Catch The Rogue


20-10-2008 12:18:05

A normal training day, at least that is what Kalei thought it would be when she woke up in the morning. Going about her day as normal, she read over a few lessons that she had yet to finish since they had returned from the feud. She ate very little because her mind seemed distracted. Something was going to happen today, it was a deep feeling that she couldn't shake. The people around her didn't seem any more tense than normal, perhaps they did not know anything. There were times she cursed herself for being able to feel what others were.

As she returned to her room to change into something comfortable for the rest of her day, she managed to catch a message that someone had left her. It stunned her to see it was a message from Ashura, her master. She was to meet him on Aerothan. Packing a few things up, she made her way to catch a transport there.

It always felt strange going on missions like this, but this one felt even stranger. Something was tugging at her telling her this wasn't going to be as easy as it sounded. Sitting in the transport, she could have sworn she had seen someone small come onto it with her. Shaking the feeling, she read over the rest of the message she had been left by Ashura.

It said something about a Knight gone Rogue that he felt was a traitor to the clan. It was the name of the Knight that caught her off guard. "Jagen Zarbo? It couldn't be..." she whispered to herself as the transport landed. Shaking her head, she stored the message in her bag and went off to find Ashura. If he was already here, than he must have gotten a clue that Jagen was here.

All the while as Kalei looked for her master, she felt as though someone was following her. However, when she would turn her head to check, there would be no one behind her. If she could not shake the feeling, it was going to drive her insane before the mission ended.

Finally catching sight of her master up ahead, she made sure no one would be able to overhear them as she walked over. "You wished to see me, Master?" It was then that someone ran into her from behind. Ready to turn around and hit whomever it was, she stopped as she noticed it was someone young wrapped up in black cloak, attempting to hide their face. "You have to be kidding me..." she growled as she realized who it was.


21-10-2008 09:35:09


Aleho Ruoxf gulped as growled at her, the Guardian knew of the Dark Huntress mission for Ashura. The young girl just couldnt resist coming along; even though she knew she shouldnt have.

Ashura had been waiting patiently for Kalei to arrive, he had been standing in an alleyway concealing himself in the darkness when she arrived. He didnt seem very surprised to find his young apprentice had followed his new one here. His sapphire blue eyes looked at Leho, "I told you to remain on Tarthos."

The little Dark Jedi hung her head slightly and muttered, "sorry master."

The Proconsul turned to Kalei, those eyes of him seemed to peer into the young woman's soul. "Since I have yet to assign anyone to be my Blackguard. I will be needing you to do those duties. As you have no doubt read, Knight Jagen Zarbo is believed to have turned his back on his Oath to the Clan. My spies have informed me that he has information on a group of terrorists. I need you to find out more."

Before Kalei had a chance to say anything the Dlairt Police SWAT arrived. "I called them in to flush out Zarbo. No doubt he will try to escape, if fact I am sure of it. You will need to track him down Kalei, let him lead you to those he is working with..." He then smiled "...and you can take Aleho with you."

The Togruta grinned and said, "thank you, master."

However Isradia's twisted grin cause young Ruoxf to stop grinning. "This is punishment, Leho. You'll have no DAC to protect you, and Kalei isnt going to babysit you. You'll have to do everything she tells you too."


21-10-2008 12:36:32

Eyeing the Dlairt Police SWAT, Kalei began to get a bit frustrated. "Master, you do not trust me enough to flush him out myself? There are now apparently two of us on this mission and I don't think we will be needing them." Trying to make sure Aleho was out of ear shot, she spoke quietly to Ashura, "I know Jagen, and he knows me. I could pose as if I were coming to join him. If I play it right, he shouldn't suspect anything."

And the truth was, they knew each other a little more than she was letting on. She was attempting to keep some of her past to herself.

Noticing that Aleho seemed to be trying to listen, she grabbed her by the back of her cloak, "Don't go trying to listen in on private conversations." Letting go of the cloak, she attempted to calm herself, hoping the young Dark Jedi would now realize that this was in fact a punishment.

"How can we keep quiet what we are doing if she is coming along with me, Master? I would feel better if I did not have to have her following me around. If I must keep her with me, I would rather not be responsible if she happens to vanish." Kalei caught a glance from Ashura, "It won't be by my hand if it does happen, I assure you."

