Cns Artisan's Competition: Song Of The Void

Shan Long

03-02-2008 20:14:50

Bastion, Spaceport
Imperial Remnant

Commander Jorian Kydos stared at the hologram with fervent disdain. He simply could not believe the presumption of these krefan Imperial bastards. Shock awoke him from his trance of disbelief as the utter foolishness of this entire charade collapsed around him. He and his crew were missing out on a 48.7 billion-credit trade deal, because of a small amount of civil unrest. The bonus for running 16.8 metric tons of Baradium from Sepros had been harrowing in itself. They had taken the risk, because the payoff would be tremendous. A six week leave to spend a paycheck that was easily twice his annual salary, simply to run Baradium to the Imperials? A cake-walk for the seasoned veteran of the Kaldex Transport Corporation. He addressed his First Officer directly, turning in the cramped cabin of the transport.

"Ensign, we have confirmation of our launch sequence, and you have alerted Central Command?"

"Yes Captain, we have been cleared to depart Bastion safely."

"What do you think?"

"Keep weaons at full readiness."


Weapons, of course, amounted to little more than a single aft proton torpeado launcher, and dual arrays of quad-laser cannons. If the Imperials thought to make a pirate's score, their ship was easy pickings. This made the Commander even more nervous... and the trade brokers had not actually accompanied him on the mission. He was assured that the funds were secured, and it was simply a drag-and-drop of the valuable mineral.

Something had obviously gone wrong.

His deck officers began to respond in turn: "Repulsors at max", "Throttle at point seven, and accelerating.", "Shield at full", "Atmsophere breach in five... four... three..."

The Captain of Rangos' Eye would not rest until he was in the comforting embrace of the mottled blue-white of Hyperspace.

"ETA to the Antei Sector is 18.78 standard hours, at point nine-five." His First officer said.

"Great. Make the jump to lightspeed. The sooner we're out of the range of the Impstar Dueces, the better I'll feel."

"Me too, Captain."

Great arrow-head shapes of menacing Imperial-II class Star Destroyers... Six of them maintained the omnipresent sense of death over the entire crew. Any one of them could lock the transport with its insanely valuable cargo into their impenetrable web of tractor beams. Given the state of the Empire, few doubted that the Empire would be so noble as to let a backwater planetary corporation escape their grasp with the gross domestic product of several systems in its holds.

They all held their breath as the stars streaked into white lines, and with a faint vibration, the transport sped into Hyperspace.

"I'm retiring for a bit of sleep. Wake me in the last leg of our journey."

"Aye-aye Sir." His First Officer responded.

Kydos settled into his cabin, albeit as Captain of the transport, his quarters were larger than the ordinary crew, they amounted to little more than a closet. At least he could sleep in private. A botttle of cheap Vodachen and a few holovids the sort his commanders would not approve of, helped him fall into a dreamless sleep.

He was rudely awakened some hours laters by the blaring of emergency claxons. Dressing hastily, he dashed the scant meters to the bridge, where a scene out of all chaos seemed to absorb him.

The image loomed massive through the dorsal viewports of the cramped bridge. Shouting words of various officers peirced his drunken haze of thought, the bottle's intoxicating qualities had not quite worn off. It seemed somehow alive, but wrong. A great stoney mass of living moon... yet unlike anything he had ever seen.

"Ensign! Report!" Kydos shouted.

"Captain, unexpected reversion occured near the Telos System. In fact, we are a mere ninety klicks of its gravity well. Our computers had adjusted for the effects... but this seems to have caused our reversion

"What in the nine-hells is it?" Kydos shouted, still half-drunk and panicked.

"Vong sir. Their mass-generators have apparently interdicted our hyperspace course."

"Shields at maximum!" Kydos shouted. "Full retreat! All power to thrusters, make the first available jump out of their range!"

"Sir, the ship does not appear to be engaging forces against us."

"I don't give a damn... make the first jump we can... then revert and set course back for Sepros!"

"Right away sir!"

The non-descript transport thrummed with pulsing energy, a sharp tinge of mammalian fear and inescapable dread seemed the have permeated the very core of the ship. Mortal souls clung to whatever they could, grasping for dear life against what seemed to be impossible odds. Against all, the ship lurched, and made the jump into Hyperspace.

Alabrek Castle, Kar Alabrek
Tarthos, Orian System
Domain of Clan Naga Sadow

The overlarge man stood, the ground seeming to tremble as he rose from the high-backed chair at the conference table. He was enraged, and the junior executives seemed to take this in stride. Eosara was not a man to trifle with. His grizzled appearance, metallic muscles billowing through fabric custom tailored to his frame. He stood, flaming red-haired and heroic featured, yet his countenance was of ever-present calm. He considered the holo-screen with uncannily sharp green eyes. Those few who truly knew him, imagined that he must have learned a few tricks from his eccentric and insanely prophetic Master.

"The Ragnos' Eye arrived safely then?" Eosara said. "Despite what they encountered at Telos?"

"It would appear so, sir. The Yuuzhan Vong did not appear to be overtly hostile"

"I refuse to believe that. I saw them in action at Corellia and Antei. Something was amiss." The giant of a man paused. "What we saw in the holograph was a world-ship.... it is a spawning-place of their armies and navies. It is an abomination that must be purged."

Silence dominated the chamber.

"Leave for now... we are not safe in our travels at this time. Order any Kaldex convoy to avoid the Hydian way, rimward of the Antei Sector... only lanes between here and Yridia are to be considered safe. I must make a report. Until then, my orders stand."

"Yes, sir." Nameless voices responded.

Sadow Palace, Sepros
Domain of Clan Naga Sadow


The Dathomiri witch stirred in deep sleep, portents of deepest import impenetrable between the haze that was betweeen life and death; sleep of boundless dreams.

The Sorcerer stood.... half asleep and half insane, aware that new insight had come to his mind between the planes that define immutable paradox and conscious descision.

"A paradox present becomes apparent..."

"Trev? Master Long? I do not understand." She replied

"Oh, but you do, we do.... the paradox has shattered... the time for vengenance is nigh. Bear arms and fight! Bear arms and die!"

Laughter filled the dreams of Ashia Kagan Keibatsu as she lay upon the cold comfort of her quiet bed. The Force was a cold companion. The voice of her dreams showed her that the voice of the Lord Consul was even affecting her rational thought.

"This is insanity!" Ashia screamed into the cold black

"No, it is not," Trevarus said, his voice cold and even. Ashia pulled her bedclothes against the Consul's pentrating gaze.

Ashia steeled her gaze at the most insane of all Masters:
"Eosara has reported to you then?"

"I knew my Sceneschal's report before even even he... the question is, Mistress Keibatsu... how do you see this Clan reacting to a notion of pre-emptive war?

"Why are you in my bedchambers, in the dead of night?" Lady Keibatsu asked, her cheeks flushing red with rage.

"The Force does not sleep, Lady Keibatsu. Answer my question" Trevarus replied.

"I say we fight. Now get the hell out of my chambers!" Ashia shouted at him, venting her fury.

"As you wish, milady." The Consul turned, exiting the dark room brusquely. The door closed silently behind him. It would be some time before Ashia fell back to sleep. The prospect of another war with the Yuuzhan Vong unsettled her greatly.

Sadow Palace, Several hours later
War Room

"Begin, Eosara." Trevarus replied, steepling his hands in front of his face...


04-02-2008 09:46:18

Ragnos Cathedral, Tarthos, Two hours ago
Quaestor's Chamber

Ashura Isradia's eyes burst open, he felt something coming on the horizon, and it had been such a strong feeling that it woke him from his sleep.

The Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos sat up in his bed and looked around his room, as if to expect to find someone hovering over him, but it was only him and the darkness.

The Battlemaster let out an irritable sigh, he knew what had woke him and reached out with his feelings and let the dark side of the Force engulf his senses.

Death. Destruction. A void in the Force... like a black hole... drawing ever closer.

The Sith knew straight away what could cause a void in the Force, and let out a slow inhuman snarl as the hate raged through his entire body. For a moment the Battlemaster thought about calling the House to arms, but rational thoughts stopped him. He didnt know the time between this glimpse and the actual time this could happen.

However the Quaestor could simply not ignore this and threw off his bed sheets and went about preparing himself.

Ragnos Cathedral, Tarthos, Now
Quaestor's Office

Faeril Munlear had been woken up the telepathic intrusion of her Quaestor ten minutes ago. Ashura had told her to get dressed and meet him in his office.

The tired Dark Jedi Knight walked into the Quaestor's office, it was still very early in the morning, and Fae wondered what had been so damned important that it could wait a few more hours.

"The Force does not sleep, my Aedile," said Ashura as he answered her unvoiced question. The Battlemaster was sitting in his chair, his feet propped up on the desk and staring intensely at the wall.

Faeril had come to know that look on Ashura's face; she had seen it a few times now whenever the Quaestor was on edge about something. "What's wrong?" She asked getting to the root of *why* she had been summoned here.

"I sense death on the horizon," Isradia replied as he looked her, his intense blue eyes piercing into her very core. Fae had heard the rumors about Ashura's death and rebirth, killed by a Light Adept and brought back to life through the dark arts of Necromancy. If the rumors were to be true, then it mean that this Sith had passed through the void and returned...only it had not been the same man who had been resurrected by his Master. "Death on the scale that can only be measured by our defeat at Antei by the Vong."

A chill ran down Aedile Munlear's spine at the mention of that event, "shouldn’t the Consul be warned, get the House ready for war?" Fae asked as she knew the dangers that the Vong bring.

"No, we wait," replied Ashura, who quickly cut Faeril off from speaking as he said, "Secrecy. Cunning. Patience. These are the weapons of the Sith. If we act in haste we could give the advantage to our enemy. Sometimes the proper, and more difficult, course is not to act. Even the greatest warrior often fails to wait until the moment is right before striking out. That is a mistake we cannot afford to make."

Munlear open her mouth and then closed it again as she absorbed in what the Battlemaster said. "That’s wise words," she said.

"It's the teachings of the Sith, wisdom passed down from Darth Bane himself. So, as Sith, we do what our lore tells us; we wait, we wait and see what happens."

The Dark Jedi Knight nodded, mostly to herself, as she sought to seek the lesson learned here. Faeril then took the vacant seat on the other side of the desk and began to learn what it meant to be patient.


04-02-2008 14:23:20

Seng Karash
Orian System.

Malisane looked around the meeting room in the admin section, the key entertainment staff were surrounding the table. "So any other business?"
Hatusk the gamorrean DJ replied through his speech translater, "Man come, say building fire risk, we pay money to keep safe."
"What did you do?" Malisane asked.
The gamorrean empied a bag onto the table and they watched as a head rolled across it. Malisane studied it. "Excellant, he wont be back then. Put him in the basement he'll be company for Talorthane."
Hatusk nodded, "Aye boss."
Gestroff the Sulastan DJ spoke up, chittering away in his language. Malisane sighed then turned politely to Senth, the DAC trooper was assigned as his adjutant.
Senth translated, "He says business is up since they started they dropped the karaoke."
Malisane nodded, "It still worries me we have a DJ who hardly anyone can understand a word he's saying."
"That makes him the same as most DJs," the DAC replied.
Malisane nodded. "Well if there's nothing else," Malisane said getting to his feet. He turned and walked into the private office off the boardroom.

"Two messages for you sir." Senth said once the door was shut, handing him a couple of pieces of paper, "one is urgent."
Malisane read the top one and read it, "Fifty percent off all your printing charges special offer until tommorow! Ring Printiquik today for the best deal!" He looked at Senth questioningly who sighed.
"The other one is the urgent one Sir," the Dac replied wearily.
Malisane read it, "Ah, Message from the Consuls office we're summoned to the Sadow Palace."
"Indeed sir, a shuttle is waiting in the bay for us."
Malisane nodded, picking up his blaster and saber. "Very well, lets go."
They walked out back into the boardroom, where Gestroff was looking out of the window. He turned and pointed, chittering in his own language.
"He says a storm is coming Sir." Senth translated.
Malisane nodded. "I know."

Kah Manet

04-02-2008 16:05:15

Shadow Academy Ship

The cold clunky library of the Shadow Academy clicked under Fenris's boots. He spent most of his time on the ship, and considered it his home away from home. He had studied things as varied as Sith History to Lightsaber Combat, looking for a way to put his studies to use. As the Force would have it, there was a way. The Headmaster had announced that all able bodied Sith, Krath, and Obelisk were to report to the Sadow Palace. His green skinned face gave off a small smile.

Time to prove I belong in the Sadow Legacy

Fenris hustled over to the shuttles and set a course for Sadow Palace. Hyperspace streams encircling his view port, Fenris felt out through the force, trying to feel what the Vong felt like through the force. They were empty, a wound within the Force, they were a void in his mind, a void in the Force. His mind went blank, the chattering of space entering his mind, the loneliness eating at his very being...Fenris loved hyperspace.

Time to show the Vong that we Sadow's can fight just as well as we can drink!


04-02-2008 18:56:02

Sadow Palace, War Room
Sepros, Orian system

“The worldship is located in orbit of Telos. Here,” said Eosara, gesturing at a point on the holo-emitter which promptly lit up red. The man paused for effect as a roughly spherical shape which bore a hauntingly similar resemblance to the two Death Stars appeared. “The Vong now occupy Telos and have turned it into a massive farm to provide the resources they need to grow new ships on the worldship.”

“Grow?” said Sai Keibatsu, prefect of the palace guard.

Eosara nodded. “Grow. For every coralskipper we shoot down, they grow five more. Their war machine is vast. That is why this operation is of pivotal importance. If we break the Vong’s hold on the Hydian Way we can set their war effort in the Outer Rim back several months.”

They all knew how important the Hydian Way was. It was the main hyperspace lane between the Corporate Sector and the Core Worlds, reaching as far as Coruscant itself. Being able the reach the Core meant little now it was ruled by the Yuuzhan Vong, but the difficulty in reaching the Corporate Sector was beginning to takes its toll on the corporation. Many hauliers were now charging extortionate prices just to smuggle basic medical supplies past the Vong blockades.

Not that the Dlarit Corporation wasn’t quick to take advantage of the situation itself. Smuggling baradium through to the Imperial Remnant was particularly profitable, even if the location of Bastion seemed change each week.

The fleet now amassing at Telos was of particular concern. Previously the Vong had appeared content to remain at Junction. But now they had pushed deeper into the Outer Rim at Telos, it meant it would take at least a week just to reach the Corporate Sector and Orian risked being cut off. The Dlarit Corporation could not afford that to happen. The communications blackout now most of the HoloNet was offline was bad enough. Few hauliers would be willing to risk a week in the unknown just to help a small time corporation from a backwater world.

As Eosara began to wrap up his assessment he motioned to Trevarus Caerick who stood up and keyed a new sequence of holograms on the holo-emitter. The central display sprung to life, images of the Dlarit Navy and Special Operations Group coming into view.

“As I trust you all appreciate,” said Caerick, “either we launch a pre-emptive strike against the Vong or at best we risk them cutting us off entirely, at worst invasion.” He paused to allow the warning to sink it. They all remembered Antei. Orian would fare little better should the Vong let their gaze fall upon it.

“The Yuuzhan Vong occupation of Telos cannot continue. This worldship has already cut off our link to the Imperial Remnant. It will only be a matter of time before we are unable to reach the Corporate Sector other than through the back passages through Sith Space. That can take days, even with a good ship. For most cargo haulers it means weeks.”

“What is your plan?” said Ylith Atema. Curiously, while the governor of Aeotheran was present, the governor of Tarthos had chosen not to attend the meeting.

“We hit them hard and fast,” said Caerick. “This isn’t Antei. This time the Vong don’t have the advantage. They scouted Orian once last year and found nothing that interested them. Hopefully they won’t know about the new fleet we have acquired through Kaldex in the Corporate Sector.” Kaldex was the front organisation they had laundered money into almost a decade before. “If we hit them now, it’s unlikely they’ll think it’s us. If we’re lucky, they might event think it’s the Remnant trying to re-establish its own supply lines with the Corporate Sector.”

Caerick keyed another button and the fleet of Dlarit ships moved to surround the worldship.

Tron Sadow watched the display carefully. “I must appear to be missing something,” said the overlord, the sheer contempt in his voice palpable. “This attack is suicidal. You do realise that vessel is the size of a Death Star? What can our ships ever hope to do against that? I won’t have my navy thrown away for nothing.”

“I agree it’s insane but what other options do we have? It’s kill or be killed,” said Ashia Keibatsu. Antei had affected her and her family more than most. The Dathomiri witch had been lusting for revenge for the past eighteen months.

Caerick’s lips curved into an exaggerated smile. “My dear overlord, the attack is a diversion.”

“Diversion?” snapped Tron. “So it is a direct waste of resources?”

Caerick sighed. Relations between the two had reached rock bottom since the Grand Master had appointed him to the Council directly. Tron wasn’t stupid, he was just being awkward. “Of course not. The diversion will allow the Special Operations Division to penetrate the worldships main defences and allow us to land a party on the surface. Once we’re aboard, the main fleet can withdraw. I predict no more than ten percent casualties, mostly starfighters.”

Tron stared at him for several moments, time seeming to stretch to eternity. Eventually he relented. “Go on.”

The consul keyed the holo-emitter again and the hologram zoomed in to display only the worldship, highlighting various sections. “As I am sure everyone can appreciate, we don’t have an exact schematic for the worldship. As Eosara mentioned, they are grown, not built, so chances are each is unique. However, we do have the experience of my apprentice who was imprisoned on one two years ago. From talking to Vexatus, we’ve been able to generate a rough idea of the main sections.”

Caerick explained how the worldship was practically a small moon. The surface was likely to be terrestrial, though the atmosphere understandably weak in places. There were artificial suns and the surface was covered in fields dedicated either to growing food or alien biots which could be converted into their array of living weapons.

The spiral arms, shaped much like a miniature galaxy, were where new ships were grown. Inside there would be cloning chambers where they would grow more voxyn, the genetically engineered predators that preyed on Force users. There was likely to be a large slave quarter, both for the Shamed Ones and ordinary Yuuzhan Vong workers and the alien’s chazrach slaves. It was possibly a number of slaves taken from various conquered planets would be there too.

Caerick described the slave quarter in graphic detail, including the layout of the passageways around where the torture chambers were likely to be. No doubt a sign of the many months his apprentice had spent getting to know those areas of the worldship intimately while strung up on the Embrace of Pain.

Lastly, Caerick came to the heart of the worldship, many kilometres below the surface of the gargantuan vessel. “Finally, Vexatus believes there is some kind of brain located at the centre of the worldship. He is unsure of its nature but recalls Phaa Shul discussing it. It is probably some form of giant worm like creature.”

Ylith’s eyes flashed with understanding. “We’re going to kill it?”

“Kill a ship?” said Sai as if the idea was ridiculous.

“Precisely,” said Caerick. “But that is only Plan A.”

“So what is Plan B?” asked Tron, genuinely curious.

“If we can’t kill the brain or are forced to retreat we have a contingency plan.” The consul gestured to Macron Goura who stepped forward. The alchemist’s eyes were glazed over. His training with Caerick and Vexatus had taken its toll on his mind and Macron had slipped back into insanity shortly before Caerick had taken his place. The alchemist had been distrustful of the sorcerer ever since.

Caerick keyed the holo-emitter and the worldship disappeared and was replaced with a molecular compound. “Violator gas,” said Macron, his voice giddy. “We’ve cooked up enough of the stuff to down a herd of grown rancor.”

Ylith’s eyes opened wide. Violator gas was a lethal toxin the alchemist had created back when they had first encountered the Vong. It had proven fatal to the aliens. It had proven fatal to most things in fact.

Macron giggled, clearly amused by the looks he was receiving throughout the room. A single drop would have been enough to kill them all. “When we make our drop to the worldship, we’re going to take along a bomb loaded with violator gas. If Plan A goes bad, we revert to Plan B and blow the thing up.”

“That will kill us along with them,” said Tron. “Is this the best you can do, Caerick? A suicidal attack based on infinite unknowns from your apprentice and the crazy ideas of this explosives obsessed madman?”

Macron giggled, apparently considering the comment a compliment.

“I do not believe there will even be enough violator gas in the bomb to actually blow the ship up as such,” clarified Caerick. “But my apprentice believes it should be sufficient to kill the creatures that generate the vessel's gravity. Without them, it should then break apart under its own weight from the pull of Telos's own gravity well.”

“Why can't we just use the bomb to begin with?” asked Sai.

“The danger is the violator gas is unstable,” admitted Caerick. “While we should be able to evacuate in time, that much violator gas has never been used before. There is a risk it may combine with something in the worldship's atmosphere and cause a chain reaction that will destroy the vessel before we can get off.”

“What Master Long is trying to say is that ideally we would rather not use the violator gas bomb,” said Ashia.

The overlord had heard enough. “We should sit back and let the war play itself out like we should have done at Antei. I refuse to allow you to lead my men into another disaster!” spat Tron.

Trevarus Caerick smiled. “Thankfully, Lord Sadow, you need not worry. If the Dlarit Corporation is destroyed, I am sure you will be well insured. And, best of all, you need not take any personal responsibility in the tragedy. The decision is that of the War Council’s, not yours.”

Tron’s face curled into a grim mask of anger. Caerick had the infuriating ability to twist words and talk pure business when he needed to. Tron knew he couldn’t overrule the consul, even if he did officially own the corporation. Impossibly, Caerick had managed to manipulate Sarin to his side. “Do as you will. It is clear the Dlarit Corporation no longer listens to reason.”

Caerick’s smile widened. “Excellent. My most humble thanks, Lord Sadow. It is ever so gracious of you to always allow the proper chain of command to win out,” said the consul sarcastically. He turned back to the rest of the War Council. “I have already signalled the Kangaras Division of the Special Operations Group to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet here in Orian. They should arrive in six hours. I intend to launch the Telos operation in two days time. That should be long enough to make the necessary preparations. Due to the very real possibility of enemy spies having infiltrated us under the guise of refugees, I do not want to wait any longer than that. I am sure you all appreciate the need for secrecy. Mobilizing the fleet will surely cause enough rumors throughout the civilian populace.”

Caerick shut the holo-emitter down. “Unless there are any questions, you are all dismissed. Please be sure to be at the main conclave with the rest of the Inner Circle this afternoon. I anticipate opposition from several members of the Clan, so I would appreciate if the War Council's support could be unanimous.” The sorcerer allowed his eyes to rest on Tron Sadow.

Eventually the overlord exhaled sharply. “It's not as if you give me much choice, is it, Caerick? Very well, I will agree to your plan.” The overlord's eyes flashed. “But I warn you. If you dare throw my men's lives away again you will regret it.”


05-02-2008 00:36:32

The Starscape
32nd floor, Room 315
Sepros System

A loud thundering noise woke Raistlin up with a start and it took him several moments to get his bearings. He had been in a deep sleep and it wasn't until he stood up and yawned loudly did he realize where he was, and more importantly, why he was there. The blinds opened, and with a gesture lights came on into the spacious room, letting the Exarch see, that, much to his delight, it was pouring rain outside.

"Great...." he muttered to no one in particular. Raist rubbed his eyes and made his way to start a shower. The past 2 months had been incredibly hectic and the time spent on Sepros had been almost like a vacation, a respite from the chaos that had envelloped his life. In fact, the Hotel Starscape offered him a free luxury suite, one which he was all too inclined to accept. He hadn't been disappointed and being so close to the daily happenings of the Clan had helped to reacquaint him with some old friends.

Much of the time had been spent away from the Brotherhood, assisting the Corporate Authority with everything from business brokering, to celebrity appearances and formal dinners to covert ops missions, the last being particularly taxing. He still shuddered at the nightmare abominations the Authority's Research madmen had created. All in the name of progress. The worst part was that the research most likely continued, much to both his and CEO Than Angel's protests.

The intrigue had been too much. Raistlin broke out at the first chance he could, coming back to the only family he had ever really had. Naga Sadow was his true home, and the time spent here had done wonders for his demeanor.

These thoughts and others occupied his mind as he finished his shower and got ready. Within 20 minutes he had finished, and as he made his way to leave the hotel room, a blinking red light on his comlink caught his eye.

"Raistlin, this is Trevarus. I need to speak to you immediately. Something has come up that is going to require your assistance, and I would be...... grateful if you could lend some aid. The Inner Council will be meeting in less then 3 hours, please be there. Trev out."

The Exarch took a minute to let the implications of that message sink in. Then, grabbing a few more items he was sure he'd need, left the hotel room. Raist was going to get a good work out in before the meeting. He knew he'd need it for what was to come.


05-02-2008 04:53:33

Sadow Palace,
Sepros, Orian system

Governor Isradia’s shuttle hissed as the docking thrusters deactivated, the ship had just touched down. Ashura had received word not long ago of the War Council had met on Sepros, the nature of the meeting was unknown to him but he was pretty sure it had something to do with what he had glimpsed in the Force.

“Are you going to be in trouble for not attending?” Faeril asked as the Knight wasn’t completely sure just how much trouble Ashura was in.

“Most likely, but I am sure whatever was discussed would have turned in favor of whatever our Consul had planned,” replied the Battlemaster, “now remain on the shuttle, depending on the Trev’s mood I might need to be carried back.”

Ashura left his Aedile to ponder what he said and made his way into the Sadow Palace. “You’re a little late you know,” said the voice of Ylith Atema. The Battlemaster chuckled as he turned to face his equal. “I take it the meeting is over?”

Ylith nodded in response, the Valheru Battlemaster was a man of few words and what he did say was weighted with knowledge and wisdom spanning two life times. “I don’t suppose you would like to fill me in on what went on,” asked Ashura, “and I know this has to do with the Vong.”

Atema was caught slightly off guard although he didn’t let it show. Ylith’s reptilian eyes focused on the fellow Sith in front of him, and then after a brief moments pause, began to explain what happened during the meeting; however this was done through the means of telepathy, as it was the most direct way for Ashura to learn what took place.

Isradia witnessed the meeting through the eyes of the Valheru; an inhuman snarl slipped passed Ashura’s mouth as he realised the scope of what was happening. His azure eyes burning with a yellow tint as the dark side of the Force raged through him. “Revenge,” the Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos then turned around and walked off towards the War Room.

“Ashura, are you crazy, Master Caerick will most likely have your head for not turning up,” Ylith called out to his friend.

“Unlikely,” replied Isradia boldly, “the Consul needs all the Dark Jedi this clan has to offer to tackle the Vong, he'll either have the Vong kill me or destroy me after we win.” The Battlemaster then stopped and turned to look at Ylith. “Besides, it’s not Trevarus I should be worried about at this moment in time…” a grim smile then spread across his face “…it’s Ashia.” The Proconsul had never forgive or forgot the loss of all those lives aboard the former House Ludo Kressh flag ship, the Wandering Soul, Dark Jedi and crew who Ashura had jettisoned into space along with most of the Vong Warriors onboard.

Isradia then turned back towards the War Room and walked on as he expected the Proconsul’s wrath to sting more than it had done last him, back when she was Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh.


05-02-2008 08:14:41

Sadow Palace,
Sepros, Orian system

Malisane noticed the two Quaestors talking and wandered over, Senth following him. The two turned as he approached. "Whats happening?"
"You missed the meeting," Ylith told him.
"What meeting?" Malisane asked.
"War council."
"We're at war?" Malisane asked in suprise, "when did that happen?"
Ylith gave him a summary of events. Malisane looked incredulous. "So you're all going to board an Yuuzhan Vong world ship probably with millions of the sodds on and who knows what defences, take out its brain then make your way off before it goes bang and sneak past the escorting fleet who you hope aren't going to destroy most of the DSF?"
"Thats about the size of it yes," Ylith replied.
"Well good luck," Malisane replied, "watch out for those amphistaffs."
"You're not coming?" Ashura blinked.
"Of course not," the Battlelord replied, "you both remember Antei. We barely got out alive. If Trevarus wants to pick a fight with them thats up to him. I think over the past few years I've done my bit for king and country."

Ashura looked at him thoughtfully. "You have as much of an interest in this as anyone," he told the Battlelord.
"How so?" Malisane demanded.
"Your business interests relies on paying customers with Dlarit wage packets burning a hole in their pocket," Ashura replied, "if Dlarit suffers a financial crisis though the hyperspace routes being closed and there's a recession you will go down with it. This entertainment empire, such as it is, that you're building won't be worth spit in six months."
"It will be worth that in even less time if I revoke your licence," Ylith added meaningfully, "which is in my powers as Governor of Aeotheran, as you more than anyone should be aware of."
Malisane studied the two Quaestors, then sighed. "Very well. Senth find out what ship we're on and get my baggage loaded." He turned and strode off muttering to himself.


05-02-2008 08:53:42

Sadow Palace,
Sepros, Orian system

Tyren walked down the corridor,minding his own business, as always, smoking a cigarette. Nothing in particular was on his mind, just rewinding the tasks Herald Keibatsu gave him.
A lot to work on today! Better get to it soon.

He passed Malisane and one of his subordinates.
"Yo!" he waved but the Battlelord muttered to himself and walked away. Tyren shrugged. Passing a wide corridor he saw his brother and Ashura talking about something. He just glanced and walked by.
"Tyren!" he walked a few steps back as his brother shouted. "Aye?" he asked lackadaisically.
"Come here!" Ylith said and the Krath joined the two. "What's up?"
"You didn't get the message?"
"Obviously not. What message?"
"From the War council. Vong!"
Tyren slapped his forehead "Oh bugger. What a drag. And I was just about to get some shut-eye." he lied.
"Are you serious!" Ashura asked.
"Dead!" the Prest replied with no manner of motivation at all. "Oh well might as well get moving, can't stay at one place long."
"Why is that?" Ylith asked, confused.
Tyren pointed up "Smoke detectors!"
The two Quaestor's chuckled as they saw the Krath leave to his quarters.

Macron Sadow

05-02-2008 12:41:27

Sadow Palace,
Sepros, Orian system

“Are you quite sure this will work, my Hand?” asked Vexatus as he stood with Macron in the lab. The Sith were notorious for their usage of vile chemicals, and this gas was no exception. A readout scrolled on the view screen as the imaging device showed molecules of the insidious compound floating through the liquid suspension.

“Yes, my lord. This is version Omega, and many of the kinks have been ironed out, so to speak. Statistically…” droned the alchemist.

“I am not interested in statistics. They mean nothing to the Force,” mused the Sith Lord.

“Then good. The Vong scum aren’t Force-users,” chuckled Macron. “And none of the ones that had been infected escaped or survived in the Battle of Antei. This gas has almost a 99.9% kill rate with Vong lifeforms. Hell, it works better on them then it did on most galactic races. Given the immense pressure the vessels are under and their unque construction, it should keep the molecules from unraveling.” The Warlord frowned. “I hope.”

“Then according to Consul Caerick you get to deliver the weapon personally, Marshall Commander.” Xanos smiled, his Fallen lips curling back evilly. “Perhaps that will keep you from performing sloppy science.”

“Sloppy? Indeed,” harrumphed the madman as he closed down the display screen. “Whatever else I may be, sloppy with my art is not one of them,” he giggled. “Anyhow, let’s escort this to the ship.”

“That is true, I suppose,” said Vexatus as he turned to the door. "I assume you intend to kill some Vong personally?"

"Absolutely, I certainly hope so," tittered the lunatic. "Oh yes." Macron grabbed the twin durite and quadanium tanks, gently setting them on a repulsor sled.

A few cables were attached for monitoring, and the two paced off down the echoing corridor. Eight DSOG troopers filed in around them, four in front and four in back. This cargo was precious, and dangerous as well.

“Then on to the worldship I go,” snickered Macron to himself as they walked in silence. He had no love of the Vong, or the horror that they had wreaked across Sadow space. The faces of the dead passed through his mind like a panorama. Hundreds, thousands, Millions… so many had died. His fingers brushed the hilt of his new sabers, and he longed to use them on the grey-skinned filth known as the Vong. How he hated them so... He crushed the hate deep down into his black heart, intent on using it as a weapon later. Perhaps in red ruin and slaughter he could find some clarity.


05-02-2008 15:36:44

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian system

Tyren walked into his room, crushed the cigarette in an ashtray. He walked over to the desk, pressed a combination of buttons. A closet opened revealing his custom made Night Hawks armor. He has used it several times in battle, the scars on its still shiny surface were evidence of this.
"Guess its time to use you once more."

Equipping this armor was a ritual of sorts. It started with the undersuit that protected the wearer from any external hazards, such as harsh weather or even vacuum. The boots were next, then the torso, gloves and in the end the quad-vision helmet, and the half cloak that hung from one pouldron. It was to early for "dress-up", though.

Tyren looked at his katana sword to in the corner, laying on the pedistal. he would wear it again as well a suggestion given to him by his brother, Ylith.
Sabers are, supposedly, of little use so every bit helps. he thought.

He lay back on the bed lighting another smoke.
"It's troublesome, but hell is loose. What happens happens, I guess." he eyes drifted over the ceiling and he started humming some popular song from a few years back.


05-02-2008 17:24:18

Above Sepros
Orian system

"Stay in formation," Commander Daragon barked over his comlink at a member of Sapphire squadron. They had just exited hyperspace near the planet Sepros and fell into formation behind their Quaestor’s shuttle.

Sith Battlemaster Ylith Atema had been summoned to Sadow Palace by Consul Shan Long for unknown reasons and it was Sapphire squadron‘s mission to fly escort for their Quaestor. Almost the entire squadron had made this run, minus only Joseem (who was away on a training operation), Protector Fenris (who was on his way to meet up with the squad from the SA), and Warlord Macron (who was currently working with the Clan Summit on some secret project).

As the Quaestor's shuttle reached the planet Sepros and received landing permission, the eight HLAF-500 starfighters from Sapphire broke out of formation as the shuttle continued to the planet’s surface.

"Well, were half done," Bob said after flipping his comlink over to the squadron only frequency, "So far so good."

"What now?" Jedi Hunter Kairus asked.

"We wait," the veteran commander answered, "it all depends on what the Consul wants. If it’s just a brief meeting, which I highly doubt, than we’ll wait up here to escort him back home. But if it’s going to be longer, we’ll get a call and be spending the night at the palace."

"Night at the palace, night at the palace, night at the palace," Jedi Hunter Davin Olar prayed.

"I second that Flight Leader," Bob said smiling.

"It appears you boys will get your wish," Templar Morrigan said as numerous ships of the Naga Sadow fleet exited hyperspace.

Ylith Pandemonium

05-02-2008 17:39:44

Ylith sat down against the wall and tilted his head up, closing his eyes for a moment. The plan of battle
roamed through his mind and it were odds he didn’t like. The plan was plain and simple, go in and take
out the heart of the worldship, or die trying, no simpler mission could be given him.

He took his mind back to the day Draken died, the huge masses of Valkyri storming the Citadel City of
Erundwyr, breaking through and burning everything, killing the people he vowed to protect. Ylith sighed
and shook his head, burying the memories deep within himself.


The Battlemaster looked sideways and watched as his wife walked towards him, grinning when she did
and the Valheru smirked. “I take you heard the news then?”
“Yes.” Was all she said and Ylith rose from the ground and looked at her. “Then you know what I must do”
“What ‘we’ must do.” Jade said. “Drop that stubborn attitude and accept the fact we’re in this together! I am
a Knight!” She said and Ylith grinned and looked away, remembering what the Vong had inflicted on him
“I know, just be careful and join up with me if you can, I need to see Tyren now before the next meeting
starts.” Ylith said and he turned to walk away

“Valheru!” Jade said and the Sith stopped in his tracks, turning around to face her. She removed his sword
and shield from her back and gave it to him. “You’ll need this, Battlemaster.”
“Thank you.” Was all he said.

Jade nodded and Ylith walked away, no words of farewell, there was no room for weakness or feeling, a
serious threat was imminent and he had to stop it, even if it would cost him his life. He walked to Tyren’s
quarters and stepped in, only to duck just in time to dodge a swing made with his brother’s Katana.

“You’re still playing with kitchen knives brother?” Ylith said with a grin and Tyren shrugged. “It works…” Was
all he said and Ylith shook his head.
“You’ve changed.”
“You’re nagging.”
“What happened?”
“Same old, same old.”
“Just drop it brother, it’s nothing. Don’t make such a fuss out of it, besides, I am far too busy.”
“With what?!” Ylith asked and Tyren chuckled.
“Stuff and all, now why have you come? I am wasting air here.”
“Join me in battle brother, kill these Vong!”
“Why would I even bother? I only go because I am forced to.”
“Don’t you care for your clan anymore?”

Tyren shrugged and moved to lie down on his bed. Ylith growled and turned around to the door and looked
back over his shoulder at his brother. “When you gain a sense of loyalty and honor, come seek me out.”
Then he walked off, back to Ashura and the rest of the inner council, stopping to push a button on a nearby

“Notify Sapphire Squadron and Jade Serpents to be ready for war.” Was all the Sith said and he continued his
walk back to the summit.

Muz Ashen

05-02-2008 21:08:47

Sadow Palace,
Sepros, Orian system

Trevarus walked through the corridor, the security system scanning his identichip and opening the door before he stepped through it. The room was subdued, a quiet study with lush upholstered chairs, walls full of books, and a small liquor cabinet with a humidor in the corner. Few knew of the room, even among the Sons, but Caerick was hardly surprised when he saw him.

"Lord Keibatsu, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Muz didn't rise, one foot on an ottoman, his warcoat still on and smoke wafting from a small cigar. The smell wrinkled Caerick's nose slightly as he tried, in his obsessive compulsion, to identify the maker and vintage.

Slowly getting to his feet, the Keibatsu chuckled as he stepped forward, clasping the Consul's arm and hand in a soldier's clutch. In public, the court would have expected marks of honor from both, a dog and pony show of meaningless but proper gestures. Here, in the underbelly of Sadow Palace, they were merely friends.

"You can't think that I could avoid hearing the news, did you?" Muz drew the smoke into his mouth, tasting the roasted air before puffing it out again. "And I happen to have some interesting experience with the Yammosk."

"Ah yes." Trevarus recognized the suppressed essence of the Dark Lord's apprentice as it lurked in the War Chamber, quietly watching the clan's council debate options. He wondered briefly if he was the only one astute enough to pick up the faint traces. Tron probably missed them, but Zorrixor... "Have you spoken with your... fellow?"

Muz blinked. "Zorrixor is not the Xanos who I once knew." Releasing Trev's arm as they both turned toward the liquor cabinet, he sighed. "His resentment for the Star Chamber includes myself, I believe."

Pouring a glass of rarefied spirits for the pair, Trevarus nodded. I'm not so sure he thinks of you as one of the Star Chamber, yet." Handing a crystal tumbler to the Lord, he motioned toward the chairs. "He's beem angry at the arrogance of the old Lords since they failed to act on his vision."

"Did they?" Muz spoke quietly as he sipped the brandy.

Trevarus paused a moment before sitting. He had thought in conspiracies about the battle of Antei before. The swiftness of their defeat, the way it had seemed that it was a carefully laid trap that was simply sprung had kept him awake many nights. It was in their doctrine to cull the weak, and weed the inept from their ranks in trials by fire. But the losses incurred seemed too risky, too dangerous. The Star Chamber he knew would never surrender Antei, at any cost.

But Sarin was a vicious Lord, calculating and ruthless.

"I suppose that means that you aren't here on official business, with a nice big Dark Council fleet backing you up, then?" Caerick smiled, his charisma cutting through the momentary tension in the room.

"No, I'm here on my own accord." Muz slid into the seat opposite the Consul, his eyes drifting over the marble Dejarik game on the stand, a game that had been in play for three years. Trevarus had Astronicus set up perfectly, having taken the slow route to hedge in the heir's Kintan Strider piece, and now he could essentially take his win as it suited him. Muz tried not to smile as he looked at Caerick.

"You're not planning a Kintan Death Gambit, are you?"

Trevarus merely smiled. "Why are you here, then?"

"To protect my own."

Trev sat back in the chair, letting the cool fabric caress the back of his neck. Nodding sagely, the consul wondered whether the Lord had meant his family, or the clan. Either way, another Master in the fray would be a welcome addition to their effort.

Ashia Kagan

06-02-2008 00:19:31

Sadow Palace, Sepros
Domain of Clan Naga Sadow

Ashia breathed slowly out before ringing the bell. She stood outside the Overlord's office; wondering why he had summoned her. The door slid open with a gentle hiss; one of Astronicus's servants standing in the doorway. He admitted her and she moved in to stand in front of the Overlord as he sat at his desk.

"That will be all." He dismissed his servant with a quick wave of his hand and the man left quietly, the door sliding shut behind him.

"Ashia, I wanted to speak to you privately regarding this...plan, of Caerick's. What are your feelings about it?"

The Overlord's gaze hardened on her. The Keibatsu family had long been a supporter of the Clan's Overlord and stood with him during the Vong's invasion of Antei two years ago when Trevarus and Vexatus had used the clan for their own purposes and put them all at risk. Since then, Trevarus had been made Consul and two of her own family members had taken his side. One of which was her own Force twin, Shin'ichi who was now studying under Master Long. Trevarus' appointment of Ashia as his Proconsul only vexed the Overlord further as it appeared he was loosing his supporters one by one.

Ashia let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

"M'lord, Master Long..." She paused and looked at him before continuing. "...may I speak freely, M'lord?" He gestured for her to continue.

"Trev's plan is risky I agree, but I assure you, I will do everything I can to see that our losses are at a minimum. My loyalty still lies with you and the clan. I do fear if we do nothing at all, it will hurt us greater in the end."

Astronicus considered her words carefully then nodded.

"Thank you. I'm comforted to know that at there's at least someone on the summit that I can trust. Now, I'm sure you have preparations to make so I will let you get back to work."

She bowed to the Overlord and took her leave. She left feeling a bit unsettled. Plan A was bad enough, Plan B....well, that she didn't agree with. Her crazy alchemist cousin Macron was the one
that had developed the Violator Gas bomb. The newest version having been concocted by himself and Vexatus. The mere thought that many of them might loose their lives because it was...unsteady, was too much of a risk for the Proconsul. They had lost so much already.

The Arch Priestess moved down the corridor heading towards the war counsel room, her heels clicking loudly on the dursteel flooring. She entered the empty room and picking up a data pad, started going over details of their mission.

A presence made itself known to her moments before a whisper brushed her cheek.

"Those heels of yours are loud enough to wake the dead, Mistress Keibatsu."

"Why, Vexatus, did I wake you?" Her voice was cool as the Dark Lord moved from behind her around the side of the table.

He disregarded the comment, the falleen's eyes narrowing as he spoke. "Master Long wished that I help you with the final preparations. I've been informed by the Quaestors that their battle teams will be ready on time. I am also to inform you that Bob is your responsibility. If the mean old drunk causes any problems, it's on your head."

"Bob can be handled, like anyone else." Ashia shifted her weight, mentally taking inventory of the ships that had already arrived and counting which ones would be arriving soon.

Vexatus' eyebrow raised ever so slightly. "Like anyone else, eh?"

"Surely a Sith Lord knows how to play people as pawns." Ashia chuckled to herself. "Isn't that one of your specialties?"

Vexatus rose to his full height, his skin flushing redder than normal with irritation. "What do you know about the Sith, mis..."

"Plenty, I would think." Muz stepped through the doorway, his black eyes gliding over the reptile's form to the lithe zabrak's form.

"Lord Keibatsu." Vexatus nodded his head slightly. "I had sensed your presence. Are you here for the duration?"

"I have never been just a 'fair-weather friend' of the Clan, Xan...Vexatus." Muz corrected himself.

"Indeed, although your involvement with the Iron Throne has kept you away from Orion the last year or so." Vexatus concealed his anger at the mis-speaking of his name. He had left that name behind, buried it on that tomb-filled rock of a planet.

"Well, I intend to remedy that." He eyed the Proconsul. "I am sure that we have more preparations to make."


06-02-2008 05:48:24

Sadow Palace, Sepros
Domain of Clan Naga Sadow

Malisane had managed to aquire a set of guest quarters in the palace by flashing his ID and making a few demands. The fact that they were stuck here for two days while the fleet assembled was annoying, he could have spent a day in Lor Zatean or Seng Karash and come over later if he'd known. The Sadow Palace wasn't exactly the most ideal place to relax, with Muz added to the mix of the other three Sadow elders the entire place was a powder keg, who knew what them being trapped together in an assault ship would be like once they did leave. He could tell something was building up, ever since Manesh had left and Trevarus and Vexatus had resurfaced the tension had built, you could feel it at every conclave.

Right now everyone was being very polite and forceably friendly but a spark could ignite something. Malisane wasn't getting involved, keep his head down on Kangaras and wait to see who came out on top. It made little difference to him anyway, it was the continuity of the clan that mattered, and his own interests linked in with it. Provided someone sat on the throne he didn't care who, he was off their radar anyway provided he didn't cause any trouble they scarcely noticed him which suited him fine. The days when he hoped for higher status and to carve a legacy in the Clan were long gone. Two years, maybe three and would sell out his stake to the other shareholders and be long gone, find somewhere comfortable to live in luxry on the profits of his investments away from derranged Elders and their twisted ambitions.

That reminded him. He walked over and sat in front of the communication screen, tapping away setting codes and filters he knew the D:SOG staff wouldn't notice. It was more out of habit he wasn't sending anything confidential. He waited until the blonde cool features of Jenna Talith appeared.
"At last I've been trying to reach you," she said with a trace of annoyance, "we've got the delegates from the Yalmigos Syndicate arriving this tommorow and we've been planning the reception and tour for days."
"I can't attend something has come up," he replied, "you and Vila will have to meet them."
"This is important," she reminded him, "they could give us a lot of business if they're impressed by the show we give them."
"I can't explain, but you'll have to manage without me, I'll be gone for a week."
Her features hardened but finally she nodded. "Very well."
"Another thing," he added, "you expecting any shipments the next few days?"
"Nothing incoming but Travis is taking the Liberator out tommorow, just resupplying."
"Cancel it," he replied, "nothing leaves Orian until I return. We've got backup stocks."
"Just barely," she replied dubiously, "you want to tell me why?"
"No," Malisane replied, "just some information I've received. I'll explain when I return."
"Very well," she replied.

He switched it off. She was annoyed but he couldn't help that. She was a minor concern anyway, he had bigger ones not fifty foot from the room he was in. He sighed and picked up his saber, sliding it into his belt, and went out for a walk.


06-02-2008 10:44:27

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian system

A man dressed all in white slowly strolled through the halls of Sadow Palace listening to the clang of his two DL-54’s on his hips. No matter the name this place would always be the Temple of Sorrow to the Sith Battlelord, as there was only one place he would call Sadow Palace. But that was in the past, as most of the things that Robert Daragon held dear to him were. Times had changed and men like Bob were quickly being left behind.

One thing that had not changed was the politicking of the lords. Everyone placing their pawns in place while the overall good of the Clan was top priority, personal gain was a close second. The Sith knew that in this particular game he was just a pawn and that suited him just fine. He had been involved in numerous games before and had barely come out alive numerous times when his neck was on the line.

Picking sides in these games was never easy for the Battlelord. He had begun his initial training under the Clan Overlord, Bob would not have the leadership ability he had today without Tron’s guidance. While the Sith had called the Overlord’s of Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh friends for so long he sometimes forgot about how powerful they really were. Bob had watched the young Trevarus and Goatham grow to become great leaders of not only the Clan but also the Brotherhood. While these Overlords had earned their greatness, Bob had been left behind. The Sith had made numerous mistakes and failures throughout his life in Clan Naga Sadow and had paid the price.

Along with the Overlords, Bob knew that the members of the summits along with the regular joes would be pledging their secret alliances to each other as well. The Sith Battlelord had a strong feeling that the outcome of this operation was going to have a deep impact on the future of Clan Naga Sadow, and somehow, a mean old drunk bastard was going to have to make a choice....and as usual; it would be his own side.


06-02-2008 12:43:18

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian system

The final preparations had taken a couple of hours. The Clan was assembled in the main audience chamber in the upper levels of Sadow Palace and Trevarus Caerick was presenting the plan with the rest of the War Council.

The entire Dlarit Navy and most of the Special Operations Group would launch a direct assault on the worldship from the sun side of Telos. The Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way would follow after the main fleet had engaged the worldship. Approaching from the dark side of the planet, the Final Way would then sneak in and drop the infiltration team to the surface. Apart from a few XJ3 X-wings as escort, the Final Way would be on its own.

It was a risky plan, but provided the Yuuzhan Vong took the bait they all agreed it would work. The Vong were certain to summon reinforcements from the Core so the plan was for the fleet to pull out as soon as the infiltration team was down. After that, they would be on their own.

Admiral Aramis Nestor would be commanding the main fleet personally. The fleet commander of the Dlarit Navy predicted a window of opportunity of only a few minutes for the Final Way to make its run. Despite Araic Simonetti’s protests that he could fly them through regardless, Nestor made clear the Final Way would need to bail out as soon as the Vong realised the main attack was a feint. He was adamant it was better to try again another day than waste a Star Destroyer in a foolhardy run. Simonetti had eventually relented to the fleet commander’s point of view.

The deployment itself was risky. It was going to be impossible to fly a shuttle down to the surface past the batteries of plasma cannons. They were going to need to use individual drop pods, running the risk of being separated before the mission even began. However, evac was the worst part. It was going to take several hours at best to reach the world brain. By then the Final Way would be long gone. The plan was to drop a shuttle down inside a reinforced landing barge and pray it remained intact. The barge would also be used to deploy the violator gas bomb to the surface. After recovering the bomb, they had agreed a small team would have to remain on site to guard the escape shuttle.

The only alternative was to procure on site. And nobody wanted to be left relying on Vong tech.

Restricted Archives
Sadow Palace

The Sadow Archives were renown throughout the Brotherhood as possibly the largest collection of dark side lore outside the Star Chamber’s private archives. Darth Vexatus sat cross legged on the floor in a hidden chamber known only to he and his Master. The Holocron of Antar IV sat atop an ornate pedestal, the pedestal beside it stood empty, the Holocron of Darth Maestus currently on the floor before the Sith Lord.

Like the War Council, Vexatus had opted out of attending the conclave and had returned to the archives after helping sort out the final preparations for the mission. Knowing it might be several days before they would return, he had decided to take this last opportunity to meditate before they set off for Telos.

The cloaked visage of Darth Maestus lingered before him.

“How fares your search for Lehon, apprentice?” commented the spectral avatar. Darth Maestus had been the one who had first told Vexatus about the planet Lehon, the ancient home world of the Rakata.

“The first stage of our plans nears completion,” replied Vexatus. “The fool disciples of Sadow will soon ensure my Master and I safe passage to the Unknown Regions.”

Maestus smiled darkly. “You have done well.” The avatar paused as if contemplating its next words, its smile fading. “What of the other I sense?”

The Falleen narrowed his eyes. “Other, Master?”

“Yes,” the Dark Lord’s words were acid. “I sense the presence of another. Have I not told you there should only be two? One to embody the power, the other to crave it.”

Vexatus lowered his gaze at the admonishment. “I assure you, Master, in time it will be so.”

“It had better,” snapped Maestus. “You know the folly when there is more than one Dark Lord.”

The Falleen nodded, his hand involuntarily rising to brush across his cheek where he still bore the scars from his captivity with the Yuuzhan Vong. Vexatus still blamed the Star Chamber for what had been done to him by Phaa Shul. “Of course, Master, of course. That is why my Master and I must make our way to Lehon.”

Darth Maestus nodded, apparently satisfied. “Ensure that you do,” said the Dark Lord before vanishing.


06-02-2008 13:27:22

Ragnos Cathedral, Tarthos
Officer's Quarters

"Xander.." a voice resonated in Xander's head

Xander groaned and rolled over "Just a few more hours babe, I'm exhausted.."

"I understand that you're tired but that's no way to address your superior" a deep voice intoned, slightly amused

Alexander Anderson's eyes opened groggily, the shape of shape of a woman lying next to him in bed, undoubtly some one night stand from the night before. Xander pushed the woman gently with his foot, "Ok, time for your to go.."

"What?" a womans voice said groggily as Xander gently nudged her.

"Something has come up and I have to go, time for you to leave.." Xander said

"Right now?" the woman said

"Yes.. go.."

"In a few minutes.." the woman returned

"No, now.." Xander said and shoved her gently off the bed. The woman squaked as she fell of the bed then stood up giving Xander a baleful look, as she started putting on her clothes. Xander sat up and leaned against the headboard.

"Yes Sir.." Xander said through the force, his mind now composed

"Xander, I want you to have your squadron prepare for action and I want you to meet me immediately". Alexander stood up as he heard the thunk of the woman letting herself out of his quarters behind him

"Sorry for the response, I was sleeping" Xander said through the force

"The force does not sleep Mr. Anderson." the voice replied in his head

"Right, but the force doesn't need to have .."

"The time for action has come" Quaestor Isradia said cutting him off. Xander dressed himself as he spoke through the force to Ashura.

"The squadron will be ready within two hours" Xander responded.

Macron Sadow

06-02-2008 13:47:35

Docking Bay
Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian System

“Careful with that,” mumbled the alchemist as he watched the canisters being loaded onto the Nachzerer. “You won’t like it much if you drop them. Hee hee,” giggled the Sith. The loading workers set the tubes down perfectly into the cradles, sealing them in their pressurized tombs. Lights lit up along the sides of cradle, flashing bright green with a slow, even pulse. Macron keyed the sensor link to give him a data stream from the twin canisters of doom. If they became unstable, he would know before anything bad happened. That was the working theory, anyhow.

Macron peered closely and fiddled with the dials. “Gorram Caerick, making me take my own ship to the RSD and then a gorram dropped barge from there,” he hissed to himself. “Going to get me killed. S’pose he has a point, the thing does have the facilities for the precious cargo. ‘Course it could be Vexatus as well… maybe Muz or Ashia… mebbe Bob…dren.”

Mononoke looked up, and swiveled his gaze around the docking bay suspiciously. He absent mindedly slapped at the sensation of a bug landing on his face. The docking workers looked at him quizzically as he slapped himself for no apparent reason, and walked away quickly. They knew of his reputation by rumor, and none wanted to be near him for long.

The Warlord began to check his suit and supplies with twitching fingers. “Suit, check…” he droned to himself as he donned the last piece of the chest plate. “Sabers, check…” A click of the switch on his arm caused the faceplate and helm to lock into place with a hiss. Readouts scrolled across the heads up display, giving air pressure, temperature, and other data.

The sound of boot heels clicking behind him made him turn. Commander Daragon had arrived, beginning his pre-flight check of the HLAF fighter sitting nearby. Macron’s eyes narrowed under the visor. Maybe it was Bob after all… best to keep him close. The alchemist strolled over to the Sith.

“Pardon me,” he queried. “Would you mind if I flew with the rest of Sapphire to the Final Way?”

“Actually, I got orders to keep your ship far away Mac,” replied the cigar smoking Sith. “Sorry man. Quarantine. Consul’s orders. You’re on your own until we get to the RSD. Unofficially- if you need anything, just give a shout.” He turned back to his ship inspection as Macron walked away.

“They ARE gonna kill me,” murmured the lunatic to himself as he walked angrily back to the ship. I knew it. Vexatus’ plan, only two, get rid of the loose cannon and all that happy bantha crap. Well, well… Macron walked up the loading ramp of the Nachzerer and began to warm up her engines.


06-02-2008 14:20:37

the Nachzerer
Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian System

"About time you got here."
Macron spun around then looked in suprise at the two figures in the corridor outside. "What are you doing here."
"Needed a ride," Malisane replied as he came into the cockpit area, "sure you must owe me a favour from somewhere." Senth stood nearby but didn't say anything.
"How did you two get onboard?" the alchemist asked.
"Lot of people loading," the Battleord replied, "who notices two helpful people?"
"That answers the how. What about the why?"
"We needed a ride, plus lot of odd characters going along, seemed safer here."
"You know what is in those cannisters?" Macron asked with a grin, "this is your idea of safe?"
Malisane studied the alchemist, then suddenly his arm moved, a holdout blaster slipping into his hand and a split second later a laser blast seared towards the alchemist's head. Almost as fast a saber blade appeared in Macron's hand deflecting the blast harmlessly against the metal walls.

Macron gave Malisane a curious look, saber still in hand. The Battlelord smiled and retracted the blaster back into his sleeve. "You're not as crazy as you make out Mac," he said calmly, "and have a fine tuned survival instinct. This ship is safe."
Macron laughed, retracting the saber and laying it on the console. "I hope you're right my friend," he replied, "I hope you're right."


06-02-2008 15:39:36

Ragnos Cathedral, Tarthos
Lanch Pad

Subcommander Sakura Haruno quickly made her way towards one of the transports heading to the planet her Master was on. The Dark Jedi had kept a pretty low profile around the Ragnos Cathedral; she was after all only a low ranking D-SOG officer, probably an Apprentice who was too timid to climb the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood…this was far from the truth.

Sakura was in fact not part of Clan Naga Sadow, nor the Brotherhood, she deeply hated having to be here as it reminded her too much of her own experience in the EHDB, although she had been a different woman back then… she had been weak and her Master had made her strong. Haruno was far more deadly than she let on, and her connection to the Force and the dark side could equally rival a Sith Warrior, Krath Priest or Obelisk Templar.

“Commander Anderson, sir,” Sakura said quickly as she located the target her Master had instructed her to find.

The Jedi Hunter was busy getting the members of Ravana Squadron ready when his beautiful young woman dressed in the uniform of a D-SOG subcommander approached him. Xander found it slightly amusing that this Journeyman, most probably an Apprentice who had yet to make Novice walked up to him.

“Yes, what can I do for you, Apprentice” asked Xander.

“Haruno, sir, Subcommander Haruno,” Sakura replied which cause the Sith Commander to look at her oddly as she used her D-SOG rank. Most probably a Dark Jedi who’s not cut out to be one of us Xander thought.

“What is it,” he asked again getting a little impatient.

“Sir, the Governor has just been in contact, he requires one of his personal possessions to be brought to him on Sepros. He assigned me the task of bringing it to him.” The young woman replied.

This completely surprised Alexander as he looked at the girl, and then to the wrapped package that was hug from her shoulder; he hadn’t even noticed it until this moment. Why the hell would Ashura request one of his personal items be brought to him via an Apprentice?

Sakura realised that Anderson wasn’t going to let her on the ship, it enraged her, men were all the same in her mind; she hated every single one of the them to the very core of her being…except her Master of course, he had been the one who had showed her the true potential within her.

“Give the package to me and I’ll bring it to the Quaestor,” the Battleteam Leader said as he lifted his hand up as to take it off her.

“Sir, with all do respect, this task was assigned to me to complete…” Sakura had to think fast, think smart if she was get on the shuttle “…it is my minor task, and I will not fail to personally deliver this to the Governor.”

It started to fall into place for the Jedi Hunter, this was the girl’s trial of the Apprentice, a simple task to prove her loyalty to her Quaestor and give him something he needed. A small grin appeared on his face as he replied, “good answer, Subcommander, spoken like a true officer. Get onboard…we are leaving ASAP.”

Sakura nodded and boarded the ship, and sat down next to a Flight Member of Ravana Squadron; she was going to have to spend the journey surrounded by men…and it made her skin crawl. To distract herself from the loathing Sakura reached out with her mind.

Master, the Disciple thought, I am on the shuttle heading to your location. I have what you asked for.

Good work, my Apprentice replied the telepathic voice of Ashura Isradia, I knew you wouldn’t fail to bring me what I needed.

