One of our Frigates is missing!


06-09-2006 22:08:01

This runon is begining on Sunday at midnight GMT, which is Saturday evening for you Americans.

Along with the fiction and graphics competitions it will used to pick three new Ludo Kressh battleteam leaders from the House. However the runon itself is open to all of CNS and like the other two comps the crescents will be open to either house.

I'll post the introduction late Saturday evening.

Malisane, the peoples Aedile.


09-09-2006 15:02:37

Aboard the Nebulon B-2 Fire of Sepros, in orbit around the planet Aeotheran

“As you can see Quaestor,” crew chief Gavrachek said proudly, “the refit of the vessel with these limited facilities has been a hard task but we have succeeded on time as promised.” The Mon Calamari turned to look at the Blind Dragon as she stood impassively, her sightless eyes calm and unblinking. “I am sorry when I said you could see I didn’t…” he stuttered.
“I see quite well thank you,” she replied coldly.
“She does,” Malisane added from behind her, “in ways you and I cannot possibly comprehend.”
“Anyway,” Gavachek said nervously, “tomorrow she will be ready to launch and be fully operational.”
Sildrin nodded. “You are to be congratulated. You and your crew will receive payment as agreed and be allowed to leave unmolested.”
“You are most generous,” the fish like humanoid replied with a bow. He turned and left them.

As Quaestor and Aedile boarded the shuttle in the Nebulon B2 Frigate’s hangar bay, the troopers following. They sat in the passenger compartment as the shuttle finished it’s flight checks.
“It is ready to launch.” Sildrin observed calmly.
Malisane nodded. “About time. It arrives from Antei and we have to spend four months and no end of resources upgrading components and fine tuning all the systems. Heaven forbid the Dark Council gives us anything that actually works first time.”
A smile touched the Quaestor’s lips. “Patience young one,” she replied, “it is ready now.”
Malisane switched on the exterior viewer as the shuttle powered away down towards Aeotheran. The Fire of Sepros, the newest addition to the Naga Sadow fleet. “Yeah,” he replied quietly, “it was worth it. I’ve assigned the Crimson Angel to patrol nearby until the skeleton crew board in the morning.”
Sildrin nodded.” Very well.”

It was the middle of the night. The Blind Dragon was asleep in her quarters. Suddenly she sat bolt upright in bed. She climbed out of bed quickly, grabbing a robe and wrapping it around herself. She walked quickly over to the communicator on the wall. “This is the Quaestor, wake up the Aedile immediately and have him report to me.”
“Very well Quaestor,” the reply came back.
A few minutes later a bleary eyed Malisane entered. “What’s wrong Sil?” he asked. He had been having a nice dream and had been awoken abruptly.
“Something is wrong,” she replied, “I don’t know what.”
“What?” Malisane said looking more alert.
“I don’t know!” she replied, searching her feelings for answers.

Orbiting Aeotheran, Lieutenant Garos Melun sat on the bridge of the VAC Crimson Angel. Captain Miros had retired for the evening and the younger officer was in charge of the quiet routine patrol. He sat in the command chair sipping a cup of warm sweet tea.
Suddenly one of his bridge crew sat bolt upright in his chair, studying the display. “Sir we have a problem!”.
Garos looked up. “What?”
“We have an energy surge from the Fire of Sepros, her systems are powering up.”
“Impossible!” the lieutenant gasped. “There’s no-one on board, the fish left her three hours ago.”
“I know sir,” the ensign replied, “but her engines are coming on line!”
“Wake up Captain Miros,” the officer ordered, "and set an intercept course for the frigate. You’d better contact the Aeotheran base as well.”

Down on the planet the Quaestor and the Aedile stood in the command room in the Ludo Kressh base, listening to the communication from the Crimson Angel. “Have them move to block that frigate,” she ordered, “it must not leave!”
“Have any ships moved in range of the frigate?” Malisane demanded of the ground commander.
“No Aedile,” the man replied, “we haven’t detected any traffic in the system apart from our own patrol vessels.”
“This could be some sort of technical fault.” Malisane reasoned. “We’d better prepare a boarding party to check it’s systems.”

The Crimson Angel moved slowly towards the Fire of Sepros. Captain Miros studied it on the screen. “Has it done anything else?”
Garos shook his head, “No, but it’s definitely powering up.”
The captain frowned. “Odd.”
“Sir,” the ensign interrupted, “the Frigate has raised it’s shields. They’re powering up weapons.”
“Raise shields!” Miros ordered.

On the planet the Quaestor and the Aedile watched helplessly on the display as the Fire of Sepros raked the smaller ship with it’s turbolasers, scoring hit after hit as the VAC struggled to respond. “The Crimson Angel is suffering heavy damage,” one of the officers reported, “they cannot stand much longer.”
“Have them break off and withdraw.” Sildrin ordered.
“Who is doing this,” Malisane demanded, “to take a Frigate into battle you need a bit more than a skeleton crew,” he reasoned.
“Sir the Crimson Angel has broken off combat, the Fire of Sepros isn’t pursuing.”
There was a flash on the display as the Nebulon B2 entered hyperspace. “That’s why.” Malisane remarked.
“I want to know who is responsible for this.,” Sildrin muttered darkly.

Macron entered the room where the two Summit members were waiting. “Well?” Sildrin demanded.
The Alchemist shrugged. “Your Mon Calamari crew chief could tell me nothing under torture, even under my most imaginative methods he seemed genuinely surprised by this turn of events. As did the rest of his personnel.”
The Quaestor sighed. “Where are they now?”
Macron shrugged. “Gavrachek and many of his crew succumbed to my attentions, the remainder are in the cells.”
Malisane nodded. “A third party then,” he reasoned, “though it escapes me how. That ship had no crew on board when the Mon Calamari left, and none boarded after.”

Sildrin nodded. “Fortunately the Consul and Pro Consul are on Antei for a conference. We have a week to bring that ship back before they return and lessen the damage. I have ordered the Foresight to Aeotheran, it seems most suitable to pursue the Fire of Sepros. It will be here in an hour.”
“Hope it turns up,” Malisane said quietly, ”we’ve already lost one frigate tonight.”
“There’s no need for that Malisane.” Sildrin replied reprovingly.
“You should have pursued immediately.” Macron replied.
“In what?” the Aedile demanded, “the Crimson Angel took a battering and is out of commission. I don’t fancy chasing a rogue frigate in my firespray. It made a mess of our VAC.”
“We’re still tracing it’s route,” Sildrin added, “we should have it’s final destination plotted when the Foresight arrives.”
“Then what?” Macron asked.
“We gather as many Clan members as we can get our hands on and we bring our frigate back.”

Ashia Kagan

10-09-2006 17:40:54

The sound of her commlink going off roused her from her slumber. The Zabrak struggled to her feet, still feeling the effects of sleep and switched it on. Sildrin's voice could be heard loud and clear.

"Ash, we've got a problem. The Fire of Sepros has been stolen."

"What? By who?" Ashia shook the last visages of sleep from her, trying to wrap her brain around what her Quaestor was saying; she wasn't much of a morning person.

"We don't know. No one could have boarded it. The Crimson Angel tried to intersect but the frigate's weapons powered up and it took substantial damage. The Foresight is en route and we should be able to have a location confirmed by then. Meet me in my office at 0800 hours, bring Shin'Ichi with you."

"Affirmative, Ash out."

She switched off the commlink and looked around her small quarters, sighing deeply. She much preferred sleeping on the Fallen Spear with Muz, but he had been busy on Antei trying to help put the pieces back together since the war.

The Dark Jedi Knight yawned and stretched, cracking her neck before grapping her clothes. She shrugged in to her black and purple great coat, settling the leather on her lithe frame. Her Tiger katana was fastened to her left hip and the Autocthonian blaster was holstered to her right thigh just above the edge of her long boots. Lastly, she clipped her lightsaber to her belt before leaving her quarters. The heels of her boots echoed on the durasteel as she made her way down the corridor. Reaching out with the Force, she sought out Shin'Ichi's mind.

'Shin, be ready. We've got a problem. I'll fill you in on our way to meet Sil.'

Shin'ichi grumbled in his sleep for a moment as Ashia words woke him. 'Frell!' He thought. 'So much for sleeping in.’ The Epis rolled out of bed and shrugged into his clothes. He had just finished arming himself when Ashia arrived. The look on his face was anything but friendly.

"This had better be good. I was having a great dream involving two Twi'leks until you woke me up." He growled at her.

"The Fire of Sepros was stolen." That was all the Keibatsu had to say to her brother-in-law.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-09-2006 03:48:43

The Valheru sighed as another group of training droids moved towards him. It was just
another day of training for Draken, whose appetite for battle and lust for power never
Draken smiled as the droids raised their electro swords in an Vaapad like style, the Jedi
recognized. Since the war Draken has become restless and relentless. shutting himself
off from the others while trying to become stronger. This inner battle between honour and
power had taken his toll during the war. One of his eyes was now pale white, lost during the
final fight ofthe war. He could still see with both eyes, mostly due to the use of the force,
but now he was known as the 'One eyed man'.

Draken sudenly snapped back into reality and slammed his foot down onto the ground, dust
rose and his large Valheru sword cut trough the air with such fierceness that the tip of the sword
glowed red in heat and the blue flames that encircled it turned transparent. As the Valheru
glanced back at the droids they all fell down, bleeding oil and parts falling as they all broke
down slowly.

The Obelisk smiled at this power, and his smile turned wicked as he thought on how he could
use this to gain even more.

Suddenly a comm signal got his attention and he pushed onto a button placed onto the wall.

"Draken, report to me at once. I have a job for you. I'll expect you in five minutes. God's Blood"
"God's Blood." Draken closed and he was surprised that his Quaestor knew of the Valheru
way of farewell. The Valheru took his robe and put it on before moving out to meet The Blind
Dragon, Xia Long.

Acara Rayden

11-09-2006 04:47:22

Acara walked onto the bridge of the Sapphire Star, rubbing his eyes slightly, he had just been woken up and was not in the best of moods about it. He surveyed the bridge silently looking at each of the bridge officers present.

Striding further into the bridge and addressing no one in particular he let one word leave his mouth, “Report!”

“Sir,” a lieutenant was standing up straighter than usual, “Earlier the Fire of Seporos powered up without explanation and fired on the Crimson Angel before escaping into Hyperspace. I have a Tactical overlay ready Sir if you would like to take a look.”

Acara walked over and took a look down at the screen, reaching toward it he tapped a few keys. “Is that all of it?”

“All that we have sir,” the lieutenant’s arm was shaking slightly, “We we not in a position to record it all.” The officer handed over a data-pad.

Acara Glanced down at the data pad. “Have my ship made ready for immediate departure. I assume the Commander and Sin have been made aware of all this.”

“Yes sir.” the lieutenant was looking calmer now.

Stopping for just enough time to make several other officers flinch Acara walked out of the bridge towards the hangers.


11-09-2006 07:35:01

The Warrior sat in his old chair, now in his pretty new office. The grin on his face kept growing as he read the incoming report. Smirking, he dialed in the commands, and Malisane's face appeared on the screen.

"Yes Quaestor?" Malisane asked
"I hear you've lost a ship"? Derev replied
"Not now Derev, we're busy"
"Yes I know, I thought perhaps you could use some help. My ships are tied up, but surely I can spare a few people"
"It would be highly appreciated"
"Good, We'll be there within the hour" Derev replied
"We'll await your arrival, Malisane out".

Shinichi Endymiron K

11-09-2006 12:58:47

"How do these frackin idiots lose a whole frackin frigate?" The Epis growled at his Sister-in-law as they exited his chamber. He lit a cigar and blew out a stream of smoke into the hallway as they contiuned with purpose towards the Questor's Ready Room. "Is your Kiba here?" he asked plainly. Ashia responded with a simple nod. "Good, I don't know what they're planning on doing, but they lost a whole frigate so right about now my confidence in their tactical abilities is approaching zero." The Dark Knight understood his meaning. Whatever they were going to do, would probably be done outside the confines of the house. It wouldn't bode well, but if they managed to recover the Fire of Sepros before any other clans learned of its loss the house would owe them a great debt of gratitude for allowing them to save face.

