The Neoteps

Aticus Jade

25-07-2008 21:56:08

Planet : Delv III, Uncontrolled Sector
Time : Midnight

The space around Delv III was quite silent. No transmissions or signals to be sent, just a primative almost dead world as far as technology is concerned - but for those gifted with the training of the force the space was as loud and cluttered as any other. Though Clan Naga Sadow kept its doings on a need to know basis, it was no secret that a very special interest had been taken in this planet in particular. Almost two years ago a scientific crew was sent from the Clan by a former Consul. His intrest in this subject were kept personal even from those he sent - but he felt the need to send several of the clans most talented scientist, four of its best Alchemist and ten highly trained warriors to a coordinance that came to him in a vision. The exploration lasted only a few days with only one battered shuttle returning to the fleet - carrying two Sith, a warrior named Derev Niroth and an alchemist named Aticus Jade. The entire team had been wiped out, and left these two Sith struggling for life. They reported their findings to the Consul and he simply acknowledged their report and told them to forget their findings and to never speak of this to anyone. Following their Consul's bidding, the two never talked about the massacre again and simply placed it so far deep in their minds that it would be difficult for even an Adept of the Dark Arts to retrieve it. Now almost two years later it is almost as if history were repeating itself, only this time the Consul was none other than Ashia Keibatsu.

She had fell into an involuntary trance during meeting with her Summits, and when she awoke she immediatly reported her vision to her two Quaestors. Derev remembered the massacre almost immediatly as if it had happened only yesterday, and the feelings of this surfaced unwillingly catching the attention of the mistress. She held a private session with just herself and Derev to discuss the past, and when finished she felt this was something that should not have simply been forgotten and ordered that he assemble a team to return to this space. Derev was no coward by any means, but he boldy stated that if he were to return he would go with nothing less than entire Task Force at his disposal as it would require nothing less and may still not be enough as their enemy was one that could not be seen nor negotiated with. Ashia agreed to his terms and told him the entire clan was at his choosing and that he may take the Covenant and two support vessles to aid him in this.

Derev's first selection was of course Aticus Jade, as he was the only surviving member of the massacre than he. Though very unwilling to go, Aticus owed Derev his life in his prior escape from Delv III, which was also considered vice versa as one could not have made it out without the other. His next selections for his team were Mitsuhide Akechi, Mal'ari'carun, and Raven. Aticus, being placed by Derev as an equal manager of this operation, chose three of his own to also be placed as members of the team. His selections were Malik Sadow, Horus Blackheart, and Dismal Ryokou-Amor. The eight were now onboard the Victory-I Class Stardestroyer Covenant in deep orbit around the planet Delv III, sitting at a round table with a hologram of the planet infront of them.

All of the members of the team were of course Dark Jedi of the clan, and all of which had exceeded Knight ranking and were considered highly capable of this mission by both of the team leaders, and by the Consul and Proconsul. Though even now both Derev and Aticus felt that there was still a good chance that they could all die here. After reviewing all of the maps and what the Destroyer displayed as buildings of some nature, the team had a good idea of the terrian and what to keep an eye out for. Derev looked to Aticus and stated "So, does any of this seem different to you?". The fellow Battlemaster remained silent for a moment then looked up to Derev. "Of course, when we came last time we did not have any read outs of buildings nor was the planet this lush in vegitation. If you don't mind me saying, I'm actually wondering if we are at the right planet or not Derev." replied Aticus before standing up and stretching for a moment. Derev gave a short chuckle that showed his own confusion in this. "Yeah I remember that there was in fact vegitation but its almost tripled in the past year, showing that the planets atmousphere has greatly changed since our last visit. With this kind of change, its no doubt that the lifeforms on the planet have also evolved and massivly reproduced as well."

Malik then spoke. "So you're telling me you two have lead us to a planet that what you thought before was uncharted, but we were going to use your prior knowledges to somewhat safely explore the prior situation and track down this enemy, but this is now all changed and we are in a situation that both of you experienced before?" Both Derev and Aticus looked at Malik, and Derev spoke to him. "Sadow, let us hope we never experience the situation that we were in prior to this day on this planet - else wise we will all die here including your self." Malik showed no sign of intimidation, but the younger members of the team hearing that a Warlord himself could die here made quite the impact. "The planet itself is a becon of darkness and has called on two Consul's of the clan... ..that we know of, it is very well possible that this planet has called to our clan in the past as well just never spoke of. This was an exporation last time, we had not near the numbers we do currently but I will warn everyone that the typical soldier will die here and to expect casualties within an hour of drop time." stated Aticus.