She could feel his approval through the telepathic connection and felt the pride swell up within her, I live to serve, Master.


OOC: No-one gets to kill this NPC... I mean it, she can be very useful and I plan to made good use of her in this Run-On. I suggest you read her wikipage if you plan to include her in any of your posts.

Kah Manet

06-02-2008 15:56:00

Sadow Palace

Fenris made his way into the huge mausoleum of a building. His boots ticking as he walked. He was making his way towards the council to propose something that he doubt was thought about. Battle Meditation. It was true, the Vong were immune to most forms of Force powers, but Battle Meditation could The Clan while on the planet, all that would need to be done is have a few ships with 1 Dark Jedi in each, each Dark Jedi using Battle Meditation to focus on the other Dark Jedi on the worldship. This way, they were inspired and had more morale. It may even be able to push the thought of Antei out of their heads, so they could begin to think about the mission at hand.

Ylith was, what seemed to be, pacing the hall ways of Sadow Palace. Fenris decided tell the Sith his plan, he trusted Ylith the most, and hoped Ylith would agree that it was in fact a good plan. The plan couldn't hurt, if anything it would help them a little.

"All we need to do is get people who have mastered or have used Battle Meditation before. I've read about it, but never have tried to perform it. Also, there are certain things we could do to ensure we take down a few Vong if we get overwhelmed. By using the Dark Side, it's possible we can manipulate a dead body and re animate it. All we would need is the Alchemists to work on a gas or chemical to do this." explained Fenris.

Fenris was new, and he didn't experience what happened at Antei, so he wasn't positive what the Vong were capable of, he had heard countless stories though.


06-02-2008 16:45:21

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian System

His stay on Sepros was temporary, now being the time to move further, to the fleet. Tyren stood in his room, preparing for what is to come. He wore his Night hawks armor with an extra package of oxygen on his back, just in case. Eyes closed he expanded his mind, looked deep into the Force, observing his allies.

Quite frankly he was looking to hitch a ride with someone. His mental vision "walked" from one leader to another, his brother, to Ashura, Macron who was already on the Nachzerer. Tyren had no intention of flying with that heap of gas he had onboard. Ashura and Ylith were to busy, Xander wasn't even here, he battleteams of Ludo Kressh he didn't know that well.

His mental gaze shifted to the only craft he hadn't observed. The Night Hawks. An obvious choice really. The battleteam stood in lines, ready for orders, all clad in Night hawks armor. Tetrarch Jade Atema, his sister-in-law, walked in front barking some orders. He touched her mentaly.

"Jade my dear!"
she returned.
"The one and only, I'm afraid!" The woman chuckled to the remark, knowing of Tyrens...humorous side.
"What do you need, Tyren?"
"Requesting formal permission to accompany the Night Hawks to battle!"
"Permission granted, Priest. It will be an honor to fly with my predecessor."
"Glad to hear it. I shall be there soon. Don't fly without me."
"We wont."

Tyren hooked his katana sword to his back, two distruptors on his side and his saber to his leg. He checked the suits systems once more and put his ceremonial half-cloak on. Finally the helmet snapped to its designated place.

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian System, Hangar bay3

The Night Hawks sat on crates, loading ramps and other objects they could find, waiting for the order to fly off. They talked, laughed and enjoyed themselves knowing full well this may be their last time together.
Tyren walked in their midst looking at them through his visor. The talking and laughing stopped as every single one jumped to their feet and saluted their former leader.
"At ease men, carry on!" he said as the group returned to their conversations. Jade approached her brother-in-law.
"Looking flashy there, Tyren." she said with a wink.
"Am I?"he smiled under the visor "You aint so bad yourself!" she wore the female version of the armor. Tight, slick but just as effective.
"When are we due to lift off?" he asked removing his helmet and lighting a cigarette.
"When they order to."
"Ah...Fine by me."


06-02-2008 17:41:03

The small astromech droid warbled as it rolled along head swivelling looking for the target of the goal that had been set for it. Angel actually had the ability to use repulsor lifts and also had the ability to speak in basic as well rather than simply to attempt to communicate simply in droid speak, and be limited the mobility that the wheels produced, however his master has specifically instructed to use none of the extra modifications for the purposes of this mission, they simply marked him out to clearly as whose droid he was, and Xander simply did not wish to advertise his actions too openly.

Thus for all intents and purposes Angel appeared to the untrained eye to be just another R8 droid trundling on a mission for its owner. Spotting the correct door the droid warbled at it. The doors console flashed a request for authorization and Angel connected to the interface entering the code into the computer. The door confirmed the access code and Angel rolled through the door.

A figure sat silhouetted in the darkness, Angel couldn’t quite make out who it was. Angel warbled at the man, and started his holographic projector. The kneeling image of Alexander Anderson sprung forth in front of Angel.

“It has begun, the die has been cast. All things are in place as you wished them so.” The holographic image of Xander intoned. With that message delivered the image of Alexander Anderson flickered and disappeared , the image of a dark serpent entwined around a point cross ominously floated where Xander had once appeared.

Angel rolled forwards to the desk the figure had been sitting behind. Angel removed a small data device from a hidden compartment and placed it on the table. The figure nodded and waved the droid to leave.

Angel beeped an acknowledgement. Angel couldn’t quite make out the figure but he had his suspicions who it might be, regardless the mission was done, time to get back to his masters side, things were about to become heated, and Angel wanted to be ready.

Nero Pennant

06-02-2008 21:16:35

Nero packed a small crate of blaster cartridges into their craft, pressing hard against the case to make sure it was flush with the others. Other Night Hawks regarded him in silence, and Nero preferred it that way. He needed something to keep him occupied, and perhaps obsessing over small details would do the trick.

Unsatisfied with feeding a mental disorder, Nero made his excuses and left the Hangar Bay, saluting his superior, Jade, and saying he'd be back before the order to take off. He needed some space, and he wanted to be in a place where he could deal with his fear.

He made sure the Night Hawks armor he wore was put on correctly, but stopped himself from obsessing. He cursed under his breath. He'd seen the behavior in his Master, the Consul Trevarus Caerick, and wondered if being around him inspired such neurotic behavior. He'd hoped he would see the Consul walking around somewhere, to have an anchor to settle the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He thought back to the Invasion of Antei. He thought about seeing Vong warriors for the first time. He had read descriptions of their appearance, but it was his vision especially that would frighten him. He'd known long ago that the Vong had no connection to the Force, and they registered in his vision as a black abyss. Coupled with their reputation as fierce warriors and sadistic torturers, focused completely on the feelings of pain they could inspire both in themselves and their victims, he would not be able to trust his eyes. He cursed the Miraluka's strong connection to the Force. It cursed them with near-blindness, seeing only the auras and vague physical characteristics of anyone they saw. It would be his greatest enemy.

Strangely, that was also the time that he had met his Master-to-be. Nero's hand moved to the lightsaber he carried with him. Caerick had given it to him, to earn the privilege of carrying a Master's weapon. Right now he carried it for reassurance. He'd been pulled from his training at Alabrek Castle and brought here to prepare. He'd sat in the main hall listening to the briefing of what was to be done, then instructed to meet with the rest of his Battle Team and prepare.

He'd been on Sepros for many hours now.

His Master made no effort to contact him during this time, and any attempts were met with stern looks and reprimands from guards, saying the Consul was occupied with the battle plans.

He knew is it was a ruse. Master Trevarus Caerick could make time if he so wished to speak to his Apprentice. Walking down the sculpted marble halls to one of the many open areas in the complex, he stepped out and stood in the perpetual rain of Sepros, content to watch raindrops fall onto his sleek black armor and drip from his gauntlets.

Was his Master disappointed? Did he not wish to speak to his Apprentice? Nero had dutifully, if quietly, done everything the Krath had asked. He spent many hours perfecting his martial arts, learning to use his chosen weapons with deadly accuracy. He'd been tasked with studying as well, much to the chagrin of other Obelisk warriors. He devoured books on military strategy, diplomacy, history, and the creation of poisons. He spent hours on the Training grounds of frozen Tarthos, stripped to the waist and practicing each weapon and combat style to it's maximum potential until his muscles froze from exertion and the bitter cold, and thought of ways to improve them while submerged in the Bacta tanks to repair torn muscles, ligaments, and broken bones from his training.

He was giving himself to his training, and for months after Trevarus' ascension to Consul he did not hear a word from him.

The questions began again. Was he weak? Was he being too submissive?...

Nero shook his head, flinging water out of his red hair that now stuck to his wet face. Perhaps he was going insane. Insane from the fear of having to face the abominations to the Force that he could sense nothing from, and from training constantly under a brilliant, powerful, but unstable Dark Jedi.

Nero walked back towards the hangar bay, his armor dripping water onto the floor, deep in thoughts of how he was going to survive this.

Kah Manet

07-02-2008 10:31:13

Fenris began to prepare for the battle at hand. Of course, preparing to him wasn't like preparing for others. He had no fancy battle armor, no ceremonial cloaks and weapons, he had his meditations, and they suited him for whatever was needed. Entering the deep trance, he began to see visions. Something was going to happen to him, whether it be captured, or injured. Visions didn't always speak the truth, so he let it slide.

His proposal for Battle Meditation was denied. There weren't many Sith who still practiced it, and those that did, wanted to be with their brethren on the battlefield. He couldn't agree with them more. He felt around the Palace. None of his Battle Team was here, they were in space, doing what they did best. No doubt Robert Daragon was doing a fine job leading the Squadron into sheer fear and danger, only to think of something in a split second and get the squad out of the situation. Thats what Fenris liked about Robert. He would do whatever it took, to either win the battle, or get some cheap laughs.

With his meditations done, he equipped himself with his Sith katana, and 1 thermal detonator. He had called the Thermal Detonator "Ole Reliable" since he never really used it, and had always carried it with him to put fear into some thugs or miscreants.

He began to go find a transport that was going to the Vong Base.


07-02-2008 11:22:39

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian System

Sai Keibatsu, having made all of his preparations since the Conclave, left his quarters and started making his way towards the hangar with his adjutant, Captain Orenth, a pace back and to the left.

“Oren, I fully expect that you’ll run a tight ship while I’m away; we dodged a bullet, what with three Masters lurking about, to have the Palace come away unscathed,” he said more to himself than to the DAC clone. Sai took his duties as Prefect serious to the point of obsession, and all of the loading of men and materiel was going off without a hitch. He supposed he had Oren to thank for that, functioning as his eyes, ears and word when he was away on Clan business.

It seemed he was always away on business. Sai had recently taken on an Apprentice, Tekryn Fenkath, a Nautolan, and he had been assisting with his training aboard the Shadow Academy’s ship until recent events called him back to Sepros. Whispers around the Palace halls had attributed Sai’s interactions with the Protector for his new appearance; he had recently taken to wearing his wild mane of hair pulled back, with a single, thick braid flowing over his shoulder, reminiscent of his apprentice’s race’s tendrils. Those in the know, however, knew of a more sinister reason.

In weeks past, Sai had faced the Consul himself in combat, bolstered by the Rite of Exaltation. He wouldn’t speak of what exactly happened in the Combat Center, but the lingering effects of the Rite, and Trevarus’ own machinations, had a profound effect on the Keibatsu. Sai had become more withdrawn, more reclusive, when not attending to Palace affairs, as if privy to some fell secret. In a sense, he was.

Just as the Proconsul, Sai had notions of politics sinking its hooks into his family. The notions were confirmed, after a fashion, by visions he had when meditating. Time and time again, he had been accosted by the slavering visage of Shan Long, the Consul’s alter-ego, ringed in fire, blood, and death.

Even worse, the visions were back lit by the Rampant Dragon, his family sigil, in chains.

He shook off the ominous portents and the feelings they brought him. "Always in motion, the future...", went the saying of a long dead tridactyl Jedi Master. Rounding a corner, he and Oren came upon the hulk of the Nachzerer, his cousin Mononoke’s transport, sputtering as its engines failed to catch for the pre-flight checks.

Smiling, Sai turned to his adjutant and handed him a personal comm device. “My apprentice will no doubt come here looking for me; give him this, and a shuttle, should he require.”

“Aye, Senior,” replied the Captain, ever faithful, never questioning.

“Oren, you’re my rock,” Sai said to the retreating back of his adjutant, who was on his way to continue the smooth running of the Palace.

Turning back to the Nachzerer, he called out, his voice booming, bolstered by the Dark Side as it was.

You have to kick it!

The transport’s ramp obligingly opened as Sai bounded up, his ‘saber hilt bouncing on his hip. He made it to the cockpit, where he gave both Malisane and his cousin a soldier’s clutch. Mononoke stood aside while Sai took his familiar place at the helm. “I think you’re right, cousin,” the alchemist said resignedly.

“Once more, into the breech, my friend?” Malisane asked the Priest, whose hands had meanwhile begun flying over the holointerface controls. The engines caught with no trouble, and Sai cast a sidelong glance at his cousin, who’d thrown up his hands in mock exasperation as the pre-flight checks continued.

“Once, and again, old friend,” Sai grinned.


07-02-2008 13:34:15

Sadow Palace
Sepros, Orian system

Darth Vexatus stood staring out the observatory window of the ancient Temple of Sorrow, since renamed Sadow Palace. The observatory was sparse but for the texts scattered across the floor and the seemingly mindless scribbling on the walls. It now served as Trevarus Caerick’s private quarters, where the Oracle spent his time alone to reflect on the path ahead. The sorcerer entertained his love of excess in his public quarters the floor below; but in the observatory the dark side held sway.

“Our plan nears completion,” said Vexatus. “Soon the Yuuzhan Vong at Telos will be crushed.”

Caerick stood motionless as he gazed in no particular direction. His eyes burned violet as did the open Mark on his forehead. When the sorcerer spoke his words came as if from everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. The time draws near, my apprentice, said the Oracle through the Force. The culmination of the Final Way is at hand.

“You remind me of Tobasa,” mocked the Sith Lord, referring to Caerick’s dead Master.

The sorcerer made no response; his mind was elsewhere, too busy to humour the Falleen’s remark.

I see it in my visions, whispered Caerick’s voice, impossible to ignore as soft as it was to hear. It pulses, calling to me. It longs for release. Through it we shall become a God unto the Force itself.

“All in good time, my Master,” stated Darth Vexatus. “For now we must address the matter at hand.”

The Mark on his forehead closed and Caerick’s eyes returned to normal. “Keibatsu?”

The Falleen nodded.

“His presence was unanticipated but I believe we can use it to our advantage,” said Caerick.

“Go on,” said Vexatus, though he was sure he had already considered himself what his Master was about to suggest. Caerick explained his plan, outlining how he intended to engineer the presence of Sarin’s apprentice to his benefit. Vexatus listened intensely until the sorcerer was finished.

Vexatus considered the plan for several minutes before replying. “It may work.” The Sith Lord turned away from the window to look at his Master directly. “What of Dlarit?”

“I do not believe he will be an issue,” said Caerick. “He is playing a dangerous game trying to hold the Clan together. For now, he will go along with us rather than allow his disciples to be torn in two.”

Vexatus nodded. “Then so be it.”

The two stood in silence as their minds drifted elsewhere. Finally, Caerick spoke, “Are the preparations for the attack complete?”

“All is ready,” said Vexatus. “I finished organising the final fleet movements with Nestor and your deputy before coming here. The rest of the Clan are boarding the Final Way as we speak.”

“Good.” Caerick turned for the doorway to the staircase down. “Then we had best be on our way.”

“Very well.” Vexatus pulled back his sleeve and activated the communicator on his wrist. A miniature image of Aramis Nestor appeared above his hand.

“Commander,” greeted the admiral.

“Admiral,” said Vexatus. “The governor and I are on our way to the hangar now. We shall be boarding the Final Way shortly.”

Nestor nodded. “I shall inform Admiral Simonetti to prepare for your arrival.”

The Falleen nodded. “Please do,” said Vexatus with a feigned smile. “Is the rest of the fleet ready?”

“We are ready to make the jump to lightspeed on the governor’s command, sir.”

Vexatus looked up at his Master. Caerick nodded.

“You have authorisation to begin the mission,” said Vexatus. “May the Force be with you.”

“And you, Commander.”

The holo link closed and the image of Nestor disappeared. Vexatus suppressed a cringe at the mock pleasantries he was forced to utter to the ordinary rank and file. Nestor was not of the Special Operations Division. Despite being the head of the Dlarit Navy, he knew nothing of their true nature.

“The fleet are underway?” asked Caerick.

Vexatus nodded. “The Dlarit Navy and the rest of the Special Operations Division will be heading out as we speak. All that’s left is for us to follow in the Final Way in a few hours time.”

“Excellent,” whispered the sorcerer. “All is proceeding according to plan.”

Macron Sadow

07-02-2008 14:41:47

The Nachzerer
Sepros orbit
Orian System

“Bucket of bolts,” grumbled Macron as he watched the screen readouts. It was embarrassing that the vehicle he had largely designed was not very user-friendly. Ironically, Sai seemed to have the best grasp of the unusual control system.
“Departing Sepros atmosphere,” he canted. “RSD Final Way, arrival in 30 minutes.”

Sai looked quizzically at the tanks behind them in the cargo space. “Watcha got there, Mac? Beer?” All 3 Dark Jedi laughed, remembering the beer cooler that Macron had installed in his old ride. Rough and tough the Silooth had been, but she had a beer cooler. One had to have standards.

“Not exactly,” laughed the madman. “I suppose it’s intoxicating though. Not much, only about 50 gallons of pure Omega strain Violator gas.” The Sith shrugged in his battle armor. “Just a little something Vexatus and I cooked up.”

“Vexatus, huh? Stang,” remarked Sai as his eyes narrowed. “That much? Umm. Is it stable?” He shifted a few inches closer to the screens and away from the tanks. He had seen the effects of the protein based weapon, and had no desire to suffer the same gruesome fate. Sai enjoyed his good looks just the way they were, and not sliding off his skull in a pool of goo.

“Not really but sorta. Well, I mean, yeah for now. Oh… I imagine that doesn’t do much for your confidence, does it?” remarked Macron. “Sorry. It’ll be fine.” Or not, his thoughts rambled. That is, if Lord Vexatus is planning to kill me with it. The helm hid his frown handily.

Malisane nodded. “I am sure it will be.” Her returned his gaze to the view port, watching as the familiar moons of Sepros glided by. “Looks like an especially bad day down there on Gamuslag,” he stated. “Of course, that’s every day in that hell-hole.”

Macron nodded by way of agreement. “Yeah. I hated working down there. I mean, you have a wide variety of solvents available, and plenty of quiet but the place is a bit…”

“Droll? Boring?” added Sai. “Nothing to do down there but work and think. Not that this is always a bad thing, but too much and you get a bit jumpy.” He returned to the holocontrols, waving his hand back and forth as he controlled the engines. “She’s running a bit hot, Mac.”

“I know,” muttered the Warlord. “None of the usual coolant about, had to settle for a lesser grade. The New Republic is gobbling up a lot of resources as they fight the Vong filth. She’ll be fine, just keep an eye on it. If it gets too hot just vent ‘em into space. I have backups.”

“Copy that,” replied Sai. “Say, shall we all work together on this assault? We’d make a fine team, and I do trust all of you.” All three Dark Jedi nodded their assent, with Senth watching impassively. Each of them longed to hurt the Vong, and together they would make a formidable assault team. “Final Way on screen. We’ll dock in 20 minutes,” said the Krath.


07-02-2008 15:37:43

The Nachzerer
Sepros orbit
Orian System

They watched the Final Way moving closer and begin to fill the screen. Sai hit the communicator. "Final Way this is the Nachzerer, requesting docking clearance and final approach instructions."
There was a pause. "Clearance granted Nachzerer," the response came, "proceed to docking bay thirteen."
"Acknowledged," Sai replied as a beam of light emitted from bay thirteen, and he turned the craft towards it.
"Bay thirteen," Malisane said quietly. He'd spend a few weeks on the Republic Class during its shakedown and knew it well, "quarentine."
"Guess they aren't taking chances." Macron replied.
"Taking her in," Sai said as they approached the bay.

The deck was quiet. Sai powered down the engines as he landed the ship lightly on the hard metal surface, as the atmospheric shielding flicked back on. Malisane turned and left the cockpit, Senth falling in behind him. He hit the button on the bulkhead and waited while the ramp descended. He walked down it and looked around. This was a smaller bay, with a few rooms at the end and a large pair of thick metal doors at the other. As expected no-one was to be seen.

"Welcome aboard De Ath." Malisane turned to see a large viewscreen come to life and he frowned. On the screen was a cold scarred face with an eyepatch. Senior Commander Agrist, formerly a Sith military leader in the True Brotherhood, now the commisaar aboard D:SOGs flagship who many of the crew feared.
Malisane looked at the display cooly. In truth the two got on well enough even if they weren't friends, mainly because both were above posturing or bragging and also they both recognised the other as in the game for profit than any dreams about the mysterious ideals this ship had taken its name from. "You're our welcome party?"
"The only one you get De Ath," Agrist replied, "you know the rules you are quarentined. You've got bunks, freshers and food dispensors. Just don't try and leave."
"Cosy," Malisane replied privately thinking the precautions were overdone, "whats happening?"
"The rest of our guests are on approach now, should be docking within ten minutes. Simonetti has given orders for us to depart as soon as they're aboard."
Malisane nodded. "Very well."
Agrist nodded and his image disappeared.
Malisane walked back up the ramp. "Well we're here for the duration guys, we should be underway in about ten to firfteen."
"Good," Sai replied, "I don't like waiting."

Kah Manet

07-02-2008 15:46:22

The Final Way

Fenris was on a ship that was as alien as the Vong. He had never been on an RSD, and felt strange being on one. He went into the Crew Quarters and sat. He sat on the durasteel flooring, and closed his eyes. The engines humming, people talking, hearts beating, Fenris looked through the ship, making sure nothing was out of place.

He felt afraid. Not of death, not of the Vong, but that some people may never leave the World Ship. Fenris shivered at the thought of being stuck on a place where all they do to you is torture you. It was heaven for the Dark Side, but at the same time, it pains the Dark Side. All that pain, and no Force-Sensitive beings for it go to.

He looked within himself. He wasn't sure how the assault would go. His visions said it'd be difficult for an assault team to get very far. But it wasn't just one assault team. It was an entire Clan attacking. They should at least be able to disable the Ship. They also had the Violator Gas. Fenris heard watching the Violator Gas in action was like watching Robert Daragon defile himself at a Clan Naga Sadow get together, scary stuff.

Only time would be able to tell the outcome of the Battle that was about to ensue.

Ylith Pandemonium

07-02-2008 16:37:14

The Valheru sat on a chair in his chamber, he chose himself to retreat. before
his shuttle towards the Final Way would leave.

He sharpened his Silver Sword and looked at it, moving it through the air
to check it's balance and weight. While he was working on optimizing
his weapon his mind drifted off, thinking about what powers had amassed
within these halls and what more would be unleashed when they were
within the Vong Worldship. It made him feel uneasy, knowing that among
those powers his were useless.

Suddenly the pupils of his serpent eyes formed to thin slits as a screen in front
of him flicked on, bright light filling the room.

"Sir Atema, your shuttle is ready." An Ensign said hastly.

"Sapphire Squadron?"

"They will be escorting your shuttle Quaestor, the Jade Serpents left only
a moment ago to go ahead."

Ylith nodded.
"And the Night Hawks?" He said and the Ensign took a moment to ask and
then returned.

"They left a few minutes ago, Tyren Atema joined them."

The Quaestor said and flicked off the screen, closing his eyes and taking
a moment to take a deep breath, trying to bend the force towards him but
failed. After his last encounter with the Vong his touch with the force was
never fully the same, and he focussed more on physical strength ever
since, hoping it would make him usefull even without the Force.

He rose and strapped his Lightwave Shield onto his lower left arm, clipped
his lightsaber onto his belt and strapped his Duath Sheran Elan, his Silver
Sword, onto his back. Then he moved through the halls to the hangar area
where his shuttle waited, and Robert Daragon was standing in front of the
Shuttle ramp.

"Evening Quaestor." the Commander said and Ylith nodded.
"Have no fear, we'll escort you." He said with a grin and the Valheru bowed
"Thank you."

With that, Ylith moved into the shuttle and took a seat at the back, hidden
in the shadow. He moved his thoughts as the shuttle made way through the
blackness of space, stars poking through it like pinholes through a curtain.

Doubt reached his gut, he was a Battlemaster but as the greater members
of Clan Naga Sadow joined and bound together, he found himself lost
among legends and great powers. However, there was also the thought that
told him this would be the best oppertunity to prove his worth to the Clan
and his House, and he nodded to himself determined.

The Shuttle landed with a thud and the Valheru moved from the ramp into
the hangar bay of the Final Way and moved to the command deck
to join the rest of the Inner Order.


07-02-2008 17:00:25

Sepros orbit
Orain system

Commander Daragon watched as numerous shuttles and ships docked with the Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way. Most of the ships the Sith did not recognize, while others he knew too well. The Assault Team had nearly all arrived and the time was getting closer and closer for departure.

“Sapphire One, do you copy?” came a voice over the Commander’s comlink bringing him out of his thoughts.

“This is Sapphire One, Go ahead,” Daragon replied.

“Time to come aboard Bob,” answered a familiar voice.

“Roger that. Sapphire squadron, report to hangar 13,” Bob ordered.

The fighters of Sapphire one by one docked with the mighty Star Destroyer Final Way for their one way trip to hell.


07-02-2008 17:17:22

Hangar Bay 01
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship
Orian system

A platoon of troopers stood at attention as Trevarus Caerick descended the boarding ramp of his private shuttle into the comparatively small hangar reserved for the ship’s captain and visiting dignitaries.

The sorcerer had donned his formal dark navy uniform, his golden rank bar shining under the hangar spotlights. The black cloak he had fastened to the collar swirled behind him where his apprentice followed in his wake, the Falleen clad head to toe in black, his hood pulled high to cover his disfigured features.

“Welcome aboard,” greeted Araic Simonetti, captain of the Final Way. There was a touch of nervousness in the admiral’s voice. He remembered all too well the horrors Caerick and his apprentice had inflicted on his crew during the Battle of Antei, even if they had later saved many lives during the Invasion of Orian.

Caerick smiled. “Admiral.”

Beside Simonetti stood a heavily built man who wore an eye patch over one eye. “Governor.”

The sorcerer nodded. “Commissar.”

Darth Vexatus hovered behind as the others exchanged greetings. The Falleen may have once entertained idle conversation but he had left that part of him behind long ago. He sneered when the admiral looked over at him. The Falleen smirked as Simonetti quickly returned his attention to his Master. His was a face the admiral would never easily forget. Unlike his Master, Vexatus had no interest in manipulating Simonetti into believing he meant no harm. The Falleen was quite content to be feared.

“Xanos, would you assist with the commissar with preparing the violator gas bomb for deployment?” said the sorcerer. Vexatus was forced to suppress a grimace every time his Master spoke that name. Caerick was the only one he allowed to get away with it.

Darth Vexatus gave the admiral one last glance, delighting himself at the shiver he sensed going through Simonetti before following Agrist into the waiting turbolift.

Quarantine Bay 03
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

Macron Goura, Sai Keibatsu and Malisane de Ath were sitting by the ramp leading up into the Nachzerer when the turbolift opened and Commissar Agrist and Darth Vexatus stepped through. Agrist had strapped a gas mask over his mouth. Vexatus appeared untroubled by the presence of so much nerve agent only a few meters away.

“Gentlemen,” said Agrist, the old pirate making the word sound more an insult than a formal greeting.

Darth Vexatus waived any greeting. “As I’m sure you all realise the Nachzerer had to be quarantined because of the danger it represents to the rest of the ship.”

“Are we departing soon?” asked Malisane.

“Any moment,” replied Agrist. “Araic’s taking the governor up to the bridge now.”

Vexatus cut the discussion short. “You will recall the deployment requires us to land an evac shuttle in addition to the infiltration team.” He paused, watching as the three men seemed to instantly grasp what he was about to say. “To save moving the violator gas more than necessary, we have decided the Nachzerer will be that ship.”

“We’re riding the bomb down?” said Macron dubiously.

“Would you rather someone else does it?”

Macron scowled. “No,” Macron said firmly. “It’s my ship, I’ll take her.” Despite his words, Macron’s voice was a little hesitant. His doubts regarding the Sith Lord’s intentions for him rising to the surface.

The ship shook as they all felt the telltale vibrations as the Final Way made the jump into hyperspace. They were underway. If they made good time, hopefully they could be at Telos within six hours. The Dlarit Navy would hopefully have drawn most of the worldship’s escort off by then.

“I thought we were packaging a shuttle up inside a landing barge?” asked Sai.

Agrist smirked. “We are.”

The three looked understandably confused.

The commissar withdrew a datapad from inside his pocket and tapped the keypad. A few moments later a door at the far side of the quarantine bay opened and a team of technicians marched out, all wearing full body bio-hazard suits. They really were taking no chances with the violator gas. At the same time, what should have normally been starfighter racks lowered from the ceiling holding what looked to be several large sheets of durasteel, each looking to be several dozen meters across.

“What’s going on?” asked Macron.

“We’re wrapping your ship up in a box,” explained Agrist. “Would you like us to add a bow with a big ribbon?” he added, his voice laced with sarcasm.

“Okay, this just went from silly to insane,” Malisane said. “Are you trying to get us killed?”

“Would you rather fly that hunk of junk down through a gauntlet of plasma cannons?” retorted Agrist in his gruff voice. “Think about it. This way you’re protected. Just pretend you’re riding a giant brick.”

“More like a giant coffin...“ muttered Macron under his breath.

“Do we have any choice in this?“ asked Sai.

“The techs should have the barge ready by the time we reach Telos,” said Vexatus, ignoring the objections. “If anything goes wrong, this way the violator gas won’t be released while the rest of us are walking around on the surface.”

Without saying a further word, Vexatus spun on his heel and headed off back to the turbolift.

Macron waited until the doors closed. “He is trying to kill us.”

OOC: Just in case its easily missed in the middle, the Final Way is now underway, so assume everyone has now boarded and that we're on our way in hyperspace.


07-02-2008 17:27:22

Quarantine Bay 03
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

Tramping up the ramp, Sai snorted a laugh as he admonished his cousin. “Of course they’re trying to kill us; you’re the one with the ‘sight’, you should’ve seen this coming,” the Priest said, referring to Mononoke’s recently acquired Mark of the Wanderer.

“Yeah, but, I never thought it’d be so...blatant,” Macron spat the final word out, as if giving voice to the disgust he’d allowed to build over the past eighteen months.

“Well, the key word here is ‘trying’; I say if it comes to that, we make them earn it,” Sai said without any trace of irony as he sat back at the Nachzerer’s controls, keying in the dimensions of the durasteel plates to compensate for the added mass.

Malisane peered over Sai’s shoulder as his fingers danced through the holointerface. “Careful, Priest,” he said conspiratorially. “What you say rings of treason.”

Mononoke had since joined the pair and tittered his response. “No, my cousin’s right. And don’t worry, de Ath; the internal recording devices haven’t been activated...yet.” The trio laughed long and loud at that, all the while continuing preparations for launch.

Still, the alchemist let a seed germinate in the recesses of his fractured mind, formulating a way to make his, and his comrades, deaths well earned, indeed.


07-02-2008 18:19:41

Quarantine Bay 03
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

Malisane held the hilt of the white saber in both hands, pausing and studying his opponent carefully. Suddenly he moved at once, lunging and swinging the blade and it was parried instantly. He raised it up for a block then slashed again, towards the lower body where again it was met. He snarled and attacked again, using his strength and weight to push his opponent back hacking again trying to find a gap.

Macron backed off, holding his twin sabers high and low guarding his body as they deflected the blows, studying the Battlelord's aggressive style. As Malisane paused Macron feinted with the right saber, then thrust driving the left towards the other Sith's chest. Malisane stepped back bringing the white blade up in a block then down quickly as the second saber came in for a low strike and the two blades crackled together.

Sai watched as the two Sith circled each other, Malisane's aggressive style and speed matched by Macrons relaxed movements. His eyes moved for a second and noticed that a couple of the technitions had paused to watch.
"Hey are you two on a coffee break get moving!" he barked and they quickly returned to welding the durasteel.
Sai looked back to the fight. Malisane was on the offensive again, his blade slashing high and then low as he tried to wear down his opponent, but Macron calmly deflected them and drove in counters that tested the Battlelord's defences. Malisane paused each time to push the blades away and resumed his attack.

A box of hydro spanners suddenly detached itself from the ground and went spinning towards the Battlelord who stepped aside and sliced it out of the air in a shower of sparks, before leaping back and blocking the saber thrust from the Warlord. The prefect laughed and lunged at the alchemist who stepped back and parried expertly.

Finally they stopped, and exchanged a comical bow. "I could use some food," Malisane said, "this is hungry work. Senth see what the dispensor has to offer." The DAC nodded and walked off.
"Could use a drink as well," Macron said with a grin.
"I'll dig out the ewok liquor always keep a spare bottle in my baggage." He turned and headed for the ship, then hearing a hiss he suddenly spun and blocked, igniting his own blade as one of the alchmist's scythed towards his back. "Nice try."
"Thank you," Macron said with a grin then stepped back deactivating the blade and sliding it into his belt, "get the liquor."

Kah Manet

07-02-2008 18:41:59

The Final Way

Fenris decided to practice his movements with Martial Arts and Swordplay. He had gotten a drone to practice with. It buzzed and hissed as it circled Fenris, looking for a weak spot to exploit. Shooting one laser, Fenris blocked with his sword. The drone repeated its process, buzzing and whirling all around the Dark Jedi. Shooting multiple lasers, Fenris began to block them. He whipped his sword around and smacked the drone with the blunt side of his blade, making it hiss off course, only to have it correct itself.

He felt out with the force, allowing it to surround him, and become one with him. He heard the inner workings of the droid, buzzing and ticking. He heard the initial igniting of the blaster bolt that would be launched at him. Time began to slow down, and the blaster bolt was barely moving towards him. He lowered his sword, and put out his palm. He began concentrating, trying to create a field of energy around his hand so it could absorb the energy of the blaster bolt. Time began to return to normal, and the blaster shot began rocketing itself towards Fenris. Not losing concentration, Fenris completely stopped the blaster bolt, and absorbed the energy.

The Drone hissed again, spiraling above Fenris, then lowering itself to his waist. Launching two more blaster shots at him, Fenris grabbed his sword and blocked one shot, then dissipated the other.

The Vong's projectiles wouldn't work as effectively now that Fenris had mastered the absorption of energy.

Nero Pennant

07-02-2008 19:51:20

RSD Final Way
Hangar Bay

The craft containing the Night Hawks dropped to the durasteel floor of the hangar bay with a soft thud. The pneumatic locking system unlocked with a long hiss as the cargo door opened and the Battle Team strolled out carrying their gear.

"Night Hawks, listen up!" Called their leader, Jade Imperial, "We're to remain on station until we get the go ahead. We got a long journey before the action starts so relax a bit." She paused for a second, scanning the faces of her group, "But don't get too comfortable. Remember that you don't get another chance when you're out there. This is the Vong we're talking about. Dismissed." She finished her speech and turned on her heel, striding confidently towards the door.

Nero grimaced; she didn't need to mention their enemy. He was sure that their image was well planted in everyone's mind, especially those who had fought them the first time. The sinking feeling in his stomach increased, and while he was sure his Tetrarch meant well, she had not helped it any by mentioning the root of his fear. He was also convinced that Jade didn't particularly care if he decided to show his weakness to her. He doubted anyone would care.

Taking his weapons and effects with him, he walked deeper into the structure to find his bunk for the journey to their destination, hopefully to surprise their quarry. Finding his bunk was easy enough. He set his things down and stripped off his armor, finding the form-fitting stormtrooper-style armor to be constrictive, no thanks to his ever-present fear.

Striding out into the hall wearing his regular clothes, he felt more comfortable. The loose robes hid his hands and most of his face if he kept his head down, and was less heavy than the armor to boot. Nero strode through the massive ship, wondering how to occupy his time when he heard the sounds of battle coming from the next room.

Looking through the porthole into the room, he saw it was a practice room; wide open, no furniture save for a control panel to call droids up with. A lone figure wielding a sword was practicing against a lone droid. Amused, Nero opened the door and walked inside.

A low level shield separated him from the other Jedi, it was there to protect against deflected bolts whenever someone was watching from the other side of the shield. Nero stood quietly by the door, looking intently to see if the other had noticed. He was about the same height as Nero but broad shouldered. His toned muscles bulged and deflated with every strike at the droid. His face had markings Nero didn't recognize; Nero made a mental note to correct this the next time he had a chance.

Nero watched for another couple of minutes, drinking in the details of the other in the room; he was a skilled warrior. But his technique with the sword was either something he hadn't studied, or he was out of practice. Either way, Nero knew what to do to alleviate his boredom and dread.

"You know," Nero said, his tone of voice even, but loud enough to be heard, "The Vong won't attack with droids. They certainly won't attack you one at a time." He paused for a minute to give the man a chance to cancel the training program.

"I've read the battle reports," The other replied curtly, walking over and flipping a switch on the control panel; the droid went silent, hovering where it was. "You are?"

"I am Nero Pennant, House Marka Ragnos, Obelisk Order." Nero cocked his head to the side, "And you?"

"Fenris, House Ludo Kressh, Order of the Krath," Fenris replied, "If you have experience fighting the Vong, perhaps you would care to enlighten me?"

Nero smiled devilishly. "Lower the shield and I'll give you some real practice." To accentuate the point, Nero withdrew a dagger from a sheath in his cloak. Fenris' smile grew a little wider as he lowered the shield to let his opponent walk through.

Nero walked to the other side of the room, standing square across from the larger Fenris and waiting for the shield to be raised again.

Fenris stood, holding his sword in the ready position, pointed towards the Miraluka. "Let's see what you got."

Nero charged towards Fenris, dagger held outstretched towards him. When Nero reached the tip of the sword he ducked underneath the sword, his outstretched arm holding the blade and pressing it straight for Fenris' chest. Fenris, knowing he couldn't block with the sword, reached out with a gauntlet and grabbed Nero's arm by the wrist and twisted, bringing the knife away from himself and pulling Nero closer to himself in one move.

Raising his knee, Fenris stretched out his leg to deliver a powerful kick to Nero's gut, sending the Obelisk flying several feet away. Once again, Fenris assumed the ready position and waited for his opponent to get up.

"For a Krath, you have one mule of a kick." Nero groaned as he gathered himself as quickly as he could. Stoically fighting past the pain, he charged again. This time Fenris counter-charged, his sword in a wide arc, level with Nero's head. Oddly, Nero made no move to dodge, his eyes rolled in the back of his head for a moment before the sword stopped dead in it's tracks.

Surprised, Fenris withdrew, realizing what had been done and cursing himself for it. Clan Naga Sadow had the unique ability to use advanced forms of telekinesis; Nero had simply created a wall which intercepted the blow. But that knowledge would do him no good now, as Nero was upon him. Two quick slashes across the chest, followed by the burning sensation of pain the followed, and Fenris knew that this round belonged to Nero. He would do better next round.

Nero back away from his opponent quickly, still wincing slightly from the pain of Fenris' kick, but ready for the next round. This time Nero would see what his opponent would do, instead of rushing headlong into battle...


07-02-2008 20:52:27

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Somewhere in hyperspace

No one really noticed the Krath Acolyte board the Star Destroyer. In fact no one really noticed the man known as Tritherus at all, and that's how he liked it. He found a secluded area of the ship and began to meditate. A recent recruit of Clan Naga Sadow, he never told the Summit where he came from. He stated only that he was a student of the Dark Side and had much to learn, yet also much to offer the Clan. They figured him an oddity (like most Dark Jedi), and assigned him to the Ravana Squadron.

Tritherus never heard of the Yuuzhan Vong before he left his home planet. From what he's learned since coming to the Brotherhood is that they are a bloodthirsty species from beyond the galaxy, and are strangely cut off completely from the Force. He didn't attend the War Council, but got the basic idea of what was going on from the conversations of others. He knew something was important when he sensed three of the strongest presences he's ever encountered.

Tritherus got the details of the plan from the Commander of his squadron, Alexander Anderson.

"So we're going to drop right in the belly of the beast?" the Krath asked.
"So to speak yes, but it is a little complica-"
"I'm in," Tritherus interjected.
"Just like that?" his Commander asked, but Tritherus was already walking away.

The Acolyte never encountered the Vong, but he was eager to. They sounded like a real enemy to test the skills he's learned against. While meditating Tritherus carressed the hilt of his katana. He was an unknown now, but not for long.

Kah Manet

07-02-2008 21:26:17

Fenris readied himself again. Putting a defensive barrier of Telekinetic Power around himself, he slowly creeped near Nero. He threw his sword to the side, realizing that a sword couldn't exactly do much against a dagger, his gauntlets would do fine.

Fenris circled Nero, looking an opening. He found one, it was small, and could be blocked quite easily, but it was all he had. Fenris did an uppercut from behind landing right on Nero's tricep, toppling all of the weight from one side to the other. Another movement went by, and Fenris's foot crashed into Nero's side, it was a glancing blow, but still should've hurt.

Nero got up. Glaring at Fenris, Nero was looking for a weakness. He found one, and tried to exploit it. Not being able to get to close because of the barrier Fenris had thrown up around himself, Nero was stopped in his tracks. Fenris grabbed Nero's arm, and smiled. Nero quickly thrust his dagger into the muscle of Fenris's bicep.

Fenris screamed in pain. He purpose became clear to him. He realized that reading and not practicing what he read was foolish. This Obelisk has probably never read a day in it's life, and yet it just tore through Fenris's arm. Practice is what is needed.

Fenris grabbed Nero's arm, which was trying to dislodge the dagger, and twisted it quickly. The round was over, and Fenris seemed more hurt then Nero. There was no clear victor really. Fenris had lost the use of his arm temporarily, and Nero just stopped attacking once Fenris did.


07-02-2008 22:56:35

RSD Final Way
Deck 17, Training Facilities

Raistlin dodged under the blades of the combat droid while deftly leaping backward as two more closed in on him. With a blade incredibly similar to his saber, both in terms of feel, and balance, he struck back, inflicting damage on the two droids before deftly leaping to avoid a wild attack from the third. While the combat droids had been programmed with a high level of random attack patterns, and the weapons they wielded were razor sharp, The Exarch knew in the back of his mind that they posed little threat. Even with improved servomotors and upgraded components, they still simply couldn't compare to the raw speed that Raist manifested.

With a flourish Raistlin jumped up, balancing on the shoulders of the two humanoid droids, the third came in to slice at him and he backflipped at precisely the right moment, and the third droid tore through one of the arms of the other, sending it clattering to the floor with a flurry of sparks. Raist immeditately took the offensive, hitting the wounded droid with a series of attacks, while avoiding the other two. Within a few moments, he dropped the one, and then he knew that victory was his.

As the two closed in on him, Raist felt his back hit the wall as he parried the flurry of blades that came his way. He turned, and two-stepped up the wall before flipping off and succumbing to gravity. Though he could have stayed suspended for a longer duration, he was trying not to rely on the Force, especially for lesser battles in which all that was required was his natural combat prowess. He twisted midair and slammed his blade through the throat of the left droid, sending him clattering lifelessly to the floor.

Raistlin managed a smile, and he was totally in his element. Therefore the voice beyond him startled him greatly.

"You're still rusty.... I remember not so long ago you could have handled five easy." The voice said, chuckling. Raist recognized it instantly and he had to twist his body awkwardly to avoid losing a limb to the combat droid.

"Halt!" Raist said, and the bot immediately shut down.

"Bob you old bastard.... it's been too long." Raist turned to face the white-armored man, who was smoking a particularly pungent cigar that Raist could smell as the two embraced warmly. "How long has it been?" Raist asked.

"Far too long old friend. Seeing as how I ruined your practice, care to join me in the cantina?" Raist paused, and surveyed the situation. He was sure it'd be some time before the RSD reached its destination, and once it did, he would be thrown immediately into the fray. Though he had yet to meet the D-SOG soldiers he would be working with, he had to trust in their abilities. As for his own... he could feel no rust, and he was as ready as he could be. A quick trip to the onboard armory where most of his arsenal was stored was all it would take.

"Sure Bob, but why wait until we reach the cantina?" Raist said, smirking. Withdrawing his Bottle of Sadow, from a clasp on his belt, the man offered it to his longtime friend. As he took a sip and the two began to walk, a smile crossed his face.

"At least you still remember what I like to drink. Don't worry I haven't forgotten yours either, though you're gonna have to wait to get it. Hopefully this contraption has a decent cantina." Bob paused before adding. "That's the one thing about the old House, we may not have had Star Destroyers, but at least we had quality booze." The two laughed and Raist quickly interjected "I'm sure it has good liquor, if not i'll have to have a long talking-to with our new Consul."

The two men then proceeded to the cantina, to catch up and get relatively drunk. That was the only way to attend a meeting, after all.


08-02-2008 05:23:24

RSD Final Way

Tyren walked the halls of of the gargantuan Star destroyer. He left the Night hawks in their bunks, every single one readying for what is to come. He searched for his brother, Ylith. They needed to talk before the battle.

He opened the comlink to a deck officer.
"This is Tyren Atema."
"Yes sir! What do you need?"
"Ylith Atema's location."
"Please wait a moment." he said formally "Deck 7, officers quarters, sir."
"Thank you!"


RSD Final Way
Deck 7, Officers quarters

The light flashed on Yliths desk indicating a visitor.
"Enter!" he said in a harsh voice. As the door opened the Priest, in full battle gear, walked in.
"Tyren?! What do you want?"
"I came to wish you luck before we depart. It might be the last time we see each other."
"I thought you didn't care, brother." Ylith responded with poison in his voice.
Tyren sighed. "You don't understand me, brother. I live for my family and Clan." he turned to leave.
Ylith watched his brother at the door. "Tyren!" he said as the Krath tuned. Ylith threw a device at him. Tyren grabbed it, it was a bracelet. "Put it on!" so he did. The bracelet extended a small metallic rod on each of his fingers.
"Whats this?"
"A new version of my lightwave shield. Activate it and hit the ground with your hand, it will extend a shield 10 feet in every direction, shielding you and any of your allies in the near vicinity."
"Oh!" Tyren said, surprised.
Ylith walked to his brother and extended his hand.
"Live free..."
Tyren grabbed his hand into and iron grip.
"Die well, my brother!"
Both men smiled as the Krath walked out, walking back to the Night Hawks bunks.


08-02-2008 06:10:58

RSD Final Way

Malisane was sat idly swigging the ewok liquor, and watching the technitions welding the plates around the Nachezerer. "Don't forget to leave us a way in." he called over.
The supervisor scowled, then turned politely. "We won't put the final one on until you are inside sir."
"Good just checking." the Sith called back. In truth they looked like they knew what they were doing, but he was bored. They'd been trapped up in this hangar for what seemed like days now, and though he could hear Sai and Macron dueling on the other side there wasn't much else to do. He glanced at the mute figure of Senth, now in his armour, stood in the corner. Did the DAC have any concept of boredom? Probably not.

He turned suddenly as the doors slid open a crack, and a figure in close fitting black armour squeezed through, before they closed again.
Malisane raised an eyebrow as Agrist strode forward.
"About time someone came the accomodation here is appalling, this is the last Dlarit cruise I book." Malisane said in mock seriousness.
"Cute, De Ath," the commisaar said giving the other Sith a withering look.
"So if you aren't the rep what you doing down here?"
"We're approaching Telos," Agrist replied, "thought we'd better get strapped in."
"We?" Malisane asked.
"Managed to persuade the bossman I'd be more use with you. To be honest sick of being cooped up on this ship watching Simonetti and his boys. Need some action."
"Fair enough," Malisane said, "we're short of room in the cockpit but we can squeeze you in between the gas cannisters just try not to breathe in."
Agrist laughed, "Made more than a few combat drops in my time, I'll find somewhere comfy on that crate."
"Very well then," Malisane said. He threw the bottle he was carrying to the former mercenary.
Agrist sniffed it, "You drinking the violator gas?"
"Ewok liquor, its got quite a kick to it."
Agrist grinned and took a long swig.

Ylith Pandemonium

08-02-2008 08:57:09

As Ylith watched his brother move out of the room he turned back inwards, deep within
thoughts and took a deep breath, savoring the scent of artificial air and polished metal.
He opened his eyes to look out of the window, watching as the ship flew through hyperspace
towards what could be his doom, the doom of his house and the loss of the Clan itself.

Suddenly the door whizzed open again and when he turned around he saw Jade walking
towards him, wearing the female version of the Night Hawk armor.

"Playing the lonely warrior again?" She said with a tease and he couldn't help but to grin.
"You should seek to bond with your men, they need a leader, not lone warrior." She said as she
placed her hand on his shoulder. "Or are you getting rusty?"

The Battlemaster glanced at his left arm, making a fist and releasing it. "I haven't been the
same ever since that day...My mind is doubtfull, my power waning, what chance will a Sith
like me have when my connection to the Force is damaged like this? A crippled version
of the proud Dark Jedi I once was."

"So you're just giving up? You've never been like this before."

"I've never been in the presence of two Darths before. Their power radiates from them like
looking at the sun itself, what chance will I have against that kind of power?" Ylith said and
he took a deep breath, his serpent eyes looking at the bluish tunnel they seemed
to roam in.

"You're a Dark Jedi, a Valheru and my husband, you have stood against these Vong and lived
to tell the tale. Hate them, take revenge for yourself...for me.." She said, her voice darkening
at her final words and Ylith frowned and nodded."

"Good, I will be with the Night Hawks, Tyren will be joining me. - She grinned - Don't worry, I'll
protect him." She walked off and left Ylith grinning at her remark and when she moved out he
moved to the side of his office, opening a display case and holding the hilt and broken blade
of his Valheru Sword of Darkness.

"A broken legacy." He said softly and he caressed the broken blade with his fingertips.

He placed the broken blade back in the case and closed it.

"No more will I hide in the shadow, no matter in whose presence I am, they will not deny me."

Then moved out of his office through the halls, to be wherehe was needed.


08-02-2008 09:39:56

Jade stood outside of Yilths door for a moment, wondering if the Dark Jedi would become a liability in the fight or not. shakign her head she walked away, it was time to find those Night Hawks and impress upon them the important of being a part of the clan, the house, and their Battle Team.

Suddenly a noise caughter her attention and she saw Yilth leave his quarters. She watched him for a bit, judging by his walk that he was not as broken as when she had seen him. She would have to talk to Tyren about his brother...mayb he coudl....knock some sense into him. Jade smiled, and continued along her journey finally find the Night Hawks gathe together. She was a little suprised, after all they had seemed to be hiding from her, advoiding her for the purposes of not going into battle.

She nodded to each one of them." I expect great things and nothing else! you are to defend the honour of the your team, house and clan!*looking aroudn she sad* Now suit up and practice with each other...I will return to see your progress. *Jade went off to find Tyren.

Macron Sadow

08-02-2008 11:24:40

RSD Final Way

Macron panted, his helm off and face exposed to the air. Sweat dripped from his brow as he faced Sai. “Not long now, brother. Perhaps we had best conserve our energies until it’s time to kill more filthy greyskins.” The practice sessions had been long and hard. All the Dark Jedi across the entire ship knew what they were about to face, and wanted to be sharp for the conflict.

Sai nodded in agreement, shutting down his crimson blade as Macron did the same with his twin sabers. “Good call, and a good sparring session.” The Krath sniffed audibly. “Dren, what’s that horrid smell?” he asked with a sour look. “You wash today?”

Macron looked puzzled, sniffing at himself with a frown. “But my armor has compensators… oh you mean the Ewok liquor,” he chuckled. “Sounds like Malisane is having drink. And with someone…” The Sith scowled. “Let’s have a look.” Both men kept their unlit sabers in hand as they strolled around the now-boxy looking ship. The busy technicians ignored them, intent on completing their crucial work on schedule.

Agrist was making a face as he passed the flask back to Malisane. “Gods be damned,” he coughed. “If you want to kill some Vong, just send them that bilgewater.”

Malisane laughed as he took a swig. “It’s an acquired taste,” he responded as he wiped his lips. “Good to wet your whistle before the fun begins.”

Macron smiled. “Gentlemen,” he canted. “Agrist. Nice to see you here. And will you be accompanying us on this drop?” he asked. His yellow eyes roved over the Commisar, noting his battle dress and rucksack on the floor.

“I will, Marshall Commander,” replied Agrist crisply. He was a born and bred mercenary of the highest caliber, and took no offense at Mononoke’s obvious distrust. Old habits die hard, just like old soldiers.

“No need to be so formal here. Just call me Mac, Macron, or madman,” replied the Warlord. “I bet you’re itching for a fight after being on this ship for over a year and a half. No need to beat around the bush. I’ll be direct. Can we trust you?”

Agrist’s eyes darted to the twin sabers clutched in the Sith’s grip, noting that Sai stood right beside him with his own saber in hand. Although they were not lit, the meaning was clear. Malisane was on good terms with Agrist, and Macron had appointed him as the Commisar aboard this ship while he was still Consul. However, old prejudices are hard to put aside.

Agrist turned, his eyes catching Macron’s directly. “I am and you can. I have dispensation from the Consul himself to join you. No hard feelings- I just want to fight again, kill some Vong, and feel alive. And not fight against you.”

Macron clipped his sabers to his belt as Sai nodded. The Krath stroked his chin thoughtfully. “We are brothers in arms, that is true. The same battle and fate await us all on that worldship,” stated the Priest thoughtfully. “Best we get inside the ship before they forget and seal the damn thing up.”


08-02-2008 11:29:43

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Harbinger
Dlarit Navy Flagship

Admiral Aramis Nestor stared out the forward viewport as the Harbinger reverted to realspace. In the distance was the mottled green surface of Telos. Before the planet hung the vast form of the Yuuzhan Vong worldship. With the sun behind them even from this distance it was possible to make out the weapon protrusions along the surface, hundreds of cannons lining the small moon sized discs spiral arms.

The admiral looked as the protrusions immediately began to break off, drawing before the worldship like a swarm of hoverflies. Not weapon protrusions. Coralskippers. Mere seconds had passed and already the Yammosk, the biological war coordinator of the Yuuzhan Vong must have detected their approach. The coralskippers were drawing into a protective screen, positioning themselves between the worldship and the approaching Dlarit starfleet.

“Look at the size of that thing,” whispered Vice Admiral Larin Gendash, standing beside Nestor.

Nestor held his gaze, catching sight in his peripheral vision as a swarm of their own starfighters, most of them HLAF-500s, began to position themselves around the fleet. The Harbinger spearheaded the formation, the two Victory-class Star Destroyers flanking it on either side, themselves flanked by the pair of Vindicator-class heavy cruisers. The entire fleet was screened by their four Marauder-class corvettes which were now manoeuvring into forward position to screen the command ships from the approaching swarm of enemy ships. The Special Operation Division's interdictor hung back at the rear of the fleet.

Nestor nodded at the chief communications officer and spoke after the telltale click of an audio channel opening, “Men and women of the Dlarit Navy. Eighteen months ago many of us watched as the Yuuzhan Vong devoured our ships at the Battle of Antei. Many of our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters died that day. I say no more. Today we avenge our comrades. Today we take back what was ours.”

“Through us a team of Special Operations Commanders will be inserted onto the alien worldship itself. Our work today will allow us to strike back at the enemy. This is not Antei. This time we are not the ones being taken by surprise. I do not wish to see good men and women lay down their lives today needlessly. This attack is a diversion. If retreat is necessary, retreat we shall. Our job is to allow the Special Ops team to insert safely. I want to see no heroics.”

Nestor allowed his words to sink in before finishing. “I have faith in you all. We will see this conflict through. We will prevail against the aliens. May the Force be with us.”

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship
Somewhere in hyperspace

Ashia Keibatsu strolled through the main hangar, her heels clicking behind her as she issued orders to the various teams. Technicians scurried about making final pre flight checks on the drop pods. Members of the Clan were beginning to make their way back from their quarters and whatever last minute preparations or rituals they went through before a battle.

The drop pods were either personal deployment pods or small deployment boats able to carry at most three or four men. They were essentially reinforced escape pods designed to throw troops through a maw of anti-air fire straight to the surface. The speed of entry came at a price as unlike a troop shuttle the drop pods were a one way trip. Even if they weren’t damaged on landing, they only had enough fuel for one use.

A few members of the Clan were already being strapped into their pods by the technicians. It was a tight fit, like being strapped into a coffin. Most ordinary soldiers had to practice for weeks before even thinking of attempting a live fire deployment in one. Even the most battle hardened veterans sometimes lost their nerve confined to total darkness.

Sapphire Squadron had won the toss up with Ravana Squadron over who would escort the drop pods in. In truth, there was little they could do; it was more to distract the Yuuzhan Vong batteries by presenting a more threatening target. Ravana was going to drop in with the rest while Sapphire had the privilege of taking down a squad of the Final Way’s top of the line XJ3 class X-wings.

“Any idea how long we’ve got to wait?” called Robert Daragon to one of the technicians currently fuelling his X-wing.

“The admiral says we’ll be at Telos within the hour,” said the crewman.

Bob grumbled something about more waiting as he strapped on his flight helmet.

Kah Manet

08-02-2008 14:34:39

Fenris walked towards the Hangar where his battle team was getting ready. "Going to join us Fenris?" asked Robert.

"I'm Krath, I have no place in space...which is why I am here. Do I have your permission to help the assault on the World Ship?" asked Fenris

Bob grumbled a little bit, but agreed with him. Fenris smiled, he wasn't a bad pilot, but wasn't the best, thus putting the entire battle team in danger. Fenris walked over to the other hangar where the others were getting ready for the assault. He suited up, got strapped in the Drop Pod, and closed his eyes.

He could feel the others emotions. Most emotions were focused on Antei. They felt regret and sadness, and Fenris had the feeling they won't go down without a fight. He thought about his battle team. Reaching out with the force, he contacted Robert.

Bob, after this, you and I should share a drink... Fenris smiled as he thought this to Bob, knowing he was a softy for a good shot of liquor.


08-02-2008 14:35:49

Republic-Class Star Destroyer Final Way
Dlarit Navy Flagship

A groan could be heard throughout Ravana Squadron as Flight Member Teu emptied the contents of her stomach onto the floor, and partially on Subcommander Sakura Haruno boots. The excitement and nerves of her first mission out into space were getting the best of her. This was the first time Teu would be seeing action in fight, and this against the Vong. Her stomach was a mixed ball of fear, anticipation, anxiety, and excitement. She was actually a little bit embarrassed that her feelings would express themselves this way in front of the rest of her team mates. But there it was, this mornings hastily eaten breakfast on the floor, and the boots of someone she didn’t recognize.

She felt a pat on her back and looked up to see the calm smiling face of Commander Alexander Anderson over her shoulder. She blushed at his having seen her in this condition. She couldn’t help feeling a little awkward in front of him.

“It’s ok Teu just let it all out.” Xander said assuring handing her a small cloth to wipe her face with, then handing her a bottle of water to wash the taste out of her mouth. “Everyone gets nerves on their first combat mission..” Xander said smiling

“Even you sir..?” Teu said weakly, and blanching at the personal nature of the question she just asked

Xander just laughed “Especially me, I remember the first mission I ever went on was with Shin’Ichi and a few others, I spent the entire first period of time trying not to soil myself!”

Teu laughed at Xander’s just then looked back at the remnants of her breakfast on the floor. Xander snapped his fingers and a small droid rolled up and commenced cleaning up the mess and disinfecting the area.