They rounded a corner and saw several other members of the house approaching the Ready Room. Many looked upon them with disapproval, manly because they were Keibatsu, but also because Shin'ichi continually chose to smoke his Kyataran cigars in the sterile hallways of the clan strongholds despite regulations that otherwise forbade it. He blew out a cloud as they entered the room. Both he and Ashia chuckled silently when several members began coughing and cursing. The Epis winked at his old friend Sildrin and took a seat.

Macron Sadow

11-09-2006 15:59:13

Macron stood deep in thought while Malisane and Sildrin talked in the Ready Room. His thoughts were drifting back to a time ago, when he investigated some ship bound foolishness in the recent Great War.

To be able to steal a whole ship of that size required some serious technology, or an army, Mononoke thought. No life forms were read, so that left one of two possibilities; Droids, or a seriously good slicer team. Perhaps both. The line of thought was intriguing.

Macron fingered the hilt of his lightsaber absentmindedly as he thought about slaying the thieves. He wondered how long they could hold out against the torture he had in mind. Perhaps Acara would be able to shed some light on the situation with his recon mission.

Shin’Ichi and Ashia strolled in, followed by Derev. Sildrin was chatting with Ylith. The assembled dark jedi were taking seats, and the murmur of conversation died down as Malisane and Sildrin took the podium. A holographic representation of the last known flight path of the frigate appeared as the two began to give the briefing.

Ashia Kagan

11-09-2006 21:40:25

Sildrin nodded towards the two as they entered the Ready Room. She cast a disaproving glance towards Shin and his cigar. Ashia just sighed and shrugged her shoulders as she took her seat. Derev slipped in behind them, a sneer crossing his visage as he sat in the back, watching the proceedings with a casual amusement. When all had been assembled, the Blind Dragon began to speak.

"As you all know by now, the Fire of Sepros was taken late last night. What we know was there were no visible life signs on board at the time. The Mon Calamari that over saw the upgrade was...questioned and knew nothing. What we don't know is by whom and how."

Malisane stepped forward and cleared his throat. "We've been able to trace it's destination. The Foresight has been ordered here to aid us in our search as well as any other vessels that are available."

Derev spoke up, "My ships are at your disposal, Aedile." A smirk played along his lips. Malisane nodded in his direction.

"Thank you, Quaestor. It's most appreciated. I have downloaded instructions to the datapads that are being passed out. I don't have to tell you how important it is that we keep this quiet. Please see me with any questions. Thank you. Dismissed."

Shin and Ash were handed thier assignments. As they looked over thier datapads, they noticed the coordinates to the redezvous point. The two looked at each other momentarily then up at Sil. The Blind Dragon just nodded in thier direction, a smile playing along her lips.

As everyone exited, Sildrin touched Ash and Shin'ichi's mind. 'I'm counting on you two. Don't let me down.'

The two turned in unison and nodded thier acknowledgement towards her as they left the room and headed towards thier ship.

Ylith Pandemonium

12-09-2006 06:09:01

Draken narrowed his eyes as his eyes followed the two leaving the room. He felt somewhat hatred for
them, their bloodline of the Keibatsu gave him the impression that they felt they were better than others,
and Draken knewmore than others that honour is to be shared with your brothers and sisters of darkness
instead of keeping it all for yourself.

While this string of thoughts entered his mind the Valheru felt a strong pull coming from Sildrin as she
touched his mind.
Fear not Dragonlord, they have their own way and we have ours. And as long as they get the job done
I shall not complain.

Draken silently nodded and turned his attention to Derev.
"Quaestor Derev, how many fighters can you spare?"
"I have ordered two full wings at your Quaestor's disposal, they should be here within the hour."
As if reading his thoughts once more, Sildrin shook her head.
"No Draken, this is not the right way of approach, we must remain calm and overlook our actions carefully.
if we act too soon, we may never get our frigate back. The Keibatsu's can do their thing. What I want from
you Draken, is information."


"Though your body is of the age of a adult man, your spirit stretches beyond our lifetimes. I would like you to
examine the way it was stolen from us, and see if you can connect it with something from the past."

Draken nodded silently and Derev laughed in mocking. "Old? how old can his mind be?"
"His mind dates at 3142 years before the birth of the Old Republic." Sildrin said calmly and Derev snorted as
he looked the other way.

"Draken, go now and see if you can link this to any event in history, if so, let me know immediatly. We have weakened
because of the War between the two Grand Masters, and now is not the time for a rebellion."

The Valheru rose and bowed before the Blind Dragon before he made his way out of the room, in search of the
library, where he would find mroe data on the frigate, base where it was upgraded and how it was taken away.
Though the loss of the ship meant only little to him, the fear of his Quaestor of this event being part of something
from ancient history worried him. As questions were answered in his mind more followed.


12-09-2006 09:35:04

Malisane was sat off to one side of the others, slowly ticking off a datapad of supplies being loaded onto the frigate prior to departure. He looked up as a shadow fell over him. It was the Quaestor of Mark Ragnos. "Derev." he said with a polite nod.
"Malisane," he replied, "how much longer?"
"They're still loading a few more supplies, and I'm hoping a few more Clan Members are turning up."
The other Warrior nodded. "Tough situation."

Malisane nodded. "Yeah. No clues so far. We got a course plotted for the thing now. Trouble is we don't know what we're going to find when we get there." He turned and looked out into space. "Every other damn mission I've done with this Clan we've known what we were against, or at least what we could expect whereever we were going."
Derev nodded. "And now we have no idea." he agreed.
The Aedile nodded. "Indeed. Another Clan, rogue members, the Jedi, some criminal organisation, or some enemy we've never seen before."

Derev chuckled. "Makes heading out there somewhat insane really," he said with a grin.
Malisane shrugged. "We don't have a choice. Whoever did this pulled the wool over our eyes, and did the seemingly impossible. You can slave a ship to move, give it simple basic commands. You ever heard of one entering combat?" He paused. "Whoever did this is dangerous. We need to find out who did this and stop them, or if nessesary call in the big guns to stop them."

Derev thought for a minute. "What are those two Keibatsus doing, you're letting them go off alone?"
The Aedile nodded. "Yes, to be honest they would anyway, and besides there's a chance they'll flush out whoever is behind this and we can hit them."
"Shouldn't you send more people with them."
"If something goes wrong I'm minimalising our losses. I'd rather loose two Krath rather than a battleteam or this ship and I'd rather we appologise to the Herald than have to tell the Consul we lost half the Clan."

Derev nodded. "That sounds reasonable." he replied.
"If you don't mind I've got inventory to get on with," Malisane said picking up the datapad again meaningfully.
The Quaestor grinned, "Point taken see you after we depart."

Macron Sadow

12-09-2006 15:34:19

“Ah yes,” mumbled Macron as he overheard Derev and Malisane. “Makes one insane, indeed to go out there.” The alchemist caught a beep from his wristlink, and opened it.

“Yes R-3, What is it? I see. You have finished the analysis. Excellent. Macron out.” The alchemist walked over to Malisane. “Excuse me, Malisane.”

“Yes?” replied the Aedile. “I’m a bit busy with this inventory…”

“I can see that. However, you may wish to see this data. Although the Mon Cal did not reveal any secrets, their DNA did. One of them appears to be a genetically altered human and not amphibian at all. The unfortunate creature died on me, however. Alas,” said Macron with a wistful smile.

“Who would have the capability to do something like that?” asked the Warrior.

“Any number of persons, really,” replied Mononoke. “Hell, Palpatine was notorious for it. That means little in and of it’s self. However, it is interesting, no?”

“Yes, I have heard of some modified agents like that. Macron, as a Guard I want you to stay with Sildrin and myself just in case,” stated the Sith. “See if you can gather more data.”

Mononoke stuck out his bottom lip petulantly, and then smiled again. “As you wish,” he replied with a flourish of his cape. He signaled a supply officer. “Bring me my armor and weapons, please.”

Ashia Kagan

12-09-2006 21:41:05

Draken moved passed Ashia as she made her way down the hall. Animosity dripped from his as he pushed past her. The Battle Team Leader was surprised at this and moved to his side.


He whirled around to meet her, anger filling his lizard eyes. "What, Commander?"

She studied him silently for a minute. "What is it?"

The Valheru cast a sideways glance towards Shin'ichi as he puffed on his cigar, studying the datapad that was just handed to him. Ashia pulled Draken away from the Epis, a questioning look upon her face.

"Commander, with all due respect. I don't trust the Keibatsu. I know you've just recently married into the family, but I fear for your safety."

"Your concern is noted, Templar, but highly unnecessary. The Keibatsu may be close to one another, but everything they do is for thier Clan. They stand united and behind Naga Sadow one hundered percent. Never forget that."

"Yes Commander. My appologies. I meant no disrespect."

She nodded to him accepting his apology.

"Now, Sildrin has informed me of your mission." Draken started at this as he himself had only learned this information.

"Don't look so surprised, I am your Battle Team Leader. It's my job to make sure you have what is necessary to carry out your mission. On your datapad, I've included what little information we have on the frigate. That should get you started. Sildrin picked the right man for this job. Keep us informed of your progress and may the Force be with you."

He nodded to her as they parted ways.


Ashia finished the diagnostic check on the Kiba fighter. Shin'ichi did a quick weapons check as he grumbled about how she wouldn't let him smoke his Kyataran cigars on the ship. They blasted out of the hangar bay and entered into orbit around Aeotheran. The Crimson Angel hung there, scorch marks raked across it's side from the incursion. The Foresight had arrived too, looming in the wake of the assault cruiser.

Shin'ichi downloaded the coordinates that were given to them.

"The Mon Calamari shipyards." The Epis looked up at his sister-in-law. "But I thought Sil said the Mon Calamari didn't know anything."

"Something tells me this is only the begining. It might be a ploy to divert us from it's true location. Or maybe the Mon Calamari know more then they're letting on. Either way, the Foresight won't be entering into a trap."

Her brother-in-law nodded as he blasted into hyperdrive.

Acara Rayden

13-09-2006 13:41:11

“You know Draken I did seal this part of the library for a reason.” Acara smiled, a private beacon had gone off when Draken had tried to access a more restricted section of the Library. “Don’t worry though,” the Adumari glanced at Draken, “Sildrin asked me to unseal this section for you. I do however suggest caution the next time to try to break in, my security measures can be …. temperamental.”

Still smiling the Sith reached across to a hidden control panel beside his fellow Dark Jedi and typed in a code with expert speed. As the door opened Acara couldn’t bite back one more point. “Macron helped design them. That alone should give you pause for thought next time.”

“Thanks.” Draken casually threw at Acara as he walked into the room and sat down.

“I think we should have a look together. You because you’ve been asked to and me…. because I know where things are here. Also the Sapphire star caught part of the exchange and something about it seemed a little familiar to me, I’m sure I’ve seen something similar in here before.”

Draken looked up at the Sith who was pacing while he spoke, “Two heads are better than one.”

Smiling Acara sat down at a computer terminal, “Precisely.”

Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2006 17:26:31

"So're Valheru right..? I never heard of any species like that before...though you look pretty
much human to me." Acara said with a nervous grin, though the Valheru was friendly, his words and actions
felt cold to Acara. The Obelisk had trouble bonding with other people, especially humans.

Draken glanced at the Sith with his lizard like eyes and regarded his younger clanmember, then noted him
to sit directly in front of him. As the Knight sat in front of the Templar, the obelisk places his elbow onto the
table, a challenge to arm wrestle.

"Your above my rank! It wouldnt even be fair." Acara said when his hand took hold of Draken's.
"Then use the force to improve your strength Sith...c'mon...I'll show you what Valheru force means.."

Acara concentrated and he empowered the muscles in his arm, when Draken told him he pushed, further and further,
and the Valheru's arm was pushed sideways by the Knight. Draken smirked at the sight of this, and simply
pushed Araca back as if it was a small child, and as the hand of the Sith touched the table, Araca was growling of
strain and stress.

"Damn... - he panted - how did you do that?"

"Valheru are known to have more muscle tissue than humans, our sight is more enhanced and more notable
features are the white hair and lizard like eyes." Draken said and he smiled a bit, lessening the cold tension within
the room. "Come now...we have a lot to do.."

"Is it true you are like..3100 B.O.R?" Acara said when he rose from his seat and startted to scroll for books on Mon
Calimari again.