The Police Swat standing nearby made Kalei's skin crawl. They seemed nervous and she could feel it. "Why must I be able to read how they are feeling?" she mumbled to herself, not sure who heard her. Finally giving up on dealing with them and blocking them out, she turned back to Ashura.

A deep down feeling told her that there was no way her plan would be allowed, especially with the young one attached to her hip. She did, however, wait to see what her Master said for her to do.


21-10-2008 16:05:05

Ashura seemed to ponder the situation and then smiled. "Very well, my apprentice. We shall do it your way. Deception is another tool for Dark Jedi to use. You have ten minutes to get in there and warn him about armed team. You can tell him you heard me talk about it." The Battlemaster turned to his youngest apprentice. "A lesson for you too."

He looked at Basai and gave her a stern look, "If you want you can use Aleho as a bargaining chip against me."

"WHAT!" Shouted the young girl looked shock and then lowered her head. "That's right, as far as you know Kalei told you were going to do something 'secret'." The Guardian was outraged that she was a pawn in this. "This is going to be a test of your survival skill Leho," Ash then turned to Kalei. "You have ten minutes till the SWAT go in."

The Deputy Governor General walked out of the dark alleyway and turned to the police captain. "Breach ETA ten minutes, captain."

"Yes sir, I'll get the men ready."


22-10-2008 02:34:17

Taking a breath and nodding, Kalei took hold of Aleho’s robes, “You’re coming with me.” Pulling her along, she went up to where Jagen was supposed to be and peered around before making her presence known. “Jagen, open up, its Kalei, Kalei Basai. Let me in there, I’ve got something I need to tell you.”

A face shadowed in a cloak hood appeared in the small window that was on the doorway before the door slid open. “What do you want, to bring me back to that place? I won’t have it Basai, I won’t. They don’t understand anything…” He trailed off as he walked further back into the domain and did not close the door.

Glancing back at Ashura in the shadows before going inside, still holding Aleho’s cloak, she didn’t dare speak very loud incase there were others here at the moment. “I’ve come to warn you Jagen, and to join you. There is a group of Dlairt Police SWAT ready to move in on this location in 10 minutes. I heard my master speaking of it.”

Pushing Aleho forward, a smirk crossed Kalei’s face, hoping the young one knew that what she was about to do was all part of the plan in her head, “I’ve brought her as a bargaining chip against Ashura. I doubt she would want this young one harmed in any way. If you take me to whoever you are working with, I will make sure none of those police outside get to you.”

As well as she thought she knew Jagen, he did something that she did not expect. Pulling out a blade from inside his cloak, he quickly moved behind Kalei and put it to her throat. “And how can I be sure you are telling me the truth? If Ashura Isradia is your Master, how do I know for sure you would betray him in this way?”

Stumbling back a bit at the quick movements of him, she looked Aleho in the eye hoping she would get the idea that this was not going at all like planned. “If you don’t get out of here in the next either or so minutes, it won’t matter if I was right or wrong, you will be in custody. When have I ever led you to not trust me? We can bring the girl, keep her with us.”

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22-10-2008 11:28:28

Aleho knew how to play along, she was angry enough at Kalei for what had happened already to project her hatred. “How dare you turn on Master Ashura, Kalei! I thought we were friends!” The truth was although the two were friendly, they were not friends per say.

Just then the door blew open and Ashura walked in with the SWAT close behind. It hadn't even been ten minutes. The blast of the explosion had been so powerful it knocked the three Journeymen off their feet.

“How disappointing, turning against me. I thought we had something special going on. I was wrong. Kill them.”

As far as the police officers were aware, Aleho, Kalei and Jagen were wanted dead. Ruoxf didn't know what was going on. Why had her master changed the plan and attack now? She quickly dodged out of the way and took cover.

“I thought you said he's be here in ten minutes!” Jagen said as he too dodged a laser blast.

Kalei didn't say anyway as she ducked, Ashura moved like lightning and grabbed her and slammed the Hunter to the floor. From where she laid on her back she saw Jagen ignite his lightsaber and attack the SWAT.

Just then the Force cried out to her and warned her of a lightsaber strike from her master. Her armoury saber came to life and the blue blade blocked in incoming attack.