“If you feel the need to replenish your energy after a bit, there are some rations in the pack over there. Also there are some anti-nausea medication if you think that will make you feel better” Xander said clapping Teu on the back lightly. “Don’t worry, everyone is nervous and nobody will think any less of you. Go back over to your teammates when you are ready” Xander

Xander turned to Haruno as Teu left. “My apologies, on behalf of my Squadron member madam, it is unfortunate but sometimes nerves affect certain people worse than others” the woman just scowled at Xander and he shrugged and walked off towards the rest of the team he had been briefing before the mission.

Xander glanced out the window at the planet. Ravana had received the duty of dropping in, and got to use some of the XJ3 X-Wings which had been provided for the mission. Xander had been using one for a bit now as his personal craft but that was his personal craft. Xander walked by checking the individual flight suits of all of his Squadron members, checking to make sure they were ready and giving words of encouragement where needed. It was important for the squadron to know where they stood with their commander and that they were being taken care of.

“Everything ready?” a voice said from behind him

Xander turned around seeing the Quaestor Ashura Isradia behind him. He nodded and saltuted, “Yes sire, everything ready for commencement, the ships are set, and the squadron is ready to go on the mark.”

Ashura nodded “Carry on.”


08-02-2008 15:11:33

Quarantine Bay 03
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Transport Nachzerer

As Malisane and Macron made their way to the cockpit, Agrist hung back while Sai operated the transport’s ramp, the glow of a welder’s arc causing the Keibatsu to squint as he waited for the ramp to close.

When he was certain the other Equites were out of earshot, he grasped Sai by the elbow. “You still don’t trust me, do you?” Agrist posed, a smirk dancing across his face. The tone of challenge was unmistakable in his voice, and Sai caught it, full-bore.

The whole situation was a powder-keg to be sure, but Sai was of the mind that he was not going to be the one to ignite it. Pinching the bridge of his nose and inhaling deeply, he took a moment to measure his words carefully. Finally, he decided the best approach was a direct one; let the Elders play their games with words and lives if they wished.

“Agrist,” he began, turning to square fully on the erstwhile pirate and crossing his arms across his chest, “if it wasn’t for you and yours, I wouldn’t have my current gig, so for that, I suppose I should be thankful.” The man visibly winced at the memory of his former comrades’ trouncing, and at Sai’s nonchalance at recalling his part in the same. Ignoring it, the Keibatsu continued.

“But make no mistake; it isn’t a matter of ‘trust’, as you put it. It doesn’t really matter what I think, from a certain point of view. Looking at it from an even broader point of view, if there were any treachery afoot, your presence here would do absolutely nothing to ease my mind; if they would kill one of their own,” here he referred to Mononoke and the Marked; “they surely wouldn’t lose any sleep over you.”

Sai stepped exactly one pace closer to Agrist at this point. “So it comes to this: you, like the rest of us, amount to nothing but a ‘saber arm. If yours happens to ‘fail’ at an opportune moment and brings any one close to me in harm’s way, know that I’ll see it. Test me.” His tripartite eyes flashed, boring into Agrist’s.

Agrist silently appraised Sai; here was a man, in his estimation, who had a clear picture of things, who wasn't, like himself, brain-addled by politics; still, to see if he could rattle him, the ex-patriot attempted to laugh off the perceived threat. “Well, well, well; you’re a confident one, Priest!”

Sai took a final measure of Agrist before nodding and stepping around him to make his way to the cockpit. “I have to be; as the only one who can probably get us off that Vong rock when the dealing’s done, you don’t want me unsure about anything.”

Agrist stared at Sai’s retreating back, the Priest’s footfalls overshadowed by the ominous *clunk* of the final durasteel plate of their encasement being fitted in place by the technicians.


08-02-2008 20:39:19

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship
Somewhere in hyperspace

Tritherus, decked out in a Ravana Squadron flight suit, stood staring at his XJ3 X-Wing. Jedi Hunter Alaxander Anderson stood next to him.

"Think you can pilot one of those?" the Commander asked.
"It shouldn't be problematic, but I think we should be more concerned with what comes after," replied Tritherus.
Alaxander nodded, not knowing what else to say, and continued to speak with the rest of the Squadron.

A crew member informed everyone that the Dlarit Navy arrived at Telos. The time for battle was quickly approaching and everyone knew it. As he attempted to look forward Tritherus realized what he had been told was correct, the Vong were nothing but a void in the Force. The Acolyte realized that the Masters that have planned this attack must have been just as blind to it's outcome. The thought unsettled him, but only slightly. It was too late to have second thoughts, and the Krath's blade thirsted for the blood of it's enemies.

Tritherus unsheathed his katana and began to practice his techniques. After this was all over there would be no celebration for the young Acolyte. This was only the beginning of the many battles he would find himself involved. He would only celebrate when his goals were achieved: complete mastery of the Force and no one left to call enemy. The Yuuzhan Vong at Telos were unfortunate enough to be his starting point.


09-02-2008 13:16:50

Republic-Class Star Destroyer Final Way
Dlarit Navy Flagship

Sakura walked past Xander and up to Ashura and saluted, “Subcommander Haruno reporting as requested, sir!”

To anyone watching it simply looked like a junior DSOG officer who was probably on her first assignment, perhaps even handed picked by the Governor to act as a “gopher” for his needs; to go for this and go for that.

Haruno took this role very seriously, she was uncover in the DSOG to be Ashura’s eyes and ears, a task he refused to give to anyone who wouldn’t serve his own interests; and his Disciple was perhaps the only one who could.

“Follow me, Subcommander,” replied Isradia as he walked off (which Sakura on his heels). The two of them walked through the Republic-Class Destroyer until they arrived at the office the Governor was using for his say onboard.

“Master, I brought was you asked for,” said Sakura as he closed the door. Ashura however quickly put his hand over her mouth to silence his Disciple; the office could be bugged for all he knew… he wouldn’t put it past the insane Consul, or even Ashia, to bug the rooms… in all honestly it would even be something he would do to ensure he was in control.

The Battlemaster reached out with the Force to sense for anything that should be there, he didn’t feel like he was being watched or being spied upon, but he wasn’t about to take that chance. Ashura concentrated on disrupting the communication network in the office, using the Force to create a static interference.

“I can’t keep this up for long,” he said as he removed his hand, “did you bring me what I asked?” Sakura nodded and removed the package on her shoulder. He took it and placed it on the table and opened it; inside wrapped in cloth was a sword; a sword that had been imbued with Force energy. Its creator had been a blacksmith and an arcane warrior on his Master’s homeworld and had been enchanted to be near unbreakable and to remain as sharp as the day it had been created.

“I don’t understand how a sword can defeat the Vong where a lightsaber can fail,” Sakura asked.

“Our failure at Antei showed me that the Vong warriors can be resistant lightsaber energy, this weapon however will be move effective; and while the Vong themselves are void of the Force, they exist with it around them. I plan to put a theory to the test.”

He didn’t say any more; atleast to Sakura. The young woman had been a worthy Apprentice and still served him well, but she was only a Dark Jedi and not a Sith; Ashura may not be a Sith Master but he still believed in the rule of two, and that meant to have an Sith Apprentice he could part all his knowledge with. This was not Sakura, nor was it any other of the currently Apprentices he was training for the Clan. Yes, he would ensure they reached Knighthood or died trying, but that was a far as he was willing to go with them. The Battlemaster, however, already had his eye turned to someone who could share all his knowledge with, and ultimately challenge him at the point he became expendable.

“Sakura, I want you to return to Commander Anderson and let him know you have been assigned to Ravana Squadron for this mission; if you survive and your cover hasn’t been blown then you I will have further need of you to help train my current Apprentices.”

The Subcommander bowed and replied, “I understand, Master.” She knew what hardship was, she had suffered it well enough under Ashura’s tutorship, but it had made her grow stronger, helped her become powerful.

Without another word she left the office and made her way back to the hanger where she last saw Commander Anderson. Ashura meanwhile collected the weapon and made his way toward where the rest of the Clan and Summit were gathered.


09-02-2008 14:38:17

Republic-Class Star Destroyer Final Way
Dlarit Navy Flagship

Vorion paced a lonely service catwalk in the hangar. He absently fiddled with the small badge of jade and durasteel that he had painstakingly fashioned as a brooch to clasp his cloak. From his spot leaned over the railing of the catwalk, one would think the Acolyte was merely observing the hustle and bustle of the Dlarit personnel on the main floor below, awaiting assignment to one of the starfighters being fueled and readied for take-off.

He was in fact reviewing every bit of relevant combat data he had been able to dredge from the Clan's hurried retrieval of the Shadow Academy archives, assisted in part by his Battleteam Leader and fellow pilot in the Jade Serpents, Tash, from whom he was awaiting contact via commlink.

Tash amused him, and it wasn't often that the stoic Ubese found much humorous. He too, had a prosthetic eye, although Tash of course had never seen Vorion's own to notice the similarity...

The video transmission ended, and Vorion promptly swapped the datacards in the commlink slot. He had, of course, general planetary data on Telos and the surrounding system; what little information the Academy had on the Vong (perhaps what little they opted to make available...?), mostly in the form of combat analysis data from Antei.

Antei. As much as wish he could claim that he was on the frontlines fighting in the name of the Final Order and the proud ascendency of the Sith, the simple truth was that he had been packed with countless other students onto one of the fleeing transports from Lyspair, bewildered but not panicked. Clueless and untrained, he had watched with growing dismay from the Arcanum as the forces of the Brotherhood routed and fell into retreat. He remembered the coralskippers and starfighters, cannons blazing, in the firefight that tore the skies above Antei.

And in a way, he blamed himself. Harsh fortune had been his only mistress for all of his life, and did not seem to be relenting anytime soon. The one circle that he had been accepted into without hesitation was splintering before his eyes.

This time....this time would be be different. He snapped the card out of the commlink with a jerky motion, rage building like a ball inside him. The Brotherhood was all he had. He would not allow these Vong slugs to destroy the Brotherhood he planned someday to lead. Vorion strode down the catwalk and descended the stairs, his boots thudding dully on the durasteel steps. He was going to into the frontlines of this battle; such was his duty as a disciple of the Sith, and he was not going to be intimidated by any Vong vessels he encountered.

He stalked off to obtain clearance to take a starfighter and launch the moment the Final Way was prepared; he had no intention of waiting around for the rest of the Jade Serpents. He felt he'd wasted too much time already.

Kah Manet

09-02-2008 16:07:10

Hangar of The Final Way

Fenris was, of course, afraid. He knew he might not return, and if he did, he probably wouldn't be the same person. Fear helped him, he turned his fear into strength, as he did with pain and anger. He figured that if the Vong wanted to take him alive, he might as well take a few down before being captured. The Krath wasn't necessarily the strongest, but he was quick, and smart, a deadly combination.

Fenris was surrounded by darkness. Dark Jedi passed him left and right, getting ready for combat, preparing last minute rituals, anything that would help them.

"You think you can handle fighting at Telos, Fenris?" asked Vorion, an Ubese that was an old friend of Fenris's. Vorion was always there to push Fenris, and Fenris was always there to make fun of Vorion, whenever he needed it.

"You just be worried about not getting fried up in Space pal." joked Fenris. Fenris used to be pilot, and knew Vorion was one of the best pilots that Jade Serpents had. He got cocky sometimes, but so did Fenris.

"And you just be worried about not swallowing some Amphistaff spit. I hear that stuff is rank." said Vorion. Just like Vorion to say the wrong thing at the right time.

As Fenris walked away, he flicked Vorion's helmet. Vorion hated it whenever someone touched his helmet, and Fenris loved watching him get angry. "Watch your back. Maybe if you touch down on the World Ship, we can fight together. We can play the game 'Who's the better killer?'" said Fenris.

"And Vorion, don't die, I'd hate to have to tell Tash that he lost a good pilot...oh, and it'd be bad if you died." joked Fenris.

Fenris searched for something to do. Not sure how long it would take for everyone to get ready, he decided to go find Bob.


09-02-2008 16:38:33

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship

Rear Admiral Araic Simonetti stood proud on the bridge of the Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way. Looking out the front viewport at the green glow of Telos, he couldn't help but grin at the thought of how far he had come. Just a little over four years ago the Corellian was merely just another everyday officer living his almost non-existent life on a CR90 Corvette. But the Dlarit Security Force had changed all of that, Simonetti took well advantage of the opportunities that arose and was now seeing things he had never dreamed possible. Hand picked by Sith Warlord Macron Keibatsu-Goura to be the captain of the Final Way, Simonetti had alot to prove with that much responsibility and he knew that failure was not an option as the Lords of Naga Sadow were not very forgiving.

"Admiral Simonetti," a voice interrupted the Corellians thoughts, "We are in position"

With a grin the Admiral gave the nod to proceed.

Sapphire Squadron
Escorting the Special Operations Flagship

“Form up Shadow Squadron,” Commander Robert Daragon ordered over his comlink to his newly appointed squadron.

With most of Sapphire either not along on this mission or included in the assault team, the Commander of Sapphire had instead recruited the members of the Dlarit Starfighter Corps aboard the Final Way to fly with him as they flew diversion so the pods could reach their destination.

The twelve XJ X-wing fighters that made up Shadow Squadron flew in formation in front of the Final Way as they headed towards the Vong worldship. Just ahead they could see the Dlarit Navy engaged with the majority of the Vong fleet, however blocking the Final Way’s path towards the worldship was another fleet of Vong craft.

“Looks like we came a long way for nothing,” Commander Daragon replied to his wingman; Colonel Valin’or’alani.

The Colonel just laughed and replied, “You obviously don’t know Rear Admiral Simonetti too well Commander. He does like a challenge.”


09-02-2008 18:13:27

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship

“Son of a Murglak,” cursed Admiral Simonetti. The diversion had failed. The Yuuzhan Vong had only pulled half their escort to deal with the Dlarit Navy. Obviously they had been expecting something like this.

Trevarus Caerick stared indifferently out the main viewport as his apprentice looked on from behind. “Suggestions, Admiral?”

Simonetti glanced across at Caerick. “I recommend we punch right through.”

“Nestor won’t be pleased you know,” remarked the helmsman sitting nearby sarcastically.

Simonetti shrugged. The admiral spun to address the crew on the bridge. “Men, prepare to punch through the Vong lines. Helm, take us in!”

Darth Vexatus took his gaze off the viewport. “Shadow Squadron could use my assistance, Master.”

Caerick nodded. “Go,” said the sorcerer. “But be sure to return here once the teams are inserted. You and I have more important business to attend to.”

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

The final drop teams were being strapped in by the technicians as Darth Vexatus ran through the ready room into the hangar. He gestured at a pair of pilots, summoning them.

“You two follow me,” called the Falleen as he called on the Force to throw himself into the air, arcing perfectly into the waiting cockpit of one of the remaining X-wings.

Across the hangar Ylith Atema looked on as a landing technician strapped him into his drop pod. The Valheru wriggled uncomfortably against his weapons in the confines of the Single Unit Deployment Vehicle, or SUDV as it was technically known.

He had come to understand why the technicians informally referred to them as ‘coffins’.

“Are you ready, sir?” asked the technician. Ylith simply nodded. “Very well, sir. Good luck.” The technician keyed the panel on the side of the SUDV and the hydraulics hissed as the front panel slid down before sealing shut.

I better not have to sit in this thing too long, grumbled Ylith to himself.

Blood Herald 1
Telos Space

Darth Vexatus cycled through his comm. frequencies until they were on a closed channel. “Blood Two, Blood Three, stay on my wing,” said the Falleen to the two XJ pilots who were also exiting the hangar. He switched to a general frequency. “Shadow Squadron, this is Blood One, we’re coming to assist.”

“Blood One, much obliged,” replied Shadow One, otherwise known as Robert Daragon.

The three XJs fired their thrusters and accelerated to join the rest of the starfighter wing.

“I didn’t know you still flew,” said Shadow One.

Vexatus ignored the joke. His mind was already fully focused on the approaching swarm of coralskippers. During the Battle of Antei they had been in retreat the entire time. This was the first time he had truly taken the battle directly to the Yuuzhan Vong.

After what they had done to him, he was going to enjoy this.

“Open your minds,” called Vexatus distantly as he allowed his own mind to drift to a state of heightened alertness. “Become as one.”

As one...

The Sith Lord drew the presences of the other Dark Jedi and linked them as they each began to open their minds into a collective Force Meld, channelling their energies together. He allowed the state to brush off onto the mundane pilots, hoping it would at least infuse them with a sense of confidence and joint awareness.

“Here they come!” called Shadow One.

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

Trevarus Caerick and the admiral watched as the starfighters engaged the swarm of coralskippers. The Yuuzhan Vong outnumbered them three-to-one but the XJs had the advantage of the support fire coming from the Final Way itself. At least the Dlarit Navy had managed to keep the worldship itself busy.

“Lay down a defensive field!” barked Admiral Simonetti. “Keep our fighters covered!”

Admiral Simonetti stared at the approaching worldship, its massive bulbous disc quickly eclipsing the forward viewport. Its spiral arms looked as if they could engulf the Star Destroyer. The admiral quickly regretted the thought; knowing what Vong technology was like now he had to think about whether it was actually possible.

“Take us in!” shouted Simonetti at the helm. The helmsman issued orders to the surrounding crewmen, kicking the Final Way’s engines into full power. The admiral had to brace himself against one of the desks, the sudden impulse nearly taking him off his feet.

Admiral Aramis Nestor’s image appeared on the holo-display. “Final Way, you are to abandon the operation. I repeat abandon...”

Trevarus Caerick stepped into the device’s view. “Belay that order,” said the governor-general. “I grant official clearance to take the Final Way in.”

The fleet commander’s face frowned. “But Governor... you’ll all be killed!”

Caerick scowled. “Never question my orders, Admiral,” spat the sorcerer. He exerted himself through the Force, forcing his will upon the mundane fleet commander.

Nestor gulped, his resolve dissolving before Caerick's mental assault. “Understood, Governor. May the Force be with you.” The holo channel closed.

Caerick shook his head. “Foolish mundane,” muttered the sorcerer beneath his breath. “I am the Force.”

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

“All teams prepare for drop!” bellowed the automated announcement system before repeating the warning on a continuous loop. “All teams prepare for drop!”

Ylith cursed. How much fracking longer? The humidity in here is killing me.

The Valheru jerked against his crash webbing as the SUDV shook and began to move along the track, rapidly being repositioned.

“Preparing for deployment,” said the automated SUDV voice as a circular panel in the floor suddenly opened and the drop pod slid into a tube below the hangar. The SUDV fell into complete darkness as the opening closed again, leaving Ylith strapped up tightly in a box no more than seven by two feet in size. The Valheru cursed as he fell against his crash webbing again when the SUDV came to a halt at the end of the tube.

“Well?” spat Ylith. “What now?”

“Waiting for deployment confirmation from the bridge,” said the irritatingly relaxed automated voice.

Ylith sighed. Just great. Now I'm stuck here until the guys outside get us through.

Ylith Pandemonium

10-02-2008 06:31:16

The Valheru groaned in boredom, he was expecting to have his sword drunk
of blood about now. He sighed and tried to relax as much as possible, trying
to forget how uncomfortable those webbings really were. He closed his eyes for
a moment, meditating and lingering in his thoughts for a few moments.


Hangar Bay
Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
30 minutes earlier

The Sith walked into the hangar looking around and finally walking to the drop pods
determined that he would be the first to go, to prove his worth and be thrown into
the heat of battle. His place was not up in the sky flying jets and shooting other
jets like him. No, he had to see their eyes when life escaped them.

Suddenly he heard someone clearing her throat and the Sith glanced over his shoulders.

"You're here early." He said and Jade moved towards him.
"You're late." She said with a grin and she moved to stand in front of him.

"I see you're going into the drop pods to head in first...Why not go right now? That will
make sure my team can sweep the rest." She said and Ylith smirked. "Great way to shove
the work in my hands."
"You want to switch?" She said sharply, and Ylith shook his head. "Fine...Let's stick to the
plan. Just be careful."

As Ylith wanted to go she stopped him, grabbing his arm and made him turn around,
then she removed her necklace and placed it around his neck. "I'll be needing that back.."
Was all Jade said and she walked off leaving the Valheru to do what he must and he
got strapped into one of the pods.


Ylith smirked to himself, thinking at her words and then the whole ship shuddered heavily
and The Valheru growled as his bounds were bocoming more and more uncomfortable.

"Someone get this tin can moving!"


10-02-2008 07:40:57

Imperial II- Star Destroyer Harbinger

Admiral Aramis Nestor looked out the front viewport as the Final Way headed towards its certain doom. The conceited Simonetti had dared to hide behind one of the sorcerers after disobeying a direct order, an order that had come from the Viceroy himself.

“Pray you do not survive this Araic,” the Admiral thought, “The victory you earn today may cost you your tomorrows.”

Shadow Squadron
Telos space

The fighters of Shadow squadron pushed to full throttle and began making a nice clear path to the worldship. While not always destroying their targets, they at least altered the coralskippers course away from the Final Way.

Upon reaching its position, the Final Way slowed to begin deployment of the drop ships. The members of the Dlarit Starfighter Corps that made up Shadow, Blood, and Fire squadrons did themselves proud as the Final Way stayed unmolested as the numerous drop ships containing the warriors of Clan Naga Sadow began to head towards the Vong worldship and whatever fate awaited them once aboard.


10-02-2008 10:24:55

Telos Space

Darth Vexatus’s XJ dived as a pair of Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers angled straight towards him. He quickly pulled back on the stick as they unleashed a steady stream of plasma from their pairs of yaret-kor cannons.

The Falleen jerked against his crash webbing as a stray shot clipped his wing. Vexatus fought with the controls as his XJ threatened to fly off in a fatal loop. Where the other pilots had remained half cautious, the Sith Lord had thrown himself into the battle, his mind disappearing into the Force Meld as his anger toward the Yuuzhan Vong clouded his vision.

Through the red veil of death, Darth Vexatus tightened his finger on the trigger, releasing a stream of laser fire that struck one of his attackers head on, obliterating the coralskipper in a brilliant explosion of white light.

Shadow Squadron continued its deadly dance with the coralskippers, having narrowed the odds. They were now outnumbered only two to one. So far only one XJ3 had been lost. The aliens also appeared oblivious to the drop ships sailing through their midst. Clearly, the alien war coordinator had yet to view the tiny craft as threats.

Vexatus jinked and juked several times to throw his remaining pursuer off his six. The Falleen finally sent his XJ into an Ackbar slash, flying head first into the midst of the enemy coralskippers, hoping to catch the tailing coralskipper in the cross fire. Hitting his afterburners, the Falleen’s XJ rocketed through the swarm of enemy starfighters, watching on his rear sensors as his pursuer blinked and disappeared from view.

Single Unit Deployment Vehicle Delta Twelve
Approaching Yuuzhan Vong worldship surface

Ylith Atema clenched his teeth as he felt the SUDV blast through the cloud of friendly and enemy fighters. A nearby explosion caught his drop pod, sending it flying in a spiral arc. The Valheru shouted a curse as he was flung upside down into the gravitational pull of the massive worldship.

Ylith could only watch in vain as the surface rapidly approached, the explosions falling distant behind him as the drop ship rocketed toward the surface. He could barely see the Final Way as the sight of the artificial alien world began to consume his view.

“Wait,” cried Ylith, half hoping the SUDV’s artificial intelligence would answer his concern. “How do I stop this thing from colliding with the surface?”

“Activating emergency thrusters,” replied the perfectly calm female voice. “Impact in ten, nine, eight...”

Ylith braced himself, closing his eyes as he fully expected to die when the drop pod smashed into the surface of the worldship with the force of several nuclear warheads. The Valheru heard the faint hiss of the repulsor engines as they fired, throwing himself up, or with his present alignment down, as the SUDV rapidly decelerated.

“...three, two, one...”

The Valheru grit his teeth as the SUDV...landed softly.

Ylith opened his eyes calmly, half wondering if he was dead. “Are we alive?”

The soft female voice replied, “Successful landing. SUDV is ready for retrieval and refuelling.” The front hatch hissed as it slid open, revealing the strange foliage of the alien world. “Please have a good day. The Dlarit Corporation thanks you for your use of its rapid insertion service.”

Ylith unbuckled his crash webbing then remembered he was upside down. He thrust himself forward, rolling out of the 'coffin' and to his feet. The surface looked vaguely like grass, though it was a deep red color and flowed in waves in the eerie silence as if an invisible wind was blowing through it. He was in a small clearing, brightly coloured bushes and trees of unfamiliar design surrounding him. He could vaguely make out where a few other drop pods had landed by where the trees had been forced over in the landing, but he could not tell how far away the rest were, the foliage being too thick to make much out beyond a few meters.

It was strangely peaceful. For the home of what were a race of cruel and barbaric warriors, the worldship surface seemed to Ylith to be somewhat surreal. It was almost pleasant and there were no Yuuzhan Vong in his immediate vacinity he could tell of.

The Valheru frowned as he stared at one of the trees, watching as their branches appeared to flow as well. Ylith flinched as one of the leaves snapped shut when a small bird like creature landed on it. So, even the plants are predators. Ylith quickly realised that perhaps it wasn't so pleasant after all. Everything was a threat. He involuntarily rubbed his boot against the grass, hoping it wasn't going to suddenly rise up and drag him under the surface.

Ylith looked to the sky, discovering there was in fact none. Instead he looked up into the dark void of space, instantly questioning how he was still breathing if there was no atmosphere. Evidently, the Vong had a way of holding an oxygen layer close to the otherwise dead surface of the worldship. He watched as the other drop ships floated peacefully to the surface on their repulsors, laughing at the idea they must all have been utterly terrified right then the same way he had been a few moments earlier.

It seemed Shadow Squadron still had the coralskippers occupied. Even if not, Ylith at least hoped the Vong would think twice before firing on their own vessel. Hopefully the pilots would think it better to just leave the infiltration team to the warriors on the ground. A few of the XJ3s had broken off from the rest of the squadron, angling towards the surface. Ylith assumed Robert Daragon must be among them. The rest of the squadron appeared to be holding the coralskippers at bay until the last of the team were inserted before they would presumably return to the Final Way and extract.

“What the...” Ylith gasped as he saw a large rectangular container rushing towards the surface. Much larger than the SUDVs, this one was at least fifty meters across. Two of its repulsor engines had lit up but the others appeared to be spluttering and failing to fire. “Take cover!” cried Ylith to nobody in particular, but hoping if any other members of the team had landed nearby they would hear him in time.

The Valheru dived, holding his hands above his head as he rolled into a ball as the massive metal brick collided with the surface, a loud crack nearly splitting his eardrums as the container went straight through the worldship’s outer layer, throwing a huge cloud of dust up into the air.

The Nachzerer had crash landed.

Ylith Pandemonium

10-02-2008 11:25:36

The Valheru pushed himself up and rose from the ground, removing his outer robe
which was covered in dust. He unsheated his sword and stepped to the edge of the
hole that was made barely a minute ago and he grinned.

"Thats one way to get ourselfs in trouble.." The Battlemaster whispered to himself
and he glanced around him, looking for anyone but found himself alone. He narrowed
his serpent eyes which zoomed in across the hole, finding a group standing aside the
hole like he was.

Suddenly a sound behind him got his attention and he ignited his Lightwave Shield
just in time to deflect some poisonous needles coming from vivid colored flowers. Then
Ylith jumped over the edge, grabbed the ledge and flung himself into the ship, landing
in a corridor, his hand covered in slime and some flesh goo.

He shook his hand and narrowed his eyes again, the corridor was dark, made out of
rock and organic material, it was like walking through a living creature itself. He moved
slowly through the corridors and found what seemed like a door and he slashed his sword
through it, only to anger a few Vong standing behind it.

"Not my day..."

The Vong growled and headed his way and he activated his lightwave shield and took a
firm grip on his sword. There were only two of them but even one Vong could prove
fatal to the Sith. One raised his arm and a snakelike created crawled from the Vong's
back into his hand where it stiffened and made a rock solid staff, an amphistaff.
The second Vong followed his examble and Ylith attacked, swinging his sword at the staffs
only to be parried by it. The Vong grabbed the blade of his sword and made a chuckling
sound as blood fell on the ground, looking into the serpent eyes of the Valheru.

Suddenly the Valheru pulled back hard, cutting through the hand and spun around, stabbing
the second Vong and spun back, de-activating the lightwave shield and slammed the
dagger tips of the bracelet into the Vong's abdomen and pulled back as the Amphistaff
bit hard into Ylith's shoulder and ducked just in time as the second Vong threw back
his silver sword.

"I forgot how annoying you are..." The Valheru said grinning and he grabbed his sword and
ran past the Vong, turning around and decapitating one and slashing through the other,
causing him to fall down and to he stabbed with the sword.

"Best thing to do now is to get around the gap and meet up with someone." The Sith said
to himself and he moved off, moving the sword through the air and stopping quickly to
remove the blood from the blade and sheathed it on his back, then grabbed his shouder
as the amphistaff's bitemark was startting to spread a nasty pain through his left arm.

Kah Manet

10-02-2008 13:57:05

The Worldship

The surreal alien planet that was the Vong's ship seemed to call to Fenris. Even when he was almost killed by a few plants when he landed, he still seemed at peace. He quickly went to where he felt a force signature, knowing that other Sith, Krath, or Obelisk's were around him. His heart sank after he saw a big hole in the surface, and empty SUDV's. Maybe they died, but he felt a force signature on the planet, that at least deserved some sort of investigation, besides, there were no bodies.

He decided to free fall into the pit that was now in front of him, using the force to slow his speed down to a nice little impact. The pit was dark, and wet. What seemed to be saliva was everywhere, dripping on the walls and pooling in the belly of this gargantuan beast. He felt nothing, and saw nothing, but heard Vong everywhere.

He decided to stick to the shadows until he found more Sith to join up with. The Force Signature was barely readable in the World Ship, some times it was faint, others it was beating over Fenris's head. He decided his main objective was to find a group, and hope to either assault an area and take it over, or protect a small area so we have a fall back point.

He got to a small cliff, and was amazed at how big the place actually was. His amazement must have deadened his senses, because battle was upon him. A Vong had lept from the shadows, striking Fenris in the back of the head. He tumbled and fell down the cliff, only to roll and save himself from near death. He used a force technique that controlled pain, and got up and decided to not stick around for the Vong that was sure to alert others of his presence. Not only had he been injured, he may have put everyone else in jeopardy.

Fenris's head began to throb with pain, and the Force Signature that he was trying to find was blinked out all at once. Whatever he was tailing must have either died or got to far out of range. Alone, wet, and injured, Fenris began to climb towards the surface.

The more levels he climbed, the less Vong he saw. After realizing that he was safe from Vong attack, he decided to stay and look out from a cliff, using the Force to give him advanced sight and the ability to see in dark areas.

Sure, assaulting a Worldship would be easy, I said, No problem, I said, I need to learn to shut my mouth from now on


10-02-2008 16:13:20

The Worldship
In Orbit over Telos

The whine of ion thrusters and the low roar of subflight engines flooded Fenris's senses as the familiar sound of a XJ-wing streaked by somewhere above the surface in a low pass. Fenris strained his already enhanced senses to their maximum. He thought he might of hear the pressurized hiss of landing gear deploying, but he wasn't certain. The young Falleen remained still and silent, crouched low, a movement of reflex from long hours of training. He blinked saliva - at least, he hoped it was saliva - from his eyes as they narrowed and peered upwards, though the view was partially obscured by torn sheets of hanging...fatty tissues, Fenris realized with disgust.
A figure suddenly dropped into view, kicking clean through a portion of the gooey film that he had rent on his way down, filmy flesh clinging wetly to the stranger's boots.

No, not a stranger.

He grinned, razor edge teeth flashing in the dim light as he recognized the slender figure and bulky helmet. He couldn't see his face, of course - the darkness would have made that impossible, even had his friend not been wearing his breathing mask - but he didn't need his eyes to know that Vorion was grinning. "Need a hand?" The Sith Acolyte hung from one arm on a thick, ropy length of what Fenris suspected was muscle - probably a tendon - but he decided not too look too hard. He chuckled, grasping the gloved forearm his friend extended.

"I was wondering if you'd make it down here for the fun. Have you seen any of the others?"

Vorion shook his head as he shifted his weight to allow Fenris a handhold on the tether and moved to brace one boot against the wall, which made a wet sucking noise as he applied pressure. "No. Once we get clear we can figure out where everyone is. I'll operate as a Sapphire Squadron auxillary for the duration of this operation if Bob will have me. I'm not certain where the rest of the Jade Serpents are. If you need a blaster, there's one in my XJ; I landed by...well, what looks like a sphincter. The Vong lifeforms will certainly make interesting studies when they are under a vibroscapel in an autopsy lab and not slinging amphistaff excrement at us. But enough talk; let's move." The duo began to work in tandem to pull themselves upwards.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

10-02-2008 16:42:24

Republic-Class Star Destroyer Final Way
Dlarit Navy Flagship

45 minutes earlier

Zaxen sat in the galley, slowly picking away at the food in front of him which he couldn't really identify other than somewhat nutritional and filling. He was not much hungry as his thoughts wandered around the large city of a starship. People were moving about in a fitful hustle, not really doing anything that had not already been done in preparation. The very distinct aroma of not even fear but almost sheer dread permeated the ship. He allowed his still meager control of the Force to tell him the various stories it would. He felt the distinct vibrations of practiced combat, the subtle shimmerings of meditation, the cold pit of dispair, the slippery subtlety of dark genious, and of course the very bright sparks of self assurance.

A game of kings and wizards, and here I am barely a pawn in the middle of a scheme more grand than any I have yet known. Zaxen thought to himself.

He made no false perceptions of self glory. He was next to nothing in this scheme. Cannon fodder at best a meat shield at worst. He knew the names and the faces of some of those on board. Masters, Wizards, and Tacticians the ship was full of them all bringing about thier very unique influence towards the same end goal.. even if thier points of view conflicted. And so Zaxen sat amongst some of the greatest beings the universe had ever known. He who had been barely noticed since his entry into the Brotherhood and the Clan. No he had no doubts of his importance or lack thereof.

He did not practice his fighting arts, nor did he lose himself in his meditations, he simply sat as the thought vibrations echoed inside his head. So filled with them was he that he barely had room for his own doubts and discomforts. And in the culmination of all these vibrations of anger, doubt, fear, frustration, torment, anticipation, dread, and love came a single word to Zaxen.


In his restless state he pulled out a bit of parchment from his journal that he always kept with him and began to write. The words poured out of him in a torrent of inspiration that he was not sure was his own. He gave himself up to it and this is what he wrote;

Oh Children of Sadow, glory in your name.
Go now into destiny and know no shame.
None shall stand before you and survive.
All shall suffer and you shall thrive.
There are those who hate you
Thier aim your defeat.
You shall embrace them in the dance of death.
Take them to the destruction they seek.
Let not fear stop you, nor dread, nor loss.
Let these things empower you, win at all costs.

Seek the heart of your enemy
Tear it from its place.
Show to them your victory.
Relish thier horrid face.
Taste the hatred.
Taste the rage.
Feel the beasts.
Open the cage.
Release yourself upon your foe
As they tremble as they shake
Feel your mighty power grow
Leaving thier death in your wake.

Children of Sadow be proud of who you are. There is nothing that you can not make yours. Crush your enemies. Take back what you lost to them. Take them to a place that only you can take them. Let them know fear like they have never known. You hold in your hands the very power of the universe. Feast upon the spoils of your victory and wipe the filth that is your enemy from the face of the galaxy.

Never forget you are the Children of Sadow
Born of Fire, Wind, and Shadow.

Feeling as if he had awoken from a dream Zaxen rose from his table leaving his writings for whoever destiny saw fit to read them and made his way towards the Ravana ready room.


Zaxen stood by the XJ3 he had been assigned looking at it curiously. Running his hand along its dorsal feeling the sleek death machine's smoothness he wondered if he could handle such a machine. He would find out as he approached the boarding ladder and made his way up with the assitance of his ground crew.

The astromech droid behind him warbled what Zaxen could only discern as some sort of happiness as it was placed in its slot and he nodded towards it as he settled himself into his seat. Flipping several switches bringing up the fighter's various systems sent a hum of life through the craft and a false sense of security came over him as the canopy dropped and sealed around him.
He continued running through preflight checks and diagnostics and then settled back into his seat sighing a bit.

He brought up his comms and dialed in the various frequencies that would be used through out the battle and he listened in as the campaign had already started. So it began.

A game of Kings and Wizards...

Macron Sadow

10-02-2008 18:06:54

12 levels down
The Vong Worldship
Telos Orbit

Sirens wailed within the boxed-in Nachzerer as it finished punching into the bowels of the worldship and settled down in a padding of wrecked Yorik coral. Red lights flickered off and on inside as the reserve power units kicked in reluctantly. “We’re down,” remarked Sai dryly as he checked the controls. “About 12 layers, I would think. Minimal power, damage to the repulsors from plasma cannons.”

“I see that,” replied Agrist as he cut himself loose from the jammed seat harness. “Better get a sit rep quick,” he remarked as he looked about the cockpit. “Some damage.” He said as he pulled a piece of duratsteel shrapnel from his arm. A brief flicker of concentration stopped the bleeding and began to close the wound. “Nothing major.”

Malisane peered about the smoky cockpit, looking for shorting wires- or worse, the sound of Vong weaponry knocking at the hull. Other than the hissing of the escaping gases and whining of emergency klaxons, all was quiet. He checked his body and gear, noting that he was fairly unscathed. “I’m fine.”

Macron let go of the Force he had been using to hold the Violator tanks stable. A cushion of telekinetic energy had held them complete and whole. The Eye had allowed him to perceive the etheric moments of instability in the tanks as probability fields in the Force that shimmered in his mind. Macron Sadow breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank Darth we Sadowites are masters of telekinesis,” he thought. “That was way too close for comfort.” On the weapon gas tanks, various status lights still flickered green on the readouts.

Senth spoke up. “Most likely the other drops were above us on the surface,” he remarked as he powered his blaster carbine up. His hand brushed over his armor as he mentally counted the various types of grenades and armaments. “We have two options. Either hole up and wait or we strike ahead,” he calculated. “Your orders, Commanders?”

“Either has an obvious drawback,” said Sai as he unclipped himself from the crumpled pilot’s chair. “But this bird’s wings have been clipped. The plasma interacted poorly with the unique ‘configuration’ of electronics in this baby.” The priest reached deftly under the emergency console and withdrew a box of tools and hydrospanners.

“You mean the dubious creator of the vessel didn’t do a thorough job of integrating all of the systems,” growled Malisane. “You swore on your mother’s grave that this ship was fully space worthy!” he yelled at the alchemist.

“Who’s to say my mother ever existed? I’ll be damned if I know,” snarled Macron as he grabbed tools and weapons. “I lied about that. Looks like the gas is stable for now. Good thing for all of us.”

Senth laughed. “I understand you there Marshall Commander,” he quipped. The clone stood and began to check the landing ramp area with discerning eyes. He opened his rucksack and started counting explosives and mines. “Seven, eight…”

“First priority, we secure this area and establish a firebase,” Macron said while counting off on his fingers. “Second- we have to get my baby back up and ready to fly, or none of us gets off this rock. You know about the hold right, Sai?”

“I am dumping the bay seals right now. Let’s hope the ‘cargo’ will hold them off for a while. Sweetums away,” chuckled Sai. “Those four Sith battle droids might not even deploy right.”

“Sweetums?” asked Malisane. “You mean the Silooth beetle? You are using Her?”

“I intend to,” giggled Mononoke. “She’s grown, extremely ornery, and too hard to control as of late. I had to dope her to the gills just to get her in the stasis cage. She’ll shrug it off quickly, no doubt.” The Son of Sadow smiled. “Besides, we’ll need the Nachzerer's hold space to put our drop grouped friends in on the way out. That means Sweetums can’t come back, unfortunately. I bet her acid attacks and power will keep them busy for a while, my friends. Let’s not make her sacrifice in vain!” screamed the Warlord. “Death to the Vong!!”

Macron’s brain raced at the thought of his precious beast passing away amongst disgusting infidel Vong warriors. “Oh little sweet girl, do your worst,” thought Macron. “You will surely die, but in the meantime you get to live gloriously as Sith weapons were meant to do… break their bones and eat their flesh for the Glory of Sadow!


10-02-2008 19:21:41

Yuuzhan Vong Worldship
Telos Orbit

Nothing could have prepared the Krath Acolyte for the sight, sounds, and smells of the Vong worldship. He had crash landed, and on his way down noticed the Nachzerer punch through the surface of the Worldship. A variety of plant life actually began to consume his X-Wing behind him, but Tritherus was completely oblivious to it as he took in the alien world. The ground was slimey and rocky simultaneously. The plants were more deadly then most animals he's seen. It appeared he had crashed into a rocky valley with a small undergrowth. Most startling to the Krath was not a single trace of traditional technology was in sight.

What kind of "ship" is this? the Dark Jedi thought.

Tritherus couldn't sense the Force anywhere around him. Were the others dead, or simply too far away? He didn't dwell on this for too long, as the ground literally spat up a Yuuzhan Vong soldier. The grayish-skinned Vong was strange indeed. His sloping forward was only accentuated by his bald head. He was taller then most humans, and wearing form-fitting black armor. Tritherus had heard of their armor which apparently attatched itself to the Vong's body. He was weilding the signature snake-like amphistaff.

Muttering something in a language he never heard the Vong charged him. The young swordsman didn't even realize he had already drawn his katana which met the Vong's amphistaff in a parry at the last possible moment. No negotiations I suppose. Tritherus was not a master of swordsmanship yet but he was no novice either, his speed would surely outmatch his opponent's brute strength. He had never fought a Vong warrior before though. Spinning, he swung his blade upwards catching the Vong's chest, but barely. Thinking the attack would have been completely succesful the Acolyte had left an opening, and the warrior accepted by cracking him across the jaw with the amphistaff.

"ARGHH...," he screamed. Tritherus' jaw was most likely broken, but using the Force he supressed the pain and harnessed his anger continueing his assault, albeit much more defensively. The fighters exchanged parries multiple times looking for an opening in the other's attack. Finally, the Vong made a fatal mistake blocking Tritherus' attack at just that right angle that the swordsman pulled down his katana, knocking away the amphistaff and slicing through his opponent's throat in one swift motion. Blood the color of pitch shot out of the Vong's neck as it made a gurgling sound, and fell down dying.

The battered warrior finally had time to examine his jaw. It wasn't broken, but it sure as hell hurt. If that was just one I had better find some friends before I find more Vong. As he finished that thought Tritherus caught notice of the strange opening that coughed up the now dead soldier. Realizing that both his goal and his escape were now beneath the surface, he stood upon the opening and it slowly opened to swallow the Acolyte whole.

Kah Manet

10-02-2008 20:11:36

Vong WorldShip

The Duo stood on the edge of the hole that was punched through the surface. The plant life around them began to grow near their feet, scratching and clawing at them as it did so.

"We can enter the abyss...or wait for back up..." pondered Fenris. His Ubese friend was staring off, amazed at the World Ship. Fenris just gave him a playful jab in the helmet. "Wake up Vorion." joked Fenris.

Behind them a ship had landed. It was Tash Dreytila Yamayura and by the looks of it he had seen a ghost or two. "Here comes our back up now" said Fenris. The Three stood there, Fenris looking into the hole, Vorion still gazing at the World Ship, Tash, for some reason unknown to Fenris, was out of breath.

"Tash, it's up to you, Enter the hole, or wait for more back up...between the three of us, we should be able to take down one Vong." stated Fenris.

"Let's enter..." started to say Tash, but before he could finish, Vorion and Fenris had already jumped into the Abyss, weapons out. Tash soon followed.

"Stick together, I almost got severely hurt earlier. Tash, you watch the back, Vorion, I'm assuming in that big tin can you call a helmet, there is some sort of life read out, monitor it, I'll watch the front." commanded Fenris.

It was true, Tash was higher in rank, but Fenris had been on the Worldship longer, meaning he would be in charge for a tad. It wasn't like the Trinity would do much, just get each others back, and make sure no one died. The Trinity had one objective, find something stronger that was an ally, and tag along with it. Fenris had a feeling that was easier said then done, but they had to try.


10-02-2008 21:43:41

Telos Space

"Stay in formation!" Xander barked through the com at the group of squadron members he had managed to gather once they had reached the Vong worldship

"Remember the stregnth of this squadron is in the formation, and working as a team. You will move together, and work together as a team" Xander stated as the group moved forward shield amplified to being placed forward.

The group flew in a tight formation. Xander lead the group forward with Sakura beside him. As they made another pass as a unit the they occasionally they would run past various coral skippers. So far they had been lucky and had not lost anyone to carelessness. They quickly engaged the skippers flying perfectly well in the formations that he had them practise over and over again. By this point he supposed that flying this should be second nature to them.

"Continue! Remember the stregnth of this group, and this formation is in teamwork. Though we may not be the strongest in the force, our team work will carry us through the day. Remember not to become over confident because of one kill. Next time there will be more enemies, and in response you will continue to work together." Xander continued saying, now flying atforward at point looking around for more coming coming enemies. He checked the tactical situation seeing that Sakura had taken up a rear guard position. She had proven to be surprisingly skilled, abnormally so in fact.

Xander spotted another group of incoming enemies and highlighted them on the finders for everyone. He heard Angel beep behind him. "Yea, don't worry Angel, we'll be fine, how are you doing back there, everything intact" Xander waited and got an affirmative. "Excellent, let's continue"

Xander continued giving orders as he walked along "Do not be afraid , remember now is not the time for fear." Xander continued "Fear is the mind-killer."



10-02-2008 22:37:24

Vong Worldship

"You'd assume wrong, my friend. I do however, have a thermal sensor relay that I installed...well, let's just say where I'm from you need it to survive past sundown." Vorion remarked dispassionately, slamming a fresh power cell from the folds of his cloak into the E-11 blaster rifle he cradled with a practiced ease. "Let's move. Stay ale-"

"'ik vong pratte!"
Fenris swore loudly and instinctively twisted out of the way as Vorion's crumpled form hurtled past him and slammed to the ground behind him in a rush of smoke and ash, the Acolyte firing with grim determination even from his prone position. They had only a moment to register that Vorion was at least still moving before they turned to face his assailant who rushed into the dim light of bulbous glowsacs suspended from the tunnel ceiling; the towering form of the Vong warrior who made the unmistakable approximation of a bloodthirsty chuckle in a guttural tone.

He crouched and charged, surprising Tash who barely managed to duck under the Vong's hurled amphistaff as it stuck and quivered in the wall. Fenris lunged, his katana rending the fleshy underside of the Vong's arm, where the plating joined, dark fluid spurting wildly. The Vong roared in what almost sounded like delight, swiping at Fenris's head with unrestrained ferocity. The Krath swordsman parried the blow expertly but was still slammed back into the wall with the sheer force of the blow. Tash retreated, firing the Imperial Heavy Rifle at their assailant who staggered with the force of the shots as they struck him the midsection. The amphistaff had by this point dislodged itself from the cavernous wall of flesh and the Vong snapped it into his grasp again with ease.


Fenris realized what was happening a split second before it actually did and simply reacted, allowing the Force to be his guide; the hallway shook with a cavernous explosion and then all was still.

Tash blinked, his chest suddenly covered in the dark blood of the Vong warrior. "What...what happened..?" Beside him, Vorion let out a low hiss and sank to the floor in a heap.

The Vong warrior fell forward like a tower, the gleaming blade of Fenris's katana protruding from his chest. Fenris slid his blade from Vong's lifeless form, grimly wiping it's edge on his own stained cloak before rushing to Vorion's side.

"That was pretty fast thinking. Where are you hurt?" Fenris queried urgently, a bewildered Tash also bending to lift the injured Acolyte into a sitting position.

I figured it was about the only chance we had. The thing he hit me with - I think it was a blast bug. It's what gave me that little idea. I'm more or less alright, just battered. Give me a few moments and I'll be up. I'm just a little singed." Vorion gasped.

A little singed was something of an understatement; as Tash stripped away his pilot's outer robe he realized that it was charred badly in several places and that he had survived the blast at all was surprising. Vorion pointed weakly at something underneath the seared fabric; Fenris bent closer to see in the dim light, before slapping his thigh and laughing.
"Of course...That environmental suit of yours. Ever the resourceful one." Vorion managed a weak thumbs-up before retreating into a light meditative state. Fenris stood, Tash following suit. "Let's give him a few minutes. Are you alright, Tash?"

"Yeah, I'm...I'm fine." Tash admitted, attempting to remove some of the Vong's blood from his cloak. "How did you manage to skewer that Vong like that?"

Fenris smiled grimly. "Vorion reached out with the Force and yanked Ole Faithful - that thermal detonator that went off, that was the blast - from my belt. Thing landed right by that Vong scum's toes. He never even noticed, busy fighting us. He assumed Vorion was seriously wounded at not likely to cause anymore trouble. The detonator's blast hurled him - hard - right back on to my katana." Fenris gestured at the neat incision in the dead Vong's Vonduun crab armor, just above the solar plexus.

Tash and Fenris whirled at a sharp noise from behind them. Vorion had climbed to his feet, slowly but steady. He adjusted his helmet and shouldered his rifle. He radiated a grim determination and the Force itself seemed to sing in the acrid, smoky air around him.

"Let's move, gentlemen. I'm sure there are more Vong scum on the way. Let's show them how Dark 'Jeedai' fight."


11-02-2008 08:18:51

The group turned quickly and saw a small door way in the distance. Tash barked “There! Into the Hallway. Go!” the three began to run as fast as they could. As they Ran Tash put away his blaster and pulled out a Chain whip. As they ran into the hall way the noticed a very large Vong at the end fleeing.

Tash felt a tremor in the force and ordered the men to hold position. He then tossed a piece of metal that was on the floor down the hall way. When it got to a half way point it tripped a mine and the whole hall way lit up with fire and shrapnel. Tash knocked Fenris and Vorion to the ground to protect them from the blast. Tash then said. “Now we kill em!”

The three quickly got up and stormed down the hallway. When they reached the end a Vong swung a piece of metal striking Tash in the head. Tash fell to the ground out cold.

Fenris then took his katana and stabbed the massive creature. The Vong pulled the blade out and swung it at Vorion who was helping Tash. Fenris threw his self at the blade and saved Vorion but the impact knocked him out.

Vorion grabbed his blaster and opened fire at the creature. After striking the Vong in the face several times he threw a thermal detonator at it. The monster went down with a blast.

Vorion then awoke Fenris and Tash. “Maybe we should try and find more help before we go running down more hallways?” Fenris and Vorion agreed. They walked down the hall way and went in search of someone friendly. Someone not a Vong.

After they got out of the hall way they heard a loud bang. They turned around and Tash drew his whip, smacking it against the ground. Through the dust emerged three Vong. Tash Barked “Blasters Ready!” the tree drew there blasters and began firing at the Vong. Tash then ordered Vorion to toss his thermal detonators. He did. After two big bangs the group stopped firing.

When the smoke cleared they saw two figures fall to the ground. But there was no third. Fenris whispered, “Weren’t there three of em?” Tash nodded.

Tash whispered “Draw melee weapons. He might be close.” The two drew there swords and they all began to tip-toe down towards where the Vong were. All of a sudden a vong jumped out of no where and almost landed on Vorion. Tash threw his whip and rapped it around the Vong’s neck and pulled. The vong fell to the ground. Fenris and Vorion simultaneously stabbed the Vong multiple times in the neck.

Tash new that they needed to get out of this place and quick if they were to survive. Vorion suggested we make a small place that’s easy to defend. Tash and Fenris agreed. The trio then began to make a small bunker. Hopefully this would protect them until they find more soldiers.


11-02-2008 09:35:06

Telos Space

With most of the other Dark Jedi having broken off from the space melee to land on the worldship, Darth Vexatus was now one of the few pilots still managing to hold his own against the swarm of coralskippers that was seemingly without end. For every coralskipper he destroyed, two new ones launched from the worldship’s spiral arms.

Vexatus flew into a fireball as his XJ passed through the space occupied by a coralskipper he had destroyed seconds before. Without the help of the other Dark Jedi, the regular starfighter corps pilots were beginning to struggle, the Sith Lord's battle meditation only faintly brushing off on them.

The Falleen keyed his comm. to open a channel to the rest of the wing. “It’s getting too hot out here. All remaining Special Ops Commanders break off and start making your way to the surface. All other pilots, form on my wing and let’s escort them down.”

Darth Vexatus sent his XJ into a Wotan weave, corkscrewing out of the swarm of coralskippers. Several of the enemy craft broke off to follow; clearly the enemy war coordinator had designated his ship as a high priority target. The other XJs split off into two formations, either making their way to the surface or forming on the Sith Lord and creating a defensive screen.

The trio of coralskippers marking Vexatus’s ship came in behind him simultaneously. Vexatus dived, jinking his ship starboard as a stream of super heated plasma seared through his port wing. The Sith Lord’s ship immediately began to spiral before he threw up a cushion of Force energy, stabilising the XJ enough to regain control.

The coralskippers came in for another pass. Darth Vexatus pulled up, looping behind them in time to take one of the alien craft apart with a proton torpedo. The explosion knocked one of the remaining two off course, distracting it long enough for the Falleen to bring his XJ around and hit it with a linked shot from his three remaining laser cannons.

“Blood One, I’m coming to assist,” called Blood Two, one of the pilots Darth Vexatus had brought with him from the Final Way.

Blood Two shot out of his own dance with another pair of coralskippers to send a proton torpedo rocketing towards Vexatus’s surviving pursuer. The torpedo struck the coralskipper head on, erupting in a blinding flash of white light. Blood Two pulled back to slip away from his own pursuers but the distraction gave the coralskippers enough time to light the XJ up. Blood Two’s X-wing exploded in a ball of flame.

Darth Vexatus cursed. The loss of life was insignificant to him but Blood Two should have known better than to think he needed help. The Sith Lord looped back around to take the coralskipper that had killed Blood Two apart. Turning back toward the Final Way, he flew through the wreckage.

The job was done. The rest of the team had been inserted and the remaining starfighters were forming back up on his wing to return to the command ship. Darth Vexatus fired his afterburners at the same time as the other XJs. His XJ’s main ion engine exploded, belching fire at the coralskippers still tailing them.

“R8, get that fire out!” barked Vexatus.

Vexatus fought with the controls as his XJ threatened to drag back into the swarm of enemy ships behind him. The starfighter’s engine spluttered, breathing more flame into the void.

“Blood One, are you okay?” called one of the other pilots.

“Shadow Six, I can take care of myself,” spat the Falleen bitterly.

“Your XJ is failing, my lord,” replied Shadow Six. “I’m breaking off to draw those coralskippers off your tail.”

Vexatus cursed. “Return to the Final Way, Shadow Six.”

“Negative, commander.”

Shadow Six dived into the midst of the pursuing coralskippers. The Yuuzhan Vong ships swarmed around the lone XJ, pelting it with plasma fire. Darth Vexatus continued to fight with his ship’s controls as Shadow Six exploded. A flash of light momentarily blinded his sensors before showing Shadow Six had taken half the swarm of coralskippers with him, apparently having detonated his own proton torpedoes.

Vexatus pounded his controls in one last futile attempt before his engine finally gave up. Without any forward momentum, his XJ was quickly caught in the drag of the worldship’s gravity well. The Sith Lord began to spiral back toward the surface of the artificial world. Recognising the small fighter as doomed, the coralskippers ignored it, continuing their pursuit of the other withdrawing XJs and leaving it to its fate.

Darth Vexatus watched the worldship's surface rapidly approaching as his starfighter tumbled uncontrollably as it accelerated towards the surface.


11-02-2008 11:00:21

Vong Worldship
12th Sublevel
Transport Nachzerer

What could be called a garrison of Vong warriors gathered around the boxy abomination that had just recently violated their home, what with its inorganic metal skin and unflattering right angles. Thud bugs and amphistaphs had proven ineffective; nonetheless, they continued searching for a way to either open or purge this unwanted gift from their midst, chittering in their guttural speech all the while.

Suddenly, small explosions ran the length of the cardinal seams from top to bottom, and the metal walls fell outward simultaneously, crushing two of their number who had been too slow in recognizing the danger.

As the smoke cleared, the Vong began to make out a shape, one not so alien, one that was more pleasing to their eye. They beheld something seemingly more organic in form, if not in function or substance: a giant beetle. Some of the more astute among them recognized it for what it was, which was a craft used to transport their enemy intruders, but there it was, insectoid and arousing their curiosity.

They began to inch forward, weapons held at the ready, when the craft began to emanate a strange noise; their site leader urged caution, his fangs bared.

The rear and bottom of the craft’s “carapace” began to open and pay out, and an unholy screech rang in every Vong ear; rumbling towards them, out of the smoke as if intimating the very manifestation of the craft before them was a giant Sith Beetle; the Vong had no way of knowing that that is what it was, nor that it was hostile; that is, until the beast had snatched up one of their comrades by the lower leg in its gnashing mandibles and began to fling him about as a child’s doll.

The rest began to set upon the monster, attempting to penetrate its tough exoskeleton with their equally tough weaponry, when horror of horrors came at them from the craft’s belly next – three of them, in fact.

Standing nearly as tall as the Vong themselves, the Sith Battle Droids that tramped out in Sweetums’ wake had been greeted with guttural screams and curses that were originally reserved for the Sith Beetle. The droids’ response was to flicker their photoelectric eyes, activate their vibroaxes, and plunge into the midst of the scattered garrison, hacking with tireless efficiency.

Nachzerer Interior

“So, it do you think three will be enough to soften them up for us?” asked Malisane, squinting at the flickering view screen.

Standing next to him was Mononoke, who tittered in response. “We’ll see soon enough. They should do an adequate job; I just programmed in what I remembered of the Vong’s fighting tendencies and from there, it was a simple matter of crossing a few wires, and...speaking of which...” He craned his neck to glance back over his shoulder, nudging Malisane in the arm while looking towards the open floor panel that held a certain Krath Priest.

“Hey, Sai, can you do something about the image up here? It’s awfully hard to see,” he whined petulantly. Malisane rolled his eyes and the Alchemist stifled another giggle as an arc of electricity, and a string of curses in both Basic and Kyataran, floated up from the open space.

Agrist, who’d been handing down spanners and the like down to Sai, winced against the ionic discharge and the aural assault, and Malisane turned to Mononoke. “What’d he say?”

“You’re better off not knowing,” he replied with a grin. The exchange was good for all of them, injecting a bit levity in the midst of a harrowing situation. After all, they had no idea if any of their Clan mates made it to the surface, much less penetrated to the lower levels. They were, for all intents and purposes, cut off, and solely responsible for fulfilling the mission. It was a mission meant for five hundred, not five, but Mononoke swore he’d spend his last breath in its accomplishment.

As Senth came to the forward compartment, blaster rifles in hand, the Alchemist smiled, knowing he’d enjoy every minute of it.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-02-2008 13:46:11

The Valheru cought his breath as he moved around the corner, seeking cover and
shrouded himself within the shadow, hoping it would help him to remain undetected.
A few seconds later a platoon of Vong ran by, about fifteen of them, armed to the
teeth and desperately searching for 'Jeedai' as they said.

Ylith pushed himself up as the last of the Vong ran by and he removed the upper
part of his armor, half turn by vong weaponry and covered with both his own as
Vong blood. He took a deep breath, the thick moist air reminding him of being in
a jungle and the heat made him transpire.