"Yes..I was born 3142 years before the Old Republic was established. I was a Drageneral of the Valheru."

"A what?" Araca said with fascination.

"A Drageneral, a general fully trained to control Dragons without riders. Usually Dragons wont take orders without
riders. Only specialized Valheru who trained with Dragons can command them without a host." Draken said and he
grabbed another Datapad from a large stash on the Frigate type and classes simular to it.

"Interesting...there is absolutely no data on your species..." Acara said and suddenly he frowned.

"Whats wrong?" Draken said, noting the grimm expression.

"During the beginning of the Old Republic, a similar raid was held." Acara said. Draken moved toward him and
watched the screen as small bits and pieces of information was gathered by the main computer.
"The Raid on Shi...I remember was a band of pirates doing this..they captured ships to use for their own,
after they did and the republic found them, they were already gone. It's rumored that they live outside of the
outerrim, drifting around the border of the known galaxy simply raiding now and then." Draken said and Araca listened

"We have to report this to Sildrin at once." Acara said but Draken placed his hand on his shoulder. "Not yet.. ask
for a shuttle and meet me at the hangar bay...we'll make a full sensor swipe at the location they were last seen.
If it's them...they would leave something behind..."
"Like what?" Acara said and Draken smirked. "Have that human dressed as a Mon Calamari captured untill we arrive..
I am sure he is the link we need.."

Macron Sadow

14-09-2006 20:02:57

Macron was glad to be encased in his armor again. He felt so vulnerable without it. In some odd way, it helped him contain his thoughts as well as his body. He felt detached from the over-stimulation of sound and color that he normally perceived. Whether they came from madness, chemicals, or lack of sleep it was good to have a break.

The Alchemist was striding toward the hangar bay to ensure that his personal ship was ready for use. He thought about the recent meeting with Aedile De’Ath.

Stay with Sildrin and myself just in case,” Malisane had said. “See if you can gather more data.” Macron chortled. Mutually conflicting objectives were the hallmark of the expertly trained officer. Malisane’s training still shone through. Getting the best your troops could produce was tantamount.

“Guess I motivated more through pain and fear,” he giggled quietly as he stepped into the bay. “Glad those days are behind me. I suppose it is all necessary in the great circle.”

Acara was standing by a transport shuttle. Macron smiled and approached the fellow Sapphire flyer. “What’s up, man?” he asked as he unsealed his helm. “Waiting on someone?”

Acara nodded as Draken approached through a separate bay door. “I am. How was that last book?” he asked.

Macron spoke “The cookies turned out great! Hey your buddy there is a Valheru, right? I remember reading about them somewhere. Long lifespan, near-human types I think. Well, okay then. Have fun!” The Sith smiled as he walked toward the Silooth.

Ashia Kagan

14-09-2006 23:06:57

A silent scream ripped from her throat as she came back from the nightmare that had haunted her since Malachor V. Dark eyes against dark skin and silver white hair clung to her as she awoke; a cachinated laugh echoed through her mind.

Ashia shook her head, trying to clear her mind of the phantasm. Her breath came in short rasps as she struggled to take deeper breaths and slow her racing heart.


The horror that was unleashed still had a hold of the Krath. Shadows of images swam through her, pressing down upon her until she couldn't breath. 'Will this ever end?'

"You ok, sis?" Shin'ichi's voice floated back to her filled with concern.

"Um...yeah. I'm ok." She managed though she knew he didn't believe her. He was vaguely aware of what had happened during the Trayus dig, but that was all.
He stood in the doorway and just looked at her, with an exasperated expression. She smiled at him, but it didn't reach her eyes.

"There has to be something we can do about those...nightmares, Ash. Maybe something Mac can conjure up?"

"No. I've already talked to Mac, there's nothing." Her response was very curt as as she pushed past him and into the cockpit of the Kiba. Settling in one of the chairs she started to check data coming in on the monitors to find out how they were doing. Shin'ichi knew better then to argue at this point; he wouldn't win, he'd had enough of them with her to know this. He let out a loud sigh to let her know he wasn't happy with that answer and sat down in the other chair.

She ignored it as she punched at some keys on the console in front of her. The ship shuddered for a minute as it began to drop out of hyperspace. It lurched forward suddenly almost careening with something as it moved past the ship.

"Frell! Astroids!" Ashia jumped up, punching at some of the buttons overhead as Shin'ichi grabbed the controls, manuvering them past another one.
The large rocks floated past. The Epis drove the ship in and out amoung them, dropping and soaring to avoid hitting any of the massive peices.

"Watch it!" Ashia gasped as a larger one floated just above them. Shin dropped below it, only to raise up over another one.

"I'm a leaf on the wind." His knuckles turned white as he gripped the controls harder, turning this way and that. Dodging this way and that, the Krath was able to avoid most of them until one hit another and changed course straight for them. Reaching out with the Force the two were able to move it past the ship quickly and avoid collision.

Soon they were out of the Astroid field and breathing a sigh of relief.

"What the hell was that? Why'd we drop out of hyperspace?"

"I don't know." She checked the ships logs. "We're still a ways from Mon Calamari. Must be a glitch in the system. Check the hyperdrive and make sure it's ok, I'll reconfigure a few things up here and punch the coordinates back in."

Shin nodded as they both set about work. Soon things were back online and they entered hyperspace again

Ylith Pandemonium

15-09-2006 10:15:09

Acara sat inside the shuttle cockpit when they slammed into hyperspace with a loud roar. He plotted his course
carefully and even used the force to pinpoint the heading. He flicked a few buttons and the computers' female
gentle voice told the two Dark Jedi that the auto pilot was working and they would arrive within the hour. The Knight
rose from his seat and moved to the back cabin, where an open area was for research, recreating, or even a

Draken sat motionless within the corner, Acara noticed the sword he was holding. It had a strange blue aura around
it as if it was on fire. Draken told once that it was made that way by ancient Valheru Alchemy. Macron should have
a look at it sometime - Acara thought.

"So whats the story about your sword Draken?" Acara said when he sat down next to the Obelisk, trying to get
conversation going. The Valheru threw the sword up, catched it and held it towards Acara, hilt first.
"The sword is older than I am and still as powerfull as when it was created. Grab the hilt and see if it accepts you."

"Accepts me?" Acara asked doubtfull, hesitating for a while.
"The blade has been influenced by alchemy, thats why it has lasted this long and being able to hold my spirit for all
this time. It was Ylith who released me eventually, and it is I now who controls his body."
"Did he do so willingly?"
"At first not...we had a huge fight about it...hehe...hold the blade and think about me and Ylith, and the beginning.
The memories of the blade will come to you."

Acara did as he was told to do, and the blue flame engulfed his hand, then arm, and slowly moved over his body.
the flame was scary at first, but felt cold to the touch, and Acara closed his eyes and accepted the memories and
thoughts now open to him.


"You will not claim my body as your own Valheru! I still control my will and my will tells me that you are not the
one to place claim!" Ylith shouted, pointing his Valheru sword at Draken, who held an identical blade in his own

"Not very classy for someone's dying words... I will take your body as my own and ensure the Valheru will rise once
more!" Draken said and he held his blade behind him and ran towards Ylith. The Human raised his sword and ran
towards the ancient Valheru with determination.

The two warriors clased into each other with a harsh cling, rain was pouring down as they both stood on a small plateau
in the middle of nothing, it was like space. Rocks were floating around aimlessly and the sky was dressed with sinister
red and purple clouds with lightning flashing trough them.
The two blades clashed into each other, both pushing hard as they could. Draken was dressed in a long blue trench
coat, his hair backwards. Ylith however was dressed in a black coat, his hair also white yet letting his hair hang down.

"The Valheru...were extinct years ago! they no longer excist!" Ylith growled, trying to push Draken away from him.
"I excist, and as long as I do, the Valheru Valor must be continued! I need your body to do that! Now give up and
die!" Draken shouted and he pushed full on, throwing Ylith almost off of the platform they were both standing on.

Ylith fell onto his knee and his sword fell over the edge, lost into the fogs of what seemed to be the contents of the
human mind. "I will share my body with you...let me be a part of will need my help to survive in this newer
age." Ylith said, catching his breath as Draken approached him.

"Alright...but never interferre with Valheru business again." Draken said with a slight mocking and he took Ylith hand
and pulled him up. "Promised." Ylith said, before he dissapeared and Draken was left standing.


Acara snapped back into reality, and when he did Draken already fetched a drink for him.
"You alright? You look a bit pale kid." The Valheru said as he passed Acara the cup of water. Acara nodded and took
a sip, only to find his throat dryer than sand and begging for moisture.
"Kid..?" Acara said, followed with a cough and Draken smiled, and before he could say a word Acara already held up
his hand. "I know I're older..."

"Indeed I am, now lets go, we landed five minutes ago."
"What?! And you didn't wake me?" The Sith said rising fast and following Draken outside.
"I could...but since we wont have much time to rest in the next few days, its best to find rest as much as possible.
Seeing as you humans need more rest than we do." Draken said with a slight mockery in his voice. Acara forced
a grin and stepped outside the shuttle, heading for the control center who supervised the lost ship's upgrade, hoping
to find more information when they did.

Maol Nor Lexu

15-09-2006 15:10:37

Maol was in the middle of a very vigorous training with his clanmate, when he got the summons from his Quaestor Derev to help Ludo Kressh find their missing frigate.

"Missing!! thats horrible. Shouldn't the Ludo Kressh hangar got tight security in the hangar?.....Never mind, I'll on my way.This is big,..... big enough for my next promotion" Maol grin and leave his clanmate.

After packing all his stuff in his quarter, Maol immediately went to the hangar. After talking with one of the Hangar Officer, Maol get himself in one of the TIE Interceptor.

"Marka Ragnos control tower, this JH Maol. I'm ready for takeoff." Maol talked through the comlink.
"Your permission is granted, you may take off now" a voiced reply from the Control Tower.

With lightning speed the Interceptor immediately leave the hangar. Maol grappled the steering with his massive hands, and with on swift and clean motion he snapped his neck. His head now focus on one thing, the frigate.

Not long after that, the Jedi Hunter meets the Foresight. Through the comlink he asked permission for departure.


Maol walked calmly to the Foresight Bridge where he met Malisane there.
"I apologize for my late appearance, Aedile," Maol said with a slight bow. "I was in the Combat" the young sith explain.

"Never mind, as long you came its okay. You can rest for now, help yourself in the quarter or you might want to drink in the bar." Malisane smiled as he welcome the Jedi Hunter. The young sith move out from the Bridge and walk to the bar inside the Foresight.

“Damn, even a frigate like this got a nice bar inside” Maol mumble.

Ashia Kagan

16-09-2006 02:23:34

The Kiba fighter dropped out of hyperspace again, this time where they wanted it to. The shipyard could be seen up ahead. The ships sensors picked up nothing so they moved in cautiously. Various ships floated past them ominously. A shudder ran through Kagan as it reminded her of Malachor V and the shipyard that had once surround that planet. Her hair rose on her neck as Ashen's voice resounded through her cognizance once more.

'Of the nightmares you have mined,
all the power you've combined,
In your dreams, my will defined.'

She shook her head, trying clear her mind. Shin cast a sideways glance at her and raised his eyebrow. She looked at him for a moment then went back to the monitors, ignoring the questioning look.

"I'm not picking anything up on the scanners that would indicate our Frigate." She said after a moment or two.

"Hmm...I'll try to do a sweep of the area and see if we can't pick up any life signs." He punched some commands into the computer and waited. A few minutes later and a complete sweep of the area revealed nothing. A transport ship drifted nearby. One of the sensors caught the faintest of signs, barely readable, but enough so for the Epis to sit up and take notice.

"There." He pointed to the monitor. Ashia saw it too.

"What do you think it is?"

"Not sure, let's find out." He maneuvered the fighter to board the vessel. They grabbed thier gear and proceeded on to the ship.


They moved in stealth mode through the corridors, Shin leading, Ashia watching thier behinds as they always did. Suddenly, Shin's arm came up telling her to halt.
The Zabrak froze, holding her breath as he peered around the corner into one of the rooms. A quiet rasping could be heard emitting from within.

