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Illusion of Deception; a Run-On for the Krath Rite of Supremacy Winter 2005

Manji: (Post 1)

"Krath brethren of the Brotherhood, I have a message for every one of you."

The face of High Priestess Alanna gazed out of the holodeck on Manjis desk, a mildly worried expression crossing her face.

"It has been brought to my notice that several important books have disappeared from the library of the Shadow Academy. This is extremely worrying. I would ask you all to check the libraries of your own strongholds to make sure that nothing has been removed from them. And be alert for further developments. Thank you."

The face of the Priestess faded slowly and Manji sat back, staring thoughtfully at nothing.

"Someone's been stealing books...?"

Shrugging, the Archpriest pushed himself up and strode out of his office, heading purposefully through the corridors of the Marka Ragnos cathedral towards the Great Library. As he pushed the door open, the sound of rustling pages greeted him. Several other members of Marka Ragnos looked up from their reading curiously. Raising his hands, Manji began to speak-

"Ladies and Gent-"

Then he stopped and looked sideways at the sign by the door of the Library. In golden letters, it clearly stated 'Silence'. Tiptoeing towards the nearest Dark Jedi, Manji sat down next to them and began to whisper his message.

"I just got a message from the KHP- apparently, someone has pinched a couple of books from the library at the Shadow Academy. She wants us to check our Library here and see if anything's been stolen. Uhm... any ideas?"

Korras: (Post 2)

Korras recieved a call from his Master, Arania, simultaneously with Alanna's call.

"Korras, books and artifacts are starting to go missing. powerful books. whatever you do, do not leave your library, nor your artifacts out of sight. remember Trev's collection of books? DO NOT let those leave your library."

Korras looked at her, confused. "What are you trying to tell me, Arania?"

she sighed. "all items that are starting to go missing, used to belong to an extinct, at least we thought they were extinct, race called the K'hamar'a. we have reason to believe they are back. I can't really say more over this connection. I have already said too much."

with that, she broke the connection. Korras sighed, and got up. why was it his master always told him things he needed to know, but which always ended with trouble? he went down to the library, and found a lot of whispering going on. he took Muz, Manji, Janos and Tissaya aside.

"I just got some disturbing news from Arania. I want someone to dig up as much information you can about the K'hamar'a, and anything we might have from them here, including artifacts. she couldn't tell me what, but something is going on with them, and items once belonging to them are starting to go missing."

Raistlin: (Post 3)

It was the blinking red light....

He hated the blinking red light...

After what had been an incredibly rough night at the cantina, qith too many glasses of Lum creeping up on him, Raistlin sat up and immediately sat back down, his head spinning. He drew on the Force, which allowed him to think clearly for a second. He reached over, hitting the button on his nightstand, bringing up a holographic image of Korras.

"Raist, I have a personal favor to ask you, meet me at the Great Library."

As the image faded out, he stood up, walking to the refresher unit, gratful at least, for Korras being directly to the point.

20 minutes later....

"Let me get this straight...." Raist started, walking with Korras along the long pathway outside, leading to the Great Library of Marka Ragnos. "you want me to guard..... a library. With....... books. And..... all kinds of ancient crap that I know nothing about." He looked at Korras quizzically, his expression motionless, "You're crazy. I'm not doing it." He began to walk away.

"Raistlin STOP!" Korras yelled, his voice booming. "I have asked Jaru among others to help guard the library, it is of the UTMOST importance to the well-being of Naga Sadow that we keep the library safe, and as a former Black Guardsman, a Son of Sadow, and the best Saberist in the clan I ask you to lead the team that will protect the library. To refuse me would be a mistake."

Raistlin glared at Korras for a second before defusing the situation. "Yea, yea, fine, whatever." he muttered as he walked past Korras to the library main. "I'll get a chance to brush up on my reading, huh?" He asked sarcastically, walking by Korras.

He kicked up a chair, waiting, keeping an alert, but lazy eye, besides, the other members of Naga Sadow would be here soon to assist him, all he had to do was lead them.

Erlandil: (Post 4)

Another one of the blinking messages at the terminal in his room.
Jedi Hunter Erlandil Valenthort had gotten used to them by now. Every now and then he would take a break from the creation of his lightsaber (a design he wanted to create with near perfection) and glance over the holocom.

Message from Korras Aquillarum

"That's odd, I thought my master knew that I was working on this and prefered not to be disturbed."

Tapping open the message, the holocom showed the small image of Korras' head. After a few sentences the message closed again and left Erlandil wondering as to what happened.

Shrugging this initial doubt of him, he went back to his project and continued to design and build his lightsaber.

Manji: (Post 5)

Looking up from his work at the clatter of wood as Raistlin slouched into a chair, Manji grinned then went back to his work. As an Obelisk, Raistlin would doubtless be happier patrolling the cathedral with his sabre at the ready- asking him to guard a library would ensure that anyone who attempted to steal from it would face the wrath of the best warrior in the Clan.

Staring up at the shelves, Manji felt a sense of hopelessness slink over him. How was he supposed to search every single shelf for a couple of possibly missing books by himself? Korras had spoken to the other members of the House and asked them to help him- but so far, they'd all protested some other exercise and gone back to their own devices. The Archpriest did not know exactly why he'd felt so strongly about this, except that his muscles were aching after months of rigorous training. He'd been promoted to Archpriest as a result, however, and so perhaps it was okay for him to take a quick breather and sort some books.

Sighing heavily, Manji turned his thoughts back to the present and began to search the shelves once again. If anything was missing he would find it- and then he'd hunt down whoever had stolen it and remove their head from their shoulders. Clenching a fist, Manji grinned as this picture presented itself to his imagination. Someone was going to pay for stealing from the Brotherhood. Now to find out who it was...

Korras: (Post 6)

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The grand doors at the entrance of Sadow Palace opened and an individual wearing a heavy black cloak entered. The halls of Clan Naga Sadow were extravagantly detailed in dark reds and gold trim on top of the black stone marble.

The guards stepped aside as the figure made it's way down the hall. They did not know who it was but could feel a strong foreboding presence under the cloak even though they weren't force-sensetive themselves.

The hallway ended with a flight of stairs that broke off in two directions, one going left and the other right. The cloaked figure stopped, looked both ways as if deciding where to go first and then headed down the right towards the Great Library.

Four guards stood outside the doors…
The Emissary,
- SO Tron Sadow (Sith)/EMS/Dark Council [ACC: INI]


Tissaya: (Post 7)

Shadows. Everything was in shadows, covered and hid.


It rang some bell, in memory, but Tissaya could not recall where had she heard about it or read. It must have been that she spoke with Alanna about it, or read it in Krath archives, but it had to be so long time ago, or perhaps it was just a Jedi legend she was told ?

Noise brought her back to reality from her thoughts. She looked around a bit angrily. The rule in the library was clear: 'Don#8217;t say a word'. It was well written in golden letters,'Silence' in front of the entrance

Her purple dress danced around the ankles as she walked along rows of shelves to the main path of the library. Now the noise was clear. Raistlin obviously being bored or frustrated by the order of Korras to guard the library, was pushing a chair from one side to the other.

'How about you do something productive and help me searching for lost books? I will go faster if we cooperate.' She said standing behind him.

Raist shrugged, 'Not that I have anything better to do.'

Kratas: (Post 8)

Kratas walked swiftly toward the library. He didn't know what was happening but he didnt' care, after being gone for so long any activity excited him again. His cloak fluttered lightly behind him as he passed guards waving off salutes. He activated his mic and called in to the outposts he was listening for to make sure they were still in position. He passed through the main doors to the library everyone looked up half hoping that an intruder was entering so they could get away from their boring search. Kratas moved towards Raistlin and prodded him with the hilt of his lightsaber.

"what the hell is this about?" Kratas asked. He knew that Raist as a fellow obelisk hated this chore, he knew Raist would rather be out checking the outposts with Kratas.

"Something about books" Raist replied, Kratas smelled the licqour on his breath and knew that this was even worse for Raist than he had initially anticipated.

"I have contacted planetary defense and the orbitting ships and no one has left the system that they are aware of, I also have scouts scouring the area for any kind of craft. this place is well guarded and I don't think that they will want to come back now."

Raist nodded half asleep and half drunk. "Very well"

Kratas raised his lightsaber towards his head and saluted everyone in the room, turned and exited. He waited at the main door of the Library listening for the satisfactory click of the doors and waited deep in thought with the guards outside.

Korras: (Post 9)

Korras was going through some books. several had been piled up next to him, but he could not find anything wrong. suddenly, he had a feeling something was about to go very wrong, very fast. how he'd know, he still had no clue. but he had learned by now to trust his feelings. leaving the books, he left for Jack's quarters.

he knocked, and anounced who it was. Jack told him to come in. closing the door behind him, he saw Jack doing diagnostics on one of his implants.

"Jack, I need your help on something.", he started. "Arania called me, explaining us to be careful with our books and artifacts, since she heard of some others going missing. security has been raised already, but still I have a feeling things are about to go very wrong. I want you to check all security systems. how you do that, I'll leave up to you, but I want you to check, recheck and doublecheck. this was important enough for Arania to call, and I am taking that seriously."

Jack nodded, and Korras left for the library again, to check on the books again...

Janos: (Post 10)

Janos Silverwulf was in one of the darker areas of the library going through the various tomes and artifacts located there. Since he had stepped down as QUA of HMR he had spent a great deal of time in the library studying many of the more arcane and obscure volumes honing his knowledge. He idly reached for a book and looked at the title "The History of Sapphire Squadron, a biography of Fred the Seal" causing him to shake his head slightly. As he glanced around at the other members of CNS who were searching he realised that very few of the clan's senior members were in attendance, that would cause some difficulty considering some of the books were simply too powerful to be read by the younger members.

As if in answer to his thoughts several more of the Knights, Warriors and Priests entered, some of them nodding in his direction as they recognised him. Janos went back to his search something about that strange name ringing a bell in his memory.

Link: (Post 11)

Link charged into the library and slammed the door behind her, Korras turned to notice his apprentice entering and he guessed she was in a bad mood. Nobody dared to say anything because they only knew they would get kicked, Link finally looked round to notice all the people in her clan and muttered, ‘I came to help so I better get started.’

‘Hey Link,’ Janos and Korras both said turning back to the books to do more research. Link just shrugged and started flicking through a few books but unfortunately found nothing. After what seemed ages Korras jumped out of his seat shouting, ‘I have got it!’

‘Shush Korras! It is a library,’ Link muttered as everyone crowded round to find out what Korras had found out.

Jack: (Post 12)

Jack sighed softly as he finished up the diagnostics on his left shoulder. Korras wanted him to uber-check the security systems. He plugged the security systems into the sensors in the back of his head as he continued to think about missing books. He quickly dove into the systems, placing his ghost into the system itself. He quickly read through all the files regarding the library and all the connecting hallways and rooms. They all had top line security systems. He knew that people would be seen in the cameras he'd seen placed in there recently. Quickly he scanned the videos for books being taken from that particular area and none where missing. Yet.