"I dont even know what the hell I am looking for." Muttered the Sith and he glanced
around the corners and moved off, only to find himself standing at the hole again,
only several stories lower.

"Damn maze..." He said and he glanced upwards and back down again and suddenly
he heard a Vong behind him. "Jeedai!"

The Battlemaster cursed and quickly glanced down again, seeing that a root from the
above vegitation had been pulled down with the ship which crashed into the Worldship
and punched this large hole. The battlemaster turned around and blocked an Amphistaff
with his shield and cut the Vong down with his sword, only to see the Platoon running
back right at him. He gritted his teeth and jumped backwards, avoiding an incoming
Amphistaff thrown from afar and grabbed the root of the the plant and he fell down
untill he grabbed tightly, falling into an area two stories below and kicking down two
Vong, quickly stabbing them with his sword to prevent them from warning others.

"Great...I'm getting deeper into this hellhole with no chance of ever getting out alive..."
The Sith muttered and he moved himself into the shadow, hiding the bodies there as
well and took his necklace in his hand. "I'll return...I promise." He whispered against
it and he took a moment to observe his surroundings as he moved through the
fleshy hallways, finally reaching a large open room, where Coralskippers were grown
and made.

Ylith moved back through the halls back to where the hole was punched, keeping it as
a point of recognition to get a feeling of where he was. He had no idea where to go
and hoped he'd run into someone friendly soon. Suddenly he heard a marching sound
and a few groups of Vong walked past towards the Coralskipper room and Ylith hid.

"Damn....The plan was fairly easy when they told us...'Go in and destroy the core..Would
have helped if we know where the bloody thing is..." He grumbled and he moved off to go
even lower hoping he would find some friendly faces or the core they needed to


11-02-2008 14:19:19

Vong Worldship

Tash, Fenris and Vorion had been lucky to take out the three Vong warriors; however the art of stealth was lost of the Journeymen as had alerted any Vong nearby to where they were. “This isn’t going kreffing well,” the Battleteam Leader said to himself.

Four more warriors had arrived and they didn’t look too pleased to see the lifeless forms of their fellow brethren. Tash and his team were now outnumbered four to three; and this time it didn’t look good for them as the passageway they were in restricted close combat.

The Vong warriors had been too occupied with the three Journeymen in from of them that they didn’t notice the Equite sneak up behind them; the dying scream of one of the Vong as he was skewered as the Force imbued sword caused the other warriors to turn around, and come face to face with a Sith Battlemaster.

Ashura pulled the weapon out of the Vong’s back and turned his attention to the remaining three. They hissed out in anger; anger that was return ten fold by the Sith. Isradia let out an inhuman snarl and he engaged the Vong. Here was a battle of strength, no Force to help tell him where his opponents were going to strike, the Vong were immune to the Force… but that didn’t mean he still could use it.

The Battlemaster spun round and tossed his sword with his right hand towards the advancing warriors, and then using his own body’s momentum to his advantage, he thrust his left hand forward and used the Force to propel the weapon through the air at fast velocity; the sword struck down one of the Vong like a harpoon, the sound of the blade impaling the warrior and his death cry wouldn’t not leave them for some time.

The other two warriors stopped and looked back at their fallen comrade; bad move on their part. Ashura just stood there as they turned back to look at him; the odds had now shifted four to two. “Anytime you want to lend a hand, Apprentice. Why should I have to have all the fun?” A grim smile on the Senior Commanders face.


11-02-2008 15:12:51

Vong Worldship
12th Sublevel
Transport Nachzerer

The last of the Vong garrison fell long after the final Sith Battle Droid did; still, they did fall.

Senth, his marksman’s genes coming to the fore, put an energy bolt in nearly five Vong eyes before having to resort to pull his vibrodagger and getting intimate with his final opponent; his kama was drenched with Vong lifesblood after he’d finished his work, but his face never lost its serene façade. He was, after all, quite literally ‘born’ for the task.

Malisane charged in, his silver blade thrusting, slashing, and parrying in all too familiar motions, recalling memories laced with rage and peppered with loss; he’d nearly screamed himself hoarse venting his frustration before the emotion had turned to joy at seeing one grayskin after another fall to his assault.

Agrist hesitated for a nanosecond behind Malisane; in what seemed a lifetime ago, he’d been on the receiving end of the boon of the Vong’s passing through the Orian system, but now, he’d have to earn any rewards dealing with those that were dead to the Force. Nevertheless, it only took him another nanosecond to activate his blade and begin to carve out his own legacy there in the Worldship’s bowels, and he was happy to do so.

He that had been newly Marked of the Wanderer decided, after cutting down two of the warriors with his twin scythes, to take a more visceral approach upon seeing the lifeless form of his precious experiment, Sweetums, lying still upon the yorik coral deck.
Remembering the harsh lessons of the last battles, he projected the Force in unseen columns before his strikes and kicks, augmenting his already potent technique; those Vong “lucky” enough to avoid his command of the Dark Side found their bones broken and tracheas crushed by the merciless servos of his vetted battlesuit.

After the last Vong had fallen, the men looked around, chests heaving with exertion and nerves electric with adrenaline. Soon, the spark of recognition flashed among them that they had, minus bruising and cuts from brushes with thud bugs, come through the encounter relatively unscathed.

As if to punctuate the point, the Nachzerer’s running lights flickered and then ran steady as the engines caught and thrummed to life. Sai’s voice rang out smooth and confident over the ship’s external PA system: “Gent’s, hard part’s done; we’ve our way home back.”

Mononoke called out, “Out-standing! All right, let’s get this perimeter established. We’ve a long way to go before we can go hunting for a brain.” Inexplicably, he began to hum a merry tune that ended with the lyric “If I Only Had A Brain”; Senth was non-plussed as he opened his satchel to pass out the antipersonnel mines that they would use to ring the Nachzerer to protect it from any prying six-fingered hands that might chance upon it when they set out.


11-02-2008 15:50:20

Vong World Ship

Tash grabbed his whip and swung it towards a Vong rapping it around its neck. I then pulled knocking the Vong over. Vorion jumped on top of the Vong and shot it several times with a blaster.

Tash then put his whip away and pulled out his sniper rifle. Fenris was engaging the other Vong. Tash took aim and fired at the Vong, the Vong stumbled and Fenris stabbed it with his katana and sent it to the ground. The three then turned to face Ashura

“Ok, we need to get back to the ship and regroup with the others.” Ashura said. Tash, Vorion and Fenris nodded. “Ill take point” barked Vorion.

Tash nodded and then said “Ill keep to the rear and snipe, you guys use melee”. Ashura nodded in agreement and the four stormed down the tunnel. After about five minuets of running Ashura sighted three more Vong warriors.

Tash knelt down behind some wreckage and opened fire with his sniper rifle. One of the Vong dropped down. Tash was unsure if he had killed it or if it had taken cover. Meanwhile Ashura and Fenris began to attack the other two Vong. The Tash noticed the Vorion was gone. Tash then Barked “Where is Vorion!?!” Tash then saw what appeared to be Vorion be dragged away down another tunnel.

Ashura the screamed “After Him!” the three then charged down the tunnel in hopes of saving Vorion. They were in pursuit for all of five minuets before they heard the distinct sound of a thermal detonator being activated. Ashura ordered us to hold position. Shortly after that order they heard a large explosion. Fenris than took off down the tunnel.

Fenris found three dead Vong and Vorion lying next to an opening in the tunnel. Ashura then came in and used Force heal on Vorion. Vorion arose and seemed to be ok, but a little shaken up. Then Tash stepped up and looked out of the hole in the wall of the tunnel. Tash saw the crater that housed the Nachzerer.

The tree began to climb down the wall in hopes of finding someone near the Nachzerer

Tash Dreytila Yamayura

Kah Manet

11-02-2008 15:59:48

Vong Worldship

Vorion had almost committed suicide to try and save the group. "Detonators should be seen and not heard or used." said Fenris. "Why else do you think I carried Ole Faithful for 35 years?"

They had found the Nachzerer, and Fenris was proud to have lived through the experience of killing 3 Vong with his katana, thanks to a lot of help from Vorion and Tash. Ashura seemed to be scanning the area, looking for Macron who should've been in the area.

"I can feel his presence, but can't see him..." stated Ashura. Fenris nodded, he too could feel Macron's presence but not see him, or hear the evil Alchemist's maniacal laughing.

Vorion began to use his thermal vision. "He's over here, kneeling down." stated Vorion. As the group got closer they began to heard gibberish being uttered. "Yea, I can hear him now." said Fenris. The Alchemist was rocking back and forth talking to himself, randomly slapping the ground.

"I find it funny...we are on an alien planet...and yet Macron continues to be utter insane, offering us no insight to what has happened so far." joked Fenris.

Macron looked up at the Falleen, and uttered something that sounded sinister. Fenris quickly wiped the smile from his face.

Macron Sadow

11-02-2008 16:08:39

Vong Worldship
12th Sublevel
Near Transport Nachzerer

“If I only had a brain, I'd squish it in the morning, oh yeah,” hummed Macron as he shoved a Vong body down one of the cracks in the floor. “Gravity check baby! Last stop, lingerie, ladies clothes, going… Down!” The madman chuckled as the body fell limbs akimbo into the crevice to land some seconds later with an echoing squelch. He peered over the abyss, noting that this was a deeper level beneath them. Some slave types seemed to be scattering from the recently dropped gory present.

“Well gravity seems to be working normally anyhow. Got some slave types down there, they look scared,” chuckled Mononoke. “Maybe that’s the way we want to go. Too bad about Sweetums, but damn did that bitch put up a fight. I’m proud of her.” He looked at the carcass of his creation laying nearby. The video was priceless, and the carcass itself would be an excellent weapon if thrown by the Force. Even in death, there was a use for the biomass as resources.

“She certainly did. Could be the way to the brain,” agreed Malisane. “Everyone okay? I’m good to go over here,” he said while checking himself for injuries. "Welcome Ashura,Tash and Fenris."

“I’m alright,” replied Agrist. “Amphistaff venom got my skin, but I am purging it with the Force. Right arm’s a little numb, should be fine in a minute or two.”

“I’m fully functional,” remarked Senth. “About 80 percent ammunition and power pack reserves remaining.”

Sai stepped from the loading plank. “She’s up and running. I found that old R3 droid, he’s still working on the internals. However, we should have no troubles lifting off. Unfortunately, life support may be an issue though,” he remarked. “Other than a few burns from the welder I’m peachy. Besides being in this Vong ship, anyhow.”

“I’m totally cool,” giggled the madman as he read the readouts inside the suit visor.

“That’s debatable,” replied Malisane dryly.

Macron frowned inside the helm. “I mean, I am basically unharmed and ready to kill some more… what?” his impassive visor turned as he looked at his comrades.

All seven of the others laughed as they hefted their gear. “He meant that as a joke Mac,” laughed Ashura.

“Oh,” stated the alchemist petulantly. “Anyhow, we’re almost set up with that perimeter. My senses tell me others are coming this way from above but it might be a bit. I guess we have to hold on until they get here!”

Loud shouts emanated from the nearby approach corridor in Yuuzhan Vong. "More company on the way folks," yelled Senth. "Let's terminate them."

Zaxen Dauketrenal

11-02-2008 16:19:09

Telos Space

The arena outside the canopy was an orchestra of light and chaos. Zaxen's breathing had become heavy as he attempted to stay in the loose formation while trying to pay attention to the comm calls, not fly into something, and get shot in the process. The experience was perhaps the most terrifying and exciting he had ever had in his life. He could feel every fiber of his being, every cell, every atom explode with exhilaration.

A blast of what looked like molten rock flew within a hair's length of the canopy of Zaxen's X-wing blinding him momentarily. He instinctivly pushed the yoke forward at the last instant to avoid certain death. Exhaling sharply he pulled back cutting his speed slightly in an attempt to pull a tighter loop. The inertial dampners of his fighter kicked in and the onboard computer attempted to counteract Zaxen's input to minimize the g-forces being exerted on the craft and it's pilot.

"Hey droid! Override the dampners!" Zaxen yelled back to his craft's astromech co pilot.
Zaxen barely heard the responding warble as he felt the craft lurch in an even tighter loop. Then he caught his persuer just at the edge of his visual limitations. The sleeck, rock, pod like craft which had become known as a Coral Skipper was trying to match his turn and was begining to bring it's nose around to draw a bead on Zaxen. He jinked a bit to keep the pilot's aim wide hoping to make him overcompensate and bait him into a trap. The Yuuzhan Vong was not buying it.

Suddendly he felt his craft shutter as a molten projectile blew past him from underneath. "Vasht!" Zaxen spat in reaction. His adrenaline began to course through his veins as he caught a glimpse of the second Coral Skipper moving in on his left. "This is Ravana 6! I'm in a bit of trouble here!"
In a desperate gamble Zaxen pushed forward hard on his yoke quickly killing his speed and then pushing it back up and corkscrewed towards relative down. The resulting sensations inside his body was nothing short of sheer excruciation. His head exploded as blood quickly rushed back in and just as quickly back out. His stomach nearly let loose what little contents it had. Zaxen ground his teeth as he pulled around for another loop and caught his two adversaries trying to compensate for his wild maneuver.

"Hang on 6 I'm on my way!" Zaxen heard over the comms but his ears were ringing and his head was throbbing and he could not recognize the voice. He wasn't going to wait. Pushing his throttle forward he jinked his nose back in forth until his range closed into the red zone. In a quick jerk of his hand and guided by the Force as much as he could muster, he brought the four lasers over the left most coral skipper and engaged the stutter fire mechanizism which was duly absorbed by the skipper's black hole like defense shield until finally the weak beam made contact with the craft. He quickly threw the switch to full quad fire and half snarled and half smiled as the 4 red beams severed the living rock craft asunder.

Silently cheering he pulled the XJ3 around, rolling back around to where he suspected his other adversary would be but he could not find him. The thrill of getting his first kill was quickly swallowed up by the pure dread that gripped his heart.

"Where is he?!!" he called back to his astromech. He began to jink as the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He yanked heard again on the yoke throwing his fighter into another tight loop causing his vision to become dim and grey out and then he saw it. It's nose pointed right at him.

"Oh no..."


11-02-2008 17:10:30

Yuuzhan Vong worldship
In orbit above Telos

Darth Vexatus fought with the controls as his XJ continued its fatal dive toward oblivion.

The loss of his wing had disrupted the main ion drive and it was now belching smoke into the open vacuum. The onboard R8 astromech had failed to slow the spread of the fire which had since spread through most of the internal components.

Beneath him, Vexatus watched as the surface of the worldship rapidly approached. Recognising there were no options left, the Sith Lord punched the ejector controls. Not wearing a flight suit, Vexatus quickly summoned what oxygen there was left in the cockpit and wrapped it around him in a bubble of Force energy before he was fired out into the void on only his seat.

The rest of the XJ spiralled down, exploding when it impacted the yorik coral. When the dust settled, only a crater nearly thirty meters in diameter remained from where the ship had collided.

Darth Vexatus gasped for breath when he finally entered the habitable bubble on the worldship’s surface. With only twenty meters left to go, he sprung away from the ejector seat, using the Force to cushion his final descent before falling into a roll when he hit the surface to ease the impact.

Brilliant,” muttered the Sith Lord as he drew himself to his feet. This was not what Vexatus had planned. He should have been back on the Final Way by now. Darth Vexatus reached out, looking for the presence of his Master in the Force.

Trevarus Caerick’s voice called back, My apprentice, can you hear me? What happened?

Vexatus sighed. A coralskipper clipped my wing. My engine exploded when I hit the afterburners. I crashed somewhere in the landing zone. Vexatus looked out over the horizon. The thick growth of plant life beyond the impact crater made it impossible to see whether anyone else had landed nearby, but in the distance he could make out a massive cloud of smoke. I think I can make out the Nachzerer’s crash site in the distance.

I’m making my way to the surface, replied Caerick. I will meet you there.

You’re coming down here? said Vexatus, surprised.

It is clear we have underestimated the abominations, said the sorcerer dryly. I intend to take no chances. That vessel will be destroyed.

I understand, my Master. Reaching Lehon is all that matters.

After Caerick’s presence in his mind faded, Darth Vexatus looked around. Apart from the billowing cloud of black smoke, all he could see was plant life. The Sith Lord groaned. It was like being back on Kangaras. Igniting his lightsaber, he began cutting his way through the growth toward what he hoped was the Nachzerer.


11-02-2008 19:01:10

Yuuzhan Vong worldship

Darth Vexatus continued cutting his way through the growth of the worldship when the Falleen recognized a familiar scent, the scent of carababba tabac.

“How many times have I told you that those cigars will be the death of you Commander?” the Sith Lord asked.

“Now since when have I paid attention to a single thing you have ever said My Lord,” Commander Daragon answered with a smile as he kicked back relaxing in a drop ship and began to clap, “Hell of a landing, by the way.”

Ignoring the Commander’s comment, “Are you going to partake in this operation or just enjoy the scenery.”

“Well,” the Commander began, “I, unlike yourself, decided to return my X-wing back to where I got it from and I would like to add, in the same somewhat shape as how I got it for a change, and decided to take a ride on these one-way drop ships to our present location. Now I am very disappointed with the service as I booked a first class trip and there was no stewardess or in-flight movie. I mean they didn’t even have cupholders in these things, I almost spilt my beer, but I digress.”

Darth Vexatus became bored and continued on his way, as the Commander followed continuing his recap of his last hour, “So after I landed I couldn’t help but notice all the nice fireworks in the sky and decided to catch a smoke and watch the show before I got on my way. That’s when I saw your little episode, complete with the Evel Knievel finish. Then I just waited for you to head my way and figured I’d tag along with my old buddy.”

“How lucky for me,” the Dark Prophet thought as the two Sith marched their way towards the Nachzerer.

Muz Ashen

11-02-2008 23:04:45

Muz watched the chaos unfold before him, sable eyes regarding the Final Way as it maneuvered toward the behemoth. Zorrixor was on the rock, and Trev was probably maneuvering. Muz blinked slowly, watching the pieces move. Trev had moved his Houjix from the offensive to the defensive, and the Kintan... Muz shrugged the game out of his mind, focusing instead on his own pieces. Ashia was aboard the Final Way, but Macron and Sai were down there.

The figure moved quietly, cloaked in the shadows of the meditation chamber of the Fallen Spear. The flare of the ships turrets lit the halfbreed's face momentarily before he spoke. "Why are we waiting, father?"

Muz rose, nodding as his sabers flew from their stand to his belt. Walking off of the raised dias, his arm's datapad slipped open as he gave the command to Blackwind. Sliding the blaster harness onto his leg, he watched Sanjuro strap a bandolier of plasma grenades over his robes.

"You understand what happens next?"

Sanjuro nodded, and Muz wondered how much the Knight could sense of the larger game of houses. This was not about revenge. That time would come later.


"Begging the Master's pardon, but you're frelling out of your mind!" Blackwind snarled at the Lion of Tarthos as he stood passively, staring at the hive of creatures as it began to stir. "My ship won't survive half a minute down there."

Muz turned slowly. "Darius, you'd do well to recall who owns this ship. And by the time I call for you, it'll be more than safe enough for the Spear. I don't want her hurt any more than you do."

Darius turned to stare into the pitch eyes of the Keibatsu Lord and found them smiling. He wasn't sure whether to be settled or disturbed. "I would still like to..."

"Noted, Captain." Muz cut him off. "Just get us close enough to drop down. Until then, let the Nihilgenia man the cannons. That's what they were raised for."

Muz turned from the bridge, heavy bootfalls echoing down the corridor to the turbolift. Sanjuro appeared like a animated shadow, echoing his father in actions and vision. Muz repressed his pride. The experience with the Vong in the outside changed him a great deal, and his 'attachment' to his father was at least a comfort to his mother. She at least knew where he was.

Old friend, I suspect you will let me know. Muz reached out with the Force, feeling the mind of the Elder.

I will wait for you and the rest. The voice came back through his mind, weakened through distance and the Lord's mental defenses. Yours has always remained strong, even through the corruption.

Muz bit back his mind, avoiding his own thoughts about what had been corrupted. Now was not the time. Now was the time for war, not petty intrigues and the sort of self-destruction that caused the Brotherhood's last loss.

He would lecture them all later.

At saber point, if need be.


The Spear roared into the makeshift atmosphere of the worldship, the airlock thinning and letting the billowing winds into the bay, the Father's warcoat and the son's cloak flapping out a staccato war-drum beat. He had Blackwind send a code burst through the Kuroshin holonet to let them all know what was going on. Macron and Sai knew that backup was coming, and that there was a viable escape, even in the worst case scenario.

Sanjuro's eyebrow lifted as he looked at his father. The young one's words were nearly lost in the dull scream of air before he dove out of the Spear's maw, hundreds of feet above the verdant crust.

"This is a song dedicated to the lost..."

Muz laughed like a madman as he followed suit.

Ashia Kagan

11-02-2008 23:20:33

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way
Special Operations Flagship

The Worldship loomed larger as the Star Destroyer drifted closer. The coralskippers exploded outside the windows of the bridge in a bright array as their ships destroyed and/or collided with them.

"This is madness!" Ashia screamed at the Consul. Trevarus moved quickly down the corridor towards the hanger bay.

"Even if you reach him, you might not get out alive! This is the Vong we are talking about!"

The Nightsister's temper flared as she pounded after him. Caerick swung around and glared at his Proconsul, his own temper starting to ignite at the ostentatious demeanor of his second.

"Destroying that vessel is all that matters, at all costs."

"Even at the cost of the entire clan?" Her azure eyes searched his; there was no changing his mind though.

"We will succeed, Ashia. Have faith, my child." He turned on his heel and strode down the corridor. The echoes of his boots ringing back to her.

She let out a sigh. It was bad enough that he took the Final Way in. Nothing was going according to his plan.

She reached out with the Force, the Spear was close, so was her husband and son. She didn't like where he was taking him but it was the only way. If anyone could him safe...

She moved back towards the bridge and took command, her mind floated on the endless possibilities of what the final out come would be.

'For Sadow...'


12-02-2008 00:25:48



12-02-2008 01:21:27

Inside the Yuuzhan Vong Worldship
Telos Orbit

The two Vong soldiers that were speaking to each other in their strange language were oblivious to the Acolyte that hid above them. Tritherus hid in a clearly unused tunnel that led to one of the main corridors within the Vong Worldship. That corridor just happened to be in the way of the Nachzerer when it crash landed into the surface. The soldiers must have stationed there to wait for any Dark Jedi that followed the smoking trail left behind.

As the Krath swordsman lurked in the shadows he suddenly sensed approaching signatures in the Force.

No Vong that's for sure, hopefully they're friendly, the Acolyte thought to himself. Once the signatures were close they slowed down, most likely seeing the two soldiers. This was Tritherus' chance, hopefully the others would catch on.

Seemingly commiting an act of suicide he jumped from his hiding spot, sword drawn. This would be easier if I used blasters, but they're so... distasteful, he thought as he engaged the two soldiers. Tritherus immediately realized his mistake, as the Vong overpowered him immediately knocking away his katana and attacking with their amphistaff. Either these were elite warriors or the soldier he faced before was merely a trainee.

The Sadowian defended himself the best he could, but he was bruised and bleeding and his whole body started the hurt from the amphistaffs. Suddenly blaster fire rang through the corridor. A bolt shot right through one of the Vong's head. The other was distracted and taking his only chance, Tritherus called upon the Force and launched forward impaling the other soldier with his katana.

The bloody pulp that was the Krath's face looked up to see Commander Alexander Anderson and the rest of the Ravana Squadron approaching. The Jedi Hunter did his best to treat his subordinate's wounds for the time being.

"You look absolutely terrible Trith!" remarked Xander.

Looking down at the two dead Vong, all Tritherus could say was, "I could be worse, Commander."

"Your insane for even thinking about taking on two Vong!" the Commander said.

"I killed one by myself on the surface," bragged Tritherus.

"WHAT! That's impossible... unless it was a trainee, and even then you're lucky. This is no time to look back on our fondest of memories, however. We still have a mission to complete."

"Yes, sir," muttered the Tyro as he got to his feet.

The reunited Ravana Squadron then began to delve deeper into the Worldship in search of their comrades and their objective. As they quietly wandered the strange rocky corridors they began to sense a powerful resonance in the Force. Being the closest thing they had to a compass the Dark Jedi began to track down the source.

Ylith Pandemonium

12-02-2008 02:54:54

Ylith ran through the halls of the Vong Worldship and was lost, desperately trying to get away from the grown group of thirty Vong behind him. His chest had a large cut through it and his right leg was cut by one of the Vong Amphistaffs. He cursed himself for opening another flesh door with his sword rather than those fleshy things they use to open them, nasty vermin, the Valheru thought.

Ylith quickly stepped around the corner and jumped upwards onto a ledge as that part of the hallways were higher. He sat in the corner, perfectly still, only his serpent eyes moving and noting the Vong walking underneath him, praying none of them would be smart enough to actually look up. After the Vong finally were away he let himself dropand groaned as his legwound bleeded heavier. He tore what was left of
the lower left leg of his pants and bound it around the wound.

"Best thing to do now is to reach the Nachzerer..." Ylith muttered to himself and he played with his necklace with his fingers.

"Nice necklace you got there Battlemaster..." A female voice said and Ylith swung his sword, only stopping it an inch from Jade's neck. "Whoa Tiger, it was meant to be a compliment..." Jade said and she embraced him and gave him a kiss.

"I finally found you!" She said and he smiled. "How did you get here?"
"I got lost when me and my team were seperated..."


12-02-2008 02:56:53

Jade looked up at the dirt above her. After running from a group of vong she had found herself falling, an dbefore she knew it had bit the ground knocking the wind out from her lungs. Bruised she stood, and hearing a comotion followed the sounds. In the distance her other side took hold, allowing her to see in the darkness, and she watched as Ylith hid from the vong. She too hid int he shadows waiting for the legion to pass hoping they wouldn't notice her. As Yitlh jumped down she eyed him and gave a slient laugh that he hadn't sensed her presence* "Nice Necklace Battle master. "
*Jade stood, taking a quick step back of the metal of his sword came within millimeteres of slicing through her. She narrowed her blackened eyes at him* Whoa Tiger, it was meant to be a compliment...*grinning she gave him a quick kiss* "You are not an easy person to find Battle master."
*His look of suprise made her grin* I got seperated from my team, and got curious when I heard a comotion this way and I guess I found you!* She pulled away and without warning slapped his right check* "Thats for nearly slicing me in half!" *As he brought his hand up she gave him another kiss, a long one this time* "and thats for having bad aim" *She gave him a wink* "Now what do you say we actually try to accomplish something and find the others?"


12-02-2008 11:32:30

Command Chamber
Domain Amnan worldship
In orbit above Telos

Supreme Commander Drathul Amnan was angry.

Much had happened since that fateful day nearly two years ago when the Children of Yun-Yuuzhan had routed the Dark Jeedai from the system they called Antei. Drathul had been elevated to commander for his success, but the Supreme Overlord had been unimpressed. Drathul had let the failure Eshin Shul get away. The Dread Lord had tasked him with hunting her down so that she may be purified for her blasphemy. Hunt her Drathul had. The priest had known little about the art of war and Drathul had tracked her down quickly. Returned to face judgment before the will of Yun-Shuno, Eshin had somehow managed to survive.

Drathul had fully intended to be the one to sacrifice her himself. Alas, the Pardoner had seen reason to spare her, and who was Drathul to question the will of the Gods? At least the former priest now lived the life she deserved for her failure, condemned among the other Shamed Ones.

For his success in returning the renegade priest to the fleet, the Supreme Overlord elevated Drathul to the coveted rank of Supreme Commander. Drathul had been pleased. The Gods had favoured him and he had given them his arm in return, replacing it with a vicious Radank claw. He had chosen to replace his eyes with mqaaq’it implants when he had been elevated to commander following the capture of the Dark Jeedai home world. With his new Radank claw and his cloak flowing from the hooks that had been grafted onto his shoulders following his promotion, he now looked every part the Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander.

Now one of the highest members of the warrior caste in Domain Amnan, he had been given command of their worldship to oversee their operations in the outer territories. Deep down inside, Drathul knew the Gods were still testing him, wanting him to prove himself before allowing him to take part in the operations nearer Yuuzhan’tar. But Drathul was unperturbed. He would prove his devotion, even if he had to sacrifice every last limb.

That did not stop Drathul Amnan from being angry.

What?” spat the Supreme Commander. “How many?”

A lesser creature would have been intimidated by Drathul Amnan. Not a Yuuzhan Vong. The subaltern answered confidently, “We have encountered at least half a dozen, commander. But more of their blasphemous vehicles landed in the biot nursery.”

Drathul Amnan cracked his fist against the yorik coral wall, savouring the pain as its jagged edges impaled his flesh. “You are to kill on sight,” roared Drathul. “I will take no chances with these Jeedai.”

Do-ro’ik vong pratte, commander,” said the subaltern before spinning on his heel and marching out of the command chamber, leaving the Supreme Commander to his thoughts.

The Dark Jeedai had nearly ruined everything last time. The Supreme Commander would not allow it to happen again.

Drathul stroked the back of one of the villips that formed part of the elaborate villip choir he now used as commander of his Domain’s worldship. The leathery creature puckered its flesh, forming into the ghostly visage of one of the shapers elsewhere on the vessel.

“Supreme Commander,” greeted the shaper, her voice recreated perfectly by the villip.

Jeedai have infiltrated the worldship, Master Shaper,” growled Drathul. “Have our remaining voxyn released. Let them track our prey down for us.”

The shaper nodded, her lipless face mimicking what would once have been a smile. “With pleasure, commander.”

OOC: This is from the Yuuzhan Vong point of view so its in Basic but obviously they'd actually be speaking Yuuzhan Vong. "Do-ro’ik vong pratte" is more like what they'd actually be saying. To speak Basic they require a "tizowyrm" in their ear to translate for them.


12-02-2008 11:59:11

The Nachzerer
Vong Worldship
Telos System

Malisane watched quietly as the sled was loaded up. Macron was giving brisk orders to the droids making sure the cannisters were secured properly. "I don't like this Mac," Malisane said quietly, "we're hardly going to be stealthy moving along with this thing."
"It floats on repulsors," the alchemist replied, "its not as if we're dragging it."
"What happens if we have to make a quick retreat from heavy forces?" the prefect demanded.
"We rupture the cannisters, run like hell and hope for the best." Macron replied with a grin.
"Nice," Agrist said from across the cargo bay, "glad you two have this worked out."

"We can handle it," Macron said confidently, "us, Sai, Senth, few enough to be noticed with everyone else making a load of noise elsewhere and drawing the Vong to them out of our path, yet strong enough to fight whatever comes our way."
"I hope so." the mercenary said quietly.
"You can always wait here," Malisane said with a grin, "lock the hatch and hope the Vong don't cut their way in."
"Very funny De Ath," Agrist said with a scowl, "I'll do my bit just make sure you do yours."
Macron clicked on the display, showing a rough estimate of what they thought the worldship looked like. "From what we can disern this point here," he pointed "is where several vein like tubes go. If they are like veins hitting this point should distribute the toxin throughout the entire thing.
"We hope," Malisane added, "as we can't scan very well through this ship it might be totally useless."
"Well until we try we won't know," Macron replied, "this is only the backup plan anyway. If Vexatus and friends succeed we can dump the cannisters and get the hell out of there."
Macron nodded, then pressed a button on the sled and it drifted effortlessly down the ramp to where Sai and Senth waited.
"Once the others move off we're good to go." Macron said, "everyone check your weapons no doubt we'll need them.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

12-02-2008 13:40:18

Inside the Yuuzhan Vong Worldship
Telos Orbit

Zaxen's body still ached from the stresses his body had been put through on the way to the world ship. His head throbbed and his joints protested his every step. He couldn't complain however as the Force had seen fit to let him survive thus far. He was also alot better than his XJ3 which had miraculously been able to land with only three of it's four engines operational and a blown off wing.
It was doubtful that even if he survived this little ordeal that he would be able to get off the world ship in the X-wing. No time to worry about that now. he thought to himself.

Zaxen now reunited with his squadron had landed and made thier way into the Yuuzhan vong worldship in an attempt to offer more support to the special forces team. He suspected this was a more spur of the moment drive to glory by certain lessers seeking to become greater rather than an order straight from the top. Such is the way of the game. he mused to himself. Glory to Sadow for he knew that this was the very trait that made the legacy of Sadow so extraordinary.

The squadron crept along as best they could and picked up the stragglers along the way. The sheer vastness of the world ship was dizzying to comprehend. This did not aid in the ease of Zaxen's discomfort. Nor did the strange 'void' in the Force which surrounded them. The feeling the Yuuzhan Vong gave him was an eerie one and led to a form of disgust.

When he had met up with Commander Xander he was kind enough to supply Zaxen with means to defend himself. The weapons however brought little comfort after seeing the results of the confrontations thus far. A worn out, obviously aged energy sword he took and strapped to his back with the grip facing down for easier access to his prefered reverse grip style and a spare hold out dart shooter were all that he had to work with. The Yuuzhan Vong Warriors had a strange assortment of weapons and armor that proved remarkably resistant but it was not this strange technology that brought Zaxen's spirits down. It was the complete lack of seemingly self worth in which the Yuuzhan Vong warriors threw themselves into combat with. Zaxen had to admire thier bravery and skill and seemingly inability to feel pain. Under different circumstances there is much we could have learned from them. he thought as they moved ahead.

The squadron continued forward in the bowels of the living vessel as Zaxen brought up the rear. He kept his eyes sharp in the strange half light of the occasional glowing crystal. Eventually the group made thier way into a large open antechamber. Xander brought them to a hault as he looked around attempting as best he could to feel the right path out in the emptiness in the Force. In the end he simply cursed, shaking his head and started to lead the squadron to the left wall to creep around the perimeter to the far side.

The large chamber had proven larger than previously thought as the way ahead was still shrouded in darkness. The occasional large pillar was passed which disappeared in the heights above. Zaxen kept his senses sharp. The chamber seemed to have a mood or life of its own an almost haunted feeling. The lack of connection to the Force only made this worse. Suddendly a small sound found its way to Zaxen's ear and he stopped quickly and peered into the darkness behind them. For a moment he simply thought it was his imagination but then he began to hear a strange whirring sound. He was almost too late as a glint from the shadows became a projectile aimed at him and his comrades.
"Everyone down!!" he cried and lept onto his stomach firing the PRP-502 in the direction of the thudbug's source.
A scream of surprise was heard as the person next to him was hit square in the face and fell lifeless, his death a flicker in the Force.
In the next moment the whirring sound turned into a crescendo as a swarm of thudbugs flew out of the shadows. The members of Ravana began firing back in response.
Zaxen gritted his teeth cursing the abominations in the Force as he tried to find some sort of cover.For the Glory of Sadow Zaxen thought to himself.

Xander could be heard over the noise issuing orders and attempting to maintain team unity but in the end chaos was taking its toll on the squadron. "We have to move!!" Xander screamed. "NOW!"

Shan Long

13-02-2008 02:42:00

Republic-Class Star Destroyer Final Way
Flagship of the Dlarit Navy
Telos, Telos System

In his haste, perhaps the Master misconstrued certain portents that he otherwise might have considered with more careful attention. His Apprentice was in mortal danger, and while that thought in itself did not disturb him, and single word echoed in the haze of his considerations. Lehon. Everything he had conspired lay on finding this ancient homeworld of a race more steeped in the Dark Side of the Force than even the Sith. He was capable of discerning the mysteries of Urias Orian, but the Falleen was so damn useful.

Another consideration... if the Sith Lord was to die, it should be at his hand. Then would he demonstrate his Command of the Essential Construct. As the Enigmatic One had spoken... "He who is power must conquer those whom he has instructed."

Yet he knew Xanos would not die on the Vong analog of a planet. The Force had shown him this clearly. His vision was unmistaken. Too many possibilities existed beyond this mere consequence to allow for the death of his Apprentice. Yet a certain intangible vision plagued him. The image of Lady Morrigan caressing a rose. She seemed to embrace it as a lover. He understood the metaphor. The thorn was as beautiful as the flower. Yet, which circumstance would allow this vision to have meaning?

Climbing into an escape pod, he jettisoned immediately. The commanders of his Flagship seemed not to notice, for he deactivated the emergency beacons immediately. He channeled mad rage, and drove the small craft towards the locus point of his Apprentice, pushing the small thusters as much through physical propulsion as with the telekinetic Force.

This song is dedicated to the lost
Abandoned, forgotten, destroyed
Through the veil of time, misty moon
Death has cast her shroud over the dead

Vacant memories, dreams of love, life
Echo in a stream of immutable paradox
Love of life, love of love, love of death
Death in life, and life in song.

Stretch out your hand and seek faith
Find not what is impossible, seek nothing
Know that all time is riddle, riddles mere word
Transitions and changes, all for naught

I have seen what lay between
Death in life, and life in death
Inconsistancies reveal depth only found
Seven fathoms underground.

See a journey to exposition

Shan Long was murmuring in his sleep as the Master rocketed towards the surface. Within moments, his tiny craft had landed near the ruins of Xanos' fighter. He leapt out, wicked lightsabers flashing to life as they appeared out of nothingness into his bloodthirsty fists.


13-02-2008 09:33:50

Biot Nursery
Domain Amnan worldship surface

Darth Vexatus chopped his way through the thick growth of extragalactic flora. The plants were beyond alien, each possessing a degree of limited intelligence.

The Sith Lord found the leathery polyps the worst. Three snakelike protrusions grew out of the base of each, snapping at him as he walked past. Occasionally one of the adult polyps would break off, forcing him to strike it down with his lightsaber. Vexatus could understand why the Yuuzhan Vong had chosen to tame the creatures into their fearsome amphistaffs. The host of fauna, from sparkbees to vonduun crabs, were more a nuisance than anything. Though the vonduun crabs’ ability to resist his lightsaber made them best to simply avoid.

Vexatus could still make out the billowing cloud of smoke where the Nachzerer had crashed, though by now much of the dust had settled or escaped into space. Through the Force he could tell he was still at least a couple of kilometres away from the others, though he could now sense his Master somewhere behind.


Vexatus ducked seconds before a long thin spear, much like an amphistaff or some kind of eel, sailed past where his head had been seconds before. The plasma eel impaled a nearby tree before erupting with the force similar to a thermal detonator. Vexatus was thrown backwards, slamming hard into another shape shifting tree behind him.

He cleaved his lightsaber through the branches before they could wrap around him, throwing himself forward in a Force aided lunge at the Yuuzhan Vong warrior who had emerged through one of the brightly coloured spiny bushes.

The warrior’s amphistaff snaked across his body, slithering down his arm into his hand before hardening into a rigid staff. It spat something in its own tongue. Vexatus didn’t need the tizowyrm in his ear to translate. Prepare to die Jeedai!

The Yuuzhan Vong whipped several beetle shaped creatures from the bandolier strapped across its chest and flung them at Darth Vexatus. The razorbugs flew at Vexatus like scythes, causing him to rapidly roll sideways as one grazed his left arm, sheering through his cloak and catching his skin.

Vexatus drew on the pain. He allowed it to consume him, a red veil falling over his sight as he charged the lone Yuuzhan Vong. The warrior brought his amphistaff up in a guard position as the Sith Lord raised his lightsaber and slashed. The Yuuzhan Vong ducked, kicking up at Vexatus’s knee. The Sith Lord lurched forward, dropping his lightsaber to parry the follow up attack from the amphistaff before springing over and behind the Yuuzhan Vong.

Filthy Jeedai scum, spat the warrior, Vexatus’s tizowyrm translating for him. I will make you suffer!

“Suffer?” Vexatus laughed.

Vexatus shoved his free hand into a nearby bush, allowing its spines to wrap around and sink deep into his flesh. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior watched on indifferently. When Vexatus ripped his hand free, tearing the spines with it, he didn’t as much as wince.

“Pain?” spat Vexatus. “Pain is my mistress, thanks to you.”

The Sith Lord gripped hold of his lightsaber and flew at the warrior again. The Yuuzhan Vong parried Vexatus’s first blow before dropping and swiping for his midsection. Vexatus battered the amphistaff away. The warrior attacked again, this time letting his amphistaff slacken. Vexatus parried again, but the amphistaff continued past his lightsaber, its head lunging for the Falleen’s neck.

With his free hand, Vexatus reached up and grabbed hold of the amphistaff before it could sink its teeth into his neck. The Sith Lord called on the dark side, channelling his hate into the amphistaffs head, allowing the bolts of lightning to wash over the serpentine creature.

It took the warrior a couple of seconds to realise what was happening before he drew back and pulled his amphistaff away. The weapon fell slack in his grip, hanging lifeless in his hand. The Yuuzhan Vong cursed before quickly withdrawing a pair of short coufees from his belt. But the warrior was too slow. Long before he could bring the chitinous daggers to bear, Vexatus was on him. His lightsaber tore through the gap in the Yuuzhan Vong’s armor around his neck and sent his head flying where it quickly disappeared within the bright orange needles of a nearby bush.


13-02-2008 10:56:57

Vong Worldship
12th Sublevel
Nachzerer Staging Area

Their preparations made, Sai, Macron, Malisane, Agrist and Senth ushered the hoversled with its canisters away from the transport. The Clan journeymen who’d made it to the crash site were looking at the quintet expectantly, and Sai called Ashura over to their group, stepping away to meet him.

“Alright, my friend, here’s the hand we’ve been dealt,” the Priest began, his voice hushed as to not arouse any doubts in the younger Clan members. “As it stands, none of us knows exactly where this 'brain' is, but we can’t exactly sit around on our hands, waiting for the Vong to find us and overwhelm us.

“The five of us are going to try and get as close as possible to where the brain might be, taking this nasty stuff with us.” Sai patted one of the Violator gas canisters. “There’s no sense in everybody getting infected.”

“As much as I’d hate to see our forces divided, Sai, I’m afraid you’re right.” Ashura nodded pensively, considering the Priest’s words.

The Keibatsu continued. “With us gone, you’d be the ranking officer. We leave it to you to wait here, or strike out on your own. Being as strong as you are, I’m sure you’d have no issues with anyone following what you decide to do,” Sai inclined his head towards the huddled journeymen. “If you decide to stay here, understand two things: one, proximity mines ring the Nachzerer, so I’d caution everyone to stand clear. Second, no one but myself and Mac can fly the thing, so even if they get on board, nothing will happen.”

“Doesn’t bode well for us if you don’t make it back,” Ashura said, the flashing of his eyes betraying his feelings.

“Relax,” the Keibatsu said with a reassuring grin. “I’ve thought of that, too. That’s why I’m giving you this,” Sai handed Ashura a small device. “If it looks bleak, I’ll transmit a clearance code to you through this. Not only will it deactivate the mines, it will open the Nachzerer and send it via autopilot back up through that hole to the Final Way, straight as an arrow. So, if you and the others decide to strike out, make sure you hightail it back here as quick as you can. I’ve made sure that you’ll have a way home, if our hosts don't patch up the hole first." Both men glanced up nervously towards the gaping maw in the ceiling

“Besides,” Sai continued. “Backup’s on the way. I’m sure you’ve sensed it, too.”

“Yes,” said Ashura, assuming the Keibatsu spoke of Vexatus, or even more distantly, Trevarus. “I have. But your powers must be developing to have sensed them, too.”

Sai ignored the remark, and instead offered a hand. “Be well, my friend. For Sadow.”

Ashura took Sai’s hand and shook it. “For Sadow. Gods speed to you all.”

Turning away, Ashura began to shout instructions to the assembled journeymen. Sai returned to his group and nodded to his comrades. Inwardly, he knew it wasn’t his Dark Side senses that had alerted him to the presence of backup, but a private comm device, one not connected to the normal Brotherhood Holonet channels. A shared glance with Mononoke confirmed that he’d received the same alert, which is why Sai knew to entrust Ashura with the failsafe for the Nachzerer. Normally, there was no sense in the only pilots of a transport leaving it, but there was something to say, after all, about the security a Family brought. He hadn't the wherewithal within the Force as yet to send coherent thoughts, but he was able to project the urgency, that he hoped, would speak for him:

'Whatever you're gonna do, Muz, do it fast.'

As they set out down a passageway hewn from yorik-coral, they took up a standard formation, with Mac on point, Malisane and Senth flanking the sled, Agrist monitoring the canister readouts and controlling the sled, and Sai bringing up the rear.

Macron Sadow

13-02-2008 15:15:52

Vong Worldship
13th Sublevel
Moving Deeper

Macron slowly walked down the weird corridor ahead of his compatriots, peering into the foggy air. The Force was basically useless as sensory enhancement in regards to the Yuuzhan Vong. However, there was more than one way to skin a greasy Gungan. Instead of focusing on the environment with senses born of the Force he enhanced his own physical senses, combining them with the sensors already built into his armor. A faint heat signature and scuttling noises from many meters ahead caught his attention. The party had company on the way, and given the locale they not likely to be friendly.

The sound waveform scrolled in a tiny window in the helmet heads up as the internal minicomputer struggled to match it against ones that the alchemist had previously encountered. 78% Match probability: Voxyn, came the red-lighted text response after a few seconds. Range: 75 Meters and closing slowly. The Warlord giggled silently inside his mask.

Mononoke held up one hand, silently urging the others to stop. He pointed ahead, raising 2 fingers with his other hand and signing in Basic letters for “Vxn.” The mad Sith then drew a dark cloak of Force energy around him, fading into the shadows as he stepped to the side. The previously set-upon plan was to let hostiles pass the point man, be drawn into combat, and then be hit hard from behind in a bottleneck and crossfire.

Malisane, Sai, Senth and Agrist saw the figure ahead of them, and looked at each other in concern. Voxyn were no joke. Senth immediately drew out 2 thermal detonators and powered up his heavy blaster rifle. Malisane coolly drew forth an unlit saber, as did Sai and Agrist. Concentration and hatred were written on all their faces as each of the Dark Jedi tapped into their own unique connection to the Dark Side.

Sai targeted a heavy piece of hanging Yorik coral above the hall, feeling for the weak points that would allow him to drop it on the Voxyn at the right time using telekinesis. Agrist and Malisane stepped into the corridor and lit their sabers, providing an obvious target for the Voxyn to focus on. Senth took up a kneeling position with cover behind them and plugged his heavy repeating blaster into a portable power pack. “Let’s hope this works,” muttered Agrist under his breath as he threw 2 smoke grenades ahead into the corridor.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-02-2008 15:52:44

The Valheru groaned as he sat down against the large brick carrying the Nachzerer
seeing that the main group already left and Jade kneeled beside him and tended his
wounds by ripping off some pieces from her outer robe and binding it around his waist.

"Do you think we lost them?" She said and Ylith shook his head. "Only for the moment, we
should.. -groaned again as Jade tried the knot tightly- ..try an focus on reaching Malisane
and the Keibatsu, they arent far ahead..."

Jade nodded and she helped him up, he had been fighting almost non stop to keep the
Vong at bay. They had been increasingly active with the knowledge that 'Daark Jeedai'
managed to get to the ship itself and Ylith's fighting didnt help much either.

Suddenly the Krath screamed in pain as a Vong spear hit her shoulder, cutting deep through
it making her fall on her knees and grit her teeth. The Valheru drew his sword and looked behind
him, seeing the corridor where the Keibatsu and Malisane walked through minutes earlier and
Ylith grabbed Jade and pushed her into the hallway.

"Go!" He said and he grabbed his sword and activated his shield, deflecting a spear.
"No!" She tried but Ylith cut trough a piece of coral and flesh hanging above the entrance which
made it collapse. Jade tried to reach him but couldnt.

Ylith glanced over his shoulder and nodded. "Go!"

Before she could object he ran towards the Vong, the entrance was sealed shut by rubble and she
couldnt clear it on her own. She recomposed herself and ran through the hall, hoping to run
into the others.


13-02-2008 16:40:35

Vong Worldship
13th Sublevel
Access Corridor Analog

The corridor filled with billowing smoke ahead of the trio of Jedi, momentarily masking both Macron’s hiding place of manufactured darkness and the slavering beast ahead. Agrist and Malisane glanced at one another nervously; normally, the smoke would cause a beast to burst forth, eager to escape the irritant. Not so this voxyn, who padded forward cautiously, menace rumbling deep within its chest and caustic saliva dripping from its razored maw in anticipation of snacking on the two Force-users ahead of it.

‘Uh, oh; this beastie’s smart,’ thought Sai, realizing that, for as tantalizing a target Agrist and de Ath were making of themselves, the voxyn was thrown off by Mononoke’s use of the Force to conceal his position. Its ethereal sense was contradicting its visual input, and it froze, directly in front of the Alchemist’s position.

Making matters worse, Sai discovered that the Vong’s lack of presence in the Force extended to their domicile, so he couldn’t find any weak points in the fleshy-rock of the stalagtite in the ceiling.

“So much for ‘hope’, friends,” said Agrist, recanting his earlier statement. The voxyn, meanwhile, had stopped altogether, seeming to say ‘come no further’.

“Damn this, we can’t wait anymore,” Sai said with exasperation, and before anyone could say anything, he sent a scythe of his will lancing towards the rocky mass.

The explosion of Sai’s Dark Side use pushed the voxyn over the edge of its indecision, and it let out a hideous roar, and began to bound forward. That is, until Senth opened up with the heavy repeater, peppering the beast’s snout and chest with unerring fire.

The voxyn flinched from the assault, but the weapon, even in Senth’s capable hands, proved to be little more than an annoyance in the face of the beast’s thick hide. Still, the determined Senth did not lay off of the trigger. Recovering quickly, the voxyn resumed its charge; even worse, it sensed the approaching mass of the detached coral falling towards it, and the men looked on in horror as the animal bounded from the floor to the wall in evasion, foiling the trap, the rocky mass hitting the deck with a loud thud.

Taken aback, Malisane and Agrist began to scramble backwards to regroup; Sai let out a cry of alarm when Agrist lost his footing in front of the sled with the Violator canisters that suddenly looked a hell of a lot more vulnerable than they did during the Nachzerer’s crash.

Sensing victory, the voxyn shrugged off Senth’s latest barrage and leapt towards the downed Agrist and the sled. Just as quickly, its charge was halted as Macron emerged from his concealment to grasp the voxyn’s tail; he arced backward, visibly trembling under the strain of both physically holding the thrashing voxyn and projecting the Force through the soles of his suit and into the deck, anchoring himself there and saving Agrist from a horrible fate. “I worked hard on that stuff, beastie; show some respect for a frelling artist!” he madly bellowed.

In response, the voxyn spat a craw full of venomous acid at Agrist; the man rolled away while Malisane covered him with a Force-umbrella of sorts, halting the fluid’s fall until Agrist was safe. Releasing the Force, Malisane then darted forward with his silver blade ignited and pointed right at the beast’s eye. Driving it home, de Ath sprang backward, withdrawing his blade and the voxyn screamed again, not in anticipation, but in agony.

Senth lobbed a thermal detonator in the direction of the beast; Sai caught it in his telekinetic thrall to guide it directly down the voxyn’s throat.

“Down!” screamed Senth, and the men flattened themselves against the deck as the voxyn’s head and neck exploded in a muted parody of a child’s soap bubble.

When they rose, they had gathered around the still twitching mass of the voxyn, their noses wrinkled at the aroma of its burning flesh.

“Well, that was something,” Sai said drolly. “How’s the sled?”

“All’s well,” Senth reported, checking the readouts and repowering the lift’s repulsors, and the men strained to move the sled around the beast’s carcass, taking care to avoid the fumes of the vaporizing blood and its still deadly claws.


13-02-2008 16:59:00



13-02-2008 17:03:21

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14-02-2008 04:47:17

Ylith had his hands full, literally. He was fighting numerous Vong warriors, scarred and injured from past skirmishes. The situation was bad for the Battlemaster, even a warrior of his strength could do so much against the beasts that were the Vong.

AS the Sith pushed one away, another took his place.

If it keeps going like this... he thought, predicting his demise. Like a bad omen at that moment his shield powered down.

So this is it? he thought as the ampistaff came closer to his face.

Suddenly the Vong flew back, as if hit by a tremendous force. He hit one of his own and they both tumbled over the floor. The other three continued toward the Battlemaster but stopped, suddenly, hitting a barrier.

"Nice gadget you gave me, dude." Ylith heard his brothers voice from behind. He looked down only to see Tyrens armored fist clutching the ground between his feet. He observed his brother, crouched behind him, is armor was torn in many places, the pouldron with the cape was lost and scratches littered the entire surface. A big scar decorated the left of his helmet, destroying the glass and leving an opening for his eye.

"Tyren? How did you..."
"Find you? You Valheru ain't that hard to track with your big footprints." he smiled.

Their attention turned to the Vong now.
"This barrier of mine wont hold that much, bro. It was weak to begin with."
"Just long enough!" Ylith said shaking his left arm. The Vong started hitting the barrier with their staffs, rendering it smaller and smaller with every powerful hit. "Get ready brother!" Ylith said.
"I'm all their's!" Tyren grinned pulling his katana out slightly.

Ylith, let me be your strength. Tyren inquired mentally. Let me through. he continued, his mind passing through Ylith's, enhancing his strength, agility and stamina. Ylith felt a surge of the Force unlike he's felt since his recovery. He felt alive.
"Do your thing brother." Tyren grinned and deactivated the barrier.


14-02-2008 05:56:45

Vong Worldship
Telos System

The way ahead was clear for now. It was obvious the voxyn had been intended to stop them in thier tracks, whether the Vong were regrouping they didn't know yet. Malisane and Macron strode confidently ahead, sabers ready but deactivated. Agrist and Senth walked either side of the sled, the Battlelord glancing down occasionally monitoring the readouts. He was happy, after eighteen months cooped up on the Final Way on endless patrols he was enjoying the action, something he hadn't seen since the destruction of the Tarthos base.

Sai brought up the rear, the Krath Priest keeping a watchful eye behind them. Though the path should be clear where they'd past he didn't assume for a minute the Vong might not have some trick up their sleeve. The walls and ceilings looked solid but he wouldn't put it past them to have some sort of hidden passageway or concealed trapdoor. Suddenly he stopped, his senses tingling. He could feel pain and conflict behind them. "There's something going on behind us." he called, "our people. They're in bad shape."
"We press on," Malisane replied firmly, "the mission is too important."
"A couple of us could just drop back and help?" Agrist suggested.
"No," Malisane replied, "everyone knows the risks we took coming here, we need to get these cannisters in place and that requires each one of us."
"Vexatus and Trevarus should be arriving soon," Macron added, "whoever is out there should have the sense to regroup with them."

They walked in silence for a few minutes, following the vein, until it suddenly diverted down into the floor. "We go down," Macron said.
"Saber our way through?" Malisane asked.
Macron shook his head. He took a sealed bottle from his backpack and poured it liberally on the ground at their feet. "Ok everyone back off and don't breathe in."
They moved backwards as the ground began to steam, and then bubble, before with a crash it caved downwards, causing the prefect and the alchemist to jump backwards further as the ground under them also began to crack.
A few seconds later they came cautiously forward and looked down into the hole. "Dark," Sai commented.
Senth shone a light down, but there didn't seem to be much for it to reflect on. "I can't see how deep it is."
"Can we guess?" Agrist asked.
"Could be ten feet could be two hundred." Senth replied.
"So what do we do?" Malisane asked.
"This." Macron replied and calmly jumped into the hole.
"Macron!" Sai shouted in horror as the alchemist disappeared from view as Senth flashed the torch about quickly. There was a muffled thud from below.
"It's alright," the Warlord shouted up, "its only about thirty foot." A second later there was a hiss and a burst of light as the Alchemist ignited a flare.
"Any Vong down there?" Malisane called back.
"One," Macron replied, his voice echoing, "he's not likely to be much trouble I landed on him."
Malisane grinned. "Alright maneouver the sled into the hole it will drift down easily enough."


14-02-2008 08:01:26

Biot Nursery
Domain Amnan worldship
Approaching the Nachzerer crash site

The Yuuzhan Vong warrior parried as Darth Vexatus swung his lightsaber horizontally. The second warrior was already attacking again with its tsaisi. Shorter and more delicate than an amphistaff, the Yuuzhan Vong twirled the unfamiliar weapon erratically, hoping to confuse the Falleen long enough to land a blow.

The first warrior withdrew his amphistaff, allowing the second access to attack with the tsaisi. Vexatus angled his lightsaber blade down quickly, catching the tsaisi but was forced to spring back to avoid the return blow from the first warrior’s amphistaff.

Darth Vexatus raised his hand and sent a bolt of Sith lightning flying at the tsaisi wielding warrior. The lightning struck the tsaisi head on, killing the weapon almost instantly. The warrior snarled, reaching into his bandolier to withdraw a handful of blorash jelly. Before Vexatus could react, the warrior threw the jelly at his feet, the amorphous blob rapidly latching itself to the ground.

No more jumping away for you, Jeedai! spat the warrior as Vexatus’s tizowyrm translated.

Vexatus summoned his shoto, igniting the short lightsaber as it flew into his hand. The second Yuuzhan Vong withdrew his coufee then they both charged him simultaneously. Darth Vexatus parried their blows, but unable to move was quickly running out of options.

You are weak, Jeedai, spat the second warrior. You and the rest of your kind will die here!

A blast of violet lightning sent the warrior reeling forwards into Vexatus’s lightsabers. The remaining warrior spun around, urgently searching for where the attack had originated. His amphistaff relaxed and coiled around his arm as he withdrew a handful of thud bugs from his bandolier.

Trevarus Caerick sprung from behind a patch of brightly coloured bushes. The Yuuzhan Vong threw the thud bugs at the sorcerer but Caerick’s hands were alive with more lightning before they could even near him. The warrior’s amphistaff began slithering back into his hand but Caerick was already on him. The sorcerer brought his lightsaber crashing through the warrior’s skull, cleaving him perfectly in two.

“You look to be having problems, my apprentice,” Caerick mocked.

Darth Vexatus glared back. “I could have handled them myself.”

“Of course,” said Caerick rolling his eyes. The sorcerer looked down at the smoking crater no more than a hundred meters away. “I see the others landed well.”

Vexatus clipped his shoto back to his belt before blasting the blorash jelly at his feet. After the blob dissolved he wandered over to the edge of the crater with his Master where Robert Daragon was already waiting, having apparently been too engrossed in his cigar to have noticed the recent fight.

“I assume you have a shuttle to get back?” asked Bob.

Caerick shrugged. “I took an escape pod down.”

“It just gets better and better...” muttered Vexatus.


14-02-2008 09:31:46

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Darkened Antechamber

Sai stood at the lip of the hole that Mononoke’s solution had created moments before. Senth had just joined the Alchemist and was performing a sweep of the chamber while Agrist and Malisane maneuvered the sled down through the opening, its repulsors thrumming gently as they fought to slow its decent.

The Keibatsu surreptitiously planted a tracking beacon in the bulkhead before he jumped through himself. He was assured that Muz was on his way; in this Force-forsaken place, the power of his cousin shone like an ethereal flare some many levels above him. Still, he was not above making his own arrangements for his merry band to make it back to the Nachzerer, safe and hale.

The small device began to beat an electronic tattoo, mimicking its many mates that Sai had planted along the way. When the mission was done, they’d have a clear path back to the Nachzerer. ‘Just like breadcrumbs’, Sai thought. Self-sufficiency even in the face of overwhelming support, he’d been taught. Still, he hoped they’d reach their destination soon; he was running out of beacons, and the further they traveled, the further they would have to come back.