“You said I'd have ten minutes?” She hissed.

“I lied!” He snarled and picked Kalei up with telekinetic grip. Her hand clasped around her throat. Why was her master being this brutal with her.

“KALEI... NO!”

That was Jagen, did he still feel for her the way she did for him. It then dawned on her. It was about selling the deception. Ashura was a Sith after all.

“J-J-a-g-e-n, h-e-l-p m-e!”

The Dark Jedi Knight flew into a rage as his crimson lightsaber struck down the last of the SWAT team and rushed at Ashura. Zarbo used the Form Djem So to engage Ashura. Kalei dropped to the ground choking and Aleho rushed over to check on her.

Barao snarled as she gripped Leho by the throat with her hand and activated her lightsaber again. The humming aqua energy was pointed at Ruoxf heart. “W-What are you doing?”

Ashura was about to get the upper hand in the fight when Kalei called out and got his attention.

“You make another move and I'll kill her.”

“She is not with you then?” Ashura asked as he lightsaber pointed at Jagen.

“Hell no, she's an annoying little brat. I hate her as much as I hate you!” Kalei responded.

Leho seemed upset and sniffed. Was she crying? The Huntress didn't have time to worry about that. “Unless you want me to kill her I suggest you let us leave.”


22-10-2008 12:38:33

Keeping a look of anger on her face, and her grip still tight on Leho's throat, she eyed Ashura. "Your SWAT team is gone, it is now you against us, Master. I'd say that even though you are trained more than we are, you are at a slight disadvantage here. I will let her go when you release us."

Adjusting her grip slightly on Aleho's throat, it was not her intention to actually hurt her, though it seemed she was doing just that. Her grip did not loosen, but the change in hand position made breathing a bit easier for her.

"Put her down, or your friend here will not be alive to see another day." Ashura's saber was still pointed at Jagen, and as it appeared to Kalei, they were almost going to be evenly matched. The three sabers that were lit up in the room were all pointed to kill. Only one in the room remained without a saber, the one in Kalei's grip.

There was no fear behind Jagen's eyes. There was a look of deep anger and hatred, and it was pointed at Ashura. "I will not let you harm her again Isradia." If his eyes could glow red, they would have as he lept up over Ashura and took Kalei by the arm. "Bring the girl," he growled under his breath as he tried to pull her towards a back door.

Releasing Aleho's throat and grabbing her cloak, Basai pulled the girl along and glanced back at Ashura, almost fearing for her own life. Even though she knew the basics with a saber, she was no match right now for Jagen and she knew this. If a fight ensued, she was not sure she would survive.

Catching up to him, Kalei mumbled under her voice, hoping he didn't hear her, "this is not how it was supposed to be."

Problem was, he did hear her, "Not how what was supposed to be? This, us? You're the one who left me Basai, my feelings for you haven't changed." Stopping in an alleyway outside, he turned to face her as he tightened his grip on his saber. "You're the one who pushed me out of there. I felt like I had no place anymore. You brought this on yourself."

With that, he pointed his saber at Aleho and not Kalei. "What is you're real reason for being here Kalei? Answer me or this young one will not live. I saw you change your grip, you were never able to hide anything from me. And I know you can still feel from me the feelings I have for you."

Raising her saber to point at him, she growled under her breath, "I may not have been able to keep anything from you, but you can most likely now feel my hatred for what you have become and what it is that you've done." Letting go of Aleho's cloak, she kept her saber pointed right at his heart, "You've always had hatred in you, Jagen, you're never going to change."


27-10-2008 11:14:11

“Dont you understand, Kalei. This is all about change, this clan has descended into chaos. I refuse to let our lives be wasted! I refused to be used anymore! Unlike you Kalei, I'm free!”

“Free?” Snarled the Jedi Huntress.

“My hatred is the only thing I have left that is my own. I refuse to bow down to corrupted leaders like your master! If he sent you after me then he is because I can bring down this corrupted empire. The truth is Tron Sadow tricked the Houses into going to war with each other.”

“What?!?” Said Kalei and Aleho together.

“He's power mad, dont you understand. All the lives lost are his fault, and the Clan Summit's at the time... including Ashura!”

