bit less "direct" if we didn't want to integrate Taldryan's forces with ours directly.

I'm not particularly bothered how we go about it though, we just need to make sure to include Taldryan reinforcements somewhere.

Nekura Manji

03-04-2009 13:32:03

Alright, Taldryan reinforcements have arrived so we can start finishing up these droids and get ready to go and help CSP.


03-04-2009 18:35:51

Just to be sure, I'm still at macrons ship at the droid bunker from two weeks ago or so right? :P

Macron Sadow

03-04-2009 20:04:38

As far as I knew! You were just coming out of the 'fresher when we left.


04-04-2009 17:07:47

All, don't forget tonight is the final day for this week, so we need to clear up FOB Spear and move on to join CSP.

I don't think we're necessarily going to reinforce CSP, it sounds like it may just be that CNS, TAL and CSP are all going to hit something big next week. (So, make sure to remember that Macron only "accidentally" blew up some of TAL; be careful not to think he killed them all in case we need to write about them for next week's objectives too.)

So... I'd simply suggest someone have a post where they receive new orders (from Tron via Ashura or whatever) that they are to proceed east to rendezvous with forces from CSP.

Even if the troopers are still clearing up the last few droids, the CNS and TAL Dark Jedi can then just start moving east.

I don't think it matters much if we don't write reaching CSP forces tonight, as we don't actually know any specifics of what is going to happen when we rendezvous yet, so we can worry about that tomorrow... but it'd be best if people at least started heading to the rendezvous before tomorrow, else we'll be playing catch up next week.

I would suggest aiming to deal with this Jedi Master before the weekend is over too, since with only 3 weeks left we're probably going to start seeing the plot speeding up as it approaches its climax.

Macron Sadow

04-04-2009 18:52:57

Yeah, I only blew up a few dudes "by accident." :)


05-04-2009 09:18:31

Here is a twist, since we need to capture a Jedi... we can use Gelusk. From what I gather, Zaxen may not have killed the Jedi at all... as it doesnt say in the post he does so. (I believe).

Zaxen Dauketrenal

05-04-2009 09:29:31

Here is a twist, since we need to capture a Jedi... we can use Gelusk. From what I gather, Zaxen may not have killed the Jedi at all... as it doesnt say in the post he does so. (I believe).

Actually.. I killed the hell out of him but he was dying anyway. However since I have not posted the specifics as to what happened... I can leave him alive in a permanent state of suffering.

I just got the lovely idea of removing both his arms and legs while hitting him with my newly discovered talent of inflict hatred.

Oh yes.. rather lovely indeed.

What do you think?


05-04-2009 09:47:53

If there's any way of making it so we can take him alive (albeit in a Vader-class state of health) then it'd help fulfil this week's objectives.

We still will need to go and capture some more with TAL and CSP, but it'd be a start, and could mean people can interrogate him or something while travelling to the next destination perhaps.


This week what we need to do fast (this means today or tomorrow at the absolute latest) is rendezvous with CSP. That should have happened last week, so we can't spend much time travelling. Everyone basically needs to just tie up any loose ends if they're not already back at FOB Spear, so that the entire Clan can just "jump" a few dozen kilometres east.

The only other option is some of us (i.e. everyone who is actually posting + the TAL NPCs) go on the LAATs that Taldryan brought with them, so that we can just fast forward to the CSP rendezvous that way, and just leave the regular infantry behind to follow along later.

Actually, the LAATs are probably the easiest solution.

After which we basically need to raid another Jedi camp.

Though, another Jedi camp exactly the same as last week sounds a bit like a dull rehash... so if anyone has any better ideas please speak up, as I'm short on creative Jedi capture ideas off the top of my head (though I will be handing CNS some indirectly via the Sai/Cyrus plot).

Naturally there is going to be a lot of tension with working alongside TAL and CSP this week... but where we go to find some more Jedi is anyone's game.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

05-04-2009 10:34:41

Yeah I can probably do something.