Leaping down, Sai found the others conferring near the sled. His eyes adjusted to the gloom quickly; the chamber looked to be made of the same coral-flesh the rest of the analog was, what with its organics and form following function. Even stranger, some material within the walls seemed to be absorbing the light from Macron’s flare; even as it sputtered and died, the bulkheads emanated an eerie glow.

Senth motioned Sai over and recapped his report. “As I was saying, the chamber’s empty save our friend there,” he started, motioning with his heavy repeater at the Vong’s corpse at their feet. “There seem to be two sphincters at opposing ends.”

“Heh: sphincter,” muttered Mononoke.

“Grow up, Mac,” Malisane admonished, unable to stifle his own grin.

Senth, not catching the joke, continued. “The vein we’ve been following leads through that one,” he said, motioning to one of the chamber apertures.

“So, what’s the problem? Let’s go,” Sai said, and moved towards the sled.

“The problem is, our resident madman wants to open ‘em both. ‘For the sake of discovery’, he claims,” said Malisane, stopping the Priest in his tracks. He thought for a moment, clearly the deciding vote on whether to stay or to go.

After a pause, he finally spoke: “Alright, we open ‘em both.”

Macron tittered and ran swiftly to the aperture that the vein followed, Senth close behind. Agrist and Malisane went to the other, but stopped at the fleshy pod that most likely activated it.

“Touch it,” whispered de Ath.

“I’m not going to touch it; you touch it,” Agrist replied, nudging Malisane towards it.

Sai strode over. “I’ll touch it,” he said, shouldering his way between the others and palming the nubbin. As the sphincter flexed and slowly opened, he couldn’t help but reflexively wiping his hand on Agrist’s clothes. All three froze at what they saw.

Mononoke came over, speaking in a rush. “There’s a corridor out there, and Senth’s keeping an eye on things out there, but there’s no telling how long it’ll be quiet. The vein splits to follow it in both directions, so I don’t know which way we need to go.”

“Maybe we should ask one of them,” Sai said, pointing within the room that had been revealed.

Mononoke peered between the trio and saw what had frozen the others. Inside the room were five Yuuzhan Vong, but they were clearly not of the warrior caste. All looked to be slightly emaciated, even for the lean and slender race, with varying degrees of what appeared to be implant failure and bodily dessication. Where the Force-user’s eyes shone with amazement and wonder, the Vong’s were dull with subjugation.

Agrist broke the spell by asking a question that no one had the foresight to prepare for:

“Anybody here speak ‘Vong’?”


14-02-2008 10:38:52

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Darkened Antechamber

Malisane nodded. "As a matter of fact yes," he replied, "Talorthane has his uses."
He strode forward, barking an enquiry at the five Vong. The one in the middle spoke back quietly in its own language, forcing the words out. Malisane questioned it and it replied haltingly.
"They're disgraced, they fail the basic trials of a warrior. They don't meet the grade." he said in basic.
"Why are they here?" Macron asked curiously, "I'd have thought they'd have been destroyed, or work as slaves?"
"Examples," Malisane replied with distaste in his voice, "they live a miserable existance, beaten, starved patrolled in front of the other warriors daily as an example of what happens to those who don't live up to the standards of their race."
"What do we do with them," Agrist asked, "kill them?"
"I don't kill helpless opponents," Malisane said firmly. Macron gave a snort. Malisane sensed he was about to suggest taking them back for experimentation and gave him a shake of the head.
"Maybe they can help us?" Sai asked.

"I'll try." Malisane replied. He spoke again in the Vong language, and the leader spoke back, sounding firmer. Malisane frowned and replied raising his voice and the other four looked up. The leader fixed him with a determinded look and spoke quietly. Malisane nodded and drew his heavy blaster from his belt, aimed and fired four shots. The remaining Vong who had spoken nodded and said a word.
Malisane holstered his blaster. "He'll guide us."
"I thought you didn't kill helpless opponents," Agrist said sarcastically.
"It was the price they demanded for their assistance," Malisane said quietly his face myserious, "part of it anyway, once he's taken us as far as he knows he wants the same."

Zaxen Dauketrenal

14-02-2008 11:06:01

Vong Worldship
Dark Corridor
Telos System

Zaxen rallied Ravana squadron and quickly made for the closest hallway. The Yuuzhan Vong force of uncertain number continued to fling all manner of strange living weapons at them. As two more squadron members fell, Zaxen pulled the team agianst the wall and turned and began firing his hold out dart shooter. "Spread out right echelon formation! Stagger retreat!" The other squadron members quickly turned and formed a diagonal line out away from the wall. Everyone took a kneeling position and laid down cover fire. Once everyone was in place, Zaxen stood up ran back and tapped the shoulder of the person closest to him, who he recognized as Tritherus, ran another 25 feet and knelt again firing. Tritherus waited about 20 seconds before he stood, retreated back, and tapping the next person as he ran past Zaxen to take his knee again.The method was slow but the cover laid down by the squadron kept anyone else from getting killed as they made thier way towards the hall.

Suddendly a brilliant flash followed by an ear splitting explosion filled the corridor. Zaxen used the distraction to act. "Let's go! and everyone stood sprinting to the hallway's entrance. Once there Zaxen gave hand signals for everyone to conceal themselves near the entrance and wait. He signaled for Tritherus to take point near the entrance as look out for Commander Xander and his beautiful yet strange and rather skilled companion.

Zaxen took the lull in excitement to get his bearings and to calm himself. Taking a deep breath he opened his mind to the soothing whispers of the Force and felt out for those who would be his allies. His rudimentary skills could not pinpoint any exact location but he could sense many from his clan in this place. A rather strong grouping could be felt further down the hall and below them, not far but not close enough. Another grouping he recognized as one with the head of House Marka Ragnos, Battlemaster Ashura. Another he recognized as the Krath Priest Tyren and what could be his brother, Battlemaster Yilith the head of House Ludo Kresh. There was one over dominant presence that almost took Zaxen's breath away as he touched it in the Force. A very powerful person or persons were not far away the only catch was that the source of this brilliant node in the Force was in almost the exact direction they had come from.

Tritherus sent Zaxen a silent nudge in the Force. As he looked down at the spot where his fellow journeyman knelt he saw that some one was approaching. The squadron tensed as two figures made thier way around the corner and nearly pounced them until the eerie light revealed thier faces as Commander Xander and Sakura. The entire squadron let out a collective sigh of relief and Zaxen stood up to go meet his commander.

Suddendly the shadows burst into life as several Yuuzhan Vong warriors attacked from thier rear. Zaxen did not have much time to react and got his sword unsheathed and up to catch a powerful attack from smashing his skull. The power of the strike drove him to the ground and knocked the wind from his lungs. Desperatly kicking out Zaxen's foot found purchase on a Yuuzhan Vong knee joint but this only managed to push the warrior away enough so that he could scramble to his feet gasping for air.

The universe was a living nightmare to Zaxen. Then it hit him. This was his first true battle for his life, face to face with his enemy and already his enemy had the advantage. Zaxen willed his body to regain control and his lungs were filled with delicious oxygen as his breathing cycle returned to normal. He squarded off with his opponent bringing his energy sword in a reverse grip to bare and readied himself for the next moment. Other members of his squadron were doing the same and he knew he would have little if any help with his opponent. He only hoped that with all the groups of allies that were out there one would find them. If not this could very well be Ravana's last stand.

Glory to Sadow


14-02-2008 12:43:29

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

The Sadowan quintet and their emaciated guide stole quietly down the corridor, imitating the same two-two-one formation around the repulsorsled. This time, Sai was on sled duty while Senth brought up the rear. Malisane and their Vong guide chatted back and forth in their guttural tongue, and de Ath provided a rough translation for the rest.

“It seems as though we’ve a ways to go yet,” Malisane said, glancing back at Senth who had taken over planting the homing beacons, but at more sparse an interval. “I hope those things don’t run out on us, Sai.”

Priest, who was studying the readouts on the Violator canister, replied without looking up. “So do I, my friend, but I’m of the mind that the amount of beacons should be the least of our worries, if I’m reading these displays correctly.” Mononoke came over to confirm Sai’s readings, giggling all the while.

“It seems as though mine and Vexatus’ tinkerings have greatly diminished the shelf-life of our preserves,” he tittered.

“In ‘Basic’, please,” Agrist said worriedly.

“He means that this stuff is getting more and more unstable by the hour; if we don’t hurry, we may not have to worry about the exact whereabouts of the yammosk,” Sai translated.

Suddenly serious, the Alchemist looked at Malisane. “You tell him that we need to get there as quickly as possible, but we need to steer clear of main thoroughfairs.”

De Ath barked the command, to which their Vong guide chortled and responded. “I can’t quite get the exact translation, but it amounts to something along the lines of ‘having cake and eating it, too’”, Malisane said.

“You tell him that I said that if I wanted an opinion, I would’ve piped in the Holonet,” Macron rejoined, his anger rising.

“Mac, this isn’t helping,” Sai said, placing a cautionary hand on his cousin’s shoulder. “After all, he may not be entirely grateful that we’ve freed him. Wait until we’re where we need to be, then beat him down some more.”

Macron started to turn his ire on his cousin, but something in Sai’s tone, and the Shamed One’s shuffling and pained gait, made him hold his tongue. He realized that this was probably the first time in very long time that the Vong was able to show some fortitude, something intrinsically important to both of their races. The Alchemist also realized that their guide, as part of his conditions, had made this a one-way trip for himself. Where the five of them would fight tooth and nail to go home, the Vong pretty much had all of the fight beaten out of him.

He visibly relaxed and said, much calmer, “Just tell him to do what he can.”

Agrist piped in after a few steps, saying, “It’s truly amazing, the breaking of a sentient being.”

“That reminds me,” Sai said thoughtfully. “I’ve some attending to the Clan’s Master Student Program when we get back.”

The quintet chuckled softly at the joke, but the poignancy of the moment was not entirely lost on them. They continued to follow their Shamed guide, their steps taking them deeper and deeper into the Worldship.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-02-2008 13:56:27

With newfound strength Ylith slammed the lightwave shield bracelet into a Vong's head, pulling
it out harshly before activating it and deflecting an Amphistaff, deflecting it so that Tyren could
easily use his Katana to sever the head from the sidestepping Vong.

Suddenly a larger Vong appeared before Ylith, a commander who clutched his fist upwards, making
the warriors go back and surround the two Dark Jedi and Tyren gritted his teeth while Ylith looked
at the Vong Commander. The Sith barely had any of his armor left, only the lightwave shield and
a bracelet on the other arm and robe trousers. His upper body was bleeding from scrapes and
minor cuts and some bruises were evident. The Valheru raised his arm and whiped some blood
from his chin and grinned.

"We got more than we bargained for Brother...any exit?" Ylith said, not taking his eyes from the

Tyren narrowed his eyes and said, "None." yet through the force he channeled his true throughts
A corridor to our left, we can make it collapse behind us, keep them busy and I'll have a shield
ready by then, it will be enough to hold em untill you make it collapse.

The Valheru readied his sword and Lightwave shield and the Commander grabbed his large amphistaff.
Suddenly he attacked moved his fist to hit Ylith's abdomen and he quickly raised
his shield, only to find the Vong's fist to right through it and hitting The Sith
full into his guts, sending him a few meters backwards, falling onto his knees and coughing up
blood. Tyrens eyes widened at the sight of it, as he knew his brothers strength far too well
and to have it pushed aside that easily gave him an icey chill crawling up his spine.

The Valheru rose to his feet, groaning when he did and he wiped the blood from his mouth and
laughed at the Vong, who was only angered more by Ylith's taunt. The Valheru's eyes
moved to Tyren and he nodded, The Krath ran towards the corridor and the Battlemaster charged the Commander
who slammed Ylith against the chest with his amphistaff. He took a few steps back and swung
his sword while Tyren finally stood within the corridor and kneeled down, shield ready.


Ylith tried to hit the Vong into the face with his sword, only to be hit against his head
and when he flung back the commander grabbed the Sith by his head and raised him from
the ground and laughed, or something similar. The Valheru stabbed his sword through the Vong's
arm and kicked hard against the chest. With his grip lessened the Battlemaster broke free and ran to Tyren who
activated his shield to fend off the Vong, while his brother stabbed his sword into the ceiling and twisted
it, causing the edge of the ceiling to collapse, barring the way.

Tyren de-activated his shield and Ylith fell down on his back and tried to catch his breath, only
managing to say one sentence.



14-02-2008 14:09:49

Nachzerer crash site
Domain Amnan worldship

Trevarus Caerick, Darth Vexatus and Robert Daragon stood at the side of the precipice overlooking the massive crater that had been made by the Nachzerer. The hole went down at least ten levels, but it was too dark to make anything out at the bottom.

Bob flicked his cigar over the edge and watched as it disappeared into the distant darkness. “Well then, let’s get to it.” Bob tugged a rope off his belt and began fastening it to a protrusion on the edge of the crater. “Aren’t you guys coming?”

Caerick smirked. “Of course,” said the sorcerer before casually stepping over the edge of the abyss and floating across to the center of the crater.

“Show off,” muttered Bob under his breath.

Darth Vexatus stepped over the precipice and began to float down while Bob rappelled down the wall, keeping his lightsaber drawn should any Yuuzhan Vong happen to pop out from the passages that hung over the hole.

“Any suggestions if all we find is a wreck?” Bob asked.

Caerick shrugged. “I am sure an answer will present itself.” While the sorcerer floated down his mind appeared to be elsewhere.

Darth Vexatus sensed the presence of his Master pressing on his mind, issuing a summons to any surviving members of the Clan in the vicinity. Trevarus Caerick intended to regroup at the Nachzerer, from which they could launch their incursion deeper into the ship to the chamber of the world brain.

Reaching out himself, Vexatus could sense Macron Goura and the rest of the Nachzerer’s crew had already abandoned the ship. “It would appear the crew have decided to proceed with Plan B,” said the Sith Lord.

Caerick opened his eyes. “Then we shall proceed to the core and take out the world brain while they deal with the yammosk and the, what were they called? Dovin basals?”

Darth Vexatus nodded. His last visit to a worldship had taught him much about their biotechnology. Suffice to say however that this time he did not intend to spend it strung up on the Embrace of Pain. “The dovin basals can tear a moon out of orbit. Killing them should tear the worldship itself apart.”

“Then we better reach this brain thing before they set the bomb off,” said Bob.


14-02-2008 14:30:33

"No sh*t?!" Tyren asked putting his hand on Ylith chest. "This'll patch ya up!" a stream of energy flowed through the Sith, healing the minor bruises and cuts, closing the bigger wounds.

"Those'll pro'lly leave scars, bro. But knowing you, you wont mind."

Ylith stood up "Shall we?"

"Wait!" Tyren said as Ylith turned toward him. He crossed his feet and closed his eyes.

"This isn't the time for meditation brother."

"I ain't meditating. I'm searching." Ylith was silent while Tyren explored the vastness of the ship. It was hollow, a black void in the life of the Force. All he could sense were beacons upon it, his other comrades.

"I sense..." he said, his mind shifting to the surface and below. "...Muz..Ashia, and the others!"

"Trevarus...and Vexatus. They're together and they are near us, At the crash site."

"What of Jade?" Ylith asked, a flicker of worry in his voice.

Tyren's eyelids wrinkled. "I sense her...she's on the level below us, judging by her position, where exactly I dont know. looks like she's running." his eyes opened and he charged up, running down the corridor.

"What?" Ylith said confused.

"She's being chased..." his voice echoed as he turned left at the corner.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-02-2008 14:39:42

Ylith ran behind Tyren, groaning a bit when his muscles protested heavily
against the running but he gitted his teeth and kept up the pace. His
connection to the force waned again as his brothers boost wore off and
he felt weaker again, shaking his head a moment.

The Priest moved swiftly around the corner and the Battlemaster followed,
running downwards they could hear Jade screaming and Ylith frowned instantly,
hoping, praying he would be in time.

"Around the corner!" Tyren yelled and they both turned and the Krath activated
his shield instantly, pushing the Vong away from Jade while Ylith ran past her and
severed the heads of the minor Vong Warriors with a few slashes with his sword
and slammed the lightwave shield bracelet into the throath of the third and last one

"Ylith! Tyren!" She said in relief and she ran to Ylith, embracing him and gave him
a kiss, then she placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed her thumb into
one of the wounds caused by the Vong.

"If you ever...ever!...push me away like that again I will make you useless to a
woman...understand?!" Jade said with a growl and Ylith gritted his teeth and

"Fine..." He said and she let go and embraced him again and Tyren chuckled.


"Shut it..."

Macron Sadow

14-02-2008 17:08:42

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

The green lights on the repulsor sled that had formerly been flickering slowly had now sped up. Before there had been three, and now there was only one of the viridian lights. It flickered about once every two seconds, which was more rapid than before. “Dren, not good,” remarked Macron as he knelt beside the tanks. “It’s much less stable now. If we get to 3 reds that stay lit... well, let's just say we'll all be experiencing a new state of consciousness.“

“That’s not what I wanted to hear,” replied Malisane with a grimace. “Anything you can do?”

“Perhaps,” responded Macron. He looked about the strange tunnel they were in. “Cold would be good. This damn worldship is too weird for me to figure out where I’d find it.”

Malisane turned to their guide and spoke in the strange Vong dialect. The syllables sounded like gibberish to most, but apparently the Sith could understand them to some degree. “He says ahead about 100 meters there is a coolant tube,” stated Malisane. “He also asks for an honorable death- to go down with a weapon in hand so he can become one with Yun-Yuuzhan after he dies.”

Sai nodded, scanning the corridor for movement. “We can do that. Agrist, you have an extra vibroblade?”

“Of course,” replied the mercenary. “I think I see where you are going with this. Hell, I’d hate to die unarmed myself. I'll give the poor bastard my backup.” The Sith pulled a vibroblade out of his belt and handed it to the Shamed One. The alien’s face lit with a bitter smile, and he began to walk forward. Now that he was armed, he had some hope of an honorable death later.

Senth had been standing point while the others examined the tanks. He now spoke up clearly. “I have contacts at 50 meters and closing. I’d bet they were Vong warriors- if I was a betting man,” he said. “Looks like it’s time to fight again, and these may be actual crab-armored toughs.”


14-02-2008 17:44:18

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

Senth ooked up. "Thats comfirme. Group of Vong approaching, about a dozen."
"Not good odds," Agrist replied quietly, as they darted into the shadows, concealing the sled in an alcove.
"Jump them?" Macron asked.
Malisane glanced at their guide, who was shaking nervously sensing his captors approaching hiss fingers clenching the vibroknife, and spoke in the Vong language. The prisoner's eyes widened, then a look of grim determination returned to his features and he nodded.
Malisane reached out and handed him something, and as the Vong took it Malisane met his eyes and gave the aliens hand a comradely squeeze. The Vong's eyes gleamed briefly.

"Where is he going?" Agrist demanded in a whisper.
Malisane didn't reply as they watched their guide walk down the corridor slowly, until he came face to face with the warriors approaching. The Vong leader saw the emaciated prisoner and shouted an order. The prisoner stood stock still, his gaze falling to the floor in submission and the knife hitting the ground as his grip released it. The twelve warriors approached surrounding the prisoner and their leader stared at him, then spoke cruely in their own language, leaning into the other Vongs face as it continued to study the floor. Suddenly the prisoner raised his head and looked the leader straight in the eye, a slight smile forming on its previously subuded features.

The Dark Jedi shielded their eyes as the explosion ripped along the corridor, debris falling and bouncing along ground. Finally the smoke and dust cleared to reveal the bodies of the dead and dying Vong.
"He did well," Sai said quietly, all of them impressed at their guide's determination.
Macron stood up. "Time to rig this thing to explode then backtrack. We're close enough no point taking any risks. Once thats done we can detonate it remotely from a safe distance when we get the word."


15-02-2008 10:19:46

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

The Dark Jedi followed the vein around a bend until it reached another terminus. Macron halted the party, saying “This is far enough, gents.” Senth ushered the hoversled close to the bulkhead, and the Alchemist immediately set to work, hollowing out a small enclave by removing hunks of the yorik-coral bulkhead with judicious use of the Force. Next, he, along with the DAC, carefully hefted the canisters inside the newly created hiding spot. He whistled a merry tune while the others stood guard.

“That noise is sure to attract some more of our hosts,” Agrist said, removing his ‘saber hilt and checking the charge. The others mimicked his movement while Senth plugged a fresh powerpack into his heavy repeater.

“How we coming, cousin?” asked Sai, stretching his neck and shaking out his limbs. He anticipated getting very dirty in the next encounter.

“I’m attaching a feed line from one of the canisters directly into the vein,” Macron said, sticking what appeared to be a long catheter needle into the fleshy protrusion. “Given the pressure, and the medium’s chemical makeup, I’m anticipating about an hour for it to fully vent.

“Next, I’ll set a time delay charge on the second canister so it’ll explode an hour after the first one vents. So what we’ll have here,” Macron continued, shifting over to fiddle with the displays a bit, “is a combo – intravenous and aerosol infectant – designed for maximum exposure.” He finished the set up, then replacing the removed pieces of yorik-coral to a close approximation of its previous appearance.

“But you have rigged it to go off once we tell it to, right?” Malisane asked.

“Of course,” purred Mononoke, holding up the remote detonator. “Unless some of our friends decide to show up and make it do otherwise...”

As if on cue, a squad of six Vong rounded the bend in the corridor and began to advance on the Jedi.

“Uh, Sai? Which way do those ‘breadcrumbs’ lead?” Agrist asked?

“Through them,” the Keibatsu sighed. Mononoke giggled.

“At least we’ve better odds than before,” de Ath assessed, holding his unlit hilt in his hand and taking up a loose, defensive stance, anticipating a charge.

To this, Sai said nothing, instead thumbing the activation stud on his own hilt, causing bloodshine to pour from the chromed cylinder. The Vong, recognizing the ‘laser sword’ from their intel gathered in previous encounters, screeched in anticipatory glee at the perceived challenge.

The Priest did not disappoint, flooding his muscles with the Dark Side and bolting towards the squad. His Clan mates ignited their own and started after Sai, whose claret crescents he carved in the alien air through his execution of Shii-Cho’s forms both hard pressed the Vong and pointed the way to salvation.

Deep within the bowels of the Vong Worldship, yet another battle had been joined.


15-02-2008 12:43:07

Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 12

Trevarus Caerick addressed the assembled gathering of Dark Jedi who had responded to his summons. Apart from the Plan B team, most of the rest of the Clan had gathered at the Nachzerer. There were a few notable exceptions, Ylith Atema and his twin hadn’t returned. Caerick could sense them the level below, along with Ylith’s wife.

“Brethren,” called Caerick. “Our fellow brothers Macron, Malisane, Sai and Agrist are in the process of deploying the violator gas bomb as we speak. It falls on us to take out the world brain.”

Several of the crowd already knew the state of affairs, having discussed it with the Plan B team before they set out into the bowels of the Yuuzhan Vong worldship. But others had only arrived at the crash site recently, converging on Trevarus Caerick’s call through the Force to regroup.

Nero Pennant, one of the Master’s acolytes, gripped the lightsaber Caerick had given him during the Battle of Antei tightly. The Miraluka was unable to see naturally, having only the Force for guidance. This far into the worldship all her could perceive was a cold emptiness. Nero had overcome the fear that had gripped him during their last encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong, but he was still noticeably troubled by their predicament.

“How are we going to locate the brain?” asked Robert Daragon from the middle of the crowd.

“That is where my apprentice comes in,” said Caerick, gesturing to Darth Vexatus standing behind him. “His past experiences have given him an insight into their layout. He should be able to help guide us through the labyrinth.”

“How do we know this one won’t be constructed differently?” called one of the journeymen.

Caerick looked at the man indifferently, though inside he found the journeyman’s willingness to question him and his apprentice amusing more than anything. “We don’t. That is why we intend to head to the slave quarter first. There we will hopefully be able to find someone who knows this particular worldship better.”

“How do you plan to converse with a Yuuzhan Vong?” the same journeyman answered back.

Darth Vexatus stepped out of the shadows, pulling the hood from his face to expose his withered and scarred features. “Dwi, kane a bar,” spat the Falleen.

“Any further questions?” Caerick asked sarcastically. There was an eerie silence as most of the gathering stared uncomfortably at the Sith Lord. “I thought not.”

The sorcerer hopped off the top of the Nachzerer from where he had been addressing the crowd. “We should get moving then.” Caerick stepped over to the fissure in the ground nearby the Nachzerer, no doubt caused by the impact.

“We’re going straight down?” asked Shaung Long.

Caerick nodded. “As luck would have it, the slave quarter is directly beneath us." The sorcerer pointed at a few of the journeymen. "You, stay behind and guard the ship. Everyone else, let’s go.”

Ylith Pandemonium

15-02-2008 14:31:07

The Vong Worldship
Slave Quarters entrance

The Valheru moved through the corridor, with Jade behind him and Tyren at the back,
ready to activate his shield should trouble arise. On each side were doors and they
could hear sounds coming from each one of them. From screams of pain and torture
to moans and groans.

"What the hell is this?" Tyren asked and Jade moved closer to Ylith.
"Slave quarters, or something similar. We would do best to..." He didnt finish his
sentence as from the other side of the corridor the Consul himself, accompanied
by a group of Dark Jedi and Darth Vexatus came their way. Tyren and Jade
bowed, yet Ylith remained standing, only giving a minor bow.

"Master Caerick, Darth Vexatus. We have been outrunning the Vong ever since
we've gotten here so we couldnt join you at the Nachzerer, we had to save Jade." Ylith
said and the Consul nodded, while walking past while the Falleen shook his head.

"The weak do not deserve to be saved." The Sith Lord said coldly and Ylith gritted
his teeth and before Jade could calm him the Valheru grabbed his sword and slashed
at Vexatus, causing Cearick to glance over his shoulder and a few of the journeymen
to gasp.

The Darth used the force to push the Battlemaster against the wall, the air slammed
out of him and then he froze in mid air, the Falleen holding out his hand as if holding
Ylith in it.

"Children should not play with weapons," mocked the Sith Lord as he closed his fist,
causing Ylith to writhe in agony.

After a few seconds he released Ylith and moved on, the Consul shaking his head as he
searched for the right slave to guide them and Jade kneeled at Ylith's side.

"Are you alright?" Jade said and Ylith tried to catch his breath, then emptied his stomach
onto the filthy floor he sat upon, his very being had been crushed by the power of the force.

Ylith pushed himself up, still groaning and trying to regain balance. "I'm fine, lets keep
moving.." The Sith said and he walked to the rest of the group, Jade and Tyren following

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15-02-2008 14:51:32

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

The crimson of Sai’s blade splashed against vonduun crab armor in a shower of sparks as he beat one of the Vong assailants away from him, using brute strength more than the energy of the ‘saber than anything. Sweat dripped from his brow and his skin nettled from his drawing on the Dark Side so deeply for so long, but here, in the midst of mortal combat, he was truly happiest.

The Vong sprang backward, curses spilling from his mouth and his amphistaff growing slack as he flicked his wrist, and the alien whipped the venomous head forward, trying to either throttle the Keibatsu or poison him outright; Sai’s back cracked as he contorted out of harm’s way, and as the flail passed over his bent form harmlessly, Malisane sent a wall of Force to push his own opponent backward while bringing his own silver blade upwards, cleaving the head of the Sai’s Vong adversary’s weapon and rendering it useless.

The five men had continued in similar fashion, marshalling their collective strengths and using cooperative tactics to whittle away their more singularly-minded foes.

Mononoke allowed a Vong’s amphistaff to wrap itself around his armored forearm. He yanked back, drawing the alien close to him to then smash his Armored Fist flush in its face. Dazed, yet relishing the agony, the Vong let out an approximation of a chuckle as it stumbled backwards to land, sprawl legged, on its rump; it was still chuckling as Senth rushed forward to plant a boot in its chest, holding him there on his back as the DAC opened up at point-blank range with his heavy repeater.

The Vong’s head burst open, as an overripe melon.

“Well done, Senth!” Agrist cried out even as his opponent threatened to overwhelm him with slashing blows of a coufee; at close range, it was all the mercenary could do to avoid being eviscerated, being unable to bring his ‘saber to bear.

Sai leapt to his rescue, his own enemy in close pursuit. The Priest stabbed his crimson blade into the vulnerable part of Agrist’s assailant ‘neath his armpit; even as steam escaped from the dying Vong’s mouth, Sai held his pose. The Keibatsu seemed easy pickings for the one who chased him; so focused was he on driving his coufee through Sai’s back that he didn’t see Malisane’s Force-assisted right cross coming until he caught it flush on the jaw.

Snapping his head back to face Malisane, the twin scythes of Macron’s blades suddenly relieved him of the burden of his arms, severing them at the elbows. Agrist finished him off by thrusting his ‘saber into his screeching craw.

As the Vong’s body dropped, the four Force users and their DAC gunman turned on the remaining three warriors, their chests heaving with exertion and eyes shining with the Dark Side.

Much to their delight, the Vong bared their misshapen teeth in bold defiance as they raised amphistaff and coufee alike, preparing to become one with Yun-Yuuzhan with Jeedai escorts; one of them hurled a fist full of thud bugs at the invaders before they all raised their voices in a cacophony of rage:

“Do-ro’ik vong pratt!”

Macron Sadow

15-02-2008 17:57:42

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

As the thud-bugs flew at the party of Dark Jedi, Macron raised a hand. Creating walls of force-energy and even throwing waves of it were specialties of Clan Naga Sadow. A solid wall of force-energy formed in the air, stopping the bugs dead in their tracks. His fist closed, wrapping the invisible shield around the bugs like a blanket. The Sith squeezed with the Force, popping the thud bugs and causing green goo to drip onto the floor. “Groovy,” Mac laughed. “I hate bugs. Didn’t you know that? Now I’m afraid we’ll have to kill you.”

The three warriors only looked confused for a moment. No matter that they could not understand the infidel’s barking. They were glad to face the hated ‘Jeedai’ in personal combat, and intended to earn glory in their commander’s slitted eyes. They leapt to the attack, swinging amphistaffs wildly and screaming. “Jeedai!”

“Go for the soft spots!” yelled Sai as he maneuvered his scarlet blade. One warrior had targeted him, and he was now locked in a deadly struggle with the greyskin. A spray of venom spewed forth from the snake-staff. Sai anticipated the attack and ducked, causing the venom to splatter on the wall uselessly. Senth shot the Vong in the feet, making him scream with pain and rage. As the Vong leapt upwards, Sai’s blade swept downward in a powerful stroke. The results were inevitable.

“Looks like he really lost his head,” cackled Macron as he wheeled about. One blade rested in his hand, and the other was empty. The Armor Fist was not capable of fine manipulations, but it was very effective against the Vong. A stabbing thrust of the amphistaff head came directly at the alchemist’s face. It was caught in the cold grip of Mandalorian iron, and the servos of the Armor Fist whined as it crushed the weapon with a squelch.

Mac’s armor-clad knee pistoned hard, smashing into the warrior’s crotch like a freight train with Force-enhanced strength. The Vong warrior turned a shade of green and dropped to the floor, holding his violated genital area and howling with agony. Macron looked surprised as he stabbed the squirming alien in the eye neatly with his orange light saber. “Guess he didn’t have the balls for it,” tittered the madman. “At least that worked anyhow. Wasn’t too sure it would.”

Malisane and Agrist had teamed up to battle the biggest one of the warriors together. Agrist held the warrior’s staff at bay with his Force-enhanced muscles while Malisane sought for weaknesses in the alien’s defenses. “We could use some help here!” yelled Malisane. “This one’s tough!” A spray of venom caught Agrist on the arm as Malisane ducked a kick.

Sai and Macron looked at each other, and wordless communication passed between them.
You go left, I’ll hit this bitch on the right,” came the thought from Sai’s mind telepathically.


15-02-2008 21:38:38

The Vong Worldship
Slave Quarters entrance

The group of Dark Jedi, led by Consul Shan Long and Darth Vexatus, cautiously entered what was known as the slave quarters of the worldship. Looking around the members of Naga Sadow quickly realized they would have to keep their guards up as they passed through. It seemed like just about every imaginable species was represented here, all be it the worst of every species at least. It really put in prospective how many worlds the Yuuzhan Vong had indeed conquered.

As usual, Sith Battlelord Daragon was last in the group, following up the rear. The Sith liked to claim it was because he was a lazy drunk, however some thought it was because he wouldn’t trust anyone else with the task of making sure no one snuck up on him.

As the group moved through the staring eyes of the slaves, Battlelord Daragon noticed a filthy old Rodian with one arm slowly crouch into an attack position. Before the Battlelord could shout out a warning, the Rodian pulled out a primitively crafted knife and attacked a young Ubese Protector.

The Protector moved swiftly to the side blocking the blow from the Rodian as they both went to the ground. As the Rodian struggled to thrust the knife down into the Protector, a blast shot out exploding the Rodian’s head all over the nearby wall of the slave quarters.

The group all looked back as Battlelord Daragon re-holstered his blaster and responded with a shrug, “No confusion with this one, I shot first.”

As the group went back to ignoring their resident drunk of the clan, Daragon helped up the Protector. “Thanks,” the young Ubese said as he got up, “My name’s Vorion.”

“Stick with me kid and this will be one adventure you will never forget,” the Sith said with a wink, “You might even survive it,.......maybe.”

Zaxen Dauketrenal

16-02-2008 00:57:39

Vong Worldship
Dark Corridor
Telos System

Zaxen's heart thrummed viciously against his battered chest, sweat stung his eyes as he felt adrenaline course through his body. His opponent made a facial gesture which could only be described as a smile on the horribly scarred and tatooed visage. Zaxen, as well trained as he was, knew he was outmatched but he would not let his opponent know that. The plasma energy of his blade sent a warm shiver through his arm and gave him some confidence.

The Yuuzhan Vong warrior twirled his amphistaff in a brandishing manner attempting to strike fear in Zaxen which it did. However Zaxen knew the secrets of fear. He knew that in fear you could find your anger and your strength. Whether or not it would be enough remained to be seen. Of course there was only one way to find out.

Pulling the Force and channeling it into his muscles he rushed forward at blinding speed his energy sword held high and lept twisting in mid air bringing the plasma enhanced edge towards the Yuuzhan Vong warrior. The amphistaff barely made it up in time to intercept the strike. Sparks flew as the weapons met and slid across each other. As Zaxen landed he quickly sprung off his toes into a back layout just as his opponent was turning around. Zaxen scissored his legs at just the right moment landing the first kick on what would have been the Vong's nose. Flexing his core muscles Zaxen continued to whip his legs around and his second kick brought his foot into the now uplifted chin of his enemy. The impact enhanced by the Force was enough to cause the warrior to stagger back as a dark ichor of blood began to stream down its face.

Zaxen landed and quickly moved low stepping forward with his rear foot performing a spin as he did so he brought his weapon around shifting back to the reverse grip just in time for the blade to find the opening in the vonduun crab armor just behind the knee. Zaxen shifted his stance back hooking the blade while bringing it back severing the tendons and muscles of his opponent. The Yuuzhan Vong Warrior collapsed in surprise as his one leg was useless. This did not stop the warrior however as he spun on his back whipping the ampistaff around his head and suddendly made it flexible. The snake weapon lashed out and wrapped itself around Zaxen's neck and tore into the flesh there. He gasped desperatly for air as his free hand tore at the scaled whip. His energy sword flailed about striking the amphistaff in a last ditch effort to sever it or somehow knock it lose.

The twisted, contorted lips of the Yuuzhan Vong sneered releasing a chuckle as he began to pull Zaxen in. Reaching around his wrist with his other hand the warrior grasped the snake head and pointed out towards his prey. Zaxen fell on his backside and began to slide forward slowly as he was reeled in.

The fire of Zaxen's Sadowian soul began to burn bright. Desperation turned into rage. He opened the floodgates of the Force and allowed it to wash through his body and in a moment of grotesque, mortal peril he gave himself over to the power inside of him. Using the tension in the amphistaff combined with the energy in his coiled leg muscles he propelled himself forward. The point of his energy sword found its mark just below the chin. The blade sank half way down its shaft before it's victim gurgled its last breath. The mangled body twitch several times and the once dangerous amphistaff became docile as it slithered away from its former master.

Zaxen stumbled forward resting against the hilt of his weapon. His vision blurred and his breathing was labored as he felt of the vicious wound around his neck. As he pulled his hand away he saw the crimson of his own blood. His hopes were nearly dashed until he realized as he looked up that his squadron mates had faired rather well and then it had occured to him that they had been found.

An entire entourage of Dark Jedi led by two super novas in the Force, the Clan Consul Trevarus Caerick and the mighty Darth Vexatus had made thier way to them. Zaxen felt his body sway and he begun to laugh almost as if drunk before falling forward as darkness took him into unconsciousness. He had won his first true victory in single combat.


16-02-2008 03:55:41

Tyren walked behind Ylith and Jade. There were slaves all around them, some half-dead, some pleading for death, others were at the Jedi's heels begging to be freed. Some on the other hand werent as "good natured". Every so often comotion was heard as someone pulled a blaster or cut a throat. Tyren walked back a little, staying close to his apprentice Scuslem.
"You alright?"

"Yes, sir. A few scratches and bruises, but I haven't fought much to be honest."

"The less you fight here, the more long years you'll live to tell about."

Scuslem said nothing just continued walking along. Suddenly from a dark part of the quarters some kind of tentacle grabbed Tyren by the leg. The Priest watched in awe as it swap him of his feet and pulled him into the darkness.

"Tyren!!" Ylith yelled. Scuslem's eyes widened as he saw his master being pulled so easily.
"Some don't deserve life:" Shuang Long said mockingly. Ylith turned toward the Knight, knowing he had a grudge against his brother ever since Tyren was chosen as Nigh Hawks Tetrarch over him.
Before Ylith's fist flew an eerie, cracking sound and a scream was heard from where Tyren was pulled. Suddenly flashes of light, blaster bolts. None but Ylith could see what was going on.
Tyren stood in a circle of six aliens ready to pound him, moving swiftly like only he could, looking straight down he shot every single one, and then he did it again, and again until the standing aliens were virtually ash.

As the Priest walked out into the dim light, a Toydarian clung to his boot, begging for forgiveness. Tyren not even looking at the alien, just pulled the trigger, killing him in place. Tyren twirled his blasters and re-holstered them.
"Shall we continue?" he asked.

Ylith Pandemonium

16-02-2008 06:56:08

Jade moved closer to Ylith, who had his hand on the hilt of his lightsaber. The Sith
preferred not to use it and only activated it when he needed a quick, clean kill.

The battlemaster shook his head for a moment, still feeling sick from what Vexatus
did to him. As his connection with the force was damaged, so was his defence against
it. This was a secret he kept well but against the powers of a Darth, he couldnt do
anything about it.

Suddenly a Rhodian grabbed Ylith's boot and the alien was suddenly kicked hard into the side
by one of the other slaves and when the Sith looked at the slave who kicked the scum
his eyes widened.

Before him stood an old man, long white hair and serpent eyes, he was old, about in his
fifty's, which is an elder age for the Valheru and he sat back down and nodded.

"Valharan iaen Valheru." Honor to the Valheru.

The old man said and Ylith stopped and kneeled before him, and spoke in his own language.

"Hewe diar ia har'esu?" How did you get here?
"Lavriel amug levre emundur Vong amriël im heras. As imhar isa in lesa." Taken captive as slaves by the Vong from our home. I am the only one left.
"Hunries? Hunries alun iemmar? As levra iël! Where? Where is your home? I need to know!"

Suddenly the Rodian came back from behind and snapped the elder's neck before
he could say a word and Ylith gritted his teeth, grabbing the Rhodian and punched
into his face, and kept punching untill he was punching soggy pieces of skull into
a sickening soft and slimey floor. Jade placed a hand on his shoulder and helped
him up.

"He had honour." She said, knowing the ways of the Valheru from Ylith's stories and
teachings and he nodded as they moved along. Then he took a deep breath, locking
away the knowledge that there were more like him away for later and he focussed on
the here and now, locking his anger, making him stronger and he crushed a slave's
hand under his boot.

"The Vong will pay..."

OOC note: in case you're confused, the gray sentences are like subtitles ;) For your convinience! Yay!


16-02-2008 09:47:45

Vong Worldship
Slave Quarters Entrance

Despite his growing annoyance - he would have to watch it, his rage could well be the end of him here - Commander Daragon was undeniably genial, and Vorion nodded, a distinct sense of respect for Daragon seeming to momentarily placate his growing anger.

Vorion's vision blurred into crimson, his fists clenching as he observed Ylith's inelegant execution of the misshapen Rhodian, which had followed Tyren's rather pointless obliteration of several of the captives. Craven cowards of the Sith. Blood spilt to slake their own thirst for the blood of honorable warriors. If they truly wished for bloodsport, they would confront the Vong face-on and slaughter them. Simple brutes and bullies such as these were probably the reason the might of the Sith Order had not eclipsed the galaxy altogether. He silently vowed that one day he would teach them that if there was one thing the Vong had right, it was respect for a worthy foe. Tyren had lit into the emaciated slaves with a base viciousness unbecoming of one who should be confident in their superior place by grace of the Dark Side.

Respect for one's lessers, Priest Tyren. A walking grace of the Force should not abase himself with crude displays of a gladiatorial fashion. To comport oneself with dignity and nobility even when engaging a lesser foe was a conviction so deeply ingrained in the young Ubese that his very blood surged with disgust. He hissed under his breath as he observed Tyren ionize a broken Toydarian at his boot without even looking at him.

Vorion squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself into a bottled calm. Only when he had sufficiently realigned his spirit with the thrum of the Force around him did it's tendrils pull faintly at the very edges of his perception, guiding his movements. He fell even farther back unnoticed - not a difficult task, given that most of the others had more or less ignored the Journeymen anyway - and gently rolled over a limp humanoid that lay in the shadows near the carnage on the gently pulsating floor. This one hadn't looked like one of the slaves, and rolling the man over, it became immediately evident it wasn't, but the others had missed him in the confusion and chaos of the earlier violence.

He had seen his face at the Shadow Academy on several occasions, Vorion mused, although he couldn't recall his name. Vorion swore under his breath and quickly shed the blackened remains of his cloak to staunch the flow of blood from the man's neck wound; it wasn't deep, but it was long.

"Zaxen, I do believe." Commander Daragon mused quietly, rolling an unlit cigar between his teeth as he surveyed the man with a lazy, detached interest. Vorion jumped; he hadn't realized that the Commander had noticed him fall back farther. He glanced quickly at the others. "Here, I'll help you carry him. He seems to be breathing well enough. It's a shame, but he'll have to tough it out until we get back to the ship. If we get back to the ship. If there's a ship to get back to. So many variables." he said airily. Together the Journeymen helped Daragon as the carried their wounded compatriot onwards.


16-02-2008 10:23:01

Slave Quarter
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 16

After passing the initial band of thugs the group split up to scout the slave quarter for a guide more quickly. The area brought back memories of Darth Vexatus’s time in captivity. He still carried the scar under his breastbone where he had torn the slave seed from his chest.

“There,” said Vexatus, gesturing at a gathering of Yuuzhan Vong. It was obvious from their appearance they were Shamed Ones, outcasts of the main Yuuzhan Vong society.

“We should be careful,” Caerick replied.

Master and apprentice wandered into the crowd. The Shamed Ones had gathered around a small stand in a corner, listening as one of their number address the assembled crowd.

“...the Jeedai will soon liberate us from those who oppress us with terror and violence!” the Shamed One who apparently must have been their leader called to the others as Caerick and Vexatus approached. “The Prophet shall deliver us! Praise to Yu’shaa!”

“Yu’shaa!” the other Shamed Ones cried back in unison as the crowd began to break up.

Darth Vexatus placed his hand on the leader’s shoulder, grabbing her firmly before she could walk away. The Shamed One spun, staring at him in horror as her free arm came up to tear at his face. Vexatus batted her arm aside.

“We mean you no harm,” said Vexatus in Yuuzhan Vong. “We require your help.”

Trevarus Caerick looked on in feigned interest despite being unable to make out the conversation.

“Release me!” spat the Shamed One. Vexatus let go. Apparently this Shamed One still had fight left in her. She had obviously not begun her life this way. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Who we are is unimportant, only that we seek the world brain.”

The Shamed One blinked. Her eyes flicked to the two Dark Jedi’s clothing, looking down at the lightsabers that hung from their belts. “Jeedai!” cried the Shamed One before clamping a hand over her mouth and going quiet for a moment as if in deep thought. “In that case, my name is Eshin Shul. I can take you to the world brain.”

Darth Vexatus turned back to his Master. “She said she can take us.”

Caerick looked at her suspiciously. “Can we trust her?”

Eshin Shul scowled at the sorcerer. “You should know I can understand Basic,” she said dryly.

“Then know that if you betray us you shall pay dearly,” Caerick answered grimly.

Eshin Shul laughed. “Death would be a welcome release from this,” she said, gesturing down at her tattered clothing. “I was once a priest, now look at me. All because of that bastard Drathul Amnan.”

Vexatus frowned. “Are we supposed to recognise that name?”

Eshin sighed. “Drathul Amnan. The commander of this worldship.”

“If you take us to the world brain you can comfort yourself in the knowledge he will not survive this day,” said Caerick.

Eshin nodded. “Very well.” She glanced around the slave area. “You should summon your fellow Jeedai.” Eshin smiled; apparently pleased with herself for showing she knew there were more of them walking around. “Once we have passed through the slave quarter, our path will take us through the voxyn breeding area. You we will need all the help you can get.”


16-02-2008 10:57:13

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

The tunnel virtually pulsed with Dark Side energy as the cousins Keibatsu marshaled their strength and flashed towards the lone Vong. Sai started from the left, but as Macron picked up speed, the Priest moved behind the Alchemist to approach from the right. The Vong, momentarily confused by the Force-users weaving and swiftness, could do nothing but stand still, fangs bared in inept bravado.

Sai put on his own burst of speed and passed the Alchemist, coming in low and throwing a claret crescent from left to right at the large grayskin’s midsection; his blade halted at the swing's midpoint, digging into a seam of the warrior’s vonduun crab armor.

A second later, Macron came in at Sai’s left, his orange blade coming in over his cousin’s head from right to left, striking the Vong at a diagonal across its left clavicle and upper chest; still, the breastplate held.

The large warrior staggered but did not fall, laughing as the two Keibatsu continued to try to burn through its plate of protection; their ‘sabers growled in protest at the demands placed on them. Determined, they did not move as the Vong began to draw his coufee.

Finally, Malisane stood, having recovered from dodging the Vong’s kick, and called upon his own mastery of telekinetics. He imagined a great net of the Force existing just behind the Vong and, reaching his hands out, grasped the lines that connected him to it. With a great show of effort, he clenched his fists and pulled. The result was nothing short of spectacular.

The Vong warrior, as strong as he was, and his vonduun armor, as resistant to Sai’s and Macron’s ‘sabers as it was, could not long defy the simple laws of physics. The Keibatsu’s pushing force had been exponentially increased by de Ath’s opposing might; the breast plate cracked, splintered, then shattered as the body it held was cleaved into scorched and smoking thirds. Their 'sabers seemed to hum louder in victory as they finally bit into, then through, the grayskin. The corpse’s pieces fell wetly, then all was silent in the tunnel as the men extinguished their weapons, excepting their labored breathing.

“That probably was the second most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Agrist admitted with awe, seated with his back against the rocky bulkhead, cradling his injured arm and wincing. Malisane looked down at the mercenary, whose arm hung limply. The amphistaff’s venom was potent, indeed. “Senth, medpack; now!” he ordered. The DAC rushed over to the downed mercenary, digging in his field pack for the medical supplies.

Sai started to ask Agrist what was the most amazing thing he’d seen, but he found that he couldn’t form the question. He swayed as his head swam, the Dark Side having taken its toll on his body. He put a steadying hand on Macron’s shoulder; his cousin raised his visor and looked at the Priest with concern. “Sai!”

As martially strong as Sai was, and despite being initiated into the Krath Priesthood Mysteries, he still was, as compared to the others in the party, relatively young in the Dark Side. Drawing on it was not without its price, and he was nearly exhausted. The Force was infinite in its scope, as far as anyone knew; the conduits through which it ran, however, did have finite limits.

“I’m alright, Mac,” Sai said weakly. “Just give me some water and some field rations; I’m famished.”

“I’ve got one of these,” the Alchemist said, holding up a vial of one of his famed battle cocktails.

As weak as Sai was at the moment, he still was able to muster an admonishing stare at his cousin, his tripartite eyes flashing.

“Oh, right!” Mononoke said, embarrassment lacing his voice. He’d nearly forgotten that he was responsible for the “gift” of Sai’s eyes, the full and far reaching effects of which had yet to be revealed.

“Just water, and rations, thanks,” Sai sighed.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-02-2008 06:17:51

Vong Worldship
Slave Quarters

The Battlemaster took a deep breath and tried hard to ignore the foul smell roaming
within the forsaken halls. They had arrived on what seemed to be an intersection between
various paths leading one way or the other. His muscles still pulsed with pain from the
constant battles with the Vong and the harsh punishment of Vexatus that was placed
upon him. He shook his head for a moment trying not to think about it and suddenly
he felt a hand gently placed on his shoulder.

"Here...have some water..." Jade said and she gave him a bottle of water she carried.
He took a few sips and returned it to her. "Thank you." Was all he said his eyes moving
from corridor to corridor, waiting for the two Elders to arrive with their 'guide'.

"Are you hurt?" She asked and he shook his head. "I'm fine."
"You always were a terrible liar." She grinned and she placed her hand on his shoulder
and channeled the Force through his body, healing him the best she could.

"I hope Aragan is safe." Jade said with concern in her voice and Ylith smiled and looked
at her. "He will be, for we will make it so."

She nodded and Tyren moved to them, smirking.

"Well then, it seems that the Vong are changing whatever they wear as pants knowing that
we 'Jeedai' are here! Hah! This will be amusing!" Ylith couldnt help but to grin at Tyren's
remark, who always seemed to lighten his mood whenever he felt down.

"Well brother, it seems that you've become good with a blaster." Ylith said mockingly and Tyren
"It seems you've become worse with a blade Valheru! haha! Now come, Master Cearick and
Darth Vexatus are calling us, couldnt you feel it through the force?"

Ylith narrowed his eyes for a moment and then nodded. "Yes, I could, I was just about to go."
Tyren nodded and walked off and when Ylith wanted to follow him Jade grabbed his arm
and looked him in the eyes. "You didnt feel it did you? You cant feel a thing through the Force."

The Valheru avoided her gaze, then nodded. "Since that day my connection to the Force has
been severely damaged, I can hardly sense anything right now, let alone wield a lightsaber.."

She nodded and gave him a quick kiss when she knew nobody could see it and they both moved
to the hallway, Jade remaining close to Ylith serving as his eyes and ears within the Force, without
everyone else knowing so. Keeping the charade up that he still had his own powers.


17-02-2008 09:34:45

The group had barely moved a few feet when someone came running behind them. They turned, sabers drawn as Zaroth pulled out his DL-44 blaster and shooting the Yuuzhan Vong charging behind the group.

"I wish you wouldn't do that", complained Ylith
"You Valheru. Always got something to moan about", called out Zaroth. "Anyone seen Muz?"
"No sign" Tyren said.
Ylith squirmed uncomfortably. He gasped in pain.
"How you doing there, big Y?" Zaroth mocked.
"Let's just get moving, dammit", replied the frustrated Valheru.

They all moved on, Zaroth putting away his blaster and drawing his katana. At that very moment, Xanos came running down a side corridor towards the group.
"She's going to lead us to the World Brain." called Xanos.
"Cool, we're finally gonna kill it", replied Tyren. "Lead the way."
"Actually, I'm going to go find Muz. Contact me when you find the Brain." Zaroth announced.
And he ran to find his Master.


17-02-2008 10:16:10

Tyren felt something wrong with his brother. Something the proud Valheru was too ashamed to say. After all he knew him better than anyone in the Brotherhood.

"Brother!" he called out "Whats wrong? Somethings amiss!" no response. Ylith just stared toward the darkness. Tyren's eyes widened at the realization.
He's lost all connection to the Force? Tyren asked himself. Impossible! It couldn't have been that bad.

Tyren pulled out his katana slowly as Ylith turned his back toward him. The Krath leaped toward his brother slashing at his neck, as the rest of the gathered Dark Jedi watched in horror. Jade's eyes widened and she covered her scream as the katana came closer to the battlemasters neck.

The sword stopped, just grazing the skin. Ylith, saw the blade near his neck, cursed and turned pulling his sword. His eyes widened seeing his brother, the last person he expected.

"Tyren?!" he spoke with a slight, barely noticable treble in his voice "You...tried to...kill me?"
Tyren lowered and sheathed his katana. "No!" he said calmly. Suddenly his eyes turned bright orange, and he stared at his brother. A telepathic storm originating from the Priest, like a torch in the Force, hit the Sith. Ylith grabbed his head as Tyren pierced his consciousness, his very mind.

Wake up! Wake up! he screamed in Ylith's mind. Ylith fell to one knee as Tyren's eyelids became more and more red from the strain of the Force. He had never released it at this magnitude, and he didnt know what could happen.

WAKE UP YOU FOOL!! still the Priest's thought channeled into Ylith as Tyren healed parts of Ylith nervous system and restored midichlorians in his blood.
Ylith screamed in pain, kneeling and holding his head. Tyren gritted his teeth and clutched a wall.

"TYREN!! What are you doing?" Jade screamed "Let him go, your killing him!"

Suddenly Tyren's eyes closed and both brothers fell back, near-unconscious and in shock from the huge amount of pain.
Jade ran to Ylith. The Sith rose to his knees, the echo of pain still in his head.

"What did you do to me?" he hissed.

Tyren breathed, long deep breaths and pulled himself up. He observed his surroundings. The rest of the away-team were around them.

"I fixed you up temporarily, brother. But doing much more is beyond my capacity." he rose o his feet, again looking around. Master Caerick and Vexatus were just arriving with their guide.

"What a blast!" Tyren exhaled.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-02-2008 12:36:26

The Valheru groaned a bit, his cold blood burning within his body, he noticed
the eyes of the journeymen facing him, though he acknowledged his brother's
good will, he also shown his weakness in front of the entire clan. He gritted
his teeth, angered by this betrayal and before he could even move Jade's
voice pierced his mind.

"His intentions were good, he tries to help you. Now come, I'll stay at your
side. Master Caerick and Darth Vexatus have returned."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and rose from the ground and
walked with the rest to where the Consul and his Apprentice would meet up
with them. The Sith walked past his brother and he nodded at him and he
grinned and shrugged, still his casual self.

Suddenly a Journeyman walked up to Ylith and bowed.
"Master! I have been searching for you, are you alright?" Fenris said and
Jade couldnt help but to grin.

"I am fine Apprentice. glad to see you made it alive." Ylith said and Jade
supported him, helping Ylith walk through the hallway while he tried to use
the force to heal his muscles, slowly doing so.

"Ofcourse! I have read all about survival in books within the Shadow Academy!
Did you know there are 3532 ways of surviving on an alien ship?" The
Protector rambled and Ylith shook his head.


"Yes Master?"

"Not now..." The Sith said and the Krath bowed. "Ofcourse Master, what would you
have me do?" Fenris said and the Valheru glanced over his shoulder. "Go join
up with the other Journeymen and prepare for a tough battle. Keep your sword
close Apprentice, Vong are bound to be between us and the core."

Fenris nodded, "Yes Master, I am honored to be in the presence of a Valheru
pure-blood." he said and he walked off, Jade grinning when he did.

"Looks like you have a rep to live up to, pure blood." She said with a smirk and
he grinned.
"Looks like it, now lets get to the two Elders and clean up this mess, the stench is
beginning to make me sick."


17-02-2008 16:16:47

Slave Quarters Exit
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 16

“This way,” gestured Eshin Shul, pointing at an opening on the other side of a crowd of various species huddled together.

From Twi’leks to Wookiees, Barabels to Verpine, the Yuuzhan Vong had enslaved races of all kinds. Most of the slaves quickly scurried away as the Dark Jedi approached, recognising them as some kind of authority figures, apparently having been beaten into total submission. Or worse.

Memories of the Embrace of Pain pervaded Darth Vexatus’s mind. The Sith Lord had suffered cruelly at the hands of Phaa Shul. He could almost understand the behaviour of the slaves, having been forced to endure the same, the only difference being he conquered his pain, whereas they clearly had surrendered to it. They were weak.

A few of the newer arrivals still had some fight left in them and were a little more reluctant to move out of the way. Those foolish enough to still be standing there as Caerick and Vexatus approached soon discovered the error of their ways, flung across the chamber in mid air. The Elders made sure none survived the landing. After making an example of a few, the rest of the slaves quickly learned to step out of the way.

“Wait,” said Eshin, placing her hand on a membranous pad protruding from a small coral pedestal. The sphincter closing the opening relaxed, drawing open with an unsettling wet popping sound. “You had best take the lead from here.”

Trevarus Caerick stared at the shamed priest, narrowing his eyes. “Explain.”

The Shamed One scowled. “I told you already. Voxyn breeding grounds,” spat Eshin Shul dryly. "I'm a priest, not a warrior."

The sorcerer was not used to being spoken back to. His hand came up instinctively to crush the life out of her, only to quickly remind him telekinesis had no effect on the Yuuzhan Vong. Caerick sneered at her and proceeded into the new opening with his apprentice.

“I don’t trust her,” whispered Caerick after they were out of earshot. “There is something about her...”

Vexatus nodded. “I sense it too. I can feel something wrong.”

The sorcerer continued walking then stopped dead in his tracks and stared directly at his apprentice. “Wait, you feel something?”

Vexatus looked around, his mqaaq’it implant blinking as he surveyed the narrowing passageway. “Faintly,” breathed the Falleen finally as if he didn't believe it himself. “It’s hard to explain.”

“I thought the aliens were dead to the Force?” said Caerick, his voice going quiet.

“They are. Like I said, I don’t know what I feel. I just do. And that priest does not feel right.”

Caerick nodded, understanding no better than Darth Vexatus, but accepting his apprentice wouldn’t be lying about something as serious as this. “Keep your eyes on her.”

The sorcerer gestured to the others behind him to continue and they carried on through the passage into the level below, leaving the slave quarter behind them and heading into the voxyn breeding grounds.

Eshin Shul followed at the rear, allowing the Dark Jedi to go first. She smiled. Drathul, you’re going to regret the day you set me up. After the Jeedai are through with you it won’t be me cowering in the corner with the Shamed Ones.

Eshin snickered under her breath, thinking about how ironic it was the Jeedai had been the reason she now wore the trappings of a Shamed One, but would soon also be the reason she would kneel before the Supreme Overlord once more.

Drathul Amnan had been right about one thing. Eshin Shul's deception knew no bounds. She was truly a follower of the Trickster Goddess. Yun-Harla would be proud.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-02-2008 18:37:47

The Valheru glanced at the Vong Priest and narrowed his eyes, she returned the look
with what it looked like a feint smile and he gritted his teeth. Jade placed her arm around
his as if guiding him, letting her thoughts move through his.

"Have faith in the Elders Ylith, they wouldnt have brought her along if they knew they cant
handle it should be not be trusted. Now heal your wounds while I guide you, but be
carefull, I have a bad feeling."