Shin'ichi motioned for her to take point as he moved cautiously around the corner, his blaster out in front of him. A figure lay, sprawled out on the floor, a couple other bodies strewn here and there as well.

Shin moved in to examine the room. Ashia stood at the door watching the hallway.

"" A small voice pierced the air. Determining the room to be safe, he knelt by the body of a Mon Calamari.

"What happened?"

"They boarded us before back...too many..."

"Who? Who did this?" Shin tried desparately to get answers as the amphious creature was clearly dieing and there was nothing that could be done.

"Troop...ers." His final words died away as his last breath left his body. Shin'ich stood up and looked at his sister-in-law.

"I'll check the ships logs." Shin started.

"And I'll check the medical bay." She finished.

The Keibatsu parted ways, keeping in touch telepathically as they always did.


The Dark Jedi Knight slide through the halls. More bodies popped up here and there, all of them dead. The entire crew had been slautered. She found the medical bay rather quickly and went to work looking through the logs. A few pieces of information perked her interest so she dowloaded the information on to a datapad. She found samples of something she couldn't identify, but her Sith Alchemy lessons from Macron told her to take them. If nothing else, Mac might find them useful.

She turned to leave, catching sight of what appeared to be silver hair out of the corner of her eye in a mirrored door. The afterimage gave her a start forcing a double take. Dark auburn hair and azure eyes where the only things staring back at her. She shook herself.

'Ash, you gotta get a hold of this.'

She left the room and went in search of Shin.

Macron Sadow

16-09-2006 17:03:57

Munto Codru…Mon Cal shipyards….outer facilities. We boarded…. Old. Bodies, got sample… Interrogated Mon Cal…. Troopers…. Moving out, cruisers approaching…

Macron smacked the hell out of his comm station. He was having a hard time picking up the signal broadcast by Ashia. It was choppy and unstable, probably a result of jamming. He sincerely hoped they had gotten away before the inevitable Mon Calamari Cruisers showed up to investigate.

The Foresight was prepared, and Sildrin had moved with Malisane to rendezvous with the retreating Ashia and Shin’Ichi.

The Krath recon team had sensed something odd near where they first dropped out of hyperspace. Near Munto Codru, not far from Mon Calamari space was a potential clue to this conundrum. Coordinates relayed before the jamming began contained the system location.

Malisane continued to study the Galactic Map, noting their progress. Soon, the Frigate would drop out of hyperspace into the Codru system. Hopefully, the scouts had made a clean get-away from the dangerous Mon Calamari system. Even a Frigate had little hope against a MC series Cruiser. He hoped there were no “unpleasant visitors.”


19-09-2006 07:01:00

Macron, Sildrin and Maol sat in the ready room calmly chatting.
"We should be arriving soon." Macron said studying the display, "any minute in fact."
"What are we going to find there?" the Hunter asked.
"We don't know," the Alchemist replied, "the Cordru-ji are pretty backwards and insignificant."
"We'll find out when we get there," the Quaestor replied calmly, "we're not expecting to run into trouble but I've ordered Malisane to take us in quietly."
"Good," Maol replied, "hope it's something interesting.

They felt the hyperspace engines powering down and the sublight engines kicking in. Suddenly alarms began to sound and the ship rocked. "What's happening?" Maol asked jumping to his feet.
"Are we under attack?" Macron demanded.
Sildrin shook her head. "Doesn't feel like that," she replied, "to the bridge."

The three of them entered the bridge to see the Aedile sat in the command chair firing orders at the crew. "Try to re-calibrate the shields and boost the sensors." he ordered.
"We're trying Aedile but both are innefective." the captain replied as his crew poured over their terminals.
"Whats going on?" Sildrin demanded as she came over to the Aedile.
"We've come out of hyperspace into a nebula," Malisane replied, "shields gone, scanners gone, display gone."
"Why did you bring us out into a nebula?" Macron asked staring at the flickering screens.
"Because I didn't know it was here," the Aedile snapped in response. He gestured at the system map on one of the screens, "take a look on there and tell me where you see a nebula."

Sildrin hummed thoughtfully. "Stop the engines." she ordered the captain and he obliged, his crew bringing the Frigate to a halt. "We detecting anything at all in the system?"
"Nothing," Malisane replied, "if you pardon the expression in here we're totally blind. The Fire of Sepros could be parked just outside and we'd have no way of telling, as could an entire battlefleet."
"Why are we stopped?" Macron asked turning to the Blind Dragon.
Sildrin shrugged. "Every situation can be turned to ones advantage," she replied, "just as we cannot see outside it, no-one can see us."

Maol nodded. "But how does that help us," he asked, "we're here to explore the system, not sit quietly here."
Malisane shrugged. "Ylith and Acara, should be making their way here," he replied, "they can probably look around more discretely than we can."
"But how will they know we're here?" the Hunter asked.
Sildrin smiled and took a seat, "Nebula's do not effect the force, I will be aware when they arrive."

Macron studied the screens, "Any luck with getting those shields back?"
"None Sir," the Captain replied, "or the scanners."
"Hope there isnt some great damn rock drifting nearby." Malisane muttered darkly, "we wouldn't get much warning."
"We would have plenty of warning," Sildrin said confidently, "I will sense them. Now we just have to wait for our friends to arrive."

Shinichi Endymiron K

19-09-2006 13:14:05

Shin'ichi let out a breath of exasperation as he was met by another block in his efforts to slice the security logs. Damn Mon Cal are efficient bastards he thought as he finally succeeded in gaining access to the logs. The holorecordings came to life before him and played in high speed as he scanned for the most recent recordings. The images of armor clad troopers scouring the ship displayed themselves but only showed the carnage that typically accompanied such assaults. He would have to slice personal logs to get any useful information. Just as the Epis was about to switch terminals a figure appeared beside a group of troopers in the recording. Shin'ichi cursed and quickly copied the recording to a datadisc before proceeding to slice the personal files; this information would be most useful.

As the first of the personal logs came up Shin'ichi became distracted by a feeling of terror. It was brief, but he knew his sister-in-law well enough to know it came from her. "Frack this" he said as he set the logs to load onto another disc and sprinted out to Ashia's location. The two collided in a hallway and drew their sabers before recognizing one another. Breathing heavily Ashia swore, Shin'ichi secured his saber and looked at the zabrak asking; "What's wrong Ash? You seem terrified." She shook her head in denial "No it's nothing, I'm fine" Shin'ichi chose not to press the issue.

"This way, the rest of the logs should be finished loading by now." The two began to walk towards the terminal station. "What have you found Shin?" The battle team leader asked. "Oh just something that Sil and Mal should find very interesting." he responded with a grin and cracked his knuckles.

With data in hand they climbed back into the modified Kiba-Delta and took off to rendezvous with the rest of the team.

Macron Sadow

19-09-2006 20:26:47

"Just as we cannot see outside it, no-one can see us…" Sildrin’s words echoed through Macron’s mind as he entered the shield array room. No one knew better then her the ways of non-sight.

Potent words, and he still felt bad for not being successful in restoring her vision. He would have to compartmentalize his brain and set one portion of his psyche to wrestle with the information. Hopefully, he would win that struggle. He had so far, but one could never be sure.

Macron stepped up to the duty officer. “Having trouble with the shields?” he purred.

Ever the professional, the officer demanded to see his clearance. “Clearance, sir?”
Macron presented his Guard chip, and the officer stepped aside with a salute. Macron was impressed. Things were running pretty tightly down here, no doubt due to the experience gained in the War. Most of these soldiers and sailors were veterans now.

He approached the Seprosian technician working on the main array. Many Seprosians worked in the military machine of Clan Naga Sadow, and Macron felt comfortable with them. “May I be of assistance, Lt. Zormot?” asked the alchemist.

“Yes, sir!” replied the tech as they both turned to work on the array. Zormot pointed out a troubling bit of circuitry, and they set to work.


Macron mumbled in disgust, throwing down the hydro-spanner and wiping grease from his face. “Damned old Kuat system, non-standard. Frelling piece of junk. This thing’s been banged harder then an old screen door at Grandma’s house. “ Both laughed, and drank some water. It was hot down here in the bowels of the ship.

“Say, what is this?” The Seprosian pulled a burnt Adegan crystal out of the main coupler.

“I see. Set to overload the system with a resonance effect, with this timer. Sabotage. Contact the helm immediately. Give them the findings, and let them know they should have shields now, at least,” said Mononoke with a frown.

Ylith Pandemonium

20-09-2006 04:49:07

Acara sighed and Draken growled in irritation when the alarm went off inside the shipyard
main control center.
"For the third time...we are just here for some damn information!" Acara shouted and the
Mon Calamari just ran in panic at seeing the Dark Siders return after they had failed to
protect their frigate, apparently Naga Sadow hasnt been very favourable to those who
make mistakes, Draken thought.

They all ran to the door and before they could push the button to command it to open
the Valheru sword slammed trough the console, shutting the door shut in front of them
leaving them no where to go.

"Now we talk..."


"Did you have to do that? sheesh..." Acara said when they both walked back to the shuttle
after a long half hour of 'talking'.
"They needed to be convinced that when they dont listen they get hurt..." Draken said dryly
while whiping the blood off of his sword with a cloth probably pre-owned by the poor
fish man whose blood now colored the sword black.

"Probably the Foresight is already searching at the strange planet the Fishhead spoke of.
Though I can't be sure, my force senses aren't that attuned yet. Can you sense anything?"
Draken said looking at Acara, who shook his head. "No...Not from this distance."
"Fine, lets just move over there and hope we dont run into trouble.


The Hyperspace jump only took about ten minutes and when they arrived they found the
planet. Noting the unmapped part of nebula right behind of the planet.
"Thats strange...that part isnt even mapped. I cant sense anything there, it's probably jamming
the sensor pings." Acara noted as he watched and examined the nebula.
"We'll leave it for now, lets see whats over there." Draken said as he pointed to something
like a black spire in the middle of the planet's orbit, seeming lifeless.

As the shuttle approached it, the spire lit up, a thousand light suddenly erupted and like a
lightbulb in a dark room, lit up everything near it. What Draken and Acara saw caught their
minds as they saw a huge graveyard of frigats, shuttles, fighters and even capital ships who
were from all ages, some Draken knew from the past, some even beyond his time. These
were wrecks and by the looks of it, never able to fly again.

"Acara, scan the environment, any sign of our frigate?" Draken asked and Acara did as told,
noting down the scanner screen.
"No sign of it at all, this sure is strange though, who does such a thing and most of all, why
haven't we seen this before?" The Sith said, bringing in more questions than answers.
"We need to find the foresight, they can conduct more powerfull scans, and I am sure
Macron would like to have a look at that weird spire. Lets examine the Nebula before
we search for the Foresight, maybe it will give us an explaination on why we haven't figured
this out before.

Ashia Kagan

21-09-2006 02:11:17

The Kiba fighter blasted into hyperdrive once again, just as crusiers started approaching the area. They hoped they hadn't been spotted. Munto Codru was only a few clicks away and didn't take them long to get there. Ash hoped her transmission to Mac got through. Shin looked at her as he proceeded to drop out of hyperspace, tensing as he did so and hoping they wouldn't have a reoccurance of last time they were in this area.

Another shutter erupted throughout the ship as it left hyperspace. They both thought they had entered the asteroid field again but soon found out that they were in a nebula.

"Sensors are down. Frell! What next?" Ashia punched at a few buttons trying desparately to bring things back online to no avail.

"Wait." Shin froze. "Do you feel that?"

Something tugged at Ashia, like an itch that needed to be scratched.

"Yeah, what is it, seems really familiar." She evened her breathing out and reached out with the Force, seeking out that which sought her. Suddenly, Sildrin's thoughts came through.

'Ash! Shin! It is you! Were are you?'

A sense of relief emmanated from the Blind Dragon.

'We're currently stuck in a nebula outside Munto Codru...I think.'

The two answered her in unison creating an eery resonance in the Queastor's mind. Sildrin shook her head for a moment before responding.

'We're stuck there too, sensors are down. Mac was able to get the shields back up, but we're still...blind.'

The two Keibatsu snickered at that last comment. This time Shin responded to her.

'Give us a few minutes, we're be able to move around better then you are. We can scout outside and let you know what we find.'