The way I see it. I will write our company on the way back and will flash back to the scene I have with Gelusk.

I will go through the motions and have him left alive and all hacked up to die slowly.

We will call into base they will ask about it and I will inform everyone that he may still be alive.

I can also write a team going in to retrieve what is left of Gelusk that way we get everything covered as well as getting us back to the FOB with out excessive travel.

All done in one post.

Sound good?


05-04-2009 15:14:54

Kill the Jedi Master, don't kill the Jedi Master, when they said war was confusing they weren't joking :)

We could do the Blackadder scene.

Ashura - That Jedi Master. Are you sure he's dead?
Zaxen - Well I cut his head off that usually does the trick.


05-04-2009 19:33:31

Kill the Jedi Master, don't kill the Jedi Master, when they said war was confusing they weren't joking :)

We could do the Blackadder scene.

Ashura - That Jedi Master. Are you sure he's dead?
Zaxen - Well I cut his head off that usually does the trick.

Hahahaha... I love Blackadder!

And Zaxen, that sounds good. I'll think up some ideas on how to get another Jedi.

- There could be a Jedi leading the droids.
- Tal or CSP could have a Jedi and we...umm..."borrow" him/her when they are not looking.
- I would suggest a Jedi could defect but there die hard zealots so that wouldnt work.


06-04-2009 04:51:47

I might invent a DJB member who has been turned and now is helping lead the Jedi forces.

Though, I won't be doing that today it seems... as nobody has posted since I did yesterday. :P

As far as turning anyone to the dark side goes...

Like Ashura said, it'd probably be unlikely. By all means try, but you'd probably torture them to death before you turned them. Remember, the goal is to interrogate (torture) them for information, so trying to seduce them to the dark side may be a part of that, but chances are they'll be more likely to spit in your face.

We're basically looking to do what Muz has done with Khaemyn in the main story: confuse someone and get them to start thinking Crask is evil and doubt his true motives; and hope that'll get them to give us the information we need.

It won't... as Khaemyn and Rade appear to be the only two Jedi who truly know what/who Crask is (and even they don't fully understand), but we don't know that, so we'll try and intimidate and torture somehow hoping they'll cough up something useful.

The only useful thing I believe they'd be likely to know and able to tell us is to reveal Crask's long term plan: that they're building an army to prepare for some kind of holy war in the future. That'd still be rather cryptic, but it'd be a start. Unfortunately, I cannot remember whether in the official story it said his followers knew about his vision of a future Sith Empire or not, or if he was still ambiguous about that with them?

I may look that up later (or if someone can remember please say) as getting them to reveal he has foreseen a future Sith Empire would be interesting, since it would make the Heirs to the Empire (us) become the fanatics, suddenly thinking the day of Tron's ascension is guaranteed, and so we'd start winding the Jedi up big time.

But, like I said... I don't remember if Crask is meant to have told his followers about that or not.

Nekura Manji

06-04-2009 08:12:35

For now, I'm going to get us moving towards CSP, I'll think about the whole Jedi thing later :D


06-04-2009 08:22:04

Thinking about Ashura's idea of interrogating some people who CSP had already captured... if anyone wants a break from the endless droid fighting, I guess we could do that: Arrive at the CSP camp, and get to interrogating the prisoners. Kind of... Macron is known to be an expert in torture, so he was specially called in to help "procure" information from CSP's prisoners.

Capture wise... I'll be sending a couple of Jedi the Clan's way via Sai at some point this week, so there will be some JHVT capturing even if some the rest of you want to spend time this week torturing Jedi to death.


06-04-2009 10:19:21

you need a volunteer to be converted? :P lol


06-04-2009 11:43:05

Just as a note... I might post back to back a bit this week to make up for having been busy last. I'm busy again next week, so want to try and get the Sai/Cyrus stuff sorted as much as I can this week.

So, please don't be too distracted if I post quite a lot (usually I wait for at least 5 other posts in between each of mine), as chances are I won't be posting much next week again, so it'll balance out.