He looked into her eyes and she nodded, unsheathing his sword, bringing a few of the more
nervous Journeymen to doing the same. Tyren chuckled and walked with Bob at the rear,
behind the Journeymen, knowing that they would surely need to protect them should any
Voxyn still roam the halls.

The Sith narrowed his serpent yes, zooming into the distance and glooming dark, trying to
find something, hoping he wouldnt. Suddenly he saw something shift and he stopped moving,
the Master Caerick and Darth Vexatus continuing the walk through the cavern.

"Whats wrong?" Jade asked in his mind and he ignited his shield just in time to deflect an in
coming tail barb.

"Voxyn..." Ylith said in a growl and he slashed his sword to where it originating, hitting nothing
but air. The Journeymen were standing in a circle, watching as two Voxyn circled around them,
their tongues gliding through the air, savoring the scent and taste of the youngling 'Jeedai'.

Tyren and Bob moved to each side of the circle, holding their blasters and keeping a saber
ready should the beasts come any closer. The Valheru's serpents eyes moved to his right,
watching the Consul and the Falleen surrounding the Vong Priest, facing two Voxyn themselves.

Ylith pushed forward and the lizard like beast jumped against his shield, knocking him down.
Quickly he rolled backwards onto his feet and pushed himseld forward, shield first, slamming
right into the opened jaws of the beast. Jade used the force to strengthen her husband,
boosting his physical strength and when he felt it he pushed the beast away from him, moving
back onto his feet.

suddenly the beast emitted a brownish goo from it's mouth and it landed on the Lightwave Shield,
the energyfield shimmering at the biting acids and fading away only a moment later. The Sith
dodged the tail barb again and then ran towards the Voxyn, slamming his sword against it,
ringing loud as it slammed into the hard scales, that turned yellow after impact. The Battlemaster
moved backwards, avoiding a slash from it's claws and he suddenly noticed a delay in the beast's
movements, like he was thrown off concentration.

Ylith took his chance and slammed his sword against the Voxyn again, piercing the yellow area with
his sword, killing it.

"Master!" Fenris shouted and Ylith glanced over his shoulder.
"Their blood releases a poisonous neurotoxin after death move away!" The Protector shouted hard,
only to be pushed back by Tyren, saving his life when he did. Ylith didnt hesitate a moment and
pushed himself backwards and Jade used the force to greate a minor force push, pushing the air
into an outgoing ventilation shaft, or something that looked like it, as it was Vong technology, it
could be anything.

Remind me to buy that kid some new books. The Valheru thought to himself and he shook his head,
his mind throbbing from pain as Tyren's temporary restoration startted to weaken off.

Ylith moved to Jade and he gritted his teeth, his muscles strained and he would thank the moment
when he could return to the Skyhook and spend a few hours hooked up in a bactatank. The Krath
Knight helped him heal and Ylith then moved his attention to Tyren.

"Need help?"


18-02-2008 03:57:10

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

Malisane sat down besides the other Battlelord, and offered him a swig of liquor. "Hows the arm?"
Agrist winced partly from pain and partly from the liquor. "Getting some feeling back," he replied, "I'll be ready to go in a few minutes. Had worse than this over the years. Loosing the eye hurt a fair bit."
"I can imagine." Malisane said with a grin. He glanced over at Sai and Macron who were eating their rations. "What we doing camping here for the night and continuing in the morning?"
Macron shook his head. He took a small holoprojector out of his pocket and clicked it on. "We're here, on the 17th level. The Nachzerer is here on the fifteenth level. Vexatus and the others appear to be heading to this point, more or less directly below on the 16th. Can sense a lot of lifeforms there, mixed races and not Vong."
"Our guide said that was a slave compound." Malisane replied.
"What else did he say about it?" Macron asked.
Malisane shrugged. "Its full of slaves."
"Useful," the alchemist replied with a grunt.
"So what do we do?" Sai asked.
"Well," Malisane replied thoughtfully, "we have two options, either we head to this slave compound and meet the others, or we head back and start prepping the Nachzerer for departure and secure it for when the others evacuate. Depends where we'd be more useful?"


18-02-2008 08:46:54

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 17th Sublevel

Sai wiped his mouth and stood. "Ah, I feel like a new man," he said, stretching his limbs. Macron did the same while Senth and Malisane helped Agrist to his feet.

"Personally, I'm of the mind that we should head back to the Nachzerer. Though I did enough to get us five offworld, I have to make sure that we can get everybody home. It's going to take more than a few turns of a hydrospanner for that."

Macron agreed. "Well, let's start on back. Sai do you have the tracker?"

The Priest held up the small handheld device. "The trail leads that way," he said, gesturing down the corridor.

"Ok, I'll take point," Malisane said. "Sai, are you well enough to cover our 'six'"?

Sai's answer was to replace the charge in his 'saber hilt. "After you," he bowed, with a flourish.

The men chuckled and started the long trek back to the Nachzerer.

Voxyn Breeding Quarters
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 16

In the dimly lit chamber, surrounded by the stench of death and a blanket of menace, Vexatus stood oddly alone and held a device eerily similar to the triggering mechanism Mononoke held a level below them. His thumb glided over the button, back and forth, back and forth, as if weighing lives in the balance.

'Shall I test you, Mononoke? You, and your merry band?' The Elder let the thought tumble around in his head, as if components to a lock. Once they fell in place, the answer might well find those aforementioned lives wanting.

Kah Manet

18-02-2008 15:40:12

Fenris, who was surrounded by danger, looked around himself quickly, to access the situation. He saw Tash and Vorion fending off against a Voyxn, and the rest of the group fighting them as well. Fenris ran toward the two, flipped over the Voxyn, and shoved his sword into the beast.

"Looked like you could use some help." said Fenris. His sword only pierced the scales of the creature. Its yellow flesh showed through the gash in his armor. While Tash and Vorion were fending the beast from the front, Fenris twisted his sword deep within the yellow hide, severely hurting the Voxyn.

Tash got his blaster, and put it right under the Voxyn's head, and shot 3 times. Vorion got his weapon and hit the Voxyn with all his might in the head.

Another voxyn leaped forward, trying to bite at Fenris, only to rip off cloth from the Protector's arm. Tash, who was now looking at the Voxyn with his blaster pointed right in between the eyes, shot three times. Vorion slashed at the Voxyn's legs, hurting it. Fenris took his sword, and again, jammed in the back of the Voxyn, twisted the sword, and whipped it out.

The Trinity had whethered.


18-02-2008 16:22:49

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 16th Sublevel

The quintet of men stole through the strange corridors that laced the Vong craft, hoping against hope that they’d avoid any more confrontations with the warriors or their slavering pets.

All in all, the hope was unrealistic; still, they believed that if they relied on their skills and training, they could keep such encounters to a minimum.

They had been able to make their way to the sixteenth sublevel, having found an alternative to cutting through the overhead in the guise of a stairwell of sorts, at which point Sai took over the ‘point-man’ duties, his eyes glued to his scanner’s display. They had, after all, taken a different route that skirted the original way down, and it was imperative that he stayed with the trail from their homing beacons’ signal.

Forging ahead, he rounded a corner and vanished from Malisane’s line of sight.

Even in this Force-deadened frell-hole, de Ath felt a sense of foreboding strong enough to cause him to hasten his stride to catch up. He rounded the bend that Sai had not a moment before, and found the Priest standing at a dead end, his head bent and gaze locked on the display.

“Huh,” Sai said confusedly.

“Ok, did you forget how to read that thing?” Malisane asked as the others rounded the corner to look at the impassive yorik-coral wall.

Sai held up the scanner to de Ath’s face; it clearly indicated the path was through the wall.

Agrist chimed in. “Well, the way I see it, coming up by way of the stairwell as opposed to the hole has clearly put us off track.”

Macron bent close to the juncture of the bulkhead and deck. “Or, there’s another explanation. See here, where the bulkhead looks newer, wetter and fresher? That could mean another interesting possibility.”

“Shapers,” Malisane said, raising his head to the overhead and closing his eyes.

“Wonderful,” Sai said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Senth simply turned around and headed back the way they came, prompting the others to follow wordlessly. The horrible alternative was to speak aloud the possibility that their presence had been detected and they were being herded to walk headlong into a trap, as livestock to the slaughter.


19-02-2008 05:41:32

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Access Tunnel, 16th Sublevel

"Incoming," Macron said looking at his scanner.
"How many?" Sai asked.
"About two dozen." the alchemist replied grimly, "we're cornered."
"Fight?" Agrist asked, grasping his saber.
"Too many," Macron said, "if they're warriors. We might be able to take half of them with us."
"So what do we do?" Agrist demanded, disturbed by the alchemist's sudden fatalism.
"There must be a way out," Sai mused, "can you burn us a way out Mac."
"Used what I had getting down there," Macron replied quietly, "sabers would take too long."

Malisane's mind was racing. He weighed up the options. Then an idea presented itself. It was a slim hope, but it was perhaps the only way they were getting out alive. He turned, checking that Macron had removed his helmet. "Senth," he said, "you know what to do."
Taking a deep breath he suddenly surged forward concentrating on his knowledge of Teras D'ni, the one quick devastating move that was a risk but could end a fight. Macron was a lethal martial artist but caught off guard was a second too slow and the Battlelords fist smashed into his jaw sprawling him backwards against the wall before collapsing to the floor. Agrist roared in suprise before he froze as the Delta Advanced Commando's blaster was suddenly pressing against the back of his neck. "Don't think about it," Senth said quietly.

"Have you lost your mind?" Sai demanded as he spun, saber in hand to catch the sudden swipe by Malisane. The Battlelord struck again and again, concentrating on the aggressive arts of Djem So and Shii-cho, battering the priest's saber aside then kicked the Krath in the shin, then uppercut with his free fist as Sai sagged. The Battlelord caught him forcing him to drop his saber then pinned his arm behind his back and held his saber close to his throat.
"You'll die for this De Ath," Agrist promised, glaring.
Malisane glanced at the other Battleord, who still had the DAC's blaster pressed against his neck. "If he says another word before we're out of range blow his head off."
He kept a firm grip on Sai's wrist pinning it up behind his back and pushed him forward. "Come on you."

Malisane pushed the Krath along the corridor, keeping his lit saber handy. Sai was quiet for now, confused and in pain with his arm twisted. They finally reached the main corridor and Malisane stopped as a party of Vong warriors came around the corner, armoured with amphistaffs in hand. They stopped in confusion as they regarded the Battlelord calmly waiting for them, with his Krath prisoner.
"Greetings." Malisane said calmly.
The lead Vong studied him, trying to discern what was happening. "Who are you?"
"I am Malisane de Ath of the Sith order, a Jeedai to you."
"So I can see," the Vong snarled back.
"We need to talk," Malisane replied, "I wish an alliance."
"An alliance jeedai?"
"Yes," Malisane replied, "we can be useful to each other. I have information you can use."
"Such as?"
"I was there at your attack on our world, Antei. I know where the survivors went, where you can hit them, where our other settlements are." Malisane heard a protest from Sai and twisted the arm a bit more.
"Intresting," the Vong replied, "but why should I not extract this information from you. What use to us is your alliance?"
Malisane returned the Vong's stare coldly. "Because I am a jeedai as you put it," he replied calmly, "I only give information voluntarily. One hint of torture or betrayal on your part I can take my essence from my body and be away from you. And you will loose all. You want to waste an opportunity?"
The Vong nodded, glancing at Sai. "And who is that?"
"The other member of my party," Malisane responded, "I will take him to your leader and snuff his life out in front of you as a proof of loyalty."
The Vong's eyes gleamed. "Very well," he asked, "are there more of you?"
"Just us in this area," Malisane replied, "it is unfortunate my apprentice here did not share my vision."
"Indeed," the Vong replied, "we will take you to our leader."
Malisane nodded, smiling coldy. Secretly his heart raced he caught a look from Sai as two vong took the Krath from him and held his arms, the Priest's face was full of betrayed disgust and fury. Malisane sighed inwardly. I hope this works.

As soon as Malisane was out of range Senth immediatley lowered his blaster and stood to attention, looking straight ahead. Agrist spun around pinning the DAC against the wall and grabbing the blaster from Senth's unresisting hand pushing it beneath the clones helmet against his throat. "Alright filth what is your master doing?"
"I do not know," the DAC replied impassively, "I was meerly following orders."
"Sadow, wake up!" the mercenary Battlelord hissed urgently.
Macron groaned, then pushed himself up rubbing his jaw. "What the hell is happening?"
"Guess our friend got desperate," Agrist spat.
"I've known him for nearly five years," Macron said, getting to his feet, "I've trusted no-one more."
"He's a Sith," the mercenary snapped, "it seems your trust was misplaced."
Macron sighed. "It seems so, and he has Sai." He was confused and concerned.
"So what do we do?" Agrist demanded.
Macron looked at the DAC, still held by the mercenary. "Can we trust you?"
"I will follow your orders Marshall Commander."
"Let him go," Macron told the Battlelord, "we'll follow them, we might have a chance to rescue Sai and see what Malisane is up to."
"I'll kill him," Agrist promised grimmly.
"We'll see." Macron replied quietly.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

19-02-2008 10:45:23

Shadows and whispers filled Zaxen's head as he moved inbetween numerous levels of consciousness. He vaguely remembered where he was and what he was doing but his mind was almost as exhausted as his battered body. Time seemed to move in a hurried rush and then suddendly at a stand still. Colors of languid cerulean and violet would caress his vision reminding him of home on Corellia.

Visions of memories ran through his mind like a holoflick on fast forward. He saw his 10th birthday when he got his first hoverboard and how he broke his arm later that day. He saw Relena Adeki, the first woman he had ever been with. He saw the fights at school, the arguments with his teachers and parents, the first time he had killed. Then suddendly there he was beside himself on a living ship, alien to the galaxy, blotting out the stars in the night sky. He could see his ravaged body and for a moment he thought he had been freed from his mortal body but then he noticed that his body still breathed and strangly he could hear his own heartbeat.

He watched with a sort of detached interest as some of his companions helped him up, putting his arms around their shoulders and began to carry him between them. Zaxen followed in what he could only describe as his spirit form as the group made thier way further towards thier goal. Zaxen in his strange, detached, lucid dream was trying to pull up from his memory just why they were in this horrific place. Why were they fighting? Bit by bit peices of memory made their way to the forefront of his thoughts.

Dark whispers found their way into his mind again as images of battle took place around him a slow moving blur of violence. "You are not dead yet Dark child." They spoke. "You still have a bit of work left to do." The blur of slow motion began to speed up and the blurs became more defined. Each action became distinct and sounds of battle could be heard. "It's time to wake up now." and with a sudden rush Zaxen felt himself being sucked downward as if falling into a black hole and suddendly he just stopped.

Zaxen opened his eyes, his real eyes. He found himself laying on the ground of yorik coral as his body's senses began to turn back on. A surge of pain flooded his nerves causing him to pinch his eyes back shut gritting his teeth. He slowly relaxed as his body began to accept the pain and dissipated it to a dull, throbbing, annoyance. He cursed and spat wishing he had just died and gotten it over with but it would seem the universe had other plans.

He slowly sat up feeling for his energy sword, propping it up and using it as a brace to lean against for a moment before trying to stand. As his strength began to return the battle with the Voxyn was coming to a climax. Zaxen stood and walked over to oneswho had helped carry him, Vorion, if he remembered right and Commander Daragon. He nodded to them both in thanks as he joined them in the formation. Zaxen looked down at the corpse of the nearest Voxyn and felt sorry he had not awoken sooner.

"Don't worry..." he heard the Commander say. " I am sure there is plenty more."

Zaxen took a labored breath as he wrapped his mind around the prospect of yet another round of mortal peril and the reception of yet more battle wounds.


19-02-2008 13:35:48



19-02-2008 14:58:21

Voxyn Breeding Grounds
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 16

Darth Vexatus caught a spray of brownish liquid on his lightsaber as the pair of voxyn continued to circle him and Trevarus Caerick with Eshin Shul in the middle. The journeymen nearby had miraculously managed to kill the voxyn that had attacked them but were now being shot at by a pair of Yuuzhan Vong warriors throwing razorbugs.

“Suggestions, Master?” called Vexatus as he fell into a roll as the voxyn leapt over the trio, narrowly missing the Falleen’s head.

Caerick smirked, “Remember that one time on Klind’arith...”

“I’ll go underneath,” shouted Vexatus between clenched teeth as he rolled to his feet. “Now!”

The Falleen flung himself at the voxyn, dropping to the floor and sliding toward its feet. At the same moment Caerick leapt at the creature, thrusting his lightsaber down as he aimed for its head.

Presented with two targets the voxyn momentarily lost focus before springing into the air at the sorcerer. Caerick deflected a lash of the poisonous barb on its tail as Vexatus thrust his blade into the air, tearing through the creature’s abdomen.

The beast howled as it crashed to the surface, its guts spilling out on the yorik coral.

“Bubble!” cried Caerick, urgently drawing a layer of clean air around him at the same time as his apprentice until the deadly neurotoxins released from the voxyn’s blood dissipated into the air.

A scream jerked Vexatus’s attention back to their guide. Eshin Shul was face down on the floor, having dived to avoid the toxic spray from the second voxyn’s mouth. The creature was now rearing back on its hind legs about to pounce.

“Over here!” spat Vexatus, charging the Force through his hand in a bolt of lightning that surged through the creature’s flesh. The voxyn roared as it turned to charge at the Falleen. Vexatus channelled the Force through his muscles, battering the creature aside with his lightsaber as it descended on him.

Caerick was ready. His lightsaber flew through the air where he had flung it, whipping across the voxyn’s body and back again as it boomeranged back to his hand, dicing the creature into pieces. The two Masters summoned another bubble of air until the danger passed.

Caerick looked down at Eshin Shul. “Can you walk?”

The priest dragged herself to her feet still shaking. The Yuuzhan Vong may not have feared pain but that did not mean they were immune to it. She winced as she stood, blood running down her arm from where the creature had scratched her.

“I’ll live,” muttered Eshin painfully. “I... thank you.”

“Just tell us which direction to head,” spat Caerick, paying no heed to the battle still waging around them as the journeymen tried to hold off the warriors. “I’m getting tired of detours.”

Eshin scowled. “We keep heading down.”

The sorcerer grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground. “This wouldn’t be another attempt to get us killed, would it?” hissed Caerick viciously.

Eshin shook her head urgently. “I... I never!” cried the Shamed One. “The breeding ground was the only way! The only other option would have been straight through the warrior compound. I... I knew there wouldn’t be many voxyn left. And you’ve proven yourselves against them before.”

Caerick narrowed his eyes but let her fall to the floor. “What do you mean we’ve proven ourselves against them before? How would you know?” The sorcerer began to stare at the Shamed One, casting his gaze across her suspiciously. The only time they had fought voxyn before was during the Battle of Antei when pods loaded with them had boarded the Covenant.

“I was there at...” Eshin frowned as if trying to recall the name, “Antei. I believe that’s what you call it?”

“And what was your role?” growled Vexatus, approaching from behind her. “How would a Shamed One have any idea what the plan was? Much less how we faired?”

“Because it was my plan,” said Eshin, a dark smile forming on her mutilated features. The priest stared at them. “Are you going to kill me?”

Caerick held his gaze, a violet flash arcing across his eyes for a brief moment. “Get up.” He waited until she had brought herself to her feet again. “Keep moving. I’ll decide your fate if and when we reach the world brain.”

Eshin released her breath and relaxed. “The dhuryam is this way,” pointed the Shamed One. “We will need to continue down through the sacrificial chambers but after the voxyn the rest of our journey should be easy.”

Zaxen Dauketrenal

19-02-2008 15:01:40


Ylith Pandemonium

20-02-2008 09:22:08

Vong Worldship - Sublevel 17
Sacrificial Hall

The Sith followed the two Elders and their Priest guide, his head was throbbing as
Tyren's temporary heal startted to fade away, only a shred remained and to him, the
clear dots that represented his clansmen within the force startted to fade away to be
a distorted blur in his mind. He shook his head and followed them, Jade close to him
tending to his wounds.

The bitemark from the Amphistaff from the first encounter with some Vong Patrols was
startting to take his toll on Ylith's shoulder, the mark had a red circle around it, and
spreading from it were purple veins, slowly covering more of Ylith's shoulder. The
Valheru gritted his teeth in silence of Jade used the force to heal it and tied a piece
of robe around it, keeping dirt away.

Ylith glanced over his shoulder, seeing the Journeymen licking their wounds and boasting
their own victories and pride ad the Battlemaster shook his head.
Foolish children, they will become the death of us... Ylith thought and Jade placed
her hand on his hurt shoulder.
You were once a child like them, they need to find their path like you once had.
Jade whispered into his mind and Ylith was forced to smile. True

They walked into a large hall, filled with tables and from the ceiling various hooks came
down from the wall hanging on chains. The walls were painted with blood, some parts
even had imprints of hands sliding down as presumably life was taken from them, on
each side of the main walk way were three rows of tables, on each table lay a victim, from
all kinds of species. The Valheru noticed a Wookiee on one table cut in half vertically to
see the interior of the species, while the other side a Rhodian had his skin impaled by
hooks hanging from the ceiling while the inside of his body lay onto the table below.

Many of the Journeymen moved their hands to their mouths, trying not to throw up as the
sickening stench of rotting meat and old blood moved onto them. Jade moved closer to Ylith,
holding his arm as they walked further. Suddenly the Priest Guide stopped walking and the two
Elders ignited their sabers, from the shadows at the far sides of the hall various Vong Priests were
walking towards them. Some had contraptions running over their spines up above their heads,
using hooks to keep their eyelids from shutting, while others had carved various alien symbols
into their skin, covering from their foreheads down to their necks.

Jade ignited her violet saber and moved behind Ylith, who unsheathed his Duath Elan Sword
and ignited his Lightwave Shield. The shield staggered a little, damaged by the Voxyn attack
not too long ago and the Valheru cursed under his breath.

The Journeymen moved into a circle like the attack before, with Bob and Tyren moving to each
side, eying the Priests and taking their chanced, ignoting a saber and holding a blaster in
their other hand.

There were about eleven Priests in total, ranging over the entire room and the bulk of them
moved towards the Elders circling around the guide, while the smaller half moved to the group
of Journeymen, three of them walking towards the Quaestor and his wife, laughing manacingly
as they approached, their contraptions ripping through skin and allowing some acid goo to escape
from their fresh wound and the Priest spat at Ylith, a drop of the goo touching his right arm,
hissing when it did, biting into the Sith's skin.

"What the hell are these things made of?"


20-02-2008 09:34:52

"Obviously some sort of acidic cocktail." Tyren said, eying the priests that moved closer and closer.

One of the creatures looked curiously at the Priest, observing his stature, as always Tyren stood proud in the face of the enemy, fearless in front of the monstrous humanoid. suddenly the Vong lunged forward, very few people were faster than Tyren even fewer Vong but this one was different. His speed was fast even for Tyren. His hand struck forward jitting the Krath right through his broken visor, piercing his exposed eye. Tyren screamed in pain as his left eye poured out of its socket. His hands instinctively dropped the weapons. Removing the helmet he grabbed his bloody eye still breathing hard from the pain.

"TYREN!!" Ylith yelled and with a battle cry slashed at the Vong who moved away quite easily.

"Ylith..." Tyren said placing his hand on his brothers shoulder.

Ylith turned looking Tyren straight into his one eye, orange, bright aflame. The Battlelord moved away knowing what was to come next. Tyren tore a piece of his former cloak and tied it around the bloody eye, using the Force to stop the bleeding and push away the pain.

Tyren's one eye "pierced" the Vong priest as if he was a mere arrogant child playing with death.

"My turn!" the Krath said, a sick smile on his face.

He lunged forward with a speed none of the Journeymen have seen before, so much so that he left a mild gust of wind in his wake. He hit the Vong full force, piercing the aliens chest and pinning him to the near-by gore decorated wall. The Vong had a sick smile on his face, matching Tyren's. They were both enjoying this.

"Feel the pain, monster. Feel your life sucked out."

"Yun-Yammka maa'raht fahta'th Jeedai matth!" Yun-Yammka will destroy the Jedi dogs!*

"I thought so." the Krath said pushing his teal blade through the body of the forsaken priest, cutting his head in half a sickening smell emerging from the carcass.

He turned toward the rest of the Vong.
"Whos next?"


*This is totally made up...i found nothing about the Vong language anywhere...I hope its ok


20-02-2008 10:59:18

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Master Shaper’s Quarters

The leathery skin of the Master Shaper’s villip contorted until it became a colorless imitation of one of her subalterns. She allowed a smile to caress her lipless features as the lesser Shaper told her of the gift that had stumbled into a warrior patrol’s hands: not one, but two Jeedai, and one had betrayed the other! Clearly, fortune favored her. She instructed the subaltern to have the warriors escort their prisoners to one of the Shaper Chambers; as excited as she was, she’d not have the infidels' taint in her very quarters.

Shaper Chamber

Sai, his hands bound behind his back by a coating of blorash jelly, kept his head high as he was led into the strange chamber. He saw two priestly looking Vong standing near a strange device hanging from the overhead; he recognized it as the Embrace of Pain, though in a scaled down version. Continuing to sweep his gaze over the room, he noted that there were no warriors save for the ones that escorted him and the traitorous de Ath.

Malisane. The very thought of his name caused the bile to rise in the Keibatsu’s gullet. The man would pay, and that, right soon. Betrayal was not to be cottoned, by any stretch of the imagination, under no circumstances. Had Sai known that de Ath would resort to such cowardice in saving his own skin, he would have killed him in Sadow Palace’s hangar bay and had Oren grind his bones for fertilizer. Then again, he did act rather dubiously back when the Clan had taken up arms against the True Brotherhood. Suddenly, Agrist’s presence made a lot more sense; de Ath hadn’t changed his stripes, after all. He’d been corrupted by Agrist somehow, and Sai’s delivery into Vong hands was part and parcel of Malisane’s treachery. Factoring the DAC in, he and Mononoke never had a chance; adding to the sting was the notion that Sai had the gall to once call him friend.

An entry sphincter opposite them quivered and slid open, and another Vong entered, one who Sai recognized as female, and obviously holding more prestige than the other two, as they bowed deeply as she glided in.

Suddenly, Sai hissed in pain as one of the warrior escorts brought his amphistaff across the back of his knees, causing him to kneel. The escort spat something in it’s guttural language to him.

“No infidel should stand in the presence of the Master Shaper,” de Ath translated.

“That explains why you’re still on your feet. I guess they see you as one of their own, speaking like them, turning your own in, and everything. Who knows, they’ll probably revere you as one of their pets one day, and let you eat at their misbegotten feet,” Sai rejoined, the venom evident in his tone.

Malisane reddened but said nothing, looking at the Shaper who began to speak.

“She sees your disgust as fear for the Embrace. She encourages you not to fear the pain, but to welcome it,” Malisane said.

The Vong escorts hoisted Sai to his feet and turned him to face Malisane. The two lesser ranked shapers took the Keibatsu from their grasp, and only one warrior was left to stand at Malisane’s back as the rest deferentially left the chamber, leaving the Master Shaper to approach the bound Sai and stroke his braid with sick affection. Sai flinched from her touch, causing the female’s face to contort into a grin.

‘Ah, so there is a clear caste system at work here; only a few brutes allowed at a time,’ Sai thought distantly. ‘So much the better.'

“She’s got the ‘disgust’ part right,” Sai said, looking de Ath in the eye. “While you’re playing ‘parrot’, de Ath, translate this: though I do not fear pain or require it for power, like so many of our compatriots do, I'd just the same avoid it. Rather, I feed off of hate...rage...betrayal. All of which, curiously, I’ve had to experience in the past few moments.”

Sai continued to look Malisane in the eye as he spoke, allowing his emotion to crest while descending deeper and deeper into his neurosis. He became cold, unfeeling, and calculating within the throes of his white hot anger and urges to lash out. Malisane at that moment ceased to be Sai’s friend, stopped being a Clan mate, but turned into a mere number, a variable to account for, in his eventual escape.

‘One warrior, three shapers. I could probably kill Malisane now, but I’ll need him to take care of the warrior, to keep him off my back and tire himself out. Then, I’ll peel the skin from his bones and he’ll die watching me wear it.'

The Master Shaper said something intelligible to Malisane, and turned to leave. “It seems she has been called away to join the other commanders in attending the World Brain,” he translated, “leaving your Breaking to her subordinates and my witnessing eye.”

'Good. Now I only have two to take care of. But first, I must get my hands into a more agreeable position.'

Even as Malisane saw the final lights leaving Sai’s eyes, he continued to play the role. “It seems as though we have an opportunity here, to see what the Vong can truly do against Jeedai.” As he spoke, he was of the mind that the dullness in the tripartite eyes wasn’t as death, but more mechanical, like some undersea predator. One that would do what evolution and conditioning had programmed it to do for millennia. The time, de Ath sensed, was coming. He spread his arms, as if signaling the Shapers to string the Keibatsu up into the scaled down Embrace.

He had barely enough time to complete the thought and movement when Sai wrenched free of the shapers’ grip and jumped in the air, bringing his knees to his chest while he looped his bound hands underneath his feet. Upon landing, he stretched out towards Malisane, whose arms were still spread. Sai’s exposed ‘saber hilt rattled against Malisane’s belt for a moment before freeing itself and flying across the room...

...right into Sai’s hammer-grip. The Shapers began to cry aloud as his crimson blade freed itself from the hilt’s confines with a screech and a growl, and then stopped altogether once the Keibatsu’s execution of Shii-Cho cleaved them both 'twain, leaving four smoking hunks of grayskin corpse to litter the chamber floor.

Sai turned just in time to see Malisane’s silver blade remove the warrior’s head from his body, the orb tumbling wetly across the deck and the dead body slumping at his feet. The men faced each other, ‘sabers seeming to snarl in anticipation of an epic confrontation. Before either could speak or move, the entry sphincter quivered and burst open; Agrist, Senth, and Macron rushed in, and Agrist launched himself directly at Malisane, his ‘saber twirling in anger, shouting Malisane’s name.

“De Ath! A word, if you please...”

Macron Sadow

20-02-2008 15:52:18

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Shaper’s Quarters

“It would seem you have some explaining to do Malisane,” snarled Macron as he stood in the sphincter door. He deposited a head on the floor of a Vong female, the look of surprise and shock on her face clearly evident. “I think she was somebody important,” remarked Macron with a shrug as Senth became visible in the doorway behind him. The DAC trooper had the door and hall covered with his weapons, and rolled a headless Vong body in the sphincter as it shut.

Agrist yelled, swinging his cerulean blade in an overhand swing against the now-lit de Ath’s argent one. “You karking treacherous bastard!” he shouted as his eyes glazed over with yellow. “I’ll kill you ..!”

“You have it all wrong,” replied Malisane as he parried with a strong Shii-cho block. “I did-what-had-to-be-done!” he yelled while maneuvering the sparking blade. “You’re all fine and whole,” he grunted as he shoved Agrist off his blade.

“Gentlemen,” purred Macron from the door. “I hate to interrupt your friendly discussion, but I do believe I just killed one of their Master Shapers,” he said as he examined the head. “That won’t go unnoticed for long.” His boot rolled the grisly grimacing ball over to lay with the other ones nonchalantly. “A pity I don’t have time to try out their little toy there,” he said while indicating the Embrace.

Sabers slurped back into emitter hilts as the trio defused their grudges for now. A palpable current of anger and distrust filled the room like some acrid miasma. Sai spoke up first. “You mean, put them on it?” he said and smiled at the thought. Sai looked on with unhidden hatred as he contemplated the betrayal. "Or put Malisane on it..." he thought as a sneer passed through his countenance.

“No. I meant me,” remarked the alchemist as he shucked his armor. “We might have a few minutes and I suppose they’d be expecting to hear screaming by now. What better way to understand your enemies and embrace the Dark Side fully? I have to know,” he muttered as he stepped up to the rock. “Can I get a hand here?”

"You're nuts," remarked Agrist as he looked on. "I heard the rumors, but didn't believe them."

"Believe," giggled Mononoke as he stepped into the almost intestinal seeming coils.


20-02-2008 17:38:49



20-02-2008 17:54:16

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Shaper’s Chamber

Agrist started to ask if Mononoke was sure of his decision, but all he got out was, “Sadow...”

As the coils wrapped themselves around the Alchemist, hungrily snatching him off of the stone pedestal, the rest of the mercenary’s query was lost in a cacophony of screams, all tearing themselves from Macron’s mouth.

Even a scaled down version of the Embrace of Pain was formidable; it twisted, wrenched, and torqued Macron’s limbs up to, and well beyond, their limits of extreme motion. Just when it seemed his limbs could take no more...

...a horrible stretching sound emanated from Macron’s limbs. Agrist winced as the Alchemist’s screams reached a new crescendo. Senth looked on impassively.

Sai never took his eyes off of Malisane.

After a time, Agrist said, “Ok, anybody else seem to think he’s had enough? I think anyone listening in has no doubts of somebody being hung up in that thing.”

Sai continued to stare at de Ath as he replied. “Nonsense. Can’t you see my cousin’s having a frell of a time?”

Upon closer examination, Macron did indeed wear a broad smile, even while tears ran from his eyes in torrents and his nose literally belched mucus.

“See? And to think, de Ath, you were going to let them string me up? Me!” Sai’s tripartite eyes bored daggers into Malisane.

Macron seemed to be about to scream his throat raw when Agrist couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh, for the love of Sadow!”

Time seemed to stretch like the Alchemist's limbs for an interminable period, until the Keibatsu broke his silence and the spell. “Alright. Senth, shoot him down.” Sai calmly ordered.

The DAC took aim with his repeater and pulled the trigger. Mononoke’s limp form dropped to the deck, a sheen of sweat reflecting the overhead light sources.

Sai, displaying a gentleness he’d certainly shelve given half a moment with Malisane, helped his cousin to a seated position and began to help him with his armor.

Agrist asked the seated Mononoke, “Well? Was it worth it?”

The Alchemist swayed, his eyes half-lidded in ecstasy. “Good, to the very last drop.”

The tittering that ensued was nearly as chilling as his screams.


21-02-2008 02:40:07

Xander what the hell are you my post again...IT isnt a creature its me and we're with the whole group being attacked by Vong Priests...READ THE POSTS BEFORE POSTING!


21-02-2008 03:35:02

Vong Worldship
Telos System
Shaper’s Chamber

Malisane waited impatiently as Sai helped Macron. "Alright move out."
Agrist turned to him. "You think you're giving orders? Why should we trust you now?"
Malisane looked at him, and then Sai and then back at the commisaar then shrugged. "Because if I was really betraying you it would have been far easier to kill you and Macron when he was unconsious and you had a blaster at your back. Now we don't have the time for this. Following the Vong guiding us down here I know the way to the main access shaft back to the Nachezerer, and any pursuit will come from behind not in front of us so if we move quickly we'll be half way to the ship before they realise we've gone."
"Makes sense," Macron said checking his equipment. He was his usual laid back self, and Malisane sensed he at least understood.
"So I'm going that way," Malisane told them, "I suggest you come along. And hold off on the resentment until we're out of here, we need to focus. If you still have an issue with me, following our adventures in this hell hole I'm spending the next week relaxing at my villa in Lor Zatean. You can find me there and bring your saber."
He gave the two of them a final glance then strode back through the door, Senth following him.


21-02-2008 09:12:41

Sacrificial Hall
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 17

Darth Vexatus ducked as an eye of one of the Yuuzhan Vong priests dilated as a glob of poison discharged in his direction. Trevarus Caerick frowned as his glanced at the black pit where the priest’s eye had been.

“That was just uncouth,” the sorcerer called out sardonically as he battered away another of the priests who one coming at him with a ritual coufee. Caerick swiftly plunged his second lightsaber through the Yuuzhan Vong’s chest. For all their twisted mutilations and implants, the priests were lightly armoured wearing what seemed to be a robe made of some kind of living white flesh.

“Don’t get cocky, Master,” cried Vexatus as he decapitated the priest who had tried to poison him.

Foolish Jeedai, cried a priest as the Falleen’s tizowyrm translated. The priest seemed to bear more mutilations than the others put together. His face was little more than a horrific death mask with both eyes glowing in different shades.

The priest grabbed at his own index finger and pulled, tearing the digit free. His mouth roared with laughter as he thrust his arm into the air, releasing a cloud of dark green liquid.

“Bubble!” cried Vexatus.

The Elders drew the Force around them, summoning a layer of clean air as the liquid vaporised into a mist they could only assume had been intended to kill them. The priest sneered, a short serpent uncoiling itself from his waist before slithering down his arm into his hand to form a rigid staff roughly half the size of a regular amphistaff.

“Careful!” called Eshin Shul from behind. “The short ones are deadly.”

Caerick crossed the gauntlet of priests and journeymen to the central priest. The Yuuzhan Vong twirled his tsaisi erratically, taunting the sorcerer to come nearer. As he approached the tsaisi sprayed a brown mist in his direction. Caerick leapt vertically, grabbing hold of one of the chains and swinging in an arc to avoid the poison and came round to flank the priest. When the brown liquid hit the floor it began burning a hole through the yorik coral almost instantly.

Vexatus stepped around the rapidly expanding hole to come at the high priest from the front while his Master attacked from the rear. One of the priest’s eyes dilated, spitting more poison in the Falleen’s direction but he caught it on his lightsaber.

Caerick lunged, forcing the priest to spin and catch the attack on his tsaisi. The priest sneered, or at least managed as much of one as he could with the contraption towering over his head that kept his features hooked in place. His eye dilated again spitting yet more poison in the sorcerer’s direction.

“Enough playing with him, Master,” called Vexatus as he warded off a blow from another priest who had apparently noticed their leader was in danger.

Caerick smirked. His eyes flashed as lightning arced down his arms charging his blades before he thrust in the high priest’s direction. The priest caught the first blow on his tsaisi but the sorcerer’s second lightsaber stabbed directly through the Yuuzhan Vong’s heart.

The priest screamed, his lips curling into a sickening smile as they tore away from the hooks holding them back. The high priest managed one word, “Yun-Yammka!” then crashed to the floor lifeless.

Ylith Pandemonium

21-02-2008 10:39:15

Just so we're all clear on this, I am ignoring Xander's post as he
doesnt pay attention to previous posts.

Vong Worldship - Sacrimental Halls
Sublevel 17

As Tyren killed the Priest who severed his eye, a scream could be heard behind him,
Jade was being attacked by one of the Priests. The Valheru rushed towards her as
she was hit hard by one of the Priest, who was grinning menacingly. She flung her saber at the
Vong but the blade shimmered as it touched the Priests armor, reflecting and dissapating
the rotating energies of the violet blade, rendering it useless.

The Priest wanted to stab the Krath with blades coming out of his fingertips but was blocked
by Ylith's Lightwave shield and was punched in the face by the Sith. The blood that erupted
from the Vong and landed on the Quaestor's fist startted to bite it's way through his skin
yet he didn't flinch, allowing the pain inflicted upon him to feed his hatred and so, his

Jade rose to her feet and unsheathed the Medusa blade, given by her husband to keep
her safe from harm should it be needed. She moved to Tyren and the Journeymen while
the Valheru walked towards the Priest that almost killed his wife, he was lying on the
ground, struggling to get up as the contraptions which were hooked into his body strained
his movements.

Suddenly the Vong jumped towards the Valheru, who raised his shield to catch the Priest
but got thrown onto the ground, the Vong giggled and growled, acid saliva dripping onto
the Sith's cheek and hissed when it touched him. The Lightwave shield startted to buckle
and dissapated only a moment after, then the Priest stabbed his fingers into the left
side of the Sith's chest, breaking them off after wards and spraying acid blood over the
Valheru's left arm.

In a roar he managed to push the Vong from him and rose to his feet, then severed the
Priest's head with a clean slash with his sword.

In a growl the Battlemaster fell onto his knee, pulling out the fingers that were ledged into
his chest and throwing them aside. His vision blurred for a moment, the sickening stench
and the wounds that covered the Sith taking its toll on his body. He shook his head and
rose from the ground, gritting his teeth as he lost the Force Boost Tyren had given him,
rendering him blind within the Force once more.

Suddenly he saw a Priest attacking Darth Vexatus from the back, he didnt seem to notice
the Vong approaching, which suprised Ylith. The Valheru moved onto a sacrificial table and
jumped towards the Priest, cleaving the unsuspecting Vong in half before he could strike
the Dark Prophet down.

The Darth turned around, eying Ylith for a moment then sneered.

"I could have handled it!"

"Your pride will be your downfall, Darth." The Valheru spat back and he turned his back on
Vexatus, returning to his wife. and to aid her and the rest of the group with the remaining
Vong Priests.


21-02-2008 11:54:55

Vong Worldship - Sacrimental Halls
Sublevel 17

While the veteran members of the Clan led the charge against the Vong priests, Sith Battlelord Daragon held to the rear and assisted the younger members, trying to keep the casualties to a minimum.

While fighting off his own attackers, he kept one eye on the young Journeymen.

Fenris and Tash fought valiantly side by side using their newly formed powers with the skills that would soon see them rise in prestige and rank. Vorion and Zaxen also teamed up and were making their presence known to the priests. The journeymen of the Clan were proving they were not to be taken lightly and these priests were to assist in their paths to Knighthood.

At the hint of danger, Daragon quickly pulled his blaster and shot at a priest just about to strike a blow behind Vorion, spinning the Vong priest. The shot caught the young Protector’s attention and he turned and attacked the stunned enemy finishing him off with his sword.

Re-holstering his sidearm the Sith Battlelord smiled to himself and head butted the nearest priest.

Kah Manet

21-02-2008 16:24:53

Fenris, now teaming up with Tash, set his sights on a certain Priest. His glaring with hatred, Fenris remembered all those that wronged him, using his hate to power himself. Tash, not looking at his rear defense, began to be overwhelmed with the priests that were attacking him. Fenris jumped onto the shoulders of one of the priests, bringing down his katana, and slitting the Vong Priests throat. He then jumped from that Priest, onto another, stabbing the Vong in the head, twisting the knife, and kicking the Vong in the head, then continued to jump from Priest to Priest, with each kill, his rage amplification became stronger and stronger.

"Watch out next time!" yelled Fenris to Tash, who stood there silently, trying to hold back a Vong Priest from slashing his throat.

The two Vong that Fenris had injured turned their attention to the now bloodthirsty Fenris. "Time to die Jeedai." one of the Vong said. The two rushed him, trying to flank him on both sides. Fenris quickly dove out of the way, allowing for both to collide, each stabbing each other with their weapons. Fenris, holding his Katana as hard as possible, quickly swung at the Vong priests, each stuck together, causing Fenris to cut the stomach of one, the back of the other. The two Vong Priests just laughed at the pain that was being inflicted upon them. This only made Fenris more angry. He spun around, sweep kicking the Vong down, and stabbed them in the back of the head, and twisted his Katana. After this occurred, he kicked them in the side of the head, and took his Katana and jammed it in the mid section, repeatedly, to make sure they died.

Tash, who just killed the Vong Priest that was attacking him, looked up. "Took you long enough." said Tash.

"Maybe if you actually invested more time in training, instead of spending time behind your men, you'd remember to be mindful of your surroundings." replied Fenris.

The fight was far from over, Bob, someone who Fenris thought as a great friend, was doing quite well for himself. Vong fell left and right under Bob's weapons. Fenris couldn't help but smile. "You need to be more like Bob, drunken and full of rage...he may not have a formal way of training, but he's got Drunken Fighting down." said Fenris.


21-02-2008 17:35:34

Sacrificial Hall
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 17

The Hall was beginning to become littered with the bodies of dead Yuuzhan Vong priests. All of the Dark Jedi were exalted in the carnage, not just the Masters, Darth Vexatus and Trevarus Caerick. Each and every one of them truly deserved to inherit the glory the name Naga Sadow brought with it. Tritherus managed to muse about his clanmates as he was literally pouncing from one Vong priest to another. Their boies were but lifeless corpses after he was done with them. They were no soldiers, true, but they were the enemy, and if your allegiance belongs to the enemies of Clan Naga Sadow your ability to die is more important then your ability to fight.

His feet touching the ground for the first time in minutes, Tritherus gasped for breath as he noticed the four priests surrounding him on all sides. His gasping stopped as his indomitable battle rage reemerged.

"You think you have me beat with superior numbers and superiour positions?" the Krath taunted.

Before either the Vong or Tritherus could act purple lightning blasted the priest directly behind Tritherus into oblivion. Without looking to see where the aid came from, the swordsman charged the Vong in front of him and quckly sliced through his body, even managing to amputate his right arm. Dropping to a quick three-point stance, he launched himself at the priest that was originally to his left. He hacked at his enemy so hard, he watched as it's body flew backwards falling into a pile of other dead Vong. The last priest managed to approach the whirlwind Tritherus had become, but it was just too slow as his prey spun around and in one fluid motion decapitated him. Finally, he turned to see what took out the first priest.

"I assumed that you could use some help, Jorneyman... but perhaps I was mistaken."

The help came from none other then Master Trevarus Caerick. Tritherus was nothing compared to the might of the sorcerer. Why had he even bothered to help me? he thought. The Protector merely nodded to the Consul, unable to even speak in his mighty presence. Suddenly the sorcerer was gone, engaged in battle with a multitude of priests once more. Tritherus took this as a sign, and eyeing a priest that attempted to sneak up on his companions, Fenris and Tash, he lept into the air once more. Landing directly in front of the priest he stabbed his katana forward, impaling the Vong. Lifting his blade up, he raised the priest off his feet.

"Perhaps you never realized that this chamber of yours would be your own undoing" Tritherus growled. As unbothered as the Vong seemed to be by the pain, Tritherus hurled him onto one of the tables, and standing above his foe's body, began to dismember the priest.

"What the hell has gotten into you Trith?" asked Fenris with a stunned expression. Looking over the pieces left from his opponent's body Tritherus glared over to the two other Journeymen.

"The same thing that should be getting into the both of you! If we let them, they will do the same to us!" If the Vong did not bleed black, it would be impossible to tell if his red eyes were normally that color, or were merely soaked in blood. Turning away, the swordsman jumped back into the fray.

"He's either really lucky, or really good," Tash said of Tritherus' skill.
"...or he's just insane," Fenris muttered.


21-02-2008 21:00:10

Vong Worldship - Sacrificial Hall
Sublevel 17

"Less talk; more fighting." Vorion hissed in Fenris's direction. He was a little put off by the unnatural ease with which Fenris seemed to dispatch the Vong priests but quickly put it from his mind; after all, they weren't as heavily armored as some of the warriors, but they had a wholly different variety of fearsomeness about them. Their misshapen implants seemed to glisten hideously in the amber light as he whirled in a tight pirouette, blade flashing as he used his momentum to cleave into the shoulder blade of the nearest priest. The sword bit but only drew a trickle of blood from the strong sinewy flesh of the priest's shoulder. The priest gurgled almost dismissively as he lashed out an arm and struck the Protector across the chest, sending him flying ten or twelve feet into another priest as the mismatched pair tumbled to the ground.

Fenris bellowed from across the room, shouting at Vexatus - Vorion had landed closest to him - and the Sith Lord whirled about, but was forced to defend himself from yet another incoming Vong priest, delaying further any aid he could offer the beleaguered Ubese. Fenris surged forward to aid his comrade as the prone Vorion took a swift stomp in the side from a passing Vong, the hallway seeming to reverberate with a loud crunch.

Vorion grit his teeth and tried to set aside the throbbing pain in his leg. He had come down hard when the priest had stuck him, most of the weight on his ankle - he could already feel it swelling inside his boot. He struggled to stand, thrashing wildly as he tried to disentangle himself from the priest that he had be flung into. He slipped on the slimy Vong bodily fluids that coated the floor and the air rushed out of he with a wheezing grunt. He rolled, wildly, not away but face-to-face with the very Vong from whom he was trying to gain distance. For a wretched moment frozen in eternity, he stared into the eyes of the Vong priestess, gland implants pulsating on her cheeks - and then she reached out and stroked the curve of his mask with one finger, uttering an unmistakable, disgusting sound of delight as she grasped the back of his head and attempted to pull him closer, glistening stingers slowly protruding from the gland sacs on her face.


In his blind, abject terror the Protector grabbed the first thing his gloved hand touched and bashed the sickening creature with it. Only later would he realize it was the severed leg of one of Caerick's earlier kills. The priestess reeled from the force of the blow, and Vorion wasted no time scrambling to his feet once more. His head snapped around frantically. "ZAX!"

But already the other Journeyman had foreseen his clanmate's need, and had harnessed the Force, sending Vorion's sword sailing through the air. The Protector bought his hand down like some dark judge swinging a gavel of vengeful iron as he split the head of the Vong priestess open with a wet thud.

He tried to clear his head, find his center again, but discovered that he couldn't.

Or maybe, you fool, you're already there?
He was! A voice not his own throbbed inside his skull as a dull roar filled his ears. His vision clouded, tunneled, and everything seemed to be distant. He realized, with only a marginal degree of interest, that he was watching himself from outside of his own body. Jade fell back in shock, eyes wild and gaping as the Journeymen seemed to move as one, with blurring speed and dazzling efficiency.

Fenris had fought himself a path across the hallway, using the Force to assist his forward momentum as he slid to his knees in an almost child-like fashion and coasted through the legs of the Priest that was charging Vorion , his face a grim mask of martial discipline as he whipped his blade behind him in a smooth gesture that hamstrung the Vong and sent him down howling.

Vorion grasped Fenris's fist as he sailed home, yanking him upwards with all his might, Fenris aiding his own momentum with the Force as a springboard beneath him, sailing over Vorion's helmeted head, Fenris deftly hooking his left foot as he sailed overhead and loosing the blaster rifle at Vorion's belt. The Ubese snatched the weapon from midair and calmly obliterated the face of the hamstrung Vong with one, two, three shots fired off in rapid progession. The boundless river that was the Force rushed through his body and he followed it's current, sticking out his left arm in tandem with Fenris, the duo looping to torque around in a wide arc, exchanging positions. The incoming priest had hurled the acidic spray from his tsaisi where Fenris's vulnerable eyes had been only a split second ago and it hissed, sizzled and ran harmlessly off the Ubese's dark face mask. "Think fast." The two Journeymen said in unison as the surprised priest attempted to slow his charge and Vorion's blaster snapped neatly underneath the monstrosity's chin and fired, spewing steaming cranial tissue across the floor. The fight seemed to die down at once as the odds quickly turned, the Elders having much less difficulty slaying their opponents.

The very last standing Vong in the room bellowed and drew back his arm preparing to hurl some sort of projectile just as the Journeymen again became themselves and filtered the melded battle coordination apart; it wasn't intentional, but then it had happened spontaneously and accidentally as well. Just as Vorion, Fenris, Tash, Tritherus, and Zaxen became again aware of me and not us, I instead of we, the last vestige of their melded senses dissipated, and Vorion gasped and staggered under the weight of his own pain, redoubled. He was overextented; badly, at that, with all of his weight on his sprained ankle. He trembled with exertion as he tried to bring his blaster to bear against the lone priest and his shot went wide.

The priest, was uninjured, unfortunately, and had better aim.

Tash chucked his sword underhand into the waiting grasp of Tritherus, who erupted across the hall bellowing with the righteous fury and blindsided the priest, scissoring his head from behind between the two swords. The headless, lifeless creature toppled. There was a moment of stunned silence, and everyone's gaze turned to the Journeymen, who in turn looked to one of their number; Vorion.

The Protector stared blankly, in silence, down at the razor bug still protruding from his chest, right below the heart.

He dropped his sword, shook his vest, and the thug bug fell to the yorik coral below along with the neatly severed halves of a suspiciously familiar cigar.


22-02-2008 03:19:29

Vong Worldship - Sacrificial Hall
Sublevel 17

As the last Vong fell, Tyren breathed hard and observed his surroundings. Master Trevarus
and Vexatus stood over a dozen dead Vong, already ready to proceed, not a scratch seemed
to litter their clothing.

Ylith stood proudly next to the Journeymen but Tyren could see his brother was leaning
on his sword, and he knew his connection to the Force was damaged. He was proud his
brother was even standing. Jade was by his side tending her own wounds and wiping the
Medusa she carried. The rest of the Quites were either sitting around, tending their wounds
or helping others at the task.

The Journeymen, on the other hand weren't in such a good condition, Vorion was barely
standing, the rest were exhausted, sitting on the floor.

And this is only the beginning. The Krath thought touching the bandage around
his eye. He pulled out a curved, crumpled cigarette and lit it to ease the pain. He inhaled
deeply as he walked toward the group of Journeymen and looked at Vorion.

"Is he ok?" he asked Bob.

"He will be...or he wont live to tell the tale."

"I see!" he said, moving towards the rest, he knelled in front of them as if wanting to say
something, like a teacher to his students.

"Good work!" he said as part of them smiled "But, theres more to come..." he said as their
attention turned from what they were doing "...and its only gonna get harder, mark my words."
he saw Fenris nod to the remark.

"If you think this was hard..." he said waving his hand around "...then you best kill yourself
now because the Vong will not have pity or mercy upon you." his one eye observed every single
one individually.

"Theres more to come, harder battles, so I suggest you stop licking your wounds, and barging
about your kills and think of the consequences if we should fail. Orian is on our shoulders, as
well as Naga Sadow. Its best you remember what you're fighting for." Fenris was the first to
stand up, a proud look on his face, then the rest followed.

"Good! Carry on, we leave in a few minutes."
Theres something in that kid... Tyren though watching Fenris ...something that could
change Naga Sadow.

The Krath walked to his brother.

"Nice speech."


"How's that eye, brother?"

"Its just a scratch, the Force was merciful enough to grant me another." Ylith chuckled at the remark.

"You really are one of a kind."

"I do my best!" Tyren smiled and looked at Jade, her wounds seemed to be healed already.

"How are you, Jade?"

"I'm fine. Will be a whole lot better when we got out of this Force forsaken place."

"I couldn't agree with you more."

Zaxen Dauketrenal

22-02-2008 05:14:45

The battle had ended. Bodies of the grotesquely altered Vong priests littered the ground around them and the yorik coral seemed to drink their dark blood. Zaxen had all but recovered as best he could and stood with his compatriots as the last of the accidental battlemeld faded. His aches and pains seemed to only be a mild annoyance though he moved with obvious discomfort. His hands shook from exhaustion but his spirit was on fire as he looked at his fellow clan mates. The glory of combat had brought them together, made them strong. They had become the will of the Force, vengeance made manifest. The fallen ones of Antei would be proud.

Zaxen took the few moments they had of rest and let the impact of what had just happen wash over him. He let his gaze pass over those around him. Vorion who had instinctivly brought the journeymen together in a battlemeld. Fenris the Krath who had fought as well as any Obelisk warrior. Tritherus who had flown like a bird of prey, killing as swiftly as the wind blows. The priest Tyren who had lost an eye, Ylith whose connection to the Force had somehow been damaged and his wife Jade who had stood as a pillar of strength. The clan of Naga Sadow who stood few had left a trail of death with the bodies of thier enemies. Zaxen swelled with pride.

He strode over to Vorion smiling. "That was something." Vorion looked up with a pained yet smiling face. He nodded to Fenris who in turn nodded back smiling. Zaxen pulled a small flask from inside his cloak and took a swig of the pungent liquid inside and passed to his friends. And so they sat for a while letting the precious minutes pass in silence. Yet none needed to speak as the bond of war had forged in them an eternal connection. It was at this point that each of them understood what it meant to be clan mates, what it meant to be children of Sadow.

Tyren's speech echoed in all thier minds. His mutilated eye had not detered him one bit. The journeymen listened on and each understood in his own way that live or die those of Naga Sadow would never stop fighting, that their legacy would blaze a path through the heavens.

Fenris rose, Zaxen stood and helped Vorion to his feet and together with Tritherus, Teu, Tash and the rest of the journeymen stood proud. The end was very near and they had come so far. One way or another, whether in life or in death they knew that they would be victorious. The Yuuzhan Vong horde would know fear unlike they had never known. Clan Naga Sadow would burn the message of revenge into thier very souls.

The game of wizards and kings had now transformed into something else. It was no longer about glory or power, but about the fight. The fight to simply exist. And fight they would until their final breath and perhaps even further.

Zaxen let the reverie pass as he picked up his energy sword and the present sunk back in. Time to go back to work.


22-02-2008 05:40:14

Vong Worldship -
Maintainance Access Shaft
Sublevel 16

They had been walking up the smooth deserted shaft for half an hour now. The atomosphere was lighter now, the sense of combined purpose overidden the earlier tension. Sai studied his scanner and reported no signs of life ahead, hopefully they ought to reach the Nachezerer in about another thirty minutes. From there they could clear out any Vong presence at the crash site and prepare the ship for launch whenever the rest of the party turned up.

Sai took a deep breath, "Thirsty work all this."
"Yep," Malisane replied.
"Anyone got a drink?" Sai asked.
"Try this," Malisane said handing him a bottle.
"What is it?" Sai asked taking it.
"Well as the manager of the largest nightclub complex in this part of the galaxy, friends often ask me what new drinks I can recommend to get the party going. And I tell them to try Ewok Liquor. Distilled by sith-spawn ewoks on the mysterious world of Kangaras since 27ABY from their secret recipe of no less than ten types of plant and berries, Ewok Liquor goes down smooth as silk then has a kick that will stun a bantha."
Sai took a swig, "Hey I can taste ten types of plants and berries," he replied happily, taking another.
"Yes," Agrist agreed, "I've campaigned across the galaxy, drunk in a thousand bars, and knocked back many a brew in a trench before battle, but I've never found a drink I was totally satisfied until I tried Ewok Liquor. Now I don't drink anything else."
Malisane nodded. "Ewok Liquor, try it and you'll never touch another drink again."

"We're getting nearer," Macron interupted, "we ought to be careful, if they've discovered the Nachezerer they might have left a guard, even if they're struggling with the proximity mines."
"I agree," Sai replied, "if they are we need to surround them and hit them hard and fast."
"Surrounding them with five of us might not be easy," Senth commented.
"Thats why its the last thing they'll be expecting," Agrist said with a grin, "I say we do it."

Kah Manet

22-02-2008 06:59:02

Fenris looked around himself as he stood, proud to be a Journeymen. They had fought like Equites, made their masters proud, and finally, they were brothers.

Vorion, who suffered a nasty injury, was still smiling under his dark Ubese helmet. "Think you can do that again Vorion? We'll need that battlemelding when we get to the brain there bud." said Fenris the Krath, who gave Vorion a nice poke in the helmet as he said it. Vorion nodded, trying to not focus on the pain of his ankle.

"Jade, once you are done with your wounds...mind healing my friend here?" asked Fenris the Krath. She nodded, and Vorion rested his arm on Fenris. Zaxen, who Fenris never really got to know before leaving, was now someone Fenris respected.

"Zaxen, I want you to know, when we are in the Brain...I got your back, and I hope you got mine...That goes for all of us." said Fenris, with a proud smile on his face. His Rattataki bald head gleaming with sweat, he sat down, and listened to the stories that the other Journeymen were telling. Stories not only of battle, but of anecdotes of their past life before the DJB.

Ylith, who was leaning on his sword, just nodded to Fenris, who in turn, smiled and nodded back. "Hope I made you proud to day Master, you still owe me some books" thought Fenris to Ylith.

Ylith Pandemonium

22-02-2008 07:25:26

Vong Wordship - Sacrimental Hall
Sublevel 17

The Sith groaned as he finally collapsed onto his knees, the strain of his
wounds and fatigue washing over him like a tidal wave. His long white hair
came lose and fell like a curtain over the sides of his face, covering him.