Little was actually known here, and this was something that none of the members of the team was use to. Exploration of new planets was usually handled by the lower ranking of the clan, such as Acolytes and Protectors and even then it normally only took a handfull to get the job done and little or no casualties came of it. This was now a situation where eight highly trained dark jedi could very well lose their own lives - but this was something that needed to be looked in to. Aticus decided to speak again before the meeting was over. "Derev I say we send out a Company to set up a base camp in Sector One, which will be lead by Mitsuhide. From what I've studied he is a very capable and accomplished warrior and I feel he could lead this Company with no problems." Derev hesitated for a moment, sending his brother to this planet was something he would never want to do but he held confidence in him and nodded his confirmation and replied. "Very well, and we shall send a company into Sector Two as well and I want Blackheart leading this one. Out of all of us, he pry has the most experience leading ground forces on unexplored areas, and he too is an accomplished warrior of our clan. If trouble should arise in deep need, the two can always support each other since both of the companies will be in the same general region. We will give them twelve AT-STs a peice, as well as ten Speeders a peice. No AT-ATs as of yet as I want this to be more silent than a direct assault." Aticus agreed, looking at Horus but seeing the eagerness in his eyes he could not deny him this.

"The rest of the team should await here, except for us I think. Malik being the most developed of all of us should be the last we need to send. I brought him here as an oracle, but if need come I know his abilities in combat exceed most of us put together. As for us, we need to get close to one of these structures and find out more about them and see if we cant learn more about it. We shall both take a squad into Sector Three and split up to take seperate routes to what I am designating as Contact Kressh. From there we will go to the second structure which shall be designated as Contact Ragnos. Any casualties between the two contacts can be reinforced by our two companies on a semi-standby status though it would be best if they did spread a bit and secure their sectors to a point where they can be designated as safe-grounds for a temporary time should we need to fall back." said Aticus now grabbing his cloak from the hangar and placing it over his body. "Agreed and decided. Okay so Akechi and Blackheart, go ahead and go to the hangar, your Companies will be awaiting you there. Aticus and I will be joining you both shortly planet side soon. Set up camp once there, and do your thing. Good luck and may the darkness guide you."

The team disassembled and dispersed.

Aticus Jade

25-07-2008 22:46:37

Location : Orbit of Planet Delv III, Aboard the Covenant
Time : 1:12 AM

Aticus could not keep a steady train of thought as he stood infront of the mirror completly naked. He looked over his entire body, and while most would consider him an almost perfect human specimen, he considered himself a freak of nature. He had never recieved a scar from battle physically but from simply looking at his eyes you could see that his sanity and humanity was vanishing. Many of the younger members of the clan considered him quite crazed - but those who knew him well enough also knew that it was merely a show to hide the pain and sorrow his heart held. He sighed and turned away from the mirror and looked at his bed. He wished he could go back to the days where he could just lay in bed with his wife, who was now dead, and make love for hours on end without a care in the world. But even in those times the Imperial Navy occupied him. It occupied him enough that when his wife was being raped and murdered he was no where to be found, and even with what force training he had at that time he could not even feel her pain.

He then began to think about the faces of those that were killed by the enemy they were soon to face again. Terror in their eyes, the same terror that struck the faces of the hundreds of thousands that he himself had killed, but even in this their terror was unique. To be killed by something you have no idea is killing you must be a fear and pain beyond what he could ever have hoped to strike in his enemies. But then again when he had first joined the Empire it was not to be a feared warrior but to make his family name proud and honorable, and it had truelly begin to trouble him that if what all he had done in his past was honor or taint.

((The Jungles of Taspera))

Aticus and three squad mates sat silently in the rain, covered in black cloathing, masks and eye paint. They had been sitting and waiting now for a week - and one squad member had already died of some odd sudden illness that made him run a fever so high that his brain boiled literally out of his ears. Anger filled their hearts as the squad was trained together, lived together and above all killed together. They were the Nightstalkers, an elite Storm Commando squad - a sect of highly trained assasins that worked outside of the laws of war and all of their operations were set as denied ops. This particular one was to assassinate an Imperial Senator by the name of Rayon Felture. The reasons behind the assassination were unknown, and was of no importance. All the squad cared about was a mission accomplished and a paycheck. Tonight was the night though, they had been waiting to long and had already had to slice the legs off of their former team mate just to eat. It was a terrible life they were all living, but the squad had no choice but to survive or die without their names even being mentioned.