Leho gasped as she looked at Kalei. “How do I know your telling the truth?”

“I have proof, Kalei. I can show you. Then you can decide if you want to follow someone who would risk our lives like nothing!”


27-10-2008 14:02:21

Glancing down at Aleho, she gave her a look as if she had no idea what was going on and then turned back, glaring at Jagen. "Proof? What kind of proof can someone like you show me? I trust in my Clan and my Master. You do not understand what has happened since you left."

Jagen just shook his head, "What you don't understand, little Huntress, is that I know more than you or your master could possibly know. I have contacts on the inside and they have ways of getting all kinds of information to me and those who are with me."

"Those who are with you? What are you talking about?" Aleho said out of the blue.

"Little one, you do not wish to get involved with this. Go back to Ashura, I'm sure he can protect you like this one," he nodded towards Kalei, "can not."

Raising her saber to him, Basai growled, "Do not test me Zarbo. I have changed since you left. And it was you who pushed yourself away from me. Your pure anger, your hatred! You never saw the good in people, only the bad. Yes, we are Dark Jedi, but does that mean there is no good in us at all?! No, it doesn't."

She slowly lowered her saber. "Now you will either cooperate or I'm sure that my Master has more of thost police up his sleeve. As I said," she tightened her grip on her saber, "Do not test me."


30-10-2008 08:07:06

"Childish girl," Jagen replied, "You just dont get it!"

With that the Dark Jedi Knight decided to test the Jedi Hunter after all. He switch to an more aggressive form and began to attack; Form I may be simple but it used his strength to his advantage. Kalei blocked and shouted out, "Aleho, run!"

"I-I cant leave you here," the young girl said.

Kalei lifted her saber up to block and ducked, "Just go... NOW. Tell Ashura!"

The little girl nodded and ran off and Kalei turned to face her past lover and possible death too. Jagen wasnt kidding around, and although the Huntress tried her best he knocked her armoury lightsaber out of her hand. The next thing she felt as the hilt of his lightsaber collide with her head, and then everything went black.

The last words she heard were, "One down, one to go."


Miya Brakus walked off the shuttle and looked around the Star Port. So this is Aeotheran, she thought. Was it possible the person she wanted to find. It was going to be a long task. The witch felt a slight shift in the Force and her eyes narrowed, she could feel his presence in the city. Her son, how he must have grown and matured by now.


Kalei slowly openned her eyes, she found herself to be in a cell. The energy barrier stopped her from leaving it. The Journeywoman turned her head to see Aleho laying on the floor. For a moment Kalei's heart skipped as the girl looked dead, but she then felt life in her. The Guardian was just unconscious.

The question that now burdened her mind was: why were they still alive?


30-10-2008 18:16:57

Pulling herself up into a sitting position, Basai put her hand to her head and felt a large bump where the hilt of Jagen's saber had hit. To say that it hurt would be an understatement. Trying to block out the pain, she moved herself over to Aleho and tried to see if there were any injuries on her.

Looking through the energy barrier, she tried to see if there was anyone outside that she could see. Sadly, from her location, there was no one that could be found. Not seeing any injuries on Aleho, she stood up and moved the young Guardian to the corner so she was not just in the middle of the cell.

"Aleho, if you can hear me, try to stay down," Kalei whispered. "I'm not exactly sure where we are, and I don't want to let anything to chance. When you wake up, just stay there and try not to move around to much."

Letting out a sigh, she walked back over to the energy barrier and tried to get a better look. Getting frustrated and angry, as well as slightly dizzy from the hit she'd taken to the head who knew how long ago, she pounded on the wall next to the barrier.

"Whoever is out there, I want some answers and I want them now!"


03-11-2008 14:30:18

Jagen appeared on the other side, his face was stern but his eyes were sad. "I'm sorry it had to come to this Kalei, but it's out of my hands now. The people I'm working with want to use you against the Proconsul. They might not even kill you and the girl."

Kalei felt the Dark Side swell inside her, she wanted to make Jagen pay. She felt at a primal level betrayed. "I'm going to kill you. I swear to that." The man whom the woman had loved just looked at her. "Whatever we had, its ended. My lightsaber is going to be the last thing you see before you die!"

"And yet your trapped behind this energy barrier."