Sildrin replied in the affirmative as Shin took the controls and began to maneuver the ship through the nebula and soon emerged from it. Munto Codru floated silently before them. A sleeping giant with an ominous feel. They relied this information telepathically back to Sildrin.


21-09-2006 12:57:16

Sildrin opened her eyes, "So far so good," she said quietly, "Shin'Ichi and Ashia are investigating the planet and Acara and Draken are checking out that ship graveyard."
Malisane nodded. "I don't like just sitting here," he said with a sigh, "I'm half tempted to take the Deathshead and go out and join them."
"Your place is at the helm my Aedile," she replied, "our two parties are enough not to attract attention."
"Yes I suppose so," he replied doubtfully.

"Some of these ships are pretty neat stuff," Acara said as he scanned the idents of the vessels. "We could do with taking them back."
Draken shook his head, "According to the scanner, they've been stripped of anything useful," he replied, "weapons, hyperdrive, engines, reactors, everything they could sell. They're just empty shells now effectively. Easier to build a ship from scratch."
"Yeah true," Acara agreed, "whoever these guys are they're in the ship business big time."

Draken hummed, "Got something interesting," he said, "modified corvette, Assassin class. Seems to be intact."
"Let's take a closer look." Acara said piloting the shuttle towards it.
They studied the corvette as it grew on their screen. "This is pretty impressive," Ylith said as he scanned it, "massively upgraded on a normal corvette. Quite a prize if we can drag it back to Sepros."
Acara grinned, "Just what I was thinking."

Suddenly the display beeped, "Detecting an energy signature," Draken said studing the display, "that things powering up!"
They watched as lights came on across the capital ship and it began to move.
"They're moving to intercept!" Draken said.
"Taking evasive action," Acara said wrestling with the shuttles controls, "getting us out of here."
He swung the shuttle down, hitting the throttle.
"They're matching our speed," Draken said hurriedly, "and moving into weapons range. That things heavily upgraded."
"Contact Sildrin." Acara said as a laser bolt scorched by them.

"Draken and Acara are under attack from a Corvette, Assassin class."
"We need to help out," Malisane said, "and disable that thing. If they report our presence they could have an fleet here in ten minutes."
Macron thought for a minute from behind them, "Have them make for our position," he advised, "Sildrin can guide them towards us, and once they've lured it close we can leave nebula and engage, the Foresight can handle even a modified corvette."
Malisane nodded, "If we can block their transmissions we might be able to take them out before they can raise the alarm."
Sildrin nodded. "I agree."

Draken smiled, "Head for the nebula," he told Acara, "they're going to spring a trap."
"This is going to be tricky," he said as he rolled the shuttle to avoid the turbolaser fire, "this thing wasn't built for combat."
The Obelisk slapped him on the back, "You're supposed to be an ace pilot you can manage."
The shuttle fired it's rear blaster at the corvette as laser bolts seared the space around them, and they drew closer to the nebula cloud ahead.
"They're trying to get a tractorbeam lock." Draken pointed out. "If they do we got a problem."
"Just a few minutes." Acara said as he piloted the shuttle.

Malisane sat calmly in the command chair. "Power up the weapons and prepare to jam signals on my command."
Sildrin had her eyes closed, concentrating. "Now." she said calmly.
"Let's move." Malisane ordered. The Foresight began to move forward, it's engines powering up as they headed on an intercept course.

The shuttle veared off it's course immediatley as the Nebulon B frigate cleared the cloud and burst into view, it's turbolasers targetting the smaller corvette and began pouring turbolaser fire into its shields.
"Target weapons and engines." Malisane ordered, "and prepare a boarding crew, we're jamming their transmissisons, Whoever is on board that thing I want to find out what they know about the Fire of Sepros."
Macron nodded. He turned to Maol. "We'll go and join the boarding crew," he said with a grin, "whoever is on that thing I should be able to make them talk."
Maol smiled evily and followed. "Suits me."

Ylith Pandemonium

22-09-2006 12:47:32

2100 B.O.R - Outer Rim – Planet Lahsbane – Spaceport ‘Last Frontier’….

A robed man moved trough the thickness of people on the small spaceport
in orbit of Lahsbane. The spaceport was transferred under new leadership of
the Hutts, who claimed the port to be an extend of their trading empire. The
man moved trough the back ally of some bad smelling bar trying to get some
time alone. The man was of age, around the age of seventy-eight in human
years. The man held a sword with him, blue flames arcing underneath the cloth.
The man coughed, falling on one knee, his health was decaying under the weight
of the mighty blade, and the man knew he had not much time left.

“Stop right there old man..” a Mandalorian hunter said, dressed in a bright blue
armour and in service of the Hutts to track down anyone who has become, or will
become, a threat to the Trading Empire.

“Who speaks to befoul my honour?” The old man spoke, his voice loud and deep,
also with a strength of which did honour to his age.
The robed man walked past the heavily armed Mandalorian as if it was nothing
but a mere Jawa. The Mandalorian cursed and offended to his pride as well as his honour.
He drew his energyblade and assaulted the elder man. The energy blade was similar to that
of a Jedi, though it was weaker in blade and the blade was held in place with a
metal shaft. The technology of the blade seemed to be old and no longer used.
Though some bounty hunters or soldiers preferred them. Even though the new
type of energy weapons which no longer needed an additional battery pack to
use was ready to take over.

The elder man moved the robe aside with a swing of his arm and revealed a long
and broad blade surrounded by blue flames, the Valheru sword of Darkness. The
ancient blade pierced the energyblade, the blue flames of the elder sword now
absorbed the energy and the metal crushed trough the shaft holding the energy
in place. Now the blade pierced the man’s flesh and bones, rendering him lifeless
and cleaved in two.

The elder man fell on one knee and used the immense sword to keep himself standing,
the blade pulsing blue flames. The man had long white hair, to elbow length. His
eyes were of lizard like and he possessed a strength normal humans couldn’t even imagine.
”Draken…my body is dying. I cannot keep this up.” The old man said and he caught
his breath before rising up to dress himself into a cloak once more.
There is no need for worries my friend, just make sure you make your way to Shi
before you die. The sword must return to my homeland before you die. The next host will come.

The elder moved onwards trough the ally’s towards the dock where numerous ships were
aligned to either ship cargo, for either legal or illegal transactions or bounty hunters
who docked to collect their bounty. Since the Hutts took over the dock has been
checked regularly and was considered a safe zone for friend and foe. Here the Hunters
and the Hunted could do business to lessen the price or walk around extending their
time of execution. Any violence on that terrain would be convicted by an immediate
execution to show that the Hutts do not tolerate a violent disruption of profit and trade.

He moved onto the space dock, and the man sought a fast frigate to place himself
on for his journey to Shi. The Planet was positioned on the other side of the Galaxy
and only a transport frigate would be able to make this journey trough out the divided
Galaxy. And it wasn’t before long the old man finally was able to find a frigate willing
to make such a trip. Though the man had not the sufficient money for the trip, he
convinced the man trough the Force that the money he did have was enough. The
Elder still wondered how he was able to do such a trick only able by Jedi, who were
only few. The Jedi were a group which divided themselves from ancient Monks who
lived on the edge of the galaxy. Now the Jedi, who claim to be bringers of peace, have
a temple being built on Coruscant. The Valheru claimed it was magic that caused
the man to give in, yet the man silently knew it was more than just that.

Two days later the elder sat within his cabin, his robes hanging down on a chair
near his bunk bed. The Valheru sword held in his hand, the blue flames dancing
across his arm. The Frigate changed back into sublight engines, hovering for a while
to recharge the experimental Hyperdrive engines, which were salvaged from strange
alien ships who were floating throughout the Galaxy. As the old man waited silently
for the engines to cool down and regenerate, he moved through the ship hoping
to find anything to do in the meanwhile. The Valheru Sword was strapped onto his
back as he made his way. Suddenly an alarm went, he didn’t hesitate and drew his
sword before he could find out what was going on. The man moved swiftly through
the corridors, shadows were moving throughout the ship. The man, part Valheru
himself due to the swords everlasting Alchemy, saw through his lizard like eyes
the shadows that took over the ship. They looked like Mandalorians,
yet something about their speech and movement told the man they were from beyond this Galaxy.

Suddenly the alarms turned off and it felt as if the ship docked onto something larger,
much larger and the mind of the man shifted and the Valheru spoke.
Leave this vessel, we need to find another way. The crew has either been captured
or killed, if they find us or take us my fate will be severed. Take the nearest escape
pod and jettison towards Shi. I will take care of the rest.

The man did what he was told and moved down towards the lower levels of the frigate.
While he did so the ship turned about, towed by the larger vessel. A blaster shot flew
through the air and slammed into the shoulder of the man. He cursed in his native tongue
and brought his sword up to deflect a next series of blaster fire. The shadow moved onwards,
gravity had no hold on it. In a jump the man pushed himself into the escape pod at
the end of the hallway and jettisoned before the ‘Pirates’ could lock the pod. As the
pod fired itself away from the main frigate the man took his gaze onto the ship, seeing
a large vessel made out of smaller ships fused together hovering over it. It was nothing
he had ever seen. Ships from every species and every age was locked into this huge
mother ship. The man closed his eyes and laid back, knowing he had not long to live,
his pod pointing to his final destination. The Planet of Shi, where millennia later, a
Dark Jedi would inherit the power of Draken-Korin, the last of the Valheru.


Draken suddenly snapped back into reality as Acara took hold of his shoulder.
"Draken, are you alright? You look as if you have seen a ghost..."

"Acara, dock onto the Foresight as soon as the battle is over, I must speak privately
with Sildrin immediately."

The Sith, normally cautious about taking orders from an Obelisk, now saw the
determination in his eyes, and plotted a course to the Foresight, to dock with them
as soon as the assault frigate was disabled so Draken could share this information
with the Blind Dragon.

Ashia Kagan

26-09-2006 02:39:11

The ship graveyard could be seen a safe distance away. Sildrin told them that Draken and Acara were already searching the area. The two headed towards the planet to see what they could dredge up there. Seemingly void of life, the two Keibatsu set down and proceeded to explore. Ruins of a great castle stood nearby; the walls crumbling and decaying. Pieces of stone lay strewn about as the tall grasses threaten to swallow them.

'I thought this place was inhabited?' Shin'ichi's voice floated through her effortlessly. The two did it so often that sometimes they were surprised when no one else had heard what they had said to one another.

'The Codru-Ji don't usually come out to the castles, they think they're haunted or something.' Ashia shrugged as the climbed the deteriorating stairs and entered what remained of the castle. The light was fading causing eery shadows to dance across the stone face. Shin motioned for her to head off to the right while he searched the left.

The ceiling as all but gone, leaving it open to the sky in most rooms. A cool breeze picked up the stray strands of hair that framed her face. Ashia moved surreptitiously through several smaller rooms until she came to larger audience chamber. The place had been cleaned out, nothing remained, not even remnants. Except for some tattered cloth that hung on the far wall, worn completely through you couldn't even make out what it originally was.

Puddles of water had collected here and there on the marble flooring. Ashia slide around the room taking everything in. Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned around abruptly only to see one of the puddles waiver a bit as the wind whispered through the room; nothing unusal.

A cacchinated laugh echoed from the walls. Ash whirled around as leaves danced across the floor. The wind picked up more and the laughtered bounced around. A reflection in a puddle caught her eye again, silver streams reverberated in the water momentarily then vanished. The laughtered taunted her again causing her hand to go to her sabre. She spun around; her long coat floating about her ankles as she did. The laughtered moved up behind her; ringing in her ears, dark eyes grinned viscously from the puddles at her.

'No! Leave me alone!' The Nightsister ran as her nightmares continued to haunt her. She rounded the corner running straight in to her brother-in-law. Startled she ignited her sabre, lower her centered and turned towards him all in one fluid motion. Shin bounced out of range quickly, igniting his own sabre at the same instant and faced her.

The two Keibatsu stood frozen for a moment, staring at each other. Shin was the first to break the silence.

"Ash? What's wrong?" He scanned her with the Force as he spoke, determining she had just been surprised. They both lowered their sabre's at the same time and put them away.

"Shin, I'm sorry....I." She tried to catch her breath. Her azure eyes as big as a cat's as she looked around, gathering her composure.

He nodded to her, she didn't need to explain, he understood.