Plus hopefully the Sai/Cyrus stuff will start to weave back into the main narrative this week, which should help to reveal how it's not totally unrelated. :P


07-04-2009 04:52:13

Now that Dyrra and Manji have written about being in the LAAT, can the next few posts please be about arriving at the CSP forces location. Basically: I don't think we can really afford to have any "in transit" posts.

We should have been there by Saturday, so we really are way behind right now and need to get our skates on as we're nearing the end now. While two and a half weeks sounds a long time, it will quickly fly by. We need to avoid falling too far behind, as in the final week there won't be the opportunity to finish things the following week like we have been doing the last couple.

Remember that this week we need to:

1. Capture a Jedi.
2. Interrogate a Jedi.
3. Possibly comment on the "accidental" deaths. I suggest possibly having a special investigation team of troopers from the Chamber of Justice arrive and start questioning the suspicious deaths.

That needs to be done by Saturday. We really, really don't want to be having this week's objectives overhanging into next, else we'll be setting ourselves up for a seriously pressured final week to actually get the run-on finished.

Remember that the run-on will hopefully be worth a lot of points, so we really want to be looking at getting first place. A: because we don't want Tarentum catching up with us; and B: because we're not actually that far behind the next couple of Clans now, so if it's worth enough it may push us quite a way up the standings.

This is the final stretch now... so let's make the final weeks/ending good ones. I'd like to make it to 250 posts as that's what we did last GJW, so it would be nice if in the final couple of weeks we could replicate the same pace we achieved in the first couple now that we're past the usual mid war lull.

Nekura Manji

07-04-2009 07:42:48

Once Malisane's done his post, I'll have us arriving at CSP's location- by the way, where exactly are they? Is it FOB Anvil that they're at or somewhere else in the middle of the Shadowlands?


07-04-2009 07:53:39

Random location as far as I can tell.


"Operation: Fell Garden" is where they're at... which is north (that's "right" on the map) of the Dark Hall, just under the big red arrow.

It seems to just be smack in the middle of nowhere. I don't know if "Objective Strill" is anything... I guess it's probably to do with another Clan's objectives.

But... yeah... nowhere special, just a forward position. Don't really know what to call it.

Macron Sadow

07-04-2009 10:01:55

i'm tied up atm, should be able to post sometime tomorrow

Nekura Manji

07-04-2009 12:19:25

Oh HELL NO, Vexatus is back :P

Awesome post, Goat. I bet you were looking forward to writing it :D


07-04-2009 12:42:51

Thanks... and yeah :D

Most of that was meant to happen back at Kalekka, but with Trev being busy in RL things had to be a bit rushed... so yeah, I've been getting impatient all GJW for my resurrection :P

Well... all GJW... in a way, I've been waiting since last April when I killed him :P

Well.. "resurrection". Evidently Vexatus ain't quite "Vexatus" anymore. Now I just need to decide whether Cyrus dies or if not how the kark he gets off the planet... I believe going Superman and flying through space would be pushing things too far :P

Then again... Bane did that... hmm... no, shush. I won't talk myself into doing that :P

Macron Sadow

08-04-2009 16:55:18

alrighty! I made a hint as to that to Manji via comlink. I figure Mac picked it up through the Mark and the Master-student type connection- both Manji and Vex have been his teachers.

Aisha will rendezvous with Malisane to get that Jedi for "Interrogation" hopefully.


08-04-2009 19:10:12

Sai'll be bringing you some extra Jedi to torture in the next couple of days I hope :P

Nekura Manji

09-04-2009 08:49:44

Manji is, however, going to get his butt handed to him by this Nautolan Jedi I've introduced (if he's going to get wasted, it's going to be by a Kit Fisto-lookalike :D)

Either myself or Dyrra will wrap up that sideplot in the next post we do though, so it doesn't drag on too much and distract from the objectives.


11-04-2009 04:20:22

Remember all that we need to get these Jedi captured today. Tomorrow at the latest. So, don't take too long on things.