"I'll get out."

"Not likely," he replied and then walked off.

"COME BACK HERE AND FACE ME YOU COWARD!" The Hunter shouted in rage, but he never came back.

"Do you have to shout, my head hurts," groaned Leho. Kalei turned to the girl and looked as she was going to shout but smiled softly. "We're getting out of here."


"Do they have to die?" Jagen asked.

"Yes," replied the voice, "to serve as an example."


"Do it soon Jagen, I sense help coming to rescue them." The unnamed master spoke.


04-11-2008 11:45:05

"Do you have to shout, my head hurts," groaned Leho. Kalei turned to the girl and looked as she was going to shout but smiled softly. "We're getting out of here."

Aleho sat herself up against the wall, "How are we supposed to do that? I doubt anyone can sense us in here, I'm sure that Jagen or whatever his name is made sure of that."

Kneeling down next to her, Kalei looked at the bump on the young girl's head, "That does not mean we shouldn't try. If I know him like I think I do, we aren't just against him in this anymore. How are you doing? I don't know what they did to you when they caught you. I don't even know what they did to me besides throw me in here." Leaning against that same wall, the Huntress let out a sigh, "I'm no match for him. I was when he left, but now..."

Shaking her head, Leho looked to Basai, "Master Ashura might be able to sense us if we try hard enough."

Turning her head to look at the girl, Kalei nodded, "Perhaps, but for how much it is going to take to try this, we need to make sure we are..." She stopped mid sentence and smirked, "or maybe we don't have to try that at all. You've noticed by now with all that has been said I used to be with him. We had a connection, that connection might still exist and I can get to him."

"But Kalei..." Basai put up a hand, "It is safer than us trying to find Ashura with both of us in the state we are in. If he is close, and we still have that connection, it might just work."

Getting slightly more comfortable, she did not notice the worried look on Leho's face, "You loved him, didn't you?"

Frowning slightly, Kalei nodded, "I did...for a time." Closing her eyes, she began to focus her mind and try to reach out to Jagen.


11-11-2008 03:43:04

Jagen was struggling with the decision to kill Kalei and the little girl; it wasnt that he couldnt or wouldnt do it, it was just how past emotions kept flaring up. He felt something brush against his mindscape. His Public Mind picked up on Kalei attempts to contact him.

[If your trying to appeal to my better nature it wont work] Jagen said to her telepathiclly.

[i wouldnt expect you too. Jagen whatever you think you know it isnt true, but I am not going to debate this with you when your mind is make up] Kalei's mindvoice said.

[I'm sorry it had to come to this.] The Knight said and cut off the connection. He then turned to the four merc's and said, "Go kill them like that scum they are."


Kalei frowned and then turned to Aleho, "OK, lets try another way. I'm going to need your help though."


The four merc's arrived at the cell to find it empty! How could that be possible, there was no way in or out expect through the energy barrier. "I dont like this, how could have they got out."

One of the men deactivated the energy barrier and three of them walked into the empty cell; which in fact was not empty at all as Kalei and Aleho stood in the corner holding hands and both concentrating in making them believe it was empty. An old Jedi Mind Trick indeed. The two of them needed to attack fast and hard. They needed to get three men down and the other by the controls before he activated the barrier again.

[OK, this is what we're going to do.] Said the mental voice of the Huntress to the Guardian.

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16-11-2008 12:26:42

[We don't have any weapons of our own, we're going to need to...procure them from these men. Wait until they get close and then I say we make it so they can barely see us.] Kalei smirked while still keeping them invisible to the guards.

[Scare them stiff and then use that to our advantage. Glad I'm not trying to come up with the plan] the young Guardian's mindvoice said.

As the 3 men got closer, Kalei squeezed Aleho's hand to let her know it was time. The guard by the door wouldn't be able to see them, and both of them knew this. Allowing themselves to become slightly visible just long enough for the guards to see them, they quickly went invisible again.

The guards were stunned. "Where'd they go?" Another shook his head, "I don't know, let's check the corner where we just 'saw' them." All three of them walked over as the guard by the door was oblvious. They got closer and closer and were almost on top of them when Kalei gave Aleho's hand another squeeze and they quickly stopped the Jedi Mind Trick and used whatever fighting skills they had to take out the guards.