He reordered the lasers around certain bookcases to rearrange to also point to the doorways. He finshed the job by encrypting the system to where only he could disengage them from his memory banks. He also uploaded a wireless link with the security systems as well before he unhooked the wire from the back of his head. He walked to the library to find Korras. When he got there, he found Korras rather easily, He was the one in the middle of a large group of Ragnosians reading from a book.

"Korras, security systems are updated and I alone control the link to them. Anything that happens, I'll see it as it happens. I'll be sure to alert you as soon as it happens. I'll be at my ship. Most likely they'll try to take that for the fastest getaway. Only Taliana's X-Wing can catch her. You can find me in the hangar bay or my office watching the cameras directed at the books."

Jack turned and walked out, not even listening to what Korras was talking about.

Raistlin: (Post 13)

As Raist combed through the shelves, seeing that each book was indeed accounted for, he stoped suddenly, ignoring, the "Silence" rule inlaid as he shouted out "What's the point of going through books if we know they're all here?!?" He blurted out, the rest of his clanmates staring at him in shocked silence.

Nobody said a thing, expecting the gods themselves tos mite Raistlin down for his gross disobedience of the golden "rule". Korras broke the silence as he walked in, doors swinging behind him. In a second, all eyes were on him, Raist's included.

"Guys i have good news, the library is indeed fine. Jack just updated the library's securiy system and has it set on auto-monitor. I've contacted the High Priestess and let her know, she's requested some of you stay behind on guard duty at the library." As some of the members groaned, Raist being one of them, Korras turned to glare at him.

"Raist.... no no, your talents won't be necessary here. Tron has been so kind to provide us with some of his personal bodyguard, to ensure the safety of the library." As Korras trailed off members of Tron's personal bodyguard entered the library, bowing before the assembled clan members and fanning out.

As the clan stood around, waiting for Korras to continue, he didn't and as he turned to walk away, Raist shouted at him, the one question that seemed to be on everyone's mind in the Great Library.

"So...... now what?"

Bob: (Post 14)

As if on cue the doors of the library swung open and an old dirty smelly man staggered in. The man stopped as all eyes in the room turned to him. The man had a half empty beer in one hand and a book in the other. Looking worried the man said, “Sorry I must be in the wrong room ,” and turned to leave.

“Bob?” Raistlin asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

The Sith Warmaster turned and replied, “There’s a perfectly good explanation for me being.......where am I exactly?”

“Your in the Great Library of Marka Ragnos, Bob,” Janos Silverwulf answered.

“Oh yeah,” Bob took a swig of his beer, “A library.....uhmmm....oh...I remember, I’m returning this book.”

“What the hell are you talking about Bob,” Raistlin stated, “All the books have been accounted for. Let me see that book.”

“What book?” Bob replied as he put it behind his back.

Not in the mood for games the Obelisk went to grab the book and Bob took off running. Raistlin began to chase. The rest of the clan watched as two senior members of Naga Sadow ran around the Great Library playing keep away. The game didn’t last long as Bob managed not too see a rather large bookcase and ran straight into it. Falling to the ground and dropping the book, Link picked it up and read the title. THE WOMEN OF CLAN NAGA SADOW by Trevarus Caerick.

“Where did this book come from?” Link asked the drunk on the floor.

“I’ve never seen that book before in my life,” Bob replied. Link began to step on the Sith’s groin region, “Ok...ok....I’ll talk, It’s part of Trev’s private collection.”

“Private collection?” Janos asked, “He already has a huge section of this library plus he has more?”

“What can I say Janos, while we were out saving the galaxy Trev was writing books,” Bob said with a smirk.

“Alright already,” Raistlin broke in, “Where is this private collection?”

Bob looked at Link as she lifted her leg, “As much as I’m enjoying that there’s no need for it, maybe I can take a rain check.” Bob winked and continued, “You go over to the statue of Trev in his section and you....well....this is kind of awkward....well....you squeeze his left butt cheek.”

“You what?” Raistlin shouted.

“You heard me,” Bob replied, “You know Trev as well as I do, what do you expect from a guy that was impregnated by a seal, he‘s different.”

So the group of dark jedi headed over to the section of the library that held all of the work of the once quaestor of Marka Ragnos, Trevarus Caerick. What awaited them was something none of them expected. Two bookcases along the wall had opened up to reveal a large vault filled with books, artifacts, and other rare items. Standing in the middle of the vault was ProConsul Korras with a huge grin on his face.

“Look what I found guys, if something is missing its most likely somthing that was in here,” Korras stated with pride at his find.

Bob had just one question for the Proconsul, “Uhmmm......Korras. Why were you squeezing the statue of Trev’s ass?”

Muz: (Post 15)

In the Hangar, the Fallen Spear's engine's roared to life, deafening an apprentice in the process. The ship twitched sideways erratically, then set down rough on the tarmac before shutting down.

"What the..." Jack glowered at his Quaestor's alien ship. He had come down to ensure that Taliana's X-wing was fueled and ready to intercept should anyone make it through his security systems. The ship had been acting up something harsh the last couple of days, ever since the warnings about the ki'mer'a came in from Antei. Jack scratched his head as he thought about it.

Manji stepped into Muz's quarters, kicking off his sandals and stepping onto the tatami mats. The sounds of struggle emanated from within, further concealed by shoji screens. Manji executed a iai draw and moved slowly to see around the half wall, his hand holding the muramasa blade in preparation.

Muz flailed wildly with his left arm, his right hand slapping it down, trying to restrain his own arm. Manji's eyebrow raised. Either his brother had gone completely insane or...

Whirring noises erupted from Muz, and a slight smell of ozone filled the air. His left arm stopped moving, and Muz sat down slowly. Manji sheathed his sword, stepping forward into sight.

"You okay, bro?"

"Yeah." Muz panted. "This thing's been giving me no end of trouble since last week." Muz pushed back his sleeve and pried open the synthetic flesh to reveal his synthetic arm. His flesh one had been sliced off some time ago, by a Sith demon that had taken over Korras' body. The robotic one had done the job ever since.

"You want me to call Jack in here?" Manji proferred. Jack Ordo had plenty of experience with synthetic equipment, his own body having numerous replacements.

"No thanks." Muz grunted as he unplugged a few wires to a larger piece on his arm. "He doesn't know that much about Autocthonian tech. Most of his is Mandalore."

"so what's going on there?" Manji pulled up a chair and watched. His brother had a good mind for technological stuff. Manji was more than willing to learn, so long as it didn't mean that he had to spend less time in the dojo. Muz always joked that he was more obelisk than krath.

"The control pad I had spliced into this part here is getting rejected. The arm's sensory control computer keeps activating the ships controls until the auto-gyro kicks on in the ship. Then the arm's motors start wigging out and mirroring the ship's movements."

"Good thing we haven't had to go anywhere with the 'Spear yet."

"Yeah, but if this can be tweaked just right, I should be able to handle her a lot better than normally."

"Yeah, but the key word there is 'if'." Manji grinned as he sat back in the chair.

"I'm wondering if there's some kind of field, some kind of subtle change in the electromagnetic fields...that would be causing..." Manji tapped his chin in thought.

"The Ki'mer'a." The brothers both spoke at the same time.

"We have to get word to Korras." Muz stood up quickly. "And call Jack in...maybe he's been having similar problems. We can see if any of our instruments can pick up on this...field or whatever."

Raistlin: (Post 16)

Raistlin was in the Great Library with the rest of the clan assemblage when he received the incoming call on his PDA.

"Korr... it's Muz, I'm with Manji.... there's something you should come take a look at..... it's not good."

6 hours later, Marka Ragnos Audience Hall

The audience hall was packed as the members of Lurdo Kressh were also in attendence. The 50 or so members sat as Korras began his speech, even though a qyarter of the clan was still missing, trying to get to the meeeting.

"About 6 hours ago I received word that the K'hamara have landed here on Tarthos. They have set up a field dampener to prevent us from leading. There are over 400 of them on their way here and they will reach the first defensive checkpoint in under thirty minutes. However," he paused, allowing his voice to boom. "We will PREVAIL!! Bow your heads as we link ourselves through the Force."

40 heads in unison lowered their heads, letting the Force flow through them, focusing their anger and rage. As Force energy swirled through the room, they joined their brothers still arriving on Tarthos with them, making sure their brethren could feel as they did, and see as they did. The Force energy pulsated, ehcoing loudly through the room as they chanted. They felt one another in ways clanmates only could, linking themselves and trusting their instincts to one another. As 40 heads raised in unison, the force energy flushed out of the room, rippling through matter itself as it flowed outwars, such was the Force concentration.

As Muz took the stage, to explain defensive positions, someone started a chant in the crowd, perhaps it was Bob, drunk as he was.

"Woe to the K'hamara! Glory to Sadow!" began being chanted in the hall, and indeed, Raist felt bad for them. They knew not how powerful Clan Naga Sadow had become.

Manji: (Post 17)

As the frenzied chant rang around the hall, Manji felt pride and determination swell in his chest. A battle was approaching- for the glory of Naga Sadow he would fight with all his might. Jumping to his feet, the Archpriest unsheathed his katana and raised it into the air with a shout of triumph. The chant flattened out into a loud cheer as Muz stood on the stage with his arms crossed, tapping a foot impatiently.

Slowly the noise died down and Muz coughed, bringing up a 3D projection of the Cathedral and its surroundings from the holodeck.

"The K'hamara are moving towards this cathedral at a steady speed- at their current pace we expect them to arrive in thirty minutes. By then I want every gun turret on this fortress manned, I want the front windows filled with the finest sharpshooters in the clan. And I want a troop of our elite soldiers assembled in the courtyard, led by Raistlin."

With a bow to the Exarch, Muz continued to outline his strategy.

"For this battle we will use a method familiar to my brother and myself- we shall allow the enemy to enter our camp, then we shall fall upon them like wolves."

A sea of puzzled faces confronted this- except for Manji, who grinned widely at his brother.

"The K'hamara will approach the walls to be met with a hail of blaster fire. Their first objective will be to remove the main gate in order to break into the cathedral itself. However, as they approach we shall open the main gates and let them in. Eager for victory, they will charge into the courtyard, only for the gates to slam shut behind them. And then our elite troops will fall upon them from every side and crush them. However, one minor point to spoil your fun- I want at least one of them taken alive for interrogation. As for that field dampener, once we have eliminated the K'hamara we'll send troops out to deal with it. Any questions?"

There was another deafening silence- then a roar of approval as the Dark Jedi of Naga Sadow applauded their Quaestor then streamed out of the audience hall to their appointed positions. In less than thirty minutes the K'hamara would fall upon the walls of the Cathedral. If the Dark Jedi within had anything to do with it, the assault would be over before it started.