When night finally struck the rain was still pouring strong as ever, which worked for both sides of this hit. The NS could not be seen, but at the same time any body guards or soldiers could not be seen by them either. Armed only with thirteen inch Kazarr combat knifes and silenced DL-211's they were quite out gunned, and outnumbered. It was a suicide mission but the success of it would land each a million credits - something no soldier could resist. The squad began to move up towards a mansion in a small clearing in the jungle. From their survey of the place for the past week, there were over thirty armed soldiers and guards in this house - but no sign of the Senator. Why he would choose a place like this to have a home was beyond any of them, but intelligence was exact in these times and they knew that they would have to be swift in finding him.

The first in was Master Sergeant Aticus Jade, and the other two squad members would take their entrances in the other wings of the mansion. The mansion was shaped like a large cross, and it was intended for four soldiers to enter but with the death of their demolitions expert, it was now even more dangerous and less of a chance of anyones survival. Aticus held his knife in his mouth as he crouched low as to avoid the spot lights that combed the open area that he was in as he closed in to the house. It really did not matter, the rain was so thick everything but the lights themselves were nothing but a gray pattern of drops slanting from one direction to another - but his training was all he knew and it had kept him alive so he chose to follow it. As he drew close enough to distinquish the windows of the mansion he dropped to prone and began to crawl towards the house until he finally reach the outside window where he sat up and layed his back to the wall. He pressed his thumb against his finger, which gave a clicking noise over his ear peice and those of his squad - signaling that he was in position. He waited a minuet and heard two more clicks from his squad mates. It was time..

He looked up into the window to see the hallway was empty and vacant of light, then slid open the window and silently entered the house, then clicking his fingers two times to signal he was inside. He had no sooner entered the hallways when he heard footsteps almost directly beside him, and a door open. He quickly layed against the wall and as the hallway was dark he was unseen for a moment. A soldier walked out of the room and looked towards the window. Raising his E-11 he walked towards the window and looked out of it. This was now his chance to strike, Aticus took the knife from his mouth and held it reversed. He then cupped his hand around the soldiers mouth and burried the knife into the back of his neck, then twisted it to pop the neck apart. The soldiers body fell limp, and Aticus threw him out of the window. He then turned to the room where the soldier had exited to see that inside was infact his target, but also the wife and child of the Senator as well. This was something he did not wish to do - but there was no time to deliberate another plan, and it was now or never. He sighed slightly and sheathed his knife and drew his silenced DL-211.

He walked into the room calmly and raised the pistol and with lightning speed and precision he exicuted all three of the family members in under two seconds - all head shots. He then clicked his fingers together to signify target down, and exited just as quickly as he had entered. Within five minuets he heard the clicks of his team mates which ment their mission was successful and that they were on the way to the checkpoint where the squad would meet. The squad all met up and in moments an explosion went off blowing the entire mansion to peices...

((End of Flash Back))

Aticus did not realise that he was now almost in tears from this. Even though the child and woman would have died - he had no desire to execute them for the Senator's crime. They were innocent in all of it, and even if the explosion would have killed them he had hoped they would at least would have been asleep. It had been some time since emotion had hit him this hard, and the thing that hit him the hardest was the look upon their faces when he pulled the trigger, especially on the child. It was something that had haunted him for almost eight years now but was also something that could not be taken back. He fully returned to reality when the door slid open from behind him. Dismal walked in with his head down.

"Hey AJ, look I want to.. ..GAH!! You're naked what the hell!" said Dismal turning an about face immediatly.

"Well you act like you don't have one yourself, besides I was just getting ready. What do you want?" replied Aticus as he began dressing his undergarmets showing no modesty of himself.

"Well, about all of this. I don't really think you should be going alone with just yourself and Derev to this building. We've been friends to long for me to just let you jump on some crazy ass suicide mission without me. You've already got Horus, Mits and Derev going planet side - I want in as well." replied Dismal.

"Heh, I figured you'd have bitched about this eventually. Why though? What we go to face down there is death Dismal. I did not bring you here to get you killed, rather to learn from a distance about missions like this - as well as be someone that can tell this story if none of us make it out alive. How do I know you wont just.."