There was just one problem with this; they were up against three male guards that were bigger than they were and most likely stronger. Though, for these two it didn't seem to matter. Using a combination of normal kicks and punches along with a few Force Pushes to shove the guards against the wall, the three were quickly disposed of and left unconscious and two of them were bleeding by the time the two girls were done.

It was amazing how dense the guard at the door was; perhaps that is why he was still there. With all the racket they were making in the cell, he just stood there by the controls for the energy barrier.

Grabbing all of the weapons and any key type things they could find on the three men, Aleho glanced to the guard [He's rather dumb, ain't he?] Kalei chuckled softly and nodded and readied one of the weapons after securing the others. "Ready? she whispered to the young Guardian.

With a quick nod, Kalei smiled and slipped towards the guard and quickly placed the gun she had to his head. "Try to call for help and I'll pull this trigger. Now give us your weapons and get in that cell."

Once the man was in the cell, they brought the energy barrier back up. "Don't bother calling for help," Aleho stated, "You won't like the outcome. Not like you can do anything from in there as it is." Walking back towards Kalei who seemed to have been concentrating, a small sigh escaped the Huntress' lips. "I can't track him down, he's blocked me out. We're just going to have to fight off whoever we come across and hope we find him soon."

"But Kalei, what about our..." Basai cut her off, "We're going to have to do our best without our sabers right now. Besides, even together, we're no match for Jagen if we were to fight with sabers. Let's just hope we can find a way out of here or a way to get a hold of Ashura before we find him."


06-12-2008 12:03:00

Aleho nodded and ran down the corridor with Kalei. "We need to find a communication station or something," said the girl as she turned to look which way to go. "I guess we should let the force guide us?"


Meanwhile Ashura had been meditating on his students whereabouts, he wasnt overly worried as if they returned to him then they were strong, if not he would find new students. His ability to farsight showed them running down a corridor which could be anywhere. Perhaps it was time to end this 'game', the rogue Knight was a small fish in a much larger pond.

He stood up and walked towards the door, blood was going to be spilled today. His? His apprentices? His enemies? He could not see; action would reveal the victor in time. "The time has come for a Kalei to show she has the right mentality to stand by my side as a Dark Jedi Knight." Ashura said to no-one.

Indeed. If she has been set on the One Path then she will grow, she will evolve into something truly worthy of my apprentices. If her training goes beyond rank, beyond ideals to the what ifs, then she can face off against an army and win. Do you believe she is ready?

"Yes, my master," Ashura's eyes glowed slightly, "she is ready, and upon the right time she will learn what I have done to her, what cruel twist of fate made her my apprentice. Above the potential I injected into her."

Jolly good.


"Which way?" Leho asked.


06-12-2008 14:44:48

Kalei stopped and looked down two different cooridors that were before them. Closing her eyes for a moment, she focused deeply and allowed the force to point her in the right direction. Opening her eyes slowly, she glanced over at Leho. "Ashura is watching us, to the best of his abilities. We need to get out of here," she nodded to the cooridor to the left of them, "and I believe that is the right direction."

Aleho looked at her, "Master is watching us? How is that possible? He can't be nearby." Basai shook her head, "No, I don't believe so but he has the ability to keep track of us I believe."

Walking slowly down the cooridor, there were more ajoining corridors, but the Huntress continued to walk straight ahead until she suddenly stopped just short of one of them and raised the gun that she had. Hoping that Aleho knew what that meant, she nodded carefully over towards the right hand ajoining corridor as she moved towards the left one. Making sure the younger girl was ready, she jumped out and began shooting at guards that were stationed at the end of the cooridor, though she wished she still had her saber.

Aleho had done the same thing to the ones on the right side as they all lay in a heap in the floor. Lowering her gun, Kalei looked over, "Which way? Only one of these two leads to communications. I know which way, do you?" The look on Basai's face had become more serious and more focused than it had ever been before. It was most likely a startling sight to anyone whom had seen her before.

Lowering her own gun and closing her eyes, the young Huntress seemed very focused in that moment. As her eyes opened, she looked down the right side corridor, "This one," is all she said and Kalei nodded, allowing her to lead this time. She seemed more interesting in seeing what Aleho could do than leading the way to get out of there. Granted, she was correct in the direction she was going, but the surprise would come when they found the guards down the next hallway blocking the door to get to the communications.