Korras: (Post 18)

Korras liked Muz’ plan. Heading to his quarters, he tapped his commsystem, to send a message to Arania. He was donning his energy claws when her image appeared.

“What? Where are you heading?”

“Nowhere, Arania. They have come to us, in numbers. Big numbers. We will crush this force. But I doubt we’ll be the only ones to do get a visit. One good thing, though. I found a book, once belonging to them. As soon as this fight is over, I’ll deliver it, and whatever else we can find, to you. They set foot on our ground, and I will see them crushed. We are powerful, and ready to take them on. but be prepared. Scholae Palatinae might be the next under attack.”

She saw her nod, and closed the commlink. He took his saber in his right hand, and tested the metal blade mounted on the hilt. In his hands, that part of his saber almost killed as many opponents as the saber itself, and had proven its worth more then once.

Malik came in. “15 more minutes, lets go. I’ve got Tie Interceptors and Advanced in reserve, ready to take on any air assault they might send.”

Korras nodded, and left with his Consul. Two minutes later, the two leaders of the clan were standing behind the gate, right where the main assault would come into compound, like a rock blocking a wave.

Jack: (Post 19)

Jack looked up as his optical sensors spiked with large numbers of heat-emitting bodies. He quickly ran to his office and picked up his lightsaber and shockgloves, his typical weapons for fighting. Clipping his lightsaber to his sash, he grabbed a large crate of trip mines. He stalked towards the heavy doors to the Cathedral and sent a message to Korras about his transfer of the codes and logs from the security cameras to the library. He knew what the K'hamara were looking for, he'd been one of the ones who'd read the books recently. Carefully stalking down the path to the Cathedral, taking care to not be noticed by the other security cameras, he placed the trip mines down the path knowing full well no Ragnosians were going to be coming out of the gates.

After about a mile and a half, he ran out of mines and threw the crate to the side. Turning his shockgloves to max power, he walked a little ways further down the path and stood in the middle, waiting for his newfound enemies. He knew nothing about them, except what he'd already heard. They were not friendly and obviously a much larger force than that of Marka Ragnos. Knowing that he had in several ways let down his House and Clan, he decided this was the only way to redeem himself and bring his family honor. The same honor that compelled him during his years in the Mandalorian forces, compelled him this day. He would bring the remaining members of his family much honor. He was going to fight to bring honor to his sister, Taliana, and his adopted brother, Morombath.

Looking back at the path he had come down, he knew he would not be able to go back that way. He was going to fight until every diode in his body was destroyed. He had come to grips with his lack of humanity not too long ago after his recent trip to Naboo to the laboratory where he was 'recreated' over fifty seven years ago. He knew that Taliana wasn't his actual sister, but he loved her like one. Ever since her parents adopted him into their family. He looked back down the path towards where the K'hamara were coming from and readied himself for the fight.

He stood there for about five more minutes before the first showed over the hill he stood at the base of. Seeing someone at the bottom of the hill, they charged down the hill at Jack, who stood there like a wall in an unknown stance. He called for the Force to guide his strikes as he grabbed the first K'hamara and slammed his head into a nearby rock. The K'hamara's head squished like a melon under a hammer from the momentum of his running down the hill and Jack slamming it into a wall. Jack quickly drew his saber and began to swing with ly accuracy granted to him by the Force. Cho-mai was followed by Sai Cha, which in turn turned into a Sai Tok flowing back to Cho-mai only to repeat this horrendous cycle. Soon, Jack found himself surrounded by K'hamara. He bowed his head as if waiting for their dealing blows. As they neared him, Jack lashed out with his saber, wounding several and dropping even more. As Jack continued this fight, he did not notice several who had snuck behind him. Jack felt a strange sensation he hadn't felt since the day he was killed so many years before hand. He was afraid. He feared not being there to protect his clan, his house, phyle...more so his family. He roared with anger, as he felt the knife get wrenched from the servos in his back as he spun and performed a Sai Tok on the one who stabbed him. The battle quickly went down hill for Jack as one of the blades from a nearby K'hamara severed a power cord to his left arm. As Jack's arm fell limp to his side, he pulled his trump card from the inside of his cloak. He pulled out a small device and activated it. Seconds later, the Jakual's Laughter came into view over him and Max could vaguely be seen in the pit.

"Fire the torpedos, Max...take care of my family. I'm done, Jakual won't be operational for much longer. Bring the message to Korras...maybe they'll get me back online. Fire the photons directly into the mass force," Jack said, quietly as several more K'hamara blades struck him solidly. Dropping the communicator, he picked up his lightsaber and smiled wickedly. He knew he had struck a hard blow to the K'hamara, and could 'die' honorably.

He went out fighting until the blue torpedos struck the ground, then he let the light consume him as he was thrown off a cliff and landed near the lake little more than a mile away from the Cathedral.

Korras recieved a message from a ship just landing in the hangar bay and Max, Jack's droid spoke trough the comlink, "Jack's gone, Master Korras. He was fighting the K'hamara outside of the Cathedral. He ordered me to fire on his location with photon torpedos as he was being beaten. Even in the end, Master was cunning...I think his body landed next to the lake a mile from the Cathedral. That is the message he asked me to give you. I would suggest you not go out there until after the battle. He set trip mines all along the path to hinder the advance of the K'hamara."


Bob: (Post 20)

Warmaster Bob settled into his position in one of the front windows of the Dark Cathedral. Peering through the scope of his XL169 sniper rifle at the oncoming enemy he could see they were in for quite a battle. With his two blastech DL-54 specials holstered at his side, his trusty 7 iron slung over his back, and a lightsaber clipped to his belt he was ready for whatever came at him. Once again he had drunkenly wandered into a situation that he would have to fight his way out of.

Manji: (Post 21)

Accompanied by the beat of drums and the shouts of frenzied K'hamar'a, the enemy troops moved steadily closer. Still and silent, the cathedral of Ragnos appeared totally still as snow fell about it. Then, as the K'hamar'an front line moved into range, there was a burst of scarlet light from windows and turrets as the defence systems and the Dark Jedi opened fire with a roar of energy.

Large chunks of the K'hamar'an front line fell to the ground, and behind them the enemy forces fell into confusion. Breaking their formation, they charged wildly towards the gates of the Cathedral in the hope of shelter. Suddenly, the gates began to creak open as the K'hamar'a approached. The deadly guns faltered, and the only sound was the creaking of ancient hinges as the gates swung open.

Blinded by their bloodlust, the enemy charged haphazardly into the enclosed courtyard- only for two Guardians standing behind the mighty doors to slam them shut quickly. Turning at the fateful sound, the K'hamar'a milled around in fear. Then the doors leading to the entrance hall burst open and a troop of black-clad Dark Jedi strode out, Raistlin and Muz Ashen at their head. Halting in front of the huddled army of K'hamar'a, Muz ignited his lightsabre meaningfully and lifted it to point at the enemy. Beside him Manji hopped up and down with his own lightsabre ready, eager for blood. Pausing for dramatic effect, Muz gave a twisted grin as he spoke quietly, the one word cutting through the assorted sounds of terror from the K'hamar'a.


Instantly several more black-clad figures leapt down from the walls on either side of the courtyard, cloaks fluttering about them as they landed around the K'hamar'a. There was a loud sizzling hum of power as lightsabres around the courtyard ignited. Then the world itself seemed to pause- drawing breath before the bloody slaughter.

Raistlin: (Post 22)

As the K'hamara streamed in through the broken front gates of the Mark Ragnosian stronghold, chaos ensued. Raistlin, Muz, Manji and the rest of the elite jedi whirled into the attackers, causing them to retreat to the flanks of the battlefield, dividing them even as they entered the Citadel grounds. From spots in towers high out of reach of the K'hamara came blaster fire as Ragnosian snipers picked off the invaders slowly but surely.

Raistlin whirled through the first K'hamaran, his blade bisecting the creature before it could even raise its weapon in defiance. He leapt over the second one, thrusting his lightsaber behind him, and through the back of another K'hamaran. As two more approached him from the left side, they bellowed a guttural war cry. Raistlin brought his blade up the meet them, but smirked as his face was covered in purple, K'hamaran blood. The head of the one charging at him had been blown clean off. Looking in the direction of the blaster bolt, he felt Bob's presence, through the Force. Throwing a thumbs up with his free hand, that he was sure the old Warmaster would see, he swung his blade in a circular menacing motion, cuasing the K'hamaran to hesitate. As he swung his bladed weapon, which, itself was almost the size of Raistlin, Raist ducked, delivering a sweep kick to the larger alien causing his knee to buckle. Raistlin spun his legs in the air, using the momentum to propel his body up. As he raised his body up, he brought the saber in a z-motion swing, which connected solidly on the alien's torso, causing him to drop.

"You owe me one" Bob telepathically sent to Raistlin. He smirked, as he turned his attention to the rest of the K'hamaran invaders. Already, Marka Ragnos had the upper hand, as several dozen K'hamarans had lost their lives while not a single kill had been taken by the members of Naga Sadow.

He knew that the spirit of Naga Sadow would guide them to victory on this day.

He swung his saber, decapitating a K'hamaran who itself was about to deliver a killer blow to Manji, who had fallen to the ground.

Raist offered his hand and pulled his Aedile up off the dirty ground, facing back-to-back as more K'hamarans surrounded them.

"Fun, eh?" Raist quipped sarcastically, as he lunged at the nearest K'hamaran.

Xanos: (Post 23)

The Elder awoke with a start as his eyelids unpeeled revealing his red and grey eyes. In a single fluid motion Xanos floated down from where he had been meditating halfway between the floor and the towering ceiling above. He reached out both arms, palms outstretched. There was a brief crack as his twin blades were spontaneously translocated to his hands across time and space. Something was wrong, he could feel it.

Xanos keyed in for a short subspace transmission from his personal comlink. “Consul, do you read.”

No answer.

He tried again. “Malik, do you read?”

Still nothing, he punched a few more numbers into his comlink.

“Proconsul Aquillarum, do you read? This is Dark Adept Xanos Sadow.”


It was not like the Clan Summit to be unavailable, especially from a private summons from one of the House Overlords. Something was most certainly wrong. He keyed in again, this time for all active internal Clan frequencies.

“This is Dark Adept Xanos Sadow, Overlord of House Ludo Kressh, could somebody please inform me where I may find the Consul?”

A short delay.

“Your Excellency, the Consul is not available at the Palace. He is on Tarthos with his deputy.”

“Tarthos,” Xanos mused on the thought. “Did I miss something, or has there been a meeting I was not informed of?”

“No, my lord,” the technician’s voice fluttered a little. “There has been a... an incident.”

Xanos raise an eyebrow. “An incident, you say? Get to the point.”

There was a clear gulp, audible even with the background static. “The Great Library, my lord. Its fallen under attack from the K’hamar’a.”

Xanos was silent. Though he had felt there was something wrong he was unaware that it would be anything as serious as the Clan falling under siege. His eventual reply was a cold hiss, “Why was I not sent for?”