"There's nothing here, let's get back to the ship, a storm's coming in."

Maol Nor Lexu

26-09-2006 03:44:12

Quickly Macron and Maol run to the docking bay and join the boarding crew. The whole crew is getting ready to depart. Maol step out behind Macron and walk into the barrel of a blaster pistol.

"Good Evening" Maol say, crossing his arms and lowered his body while pick up one blaster pistol. "This should suits me.." Maol said while gaze on Macron.

"Yeah that should do. So what the hold up, lets get moving guys" Macron ordered while walking to the Lambda –class Shuttle. Maol remain silent and walking to the Docking 2 bay where the shuttle awaits. He shoves his blaster into his holster and pick a seat.


"Yes, sir?"

"Ready for takes off."

"Very good sir"

Macron sit on his seat, next to him is Maol who is checking his blaster pistol.

The shuttle moves smoothly to the Assassin-Class Corvette and able to dock on the Corvette safely.

"Okay boys, we are on our own now. Be cautious as we don't know what we will find in this corvette. Strap your blaster and get moving" Macron gives an order to the boarding crew.

"The shuttle crew will remain on the ships, others will follow me and JH Maol meets the 'owner' of this spaceship" Macron said to the crew.

Once they all out from the shuttle, there are nobody came to welcome them. Macron quite surprised with the situation.

"This might be a trap" a voice came from one of the trooper who joins the Boarding crew.

"This perhaps a trap but something funny I could sense on this ship" Maol said to Macron.

"What did you sense young one?" the alchemist tries to ensure the young sith feeling."

"I don't understand myself; the feeling is slightly come across me. Maybe we should take more cautious before we explore this corvette" Maol explained to Macron.

Ylith Pandemonium

26-09-2006 10:13:48

The shuttle landed gently inside the hangar of the capital ship, the Foresight was
hoovering like a hawk over it's wounded pley above the enemy frigate. The battle
was short but fierce and the debris and rubble coming from both vessels simply
gave an impression of the harsh battle. The Dark Side eminating from the Foresight
prevailed over the shadow of the Frigate.

When the Nebulon B capital ship burst trough the nebulon gascloud and intercepted the
frigate. The assasin frigate, as it was named, was surprised and couldnt evade the
eruption of blasterfire eminating from the Foresight onto the Frigate enemy.

Drakens memory troubled him dearly and his wish to discuss this with Quaestor. Though
he held no fear towards the pirates, he did fear the way they closed in on Dark Jedi space
without notice nor detection. This could mean they had spies in more than one place, and
if they were who Draken thought they were, the Foresight could be in danger.

The Valheru moved swiftly outside of the shuttle into the elevator at the end of the relatively small hangar bay. Acara was following him, when they both entered the elevator they moved
upwards toward the command center.

"So this memory is the key to solving this problem?" Acara said without looking at the Equite.
"I dont know Acara, it might help us track those who have, depending on what the Keibatsu's
find." Draken said with a hint of anger in his voice.
"I hear doubt in your voice when speaking about the Keibatsu my friend." The Sith said
with a smile and the Valheru simply growled.
"The Keibatsu are nothing but gold diggers, only searching to claim honour to their own name."
Draken said, alsmost spatting with anger.
"I thought you settled your assumptions with the Keibatsu."
"Thought is the right word young Sith. As long as they do their job it's fine with me though."
Draken said grinning.

The door opened and Malisane and Sildrin both rose to meet the two Dark Jedi to hear
about what they had to say about Mon Calimari and the memories Draken had from a
time long before.


I dont hate the Keibatsu...Just want a nice rivalry in the storyline :)

<3 Keibatsu's :D

Macron Sadow

26-09-2006 14:31:46

"Boarding crew, how cool!" Macron snarled as they kicked in the sabered door. Cool air surrounded them, and no one was to be seen. Only dust motes drifted through the air as Maol and the troopers moved in behind Macron. The power of the ship's engines thrummed through the hull.

"Weird," said Maol as they looked about. The ship appeared to be operative, but no life forms were about. Maol had located the helm on a read-out, and perused the systems readouts. "Engines and weapons are down," he stated.

Macron had out a sensor kit and was puzzling over the readings. "Hmm, high level of droid activity. I suspect this ship is crewed mostly by droids. I do sense one life form in the helm area though. May be a Force-user," Macron said through the comlink to the Foresight. "Moving to intercept."

Mononoke waved to the transport chief, and the bay door opened more. A pair of snarling Hssiss darkside dragons snapped as Macron grabbed their chains. The others looked apprehensive. "It's only my pets, Gnash and Gnaw. Aren't they so cute?" he giggled. "I hope they have babies soon, but that will take more flesh than we'll get here."

"Seek," hissed the Sith as he pointed in the direction of the helm as he loosed the chains.

Ylith Pandemonium

28-09-2006 06:24:38

Meanwhile in the office of the Quaestor Xia Long the two Dark Jedi explained what
they found amidst the graveyard of capital ships. Acara bowed before the woman
showing loyalty towards her, while Draken moved his fist over his heart and bowed
slightly, an ancient Valheru sign of honour and loyalty.

"Tell me you two, what did you find in the orbit of this strange and forgotten planet."
Sildrin said waving her hand.
"Mistress, we found multiple ships in a large graveyard so it seems surrounded by
a large spire of lights. We do not know the meaning of this spire. But I feel my memories
can tell more about their origine." Draken told the Quaestor, who listened carefully
to the memories the Valheru had to share with the Krath.

Acara told her about the sensor sweeps in the area, seeing no clear sign of an active
vessel other than the assassin class frigate.

Sildrin moved her hand over her face in thought and her white eyes stared at Draken,
who lowered his in responce.
"Valheru, Acara, go to Malisane on the bridge and ask him for further orders, I will
stay here and meditate on the matter to seek knowledge in the force."

Draken and Acara bowed and they both moved towards the command bridge, to see
what Malisane had in store for them both.

Maol Nor Lexu

01-10-2006 12:28:14

Both Gnash and Gnaw run to the helm as Macron ordered them to, Maol move next to Macron and watch the two dragon move along the corridor.

For a long moment, nothing seems to be heard from both dragons. Macron’s face didn’t show anything but one of the trooper seem very anxious.
“Do you sure that is the right way to the helm?” asked one of the troop
“Yes, there’s a walkway directly ahead of us,” Macron explained to the troop
“But what takes Gnaw and Gnash that long to pursue the enemy?” Maol interrupt.
“I’ll go first, let me go and check Gnaw and Gnash” Maol said. “Give me a moment to check the way before you follow, I’ll confirm with all of you later after I meet Gnash and Gnaw”

Maol move forward and begin to search for the two darkside dragons. He looks for the hint to where the dragon could be. As he walks slowly forward, he suddenly noticed a movement sound in front of him. He tried to figure out what could it be, but the young sith can’t get closer to the sound came from as the sound came from a vine. The hunter decided to call for Macron and the boarding crew help.

Not long after that, the crew came with Mononoke. “I sense something in the vine. With your permission, I would like to go into the vine and make the checking..” Maol asked for permission. “You may go, but be careful, we don’t want to lose any officer yet” Macron replied. The young sith grinned and make his way to the vine. The trooper stepped out the way, giving Maol some room. Using the force, Maol easily launch himself up in the vine and climb to the top until he gets into a shaft. The young sith look around but there are no sign of Gnaw and Gnash.

A few minutes later, Maol saw something moving in front of him. He quickly contacts Macron through the comlink. “I saw something on motion,” Maol reported. He was silent for a moment. “I don’t see it now. Might have just been an illusion.”

“Keep your eyes open” Macron ordered. Don’t let your guard down. There possibly an enemy around”

Maol stop and take his blaster pistol out, in case of anything he thought. The young sith didn’t cut his conversation with macron. He want Macron to listen what ever voice he heard just now, so he can defined what it really are.


02-10-2006 06:13:06

Shin'Ichi piloted the Kiba fighter up through the atmosphere. "We should be above the storm," he said calmly.
Ashia nodded. "Yes we're fine," she replied studying the display, "I'm not detecting any abnormal atmospheric pressure at this altitude."
The Epis nodded, piloting the fighter silently.

Ashia suddenly clicked a few buttons, focusing the scanners zooming in on the planets surface. "Got something unusual down there," she said frowning.
"What?" Shin'Ichi asked, concentrating on his piloting.
"Well these natives are supposed to be a backwards culture," she replied, "I'm picking up what appears to be some sort of power relay station, with a transmission dish."
"Interesting," Shin'ichi agreed, "taking us down for a closer look."

The fighter moved down for a pass over the structure, "Don't recognise the construction," Ashia said quietly, "and I'm getting strange readings."
"Of what?" Shin'Ichi asked.
Ashia frowned. "It's broadcasting some form of ionised particle beam into space, not a configuration I've seen before. But the power level and density is off the scale."
"Whats the destination of the beam?" the Epis asked.
"Calculating the vector," she replied, "it's projecting directly into the heart of that nebula."
"You'd better tell Malisane," Shin'ichi advised, "they're closer to it."

Malisane sat listening to Ashia's report, "We're picking up the same thing now we know what we're looking for," he replied.
"What do you want us to do?" Ashia asked.
"We're running it through the computer," the Aedile replied, "I'd keep your distance for now we don't know what it would do to you."
The communicator crackled again, a third voice joining the discussion. "Malisane this is Macron," the Tribune came over, "I'm checking the computer readouts. I've got an idea."

Shin'ichi sat in the fighter listening, "Say that again."
His cousins voice came back, "I want you to reverse the polarity of your shield modulation to the settings I've sent you," Macron replied, "and move into the edge of that particle beam."
"Why?" Ashia asked.
"If I'm right when your shield harmonics meets the particles you should create an inverse tachyon field, which should temporarily disapate the beam."
"Is this safe?" Shin'Ichi demanded.
"In theory," Macron replied with a laugh, "we won't know till we try it."
"Very well," the Epis replied, as Ashia adjusted the settings, "moving us in."

Malisane sat watching the display as on the scanner the fighter moved into the beam. He was nervous, on the corvette Macron had broken off communication and him and Maol were moving closer to the bridge. And two of his more experiened house members were trying another of Macrons crazy schemes, which he was struggling to understand and was pure theory that had never been tried before.
He sat gripping the command chair as the fighter moved into the beam.

"Somethings happening Aedile," one of the bridge officers reported, "the beam is disapating. And the nebula is begining to loose density."
Malisane sat up in his chair, "It's working," he breathed, "I don't know how but it looks like that nebula is being artificially generated. Thats why it doesn't show up on the charts."
Sildrin stood behind him, "Fascinating," she said, "I've never heard of anything like that before."
"Malisane this is Ashia," the communicator crackled, "we're being buffeted about and our power levels are being strained, we can't keep this up for long."
"If they can do that so can the Foresight," Sildrin said calmly.
Malisane nodded, "Ashia get clear we're going to take over."
"Very well," the Krath replied.
"Set our shields to that frequency and move us into the beam," Malisane ordered.

As the Frigate moved into the beam the ship rocked slightly and then was still. Malisane and Sildrin studied the display. "The nebula is breaking up," the Aedile observed, "it's totally artificial."
Sildrin nodded. "Someone has gone to great effort and expense to create that thing."
"Why?" Malisane asked.
"We hid in there," she replied, "it seems to me it would be a good place to conceal a ship."
Malisane nodded, watching the display as the nebula contined to fade. "There's nothing in there now."

Sildrin nodded. She indicated him to re-open communications. "Shin'ichi, can you land and deactivate that thing without damaging it?"
"I imagine so," the Epis replied.
"Good, do so." she replied, "I want to know who built it and how it works."
"No problem," Ashia's voice replied.
"Maintain position until they deactivate the beam." she ordered the captain.
"I wonder who put that thing there, and why?" Malisane mused.
"Macron and Maol should be able to ask whoever is on that corvette that very question."

{OOC Before the scientists amongst you email me protesting, the concept of reversing the polarity of your shields to create an inverse tachyon field to disapate an ionised particle beam is a plausible sounding complete nonsense, however they do that sort of thing in Star Trek all the time. If anyone wants to give it a go let me know if it worked, but I'd try it far away from any large cities :P }

Ashia Kagan

02-10-2006 23:39:15

The modified Kiba landed planetside once more. This time a few clicks away from their previous visit on the edge of the woods. They hiked a ways into the depths of the forest until they found it. An outpost building stood, hidden by the trees but a path was cleared for the particle beam to reach space. The two Krath slide into the shadows of the trees, making their way to the bunker.