"Slow you down?" said Dismal finishing Aticus's sentence.

Aticus sighed. "Diz, its not that I'm trying to hold you back from this. But you are still young and have a lot to learn before I just throw you out there. I sent Horus and Mits because they are both highly trained and have been doing this sort of thing forever." replied Aticus

"Oh and I suppose I just lucked my way through the Brotherhood? You know this is bullshit! I have busted my ass, and I'm not about to try and prove myself to you just to go. Now you and Derev may be in control of this mission but every Sadowin has a will of their own and follows a path set by our Dark Lord regardless, and whatever you may feel about it doesnt matter to me. My path is down there on that planet with you. So accept the help or just accept that I'll be down there anyway." replied Dismal now a bit disturbed in Aticus's lack of faith in him.

"Very well, you want to see this for yourself. Grab your gear and meet me in the hangar in twenty minuets. Be ready Dismal, this is like nothing you've experienced before.." replied Aticus now begining to peice on his light armor.

"Good, and uh are you like crying or something man?" asked Dismal looking at Aticus in the mirror.

Aticus gave no answer but did give Dismal a scorn from hell. Dismal said nothing either but simply turned and went to his quarters to get ready..


25-07-2008 23:14:14

Dismal shrugged his shoulders slightly, turning on his heel and walking out of Aticus’ room. He didn’t really care about the evil look that the Jade had just shot him, as he was used to annoyed looks and angry glances by now. He did consider the little venture to the man’s dormitory a success though. He would be accompanying his brother and friend in the operation, which was all that mattered. Thinking about this and that, Dismal arrived at his quarters in short order. He slowly sauntered in, slipping off his black outer cloak, laying it on the bed.

The eldest Ryokou-Amor walked over to a table on the other side of the room, his boots making a hushed sound on the stone floor. Upon the table stood a wooden rack, where two lightsaber hilts lay, waiting to be ignited and put to use. On top of the others was the lightsaber that Dismal built upon being rescued from the clutches of the Yuuzhan Vong and duly recovered, for the kriffing creatures had taken the one he built on Ruusan with his master. He grabbed it, placing it on his belt. Now, the Sith glanced at the hilt which rested on the bottom portion of the rack. This was the lightsaber of Semyon Cain, a pirate under the Crimson Tide’s banner. The Warrior had literally sliced his opponent into pieces, taking his lightsaber as a trophy of sorts. Hesitantly, Dismal reached for it, yanking it off the rack and placing it on his belt, opposite his own weapon. If this mission were as dangerous as Aticus put it up to be, he would need a backup.

Inhaling deeply through his nose and exhaling slowly, a thought came to the man’s mind. Well, room, this may very well be the last time I see you. Immediately, Dismal ejected the thought. He would make it out of the mission alive. He extended his hand out towards his bed, promptly pulling it back to himself, extending an invisible coil of telekinetic energy, bringing his cloak gliding to him once more. As he began walking towards the exit, he vested himself in the outer garment once more, pulling the hood up to obscure his face. Two lightsabers and an Equite’s knowledge of the Force would be plenty to arm himself with.

So began Dismal’s trek to the hangar bay. He walked with an uncanny pep in his step, cloak flourishing behind him. Random thoughts filled his head as he made his way to the hangar, and he arrived within a short time. Nodding at Aticus as he approached the Battlemaster, he raised his hands to his head, pulling down the hood.

“Let’s get this show on the road…”

Aticus Jade

26-07-2008 00:22:52

Aticus looked over Dismal and frowned. He would have expected him to at least take a chest plate, but he was not going to belittle him by suggestion of any armor. He merely took a PSG(Personal Sheild Generator) off of his belt from behind his cloak and handed it to him.

"You're going to need this. Also how many Dark Jedi came with us on this trip Dismal?" asked Aticus.

"Eight, but I think I know what you're saying. I've sensed another as well." replied Dismal.

"Indeed, this is something I can't just ignore. Do you think this person is here as a spy?" asked Aticus.

"Highly doubtful. A spy doesnt just waltz on to this vessle. I wonder why Malik made no mention of it, is it possible this person is here with him?" replied Dismal.