“I do not believe any expected for the Great Library to fall under siege so soon,” spluttered the technician.

Xanos’ eyes burned with hidden rage. “I see,” was all he said evenly.

“I can have your shuttle pre-”

“That will be unnecessary,” Xanos cut him off. “I have the Acerbus if need be.” The Elder was referring of course to his private TIE starfighter.

“Should I inform them that you will be heading to reinforce their position, my lord?”

Xanos considered his options. Reaching out with the Force he felt around him, seeing what could not be seen. He saw the lines and flux of the Force stretching out before him, binding him to his surroundings. Looking beyond the walls he could see the lines trailing through the ancient Sadow Palace, one strong one linking between his private meditation chambers and the main communications room, another handful reaching out into the sky bonding him to his fellow Clansmen who were now at war. He saw the way the Force spiralled in toward the Palace, focussing in on himself as if he was a great conduit, focussing in on the shapes that were moving-

He pulled his thoughts back into himself. “No,” shaking his head, “no, that will not be necessary.”

“You will not be heading to Tarthos, my lord?”

“I am needed here,” he said assertively.

“Is there a problem, my lord?” asked the technician, suddenly uncertain of the situation.

“That will depend on how quickly our brothers deal with the situation on Tarthos. The Great Library is not the only place under threat.”

Bewildered the technician completely forgot formalities. “I… I do not understand.”

“There is a team of Force adepts, powerful Force adepts, moving through the Sadow Palace,” he said almost as if he was unmoved by the whole situation. “I believe they are heading for the main vault.”

“The vault?”

Xanos gave an audible sigh of impatience.

“Oh, um, sorry, my lord. I understand. I will leave you to deal with the, the, the intruders.”

Xanos shook his head slightly. “No, I do not know of these K’hamar’a. I would rather the problem at the Great Library be dealt with first.”

Xanos closed the channel and knelt back down into a meditative position, preparing to add his own aid to the battle playing out on Tarthos. Reaching out again into the Force he started to channel his own strength into his brothers and sisters on the far distant world of House Marka Ragnos. If the tales he had heard of the K’hamar’a were true Clan Naga Sadow would need the power of an Elder, they would need his help.

Though the battle on Tarthos seemed to be only a distraction. The true danger lurked in those who were already on their way toward the palace vaults. They would have to be dealt with but the survival of the dark cathedral was foremost above whatever relics the K’hamar’a hunted for on Sepros. After all, a group of Force adepts, no matter their strength, would fall before the power of a Sith Master.

Manji: (Post 24)

Snarling to himself, Manji wiped a smear of purple blood from his face as he and Raistlin circled, keeping a wary eye on the K'hamar'a nearby. Suddenly the Aedile let out a roar, throwing himself into the melee once more. Lightsabre flashing, he cut down several K'hamar'a effortlessly before one slid behind him, cutting off his return. Crouching slightly, Manji yanked his wakizashi out of it's sheath and screamed again, gathering his chi before throwing himself into the battle again. Suddenly the K'hamar'a sighed, collapsing to the floor with a gleaming emerald blade through it's stomach.

Grinning at Raistlin again, Manji turned and launched himself at the nearest group of enemies, his twin blades flashing in the cold sunlight. Like a whirlwind of death, he scattered the nearby foes until, battling through the crowd, he came face-to-face with Muz calmly pulling his sword out of another K'hamar'an corpse. Looking up, the Quaestor nodded at him then suddenly lashed out with a tendril of Force. The telekinetic blow smashed into a K'hamar'an sneaking up on Manji and threw him away into the far wall of the courtyard. As Manji turned to look, Muz shook his head slowly.

"Remember, bro, always concentrate on your surroundings. If I hadn't been here that guy could have hurt you."

Shaking his head, Manji straightened up and thrust his chest out with fierce pride.

"Nahh, I could take him."

Suddenly he thrust forward with one hand, the burning lightsabre skewering the forehead of a K'hamar'an behind Muz. Grinning widely at his older brother as the faceless corpse fell to the cobbles, Manji gestured toward the remaining alien horde.

"Shall we?"

Nodding, Muz hefted his own weapons.


With a cry, both brothers plunged into the enemy once more, scattering terrified K'hamar'an before them like leaves before an autumn gale.

Bob: (Post 25)

Apprentice Michael Lauridsen charged ruthlessly at an attacking K’hamar’a warrior. Slashing at him with his borrowed saber he removed limb after limb of the fierce enemy. Without hesitation he moved on to the next victim and stabbed his pink colored blade straight through its head leaving a three inch wide hole. Feeling danger from behind the apprentice quickly spun and was drenched in purple blood and brain matter as the would be attacker’s head shattered. Wiping his face, Lauridsen noticed where the shot had come from and gave a thumbs up, it would be the last thing the young apprentice would ever do. Before he realized it his arm was severed causing him to fall to one knee, looking up he was greeted with a K’hamar’a ax that split his head open ending the dark jedi’s life.


Warmaster Bob was holding his sight on the upper lip of the K’hamar’a who just ended the apprentice’s life when the rifle coughed. Bob rocked back with the recoil and the enemy disappeared. A kill shot drops a target so fast it seems as if the earth just swallows it up. When Bob came back to rest again, the only hint that just an instant before something was standing there was a faint purple halo of atomized blood and tissue momentarily suspended in air.

“Damed newbies,” Bob thought to himself as he continued to drop targets. The sith had slowed his heart rate down which enabled him to shoot between heartbeats. He had mostly been taking out the heavily armed enemies as they entered the gate but was also keeping an eye on the younger warriors who might need a little assistance from time to time. With the last few kills he was starting to draw some attention.

Deciding to move from his current location he flipped the rifle over to burst and started to move towards the battle in the courtyard.

Lenzar: (Post 26)

Epis Lenzar Demonis Entar had only just returned to the Orian system, having been involved in another mission. His partner on the previous mission, Raistlin, had been back for some time, but the Epis had offered to aid the Krath onboard the Legacy with the repairs, knowing his Sith heritage would prove useful.

"What's up, Muz?" Lenzar asked, seeing his Quaestor wore a worried expression. "Long story, Lenz, but to cut it short, we're under attack." the Archpriest replied, sabering an enemy that had somehow reached the landing zone.

Heading towards where Bob and several younger Jedi were having problems with groups of K’hamar’a, the Entar wasted no time in pulling out his lightsaber, ready for anything.

Manji: (Post 27)

As another K'hamar'an corpse slipped off his lightsabre, Manji looked up swiftly, expecting another attack. To his surprise, none was forthcoming- the courtyard was filled with small groups of Dark Jedi, congratulating each other over the still-warm bodies of hordes of K'hamar'a. Deactivating his sabre, Manji clipped the weapon to his belt and strode towards Muz as the Quaestor straightened up, an unconscious body over his shoulder. Looking up at Manji, Muz nodded and gestured towards the gates leading into the entrance hall.

"I managed to knock this one out- let's get him into the Grand Hall so we can get some information."


Eventually, the assorted Dark Jedi of Marka Ragnos were gathered in the Grand Hall, watching Muz strap the K'hamar'an to a chair at the front of the hall. Suddenly, the alien being came round, eyes wide and staring at the horrific sight of Muz's jet-black eyes staring at it with hostility. Staring at the alien, Muz opened a channel on his commlink to Max, Jack Ordo's droid companion. When the Quaestor spoke, his voice was a hiss of menace.

"Max? Translate. K'hamar'an scum, you are in the Grand Hall of the Marka Ragnos cathedral on Tarthos. If you try to escape you will die. If you lie to me, you will die. In fact, if you breathe at the wrong time, you will die. In the most painful, humiliating way that I or my brother can think up. Now... tell me why you are here. Why you attacked us."

The alien's eyes scurried around helplessly, looking for an escape route. There was only the hostile gaze of Muz Ashen- and behind him, the hyperactive grin of Nekura Manji, which seemed even worse in a worrying, unsettling way. Finally, the creature gave up then began to speak in a harsh, guttural language. As it finished, Max began to translate.

"The creature claims that the K'hamar'an forces did not intend to invade or conquer the cathedral, master Muz."

Muz frowned, brow wrinkling in thought.

"Then what were they supposed to do?"

In the same emotionless tones, the droid dropped the bombshell it had been holding gently.

"They were supposed to be a decoy."

Staring in horror at the creature, Muz suddenly burst into action- backhanding the K'hamar'an across the face even as he turned and shouted to several Dark Jedi standing near the back of the Hall.

"Quick, get to the Library! Make sure nothing has been taken!"

At that moment, as Korras moved purposefully through the crowd, a burst of static came from his commlink and the voice of Xanos Sadow rang around the hall.

"Ah, Proconsul Aquillarum. So glad I could finally get hold of you. Listen, a group of Force Adepts is moving through the Sadow Palace on Sepros- they seem to be searching for the artifacts inside the vault. Now that you seem to have dealt with the situation on Tarthos, perhaps yourself and Consul Malik could join me here? And bring several of your seasoned warriors. I sense that more Force Adepts may attempt to infiltrate quite soon."

Suddenly the commlink clicked off as Xanos closed the channel. Wheeling toward the doors of the Grand Hall, Korras called out the names of the Dark Jedi to accompany him.

"Muz, Manji, Raist, Lenzar and Bob- come with me. We're taking out that field dampener- and fast, so we can get to Goat on Sepros."

Following the Proconsul out of the Grand Hall, the assorted warriors checked their weapons in preparation for the possible battles ahead.


08-02-2005 18:15:17

Raistlin sat in an armored transport, the space suit he was encased in would protect him from both the lack of an atmosphere on Tarthos, as well as the extreme cold. It was the winter time of year on the planet and he glanced over the faces of his companions, which were visible through the viewport of the suits they all wore.

Korras stood at the helm of the transport, the weapons he brought with him were light, only choosing his saber, as did Raistlin. Lenzar had taken a modified carbine in addition to his saber, and Bob had brought his modified A295 Blaster rifle, as well as a saber, though he doubted he would need it.

He was forced to cut his observations short as the transport began to shake, the Sith Guardian pilot at the helm was swerving from left to right, and out of the viewport, he could see blaster fire raining.

"Alright guys," Korras began, "We're going in hot. Lenzar, you're gonna man the E-Web turret" Korras gestured to the bay door-mounted E-Web. "I need you to lay down suppression fire. Bob, we're gonna cover you as you get to a sniper position, just pick off as many as you can. Raist, Muz, Manji and me are going to assault the dampener and take it down. Any questions?" The bay fell silent as the pilot flipped a switch, turning the transport hard to one side, so that it would cover their disembarking.

"Let's Move!" Korras screamed, the bay door opened and within seconds they were all out. Lenzar, began firing almost immediately, nearly hitting the assembled Naga Sadowan's with his first barrage. Bob fanned out and as the K'hmarans started to fire at him, Raistlin jumped inbetween, spinning and deflecting the blaster shots, giving him time to run up a nearby hill, to get a good vantage point.