'It doesn't seem to be gaurded.' Ashia's voice sounded in Shin's mind.

'Yeah. Strange. I guess they thought it wouldn't be found.' He shrugged and moved towards the doors. Ash kept a look out as he hotwired the door to open. Once inside the bunker, they found they control room and Shin'ichi set to work trying to figure out how to dismantle it. Ashia moved to the main computer and began hacking into it. Soon she had downloaded a bunch of data.

'Ok, I've got the info. Go ahead an cut it when you're ready.'

Shin nodded as he fiddled with some of the wires. Soon the entire thing powered down. He raised Sildrin on the comlink.

"We've got this thing down, but it's still in tact. We're gonna short the door too so whoever can't get back in right away. Ash downloaded the computer, we'er bringing that back."

"Very good. Get back to the Foresight so we can find out whose behind this."

Ylith Pandemonium

03-10-2006 04:05:40

The Valheru was restless, he had been assigned to seek out similar nebula's.
Office duty, Malisane called it, was not something that suited the Obelisk, and
most of all, Valheru nature of Draken.

"Sir, we just had a report from the Keibatsu's that the particle beam has been
shut down without further damage to the structure. Shall I send a team down?" a
commanding officer said to Malisane. The Aedile glanced at Sildrin, who nodded
gently with a sign of grace in her movements.
"Please do, send two squads in." Malisane said before turning to Draken.

"Valheru, take your shuttle and move to the large nebula you found a few minutes
ago. You know what your looking for now, and you also know what to be ware of."
Malisane said, replied by a simple nod of Draken.
"Dragonlord..." Sildrin said softly and the Obelisk stopped instantly, turning towards
his Quaestor. "Be safe. I may have need of you in the future." Sildrin said with a slight
smile, a bit more sinister than Draken had bargained for.

"Ofcourse my Quaestor." was all he said before he moved to the hangar bay and took
the first shuttle to planet Lahsbane, where he once way millenia ago.

Macron Sadow

03-10-2006 23:29:42

“I see, “ thought Macron as the two darkside dragons returned from the helm. They bore the stench of the offender encrypted on their tongue tips. Each of the favored pets was happy to be rubbed by their master. They seemed a little off.

Each of them was infested with biological filth, and the alchemist knew not. Macron rubbed his friends as he studied the datapad. Maol directed the troopers with efficiency.

“I hear you, Maol. Nice work,” sputtered Macron. He laid layers of scan data over each other. He was obsessed, and compulsively looked for anomalies. Mononoke’s insane mind ran through the calculations over and over again as he picked at himself. “The bio-protein analysis was undeniable. It seems to be regenerative… wait…. No. No! “

Macron sent a quick dataspurt to Command Central.

It was no true Force user. It was a engineered agent, targeted on Force users. And the Thing was alive. No wonder the vessel had registered negative in the life form department.

The dragons spewed venom and writhed. Every sensor that the alchemist had was going crazy. His favorite amphibian pets snarled as the madman winced. Rotting flesh pocked their skin. He howled in remorse as he raised his saber against them. They died a writhing death under the orange plasma assault as Macron sobbed. He hated killing the only things he trusted and loved. Even so, as a Sith it felt strangely good to slay those close to his own black heart.

Then, horrible shapes boiled up about them all. The corpses of the slain crew were being animated by the filth of a Korriban N-series plague. Those slain bodies stood up as the Sith spirits used them like on Korriban. As soon as one died, a loose spirit usurped the corpse puppet and stood it to the attack.

Macron and Maol took stances of defense. Each of them touched the seething kernel of the Dark Side in their desperation. The few troopers left formed up, and set their minds. This was a stand. “It’s all going wrong Maol!” yelled the Sith as he took stock of their defense. “We must hold this place.”

Ylith Pandemonium

04-10-2006 08:47:31

The shuttle burst out of hyperspace as the Obelisk made his way to the planet
of Lahsbane, where millenia ago he decided to take the journey back to the Planet
Shi. on the side of the planet was a large Nebula, one that wasn't there before. The
Valheru decided that this was the best place to look, and if the reports were true, he
was about to find the lost ship of Naga Sadow.

Draken knew he was at risk coming alone and he knew he wouldnt probably make it
without additional help. He made had to show his clan that his loyalty was without
question, and he would die for the clan. The Shuttle slowly approached the nebula
and the Obelisk used the code Macron created to dissapate the nebula.

Draken suddenly noticed the old spacestation 'Last Frontier' hanging lifeless within
the Nebula. The Obelisk was curious about it but decided that when the Space
Station would emit the should reconfiguration, it would have a far greater effect than
a four person shuttle.

The Shuttle docked at the larger station, blackened by age and deserted for years
giving it a creepy impression. Draken moved outside the shuttle into the station,
the air was dry but appearently the life support system kept on running throughout
the years the station was deserted. The Valheru moved through the hallways to
the command bridge where the code would have to be entered.

A sudden sound caught the Valheru attention and before he knew it strange men
wandered towars him, not living nor dead, amongst shadows that haunted the place
for quite some time now. Draken took hold of his ancient Valheru sword and as the
blue flames encircling it lit up the room, the ghosts clearly resembled those of the
hijacked friate that was supposed to take the Valheru back to his planet. The memories
of an old man suddenly gave meaning to the dissapeared Fire of Sepros, to use it
to replace or add a part of their huge ship.

Draken struck out, slashing through the shadows and zombies who confronted him
with his sword.
"Damnit, I have to take word of this to Sildrin and Malisane..." The Obelisk said,
slashing his way throughout the halls of the station. Heading toards the command deck.

Reaching the command deck, Draken quickly ocked the blast doors shut and took
hold of the nearest control panel who was still operable. The zombies startted
slamming at the door trying to get in. The Obelisk slammed at the panel, the wires
reconnecting and powering up. He pushed the buttons fast, trying to get the shield
online under a new configuration. A soud caught Drakens attention as one of the
Ghosts tried to attack the Valheru from behind. The Obelisk rolled aside as the
Shadow slammed at the control panel, getting the shield generators to finally
start working. Draken smiled but also knew that he was trapped in irony, as the blast
doors that was meant to keep the enemy out, was only trapping him inside.

Draken tookhold of his Valheru sword and Lightsaber hilt.
"If I do not make it out alive...I will know I did good for my clan." he softly said just
before he slammed at the communications console, sending out a message to Sildrin
and Malisane about his doings and finding. in half an hour the station would be in front
of the beam and the nebula would vanish.

However, first the Valheru needed to prove his worth as he has to fight to survive once

"For Honour and Glory..."

Ashia Kagan

07-10-2006 16:30:18

The two Keibatsu strode onto the command deck of the Foresight. Malisane looked up as the doors swished open and nodded in their direction. Sildrin turned from what she was doing and greeted them both.

"Ah, the Twins have returned, good."

They looked at each other in confusion then back at Sil.

"Twins?" They both said in unison. Sildrin just laughed and waved away her joke; Mali smirked.

"We just received a transmission from Macron." She said as she played it for them.

"We have a biohazard team ready to go."

"Great. I need to grab a couple things from lab first." Ashia interejcted as she turned to leave.

'What kind of biohazard sith agent do you think it could be?' Shin'ichi's voice floated back to her through the Force as she gathering a few things up, stuffing them into a bag. She turned around and noticed a couple of cages where empty.

'I know little of the Korriban-N Agents, but if droids are involved...' Ashia took a deep breath then blew it out. Gnash and Gnaw were not in thier cages which means Mac took them with him. The Hssiss dragons were his newest and most favored of pets, she was surprised he'd risk anything happening to them.

She met up with Shin'ichi and the biohazzard team them proceeded to board the Corvette. Everything was very quiet. They moved forward, making thier way to the command deck.

'That's odd. No signs of life were picked up on the sensors, but...there are no bodies either.' Shin'ichi moved forward cautiously. They rounded a corner and halted.

"What the frell is that?" Shin said out loud as he looked down at a puddle of muck on the floor that still seethed.

"Don't touch it." Ashia warned. She bent down and examined the pile of goop, pus oozed from it. She reached out with the Force and touched it breifly before pulling back in shock.

"Gnash and Gnaw." She said passively.

"Gnash and what?" Shin looked at her sideways for a moment.

"They were Hssiss darkside dragons. They were Mac's pets." She swallowed a lump in her throat.

"What do you think happened to them?" He walked around the pile of ooze carefully.

"Probably the Korriban-N Agent Mac found, but what a way to find it. We'd better find Mac."

Macron Sadow

08-10-2006 14:52:59

“An agent vectored on Force-users…clever,” Macron mumbled to himself as he and Maol slew the last walking corpses nearby. He wondered if this had anything to do with the missing Frigate. “Probably so,” he thought. “Bet they got it too.”

“Mac, you copy?” came Shin’Ichi’s voice over his comlink.

“Roger. This is a bad scene, I had to off my Dragons. Good thing I can grow copies,” he giggled. “This thing is touch-vectored, I believe. Probably not airborne.”

“Ashia wants to know why there are no bodies about,” asked Shin’Ichi.

“Oh they are about, just not staying put like good corpses. Korriban zombie-things, likely a technovirus like Belia Darzu used,” replied Macron. “Thus no life signs. You’ll see them soon enough. Keep your weapons handy.”

“Nasty situation,” volunteered Maol.

“Hang in there you guys. We have a biohazard team and some decon gear. We’re moving to your location,” Ashia stated.

At that instant, two Destroyer droids rolled out in front of Maol and Macron. They unballed, lit their shields, and raised their blasters. Both Dark Jedi gulped as they drew their weapons. “Oh s**t,” said the alchemist. “Not good.”

Maol Nor Lexu

09-10-2006 01:37:57

The alchemist takes a steps backward to defend himself. Maol stunned in front of the destroyer, he quite shock when the two droids appear. One of the droid fired on Maol in sudden. The laser shot from the destroyer penetrated neatly grazing the arm of the young sith’s robe, leaving a stinger but drawing no blood. After gain his conscious, the young hunter moves backward and fired the two droid with his blaster pistol. Even the attempt was a waste since the droid already lit his shields; Maol kept trying to defend himself. The trooper also makes a fired as they covered the alchemist.

“Retreat group!” Macron yelled to all his crew. “Leave this area immediately and take cover”.

“I’ll be damned if I stay here longer” Maol bleated mostly to himself as all of his crew are retreating.

Hundred of laser fired make the sound in the corridor liked a small war; the boarding crew takes cover in big room a few meters from the droid. Sounds from the fired blaster conceal the room and each and every of the boarding crew trying to defend the room, waiting for the biohazard group to join them.

Ashia Kagan

10-10-2006 00:13:02

Blaster fire echoed back to them along the corridors. Ash and Shin looked at each other as moment of panic seized them both before they raced towards the noise.

Twin violet blades ignited simultaneous as they flew into action. Ashia blocked the attack of a destroyer droid quickly before springing into the air and slamming the blade through the protective shielding. A flip of her wrist and the droid crumble to the floor.

Shin'ichi was busy with the other one. He deactived the shield and sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. Maol and Macron emerged from what little shelter the room had to offer and surveyed the damage. Several members of the boarding crew were dead, a couple more wounded. Macron tended quickly to the wounded ones and got them back on thier feet.

Movement sounded behind them suddenly. Maol whirled around and came face to face with one of the dead boarding crew members. Ashia's saber lit between the two instantly slicing the dead man in half. Shin turned in time to see the rest getting up.

Ashia looked down at the man at her feet she had just sliced; he was still trying to move. She quickly sliced the head off and watched as the body was finally still. Immediately, she moved to the next one.

"Take the heads!" She said quickly as her saber danced around her, slashing up then down in graceful movements, taking one down, then removing it's head.
They moved the rest of thier crew towards the door. As soon as they were through, Macron sealed it shut, locking the zombies in.

Maol sighed with relief as he turned around only to see more zombies were coming up the corridor towards them.


10-10-2006 06:03:32

Malisane and Sildrin were on the bridge of the Foresight still, listening to reports from the team on the corvette.