The final two weeks are likely to be intense, so try and avoid having your plots hang over into next week as much as you can.


12-04-2009 10:56:12

If anyone's stuck for Hall of Immortals visuals, I'd suggest just ripping off the Valley of the Dark Lords, the only real differences being the sands are black not red, and there's no golden sunlight but eternal night.

I rather like the new TOR-related image of it, as it has a sort of temple structure that you could well imagine as the Hall of Immortals within the larger Valley of the Dead.

The only real information on it though is just:

"The Brotherhood shall construct and maintain a Temple in the Lorimar Mesa of the Valley of the Lost of the world Antei, that a Shrine to each Immortal may be erected within. All Brethren may make pilgrimage to each Shrine and pay tribute and homage to the Immortals of the Brotherhood from this day until the Consummation of the Final Way."

And there are statues of:

Trevarus Irad Caerick
Justinian Arcanious Khyron
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor
Corran Force
Acxodim Pyralis

I don't think anyone is going to care though if you write about statues of Muz and Sarin as well or anything. The HoI has become more a piece of fictional fluff than a formal award, so I'm sure it won't matter too much, so just be creative.


12-04-2009 12:15:27

Demonics post and Ashura's post have confused me. Demonic wrote that they were joining us, and then ashura wrote that they were sitting around ...


12-04-2009 12:31:55

i think he was directing his orders to kalei zaroth and zaxen..but i could be wrong


12-04-2009 12:40:09

I wrote a post earlier where Ashura was at the Spear where Zaxen, Zaroth and Kalei were recovering from being in Jedi hands. When the new orders came in he basically kicking them out and back into the battlefield.


12-04-2009 16:56:17

By the way, in addition to all the statues and Taimat's Tits in the distance, and so on... you may also notice a strange electrical cloud approaching in the distance :P

I'm a bit busy the next couple of days though, and want to do a trooper post if I get time, so the cloud probably won't arrive at the Hall of Immortals for a few days.

Manji's email though is apt :P


14-04-2009 11:45:27

Just as a note to whoever writes the next post after me - I was only planning on part of the statue blowing up. I was thinking maybe in their haste, the Jedi didn't set up properly and the toes of the thing come shooting out or something, but the rest of it somehow stays standing, or slumps a bit or whatever.

So yeah - adjust the damage to be as little or as severe as you want. I just thought it was a bit awesome/cinematic/cool to have stuff blowing up.

I'm not trashing the place in my first post, honest. :D


14-04-2009 12:54:03

I think it's fine if we have the Jedi blow stuff up. Nondescript statues are a dime a dozen on Antei. :P

BTW, general comment to everyone: the two Jedi I've written in the Hall of Immortals are general cannon fodder. I'm not fussed what happens to them, so anyone can feel free to fight, kill, decapitate, etc. Just figured I'd add a couple more named characters to kill.

Nejj having a Sith Sword was just for a bit of flavour; so, again, do whatever you want with it.

Macron Sadow

14-04-2009 16:32:37

Also remember, it could be an Ashla sword. The early Jedi used Force-forging methods much like the Sith before they discovered lightsabers. They had been found on Tython before, I think.


14-04-2009 22:43:28

Already emailed Jade about this but i guess I can put it here:
I know where I was as of Zaxen's last post. In reading over the other posts, I don't think I got moved. The issue I'm having is Zaxen had us with Jade, but Jade posted already, but I was not included. Does anyone know where Zaroth and I are right now? Maybe I missed something...


15-04-2009 06:22:00

I assume if you were with them last time you still are, and just that Jade didn't explicitly mention you in her post.

Anyway, I think basically everyone is at the Valley of the Dead now, so there's really only one place you should be unless someone has explicitly mentioned you somewhere else.


16-04-2009 06:19:36

I've noticed a lot of people are "en route" to the Hall of Immortals. Considering today is Thursday, and we need to finish this weeks orders on Saturday, could those of you lagging behind get your rears in gear and actually make it to the place. Thanks. ;)

I'll be getting a post out for Ashura later today.