As Raistlin managed to get a good look at his surroundings, he saw the field dampener in front of him, it was surrounded by K'hmarans, almost more then those that had assaulted the Citadel. He cursed his luck as Muz, Manji, and Korr moved with him, striding toward battle. As the K'hmarans charged their position, He saw the front ranks being dropped, by E-Web fire, as well as head shots from his pal, Bob, atop the nearby ridge.

As the K'hmarans closed the gap, Raist outstretched his palm making a gesture to bring it, and within moment,s the battle proper began.

Muz Ashen

08-02-2005 19:08:44

"Well?" Muz snarled at the K'hamar'ans. "Do you want to live forever?"

The beasts snarled in rage as Muz ignited his purple sabre, his free hand retrieving the famed Nagamichi blade. Manji strode alongside his brother, eschewing the sabre for Ryuujin and Tora, close range weapons for a more dervish style.

The jedi became as tornadoes of blood, death emanating from them like light from stars. Spinning from one strike to the next, arcs of sabre light carving swaths into newly rent flesh, the sons of Sadow made their way through the herd toward the field dampeners.

Muz broke off from the group, using a slice of his sabre to breach the dampener's control panel. Before the metal stopped glowing, Muz had deactivated the machine, leaving a present for the K'hamar'a in the form of a thermal detonator. Slapping the panel back down over it, he rushed back to their sides.

"Fire in the hole!" Manji wiped blood from his face as he ran back through the path they had made, the road of broken bodies soiling their boots.

The machinery exploded in a calvacade of sparks, the sound wave knocking down the last row of K'hamar'an soldiers before the noise reached the Jedi. The wave of fire took care of what few leftovers their blades did not take care of.

"Now what?" Korras laughed as he peered down the field at the few surviving creatures.

"Huh?" Manji tapped the side of his head, trying to get his hearing back.


08-02-2005 19:37:56

Raistlin spun, as the K'hmaran swiped his claw at him. While his agility, even with the Force helping him had been greatly restricted because of the mobility problems in the space suit, Raistlin was still able to dance around the much slower creature in front of him. Raistlin did a backflip as the creature growled its displeasure, raising its arms in the air.

Raistlin brought his saber up, prepared to strike, but the creature's head exploded before he even had a chance to, spraying green blood everywhere.

Raist looked, squinting his eyes to see Bob flashing him a thumbs up. That's twice in one day Raist thought to himself I must be getting old He smirked as he saw the few K'hmarans left being cut down where they stood by Manji or blasted away by Lenzar. He strode over to where Korras was.

"Raist, he said, gather everyone up. I just spoke to the members, we're prepping every available vessel for launch to Sepros. We're going to need the combined might of Naga Sadow if we plan to stand a chance against whatever the hell's going on."

Raistlin nodded, issuing the "form-up" command, by pumping his fist up and down. He knew too well about squad commands, having lead several during his time with the Fist. Bob came down from the hill and as the last K'hmaran fell, a gaping wound in its chest, the members of the Ragnosian strike force got back onboard the transport, which had taken several direct blaster hits.

He was sure Jack Ordo would be pissed about that, but raist would calm him down. A direct assault on the dampener, no friendly casualties or injuries, and just some blaster scoring on the hull. Things could have been a lot worse.

A lot worse.... And as he entered the outstretched bay door, strapping himself in for the trek back to the Citadel, he shuddered as he realized, the worst had yet to come.

Nekura Manji

09-02-2005 03:57:56

The transport lumbered into the great, blood-slicked courtyard of the Cathedral and it's passengers jumped out, striding through the snow towards the mighty hangar nearby. As the doors slammed open to welcome them, a score of Dark Jedi looked up in surprise then grinned and went back to their work.

All around them transports and fighters were being prepared, ready for the trip to Sepros. Running over to his personal ship, the Fallen Spear, Muz stroked the hull lovingly then pulled the controls out of his jacket and tapped a few buttons. A ramp hissed down from the ship's innards and Manji and Muz stepped onboard, followed by the other members of the Ragnosian strike force.

Soon every ship in the hangar was primed and ready to go. Opening up a channel to all the ships, Korras cleared his throat then spoke authoritatively into the commlink.

"Destination: Sepros. As quick as you can. Once you get there head for the Sadow Palace- we'll regroup outside the main doors. Now go!"

A roar of engines greeted his last command as every ship in the hangar slowly lifted off, maneuvring out of the hangar then bursting away, up into the snowy atmosphere of Tarthos.

Muz Ashen

09-02-2005 13:00:27

The Autocthonian ship smoothly cleared the white clouds and delved deep into the black of space. Korras squirmed in the command seat, staring at unfamiliar controls as Muz talked to the ship's AI, VASIC. Korras despised the Fallen Spear, but he could not deny that it was terribly useful while Astronicus' Reach was in repair dock.

"ETA?" Korras cleared his throat.

"Twenty minutes." Muz grumbled as he pulled up a screen in front of the tactical desk.

Manji swiveled his chair to look. "Oh, frell...."

"What?" Korras sat up, carefull not to touch the electronics-laden armrests.

"Long range scanners indicate more than a few attack ships in orbit above the Sadow Palace." Muz tapped a few keys as he spoke. "VASIC can't ID them. Must not be imperial, republic, or autocthonian."

"K'hamar'ans..." Korras slid back into his chair. He hadn't planned on that.

"K'hamar'ans have ships?" Lenzar looked up, a quizzical look on his face. "I thought they were just primitives..."

"Primitive like wookies." Korras shook his head. "They've been living on their ships since their planet got wasted. They only disembark for parts runs and attacks."

"That's a long time to be working out of starships." Manji wondered aloud.

"Yeah, and that means a lot of time to work on their maneuvers. They had to survive the Antarran navy too, you know." Muz stood up slowly, moving over to the ancillary command centre to make a few adjustments.

"What are we going to do, then?" Manji scratched his head as he swivelled back to look out the front screen.

"Korras, I'm going to turn on our cloaks. we're running ahead of the others, and maybe we can take down some of the big dogs before they arrive...save us a few ships." Muz explained. "Lenzar, you used to be a sith."

Lenzar nodded slowly.

"Good. Take tactical. We have eight proton missiles, a pretty good array of lasers, and the ion cannon. You know what to do better than I do." Muz continued, his boots clanking across the floor as he paced. "Manji, Get back to the Avatars in the rec hall and get them into turrets. More eyes behind those guns means more targets to get taken down."

Manji nodded and got up, moving toward the door. Lenzar moved from his seat over to the tactical array, pulling out the targeting reticle and getting a feel for the alien controls.

"Okay, we're going to go to stygians in thirty seconds." Muz grinned. "They'll never see us coming."

Nekura Manji

09-02-2005 16:25:04

Looking up in puzzlement, the Avatars turned to watch the door of the rec hall as footsteps slapped against the metal, followed by the sibilant hiss of the door opening. Sticking his head in, Manji shouted into the room urgently.

"Avatars, get to the turrets! I want you to blast everything that moves on Muz's signal- as long as it's not one of ours, obviously."

As the Dark Jedi followed him through the innards of the ship, sprinting to the gun turrets, Manji headed for the cockpit. As he reached it Manji turned and clambered up a narrow ladder into the main gun turret. Swinging it round, he slipped a headset on and pulled the targeting reticle down, sighting on the distant ships. At that moment Muz's voice crackled in his ear.

"Manji, stygians are going up- brace yourself."

Nodding, Manji narrowed his eyes as he focussed on the distant ships, ignoring the ship around him. He'd flown on the shielded 'Spear before. At that moment the hull of the ship shimmered- and disappeared. From Manji's vantage point there was no ship- merely the suggestion of a dark shape against the blackness of space. Engines muted, the ship glided threateningly towards the K'hamar'an ships with every gun on board levelled at the enemy fleet. Piloting the ship carefully in between two cruisers and into the centre of the K'hamar'an fleet, Muz smirked and muttered to himself.

"They may have ships, but they're still too primitive to know about stygians. Manji? Avatars? Lenzar?"

There was a chorus of hushed 'yeah?'s from around the ship. Mouth curving into a grin, Muz spoke again.


With an explosion of light, the Fallen Spear opened fire, every gun turret blazing away at the ships all around. A screeching roar echoed through the ship as Lenzar loosed two proton missiles at the power plant of the largest cruiser directly ahead, then switched to his lasers and began to bombard the enemy ship's own laser turrets. There was a series of high-pitched hummings from above as Manji swung his turret back and forth, firing ion blasts at the ships nearby. Teeth clenched, the Archpriest roared in triumph.

"How do you like that, huh?!"

Alarm sirens sounded from the K'hamar'an ships as they swung round to address this threat in their midst. Igniting the engines again, Muz forced the 'Spear forwards and round in a curving arc, hissing to himself as he piloted around one of the cruisers.

"This could be more difficult than I thought..."


10-02-2005 03:26:02

Raistlin flew toward Sepros in his prototype fighter. Designed for a rogue Imperial Warlord, the craft was the epitome of a fighter vessel. The "Dark Seraphim" was faster then most any vessel that Marka Ragnos had, and he quickly left all but the Fallen Spear in the dust. While other members had chosen tofly their custom craft, raist had personally asked Bob-fett to acompany him. While Raistlin had flown a TIE Interceptor during his time in the TIE Corps, he knew Bob was a much superior pilot and it would let Raistlin concentrate on shooting down the K'hmaran threat. As they approached the enemy vessels, Raistlin saw nearly two dozen fightercraft, as well as a cruiser and a frigate analog.

"Goatham, this is Raistlin, We are in orbit around Sepros, Goat, this...." Raist stopped, the connection light from the comm receiver wasn't lit and he swore as he realized that whoever the craft were, they had jaming capabilities.

Raist stood up, smiling at Bob and flashing him the thumbs up. As Bob sat, well no, sank into the control seat, he looked back at Raist, smirking "Jeeze Raist, I almost had an orgasm from this thing." Raist looked back, sliding down the ladder to the gunnery hatch, a half-sarcastic, sh*teating grin on his face "It massages too, just keep the leather clean." He slid down the ladder, buckling himself into the combat cockpit. Strapping on a headset that interfaced him with Bob, he gripped the joystick and brought the targeting redical down.

"Aight Bob, you ready to do some damage?" Raist asked,

"I got ya covered buddy, we're coming in hot, Go after the Starfighters, by the time the rest of the clan arrives, we should be set to take down theose warships."

As Raist felt the ship lurch he saw the fighters, coming in at the 'Phim', The ship turned upside-down barrel rolling as Bob screamed through the comm system "Yeeeee-haw! This baby's got a kick to it!" Raist smiled, swivelling the chair and firing, his quad laser bursts catching a K'hmaran Y-Wing dead center. Like a surgeon, the blaster fire disected the cockpit from the twin engines, erupting as Raist notced a kill mark on the wooden support beam behind him.