As they reached the door, Aleho stopped, as did Kalei. "There's someone there," Leho whispered as she tightened her grip on her gun. "Indeed there is, but beyond them is where we need to be. But I sense someone else is inside waiting for us, and I believe our lightsabers are inside as well. I sense Jagen is waiting on us."


07-12-2008 04:09:29

The Guardian was afraid, but she whispered "I am in control. I am in control." Her fear would not overcome her, it was part of their training. She looked at Kalei and said, "we can take him, even if it kills us. Unless we just turn and run away?"

"No," replied the Hunter, "I can take him."

Aleho gulped and nodded her head. "If you can distract him I can send out a signal." It was a plan, or rather a test of sorts. Kalei lightsaber skills were basic, but had Kalei attending lessons at the Simus Institue; her knowledge of Makashi was growing.

"Lets do this!"


07-12-2008 16:05:45

Nodding to the Guardian, Kalei glanced over at the door making sure the guards didn't see her before she allowed Aleho to shoot them down. The racket outside caused more guards to appear from inside the communications room. Taking them out wasn't the problem, it was hearing the hum of a lightsaber from inside the room that caused them both to stop once the last guard was killed.

"You managed to escape, Basai. I'm amazed you have gotten this far and are still alive. Especially without these." Jagen held up their lightsabers and grinned. "I seriously doubt you are going to get past me without these."

Kalei could tell that Aleho was looking at her for what to do, but she was more focused on the man in front of her, her former lover and friend now turned against them and all that they stood for. "Leho, do what we planned. Don't change anything, and do not stop even if you see me in trouble, understand?"

There was an obvious argument forming inside of the girl, but when Kalei turned to look at her, she simply nodded and spoke softly, "Understood." With that, she began to slowly walk towards one of the communication terminals, only to be stopped by the still active saber of Jagen. "What plan could this be I wonder? I know you have blocked yourself from me, so I can not see what you are thinking."

A sly grin crossed the face of the Huntress, "I'm sure you would like to know what is swimming around in my brain, you sure seemed to earlier. This time you will not have the pleasure. Now Aleho!" This part of the plan they had come up with nearly on the fly but it was appearing to work. Their two lightsabers quickly began to fly through the air as Aleho shot at Jagen's saber arm, causing him to, for a moment, lose his focus on where his saber should be so she could get free.

As for Kalei, she now held two sabers in her hands as she chuckled. "Never mess with two trained by Ashura, Jagen, you can not win." She ignited both of them as she watched him, moving slowly closer to him as she spoke, "Now you can either surrender to us and allow us to send out our communication or we can fight this out until one of us is defeated. It is your call." The Huntress was ready for a fight, all that Zarbo had done was to much for her to handle. He had not only betrayed her, but the Brotherhood itself, and this she would not stand for.

Jagen raised his saber again, shaking slightly while he nursed the wound on his arm. "Try to break the codes if you can, young one, whilst I dispose of your dear friend here. Then I will defeat you as well." Aleho ignored him and continued on her work of breaking the codes to send the communication out.

Kalei stood there, still glaring at him. "You will not be able to defeat us, Zarbo. You have missed much of your training while we have continued with it. I don't know what you hope to accomplish by fighting us except a humiliating defeat."

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09-12-2008 07:47:49

Jagen glared back at Kalei, he gripped his lightsaber tightly and attacked. Saber on saber, block on block as the two Dark Jedi fought. Kalei's slight advantage kept her even with the Knight, the Hunter was not going to loss this. "You have achieved nothing, my friends will still win in the end... and kill you if I die." Taunted the man.

Leho broke the code and sent out the signal, it seemed Ashura must have been monitering closely as a the building they were in shook from fire; a starship was firing upon it from orbit. "Yikes," yelped Aleho as she fell down.

"Its over Jagen! Soon troops will be here, as well as my master!"

This seemed to really get to the rogue Dark Jedi Knight as he realised he needed to end this. He used the Force to knock Kalei down and went for a kill blow, however the Hunter was about to dodge it but at the cost of both lightsabers being sliced in two. "Ha! Now you have no weapon!" Basei gulped as she started dodging the attacks; sooner or later her luck was going to run out.