Within his mind many thoughts roamed his mind, about his hatred for the
Vong and the grave damage they inflicted upon his mind and soul. His loss
of the Force was the Vong's doing, and he intended them to pay for it.
However his battles were hard against the aliens, without the strength of
the Force his strength waned as well. Where he normally dusted off his
shoulders and moved on, he now sat kneeling onto the floor, gritting his teeth.

Then all went silent...

From the deepest darkness of his mind, Vexatus arose in an image of his
memories, where he defeated the Battlemaster with a mere flick of his hand.
It was power, a greater power beyond anything he had ever experienced in
his life, and he wanted it.

His own mind rose in defiance towards the Darth and it strengthened him. His
mind burned with desire to see him brought down upon his knees by his bidding
and one day, he vowed, one day he would make it so.

Growling he rose back upon his feet, Tyren and Jade watching him do so, and
when he stood up straight he glanced over her shoulder, overlooking the group
of Dark Jedi behind him.

If Vexatus can fight the Vong, then I should be able to do it too! The Sith
spat within his own mind and he nodded to the group. Walking towards the two
Elders and their Guide, ready to move on towards the Worldbrain.

Darth Vexatus eyed him for a moment, narrowing his eyes and so did Ylith, a
spark flew between the two Sith and the tension could be felt between the two
as clear as looking into the sun itself.

Then the Darth frowned and turned his back on the Battlemaster, walking with his master
downwards, following the Vong Guide and Ylith moved down as well, the group of Journeymen
and Equites right behind him.

"Its time we end this..." The Valheru whispered, grabbing the hilt of his sword tightly.


22-02-2008 09:33:01

Atrium before the Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

The Supreme Commander had suffered the Jeedai long enough.

Drathul Amnan and his Elite stood ready in the atrium outside the Well of the World Brain. Heavy layers of yorik coral lined the walls, curving over and inward like a rib cage. At the far end of the atrium sat the massive sphincter that opened into the Well itself.

The Well of the World Brain was a most sacred place. Even Drathul himself was unworthy to stand in the World Brain’s presence. That was a task left to the high priest and his kin. Drathul had listened to their screams in the Sacrificial Hall echo as the sound meandered its way down the twisting passageways.

The screams had since ended. Drathul knew the Jeedai must be on their way.

But they would not pass. That was his duty.

The warrior elite flanked Drathul clad head to toe in their suits of Vonduun Skerr Kyrric. The best Domain Amnan had to offer, they were the blessed of Yun-Yammka and the God of War had rewarded them all. Each wielded the weapon of their choice, be it the amphistaff, the tsaisi, the coufee, the fire spitter, the whip-lash or the tkun. The Elite were Drathul's private guard and each would gladly lay down their life to protect the World Brain in service to the True Gods.

Drathul let the talons implanted between his fingers in his right wrist extend then retract and repeated the motion. Each action brought him pain and he drank of it. In his right hand he held his amphistaff, specially grown after his escalation to Supreme Commander. Nearly three meters long, Drathul held it easily in one hand. His tsaisi, his baton of rank, coiled itself about his waist. His command cloak clung to his shoulders, its talons imbedded deep in his own flesh. The dark leathery flesh hung over him, marking him apart from the rest of his warrior elite.

But the most vicious weapon in his arsenal was the Radank claw that had replaced his left arm. Drathul flexed the powerful limb, allowing the massive scythe of a talon to scratch along the yorik coral as he withdrew it again.

Drathul Amnan was ready.

The Supreme Commander bellowed the war cry of his caste to a chorus of replies.

Do-ro'ik vong pratte!

* * *

And woe to our enemies!

Darth Vexatus listened as the tizowyrm in his ear translated the noise reverberating through the corridor as the Clansmen made their way down the final descent to the Well of the World Brain.

Eshin Shul snarled something inaudible as the voices echoed off the walls. “He waits for us.” After the Elders glanced at her Eshin clarified, “Drathul Amnan.”

“Then we will come to him,” declared Trevarus Caerick. “And we shall take our revenge for what he did at Antei.”

The Dark Jedi bellowed their own war cries to the sound of multiple lightsabers igniting.

“For Sadow!” cried the Disciples as they charged through the final sphincter into the atrium.

Ylith Pandemonium

22-02-2008 15:50:49

Atrium before the Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

The Sith pushed forwards, the rest of the Journeyman group behind him. Tyren
and Bob used their blasters to flank them while Ylith pushed through, Jade led the
Journeymen following the two Elders into the fray.

His Lightwave shield shimmered by the sheer force of strength these Vong Elite had
and his arm strained under the pressure. The large Vong growled and lashed out
with his Steng Talons, the sharp tips slamming into the energy field that was barely
holding, the shield buckled as the three tips pushed their way into it and the
Valheru pushed himself backwards, slashing with his blade to keep the brute at a

The Battlemaster caught his breath, then pushed forwards again, raising his shield
to block an incoming hit from an Amphistaff, then slashed his blade horizontally
across the Vong's stomach, his armor and thick leather skin falling appart, yet the
Elite himself seemed unharmed.

The Quaestor cursed under his breath and as his shield was slammed down he
quickly brought his sword upwards, slamming them into the Steng Talons, which
carved their way through the skin of Ylith's face, rather than his entire head.
Suddenly another Elite came to support the one fighting Ylith, firing a green
ball of fire using a Fire Spitter attached to his arm, at the Sith The Fireball was
barely deflected by the Lightwave shield, which shut down shortly afterwards.

Ylith gritted his teeth and pushed forward once more, using his sword to parry
an incoming strike from the Steng Talons and using the Lightwave Bracelet itself
to slam the dagger like tips deep into the Elite's abdomen, where he hit with his sword
barely a minute ago. The Vong roared with laughter as pain grabbed him and with
that quick moment the Sith brought up his sword and cleaved it's head.

He pushed himself back, watching the titan Vong fall down lifeless, only to be
slammed hard against his back, Steng Talons leaving a trail of cuts on it
while he was flung through the air. He hit the wall hard and was bounced back by
the fleshlike material the hall was made of. The Valheru shook his head as everything
was in a haze, sound moving slower and his vision a blur.

He saw Tyren and Jade, on the other side of the hallway, trying to reach him, while
one of the Vong laughed menacingly as he threw a Journeyman away like it was nothing
but air. Suddenly a Vong Elite stood in front of Ylith, and grabbed his head with one hand
and lifted him up, blood dripped from the Sith's battered body and the Vong chuckled in
delight. The Valheru brought up his blade and slammed it through the Elite's arm and
twisted, shattering bones when he did, then he kicked the Vong away from him as his
grip was released. The Vong fell in front of Tyren, who finished him off with a few well
placed headshots.

Ylith was on his knees, holding himself up by his sword and he grinned.
"Drink deep my talon of steel, for it is Vong blood you crave, and Vong blood you shall
receive." The Valheru said and he rose back onto his feet.


"Yes Brother?!"

"Round up the Journeymen and try to breach through these Vong Elite the best you can
and meet up at the Worldbrain! This may be our only chance!" Ylith shouted and Tyren
shot another Vong in the eye.

"What about the Elders?!" Tyren yelled over the roars and screams and the Sith moved
closer to Tyren and growled.

"Let them rot! Move! We end this right now! Everyone! To the Worldbrain!!"

OOC Note: Everyone, except for Xanos and Trev, should focus on getting to the World Brain
and through the Vong Commander group, dont write it too fast (as in: first sentence: 'Everyone
arrived at the...) or linger too long fighting Vong Elite. I wrote in my post what they can do to
a Journeyman to paint a picture, so yeah...just run ;)

Kah Manet

22-02-2008 16:47:45

Fenris, caught in between a rock and a hard place, literally, a Vong elite was literally crushing him to the wall, used all his might to try and survive. Vorion, who was having problems of his own fighting the Elite, ran over to where Fenris was, and stabbed the Elite in the head, diverting it's attention, allowing for Fenris to trip the Vong, and also allowing Fenris to break the Vonduun Crab Armor, with many slashes and bashing involved, thus creating a weak spot to exploit.

Vorion, now being attacked by the Elite, was pushed up against the wall, slowly losing air, and consciousness. Fenris, who always was told to repay favors, decided to put his life on the line for Vorion. Fenris quickly charged the Vong, gaining full speed quickly, and put his center of gravity low, he completely destroyed the Vong's balance, sending it twirling in the air. Vorion, who could now breath again, stabbed the Vong in the eyes, giving the Duo enough time to get away.

The Duo, along with the other Journeymen and others, were pushing through the Elites, trying to get away, allowing for them to attack the World Brain. Fenris offered to stay in the back, with Vorion and the Equites, to make sure that the Elites don't cause the group more trouble.

All that could be heard was the continuous fighting from the Elders that were still fighting the Elites, giving the group a diversion, giving the group enough time to slip into the shadows of the Vong's mind.

"Dibs on a bed when we get back...." was all Fenris said.

Zaxen Dauketrenal

22-02-2008 19:19:56

Once more the song of battle rang in the dark halls of yorik coral. Zaxen did not have time to feel the fear which permeated his muscle fibers and heartbeat. He only had time to move. The elite Yuuzhan Vong warriors stood as a seemingly impenetrable wall against the clan's final push to victory. Chaos errupted as opponents chose their partners for the dance of destruction.

Zaxen using what strength he had left dodged and weaved as several warriors took swipes at him. He fought back as best he could as he attempted to make his way towards the world brain as the Equites and Elders held the attention of the warriors.

In the confusion Zaxen had become seperated from his group and stood isolated as an Elite warrior turned to face him brandishing his amphistaff. Zaxen's eyes widened as he felt the rush of adrenaline coupled with the surging power of the Force course through his body. He was so tired, so frustrated that time and again these disgusting abominations kept coming and kept trying to kill him. His emotion welled up into a dark ball of fury inside of his chest.

Zaxen charged the elite, his energy sword flaring to life as the red plasmic edge glared in the dim light. The Elite laughed something horrific which shook Zaxen's frame but it did not stop his reckless abandon into the fray. The warrior brought his amphistaff around as Zaxen brought his sword swinging in a arc of angry light and sparks flew at the contact. The Vong's strength was far greater than Zaxen could ever anticipate and he was lifted from his feet and flew back several feet from the force of impact. He quickly scrambled to his feet as the elite closed in on him.

The Yuuzhan Vong swung his mighty hand towards Zaxen's head and would have broken it clean off his neck. However Zaxen in a movement of pure desperation fell back bringing the plasma edge of his sword up and severing at the wrist the Warrior's hand. The Yuuzhan Vong merely grunted at the loss of his limb but it was enough to distract him for a moment as Zaxen pulled his hold out dart shooter and fired at point blank range at his adversary's face. At this the Vong elite howled and brought down the point of his staff and pierced Zaxen's side. Zaxen screamed in pain and swung wild hitting the Vong in the face.

The towering warrior released his grasp on the amphistaff and Zaxen scooted away. He began to tug at the Vong weapon pulling it from his body. As it came free with an audible, wet pop he tossed it aside. The warrior who had attacked him was still alive but was effectivly out of the fight having lost his sight from Zaxen's last ditch onslaught. He winced in pain as a steady flow of blood poured from his wound. He concentrated as best he could on trying to at least slow the bleeding and close the opening in his side. Suddendly he heard the voice of Ylith over the chaos

"...Move! We end this right now! Everyone! To the Worldbrain!!"

Tyren and Jade began to round up everyone and make thier way to final chamber but the Elite guard of the Amman Domain were not easily thwarted. Zaxen rose and began to make his way over to his clan mates dragging his sward and clutching his side. As he looked up he noticed that both Tyren and Jade in their attempt to cover the Journeymen in thier trek to the World Brain chamber had once again become engaged in combat. Hustling as best he could he made for the chamber himself.

He stopped short however when he looked back and saw that Jade was being pushed up against the wall and Tyren was to tied up in his own conflict to offer any help. Zaxen stood looking at the direction in which the journeyman had gone and then back again to the Krath Knight. He made his decision.

The Force coursed through his body, empowering muscles, negating pain and launching him forward in a flash of movement towards the elite who was now bearing down on Jade Atema. The Warrior only just heard the approach and by the time he reacted it was too late as Zaxen was already on him. Zaxen lept upon the shoulders of the Elite, grabbed the point on it's face where nostrils should have been driving his fingers literally into the orifices, lept back snapping the Vong's head back. As the Vong warrior's neck was exposed Zaxen's blade found itself buried to the hilt and all that escaped the smiling warrior was a gurgling sound of shock before life left his eyes.

As Zaxen landed he collapsed to the ground as a fresh flow of crimson poured from his wound. His strength was nearly gone and his extremities and begun to tingle from the lack of circulation. He breathed heavily as pain reached a new level of meaning inside him and commented to no one in particular.. "This sucks.. let's do something else." and laughed at his own joke.


23-02-2008 03:58:04

Tyren fought a Vong that was easily twice his size. The monstrous humanoid hacked,
kicked, slashed at Tyren while the Krath evaded every blow, yet even he could not
stand for long, he was getting more tired by every passing second.

As the battle between David and Goliath continued the Vong started grinning with every
new blow as Tyren's movements became slower. Suddenly the amphistaff locked with
the teal blade of Tyren's saber, the bestial weapon showing its teeth. The Elite laughed
manically as he pushed the Krath of of his feet. Hissaber flew away ending up somewhere
in the hall. The amphistaff connected with Tyren's face and flung him a six meters backward
hitting an unsuspected Journeyman. Tyren knelled, grabbing his face, trying to push
away the pain. He looked at the Vong through his single eye, it was ablaze again.

Tyren screamed a battlecry, as if he was a madman and called his lightsaber to his hand,
the blade ignited in mid air laying softly in his palm.

"YLITH!!" he roared over teh carnage, "SABER!" Ylith was a bit caught in his own trouble
but manage to toss his hilt into the air. Tyren called it to his left palm, igniting the
purple blade. He never learned any of the dual saber forms but he had a plan to this.

The Vong marched forward ready to finish the Krath. Tyren yelled out as he felt the Force
flowing through his body, like a mad river in a canyon. He let the energy loose all around
him, every pore in his body screamed with the power of the force as a telekinetic wave
hit all around him. The Vong stood tall, not affected by the blast, but his clanmates
flew head over heal, hit by the overwhelming energy. He Vng stopped in his footsteps,
observing the Krath curiously.

Tyren smiled, seeing his clanmates were a good distance away. He clutched the two
blades near his body, one at the shoulder, one at the hip. Using the Force as his guide
and energy he ran forward, spinning himself with great speed, creating an effective
whirlwind of blue and purple. The Vong didnt stand a chance. As the blades hit his
armor, it started crumbling more and more after every lightning fast blow, his face was
scarred and burned and finally the blade cut through his body effectively slicing him
into pieces.

Tyren stopped his mad spin, dizziness taking over for a few seconds. He dropped the
blades from his hands, and moved around like a drunk, his mind spinning in all directions.

Two Vong appeared, one in front one behind. Tyren unsheathed his katana pushing the
hang-over away. More instinctively than through thought, he stabbed the one in front
pushing the blade into the less armored crotch. The Vong stumbled back, but Tyren knew
the pain was enjoyable and that he wouldn't deter long.
He turned around just in time to get a slam into the stomach. He spat out blood
making the Vong grin even more. The Krath smiled manically, his right eye as deep as
the 9 rings of hell. The Krath jumped on the Vong, grabbing him by the neck.

"Of of me, infidel!" the Vong growled. Tyren bit the aliens ear, tearing it away from his skull.
The Vong yelled, that pissed him of even more. Tyren grabbed the katana from the first Vong
and in a few well placed cuts severed the aliens head in half. He turned to finish the other only
to see him already swinging for the kill. Suddenly a large sword flew next to Tyren and impaled
the Vong to the near wall.

The Vong gave out his last breath as the Medus vibrated from the strain.

"Thanks brother!" he yelled not even looking at the Battlemaster.
"Anytime!" he heard a reply.

Ylith Pandemonium

23-02-2008 08:28:43

Atrium before the Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

The Sith coughed up blood as he was flung against the wall, he was close at getting
through the Vong horde untill one of them noticed the Valheru and swung it's huge
fist into him. He only had his shield left, his saber and sword thrown at Tyren only
a few second ago. He was amazed by his brother's strength and agility, but at the
same time was confronted with his own weaknesses. With his connection to the Force
severed, he could not call upon it like his brother could and now he knew how handi-
capped he actually is.

Suddenly the Steng Talons of the Yuuzhan Vong were impaling his left arm, stapling
his shield against the flesh wall. Ylith mustered all his strength and slammed against
the head of the Elite his the back of his right hand, with such force that it would normally
sever a human's clean off. The Vong turned his head back to face Ylith and chuckled
manacingly, laughing at the weak and desperate warrior in front of him.

In the distance he saw Jade being saved by Zaxen and he smiled, knowing that his wife
was safe and gotten most of the Journeymen behind the enemy lines. The Valheru
opened his serpent eyes and gazed right into the eyes of the Vong in front of him and
he startted laughing. The Battlemasters laugh at the Vong angered him, but even as the
huge fist planted itself into the Sith's stomach, he kept laughing, blood pouring out of
his mouth.

"Is that the best you can do..?" The Valheru said with a chuckle and he spat his blood
into the Elite's face. The Vong slammed his fist once more into the Quaestor's
stomach, a loud gasp was to be heard as the air was slammed out of the Valheru's lungs.

Suddenly his sword as stabbing into the wall, left of Ylith's head and the Sith grinned,
grabbing the Duath Elan quickly and dacapitating the Elite before he could make his
finishing strike to kill him.

As Vong blood sprayed over the Sith, the Elite itself fell backwards, releasing him from
the wall and fell onto the ground. Then he was swiftly picked up by Tyren and he took
Ylith's arm around his neck, carrying him out towards the World Brain.

"Almost there Brother, hold on, we aren't done yet.." Tyren said and Ylith grinned, gathering
his strength and after a few moments was able to walk again on his own.

"Thank you Tyren, now come. Let us face this horrid demon. Dark Jedi of Sadow! Follow me!"
Roared the Sith towards the Journeymen, himself covered by his own red blood and the
dark blood of the Vong Elite.

Time to show your Clansmen you're still worth a damn... The Battlemaster thought
silently as he moved towards the Well of the World Brain


23-02-2008 09:20:36

Atrium before the Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

Eshin Shul looked on gleefully as the Jeedai battled Drathul Amnan and his Elite. The Jeedai were well matched, some of their number having already fallen before the might of the Elite, but they were strong. Truly they were blessed by the True Gods as the Prophet Yu'shaa proclaimed. Eshin Shul was certain they would succeed.

Darth Vexatus spun as he cleaved his lightsaber through one of the Elite but the Yuuzhan Vong barely flinched. Protected by a variety of vonduun crab far tougher than the ordinary warriors, the lightsaber merely singed the surface.

The Falleen snarled, channelling the dark side through his palms, unleashing a blast of dark energies. The lightning struck the Yuuzhan Vong head on, blasting the warrior across the atrium into one of the ribs of the yorik coral structure high above. Vexatus cried with triumph as the alien was impaled, a spear of yorik coral piecing through its heart.

Trevarus Caerick separated one of the Elite from his body, watching with cruel satisfaction as his head flew off and smashed into the nearby wall. The sorcerer eyed the Yuuzhan Vong commander within the crowd, distinguished by the leathery cloak swirling in his wake as he weaved his massive amphistaff, spitting acid as the other Dark Jedi urgently made for the Well of the World Brain.

Darth Vexatus caught his Master’s eye and nodded. The Sith Lord hurled himself over the crowd of warriors, landing aside Drathul Amnan the same moment Trevarus Caerick flanked him the opposite side.

The Yuuzhan Vong commander sneered, roaring a battle cry as his amphistaff swung back from the journeyman he had just decapitated and lashed out in both directions. The amphistaff’s head swung itself in Caerick’s direction at the same time as Drathul stabbed it’s still rigid tail toward Vexatus. The Sith Lord sprung back while Caerick battered the snake like head away and lunged at the Yuuzhan Vong with his other lightsaber.

One of Drathul’s eyes dilated as the amethyst lightsaber crashed against his shoulder, rolling harmlessly off his heavy suit of Vonduun Skerr Kyrric. Drathul snarled as his eye widened into a black pit before spraying venom in the sorcerer’s direction. Caerick flashed his blade across the venom’s path and leapt back as Vexatus fell out of the air and crashed atop Drathul, driving his lightsaber into the Yuuzhan Vong’s armor.

Drathul roared as he thrust himself to his feet, driving the Falleen off him. Vexatus stumbled back, spinning to deflect the blow from another of the Elite. The Supreme Commander's armor had absorbed most of the impact, but the lightsaber had penetrated below his waist. Drathul snarled again, "Do not think pain will stop me, Jeedai!" cried the Yuuzhan Vong in his alien tongue.

Trevarus Caerick glanced around, watching as most of the rest of the Clan now made their way into the Well of the World Brain. Half of the Elite had fallen but still the others continued to fight, the giant Yuuzhan Vong becoming more relentless as each of their cadre fell. Drathul Amnan had now discarded his gigantic amphistaff, a set of talons sliding free of his wrists into some kind of feline claw.

The monster of a Yuuzhan Vong reared the impossibly large scythe he called a left arm and began to sweep it back and forth, taunting the sorcerer to attack again. Drathul Amnan's lipless mouth twisted into a smile, spitting unknown profanities in his direction.

“Master Caerick!” cried one of the others, though the sorcerer could not risk turning to see from where the voice originated.

“Go!” spat Caerick. “Leave us! We can handle this alone!”

The sorcerer listened as whoever it was began to speak but must have thought better of it because the sentence never finished. In the distance he could hear the sickening pop as the great sphincter at the end of the atrium dilated and the rest of the Clan poured through into the Well of the World Brain.

Darth Vexatus landed beside the sorcerer, wiping fresh blood off his face. Behind Drathul Amnan the headless body of another of the Elite crumpled to the ground. “Ready?”

Caerick curled his lip. “Do not mock me, apprentice,” sneered the sorcerer before the pair charged the Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander again.

Ylith Pandemonium

23-02-2008 10:30:10

Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

Ylith caught his breath as he entered the room, the air within the room was less
dense than normal, but still retained most of the sickening stench which filled the
entire World Ship as it seems. Before what was left of the group was a large basin
stretching out so far it could be easily mistaken for a lake.

The water was silent and from the far end of the 'lake' some Vong Priests stood at
the edge, chanting in what seemed to be some Yuuzhan Vong prayers. Tyren had
his Lightsaber near, keeping his brother's violet saber close just in case and the
Battlemaster moved through the group forwards to the edge of the basin, gazing
down upon the yellow colored water. He kneeled down and touched the liquid and
it was far thicker than ordinairy water and had a sickening stench of rotten meat on
it. Quickly the Sith shook his hand to remove it from his fingers.

"Ylith!" Jade suddenly cried and he looked up, seeing a tentacle moving down missing
him by a hair as he jumped aside, then backwards as another tentacle erupted from
the water itself, lashing against the ceiling above the hall they were barely a minute
ago, sealing them off from the Elders.

The Priests in the distance cackled menacingly as the World Brain pushed itself up,
looking like a huge squid in some way. countless tentactles flew towards the Equites
and Journeymen, and Ylith deflected a few smaller ones with his shield while he cleaved
through other with his sword. While the Journeymen paniced and ran in all directions
as their way out was cut off.

"Tyren! Jade! Help the Journeymen and keep the Priests at bay and the tentacles busy!
Bob! Come with me and help me kill this bastard!" The Valheru shouted and the
Vong Priests, five of them in total, ran towards the group of Dark Jedi, determined to
wipe them out right here and now.

Suddenly the main body of the Yammosk World Brain erupted from underneath the
water and released a terrifying shriek, killing all sound in an instant.

"How the frell are we going to kill this Bastard?" Bob shouted as he used his saber to
cut off another tentacle.
"Only one way to find out..." The Valheru said and he cut his way back towards the
basin, Bob following close behind him. Suddenly they were both grabbed by a tentacle
around the ankle and thrown back against the wall. Ylith pushed himself up, growling
while Bob rose back onto his feet easily.

"We can't even get near it!" Bob growled and Ylith wiped some blood from his lip.
"We have to find a way, and then there is the question on how would we kill it..."


Tyren used his blaster to shoot at some of the tentacles while Jade was behind him
swinging her violet saber into the tentacles on the other side. Some of the Journeymen
tried to fight the Vong Priests in small groups while the younger ones cried in panic as
they realised the Dark Jedi Master and Darth wouldnt be there to support them. They ran
around in terror and were easily grabbed by either a Vong Priest or a tentacle, flinging them
from one side of the room to the other.

"Stick together!" Tyren shouted over the noise of water splashing and Vong shouting taunts.
The Krath used his shield to create a field barrier around the group, allowing some of the
Journeymen to recompose and himself to catch his breath before the shield buckled.

"This is our last stand, now fight!" The Shield faded and the Journeymen roared and Tyren
and Jade continued chopping throught the Tentacles, unable to do any more than Ylith
and Bob could.

OOC Note: We're fighting the World Brain now. Think the squid from LOTR, right before they
enter Moria. Only twenty times bigger, meaner and more tentacles. Their width are from either
as thick as an arm as to as thick as two persons. Try to be creative and fend off the tentacles
for now. We dont want to kill the Brain in the first post after mine.

I am thinking of having this battle go to about Tuesday, so we have plenty of time to get either
the crapper kicked out of us, or kick the crapper out of those Vong Priests and Tentacles. Also
for the Journeymen, expect them to be harder than the ones we fought before, there are only
5 of them, but still...

Have fun and again, be creative ;)

Kah Manet

23-02-2008 16:05:31

Fenris, who was now being ripped assunder by this giant monster of a brain, was pinned up against the wall. His sword had been destroyed, his mind ached, his body was weak, and his will was fading. Vorion, who was running around, dodging blows from the tentacles, jumped onto a Tentacle, and stabbed it with his sword. "Looks like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place my friend!" said Vorion. Fenris glared at the Ubese. "Really? I've never felt better. Mind getting me out of here though?" yelled Fenris.

The tentacle, suffering from a wound from the sword, just pinned Fenris even harder against the wall. "That won't do Vorion!" yelled Fenris under excruciating pain. Fenris, trying to think quickly, grabbed a huge pile of Yorik Corral, and threw it at the Tentacle, hoping to break it's grip. The Yorik Corral smashed up against the Tentacle, causing it to scrape Fenris across the wall. Fenris, who now had a huge cut on his back and head, looked at Vorion blankly.

"You've never seen any horror holos? When a monster is crushing your friend, YOU NEVER STAB IT! That just makes it worse!" Fenris said in between dodging other tentacles.

The Duo, Fenris the Krath and Vorion, began to run towards a Vong Priest.

"Want to play Upsie Daisy?" asked Fenris. Vorion nodded, jumping on to Fenris's shoulders and pushing off, landing on the Vong Priest with his sword outstretched, impaling the Vong's armor, but doing little damage to the actual Vong.

Vorion withdrew his sword, being thrown from the Vong Priest, running back to Fenris, grabbing the Krath's forearm, swinging the Ubese back at the Vong, charging back into the Priest, impaling the sword again into the Vong's chest. Vorion was thrown off the Priest again, this time with a little less strength, but none the less, it was hurting the priest.

"Your turn Fenris!" said Vorion. The Krath got on Vorion's shoulders, and launched him at the Vong, grabbing the Vong's forearms, and making it roll over, and having it thrown a little ways. Fenris ran back to Vorion quickly, grabbing his forearm, rocketing himself towards the Vong Priest, doing a roundhouse kick to the Vong's head.

"Vorion, final blow!" said Fenris. Fenris grabbed his Gift of Darkness, a gift from his master, and stabbed it into the chest of the Vong, Vorion got his sword and stabbed into the chest of the Vong, pinning it to the ground. The Journeyman grabbed both their blasters, and began shooting the Vong in the face.

"Thats one down...for now..." Fenris said, moving out of the way of a tentacle


24-02-2008 16:16:12

Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus weaved in perfect unison as their lightsabers crashed against talon and claw. Master and apprentice lunged side by side, their actions a perfect mirror of the other's, testament to the decades they had spent training side by side.

Drathul Amnan swung his massive Radank claw, the disembodied limb he now called an arm, taken from one of the most vicious predators of the Yuuzhan Vong home galaxy. Trevarus Caerick parried the blow, the Force flowing through him such that he barely flinched at the impact of the giant of a warrior’s weapon.

Darth Vexatus struck at the Steng’s talons protruding from Drathul’s opposite arm, hammering his lightsaber down again and again as the Supreme Commander parried with effortless efficiency, the look on the Yuuzhan Vong’s face a haunting mask of pain and satisfaction.

You cannot beat me, Jeedai! spat Drathul Amnan in his native tongue. Vexatus listened as the tizowyrm in his ear translated the words and snarled a response of his own.

The other Elite had stepped back, granting their leader the honor of single combat against the two infiltrators. Drathul had commanded fleets in battle but it had been long since he had fought an enemy with such skill hand to hand. The Supreme Commander relished it as he parried blow after blow as the two Dark Jedi continued their assault.

“!” snarled Caerick between blows, his body a whirlwind of motion as he and his apprentice endlessly traded places, parrying, stabbing, lunging, swiping, thrusting.

Darth Vexatus forced the Radank claw back as it hooked itself around his lightsaber, screaming aloud as he summoned all his strength to force Drathul back. The Falleen’s eyes blazed with fire as the dark side surged through him, his very skin alight as the Force tore through his cells like a raging torrent.

“Go...for...the...armor!” cried Vexatus, spinning his lightsaber in an arc the same moment his Master did the same, their weapons impacting against the Yuuzhan Vong in a blistering explosion of light and sparks.

“Now!” roared Caerick.

The pair swung their blades simultaneously, crashing against the Supreme Commander’s blistered and burned armor. Alone, their blows failed to penetrate; together they plunged into the Yuuzhan Vong’s flesh, tearing through the heart of the vonduun crab.

Drathul Amnan cried out in pain, throwing himself backward away from the Dark Jedi as his armor began to spasm around him. Dying, the vonduun crab went into seizure, its plating clamping hold around the Supreme Commander’s skin, claws digging deep to the bone.

Jeedai!” roared Drathul, twirling his great claw arm chaotically as he forced himself forward, charging the Dark Jedi one final time. The Supreme Commander paced heavily, feet slamming each time they hit the ground, but still he kept moving, rushing the pair as his arms took on a will of their own, flailing around in a dervish.

“Together!” screamed Vexatus.

The pair leapt, crossing their lightsabers as they flew. Drathul Amnan’s eyes opened wide. Master and apprentice landed aside the Yuuzhan Vong, lightsabers crossed before his neck. His jaw opened, about to speak, then his head flew back as blades crossed, Caerick and Vexatus slashing out simultaneously, separating Drathul from his body.

Darth Vexatus and Trevarus Caerick collapsed, gasping for breath as the body of the Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander teetered under the weight of the outstretched claw arm, rocking slowly before muscles gave way and finally it crashed to the ground, hitting the yorik coral loudly.

Drathul Amnan, Supreme Commander, Warleader of Domain Amnan was dead.


25-02-2008 00:47:01

Well of the World Brain
Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

Vorion's breath came is shallow, ragged gasps, twisting as one of the massive tentacles of the World Brain arced through the air and lashed at his torso. His eyes watered as the throbbing pain from his shattered ribs made his stumble. He heard “Go...for...the...armor!” screamed somewhere off to his right. Crouching to steady himself and clear his swimming vision he eyed the grim battlefield, mind racing and...

Seemingly at random, a lesson he had learned at the Shadow Academy popped into Vorion's head unbidden. It was from an ancient Sith war treatise he'd read, and the particular quote that he recalled went thus;

To defeat an enemy is to subdue him on all levels;
you must penetrate and pulverize his psyche, his morale, his ego, and lastly his willpower to resist whatsoever.
A sure first step is by turning his own implements of war against him, in as inverted, disturbing and distorted a fashion as managable.

He whipped around and shouted "Fenris! Buy me a few moments!" Fenris looked at him in disbelief but nodded reluctantly, feinting as another Vong priest lashed at him with an amphistaff. Vorion crouched low over the corpse of one of the Vong that the Equites had managed to slay, using he sword to carefully pierce the dead Vong's flesh.

After a few moments of frantic carving and hacking, he vomited suddenly, copiously inside his helmet, the waste running down his front and staining his battered, charred jumpsuit as his trembling hands strained to pry apart the vonduun crab breastplate that he had separated from the steaming, ragged flesh of the dead priest. He saw a dark blur moving towards him in his periphery and turned, panting savagely as his swung his sword.

Zaxen's eyes widened as he realized that the Sith Protector had simply reacted, lashing at what he assumed was an enemy. He twisted and ducked under Vorion's blade and cursed softly. "It's me, you fool!" Vorion stammered an apology, which Zaxen waved off impatiently. "Never mind it now-I'm going to go hold off those Vong. Think I know what you're onto down there, and I think Fenris might have something that can help. Hurry!"

A frenzied priest erupted from the roaring fray and charged into Zaxen, causing him to cry out in surprise and pain as he was slammed to the yorik coral floor. He rolled and narrowly avoided a well-placed amphistaff blow as Vorion rose and swiftly flanked the priest, blood seeping down his side, vision blurring. It took the two of them several moments, but at last Zaxen struck a telling blow low on the Vong's calf, hampering his mobility and threat range. Vorion surged in, hissing in pain as he plunged his sword tip into the jugular vein of the priest. "The Dark Side is my ally, infidel." Vorion mocked in a low voice as the priest slid to the floor, dying.

Zaxen turned and surged in the direction of Fenris, calling back to Vorion over his shoulder. "Get that one too!" Vorion grimaced, crouching over the body of his slain opponent, setting himself to the grim work once more. By the time he had finished, Fenris had made his way to Vorion's side, slapping a tube of Corellian epoxy into his palm as he shook his head in disbelief. "That's pretty clever. I can't believe none of us thought about that before."

Vorion shook his head slowly, grimly, as he deposited the adhesive at several points on his glove and the arm of his jumpsuit. "Because it's considered too 'dirty', too 'low'. Those pompous, arrogant elders like Vexatus and Caerick; they have long since forgotten what it means to be the grunt, to be the common soldier on the frontline, what it means to be anything less than a conjurer of the Dark Side with the full fury of the Force as their arsenal. We are the lowest common denominator." he sneered, deftly applying globs of glue to Fenris's arm in the same fashion. Not for the first time, Fenris got the impression that Vorion might have a chip on his shoulder from events of his past. Vorion stood, slamming the grimy, bloody vonduun crab plate to his arm, and biting back a scream of pain as the grip legs latched into his arm, easily piercing the leathery material of his jumpsuit. He stood, lightheaded and dizzy from the pain, but determined.

"But sometimes...It comes down to simple, brutal survival, my friend." He raised his new makeshift shield arm, wincing as the grip legs dug in and solidified their hold. He motioned to the other half of the breastplate, "Help yourself, Fenris." Vorion hoisted the other crab armor plate that he'd carved loose, holding it carefully so that it's grip legs couldn't reach him. "I'm going to get one to Zaxen. We'll need them to defend ourselves against the World Brain... and it's time the Vong faced their own tools."

Kah Manet

25-02-2008 11:55:18

Fenris, now wielding what might be his new favorite toy, ran at a pair of Priests. Fenris raised the Crab Armor Shield and bashed it into one of the Vong's skulls, with all of his might. The Priest fell from the hit, but was barely injured. Fenris grabbed his new "Ole Faithful" that he had brought, and jabbed it into the Priest's open laughing mouth.

"Laugh now you Son of Dug!" yelled Fenris the Krath. Vorion had thought quickly enough to create a powerful weapon and shield, and Fenris the Krath couldn't wait to take down an opponent or two with it. The Priest that had fallen down began to rise, and he as well started to laugh.

"Jeedai" was all the Vong managed to burp out before the detenator beeped. Fenris took that as his cue to run like hell. As the Detenator exploded, he heard the laughing of a few Journeyman, and the screeching of two priests. As Fenris turned around, he saw 1 Priest still standing.

"Damn you! Don't you people ever die?" Fenris yelled as he ran towards the priest with all his might. Tentacles throwing themselves in front of Fenris. Fenris jumped on each one, raising himself in elevation, and came crashing down on the Priest, piercing the Priests skull with the Gift of Darkness.

Vorion, fighting of another priest, only said one word.


Fenris ran over to help the Ubese, who had no detenators. The two acted as a mirror to each other. Whenever Vorion left a spot open, Fenris closed it, and vice versa. When Vorion slashed, Fenris slashed. The Duo began to work together better then ever, nothing holding them back, the two began to crush the Priest's in the palm of their hands. As the Priest died, Vorion looked at Fenris, his breathing was terrible, there being clicks within his breathing tubes every so often, Fenris could sense that the Ubese wasn't exactly doing well on the outside.

"Don't die on me now pal, I'm gonna need you later, we'd still be broken and battered if it weren't for your little invention here." said Fenris

Zaxen Dauketrenal

25-02-2008 13:58:37

Domain Amnan World Ship
Well of the World Brain

If anything had been considered a nightmare in the past several hours then the scene of the current battle could only be described as sheer terror. The horid, putrid smell of sulfer and rotten meat permeated everything. The overwhelming stench was enough to make more than one person gag. None of this helped Zaxen in his current state.

Tired, sore, bruised, cut, and bleeding from a stab wound, Zaxen wondered if he had ever known anything else but pain. He clutched his arm where the vonduum crab armor had torn into his skin. The wounds were getting the better of him. He fought as best he could and even with the help of the shield the pain and blood loss it caused were more than taking it's toll.

Zaxen kept low as the towers of fleshy tentacles flailed about from the great pit of rancid liquid which contained the world brain. The tip of his energy sword drug across the ground as its weight became too much to wield. His dart shooter was nearly depleted as well as he used it to pick at several of the Vong priests. His aim had been true and was able to kill at least one of his enemies but his head was swimming.

The duo of Vorion and Fenris were fairing rather well and Zaxen began to make his way towards them to at least try and bolster their strength. Suddendly his vision was filled with a large blur that blotted out the sky. Instinctivly, Zaxen raised his shield arm and the impact of the tentacle was absord in the vonduum crab plate. Pain tore through his nervous system as the claws clamped down into his skin for support. The shock was absorbed but the energy was not and it sent Zaxen flying across the chamber to smashed against the wall.

Blackness set in and for a moment Zaxen thought he was free but he could still hear the fighting and the screams. He opened his eyes a second later which felt like an eternity and not a moment too soon. The tentacle was hurling towards him for a crushing death blow. Thinking quickly, Zaxen turned the plasma out put of the energy sword to its fullest and slapped one edge of the sword against his vonduum crab shield and the other pointed at the oncoming tentacle.

The effect was dramatic. As the tentacle closed in Zaxen ducked his head down and knelt, leaning forward. as the tentacle made impact it severed itself upon the blade. The force of the impact was so great that the top half of the tentacle continue flying ahead as the remaining stump swing through. A Shrieking unlike anything Zaxen had ever heard filled the chamber. The vibrations were enough to make Zaxen succumb to his dizziness and he fell over and once again his vision left him for a moment.

As he openned his eyes he saw that still the battle raged on. He grunted as he rose to his feet slowly and began to drag his energy sword at a rather slow, shuffling jog towards his clanmates.
As he stood hobbling, nearly sick and certainly dehydrated, he looked around at all the faces of his team and they all shared the same unspoken question.

How do we kill this thing?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-02-2008 14:43:47

Domain Amnan World Ship
Well of the World Brain
Sublevel 18

The tentacles lashed throughout the chamber and Ylith used his shield to keep most of
them from him, the way the group had been trying untill now had failed miserably and both
Bob and Ylith were barely keeping their own. As the last of the Vong Priests were finally
slain by the hands of the Dark Jedi, The Battlemaster raised his voice throughout the
massive hall.

"REGROUP!" He roared, his voice booming throughout the chamber, causing multiple limbs
to attack him. He moved aside and after only a few short moments the main group was
standing behind him, the Journeymen were tending to their wounds while the Equites,
Tyren, Bob and Ylith, took position in front of them to keep the tentacles away.

"Master, how the frell are we going to take this thing down? I mean, how can we even get
through this sea of tentacles? It's insane!" growled Fenris through gritten teeth and Ylith smiled.

"We punch right through it." Ylith said calmly and Tyren turned to face his brother, using his
Lightwave barrier to provide cover for a moment.

"Are you insane brother? Look at that thing!" The Krath spat back, and The Valheru gazed
into his eye with a wicked grin.

"Dark Jedi of Sadow! This is where we stand! This is where we show these bastards who
owns this galaxy! Lets show them the meaning of Hell!" Ylith roared towards the group
behind him and the Journeymen rose from the coral ground, gritting their teeth in pain
and fatigue but had their weapons at the ready for the final strike.

Tyren's shield buckled under the strain coming from the constant tentacle attacks and
shimmered away. Ylith quickly took his blade and ran towards the World Brain, the group
of Dark Jedi right behind him. A huge amount of limbs were slammed into their direction
and most of the Journeymen were pushed backwards by the insane amount of limbs just
as hard as they came. While the Equites pushed on, slashing through the limbs, Bob was
suddenly forced to push himself back as he got hit against his side by a group of tentacles
and when he did, Tyren and Ylith both jumped onto a larger tentacle and ran over it towards
the main body of the World Brain.

The Valheru jumped from the temtacle and dug his sword deep into the sickening soft flesh
of the World Brain to keep him from falling off as the creature startted to shudder harshly.
Tyren did the same with his Katana, landing only a few feet away from Ylith's left. The Brothers
eyed eachother through the thick forest of limbs and both nodded, throwing their swords at
each other, cutting their way through the sea of tentacles, releasing the Journeymen from their
grasp and torture. The Battlemaster caught his Brother's Katana while the Krath Priest took
hold of Ylith's Silver Sword and they both stabbed them deep into the body, grabbing the hilt
and running towards eachother.

As the two brothers crossed eachother, avoiding hits from Tentacles desperately trying to
fend them off, they released the swords for a tenth of a second, grabbing their own blades
and taking them back. Suddenly the body trembled and they were both were grabbed by
tentacles, being held up, a huge eye glaring at them.


25-02-2008 14:44:31

The alien eye observed them, its deep shades of dark blue, gray and black smudging with each other.
The tentacles squeezed tighter around the Atema's bodies. Tyren yelled in pains he couldn't ease the
grip. It was squeezing the life out of him. He looked over to Ylith, he was struggling as well, his sword
having fallen to the ground below.

Tyren grabbed the two blasters, strapped on his leggings and pointed them at the eye, ready to fire.
A tentacle flew, hitting his arm and sending the blaster flying toward Yliths open hand. The battlemaster
grabbed the weapon and looked at his brother.

"F..Fine, I'll do it your way for once." he said through his teeth as the monster brain moved them closer,
squeezing more and more with every second.

"Remember when we were kids?" Tyren asked giving out an evil smile, his one eye ablaze again.
Ylith grinned. The two brothers simultaneously pointed their guns at the brains eye.

"Jackpot!!" they said in unison pulling their triggers. The bolts struck the brains eye, disintegrating it to ash,
the Yammosk screeched as it let go of the two Dark jedi and they fell to the floor.

The beast became a screaming, twisting heap of flying tentacles, crashing coral and body in reach.
A huge tentacle hit the ceiling above the Yammosk forcing it to collapse as it set of the bomb planted there.
The shock wave and the explosion itself killed the world brain and sent everything flying, bodies and material.

As the dust settled, and the brain was dead along with its priests, the suite of Dark jedi stood triumphant. Fatigued,
hurt, but proud none the less.
Ylith gritted his teeth as he moved a piece of yorrik coral of himself.

"Ok, lets move we have a limited time window people. Theres none to waist." he said as they jumped through their
newly made escape "hatch".


25-02-2008 15:30:25

Domain Amnan worldship interior
Sublevel 18

The body of the last Elite crashed to the floor as Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus finished dispatching Drathul Amnan’s guards who had stood by as their commander had been killed. The Yuuzhan Vong welcomed death and to die in battle was the highest honor for a member of their warrior caste.

The sorcerer almost respected them. Almost.

“Just like old times,” laughed Caerick. “You and I should fight together more often, my apprentice.”

Darth Vexatus was breathing heavily as he wiped blood off his face with the arm of his robe. “Just so long as you remember who the better swordsman is,” mocked Vexatus. “I’ve saved your life, what is it, seven times now?”

Caerick raised an eyebrow. “That business on Bonadan doesn’t... doesn’t count.”

Vexatus rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, Master.”

A high pitched laugh, almost feral in its feline nature began to echo behind them. The pair spun to face Eshin Shul, the Yuuzhan Vong priestess who had served as their guide to the World Brain from the slave quarter.

She stood at full height, not hunched over for the first time since they had met her. In her hand she held Drathul Amnan’s tsaisi, his baton of rank, while in her other she appeared to be holding a ball made of leathery flesh. Its surface rippled as a voice spoke, alien to even Vexatus’s tizowyrm.

When she saw the pair were staring at her Eshin chuckled. “You have my thanks, Jeedai,” gloated the Shamed One in her guttural Basic. “I always hated Drathul ever since he set me up.”

“You never did explain exactly what you did at Antei...” Caerick said dryly.

The priestess smiled. “Why, I was behind the voxyn attack against your ships,” Eshin chuckled with pride.

You...” Caerick ignited his lightsaber, diving at the Yuuzhan Vong.

Eshin Shul moved aside with the kind of grace unbecoming of a Shamed One. The priestess had only been Shamed to cover Drathul’s failure. She had been made a scapegoat. Only now was the true extent of her skill becoming apparent. Eshin Shul possessed no deformations from rejected implants. Her body was alive with the biots she had implanted, the true extent of her former status as a priestess becoming clear.

Caerick spun, fully intending to end the fight there and then and relieve Eshin of her skull but rather than connect his arm passed straight through where she had previously been standing. Caerick’s head jerked back, searching for the priest, but it was too late. Eshin thrust the head of the tsaisi against the sorcerer’s neck, its teeth sinking deep into his flesh.

Caerick roared. His eyes flashing violet as his body shook before closing again. His body went rigid, standing upright. A second later his muscles convulsed and he collapsed limply to the ground.

It had happened far too fast for Darth Vexatus to respond. His Master lay lifeless on the ground as Eshin Shul stood over the sorcerer’s body triumphant.

The Falleen felt a jolt go through his senses, that same foreboding he had experienced earlier in the worldship, a sensation unlike what he was used to. For a brief moment he could feel Eshin standing there, the darkness of betrayal rippling out from her. Then, as quickly as the feeling had come it passed again, the cold nothingness of the worldship returning.

“One down,” whispered Eshin. The priestess curved her mutilated face into a smile as her tsaisi spat poison in Vexatus’s direction. The Falleen caught it on the blade but some of the stream passed, spraying across his face. The Yuuzhan Vong pumped a fist in the air in success.

Vexatus sneered and brought his arm to his face to wipe the brown liquid away. “You’ll have to try harder than that,” spat the Sith Lord as he raised his lightsaber to attack. “You can thank Phaa Shul for that. The things he did left a few... lingering benefits.” The Falleen spoke the words as if they were a curse rather than a reward.

The smile on the priestess’s face turned into a grimace as she tossed the tsaisi aside. “Too bad for you, Jeedai,” spat Eshin. “Now we have to do this the hard way.”

The priestess gripped hard on the ball in her hand and it elicited the same alien sounds as a few moments before. It took Darth Vexatus a moment to recognise it as a villip, one of the Yuuzhan Vong’s communication devices. Before he could contemplate who she may have attempted to contact, the floor beneath him gave way, opening into some kind of pit as it swallowed him whole. No, not pit, Vexatus realised as it reared up around him that he was inside some kind of massive worm, teeth closing above him as the walls convulsed in a peristaltic wave.

The Sith Lord urgently drew on the dark side, his very body seeming to spark as the waves of dark energy coursed through his veins as he became a conduit. The Falleen roared, releasing his rage in a wave that surged in all directions, the explosive blast tearing the giant worm’s body apart, showering the atrium with thick black blood.

Darth Vexatus somersaulted through the air, lightsabers ready as he burst forth, ready to slay Eshin Shul on the spot but the priestess was no longer standing where she had been a minute before. He looked around, his anger building as he failed to spot her.

The Sith Lord lowered his blade, studying the surroundings in more detail before realising. Eshin Shul had gone and she had taken Trevarus Caerick's catatonic body with her.

Shan Long

25-02-2008 23:45:47

Indeterminate Craft
Telos System
Approaching the Vong Worldship

Streaks of white starlight became pinpricks of light through the cabin of the small craft. It reverted to realspace, and through the viewports, the brilliant haze of Telos shone as a beacon against the black. Yet, even more dark than the void, was the sense of the immense abomination in orbit around the bright world. Hanging as a cancerous blight in the vibrancy of the Force, the pilot considered what he knew. His purpose for this journey was his and his alone, even if others pretended to understand his motives.

Various hails and warnings filled the loudspeakers of his craft, and with a flick of a switch, the pilot disabled them. The massive hulk of the a Republic-Class Star Destroyer stood engaged with coralskippers and other analogs of the Yuuzhan Vong. Expertly, the pilot weaved his way through the conflict. Within moments, he had settled near the wreck of the Nachzerer. He steeled an ancient gaze against the monstrosities that confronted him, and walked forward....

Vong Worldship
Indeterminate Location

Icredible sensations coursed across the fiber of his being. Sensations and hallucinations, little trills of ecstatic pain flowed across their body in a symphony of awareness. They hung somewhere between life and death. Moments, hours, days, months, years... all seemed so unimportant to considerations of this exact place in the construct. They were almost detached, and Trevarus conversed with his Brother Dragon as friends, as allies.

The Dragon bared his teeth, and sang of rage, of death, blood, and the depths of an inferno more fathomless than the deepest oceans. He sang with a voice of eternal suffering, of death incarnate. Trevarus swayed in the sounds of the Dragon's voice, and remembered the ways of Suffering. His body was merely a vessel conveying the voices of experience. Pain is a relic of emotion, of fear, ones such as these two had forgotten fear in ten-score deaths.

Trevarus sighed in the song of the Dragon, and breathed in the echoes of sensation. Whatever this was, whatever this ecstacy was bestowing upon him, it swelled his body with pleasure beyond his imagination.

Slowly their eyes opened.

Blackness was all he could see, but their senses spoke of inversion, of contact with some featureless entity that held them suspended above gravity's pull. Blood was flowing at a rapid pace to their head. Sounds of dischordant laughter and mocking tones filled the air as an almost ritual chant.

Pain is the gift of Yun-Yammka, Avatar of the Shamed One a voice called out of the darkness.

They sensed that something alien was at once hearing the words, and speaking a translation to them. What was it that Xanos had spoken of?

Their mind was hazy in the sheer ecstasy.

They seemed to recognize the voice... the broken priestess they had rescued from enslavement.

The Dragon concluded his song, and Trevarus swooned in rapture....

In that moment, the Dragon subsumed their body. In the darkness, twin lights of violet rage shone out of the abyss, highlighting their surroundings with unnatural pallor. The face of Eshin Shul was visible, suspended as they were, and Shan Long spoke to her.

"You teach us pain, you teach us suffering... our lives are endless suffering, and our existence is boundless death."

Effortlessly, Shan Long swung out of the confinements, crouching low, then standing to their full height. His eyes lit the scarred face of the Priestess with the full weight of his insanity.

"Such pain... becomes pleasure when our lives are naught but suffering. Foolish child... death is too merciful for arrogance... ignorance... inexperience...." The Dragon said

The Amulet of Orian flashed, the legacy of their third consciousness lashing out in the void. Eshin Shul screamed as its unholy fire lanced across her face, drawing blackish ichor resembling blood.

Cackling mad rage, the Dragon leapt away, bounding towards something it sensed was approaching... a power even they must bow before....

GM Paladin

26-02-2008 00:26:03

Indeterminate Craft
Near the Nachzerer
Vong Worldship

Three Vong Elites lie in wait as the ship touches down, its landing struts hitting with a soft thud. They hold their Amphistaffs in gnarled hands, and begin to approach as the landing ramp descends. A figure, shrouded in dark robes, a hood pulled down to cover him almost to the nose, stands, his arms folded inside the voluminous robes. There is a momentary pause.

“I understand that your gods revel in your pain.” Comes a deep, basso voice from beneath the cowl, “Allow me to help you worship.” He moves with supernatural quickness, the force speeding his movements far beyond those of lesser men, and by the time the lightsaber blade begins to extend the hit is already poised for the killing blow, aimed at the chink in the Vong armor beneath the arm.

The smells of sizzling flesh fills the air as a golden blade suddenly appears, transfixing the first Vong. As the others lash out with their amphistaffs, the dead Elite is used as a shield, even as one gloved hand lets fly with blue-white bolts of lightning that send a second Elite to his maker, adding more scents of burning and ozone to the already charnel-house smell of the landing area.

The lightsaber extends again, the curved hilt fitting neatly in the hand that wields it, the blade an extension of both the arm and will of the sabreur. He dodges as the amphistaff whips out, three movements of the wrist leave dark marks on the Vonduun crab armor. The forth lightning quick strike, though, hits true at the hip joint, and another bolt of force lightning strikes the killing blow.

As his saber deactivates, the newcomer has already turned towards the door. He opens himself to the force, seeking those few strands of force sensitivity in this blighted place. His consciousness expands, then contracts back into its mortal shell.

“Yes. This way, I think.” He murmurs to himself, pulling his cowl back into place over silvery white hair.


26-02-2008 02:21:46

Vong Worldship
Outside Nachzerer

Ashura would argue with Ylith at some point later on who had the harder job; Ylith going off to defeat the brain of this monster, or Ashura ensuring that everyone had an escape root. The Sith Battlemaster almost stumbled over a slain Journeyman as he deflected a blow with his lightsaber. His Force imbued sword in tightly gripped in his other hand, hacking into alien’s skull.

“FALL BACK TO THE SHIP. DEFEND IT WITH YOU LIVES OR YOU’LL NEVER GET OF THIS KREFFING THING!” The Quaestor roared to the remaining Clansmen who had stayed behind to defend the Nachzerer. Ashura had seen most of the low ranking Journeymen in his House either stand their ground or turn and run; either way they were slain by the overwhelming of the Yuuzhan Vong and their immunity to the Force. However the Battlemaster didn’t grieve at their deaths, he was Sith and believed the weak not worthy of living.

Isradia hadn’t made the mistake of solely depending on the Force; Ashura knew he could use the Force to enhance his own abilities, his own senses which were honed through years of physical training since a boy. But even he had his limits, and he could not defend against the reserve of Vong warriors that had popped out of the woodwork, especially with the dwindling Journeymen and few Equites by his side.

“W-We’re all going to die aren’t we,” said a trembling Guardian, “w-why can’t they just leave us in peace and not attack our galaxy?”

“Peace?” Ashura replied as he turned to the Guardian. “Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.” The Quaestor’s azure eyes burned with supernatural brightness. “The Force shall free me!”

The Battlemaster then turned to swing his lightsaber at the attacking force, only to find wave after wave, after wave of lightning cascading into the Vong; burning them alive in those living suits of armour.

Ashura watched wide eyed at this and spun to his left where the lightning originated from, and came face to face with the Grand Master, gasping as he did so as an old feeling he had long since thought forgotten surfaced; fear.

“Who the hell are you,” shouted a Protector standing by Ashura. Rage and embarrassment rushed through the Quaestor as one of his Journeyman had not recognised the man. He spun around back fisted the young man in the face; the sickening sound of bone breaking as the Sith broke the Journeyman’s nose would be heard. The boy dropped to his knees holding his hands over face.

Ashura quickly turned back to face the second ever Dark Lord of the Sith the Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi. “Your Grace,” he said bowing his head, “I apologies for the impotent swine; Journeymen today know nothing.”

Paladin’s green eyes hovered a moment on Ashura before looking down at the sobbing young man complaining endless about his broken nose; the Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos felt another sudden rush of embarrassment as the Protector made his House and Clan look weak before a Grand Master. That was unacceptable and Ashura needed to prove otherwise.

The Sith without a moments hesitation turned around and impaled his sword into the Protector who gasped (spitting blood out as he did) and looked up at his Quaestor. “W-Why?” The Journeyman asked with his dying breath. “Weakness is unacceptable; you deserve to die for such display.” Isradia then pulled his sword out and turned back to Sith Lord showing no remorse, no doubt about what he had done was done for the good for the Clan.

“Where is your Consul,” asked the Duke of V'Armonde.

“He and the other Clansmen set out to destroy the brain of this…” as he looked about the Worldship “…thing.”

“Ah,” there was almost a tone of amusement in the Elder’s voice. “And you are?”

“I am Ashura Isradia, Sith Battlemaster of Clan Naga Sadow and Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, your Grace.”

Paladin seemed to ponder something for a moment as he looked at the Quaestor and the remaining forces defending the Nachzerer. “Very well, Quaestor. I must go and find your Consul.” Then without another word the Grand Master turned and went off to, descending into the lower levels of the Vong Worldship.

“Sithspit now we have two ships to defend. I should have swapped with Ylith,” said Ashura softly to himself as he wondered what the Hell a Grand Master Emeritus was going here; like he didn’t have enough to worry about.


26-02-2008 10:59:30

Domain Amnan worldship interior
Indeterminate Location

Darth Vexatus jerked to a halt. The echo through the Force was unmistakable.


He had not felt his presence since his final audience with the Star Chamber almost two years ago before the Battle of Antei. The Falleen’s face contorted in anger as memories of the Star Chamber’s betrayal rose to the surface.

Keibatsu’s presence had been unforeseen but not unexpected. For the Star Chamber to send one of their best, the Sith Lord surmised they must have been getting desperate.

“Too late, Jedgar,” muttered Vexatus as he rushed up the passageway, striking at any foolish enough to block his path, “too late.”

No, they had not betrayed the Brotherhood. Not yet. Paladin would discover nothing incriminating in the space above Telos if indeed that was why he had come. Nevertheless, this battle would be remembered as the turning point. The day the Brotherhood lost. With the Hydian Way cleared, the path to Lehon would be assured.

Nothing could stop them now. Nothing.

Darth Vexatus lunged, freeing another Yuuzhan Vong from the pain of living. The Falleen’s face was a mask of death with the blood of his victims clinging to his skin. He had no time to wipe it away; he could feel the others nearing the Nachzerer.

His mind grappled with the arrival of one of the Star Chamber. He had understood Keibatsu’s presence, no doubt sent to spy on them, to get rid of them if at all possible. It was why he tore now through the worldship at lightning speed. The Sith Lord didn’t put it past the Shadow Hand to leave them behind.

It’s what he would have done in his place.

But Paladin?

Perhaps the Star Chamber’s failure at Antei had actually taught them something after all. How ironic, Darth Vexatus thought, that it seemed the Star Chamber’s plan had actually worked. Their defeat had culled their own arrogance. Maybe they were finally taking threats to their little empire seriously.

It mattered not. Jedgar was alone. Together the Star Chamber may have posed a threat. Isolated he was but one man. Here, in the land of the dead, they held the advantage. They could end this here, destroy him and leave him to die on this worldship if they so wished.

The words of Darth Maestus echoed in the back of his mind. Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody the power, the other to crave it. Yes, two there were. In time there would be but one and then balance would be restored once more. Only then could there be order. In the end, Caerick would die to make way for a new lord, but for now Darth Vexatus still had need of him.