"Aight Bob, bring me back around, we got as score to settle."

Muz Ashen

10-02-2005 09:03:07

"Was it a good day to die, you frelling sons of chisses?" Lenzar laughed as he watched the missiles rectally invade the K'hamar'an capital ship. The explosions within answered the Entar's call, accompanied, no doubt by the death cries of the passengers. Swinging his targeting systems to focus on fighter after fighter Lenzar was having a fun time.

Korras relaxed in the command seat, eyes smirking in perverse glee at the dozens of ships being torn apart by the Jedi of Marka Ragnos. "Muz?"

"Sir?" Muz turned from his systems analysis computers.

"How far behind are the others?"

Muz tapped a few keys, minute beeps punctuating the strokes. "A few minutes. That ship over there..." Muz pointed at a small fighter in the corner of the viewscreen. "...that's the Saraphim, Raistlin's ship."

"How is he doing?" Korras' eyebrow went up in concern as Muz consulted his computer.

"Fine. His shields have only taken a few hits. And it looks like he's doing just fine out there. Hell that cruiser over there...he put that down by himself."

"Well, I'm impressed." Korras muttered before clearing his voice. "Can we open a comm to Sadow Palace?"

"There's some frequencies jammed, but the 'Spear has a few other bands we can use. Might be able to EMP the jammer ship with a good Ion blast, too. Just don't know which ones." Muz tapped a few more keys.

Korras leaned back in his seat, chuckling quietly.

Alarms pierced the air. Korras sprang forward quickly. "What did I touch?"

Muz smashed keys furiously, then slapped the console, standing up. "VASIC, auditory commands."

(("Auditory mode activated")) The synthetic voice was female, and entirely too smooth to even pretend to be real.

"VASIC, what is the alarm for?" Muz stared out the windscreen as the auxiliary screen lit up, a radar scanner activating to show a swarm of blipos heading from the far left, and a tiny mess of blips coming from behind.

(("Unknown aggressives, captain, heading on attack vector."))

"Frell." Korras stood up quickly. "Muz, I'm going down to the bay, prep my fighter for launch. We'll need all the guns out there we can."

Muz nodded as he pressed a few buttons on the datapad in his left arm. The loss of his left arm was at least a benefit in the new technology he had installed. Opening a channel to the rest of the ship, Muz moved to the captain's chair.

"Jedi of Marka Ragnos. We need to incapacitate all of the remaining ships quickly. Manji, switch the ions to full auto and strafe the hell out of everything. We need to take down the jammers and tell the Kressh to launch." Muz growled to himself. "And be careful, Raistlin and Korras are out there."

Muz clicked off the commlink as he sat down, watching Lenzar's face light with glee as he shredded fighter ships left and right. Tapping the console in the right armrest, he had the scanners run a check on the incoming k'hamar'an fleet.

(("Captain?")) VASIC's voice rang through the air as Muz's black eyes widened.

"Feec." Muz sneered. two of the ships coming in looked large enough to be troop transport. The K'hamar'ans wanted to take Sadow Palace, and Sepros altogether.


"What?" Muz snarled, irritated.

(("The cloaking system cannot be maintained under the current rate of fire. The unit has overheated and will be shut down."))

"Son of a..."


10-02-2005 15:58:28

Raistlin swore loudly as one of the K'hmaran ships peppered his craft with laser blasts. He swung the turretts around, firing and catching the Y-Wing before it could loop around again.

"Raist, we have incoming. More K'hmaran ships. Troop carriers and another 3 dozen starfighters. Naga Sadow ships are on the way, The Astronicus's reach and the Crimson Angel have an ETA of less than 5 minutes."

"Bob, we need the comm jammers taken out. Send us on an attack run of that frigate." Raist swivelled in the chair, flipping a switch to have his ship's ion cannons come online.

As the Seraphim closed the gap between it and the frigate, Bob skillfully dodged the turbolaser and starfighter fire coming at it. Missile locks were disengagewd as Bob took the Seraphim on a nosedive spin, forcing the fighters to break off.

Rastlin fired shot after shot, connecting, but hardly doing damage to the Frigate's shields. He swore again as warning lights flashed throughout the ship.

"Shields down to 30%, Recommend evasive maneuvers. Warning, Shields down to 26% and failing. Recommend evasive maneuvers." the voice came over the loudspeaker.

"Raist, we're losing shields fast." Bob commented "We're gonna be taking hull damage soon."

Raist settled back into the gunners chair, firing away, despite the warnings. "I have a recharge online once the shields fail, we'll hold for awhile longer Bob, but keep dodging as much fire as possible. We have to bring the jammer on this frigate down." As the ship rocked again, Raist slammed his fist, cursing loudly.

"Bob, Bring up missiles, Dammit! Where are the rest of the clan members?!? He exclaimed in wonder that they hadn't shown up. He knew Muz and Manji weren't fairing much better, despite the lack of communications. They needed some help fast, or they wouldn't even have a chance to come to the aid of Malik on Sepros


10-02-2005 18:52:01

Xanos’s eyes darted open. The intruders. His attention shifted from the battle taking place in the skies above and returned to the immediate surroundings of Sadow Palace. A ruse; it had all been a ruse. The K’hamar’a were not after the Great Library of Marka Ragnos, they were after the sacred artefacts stored within the main vault. The Book of Truth, Teaching Riddles, the Tablet of R’puntaf or even the Tapestry recovered only a few standard months earlier; all were at the mercy of the lone band of adepts who had thus far succeeded in infiltrating the main palace.

Xanos reached for his portable comm receiver and summoned it to his hand with a crack as the device translocated into his waiting grip.

“All Palace Guard are to report to the Grand Vault immediately. I repeat all Palace Guard are to report to the Grand Vault. Lethal force is authorised; kill any intruder.”

That would at least buy Xanos some time to make his own way to the vault and deal with the intruders. He only hoped it wasn’t already too late, he couldn’t sense them in the Force anymore.


Captain Martok of the Palace Guard threw the doors of the Grand Vault open with a flick of his wrist. He may not have been a true initiate of the Brotherhood but he was a rival to most Journeymen given his training in the black arts known only to those fervently loyal to Clan Naga Sadow. His contingent of the elite guard were some of the few veterans to have made the journey with their dark overlords and travelled across the galaxy from Phare to their new home here in the Orian cluster.

The Palace Guard charged into the Grand Vault taking up instinctive flanking positions memorised through hundreds upon hundreds of drills. Captain Martok was a strict instructor and taught discipline as if it without it life could not exist; one could argue such a belief was true given the fate that awaited those who disobeyed the captain of the guard.

“Reveal yourselves,” ordered Martok, his voice was worn with age and conveyed his experience.

There was no answer. Martok gave a nearly invisible nod to one of his sergeants and in an instant the chamber was alight with the flash of blaster fire. An instant later it was silent again.

“The next volley won’t miss, reveal yourselves,” barked Martok, this time his voice was nothing but raw authority.

Again his commands were met with silence. He waved his hand and gestured to his guard contingent to move into firing positions. Another half dozen of the Palace Guard filtered in through the door and arrayed themselves around the entrance foyer to the Grand Vault.


The Palace Guard erupted in blaster fire as they laid down a screen of suppression fire designed to force their opponents out. A few of the special detail guardsmen threw a number of flash grenades to the far side of the foyer to lure their quarry out. A smoke bomb exploded and the whole of the guard followed captain Martok’s lead, drawing their swords and pikes and throwing themselves into the fog of war.


Xanos Sadow strode into the vault with his twin lightsabers already glowing. His expression was burning with rage and even captain Martok took a step back as the Adept approached.

“Where are they?” spat Xanos. It was rare for him to allow his mood to betray his better judgement but, as all who knew him well understood, on those rare occasions when he did let go of his outer harmony his inner anger boiled to the surface.

Captain Martok stepped forward. “We found no bodies, my lord.”

Xanos raised an eyebrow and looked around in disbelief at the burn marks and shattered floor panels. “No bodies? This is a battle scene captain. What in Lord Sadow’s name happened here?”

Captain Martok straightened his shoulders. “We do not know, my lord. We arrived and my men assembled into their pre-designated formation. As per our simulations we laid down suppression fire in an effort to lure…”

The Dark Adept cut him off. “I do not care for the details” he stated clearly, his voice a little more under control though only a fool would have failed to appreciate the underlying impatience. “What happened here? Where are the enemy? Who were they?”

The captain shook his head. “I cannot answer that.”

Xanos narrowed his gaze and shut off his sabers. “I see.”

Martok continued. “Like I said we arrived and followed procedure but straight after we charged, assuming whomever we had pursued to this location would have been driven out of cover, it became clear there actually weren’t any intruders on scene.”

Xanos turned his back and paced along the display of cabinets at the rear of the vault. They were all still there except for one. The Tablet of R’puntaf was missing.

“I assume your men noticed that one of the artefacts is missing.”

Martok gave a slight nod. “Yes, my lord. It occurred to us as soon as the smoke settled that whoever they were must have left before we arrived.”

Xanos returned the nod. “And is that possible?”

Martok turned his head toward the doorway. “I would have said no but it appears I must be mistaken about our security arrangements.”

“I take your word for it, captain,” replied Xanos, his voice a little more understanding than when he had first stormed into the vault. “I brought you and your duty with us to Sepros for a reason after all.”

“I appreciate your belief in me and my men, my lord,” said Martok with trained military evenness.

Xanos waved his hand dismissively. “No doubt,” he stared blankly for a moment as if his mind were momentarily separated from his body. “We will have time afterward to reassess our security measures and discover how the K’hamar’a succeeded in breaking into the vault and escaping undetected. For now we need to recover that tablet.”

“I am at your command, your Excellency.”

“Unnecessary,” replied Xanos. “They succeeded in breaking into the vault so it is almost certain that they will have succeeded in escaping the palace by now. This is twice now. They distracted me for long enough to allow them to break into the vault by assaulting Tarthos and now they have distracted us by having wasted our time here securing an empty room.” He shook his head.

“My men can deploy our fighter wing and try to stop their escape transport before it reaches their fleet.”

“No, if they were this clever then they won’t be simply flying a foreign transport through empty space. They’ll have thought through how to smuggle the tablet off the surface, they’ve already completed the hard part by evading my detection right here inside Sadow Palace itself.”

“There is always a chance, your Excellency,” replied captain Martok reassuringly.

Xanos shook his head again. “It is too late for chance, captain. Have your guard redeployed and seal all exits in and out of the palace. I want full lockdown.”

“It is done. Will that be all, lord?”

Xanos turned his head skyward. “Have the docking crew ready my ship. It may be too late to stop the K’hamar’a escaping with the tablet but they are fools if they think us too cowardly to pursue them in order to reclaim it.”

“I will have the Acerbus rearmed at once.”


“They’re withdrawing!” shouted someone over the comm network.