However before Jagen could land that killing blow, the door blew open and in walked Ashura Isradia. "It's over, I have a team handling your friends. There is no point in fighting."

"Never! Make a move and I'll kill your 'beloved apprentice' you scum!" Screamed the desprate man. Kalei expected her master to attack him with his lightsaber or with the Force, but Ashura just stood there. "This is not my fight to finish," he said and turned to his apprentice, "you probably be needing this." He then threw a lightsaber over to her (while distracting Jagen with a telekinetic push).

Kalei caught the lightsaber and realised it was hers, the one she had made for when she became a Knight.

Ashura's mental voice echoed through her mind. [We are merely a sum of our experiences. All that makes us, defines us. So becoming a Dark Jedi Knight doesnt define you my apprentice, that is something your fellow Journeyman doesnt understand. Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and all that you are. Finish this!]


09-12-2008 12:25:45

Catching the lightsaber that Ashura threw to her, Kalei looked it over for a split second and pulled herself off the ground. Though she was in pain, she wasn't letting it show. Igniting the blade, a dark turquoise glow showed on her face as she raised it. "You can not win this battle, Jagen. You have turned yourself into a monster that is only out to kill and win. You want nothing else."

Walking over to him, she pointed her blade directly at him, "Let's finish this once and for all and see who knows them self better." Instantly, Jagen's blade came to meet her's as he got up off the floor where Ashura had pushed him.

"You are weak, you do not know how to fight, you will lose," came a hiss from him. Waving her hand at Aleho, Kalei forced her towards Ashura so she was not injured in the battle. "Protecting your friends and letting your guard down, an unwise move," came the words as he went to attack yet again.

Blocking the attack, the huntress only grinned, "You are the weak one. You know only anger, you do not know your true self. You have been shaped into this form that knows only hatred."

Going in for a quick attack, the words Kalei had spoken caught her former lover off guard as she managed to get her saber hovering right next to his neck. "I do not wish to kill you, but you are to dangerous. You will never be able to find your way back to the Brotherhood, never find your way back to who you used to be. There is to much hatred buried deep inside of you."

Jagen wasn't going to stand for this, although he knew there was no way he was going to win now. But if he was going to die, he was going to take those he hated along with him. Right as Kalei's blade moved towards his neck, he turned his just enough to pierce her in the left arm. Screaming out in pain, Basai finished the job quickly as Jagen's head soon was on the other side of the room from his body. Kneeling down and grabbing her arm after she shut her saber off, she remained there, trying to force the pain from her mind enough to stand again.

It took some time, but soon Kalei was standing, although shaking, with two sabers in her hand. One that was her own, and one that belonged to the man she had just killed. Walking slowly over to her master, she wasn't exactly sure what to do or say right now, she was focusing on pushing the pain from her mind, though the wound on her arm showed how painful it must have been.


14-12-2008 07:38:48

"You must accept the pain, my apprentice, through it you gain greater connection to the Dark Side," said her Master, "although I sometimes forget you are not Sith. Your path is different than mine." The Battlemaster then looked at Kalei's fallen prey. "You completed your mission. You wont find it so hard now to take another life. It's all part of the cycle of the Living Force. Come, lets get that wound taken care off."

Aleho then spoke up, "Master Ashura... My lightsaber is destoryed. May I have another one." The Sith smiled a little and nodded his head. The three of them then walked out of the room. "I fear the people who Jagen were working for were just hired guns, the real enemy is out there still. Hiding in the darkness." Ashura said.

"We will find them, my master," said Kalei.

Ashura however shook his head. "No, you wont. You have been assigned to Tsingtao Ming as his Black Guard." Kalei looked stun, it was indeed an honour to become a Black Guard. "Once your arm is healed you must go to the Sadow Palace, there Zaxen will induct you into the Order." The little Guardian spoke up again. "What about me Master. I want to be able to do something too."

As they walked out of the building and into the sunlight towards the waiting shuttle, Ashura replied to his youngest apprentice. "Perhaps archaeology? It should keep you out of trouble." Kalei laughed while Ash smiled as Leho look offended as if she caused trouble.

The End