Aticus said no more, and instead hurried his pace a bit more passing the hangar and straight to the Medical Lab. The door slid open with a hiss and inside were two doctors, a scientist and three sick people. All of the staff immediatly backed away in fear and respect for the Dark Jedi, then further back when Dismal walked in. Two Sith in the MedLab was something that wasnt usual.

"Which of you is a force user? Tell me now.." demanded Aticus as he began to inspect the staff.

"M'Lord there are no force users.." started the doctor, but was quickly cut off as he began to choke under the technique Dismal was using on him. Staring him in the eye, Dismal began to speak.

"No need to lie doctor, this person surely isnt worth your life now are they?" asked Dismal as a twisted grin began to form on his face. Aticus said nothing and moved towards the other doctor who was a woman. He got close enough to kiss her, and sighed.

"Release him Dismal, this is the one. You tell me why you are here. Who sent you?" asked Aticus, as Dismal released the now unconcious doctor from his death gaze.

"You deserve no answer bursting in here threatening those that will most likely be saving your life. But if you must know, Mistress Ashia sent me to be insurance that you and the others did not die. Now if you will please leave I have someone to now revive thanks to you and your friends brutish actions." replied Priestess Jade Atema as she simply ignored both Aticus and Dismal, walking to the doctor and placing one hand on his chest and the other on his forehead - instantly bringing him back to conciousness.

"So she must not have to much faith in us. Good to know, anyway can we end this bullshit and just go man? I'm eager to get planet side." said Dismal.

"Hmm, yes well I've heard of you from my brother Horus. You're a Krath Priestess, and a skilled one at that. I've heard that you revived an entire platoon of fallen soldiers in the wave of a hand. Impressive - but is it true?" asked Aticus.

"Rumors are rumors, and whether or not anything is true or false does not change the fact that you WILL need me." replied Jade.

Dismal sighed and walked out of the MedLab and towards the hangar. Aticus glanced towards him and then back to Jade Atema and gave a bow of the head and a slight smile.

"Well I'm not usually this kind to those that are working behind my back, but what you say is true. The power of a Krath Priestess will be needed - but not here. You will accompany Dismal and myself to the planet where we will await Horus. You will then join up with his Company and support them. I'd rather keep you out of harms way." replied Aticus.

This only caused a frown on Jade Atema's face. "If you feel I am not capable simply because I am a woman than you are wrong Aticus Jade. I may not be the saber twirler that all of you are, but my abilities in the force are compensation enough. Not all fights have to be ended with a saber, a crushed artery from a simple glance can be equally as deadly. But I do believe my abilities with a lightsaber are adept enough to hold my own."

Aticus laughed. "No my dear, I am keeping you out of harms way because you are to important to just simply throw into the combat like that. I do not doubt you. But we can chit chat later. Come, our transport awaits." replied the Sith, thinking to himself that he actually took a liking to this girls attitude.

Arriving at the hangar, Dismal was already onbard the Assault Shuttle waiting for Aticus. He grinned when Aticus got onboard but immediatly frowned when Jade got onboard.

"Uh, what the hell is this? Why is she coming?" asked Dismal.

"She is a powerful.." started Aticus

"I come because I can, I don't think we need to be disputing the matter now do you?" replied Jade.

Dismal shrugged and layed back against his seat. Aticus sat in the seat opposite of Dismals, with Jade taking a seat in the rear seat. The shuttle closed its ramp and left the hangar to its destination - Delv III


26-07-2008 00:38:57

Jade sat back and lookd at the two heads infront of her bobbing and swaying with the motion of the shuttle. It was odd for them to find her in the medical bay, she had thought it would be a great place to hide, considering she usually tended to advoid the place, doctors ask far too many questions. And she had far to much with her other half to hide to allow any such interrogations to take place.

The shuttle shuttered to the right and they all shifted a little in their seats to accomodate the motion. She was unfamiliar with these too, but Ashia had sent her to keep an eye on them and since they found her out so soon, her luck had run out when she actually had to try and help someone, her plans would have to change slightly. But she was crious, Aticus had mntioned a man named Horus as if she knew him, something that was intriguing as she knew few outside of her family and her house, and Horus was not one of those few. She shruged and leaned back, best to take the relaxing break while she still could.