16-04-2009 06:24:33

Yeah... echoing Ashura's statement, noticing the same thing.

Don't be afraid to write yourself doing the big things. The Hall of Immortals is just a big stoney building with statues. No need to be worried about describing it right... there is no right :P

And the Jedi Masters just need to die... doesn't matter who kills them. So long as there's no Initiate single handedly killing a Master, then a gang of Journeymen taking down one of them is fine. They don't all need to die by Bob's hand or anything.

And if you're uncomfortable with the Masters, don't forget there are random other unnamed Padawans to fight.

But, yeah, with Macron having engaged Lordien we should probably now be heading inside the Hall of Immortals. Only thing you really need to know is there are statues of Trev and the Grand Masters and stuff in it, and that Qira Vaal is on the ground floor trying to blow them up.


16-04-2009 10:12:52

Could people hold off posting for a little while, please? I asked Krandon if he'd mind editing his post a little.

Edit: Never mind, ignore that. Go ahead.


17-04-2009 12:55:59

Afraid I've gotta run so had to rush that post a bit...

In case anything doesn't make sense:

The big storm cloud that's been following Cyrus around has now fallen upon the Hall of Immortals. I picture it as a black sandstorm, so I assume that means it may all of a sudden be hard to see anything.

The four guys he brainwashed earlier in the run-on have arrived at the Hall of Immortals to join the fight. They're attacking both Jedi and Sadow forces, so they're just going crazy. They don't have emotions, they don't talk, they're just mindless berserkers.

Zirias Charr is a Chagrian.
Kroollas is a Givin.
Corbin Saul and Anya Kavos were the two Tarenti he brainwashed, both are just human.
Anya is female, the rest are male.

Feel free to fight and kill any of those four. I assume they're all fairly strong, but you can write them however you like. I'm not worried who kills them.

Naturally the 3 Jedi Masters everyone is currently fighting still need to die. If nobody gets around to engaging any of Cyrus's four minions then I can kill them myself when I deal with Cyrus in a couple of days (without Cyrus, they'll all just keel over and die); but for now I figured they're four more named NPCs for people to maybe duel.

Cyrus though is mine... so, avoid him, as his death is my scene to write :P


17-04-2009 13:00:26

Oh, forgot one other thing:

He's trying to mindwash everybody so... yeah, write that how you like. I assume it means everyone (Jedi and Sith alike) will suddenly be feeling like their head is going to explode as the thousands of tortured screams cry out inside their heads. If not head exploding, at the very least you'd probably be hearing these whispers/cries/screams in the back of your mind.

Obviously none of you are actually going to get turned into gibbering zombies... but it's something else to describe in your posts :P

Or the Jedi you're fighting might hunch over in pain giving you an opening to decapitate them, whatever :P

Oh... about throwing skeletons at everyone... that part started as a skeleton horde arising from under the soil and flooding into the valley to join the battle as a third army... but I felt that might be pushing things a step too far. I did leave it intentionally ambiguous though :P


18-04-2009 09:12:30

As my latest post had quite a lot going on, summary in case anything gets missed:

Zirias has engaged Bob.
Anya has engaged Macron.
Kroollas is bounding up the side of the Hall of Immortals toward Tron.
Corbin has entered the lower level of the Hall of Immortals.

Nekura Manji

18-04-2009 10:31:59

As people can probably guess from my post, I reckon me and Sai will take care of Kroollas so that Tron can continue to pwn this Nejj feller- make it a fair fight, y'know :D


19-04-2009 08:53:42

In case someone doesn't pick up my email summary:

- Tron is finishing up his duel with the final Jedi Master on the upper terrace of the Hall of Immortals
- Manji and Sai have defeated Kroollas, one of the four berserkers, and are with Tron
- Macron is duelling Anya, one of the four berserkers, outside
- Jedi reinforcements are on their way
- Demonic and a few others are planting charges outside to set off when the Jedi reinforcements arrive
- Bob has just defeated one of the berserkers, but is now legging it inside the Hall of Immortals with Shan Long
- Jade and a few others are just inside the Hall of Immortals
- Corbin, the final berserker, is just inside the Hall of Immortals

I think that more or less sums up where people are at.