There were a few cheers from some of the pilots as they landed a quick succession of kills as most of the K’hamar’an fleet pulled away from their main blockade and adjusted their headings for deep space.

“Is that good or bad?” called Manji over the background static.

Korras answered. “I don’t know. I assume good; but why would they pack up and leave?”

“Stop your talking and keep shooting!” barked Raistlin. “This isn’t over yet. And who said anything about them leaving this party?”

Foresight and Wandering Soul move to intercept and engage the K’hamar’an capital ships at close range,” ordered the Consul over the public line. “Block off their escape.”


Xanos assessed his radar screen. It wasn’t good. The K’hamar’an ships were of a much older design but they outnumbered the Clan fleet almost three to one. They also had the advantage of proper deployment compared to the majority of the Clan ships which had been forced to take the short jump in system to get to Sepros.

The K’hamar’an fleet was starting to pull off. He had been right; they were too late to stop them securing the Tablet of R’puntaf. It still didn’t make sense though, how had they done it? There was no way a shuttle could have just made its way through the chaos of this battle without someone noticing it. The Tablet of R’puntaf was a powerful artefact; many of the learned scholars of Marka Ragnos had studied it when it had first come into the Clan’s possession, someone would have felt it.

There was a pattern emerging here. Deception after deception after deception. The assault on Tarthos had been a ruse. The timed attack on the Grand Vault had been worked to perfection to cover the intruders’ withdrawal. The K’hamar’an fleet breaking off for hyperspace; was it real or was it just another feint?

Someone must have felt the tablet, thought Xanos silently.

He quickly flicked on the open comm line.

“…off their escape.” Malik’s voice.

“Rescind that order,” called Xanos, less over the static of the network than it was directly spoken into everyone’s mind.

“Xanos? What are you doing up here?” called Bob. “I thought we were coming to save you down there?

“We can discuss the details during the debriefing, Warmaster. I need to know if anyone has sensed the Tablet of R’puntaf.”

“The tablet?” replied Tissaya. “What’s that got to do with anything right now?”

“The K’hamar’a have lifted it from the palace vault. Has it been transported to one of those ships?”


Has it been transported to one of those ships?

“Not that I’ve sensed, but we are having a war out here if you hadn’t noticed.”

Xanos hissed over the comm line.

“Enough,” shouted Malik. “Why have you called off our command ships?”

“The battle’s a ruse.”


“If the tablet is not aboard those ships then either our intruders are still in the palace or somewhere on the surface.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“No,” agreed Xanos reluctantly. “It doesn’t.”

“Why all this?”

Xanos couldn’t follow either. The K’hamar’a had gambled their whole fleet in the defence of Sepros and the apparent ‘theft’ of the Tablet of R’puntaf. Even in such a short time they must have lost more than a third of their ships. It didn’t add up. Why would they have left the palace with the Tablet if not to bring it to the ships?


The facts connected. “Break off the attack!” cried Xanos.


“Break off!”

“What’s going on?”

“Everyone is to make for Sadow Palace; the Tablet of R’puntaf is still on the ground.”

Xanos cursed. Why hadn’t he realised earlier? The K’hamar’a had masked their presence from him in the Force; what was to stop them hiding the Tablet of R’puntaf too?

Nobody else had entered the Grand Vault.


Captain Martok surveyed the vault one last time before signalling two of his men to bolt the doors. They both holstered their weapons a second before a pair of perfectly placed rounds shattered their helmets.

“What in the name of Darth?” yelled Martok as he spun around and deflected a third bolt with his sword.

“The door shall not be sealed, captain,” replied the detached voice of a figure cloaked in the blue robes of the Palace Guard.

“Larthen? What in blazes are you doing man?”

“You shall not keep the K’hamar’a from what is rightfully theirs,” said Larthen.

“You have to be kidding me. It was you?”

“No,” Larthen paused.

Three voices replied in unison. “It was us.” Two more of the Palace Guard moved to either side of Larthen; one bearing the Tablet of R’puntaf under his arm.

“If you want to enter the vault you’ll have to get through me first.”

“That is as we were intending, good captain.”


11-02-2005 14:25:41

Raistlin climbed up the ladder from the Seraphim's turrett control center. Communications had been restored, and they had been instructed by Xanos to disengage. By now, much of the Naga Sadow fleet had arrived, Their capital ships were doing a number on the remaining K'hmaran ships still in orbit.

"Bob, flip on the cloaking device. Let's get down to the planet undetected." As he nodded, Raistl leaned back in the copilot's chair. Three confirmed starfighter kills, an assisted cruiser killed, and an assisted frigate disabled. Not bad at all he thought to himself, allowing himself to relax, albeit briefly. As the Seraphim phased out of sight, he kicked back in the chair, putting his feet up. From his pocket, he lit up some kind of pre-rolled cigar. As Bob's nose wrinkled at the smell, Raist smirked. "Helps ya relax Bobbie." He offered it to Bob who declined, preferring to keep his mind focussed on the task at hand.

"Raist, whenever you want me to fly this baby again, just let me know. This thing is incredible!" He said, as he flew into the upper atmoshpere of Sepros, making for the palace. Raist said nothing walking back from the cockpit, grabbing his lightsaber, a pair of daggers, a heavy blaster pistol and a thermal detonator. He came back up, settling into the chair, knowing that the battle ahead would be just a s fierce. However, he was prepared, and ready for it. He wouldn't let Naga Sadow down.

The Seraphim descended into the atmosphere, and he opened a channel to Goatham, asking to be updated on his situation.

Muz Ashen

12-02-2005 23:52:16

"Let me get that straight, Xanos." Muz stood, aghast at the orders not to persue the fleeing K'hamar'an Fleet. "You want us to let the nasty buggers live?"

"That's not what I said, Ashen." Xanos was a little irritated by the turn of events. The continued deception from the K'hamar'ans made issuing decisive orders difficult. "Kill as many as you can, but do not give chase. I need whatever ground troops you can spare down here."

"Understood, Goat. Ashen out." Muz stamped back to his command seat as Lenzar locked on yet another capital ship with long-range torpedos. Manji had managed to Ion blast the communications jammer, and that was the turn of the tide. Raistlin had fled the field, as did Korras, to assist in the Palace, and Muz had to make a quick decision as to who he would send of the Ragnosians to aid them. With Ordo missing, probably dead, there was no one to lead the Avatars, which mattered little as they were already aboard the 'Spear. Then again, the Hawks...

"Ashen to Vortex." Muz tapped the commpad.

Link Vortex' voice seeped through static and hiss. "Vortex here."

"I need you to lead the hawks to ground. Provide ground support for Kressh, and backup for the Raptors." Muz stroked his goatee, his black eyes flashing with sudden insight. His Obelisk battle team was new, but had one of the best Obelisk's leading it. Jasru Lakca was being courted by the Guard since the Jedi War. The young bluecloak had proved himself a master of the ways of war, and was more than halfway through his Knight trials.

Muz clicked off the comm, switching to a different frequency. "Jasru, this is Ashen. The Night Hawks wll provide backup. I need you to get down to ground and support Malik and Xanos. They have an intruder, and they need him caught."

"Aye, Muz." Jasru's image flickered across the viewscreen, interrupted by the flash of a K'hamar'an ship falling prey to Lenzar's volleys. "The force be with you."

"And with you." Muz clicked off the comm yet again, switching to interior messaging. "Manji, avatars, good job. Keep firing on the K'hamar'ans. I suspect that when we don't give chase, that they will return. Until then, I want you guys to lay down sporadic suppressive fire. Conserve our generators and save up power for if they return." Muz slouched back into his chair. There was something terrifyingly wrong here, he just could not put a finger on it. Something felt sick in the Force...something un-natural.

Manji's voice echoed tinnily through the speakers. "We're not following them, eh?"

"No." Muz shrugged, trying to get comfortable. "I already sent the others down. We'll stay up here to defend from that fleet."

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Manji muttered, his comm crackling as it turned off.

"I do too." Muz stared out the viewscreen at the distant enemies. "I do too...."


13-02-2005 01:02:30

As Pheniox entered the system he say all the debris from the battle and quickly boosted power to his sheilds and weapons. Then he got on the comms and called up the clan’s battle channel. "This is templer pheniox calling Naga Sadow what’s going on out here i just entered the system and there is a hell of a battle going on out here." There was a crackle and suddenly Pheniox's speakers were booming with the familiar voice of Goatham, “We have a situation on sepros, so get down here and meet up with a new face for you named Jasru, he’s leading our ground defenses, help him any way you can.”

After landing outside of House Ludo Kressh’s defense grid Pheniox ran, using the force to boost his speed, through the halls of the base looking for this Jasru character.


13-02-2005 01:15:01

Raistlin smiled as he set the ship down on in the central courtyard of the clan's Headquarters. He rushed out of the craft, followed almost lacksidaisically by Bob.

"Cmon! I've been itchin to fight for too long. These K'hmaran bastards are going to pay for invading the Great Temple!" Raist shouted, already running toward the long stairway.

>>Raist........ Raist it's Muz, come in<<

Bob checked the comm link he had dangling from his belt, as Raistlin stopped, waiting for news.

>>I'm sending down Jasru and the Night Raptors to asist you guys, they should be there any second from now, where are you?>>

"Raist, wait up. Jasru is on his way." Bob couldn't help breaking a smirk, knowing how eager Raistlin was for battle.

Raist looked at Bob like his best friend had just been shot. He didn't know whether to be angry, happy, or falt out insane.

Instead he just sighed, leaning against the hull of the Seraphim, clipping his lightsaber.

He hated waiting when battle was close at hand, his adrenaline was pumping, and he was eager to spill Kha blood. However, he had to agree with Muz, it was tactically sound. He admired Jasru, who was to be promoted to Commander of the Guard following the invasion. Raist himself was a former CoG, and still kept his black guard armor. While young, perhaps one of the most inexperienced to ever hold the position, as he had yet to even complete his Knight trials, Raist knew Jasru could handle it, even Raist had been a Hunter at one point, although that seemed like eons ago, he had sworn to aide the young Commander, so that the guard would not falter as it had in the past, and for that the first time in a long time, The Royal Guard could rise to glory.

As he waited, he felt sorry for whoever was daring to mess with Naga Sadow. He also felt a sense of pride.

"Bob, since we got a minute or two to kill..... haven't we come a long way?"

Bob looked at him, half-smiling, "Yea dude, I know what you mean. Hell, I remember when our only clan vessel for official missions was the Fettish. Now we run veritable empires. It's an empowering feeling, we were in on the ground floor, you and me Raist."

Raist smiled back, "Yea Bob.... it feels pretty damn good."

And they waited.


13-02-2005 01:51:22

As Pheniox was running through the halls of the palace he ended up bumping into Raist and Bob. Pheniox look at the two Jedi and said, “Hey guys what’s going on looks like you started the fun with out me.” As the two brought Pheniox up to speed on what was going on he pulled out a small flask and took a long pull before passing it to Bob who drained the rest of its contents in one long pull. Just as Pheniox was processing the new information a small transport landed and a few Jedi ran down the ramp, when they came over Bob made quick introductions and then the Jedi split up to search the palace.