Aticus Jade

28-07-2008 20:45:14

The shuttle ride was a mixture of different emotions. Aticus had made a hobby of probing the minds and feelings of those with him during shuttle rides. Not in a manner to be nosy - but his former time serving with elite squads and intel had taught him that even your closest friend can become your enemy. At this point him time he was reading Jade. Her Krath training made her a powerful force user, and this made it a bit difficult for the Sith to reach into her, but he too was once a Krath and the training had payed off in helping him master certain techniques within the force. At this point in time she was wondering about who Horus was, and mostly how she was so easily detected onboard the Star Destroyer with so many force adepts present. He then moved to one of his best friends, Dismal. His mind was often scattered, not in a sense of stupidity but as a technique to keep his surface thoughts plauged by nonsense and to fool those that would attempt to judge his abilities and character by reading his thoughts. Though Aticus was capable of pushing through - it didnt take any force ability to tell that Dismal was here to watch his back and to accomplish some personal goal. He then moved to the pilot, which infact made him laugh. He was thinking of a pornography and cheese logs. A sudden jerk and shake of the shuttle broke Aticus's train of thought.

"We're entering Delv III's atmousphere. I suggest you guys have everything ready because Im only landing for a few seconds and I'm going back pretty quick. This planet gives me the creeps." shouted the pilot.

The three dark jedi said nothing. Aticus went back to reaching out with the force and could feel Horus's presence on the planet, as well as Mitsu's. He could also sense several unusual emotions coming from various locations about the planet. The largest thing he felt would had to have been the planet itself. A pulsing beat of horrible emotions, like the planet itself was sending him a message to turn back now or be destroyed. He was once again brought out of his semi-meditative state by a sudden thud of the shuttle landing. The ramp opened slowly with a hissing sound and the three dark jedi wasted no time in standing and quickly leaving the shuttle.

Rain poured down hard, and the ground was so soggy it almost swallowed them up to their knees. Dismal imeediatly grew aggrevated. "What in the hell is with this? Why did we have to land in a swamp?" he asked slushing through the brown and gray goop. Aticus laughed and replied, "I told you this was not going to be fun at all. This is only the landing. You have a lot more ahead of you but first we need to get to Sector Two and meet up with Horus to deliver Ms Atema to aid his Company." Jade said nothing, as quite frankly she was not very pleased about even being brought planet side into this wreck of a planet. "Oh yeah? And how far are we from there AJ?" asked Dismal. Aticus pressed his wristband a few times to bring up the display of the land and the sector displays. "I'd say we are about ten minuets south of it, but I dont know exactly where Blackheart set up his camp. Go ahead and get him on the Commy Dismal - see if we cant get a couple of those speeders to meet up with us, because if the rest of the way is going to be this swampy than we'll need the bikes to move at a reasonable speed there.. do remember how to ride a bike yes?" replied Aticus, ending in a jest. Dismal picked up a clump of more solid clay and slung it at Aticus's head. With no effort at all Aticus simply moved his head to the side as if he had eyes everywhere. "I figured you did, lol" replied Aticus.

Dismal grabbed his ComLink and channeled into Sector Two's channel and began trying to gain communication. Through a lot of static a voice could barely be made out, and the pouring rain and thunder was not helping. Dismal sighed and amplified his hearing ability just long enough to make out the voice. "Ah! Okay Lieutenant Valford, this is Team Jade - we're enroute to Sector 2, we need two speeders to meet us at location A12,B84. Do you copy?" stated Dismal several times before the message was confirmed. He then slipped the comlink back into his pocket and shouted to Aticus. "Okay we are gonna have two bikes waiting on us up there. If you dont mind me asking, how are we going to fit three people on one bike?" Aticus looked up a bit. "If I know Horus, he will send nothing less than four to ensure my safety, but even then if its only two I will start moving towards our objective on foot while waiting for you to return with a bike."

It took the team about three minuets of silence to come to a dead hault. Something was very wrong here. There were soldiers near them, and they were not brotherhood troops. All three placed their backs to each other grouping in a circle. "Where are they Jade?" asked Aticus after realizing his wristband could not detect these lifeforms for some reason. Jade closed her eyes and allowed the force to be her eyes. She could see four geared soldiers, though they were not likely Imperial or Republic, but they were well armored and armed. "There are four, they have not detected us yet, they are eating or something. I'd say mercenaries from the look of them - pry sixty yards to the east of us. We should just pass by and not disturb them as its possible I have not seen all of them.." said Jade as she opened her eyes. "No I can't let this pass - if there are others on this planet it means we've been either found out, or will be reported. Dismal take Jade to the bikes and come back and get me once you've got a bike to yourself. I'll be at the merc camp." said Aticus. Moving now to his east, while Jade and Dismal continued on their path to the speeders.