Per Zaroth's idea the other day, Bob has issued a retreat for everyone to fall back inside the Hall of Immortals. Then there can be some big mass Force Meld/Battle Meditation type thing to form a big Force barrier to hold everything out.

Cyrus is then going to suck himself into a black hole. (I intend to do this within my next 2 or 3 posts... so, say, Wednesday or so)

That just leaves the Jedi, who can either be killed by the charges Demonic and his group have set up, or they can be sucked into the black hole with Cyrus, or a combination of the above.

Ideally I think we should be looking at having Cyrus and the Jedi defeated by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest probably, so that we have time for a couple of days of "winding down" ending related posts/victory celebrations/reflections/stuff.

Reflection post wise, I also want to try and fit in Tron's reaction to Bob getting Marked (which likely will not be very positive) and some kind of argument where Tron reluctantly concedes to let Shan Long live, given he's the reason the Clan aren't now mindless berserkers too. This is a direct Clan Feud setup, so would be very helpful to fit into the GJW before it ends.

What I'd also rather like to have happen in the ending is for Muz to arrive in newly anointed Grand Master pomp and ceremony, complete with Royal Guards... but we'll have to see how long it takes to get through Cyrus and the remaining Jedi first.


19-04-2009 18:20:18

So, I just read all the weekend's posts all at once, cause I was away for the weekend and had no internet. I just wanted to say that they were all awesome. I was wondering earlier today what would have been happening in my absence and... wow. You guys are awesome.

I was surrounded by Star Wars fans all weekend (I was at a tabletop roleplaying thing) and the GM's were attempting to weave us a nice, engaging story and nothing they came up with was anywhere near as fun, or as dramatic. (Despite me doing my best Macron impression and being labelled 'The Psycho of the group.' :P Can't think why.)

You're all much more fun than the Star Wars fans IRL.

Sorry, I felt the need to say that.


19-04-2009 21:29:38

Charges blown up to slow up the jedi counter attack.. so that when Xanos makes his post everything dies outside the Hall..
Krandon, Xander, Keia, and Fremoc (Demonic's real name) are now moving into the Hall to help the others.


20-04-2009 07:21:22

Cool. Nice work.

I'll be posting this afternoon sometime.

If anyone gets itchy figures in the meantime, remember there's still one of the berserkers downstairs in the Hall somewhere, so whoever wants to can kill him still.

Two or three Journeymen could easily enough tag team him if you like.


20-04-2009 11:27:57

Can someone please rope me into it so I can post when I get home from work? Thanks!


20-04-2009 12:11:28

I'm working on that as you read this. Hol' tite!

EDIT: Ok, folks! I think I did an ok job of setting up the hunt for the last berserker in the Hall and Mac's fight. Let's hit 'em up!


20-04-2009 16:03:26

Either after dinner or later tonight, I'm going to post where kran and i recieve an order to cover everyone retreating into the Hall. if someone of a higher authority can send me the order that would be good..

Nekura Manji

20-04-2009 16:14:39

Who wants to take care of the last berserker in the Hall? I'm about to end my post with 'somebody' starting a fight with the berserker downstairs, but we won't know who it is up on the terrace, so whoever wants to take them down can go for it.


20-04-2009 16:44:26

Either after dinner or later tonight, I'm going to post where kran and i recieve an order to cover everyone retreating into the Hall. if someone of a higher authority can send me the order that would be good..

From what I understood, you and the group that had planted the explosives were already inside, so I posted where Sai is waiting for Malisane, Agrist, and Macron to come to the Hall so that he can close the doors. I attempted to set it up where Jade and a couple of unnamed Journeymen would take on the last of the berserkers, so you may be better served in fighting him.