Darth Vexatus continued up the winding passageway, bursting through a sphincter as he converged on the raging torrent in the Force he knew could only be Shan Long. He would find his Master first. He would worry about what to do about Paladin later.

Ylith Pandemonium

26-02-2008 14:17:00

Well of the World Brain
Vong Worldship

The Battlemasted collapsed onto his knees as he lead the last of the Journeymen onto
the ground. His body simply failing on him. Suddenly it became very clear towards the
Equites and Journeymen on how weakened the Battlemaster truly was without the Force
and he was ashamed of it. Suddenly everyone looked upwards as they sensed a major
presence in the force, that of an Elder, unline any other, yet Ylith remained silent, not
sensing anything.

Ylith fell forward, extending his arms to prevent him from collapsing fully. He gritted his
teeth, blood dripping onto the floor, from his mouth, chest and abdomen. His last
assault against the World Brain had simply taken all of energy, and without the Force
to empower him or to heal himself, he was at breaking point.

Suddenly he felt himself jerked upwards, Tyren had taken Ylith's arm and taken it around
his shoulders, then Bob did the same with the other arm.

"Can't have our Quaestor lying around now can we?" Bob said grinning and Tyren smirked
at the remark.
"Ugh...I can...walk...myself..." Ylith groaned and Tyren slapped hard on the Valheru's back.

"Drop that damn pride of yours brother, you can barely keep your eyes open!" Tyren said
and Bob nodded. "Besides Nephew, you have done well, we will help you too."

The two Equites summoned the force to their legs and jumped upwards with Ylith between
them, jumping from level to level untill they reached Sublevel 15, where the Nachzerer
still stood and now a new ship had landed. Muz walked from the Nachzerer to meet the
Equites and the Journeymen stlowly climbed over the ridge.

Ylith was released and he sat down for a moment, looking up to Muz who grinned as he
saw the mauled Battlemaster before him.

"Where have you been?" Ylith asked and Muz shrugged amused. "Here and there, cowering
in corners, popping up here and there." He said with a smirk but then turned serious.

"Where are Caerick and Darth Vexatus?" He asked and Ylith shook his head. "We got
separated when we reached the World Brain. We managed to kill it on our own barely. I
do not know how they fare. Where did that ship come from?" Ylith asked and suddenly
everyone gazed onto him in disbelief.

"Didn't you sense him?" Bob asked and Ylith shook his head. "It's Grand Master Paladin."
the Keibatsu said and the Equites eyes widened. "Paladin? Here? Why?" Tyren asked and
The Deputy Grand Master shrugged. "Thats what I want to find out as well...Now come, we
need to prepare the Nachzerer, after which I will return to the Fallen Spear and meet up
after you escaped." Muz turned away towards the Nachzerer and Ylith groaned as he pushed
himself up, moving towards Muz.

Suddenly the Valheru kneeled before the Deputy Grand Master, lowering his head, gritting his
teeth as his body strained. "Lord Keibatsu, Upon me has befallen a great impediment. I would
request training from you, to make up for it."

Tyren smiled, suprised by Ylith's move, normally the Battlemaster had so much pride in him
that he wouldnt even bow for any of the Elders, but now he saw his own brother kneeling
in front of the Deputy Grand Master, only then he realised how bad Ylith's severed Force
connection had effected him.

Muz nodded. "After this is over join me on the Fallen Spear, we will discuss it afterwards."
Ylith nodded and rose from the ground, the group moving behind him, looking onto him.
He felt shame washing over him but waves it away, he needed Muz's expertise and skills
should he be able to survive without the Force to guide him.

"Lets get the Nachzerer ready, I am sure the others will join shortly, if they havent already."

Macron Sadow

26-02-2008 15:48:52

Vong Worldship
Nachzerer Interior

Senth gritted his teeth as he manned the anti-personnel weapons. The twin e-web blasters spat and ripped at the Vong outside, chewing their bodies with red bolts and backing up the defenders. "Need more power to the e-webs," the DAC trooper said cooly as he squeezed the virtual triggers. "These modified jobs use more juice than the standard issue ones."

“Copy that, you should have it now. Systems check,” toned Macron as he waved his hands through the holographic interface. “75 percent, engines good…” As he spoke, a huge shower of sizzling sparks spat out of the hanging wires in the open wall panel. “Stang! Umm. Motivator not so good up here, Sai. Can you look at that line?”

The crackling response from the engine compartment was immediate. “Doing my best, brother. I’m re-routing that line right now.”

“What’s that? Hit the switch now Sai? Okay,” said Malisane as he reached for the controls and pushed a red shiny button.

“Aaagh! No! Shut it off!” yelled Sai from the staticky comlink as zapping sounds were heard in the background. “Well damn. Won’t need to trim my locks for a while- they’re scorched now. Thanks man.”

Macron, Agrist, and Malisane restrained chuckles as Senth looked on impassively. “Sorry mate,” said Malisane from the comlink. “Macron, you think she’ll get us all out of here?”

“Hopefully,” he replied with a concerned look as he patted the bulkhead reassuringly. “That’s a lot of weight. I’ve routed the weapon systems power to the engines. We’ll need the extra oomph, but we’ll be defenseless. The shields and armor might hold long enough though.”

“Might?” asked Agrist with a scowl. “I hope they get here soon.”

“Better than not at all, right?” responded the mad alchemist. “You realize the bomb went off of course,” he droned as he looked at the remote detonator in his hand.

All conversation in the cockpit stopped. An ominous silence fell over them all. “That is most definitely not good,” said Malisane. “Was it a planned detonation or accidental?” he asked with a questioning look. The unsaid words echoed in all their minds. “Were we double-crossed?”

“Accidental, or else we’d all be faceless and dissolving by now unless you have a sealed system like I do. Probably most of the reagents were de-stabilized and broken down by the concussion. However getting the hell off this dying rock with some alacrity would be an excellent idea gentlemen,” mused the Warlord. “You guys sense another powerful Force presence?”

“Other then Muz, Trevarus and Vexatus?” queried Sai from over the comm. “I do.”


26-02-2008 17:43:59

Domain Amnan worldship
Sublevel 15

Muz Keibatsu stepped onboard the Nachzerer. The team who had remained behind to guard it had done a good job patching up the impact damage. Muz would have offered to evacuate those who couldn’t fit onboard the Nachzerer in the Fallen Spear but most of the cargo hold had already been emptied.

Equites and journeymen alike had disgorged the entire hold, throwing everything into the crater outside to make room to pack everyone onboard for the flight out. The tension was palpable. The mission had technically been a success, the yammosk was dead, although since the bomb had detonated prematurely the worldship would be left immobilised rather than be totally destroyed. It would have to do. It would force the Yuuzhan Vong to think twice before encroaching into the region further at least.

Muz was jerked out of his observations when his wrist based holo-emitter started beeping. A quick glance confirmed whoever it was was using his private frequency. The Sith Lord discretely made his way to the cockpit to take the call in private.

A miniaturised hologram of Astronicus Sadow appeared. The Overlord’s face looked angry.

“Lord Keibatsu,” greeted Tron, inclining his head slightly.

“What can I do for you, Lord Sadow?” asked Muz, addressing the man with the honorific he had been afforded by Lord Khyron many years ago despite never being made a Sith Lord.

Tron held the Shadow Hand’s gaze as he considered his next words carefully. “I am informed by Admiral Simonetti a ship has just touched down there.”

“Yes,” Muz confirmed. “Lord Paladin.”

Tron did not look surprised. Muz surmised the Overlord knew much more than he let on, most likely by means of his contacts on the Star Chamber. Master Yoni had a habit of keeping his apprentice in the loop. The Shadow Hand suppressed his annoyance that Tron had possibly been informed of Paladin’s mission before he had.

The Overlord chose not to pursue the matter further. “I want my Clan out of there.”

“They are preparing the Nachzerer for extraction as we speak.” Muz paused. “However, there might be a slight delay. Master Caerick got separated,” added the Shadow Hand, making sure his voice betrayed nothing of his own feelings on the matter.

“Caerick shouldn’t even be there,” spat the Overlord. “If he abandoned the Final Way it is his mistake.” Tron paused, his eyes flashing for the briefest second. “I want my Clan off that vessel," the man repeated, his voice showing no signs of backing down.

Muz rolled the thought around in his mind for a moment as he considered it. The Dark Lord had sent him to keep an eye on Caerick and his apprentice, believing there was more going on than he was being informed of.

Even for Caerick, to risk his entire fleet with the Yuuzhan Vong practically on his own doorstep would have been too much of a risk. There had been too many variables. Indeed, the mission had gone wrong from the very start, yet still they had pressed on, sending the Final Way through what should have been an impenetrable gauntlet. It had been suicide.

Caerick was up to something. Muz could tell given how brash the sorcerer had been that he must have been nearing his goal, whatever it was. He just did not know what. Caerick and his apprentice had succeeded in covering their tracks too well. The only thing he knew was that whatever it was it could only mean bad news.

The Shadow Hand returned his attention to Tron whose eyes were now boring into his.

He had made up his mind. He was certain the Dark Lord would have reached the same conclusion.

“Understood,” confirmed Muz. “I shall tell them to prep the Nachzerer for immediate lift off.”

The Overlord’s lips betrayed the triumph that suddenly surged through him. “Thank you, Lord Keibatsu. I wish you safe passage on your own extraction.”

The hologram flickered out. Muz stood staring impassively out the main viewport. He had condemned Trevarus and Xanos to death. Maybe if Paladin got to them in time. But... no. It made no sense that Paladin would be there to help them. Would he?

Muz immediately pushed the thought out of his mind.

The idea Caerick’s corruption could have spread that far was too much to contemplate.

He rested his palm on the window, leaning against the viewport as memories of the people he had once known and respected flashed before his eyes. Muz shook his head. Caerick had played them all since the very beginning. And Xanos... Xanos had died long ago. Muz would shed no tears over the death of the monster that called itself Darth Vexatus. The Brotherhood would be better off without.

The Shadow Hand spun and marched out the cockpit to inform the others it was time for them to leave.


27-02-2008 14:55:06

Domain Amnan Worldship
Sublevel 15

Sai, walking towards the cockpit and wiping the Nachzerer’s fluids from his hands with a well-used rag, pivoted aside as Muz stormed past him, presumably back to the Fallen Spear, still on station. There were no words, no pleasantries exchanged between the family members; indeed, Macron only got a single clap on the shoulder, and neither of them were even given an update as to the condition of their recently found family member, the son of the Shadow Hand himself, Sanjuro.

The uninitiated amongst them might have viewed the lack of interaction as evidence of a familial spat, or even as general dislike. On the contrary, the very reason the Keibatsu were such a boon to the Clan, and to the Overlord himself, was the fact they could put family business out of prying eyes and concentrate on the completion of any task set before them. They were the very guardians of the Clan membership, stewards of Astronicus’ honor, trusted to be his Sword when necessary; in fact, many of them held positions of leadership and influence in the Clan and Brotherhood. As such, they, to a man, understood that there was a time and place for hugs and handshakes.

Settling into the pilot’s seat, Sai quickly checked his readouts as he began to calculate for the added mass of their expeditionary force. “First it was those ridiculous metal slabs; now, we might as well be a karking tour bus!”

“Language, cousin,” Mononoke chided, a grin on his face. “Once and again, it is up to us to shoulder the tremendous honor of taking things into our own hands and saving...”

“Don’t sell me, Mac,” teased Sai, his hands flying over the controls, bringing more and more systems online. Keying the internal comm system open, his spoke and his voice rang throughout the cramped transport. “All right, folks, it’s time to kick the tires and light the fires; hold on to what you can, and I apologize in advance for any ‘turbulence’ we may encounter.”

Even as he settled in for what may well have been his last flight, Sai’s mind continued to work. He had been greatly affected by the events aboard the Vong’s vessel, not the least of which was his strained friendship with Malisane de Ath. True, after careful deliberation, he understood the reasons for Malisane’s mock betrayal, but he’d need some time to work out why it stung so much. Times and places, after all...

Concentrating on the task of life-saving at hand, he activated the controls for the Nachzerer’s gangway, and it slowly began to close. The beetle-shaped craft began to shudder as the engines whined and ramped up, preparing to spirit the Clan’s survivors home.

Kah Manet

27-02-2008 16:45:30

Fenris, broken and battered, welcomed the end of this expedition. His clan mates radiated exhaustion, and he was barely able to stand for more then a few hours. The Force was helping him greatly, allowing him to look rested and not troubled, but on the inside, his organs were twisting left and right. Vorion and Zaxen, who had fought valiantly with Fenris, sat next to him, telling each other of battles, complimenting each other on the way they fought.

"If it weren't for you Vorion...We'd have died..." stated Fenris, tapping his Vonduun Crab Shield. It was Fenris's new favorite defense, later he'd try to apply something that would create an energy dome to it to offer even more protection.

"It was nothing really, if it weren't for Zaxen here, pretty sure all of us would have died a couple times." said Vorion. The Three smiled at the comment, knowing full well that Zaxen had in fact kept them alive quite a few times. Zaxen looked down, and quietly began to play with his weapon.

"After this is all over...I'm not going to be doing much of anything for a few days...except training with my master...and even that isn't sounding fun at the moment." said Fenris.

The Three sat there, battle scarred and confused, and waited to get off the rock that was the World Ship.


28-02-2008 11:01:23

Indeterminate Location
Domain Amnan worldship interior

Darth Vexatus bounded through the twisting passageways. Through the Force he could sense his Master up ahead.

Trevarus Caerick had released the raging torrent of energy that was his true potential. The Dragon would usually twist his mind and corrupt him, dominate him such that he was but its agent. However, this time, it felt different. It appeared focused, directed, controlled.

Had his Master finally learned to harness his true power without it controlling him?

Darth Vexatus brushed the thought aside as he continued up the corridor. The Dragon was on a collision course with Paladin. Vexatus called on the Force to push his muscles past their physical limit and broke into a sprint.

Vexatus reached his Master as the Dragon tore through a squad of warriors. Shan Long was a whirlwind of energy, cleaving his way through the aliens as his robes swam with blackened blood.

“Shan Long.”

The Dragon turned, his violet eyes burning, unreadable as they met the Falleen’s gaze. “Lord Vexatus.”

Darth Vexatus approached the Dragon. “Jedgar Paladin nears. Now would be a good time to put your pet away again, Master,” the Falleen said dryly.

He had little respect for Shan Long. Darth Vexatus had always seen Caerick’s inability to control his own power as his greatest weakness. As much as his Master may have tried to hide it he had fallen as far as one can fall. To be forced to cut himself off from his own power to prevent it consuming him, how weak must Caerick truly have been?

Vexatus had the courage his Master did not. He had embraced the transformation. And why should he not have? The dark side had not twisted his mind. He was far stronger than Xanos Zorrixor ever had been. Caerick was too afraid to sacrifice himself.

No, Darth Vexatus did not respect Shan Long. He was a coward.

Shan Long’s eyes bored into Vexatus’s as he waited for a reply. He had expected the Dragon to fight Caerick’s attempt to wrestle control back. Instead, Shan Long merely waited.

“Are you not listening, Caerick?” spat Vexatus, losing his patience. “Paladin will be here any minute. We have a chance to end this and destroy him here. Silence one of the Star Chamber’s own!”

“We are... Trevarus Caerick,” replied Shan Long, his eyes glinting.

Vexatus took a step back purely out of reflex. The Dragon was little more than a berserker. He had long since been consumed by his hunger to destroy. This... was not Shan Long.

“You seek answers... we are answers,” Shan Long whispered. “Lord Paladin... shall not suffer us.”

Darth Vexatus snarled a curse. He didn’t have time for this. “The Star Chamber must be destroyed,” stated Vexatus coolly.

Shan Long stood, lucid, as if Vexatus’s words were beneath his notice.

Trevarus Caerick must have lost himself to the voices while strapped in the Embrace as he had done once before after being consumed by the Nameless Ones. Darth Vexatus had no other choice.

“So be it.” The Sith Lord ignited his lightsaber. “It was going to come to this anyway eventually. Master, if you’ve lost your mind to Shan Long, then you’re just in my way.”

Darth Vexatus began to raise his lightsaber to attack. Suddenly, his mind exploded, his sight being eclipsed by the white of indescribable agony as he was flung back, thrust against the yorik coral, its jagged edges digging into his back.

Vexatus felt the air in his lungs compress as he was held there, pressed against the wall. The pain receded, his sight returning to see Shan Long standing exactly where he had been, his palm open in his direction. The Dragon closed his fist and Vexatus slid to the floor.

“You act without wisdom,” said Shan Long, perfectly serene. “Your Master still has much to teach... knowledge... wisdom... understanding. You are consumed by... hate... and fear... our apprentice.”

Vexatus remained fixed on the floor, his jaw falling fractionally as he listened to the Dragon speak. Shan Long was a feast, a frenzy of pure chaos, he hungered for nothing but destruction. Yet right now he spoke serenely, as if at peace, far less the Dragon than he was Trevarus Caerick.

Darth Vexatus pulled himself to his feet, eliciting a howl of frustration as he pushed an arm which must have popped free of its socket when Shan Long threw him away back into place. Vexatus spoke the word as if it was alien to him; in fact, perhaps it was, “Master?

“We...are one.”

The shock of whatever had become of Trevarus Caerick in the Embrace of Pain drained away as suddenly an explosion in the Force erupted mere meters away, the other side of the passageway.

“So, what do we do about him?” repeated Vexatus. “Alone, we can take him together.”

“Patience... our apprentice,” said Shan Long. “We shall go to Lehon... power. For now we shall remain at peace... at peace...”

Shan Long’s eyes flickered, closing then opening again, this time without their violet glow. His face looked drained as he looked down at his clothing, brushing aside the mixed blood. Trevarus Caerick was back.

“You can explain to me what in the name of Chaos just happened later,” said Vexatus, his voice still a little uneasy at whatever entity he had just been speaking with, for he was certain it was neither Shan Long, nor Trevarus Caerick, but something different entirely. It had been... whole.

“We must be quick, my apprentice. Jedgar will be here any second,” said Trevarus Caerick. The sorcerer looked up and stared at his apprentice with the same hard eyes as Shan Long. “He is not to be harmed.”

“He is alone,” spat Darth Vexatus. “He doesn’t stand a chance if we take him together.”

No,” said Caerick sternly. “Do not allow your hate to blind you. I worked with Jedgar in the Empire. He will not harm us.”

“His intentions are irrelevant. He is one of them.”

Caerick sighed. “After we go to Lehon, my apprentice. After. It would achieve nothing to reveal ourselves now. Nothing.”

The Falleen opened his mouth to argue but stopped himself. His Master was right. If they killed Paladin here, and it was a big if, for he had only just landed while they were exhausted from several hours of fighting; but if they managed it, all it would do would bring the full might of the Star Chamber down on them before they were ready. They could not afford that until after they had gone to Lehon.

Darth Vexatus sighed, at last relenting. His head dropped as he finally allowed his fatigue to set in after fighting his way here all the way through the worldship from the Well of the World Brain. The Sith Lord was exhausted. Caerick was right. “As you will, my Master.”

“Yes. As I will.”


28-02-2008 12:38:24

Domain Amnan Worldship
Sublevel 15

Sai’s hands flew over the holointerface as the Nachzerer strained to lift off. The extra weight of the Clan’s incursion force was putting a tremendous strain on the engines, and the Priest was hard-pressed to coax the craft aloft.

As the transport began to make some headway, Macron looked over at Sai from his command chair. Leaning across the gungan-hide upholstered armrest, he whispered conspiratorily, “Sai, hold it right here for a moment.”

“Are you sure, cousin? I mean, it’s all I can do to even get this thing aloft, and...”

“I know,” the Alchemist interrupted. “Just open the comm.”

Sai did as he was told as Mononoke stood and theatrically cleared his throat. “Ahem. Your attention, dear Clan mates. As you know doubt can feel, our esteemed pilot Sai is having a bit of a time getting us out of here. That’s because your weight is overpowering our engines. So, in the spirit of serving the Many over the Few, I’m hereby ordering the Journeymen, ranked Protector and below, to kindly step outside and give us a push. Rest assured, though your lives will be forfeit, your names will forever be interred in our annals and OOOOOFFFF!”

Macron slumped back in his chair as Sai punched him in his stomach, Malisane grabbing the comm’s mike. “Please, disregard that last statement; they’re the rantings of a madman. We’re fine, we’re all fine, everything’s fine.” De Ath shared a fleeting grin with the Keibatsu; it seemed their friendship would not be that hard to repair after all.

Macron fought to stifle his titters as Agrist chimed in. “If you’re done, Sadow, I assume you have a way to get us out of here? The hole we came in is shut, and I see nothing but a labyrinth ahead.” The mercenary looked at the view screen at the vorik-coral lined passageways, all crumbling with the World Ship’s death throes.

The Alchemist shut his eyes to still his madness and calm himself. He took three deep breaths as the rest in the cockpit waited expectantly. When next he opened his eyes, they were tinged violet as Mononoke called upon the powers granted him by being Marked of the Wanderer to show him the way to salvation.

Kah Manet

28-02-2008 13:01:13

Fenris, having heard the last statement, began to laugh to himself. The small, desperate rantings of a madman always made Fenris feel at home with himself. He liked Macron, even if he didn't exactly know him. What Macron had said no doubt solidified all doubts in the Journeymen that they were in fact, Cannon Fodder. Luckily for Fenris, he was a Guardian, so he would've gotten to stay no matter what.

"I can't believe he just said that...that is unbelievable..." said Zaxen. The Journeyman twisted and turned, trying to show he was agitated.

"Why do you care? You're a would've had to watch possibly the funniest expressions on some people's faces as we got off this rock. I would've liked to see it. Then again, I can be mean and sadistic sometimes." joked Fenris who flicked Vorion's helmet.

"Stop that! It gives horrible feedback and hurts my ears, besides, with you two yammering on, it's hard to focus back here." said Vorion, the Ubese was usually always the butt of Fenris's jokes one way or another. He flicked the Ubese again, and returned to what he was doing previously.

"I'm just glad none of us died...that would've been an awkward ride home..." joked Fenris.


28-02-2008 14:57:38

Domain Amnan Worldship

Just as they had during the touchdown, the variances in probability of the Force made themselves apparent to the Alchemist, manifesting as a net consisting of strands of Dark Side energies that first overlaid the view, then shot down a particular passage way in a conical 'tunnel'.

His voice taking on an ethereal tone, Mononoke pointed an armored finger at the view screen. “There.”

Sai glanced at the screen, then to his cousin’s finger, and finally to Macron’s face. “Uh, Mac, you’re starting to sound like Trev, there. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I hardly know which way to know by looking at your grimy..oh!

Sai’s eyes shot wide as Macron, fully embracing his Wanderer-Mark born power, placed an umbrella of influence throughout the Nachzerer reminiscent of an Elder’s Battle Meditation technique. “Open your minds...”, the Alchemist commanded.

Under Macron’s influence, Sai’s tripartite eyes saw the Force manifestation of the conical sign-post; Agrist and Malisane heeded Mac’s call and joined in producing a telekinetic bubble that would protect the ship and the lives within by bolstering the weakened shields. To sustain himself and the crew in the Nachzerer’s cockpit, Macron drew upon the energies the Journeymen and Equites in the hold eagerly sent towards him; he fairly glowed as a living battery.

“I see it...” Sai said dreamily, his hands unconsciously moving over the holointerface. The ship lurched forward just as a spasm rocked the World Ship, sending hunks of yorik-coral crashing impotently against the shields and the Force-users' telekinetic bubble.

The Dark Side 'tunnel' twisted and turned, went up and down, and Sai followed it obediently, amazed that he was even able to see such a marvel.

Faster,” Macron said. Sai gave more power to the engines, just as the passageway collapsed completely behind them, debris, dust and detritus billowing menacingly behind the craft as some alien tsunami in a cacophony of noise.

Faster,” the Alchemist urged, and Sai obliged, redlining the craft's readouts as more debris began to strike the transport, straining Agrist and Malisane to the point of harsh exhalations.

Faster,” Mononoke Sadow insisted, his nose surrendering a trickle of blood as the powers at his command threatened to consume him.

Macron Sadow

28-02-2008 17:49:02

Domain Amnan Worldship

Macron coughed as the blood dripped from his nose. “I’ve never tried to channel this much power,” he mumbled as he staggered against the bulkhead wall. His eyes were yellow and shot through with red veins, and this time it was not a result of too many chemical laden cocktails.

“You alright man?” asked Sai with a worried frown.

“Sai cut life support power for now and channel it to the turbolasers. Same thing for internal gravity,” came the reply from the madman’s clenched metal teeth.

“Are you… well, you are. But that’s not a good idea is it?” asked Malisane as he gestured toward the hold. “Won’t they suffocate and freeze back there?”

“We’ll be fine for a few minutes until we break free from this fracking thing. It might get a little chilly and stuffy, but she’ll hold,” replied the alchemist as he concentrated with a furrowed brow.

He grabbed the interior com. “All hands, don your thinsuits or other protective gear if you have it. Life support and gravity will return in a few minutes,” echoed the voice throughout the 50-meter long ship. “Sorry for the turbulence. Hope you brought your thermal pajamas. That is all.”

“I see where you are going with this Mac,” replied Sai. “It’s shunted.” The ship took on a quieter tone as the ever-present white noise generated by the air recyclers and temperature controls shut off. “Agrist, you any good with small cap ship type weapons?”

“I am,” replied the stalwart mercenary. “Are you telling me this baby has them? Isn’t she too small?”

“She does have them,” replied Senth with a grin from the shield array and communications console. “Two single turbolasers in fact. They are in pop-out pods and Macron doesn’t use them much from what I have seen. Pretty cherry if you ask me.”

“I’ll be a karking schiff-hound,” laughed Agrist. “Sure, hook me up with the controls and I’ll help cut us out of this coral coffin.”

“Copy that,” stated Sai as he switched the arms console over to Agrist’s seat. “All yours. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock.”

“That’s good. Here comes a pretty tight spot,” said Mononoke with eyes closed. “I can feel it. Fire!!!

Ylith Pandemonium

28-02-2008 17:54:42

Exiting World Ship

The Valheru groaned heavily as the webbing that held him in place were pulling against
his body, his bruised muscles groaning as it did. They had a rough ride and Macron just
ensured the Nachzerer pushed it's way through the Vong Worldship. They had made it
out alive and they actually succeeded in defeating the World Brain, something they thought
would never be possible.

Ylith closed his eyes for a moment, darkness engulfing him, the blindness within the Force
leaving him just as silent outside the Vong Worldship as it was inside. The Force did not
sing to him or ripple like a giant ocean. Instead of that, it was an empty cold void, blackened
by nothingness.

He shook his head as the shuddering of the ship made was from a soothing glide of space,
released from the Worldship's gravitational pull, slowly making it's way towards the Final Way,
various half beaten fighter squadrons flying towards the Nachzerer to ensure their safely.

The Battlemaster cast his serpent eyes over the Worldship and watches at the crust that kept
it together startted to loosen up as it grinded to a stop, debree was flung into space as the
gravitational turn around it's axle startted to fade slowly, causing a loss off gravity slowly
over time. It was a magnificent sight to behold and he smirked as he saw it.

"Beautiful isnt it brother?" Tyren said and Ylith nodded. "Yes..."


28-02-2008 18:13:15

Indeterminate Location
Domain Amnan worldship

Chunks of yorik coral rained from the ceiling as the worldship shook. The death throes of the yammosk had thrown entire sectors of the vessel into chaos where its long proboscises had torn through the internal cave network.

“We need to get out of here now,” Darth Vexatus announced raggedly.

“First we deal with...” whispered Trevarus Caerick, his voice trailing off as they turned the corner and rushed head first into Jedgar Paladin.

The elderly Sith Lord looked upon the pair, his silvery hair shimmering in the gentle light. Paladin looked thoughtful as he scanned the faces of the sorcerer and Falleen. His eyes burned with energy, unreadable the way they had turned golden-yellow with the dark side coursing through his body.

His anger was palpable in the Force. A raging torrent, much like Shan Long, but controlled, the Force itself bent to the will of the Sith Lord. Paladin appeared strong, powerful, his body not weathered by age. Behind the anger, there was a sense of calm, aloof detachment, as if he had foreseen this very meeting and knew already what was to transpire.

“Masters Caerick and Vexatus,” greeted Jedgar Paladin, his deep voice echoing off the tight walls.

“Milord,” greeted Caerick, inclining his head in reverence of the Sith Lord.

The sorcerer glanced sideways at his apprentice but Darth Vexatus merely stood passive, giving no sign of his feelings. Paladin glanced at the Falleen and for a moment Caerick expected him to cast down his apprentice for his arrogance, but his gaze returned to the sorcerer.

Paladin stared at the pair as the worldship shook, the hallway through which they had just come collapsing with a thunderous boom. The Sith Lord appeared unmoved as he held his gaze, as if staring into their very souls. Caerick held his gaze while Vexatus merely continued to stare nonchalantly at Paladin, a look of resentment lingering behind his eyes.

At last Paladin said, “We should leave. Your Clansmen have already left. My ship is waiting above.”

The Sith Lord turned, heading back the way he came, apparently unmoved by the fact he had exposed his back to them. Either he had foreseen this too or believed them foolish should then even so much as attempt something in their present state, both utterly exhausted from their trek through the Yuuzhan Vong vessel.

Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus began to follow, passing through the carnage leftover from Jedgar Paladin’s descent into the worldship to find them. Corpses littered the passageway, a mix of Yuuzhan Vong and slave races. The chamber with the Embrace of Pain had been located just under the slave quarter through which they had passed earlier. It seemed as if Paladin had slaughtered them all, driven by his single thought to reach the Elders below. It would have taken a command of the dark side few could match to have battled his way through alone.

No, they were in no state to fight him here, the sorcerer had been right.

Darth Vexatus wrestled with why Jedgar Paladin was helping them. He could far more easily have left them there to rot like it seemed Keibatsu and the rest of the Clan must have decided. The Star Chamber knew of their deception, they were not blind and Vexatus was not foolish enough to believe them such. Yet Paladin had clearly seen reason to spare them.

Arrogance, concluded the Sith Lord. The Star Chamber feared them. It had no knowledge of what they were up to; Paladin most certainly would not have helped them had that been the case. No, the Star Chamber must have hoped whatever it was they sought could be turned to their own advantage. Yes, arrogance. The naive hope the Star Chamber might steal our prize out from under us.

Poor Jedgar, thought Darth Vexatus silently, entertaining himself at the thought of how naive they must have been, you really have no idea how late it is, do you? Perhaps you and your brothers could have stopped us before... but not now. Not when we are so close. In rescuing us, you have doomed yourselves.

The thought brought a sensation of validation with it, not that the Sith Lord need any; he was far past the need to justify his actions to himself. The Star Chamber would have destroyed itself and history would have been repeated. It felt right. Darth Maestus would be vindicated to learn her teachings had been realised.

Darth Vexatus almost elicited a laugh but restrained himself at the last minute. He could now see the shaft of light from where they had first entered the slave quarter in the distance the other side of the chamber. The worldship continued to shake, new chasms having formed along the surface of the yorik coral which had not been there a few hours earlier. The worldship was dying; it would only be a matter of time now before it would be no more than a drifting hulk.

A few more minutes and they would be clear of the worldship... then the final act could truly begin.

It had begun with Lehon.

It would end with Lehon.

Victory was within Darth Vexatus’s grasp. He could almost taste it.


29-02-2008 09:53:17

Telos System
On Approach to ISD Final Way

The transport virtually exhaled as Mononoke Sadow finally released the energies he’d seized during their egress. Collapsing in his command seat, he gave a weary order to his cousin.

“Sai, bring all systems back on line in a normal capacity, and hail the Final Way for an approach vector. Thank you, and good night. Don’t forget to tip your waitress on your way out.” Closing his eyes, he succumbed to his fatigue in a pseudo nap-slash-healing trance; his snores were interspersed with his trademark titters.

“Aye, cousin,” Sai said, his form slumping in the pilot’s chair as his hands played the holointerface like a finely tuned instrument. “Life support and internal gravity back on line...power to ‘weaps’ and shields at nominal flow...hailing the Final Way.” He performed the duties by rote, letting his mind wander.

The past action was a telling indicator of the Clan’s mind state and capabilities. Instead of cowering in their corner of space, buried in their hubris, the Clan had taken the fight to the enemy in a bold assertion of will. Those that would take the lessons learned on the World Ship would become all the stronger for it; friendships, such as the one between Sai and Malisane, were tested and tried. Family ties, as Tyren and Jade discovered, were made more potent in their affirmation. Further, some members, such as the young Journeymen Vorion and Fenris, were empowered by the knowledge and discovery of their strength, while others, such as the Battlemaster Ylith, found their weaknesses to be painfully evident and in dire need of addressing.

And though it all, the cogs of machination turned, bringing the Clan inexorably towards a fate that none aboard may have been prepared for.

Spying the Nachzerer’s IFF indicator flashing, Sai knew that the Final Way’s computers were authenticating their clearance codes and transmitting the approach vectors they’d need to come aboard and disembark; the Keibatsu sat back and allowed the automated sequence to begin. Soon, they’d all be aboard the Star Destroyer, being debriefed in one meeting or another, and afterward, some would be content to bathe in bacta, and others, in alcohol. But for now, Sai was content to lie back in his own gungan-hide chair, drifting to the sounds of a snoring madman and his transport silently cruising through the blackness of space.


29-02-2008 12:08:07

Unidentified Transport
En route to Dlarit Star Destroyer Final Way
Telos Space

The worldship shrunk as the transport shot away from the crumbling hulk. One of the spiral arms of the galactic disk shaped vessel had broken off and was freefalling toward Telos. The main body was beginning to drift lifelessly out of orbit, its dovin basals crippled by the death of the yammosk.

Without the mighty war coordinator, the organic systems appeared to have reverted to their natural instincts, turning on one another as if the worldship was devouring itself from the inside. Even from this distance, it wasn’t necessary to be able to use the Force to sense that the worldship was dying. It was almost like watching an animal breath its last breaths, heading off in search of a place to die.

“Your mission was successful, I see,” stated Jedgar Paladin. It was not a question.

Paladin stared out at the worldship as if mesmerised, his mind obviously elsewhere.

Trevarus Caerick left the Sith Lord to his thoughts and stepped through to the main passenger area. He waited for the door to close behind him, “You appear troubled, my apprentice.”

Darth Vexatus stood staring out at the blackness of space. His mind, too, was evidently drifting, much like the worldship itself. It took a moment for the Falleen to reply, “No, not troubled, my Master. Merely curious. I am thinking about what happened back there.”

The sorcerer stepped further into the room, passing by the spotlight until his expression was hidden by the shadows. “For years I have struggled to control my power, as you well know,” said Caerick cautiously.

The sorcerer would have questioned expressing weakness in front of anyone else, but the days of the pair having secrets from one another had long since ended. Vexatus had proven his loyalty when he had denounced the Star Chamber nearly three years past. Nevertheless, he proceeded carefully.

“I locked my power away over a decade ago so that it would not corrupt me.” The sorcerer smiled faintly. His life’s work had been dedicated to stopping the corrupting influence of the dark side, to breaking the hold of the will of the Force. Trevarus Caerick did not like being controlled.

“After my power broke free following the Okemi Crisis it became clear I could not merely lock it away.” Caerick eyed his apprentice, “I’m aware of what you think. Do not think me blind. You have surrendered yourself whereas I have fought to prevent the change. We follow conflicting ideologies, my apprentice.”

Darth Vexatus grunted. “You fear the dark side. What it will do to you. You are afraid to embrace your power. I've heard this all before. There is no passion, there is serenity.”

No.” Caerick scowled. “I would sooner live without the Force than be a slave to it. Unlike the Jedi, I do not follow the will of the Force. I oppose it. I resent what it does to people. I seek to break it.”

Vexatus shook his head dismissively. “Break the will of the Force?” The Falleen thought the idea beyond any madness he had heard his Master utter before.

“The Force is chaos, my apprentice,” stated Caerick firmly. “It causes conflict. Look at the Jedi. The Sith. All fight amongst themselves. None are any better than the rest. History has repeated itself throughout countless ages.”

Caerick moved to the viewport. “There are places in the galaxy where the Force is silent.”

Darth Vexatus stared at Trevarus Caerick. “Then what you seek is death.”

The Falleen had said it derisively, as if it was the most foolish idea imaginable, but when he spoke Caerick’s voice almost jumped from his throat, “Exactly!” The sorcerer’s lips curled into a smile. “I seek apotheosis. The perfect state. In which the Force itself is bent utterly to my will.”

“And this answers my question, how exactly?” said the Sith Lord.

“In those brief moments I was one with Shan Long I controlled the Dragon, it did not control me.”

A sour expression fell over Vexatus’s features. “Then you believe my dragon controls me.”

“You are who you are, my apprentice,” said Caerick. “And I am who I am.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

Caerick shrugged.

“More riddles, Master,” muttered Darth Vexatus as he turned back to the viewport.

“Always, my apprentice. Always.”

Ylith Pandemonium

29-02-2008 13:32:09

The Final Way
Hangar Bay
Inside the Nachzerer.

The ship slowly pushed it's way through the shields of the Hangar Bay entrance, landing on
the shining floor with a soft thud, engines hissing sharply as it remained silent. The cargobay
door was pushed open as the mechanics failed and the Dark Jedi walked out of the ship, being
greeted by various officials and teams of medics. Ylith moved to the Medical bay, being placed
within a tank of Bacta, the reddish liquid poured over his body and the air in his facemask was
putting him into a deep sleep.

While his wounds were healing he recapped the events of what happened within his mind and
he frowned in his induced sleep when he did. He felt she sharp bite of the Amphistaff into his
shoulder, it's teeth digging deep into his flesh. He remembered the countless fights against
the Vong and the times he placed his life on the line to save others from death. He had to
face his own weakness in the progress, hoping he showed his peers he was still powerful in his
own way.

He groaned a little when his wounds startted to sting heavily, a clear sign they were being healed.
Bubbles floated from his mask as he exhaled deeply and inhaled deeply in return, his mind
turning back inside again. He remembered the giant Yammosk and the hell it inflicted upon him,
he would later discuss with Ashura on who had the worse job, protecting the Journeymen from a
few Vong Warriors or to protect the Journeymen from Vong Priests, Vong Elites, Vong Warriors and
a giant Yammosk. He figured he'd win that discussion.

He had lost his Silver Sword after he and Tyren killed the giant Yammosk, he was saddened because
it was a fine sword he made himself, though he figured soon, with his training with the Shadow Hand,
things might change drastically. Tyren already had strong ties towards the Keibatsu family and he
hoped that with his training with Muz, he would be accepted as a friend as well and prove himself
worthy of being a Quaestor.

Suddenly he felt the warm bacta slipping from his body and he stood inside the large tube. The
liquid did it's job perfectly and his wounds were healed to a point where his body could heal the
minor scars with ease. He felt strength returning to him and he dried himself off and got dressed
in his robes again and startted to make his way to the bridge to report to the Clan Overlord

GM Paladin

29-02-2008 21:10:38

Starship Fiat Tenebris
En Route to the Final Way
Telos System

Grand Master Jedgar Paladin stands with his hands clasped behind his back, staring out at the stars as the Falleen leaves him. His cowl is pulled up again over his head, draping him in the comforting veil of shadow, the high collar of his tunic bearing a few specks of blood - not his own, and nearly invisible on the inky fabric. He falls easily into a half-meditative state - his emotions soothed for the moment, the roiling anger within him dropping to a more normal level, ready to jump forward and lash out again as the need requires. Emotion, held in check by control.

His thoughts wander far, as he opens himself to the force, feeling out the small eddies and voids that mark the location of whatever Vong remain in the system. A blight upon the force, a place where even his powerful sight cannot see - but yet a place that he did not fear, for they were creatures of flesh and blood, beneath their armor, and if it came to calling upon the lightsaber that had been his constant companion these many years, then so be it. The memory of the few who had been foolish enough to get in his way as he sought Trevarus Caerick and his wayward apprentice brought a thin smile to his lips, revealing teeth the color of old ivory.

His thoughts come back to the present, though, and to the two other Dark Jedi sharing his opulent vessel. His hand tightens into a fist behind his back for a moment, before he forces himself to relax, fingers opening and tapping a staccato rhythm on his other gloved hand. "They think me a fool..." he murmurs to himself, "Well, let them think that. They are not the first ones." Another wry smile, this time nothing more than a slight curl of one corner of his mouth.

As he considers, he begins to pace, his eyes now coming off the stars. Like a caged tiger he stalks his domain, six paces at a time, with military precision. His folded hands push his robes back, and his lightsaber's curved hilt taps against his leg. Finally, he decides that enough time has passed, and he turns towards the passenger compartments.

The door slides open with a slight hiss, and he intrudes on the master and apprentice, without so much as a by your leave - after all, it is his ship, and the Lord Paladin has been one to go where he wills, both as Grand Master and High Inquisitor.

"So, my brothers..." he says, in his deep voice, looking at the two of them, "We have much to discuss, I think. It has been many years that I have been away from the Brethren, exploring the Unknown Regions. Imagine my surprise when I arrived on Tarthos to find Ragnos Cathedral quite empty." A pause, and then he says, "I took the liberty of having my things put in a suite there. I will be staying for a while..."


01-03-2008 13:55:27

Dlarit Star Destroyer Final Way
Telos System

“Viceroy, Lord Paladin’s transport has docked,” said one of the bridge crew.

Astronicus Sadow felt his mood drop slightly. He had nothing against Jedgar Paladin. He just wished he hadn’t been there to rescue Caerick and his apprentice.

The viceroy turned to face the captain, “Admiral, take us home.”

Araic Simonetti called across the bridge, “Helm, you heard the viceroy.”

“Course laid in for the Orian system,” called someone from the navigators’ station.

“Initiating the jump to lightspeed in five,” the helmsman counted down to the jump, “one...”

The stars turned into starlines as realspace disappeared and the ship plunged into hyperspace. The worldship vanished in the distance, being replaced with familiar hypnotic blue and white.

“Hyperdrive engaged, Admiral,” called the helmsman.

And that was it. The Final Way had left the Telos system, leaving behind the crumbling hulk of the worldship that had sought to encroach into their region of Sith Space. The Yuuzhan Vong may have still maintained control of the galactic Core, but their operations to solidify their hold on the Outer Rim Territories had been broken. Without Telos, they would be unable to secure the outlining stretch of the Hydian Way or the Corporate Sector.

It was only a matter of time before they tried again, of course. But hopefully whatever was left of the New Republic would get their act together in time and find a solution to this war before it was too late. What mattered to the men and women of the Dlarit Corporation was that, for now at least, their home, their families, their children were safe.

Tron just wished all the Brotherhood shared the same goal of a better and more orderly galaxy. Too many sought the dark side for their personal ends. Too many were little better than the random darksiders who had come and gone throughout history. The Star Chamber worked to build a better galaxy, where all were equal in one galactic empire.

Tron desperately wanted to believe it was possible... there were just two large obstacles.

The turbolift doors slid open and the two obstacles entered, accompanied by Jedgar Paladin.

Tron opened his arms in greeting. “Lord Paladin, welcome aboard the Final Way.” He gestured toward Araic Simonetti who stood over his right shoulder. “Allow me to introduce the ship’s captain, Rear Admiral Araic Simonetti.”

“My lord,” greeted Simonetti, saluting.

“Admiral,” said Paladin before turning his attention back to the viceroy. “Tron, it has been a long time.” The pair clasped hands, greeting each other for the first time in several years. They had known each other what felt like a lifetime ago back during the Brotherhood’s dark days attached to the Imperial Remnant.

“Lord Paladin informs us he will be staying in Alabrek Castle,” said Trevarus Caerick.

For a split second Tron’s expression darkened but his attention remained fixed on Paladin. “The clan shall be honoured to have you stay with us, my lord.” His eyes darted briefly at the sorcerer and his apprentice who stood slightly behind. Tron could not help his lip curling into a slight smirk. Serves you right Caerick for worming your way onto the Council against my wishes, thought Tron, his spirits heightening at the thought Paladin would surely bring an end to their schemes.

The elderly Sith Lord smiled. “As always, the Star Chamber thanks you for your service, Lord Sadow.”

Paladin turned and headed back to the turbolift. Tron waited until he had left then finally gave into the smirk he had been holding back. He grinned widely. “I trust accommodating Lord Paladin will be no trouble?” said the viceroy sarcastically. Oh, how much he was enjoying this. Just desserts did indeed come to those who waited.

Caerick stared blankly back at the viceroy, unwilling to give him the satisfaction. The sorcerer forced a smile. “Have no worries, my most gracious Overlord. I shall endeavour to ensure Lord Paladin’s every need is taken care of.”

Tron’s grin waned a little. Spoilsport. At least the fact Caerick hadn’t complained meant he was trying his hardest to hold his resentment back. Oh well, his apprentice looked suitably bitter at least. “Well, I must be returning to my quarters. I leave the Final Way in your hands, Governor.”

Trevarus Caerick waited until the viceroy had left before allowing his expression to drop. “I cannot wait to wipe the smile off that barve’s face.”


03-03-2008 11:36:07

RSD Final way

He didn't notice it before, but he was weak. His body was failing on him as he walked down the
ramp on the Final Way. Seeing his brother battered he wondered how he even survived such
an ordeal, but he did none the less. It was a miracle that so many *had* survived. The
brotherhood in the clan stood strong against the tyrants.

They carried him on a stretcher to the medical bay where they operated on his eyeless socket. For
hours on end they worked on his eye removing damaged nerve tissue and connecting the good
nerves to the cybernetic eye.

He woke up in the Bacta tank. He didn't realize at first but he could see on both eyes. The
cybernetics worked perfectly. He looked left and right, his brother and some Journeyman, like him,
floated in the tank, their wounds purified and healed by the life-saving substance. He looked down
and saw Jade, she wore a patients tunic and sat in the chair in front of Ylith's tank. Her face was
a worried mask. He could sense she was worried about his brother. He gave himself the luxury of a wry smile, however painful it was.


Marakith Skyhook

The air conditioning was on, as always, and the fire alarm was off, as always. Tyren lay on his
bed with a cigarette in his always. He was doing nothing in always.
Suddenly the doors swung open. He didn't even flinch, he couldn't be bothered by the newcomer.

"Hmmm?" he asked obviously not inclined o ask a real question.

Ylith walked only inside and let the door slide shut. "I'm going to Kyataru to train under Muz."


"Just wanted to say goodbye before I leave."

Tyren jerked his head up, observing his brother. "Have fun. Enjoy!" He said, chuckling. Ylith
just smiled as he walked out.

"Oh, bro?"


"While you're at it make me a new katana, I kinda lost the Noroi back there." Ylith just smiled and walked out. Moments later the door swung open again.

"You forget somethin'?" Tyren asked casually. No reply came, he jerked his head only to se an Ubese warrior standing in front of his doorstep waiting for permission to enter.


"Yes, sir."

"What do you want? Come on in!" Tyren replied, sitting up.

"Well..." the Journeyman started as he moved inside. "...I wanted to ask you a question."

Tyren shrugged. "Shoot!"

"I am in need of a tutor in the ways of the Krath."

"Ah!" Tyren said leaning forward. "Yeah...sure!" he shrugged.

"Yes?" he asked as Tyren nodded. "Excellent! So when do we start training." Tyren fell back on hi bed.

"As soon as I chill out a bit."

"Ah ok! I'll leave you then." the Ubese said through his helmet. He walked out without a word, leaving Tyren to his own thought of the past, present and future.

Kah Manet

03-03-2008 16:23:15

Fenris, tired to say the least, took all his energy to meditate, trying to refresh his body without shutting it down completely. He sat in his room, a lifeless husk repairing his minor wounds, which allowed for his major wounds to become minor. His tattoos glowing as he began to meditate, he fully mastered his meditation techniques.

He had felt what the Vong felt like, an empty presence within the Force, as if something had spawned them from the deepest pits of a new found Hell that no one had dare trek, a creature of both fantasy and sadly a horrifying reality. The Force was not only ineffective against them, the horrible beasts that were the Vong could destroy a Journeyman without even trying, attacking them not only physically but mentally, through dreams and through combat. Either through sadness or sanity, the Vong had effected Fenris.

I carry the gift that I have been blessed with
My soul is adrift in oceans of madness
Repairing the rift that you have created
I am not alone, brothers, give me your arms now

This was Fenris's new motto, he went from an isolationist to someone who excelled when in a group of common brothers. He had created, in his mind, a family. He had bonded not only with his Journeyman brethren, but with the Equites as well. He had proven himself, and helped fight against the atrocities of the Vong.

I am not alone, brothers, give me your arms now

I actually did get the italicized parts from a song, that's not my own stuff, but it fits.


03-03-2008 19:01:41

Hangar Bay
Dlarit Star Destroyer Final Way
Hyperspace, En route to Sepros

Sai hefted the last of his gear and looked one last time around the Nachzerer. He smiled wistfully as he patted an overhead console. “Solid, as always,” he said, more so to himself than anyone else. Everyone on the crew had since left, heading for one shuttle or another, heading mostly back to Sepros and Sadow Palace, where they had originally rendezvoused with the Final Way.

Striding down the loading ramp, the Keibatsu passed his cousin, who was busy directing droids and mundanes in the repair of his beloved craft; his frantic arm gestures and grotesque expressions put Sai in the mind of a man casting a spell more than showing someone the proper way to arc-weld a bulkhead.

Sai shook his head and laughed; seeing the madman in all of his insane glory was a good sign that things were back to normal, although in a very loose sense of the word. The Keibatsu continued on at a leisurely pace, calmly taking the sights in, until he reached his shuttle, were he stopped abruptly.

There stood Malisane de Ath, his arms crossed and blocking the way aboard the ship.

“Let’s sort it.”

Sai strode up to Malisane, regarded him for a moment, and after careful thought, did the only thing he could do considering the circumstances.

He held his hand out.

“I don’t like it...but I understand, de Ath.” He allowed a grin to crease his face.

Malisane took the offered hand and shook it, returning the grin. “I knew you would, my friend.” At the end of the day, they were both warriors, and the success of the mission would always come first. Always, the glory of Sadow. They were pieces in someone's idea of a game; it was all they could do to live whilst playing their parts.

“Can I give you a lift back to the Palace? I can have Oren have some Corellian brandy waiting for us before you head back to Kangaras. And speaking of DAC’s, where’s Senth?”

At the question, the shuttle’s running lights fired up, a herald of preflight checks being run in preparation for lift off.

“I figured I’d put him to work, seeing as how I’ve a flask or three of Ewok liquor we’ve got to finish before we get to the Palace.” Malisane’s grin got wider.

“I knew it, Mali. One way or another, you might well prove to be the death of me!”

Sai clapped his friend Malisane on the shoulder, who took Sai’s pack from the deck. The two Sadowan warriors strode up the ramp, and proceeded to attempt to get the best of the Ewok liquor; it was inevitable, however, that the draught would get the best of them.

As always, they wouldn’t go down with out a fight. Before the shuttle’s ramp closed, Malisane’s voice drifted out:

“Once more, into the breech!”

Zaxen Dauketrenal

03-03-2008 21:49:04

The escape and extraction had been nothing but a blur. Though it had only been about an hour since they were on the Yuuzhan Vong worldship it felt like a million years. Zaxen was so tired that he was sick. He floated in the pink liquid of the healing bacta solution and let his mind drift away from his pain and into a lucid dream. He dreamed of dark corridors and living weapons, horrific mutations and vicious wounds. He relived it all and yet somehow he found himself relaxed in the end as his mind went quiet as he accepted the healing properties of the bacta.

He had survived his first real battle and what a battle it had been. He had gone from an Xwing to halls of living corral to a pit of a Yammosk. It had taken less than a 24 hour period but each and every moment seemed to had been filled with some sort of horror. The dust had finally cleared and in the end a hand full of people had done what an entire planetary force could not do, win against the mighty Yuuzhan Vong.

Zaxen's free mind finally floated off to more pleasant things. He saw distant memories of child hood and adolescence. He also so visions of power and glory of what he could only imagine was the future. He floated there in perpetual limbo as his wounds were healed by the microscopic organisms in the bacta solution.

As he began to rise back to consciousness his mind flooded with other visions and images which seemed closer and even more present. Great minds and powers reaching into the darkness manipulating and plotting and moving about as if peices on a game board. As his eyes opened he thought to himself...

A game of Kings and Wizards..

The thought faded as the fluid drained from the large tank and he let the memories of the great battle return to the fore front. The clan had done well and deserved to be proud. Zaxen brushed his arm where the vonduum crab armor piece had been attached to his flesh and felt a cold chill run up his spine.

We have done well in this battle but can we endure the war?

The thought hung heavy over Zaxen's head as he was led to lay down on his bed and quickly drifted into a deliciously dreamless sleep.

Shan Long

13-03-2008 18:50:02

Alabrek Castle
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos, Orian System
Domain of Clan Naga Sadow

Three days later...

Master and Apprentice walked in tandem through the Grand Promenade. Faces grim, their lips motionless, they passed the denizens of House and Clan and regarded none. Soldiers stopped to salute the Governor-General, yet he ignored them as well. Wordlessly, the Master raised his right hand, and with a motion heavy doors opened into the Gardens.

Trevarus paused for a moment, the precision of beauty always took his breath away. Malisane de Ath had excecuted his vision to the most intricate detail. Evergreens and stone, it was a perfect marriage of geometric precision and organic pattern. Pathways were lined with tall hedged, inviting one to walk between them as if in a maze. Arranged throughout were intimate seating arrangments.

Vexatus followed Trevarus, knowing where the Master lead.

Sitting on a stone bench, a bottle and glass next to him on a stone plinth, the small but wise old man was reading a scroll covering with miniscule, indecipherable writing. He puffed intermittently on a pipe issuing gray-ish red smoke, between reading certain phrases aloud.

"It was always interesting that you divined the location of the Lost System from the writings of such a madman, Master Sadow." Lord Paladin furled the scroll, and raised his glass in a small greeting, before taking a drink of the darkly amber liquid.

"Good afternoon my Lord." Trevarus replied, bowing from the neck.

"Good afternoon, and to you, Lord Vexatus." Paladin responded.

The Falleen did not reply, or mimic Trevarus' bow.

"I trust your acommodations are befitting your requirements?" Trevarus asked.

"Yes, they are indeed comfortable. I should expect your own former suite would suite me. Although your sense of extravagence is somewhat unbecoming, not to speak ill of your excellent selection of vintage scotch." Paladin smiled faintly, as he took another sip from the glass.

"Join me for a drink, I suspect that you have not sought me merely to see after my comfort." The Dark Lord motioned to another bench, across the surface of the stone table. Two more glasses appeared in a small crack, and Paladin poured each of the Elders a measure from his bottle. Trevarus bowed his head again, both sat. Raising their glasses, Trevarus and Paladin toasted the Iron Throne. Vexatus did not touch his, instead he spoke.

"Trevarus and I just returned from the ruined Temple on Sepros. We have decided that raising the Temple again would be impossible without your assistance." The cold Falleen said.

"And why the sudden interest in raising what you have destroyed yourself, Master Sadow?" Paladin said to Trevarus.

"Always the Lord High Inquisitor, Lord Paladin?" The Consul replied

The Dark Lord smiled widely. "Your motivations reveal a clear path, Young One. You acquired the Sword of Shar Dakhan last year, leading you to Kangaras and the seat of Hafa Chun. You have spent the better part of a decade exploring Calabrex and the Orian System. You sought Antei, you sought Kangaras, Korriban is well known as a seat of power, but I suspect now that you seek Lehon."

Trevarus remained still, speechless, yet a sharp intake of air by the Falleen broke the silence.

"I tell you this now: Lehon is best left lost. I have explored it, and tarried not with the powers and ghosts that linger on that world. I should advise you to do the same. Urias Orian was driven insane by his experiments with the powers of that world. You bear the record of his error on your right hand, Young One." Paladin finished his glass, and poured more for himself.

"We seek Lehon not for power, but for completion." Trevarus said. "It is the ultimate solution to a riddle left by Tio Azurd."

"So speaks the Master of Riddles, Oracle of the Star Chamber." Paladin said, jest flowing from his words. "It is well known to me, that you seek the same conclusion that drove Lord Dejarc to the Skin of Fire so many years ago. Apotheosis is a state oft spoken of, yet to attempt it will surely kill you. The Enigmas do not favor those who would supplant them."

"Reconstructing the Temple of Void will complete a ritual component of the geometry of Sith Space. My research has led me to conclude that my battle with Kiln Tobasa so many years ago, has in fact distrupted an important structure of the worlds. The Orian System is a cornerstone of the region. Rebuilding the Temple will lead me to Lehon. Respectfully my Lord, I am going to the ancient world of the Rakata, even if it kills me."

"Impertinent man, you are much like myself, full of fire and acid. You have either been blessed or cursed so far. If you live to be my age, perhaps you will learn temperance."

"Not likely" Vexatus said. "Scrolls, scotch, cigars. He'll never learn moderation."

"Did you just make a joke?" Trevarus said, astonished

"Of course not. Merely a trifle of sarcasm." Vexatus replied, his face emotionless.

"Xanos, even when I sentenced him to demotion all of those years ago... he had the nerve to mock my Staff as a cane." Paladin said, smiling lightly.

"Pity you didn't execute him then. I've unsuccessfully attempted to instruct him in matters of courtesy over the years." Trevarus said.

"You two are nearly legend among the Brethren. You do not know how long the Star Chamber has plotted your fates, alternating between your destruction and survival. You tarry in powers that give caution to even the Grand Masters, yet somehow you survive them." Paladin said, the Dark Lord took another drink, and continued:

"Watching you two from a distance, has been both a pleasure and a headache. When I learned of the planned assault at Telos, I knew it was time to intervene before you finally crossed the line."

"I refuse to believe that you are here on a good-will mission to save two Elders, my Lord, with all due respect. You unquestionably have other motivations."

"Oh, I do. And you may see them revealed in time." Paladin smiled broadly again, his ancient eyes abright with private amusement. "I suffer the conceit that my plans are even more far-reaching than your own intricate play of pawns and positions on the chessboard, Master Sadow"

"My plan is simple. I must go to Lehon to seal away the will of Lord Urias Orian. I believe, with strong evidence, that the final fragments of the Star of Ombus were taken there."

"You cannot lie to me, Trevarus. You speak the truth, but omission of other motivations still makes you a liar."

"From your own lips, motivations may be revealed in time. My construction teams are approximately one month from completing the reconstruction. I cannot perform the rededication myself, will you draw the Force into the Temple once more?"

"Yes, I will help you." Lord Paladin replied.

"Most excellent, thank you." Trevarus replied, bowing from the neck again.

Silence dominated the trio as they sat and watched. Trevarus considered the conversation, the dire warnings and sage advice from the old scholar.

Too much was at stake. He had sacrificed much, Trevarus had pulled favors, committed murder, betrayed allies and Clansmen alike. He had faced the humiliation of capture by the Abmoninations, and kissed the feet of the Grand Masters. His home lay empty on a world the Dark Lords had abandoned, that was now sealed to him.

While Clan Naga Sadow recovered from its wounds, its Consul plotted the way towards its final test. When he revealed his hand, would the cards play out to his win?

Trevarus considered the answer and smiled, excellent scotch warming his body as the thoughts of evil warmed his dead soul.