Jade's accuracy was quite on, maybe a yard short. Aticus layed on his stomach and watched and listened to the oddly dressed mercenaries. Their clothing was torn and battered, and their armor was a mixture of republic, and imperial peices. Their faces were covered in facial hair, and their hair was quite long. From this observation Aticus could tell these men must have been stranded here for quite some time or just did not give a damn about appearance or the effectiveness of their armor. They sat around four heatlamps with a poorly pitched tent over them. Though they seemed in good spirits, he could tell that their health was poor as well as they were quite skinny for any mercenaries he had ever seen. Though their armor was peiced together they had quite a bit of it on, and other than having no helmets they were well protected from blaster fire or physical attacks. Nothing a lightsaber could not solve. As for weapons, they had apparantly modified their assault rifles with stabbing blades, and even grenade launchers. He would have to be careful because he knew that mercenaries did not care if they lived or died so long as the being attacking them died.

He could have simply removed them with a well placed plasma grenade but he thought to himself - perhaps these men knew something he did not, and then grew curious as to how they could have survived this long out here. He would have to take one alive. So he further surveyed on which one seemed the most intelligent of the group. It would have to be the one reading an old book, as the others were simply talking nonsense of who was strongest and had more women in their laps. Luckily his attack was planned quickly and easily. The three he was to kill were on one side and the one he wanted alive on the other. After a few minuets of slow crawling, Aticus brought himself to the side of the tent and came to a kneeling position. He placed his hilt to his forehead and gave a silent chant of victory in his mind - then with one left to right swing it was over. The red blade extended from the hilt and sliced threw the tent and bodies of the three mercs and retracted just as quick. Aticus then left above the tent and landed on the other side where he placed a hard and fast kick to the back of the fourth merc, rendering him unconcious. "All to easy.." he said to himself.

It took about ten minuets for the merc to awaken. He struggled to stand but Aticus had already placed binders that he had found in the tent on his arms and legs. "You peice of [Expletive Deleted]! Let me out of these!!" screamed the mercenary. "Now now, aint no need for all that name calling there. I am going to make this short and easy Mr.Merc. I wanna know why you are here, who sent you, and what do you know of this planet?" replied Aticus while holding a very jagged blade up and smiling. "Go to hell you piss off!!" yelled the merc in responce. Aticus grinned. "I was hoping you would say that.. We'll start with a finger.." he replied. He then went behind the merc and rubbed the side of the blade down the palm of his hand, the placed the blade on his pinky then began to saw. The merc screamed in pain, and the cutting was no pleasent feeling for him. Aticus finished and held the finger infront of the merc's face. "Here, you lost this.." he said to the merc as he stuck the finger in his mouth. The merc spat it out and screamed some more random curses at him in both some language he didnt know and basic. Aticus sat on a log stump and let the merc go crazy a bit longer then kicked mud onto his face. "Well that was fun, now I can continue removing limbs or you can have a conversation with me. In all honesty I am trained to do this, and I enjoy my work Mr.Merc. But allow me to introduce myself, I guess introductions should always go first. I am Master Aticus Jade, a Sith of the Brotherhood. I am your god today Mr.Mercenary. Now that was easy, whats your name?" The merc gave no responce instead spit towards the Sith. "I see, so you want to continue this.." said Aticus walking towards foot this time. "Lets remove something you can watch." he said, while removing the boot. The merc began to squirm and attempt to roll but when he did this Aticus simply delivered a hard kick to the gut.

While the merc began to choke, he then placed the blade on his left big toe. "There we go, now watch closely. This is the fun part." He then began to saw with the blade again this time he could tell the pain was more impactive because of the sight of the loss. Once removed Aticus walked back up and dropped the toe on the Mercenaries forehead. "Okay what next?" he asked, but was distracted at the sound of a speeder approaching. It was Dismal. "Oh goodie, now you can play with my friend here as well. Hey Dismal!! We got a non talker here, wanna help me persuade him?!"


30-07-2008 18:46:56

Dismal rode up on the landspeeder, stopping just short of Aticus and his…companion. The equite stepped slowly off of the Ikas-Adno Starhawk, thinking for a moment that it would be a nice addition to his vehicle collection. He glanced at the bound mercenary lying on the ground by Aticus, raising an eyebrow. It took a moment for him to notice that he was missing a finger and a toe, but he gathered instantly that the man was in poor health. It didn’t bother him one bit, he just noticed it.