"Yliths in trouble," Sildrin said suddenly, "I see a space station moving towards a nebula, he's fighting against those zombie things, and he's loosing. Soon he may die."
"Can't you tell?" Malisane demanded.
She shook her head, "Always in motion is the future, hard to see."
"We need to go after him," the Aedile concluded.
"We can't leave our clan members on the corvette." the Quaester replied.
"I'll go alone then," Malisane said getting to his feet, "I'll take the Deathshead."
"You may die as well."
Malisane shrugged. "We've been through a lot and none of us are dead yet. I don't intend to start now."
"Very well, good luck." Sildrin told him, "when they return from the corvette we'll follow you."

Malisane nursed the Deathshead out of the Foresights docking bay, and hit the thrusters blasting the Firespray out into space. He passed the corvette, sensing the battle on board. "Good luck guys."
The Deathshead entered hyperspace a few minutes later set for Yliths location.

Malisane studied the display as the Deathshead cleared hyperspace. Directly ahead was a space station, which was drifting across space, its shields down. Malisane scanned the area, detecting the beam which was projecting into a large nearby nebula, and the space station was moving slowly to block the beam. "Clever work Ylith," he muttered as he headed for the space station, "especially for an Obelisk."
He moved the firespray closer to the space station, following the source of a transmission on a House frequency he figured to be from the Templar. He magnified the view until could see a large window leading into the command deck, on which he could make out the shuffling shapes of the undead. He moved the ship closer and set the ship to match the stations course and speed.

Ylith stood in the anteroom off the command deck, listening to the sounds of banging as the creatures hit the door he had locked against them. It shuddered with each hit and the Obelisk wasn't sure how long it would take them to get through. He gripped his saber, determined to die fighting before they took him.

His communicator crackled, "Ylith this is Malisane can you hear me?"
Relief surged through the Templar. "Yeah, nice of you to turn up."
"I'm hovering outside the command deck," the Aedile replied, "I'm alone in my ship, so I'm not about to board that thing where are you?"
"I'm in an anteroom off the command deck, I have a load of those things trying to get in here, I think this door has a few minutes left in it, after which it's going to get busy in here."

There was a pause, accompanied by a few more thuds against the door which was shaking alarmingly.
"I've got an idea," Malisane told him, "I'm going to blast open this viewing window. That should blast those zombies out into space."
"How does that help me?" Ylith demanded as the door shook again, "the shields are down on this thing I'll be trapped with a vacuum out there."
"I don't suppose you can see a space suit nearby?"
"No none here."

There was another pause. "Right I've got an idea," Malisane told him, "when tell you, open the door, head out into the command deck, blow as much air out of your lungs as you can then drop into a hibernation trance. That should give me long enough to pick you up from amongst the zombies when you're all blown out into space."
"Are you serious?" Ylith demanded, "is that even going to work?"
"In theory," the Aedile replied, "I've never tried it."
The door shook even more at the latest hit, and the Templar could see it was ready to break. "Do it."

Malisane targeted the lasers on the reinforced glass and took a deep breath. "Ok Ylith, count of five, five, four, three, two, one, NOW!" He fired the lasers and the window shattered, causing the space station to lurch slightly. He watched as peices of equipment were expelled from the command deck, followed by frantically flailing zombies, a few of which smacked into the hull of the Deathshead before rebounding off into space. Malisane scanned the expelled matter untill he made out the still form of the Obelisk. Malisane opened the emergency airlock and concentrated hard, reaching out with the force and gripping the body of the Templar. The Warrior, consious of how much time he had, pulled the Templar towards the ship, guiding him towards the open airlock.

Sweat broke out on his forehead as he concentrated hard, then took a deep breath out of relief as he hit the button to close the outer door and open the inner one. He unstrapped himself from the chair and quickly headed off. Ylith was laid on the floor. He wasn't breathing and his skin was pale. He had no way of waking the Obelisk and hoped Ylith had remembered to set himself to revive when the atmosphere returned to normal

Ylith opened his eyes, feeling his limbs cold and numb. He reached up and wiped a trail of blood from his nose. A blurred dark shape in front of him slowly sharpened up to reveal a man looking down at him, with cold features and short dark hair, in a grey military uniform. "Malisane." he said finally as his mind caught up.
The Aedile smiled, "Told you it would work," he said grinning. The Aedile helped him to his feet, and they headed to the cockpit. Ylith sat in a chair watching as the space station moved closer to intercept the beam. "Hope this works as well." he muttered.

Macron Sadow

11-10-2006 12:33:48

“This zombie thing is getting old,” growled Macron as he raised his hands. A wince passed his brow as he channeled the Force, slinging a large bank of heavy computer equipment at the oncoming corpses. The weight crushed them flat. They were effectively pinned. Twitching limbs stuck out from beneath the mass of sparking metal.

Macron smiled and turned to his three comrades. “Well that’s taken care of,” he chuckled as he wiped his hands together. “Say Ashia and Shin, do you have the energy readings from that nebula thing?”

“Sure Mac, what’s up?” asked Ashia as Shin’Ichi passed him a datachip. Maol was reloading his blaster.

“One sec,” mumbled the alchemist as he compared the data to his own, taken from the zombies. “Maol, you recognize this program?”

“Yes, it is similar,” replied the Hunter.

“Yeah. Guys, we are dealing with someone proficient in Mechu-daru. This is no biological bug, it’s an engineered technological one enhanced by the Dark Side,” spat Macron."And whoever did it is a genius."

“I suspected as much,” Ashia said simply.

“Okay folks, we have to get out of this rust bucket and back to the Foresight. This is priority information. Let’s move out!” Shin’Ichi barked.

Ashia Kagan

11-10-2006 21:32:58

"Welcome back, glad to see you made it." Sildrin's sightless eyes gazed at them as a sigh of relief shook her shoulders slightly. She hated putting her people in the way of danger, even when she knew they could handle it. The Foresight moved out, heading towards the coordinates that Ylith had sent them.

"We found some interesting things on that corvette." Macron cackled gleefully as he pluged the datachip into the Foresight's computer and pulled the information up for Sil to see.

She looked at the readings then at the Sith Alchemist in confusion. "And this means, what, precisely?"

"We are dealing with someone who is an expert in Mechu-deru. This thing isn't biological, it's technical." His grin broadened momentarily. "I can't wait to get my hands on the information he has gathered! What fun!"

"Well, we need to get the Fire of Sepros back first. Malisane just radioed in and said he had Ylith. He says the space station is teeming with those zombie things. He's gonna need all of you to help get to the auxilary command centre in the basement of that thing and disable it."

"Auxilary command centre? What's happend with the main command centre?" Shin questioned.

"He had to blow it to get Yilth out past the zombies that had him trapped."

Shin looked at Ash for a moment as a smirk creased his visage momentarily.

'Should'a just left him there.' His thoughts slide through her mind.

She looked shocked for a moment which caused his countenance to change abruptly.

'What's your problem with Ylith?' Her own thoughts echoed in his head.

'He seems to have a problem with us.'

'Well, maybe with you he does, but he and I get along just fine, thank you. And don't you forget, he's a valuable member of the Jade Serpents. I would trust him with my life.' She gave him a sour look.

Shin shrugged at that and left it alone. He knew she didn't put up with discord amoung members of her battle team. Sildrin and Mac were already discussing their next move.

"So, ok, we suit up, grab as much ammo and weapons as we can carry and rendevous with Mali and Ylith."

The Blind Dragon nodded her assent as the four of them turned to go. Acara had come in near the end. "I'm going too, no way you guys get all the fun."

"Wouldn't dream of leaving you behind." Macron clapped him on the shoulder as they left the deck of the Foresight.


Macron took Acara and Maol on the Silooth with him and Shin and Ash squeezed back into the modified Kibe fighter. They deffinately weren't meant for more then one person but the two managed. They met Malisane and Ylith in the hangar bay of the space station. None of the zombie creatures had ventured there so the group took advantage of the quiet to regroup momentarily. Macron filled Malisane and Ylith in on what he found out.

"This whole station is crawling with these things. We believe the planet below is too. Whoever this guy is, he's built an undead army." Malisane was explaining.

Draken's face went dark as his thoughts drifted back to the last encounter he had had with these things. The old man in him, spoke up. 'You've seen this before, you know what to do.'

Ashia regarded the Valheru for a moment. She knew him well enough to know something was not setting right with him. The quiet countenance of the Dragonlord changed slightly as he spoke up.

"They're pirates." He said simply. The rest of the group turned to face him, puzzled.

"What do you mean, pirates?"

Same thing, it's not that the Keibatsu have any probs with Draken, but he
was looking for a bit of rivalry for the storyline. :P

Me <3 Draken! :D

Ylith Pandemonium

12-10-2006 14:41:04

"Speak Valheru, before I send you back to those zombies." Shin said when the
confusion of the day reached it's height. Draken simply waved away the comment
and smirked slightly.

"There are few who have sighted them and fewer who could tell the tale, so when
I choose to tell, you should choose to listen Keibatsu." Draken said, silencing Shin.
"So we know who they are, how do we stop them." Malisane pushed forward and Draken
tapped with his foot. Noting the space station with his foot.

"The station?" Shin asked and Draken smirked again.
"Yes, the very thing you stand on, good of you to notice." The Obelisk said, a hint of sarcasm
in his voice.
"Enough - Ashia began - Draken, tell us what will happen if we drop this thing."
"These pirates use old generators from pre hyperspace ships to generate these nebula's, they
aren't exactly nebula's to get us off tracks, they are exhaust fums from the engines below,
generating this virus.

"How do you know all this Valheru?" Shin almost spat but Malisane came in between.
"I know because I have seen it happen before you were even born Keibatsu." Draken said
in anger, and he moved to the edge of the hangar, staring into blackness.
"The scanner told us nothing is there, we are safe." Macron said, noticing the strange behaviour
of the Obelisk.
"Know what? The Scanner is wrong...get on the" Draken almost shouted and Shin'ichi
walked over to Draken. "You fool there is nothing there! Not even in the force!"
"The Force concentrates on the living my friend.... - Draken said as he ignited his saber, bringing
light into the hallway, shining light on hundreds of zombies. - eyes never lie..."

"Another Valheru property eh.? I really want a look at your anatomy and your sword Draken" Macron said
like a kid wanting to check out a new toy he found. "Later - Draken said - lets move."

They all boarded the ships while the zombies almost poured over them and they blasted off into distance.

"Draken, you said they were pirates, what do you mean?" Ashia asked the Valheru, sitting in the back.
"A long time ago Pirates developed a bioweapon which could terminate every living person of a planet, and
convert them into those things. Though they were fought back by the elder empire's and driven out of the
galaxy, people forgot about them and they were never fully defeated. There are tales still going round
in every era about ships being taken and never to be found. They use them to create an army, a navy and
a weapon." Draken said calmly.

"How do we stop them?" Ashia asked and Malisane rose to get to the communications panel. "We use their Assasin
corvette, in theory, if it hits the planet at hyperspeed, it will explode. Or thats what General Daala said..."
Draken and Ashia looked at each other and both shrugged, not understanding a word of what the Aedile said.

"Sildrin, come on, this is Malisane."
I hear you Malisane, you may speak. She said calmly trough the communicator.
"Head back to the Foresight and target the frigate to the planet below. When the station block the nebula, we will
get the Fire of Sepros out of there and meet up with you. We need to time this exactly or else we'll be trapped and
I understand, Dark Side be with you She said and the fighter burst into hyperspace to meet up with the
foresight again.

"Now we wait..." Draken said, noting the space station below, slowly moving in front of the beam which conseals
the ship they have been looking for.


22-10-2006 22:35:37

Amon got a comlink from his room. He wasn't sleeping just wondering. e knew something wasn't right and that someone was playing with him and his clan. He has faced a battle only to be met by holograms twice. And now a frigate is missing. This is a very twisted game he only hoped his clan would make the last move.

"Amon here whats the situation?" Amon asked. "Search and Rescue. Some clan members have taken and oddly long time. We want you to find them." Amon smiled clever either way they win, they either get rid of me or I actualy bring them back."I'll be right on it. Amon out." Amon shut his comlink off and put on his armour and robe and headed for his TIE.