Manji did an outstanding job of following through with that, so the continuity may speak to you and Kran joining Jade in that.


20-04-2009 17:15:53

Edit: forget what i said lol.. i'll figure something out then


21-04-2009 12:49:09

Has the Epilogue been up on the GJW site since Sunday? I only checked Episode 6, but didn't notice it until just now.

Regardless, I note the following:-

"The face of the planet had changed and they would need to adjust. The Hall of Immortals was gone. The Triumvirate Library in ruins. The Temple Bellseph raked by fire. The lists kept coming, but it was difficult for Muz to focus on the tasks associated that fell to him now, the Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood."

So, per the official Epilogue, we are free to be a little, um, "destructive" in the final scenes.

I'm just waiting for Jade (+Xander I think the plan is) and Macron to get done with the final two berserkers, but once they are I think I may make the final defence of the Hall of Immortals rather more devastating than I'd been planning. So, uh, baton down the hatches and hold onto something, this storm is going to get a little bumpy. :P


21-04-2009 13:00:03

yea just sent you an email of what should be going down today.. and yes the epilogue has been up since sunday cuz i asked muz if the epilogue was just conincidence that the hall gets destroyed and me deciding to blow the surrounding area to high heck lol..
hopefuly everything that kran keia and i have planned for today occurs :)


22-04-2009 04:54:02

Nice job those of you who posted a lot last night! :)

I'll be posting this morning hopefully to begin the final sequence of events.

The final things left that others are doing I believe is just Macron fighting Anya, and Malisane fighting that Jedi woman. You'd probably best get them wrapped up today, else we may need to "off screen finish" them tomorrow.


22-04-2009 07:26:58

Ah yeah forgot about that. Sort of got a bit stuck on how I wanted to play it. I think I might have then sparring with her for a bit then utilising that Summon Bigger Fish attack from the Darths and Droids webcomic to finish her off.


22-04-2009 07:43:06

Summon Bigger Fish?

Anyway, basically tomorrow I plan to do a post about the Clan meld with everyone joining minds to push Vexatus back. So, I'll be assuming the fights outside are over and you're all inside. I think it'd be nice if you could get the Jedi fight done though, as I think that might be quite nice to see. It's a nice opportunity to hear the Jedi basically spit at you that the DB deserves its fate for shunning Crask's offer to unite to prevent the coming darkness.

Either in the same post, or if not my post Friday, I'll then have the Force Storm backfire and Cyrus incinerate himself. It'll hopefully play out in a sort of "Force Unleashed" moment where the Clan throw out one giant shockwave that blasts the storm currents back.

Then we'll have the remainder of Friday and Saturday for ending posts.

Until Sai shuts the doors and the Force meld begins, if anyone else is lost for something to write I assume the Clan will all be congregating in a large hall somewhere deep inside the building, to sit down and start meditating, or all stand in a circle and link hands, whatever, as they all link their minds together in a big battle meditation union. Per the Epilogue saying there won't be much of the Hall of Immortals left, I assume the building is currently going through an earthquake and the place falling apart. So... stuff is probably falling on people's heads, statues falling over, yadda, yadda...

The idea is basically for it to be the big "Unification" moment where the Clan all put aside their differences and become, um, "One Sadow" or something :P

Naturally those of you presently killing each other can just carry on though if you want.


23-04-2009 10:48:39

Can someone please write me in? I can post tonight but according to an email from Tsainetomo I'm supposed to be in a group with Jade, Ekeia, and I think it's Krandon. Maybe I got lost in there somewhere.


23-04-2009 11:12:57

The entire Clan is basically assembling in a large chamber deep inside the Hall of Immortals. Manji's post basically sums things up, with him beginning the process of linking his mind up with the Clan battle meditation meld. I think he mentioned some of you near his character.

Together, the whole Clan is basically going to fire off a giant kinetic blast wave that blows up the Hall of Immortals and kills Cyrus.