“Hm…persuasion is my specialty,” said Dismal, still inspecting the bound man, looking him over. “Especially with non-talkers. I’m sure I’ll get you to talk, right champ?” The Sith patted the mercenary on the leg, which caused him to jolt. “Kriff off, darkie.”

“Aww, such a shame. I really liked you, little man. Looks like I’m gonna have to hurt you now,” said the Warrior. “But not after we introduce ourselves. All this anonymous killing, I like it to be personal. I’ll begin! I’m Dismal Ryokou-Amor, a Warrior of the Brotherhood, and quite frankly, the person who holds your life in his hands. Now, your turn.”

“I’m the guy who hates you, bitch,” responded the mercenary gruffly, glaring daggers at Dismal.

“Tsk tsk tsk…you’re funny. Although, not in a position to be making jokes right now. By the way, why so serious? We’re going to have put a smile on that face.” The Sadowian took his lightsaber off of his belt, pressing the ignition button with considerable force, causing the crimson blade to rush from the hilt with a clean snap-hiss. “Hold still.”

He lowered the blade to the man’s face; he was by now squirming and jerking violently. “Now now, I said sit still,” Dismal said again, placing a hand on the wriggling being. Calling upon the Force energies which flowed through him, he slowed the man’s internal functions down, causing him to fall into a trance. “Thaaaat’s better.” The Disciple of Ragnos again brought his saber to the mercenary’s face, and with two quick swipes, had forever burned two lines sprouting from the edge of his mouth, making it appear as if he were always smiling. All the while, Aticus stood to the side, watching with interest.

“Now, wake up!” he yelled, bringing the prisoner’s body functions back to normal speed. He exclaimed in pain, his face adopting an expression of agony. “Wanna talk now, mister happiness?”

“F-f-fine,” said the man, not wanting to be hurt anymore.

Dismal waved his hand down with speed at the man, causing a force of invisible telekinetic energy to come crashing down on the mercenary’s stomach, causing him to yell “OOF!”. With that, Dismal turned on his heel, gesturing for Aticus to walk back to the man. “He's all yours."

Aticus Jade

31-07-2008 22:05:27

After a short period of time the mercenary had given both Dismal and Aticus the information they had wanted. His team had been sent to the planet to recover a former group of Dark Jedi, or at least their discoveries. This team was not bound to the Brotherhood by the way the mercenary described them, and this qued more interest to Aticus about this planet. Not only way it drawing to Clan Naga Sadow - but other sects of Dark Jedi that were not even bound within the Brotherhood. The merc team ended up stranded when an unseen force of attackers wiped out most of their team and their transportation - which seemed to have happened several months ago, thus meaning these stragglers had been surviving here some how. This in mind was the only thing that kept Aticus from killing the merc.

The merc also mentioned venturing to one of the structures with his Squad Leader once and saw several nightmares in his head at once when they neared a golden rod that was erected infront of gray tower - but no one else was there, and they never went back to it after that believing the grounds to be cursed or evil. After hearing his entire story Dismal and Aticus walked away to speak among themselves.

"I say we waste the merc, and find out about this golden rod crap. Personally I think he may be lieing but then again you're the one that dabbles in peoples thoughts all the time.." said Dismal.

"Yes but apparantly this mercenary has managed to survive this long and it wasnt because of stupidity, or so I hope. We will keep him alive for now - if anything he could make a good shield or bait. Also he was not lieing or else I would have opened that gash all the way to his ass - but if what he says is true about that rod it means Derev is in some possible danger, we need to find him.." replied Aticus

"Meh, Derev can handle himself - but if you say so Im down for anything. Lets move out." replied Dismal as he turned to walk towards the mercenary.

Aticus looked up at the sky, his judgements were being clouded as was his guidence of the force. By what though, and why? He had a guy feeling that he was leading himself and Dismal into a trap but at the same time Derev would have to be warned and briefed. Lowering his head Aticus turned to face Dismal who was loading the Mercenary up like a peice of meet on the back of speeder. He waved for Aticus, who walked over and hoped on.

"So where do we need to meet Derev?" asked Dismal

"We'll have to track his life force - there is no telling where he is by now.." replied Aticus