Currently though the Hall is basically starting to fall apart by the earthquake, and the walls are probably burning up and melting due to the heat of the inferno... so there's quite a strong image to describe if you're stuck for action scene ideas.

Heck, you might have a statue of Muz fall on top of you or something :P

Zaxen Dauketrenal

23-04-2009 12:13:36

Ok due to my rather limited time I may not be able to post here in the next few days but I don't want to be left out in the rain either. So if anyone is willing, please feel free to write me in.
I will push to make a post on Saturday morning but right now all my time will be focused on getting the battle plan fixed up.

matt adler

23-04-2009 13:36:04

this is matt trying to help hes own clan out with anything there need. to help hes master zaxen too.


23-04-2009 16:59:21

Phew... the battle is now over and the Jedi, Cyrus and the berserkers are all finally dead.

My post basically ends with the Hall of Immortals in ruins, and there just a "small" pillar remaining, with everybody stood atop it. Presumably whatever levels extended beneath what is now the "roof" are still there, so I guess most of the troops who fled inside may have be hauled up in the basement levels or whatever.

So... basically everyone is now standing there, looking out at a clear sky, a gentle breeze in their hair, at the glassed plains of the valley, the burnt remains of skeletons and droids, smoking tanks, and so on.

Final ending will be Saturday night, but the next couple of days are now just a quiet wind down and reflection time for everybody. The Clan just pulled off one mega feat in the Force, so I guess everyone would be exhausted, but feeling really glad that the war is finally over. You beat the Jedi, and you beat the Darkness, so you pretty much beat everything.

And for the first time since the last GJW (nearly four years) the Clan have put aside all their differences and worked together. I presume that makes this the happy "unification" moment where everyone is all friendly. O-)

Which makes for a very different flavour than the closure last GJW where everyone felt betrayed, lost, defeated, and so forth. :D

You kicked my ass... so, uh, enjoy it :P


23-04-2009 18:32:41

Oh, something else that people can write about in the last couple of days if quiet reflection sounds too dull:

I was planning in the ending to write about Muz's shuttle arriving to investigate the Hall of Immortals just having exploded, red-clad Royal Guard spilling out, and him announcing Sarin's death and his ascension to the Iron Throne.

No reason why everyone can't write about that earlier over the last two days. So... if you want something more direct to do, then Muz's arrival and celebrating his ascension/mourning the loss of Sarin might be something stronger to write about.


23-04-2009 18:58:55

Im writing something right now of me dreaming and finally waking up...


23-04-2009 23:33:26

So Jade was suppose to be near by Sai and Macron, but through the posts of Manji and Macron she seems to have dissapeared, along with Zaxen who was also there. Any ideas how to really go from there? How to take her from sitting next to them to suddenly dissapearing and going say over to another spot?


24-04-2009 06:26:40

You might have been thrown bodily during the explosion of the Hall or something like that maybe.

Nekura Manji

24-04-2009 07:18:59

You haven't disappeared, myself and Macron just didn't mention you in our posts- I figured Manji's first concern would be his cousin and Macron, since Jade was getting looked after by Zaxen. Just write that you're in the crowd with everybody else, or that Manji comes over to check on you both, if you want.

Macron Sadow

24-04-2009 10:00:41

He's right, Jade. I figure Mac is basically toast at this point. How many DA's can you face in one day, anyhow?


24-04-2009 10:08:46

Ah, I see Muz's shuttle has arrived, nice job Mac.

I might do another post later then... to finish with my final final final one tomorrow night.


24-04-2009 10:15:53

I got myself and Zaroth caught up, though since I haven't heard from Zaroth, I have him unconscious right now. I'm around today and tomorrow if I need to post anymore

Nekura Manji

24-04-2009 14:50:19

Goat, are you okay with me writing Muz's big speech where he tells everybody he's GM now?


24-04-2009 14:57:50

Sure. I expected someone to have him announce Sarin's death and his ascension anyway.