Muz Ashen

13-02-2005 02:29:07

Muz glowered at the various Ragnosian ships as they vanished beneath the swirling vapours of the atmosphere of Sepros. Tapping his finger on his chin in thought, he didn't notice the sound of the door swooshing behind him.

Manji entered the command deck, the heels of his boots clacking across the floor. Looking to his brother, then to where Muz was staring, he cleared his throat.

Muz turned slightly to sse his brother, an eyebrow going up in curiosity.

"You were looking at those ships like it was our last hope." Manji sidled over to an open seat. "You all right?"

"We are a little bit exposed out here." Muz shrugged, pointing in the general direction of the distant K'hamar'an fleet. "They come back, we're toasted."

Manji stood up abruptly, lettling his left hand play across the hilt of his sabre. "Then what the frell are we doing up here? There's a battle going on down there, and they'll need our help!"

"If the K'hamar'ans escape with the artifacts, who will stop them, if we have no ship up here capable of stopping or slowing them down?" Muz grunted, a strand of hair falling across his face. The day had been long, and the battles had taken a lot out of everyone.

Manji slouched, disheartened. "I suppose you are right..."

Lenzar cackled as one of the K'hamar'an ships strayed too close, and fell into his range, the proton torps shredding the ship like a rancor through tissue paper.

Manji's eyes lit up for a second. "Having fun over there, Lenz?"

"Hell yeah.... I forgot how much fun it was to be a Sith...I might have to put in for a transfer after this is all through...." Lenzar smirked as he swung the reticle across the far away ships.

Muz stared out the viewscreen, reaching out to the force to the Sadow Palace. The Hawks and Raptors would be arriving at Raistlin's position any moment now. If he could discern what was wrong through the force, then maybe he would be able to warn them.

Another brick wall. The Force went dead on Muz as he cursed. Those bloody K'hamar'ans were especially adept at avoiding and muddying up the Force around them... Almost as if they weren't really of this universe. "What could this be?" Muz muttered to himself.

Nekura Manji

13-02-2005 05:22:10

Catching sight of his brother's expression, Manji sat up, concerned.

"Muz? What's up now?"

"The Force... those damn K'hamar'ans are doing something to it. I can't figure out what's happening down there."

Scratching his head in thought, Manji swivelled his chair back and forth idly. Then the Archpriest leaped up suddenly, snarling with rage.

"Damn it! This is no fun... I want to be down there where the killing's at!"

Turning to face his brother, Muz managed a grin, despite his misgivings. Some things would never change... the schizophrenic nature of his younger brother was one of them.

"Manji, chill. There'll be plenty of killing before this day's out. And think about it- it's not as though we're both down there, so there's no need to worry about me beating your trophy record."

Chuckling quietly, Manji bowed from the waist then turned to go back to his turret.

"Sure, okay... I catch your point, bro."

Some minutes later the blackness outside was once again lit up by bursts of plasma as Manji joined Lenzar in firing furiously at any K'hamar'an ship in range. His deranged cackling came over the intercom to Muz as the Quaestor sighed again, still trying to reach into the Force and work out what was going on down below. Staring into space, Muz muttered to himself again.

"Don't you screw up on me now, guys..."


13-02-2005 09:17:04

When Jasru landed, introductions and greetings had been short. It was no time for comraderie, there were much more serious matters at hand. Jasru had taken command of a small group as had Raistlin, and the crew quickly sped up, running through the halls intent on reaching Goatham's position. Bob had went with Jasru, to provide fire supporrt and guidance, Pheniox decided to stick with the one person who he had known the most, in Raist. The remaining four jedi had names Raistlin didn't catch and didn't bother to ask, it wasn't important, there would be time for that later. All that mattered was that they who knew *he* was, and he knew they did. The look of recognition and awe on their faces at being next to Raistlin had assured that.

Raistlin pumped his fist as they rounded a corner, and the four jedi fanned out. The fist pumping was needless, force of habit from his time in the Hammer's Fist. The four were communicating telepathically, the need for speech not necessary as they moved quickly, but silently through the halls of the Great Temple. As the jedi took positions behind four columns around a bend, Raistlin signalled to Pheniox that there were K'hmaran guards up ahead.

Peeking his head around the corner, he saw close to 10 K'hmarans, guarding the turbolift access hatch. He cursed inwardly, at their bad luck. If nothing else, he hoped that the combat would distract the K'has so that Jasru could get to Goatham. As Raist signalled to attack, Pheniox pulled a thermal detonator from a small pouch he was wearing. He depressed the detonator, but Raist lifted it through the Force, waving it away.

He had longed for combat, and now, he would not be deprived.

Igniting his saber he stepped out of the darkness, running toward the K'hmarans. As he fell into the Force, he felt his body become lighter, and more agile, Pheniox and the two other jedi followed after him, and within a second they stood in the center of the guards, backs to one another, Raist and Pheniox ignited their sabers. The other two jedi had blaster rifles out. As the Khas opened fire, raistlin whirled around them, his saber darting left and right blocking every blaster bolt away from the jedi. Pheniox did the same, but not on the same scale, nonetheless he was effective. As thre front three K'hmarans dropped, the remaining aliens dropped their guns, pulling out various melee weapons. Raistlin smiled as two K'hmarans came at him. He deactivated his saber, pulling a pair of knives out of his robes. Sabers sometimes could not cause damage to the etheral Khas. Corporal weapons, like the razor sharp daggers he now wielded in the palms, were a totally different story.

They had no idea what was in store for them.


13-02-2005 09:56:33

"Welcome back to the Sith, Lenzar." the Grand Master finished, ending the small ritual that the change of Lenzar's order required. With this done, the Warlord moved away from the communications array, and began to head back towards the action.

"Muz, I'm done with my 'business', ready to rejoin.." Lenzar spoke, knowing his Quaestor needed would need his vast array of knowledge, and combat techniques in some way.


13-02-2005 10:53:27

Xhedias was the worst pilot that anyone ever knew to fly the galaxy, but it Had to be done he told himself. Piloting his Firespray ship into the Orian system he headed for the capital planet of the system. Finally distinguishing which planet he should set down on he drove the stick diagonally forward sending him in downward spiral toward his destination.

He could see the landing pad by now, slowing the momentum of the ship he clumsily spun it around in a 180 and backed the rest of the Firespray into the pad, getting ready to land it near some of the Naga Sadow personal craft. With a big thunk the ship landed, a hissing sound could be heard in the landing area, the hydraulics went to life and let the ramp down.

Muffled foot steps could be heard clattering against the durasteel ramp, the pads on the bottom of his feet allowed him to move silently but he had no use of it as of now. Climbing down the ramp he finally reached the bottom and noticed it was empty. "Where's my welcoming committee?" After waiting a few minutes for the rush of welcoming people he started tapping his foot impatiently. "How rud-." The sound of blaster fire could be heard down the hall way, he grabbed his lightsaber and ran to the source of the noise.

Xhedias now knew were the source of commotion was coming from, a group of aliens, unidentifiable to himself were attacking what looked to be four Jedi, whether of dark or light, it didn't matter, he just had to get to them. Thirty meters away the Ewok stopped dashing and started walking, intimidation of this opponent would work well. Who would take a small cuddly bear seriously anyways? This is my time to rip some heads off.

Xhedias watched one of the Kh'amar'ans shift his focus onto him and come charging at him, Xhedias smiled, Awesome, I can make a name for myself by completely destroying these inbreeds. The Ewok had a habit of talking to himself inside of his head, but not so much as having a conversation. The alien was almost on top of him, he knew that stance, it was going to bull rush him. The Entar sidestepped the alien and only left one foot out, catching the aliens he fell the floor with a sickening crunch. Xhedias activated his lightsaber and spun it around laterally before jumping and driving it down into the back of the fallen alien. Standing up he declares in Ewokese "This will be a good day."

Muz Ashen

13-02-2005 11:21:25

"Lenzar, there's a TIE interceptor down in the bay." Muz chewed his lip in thought. "I want you to go down to the surface..."

"I just went Sith to fly, Ashen..." Lenzar interrupted abruptly, confusion seeping into his tone. "...Not so you can send me to ground battles."

Muz waved away the concern, continuing. "I want you to find the K'hamar'an escape ships and blast them straight to dross. Take as many missiles as you might need from the bay, but be careful, the launching rails are only jury-rigged into the 'spear. The launch might be dodgy."

Lenzar nodded, the hints of a smile crossing his face as he clomped out of the command center.


13-02-2005 11:23:12

Raistlin couldn't believe it. He was blinking his eyes, and his jaw slackened, as if in disbelief. A little ewok just took out a Kha.

He smiled, deeming it perhaps, one of the most amusing sights he had ever seen, but welcoming the help. He turned his attention to the two K'hmarans facing him. He ran, and jumped kicking one directly in the face before twisting his body midair to land a roundhouse kick to the other's jaw. As the two aliens stumbled back he smiled, twirling the daggers inbetween his fingers, smiling maliciously. As the first Kh'marans rose, Raistlin flung the dagger underhand, but with such velocity that it made a loud *thunk* as in landed solidly in the Kha's skull, causing everyone around to glance at the sound.

As the Kha fell the other one lunged at his feet, taking them out from under him. Raistlin was about to call on the Force, but knew the application would be pointless. As the Kha attempted to drive his own dagger into Raist's leg, Raist brought his other knee up hard, slamming against the Kha's jaw and loosening his grip simultaneously.

Raist jumped up, and as the Kha went for him again, Raist dodged, letting his other dagger drive deep into the Kha's back. As the Kha stood, fazed slightly, but otherwise no worse for the wear a huge hole opened up in his chest as a blaster bolt went through it.

The Kha dropped and Raistlin flashed a thumbs up, turning his attention toward mopping up the remaining aliens.

Muz Ashen

13-02-2005 11:42:26

The screaming of Ion engines filled the bay of the Fallen Spear as Lenzar fired the launch sequence of the Interceptor. Loud metallic grinding noise made its way to Lenzar's ears as he dropped from the launch rail, the ship shaking abruptly as it regained control.

"Dodgy?" Lenzar sneered. "That rail needs to be rebuilt." Seizing the controls, Lenzar flew free of the 'Spears bar, spiralling as hie made his way to the Seprosian surface. Finding a non-Brotherhood ship down there should be easy for him. This wouldn't take but a few moments.


Muz shuddered, nearly imperceptively, but nonetheless shuddered. The K'hamar'ans had some kind of hive mind, somehow communicating without using commlinks or a holonet. The force dampening thing that they did must come from a strongly Force attuned person among their number. But how? Muz pondered his theory as he watched Lenzar's TIE barrel roll towards Sepros.


"I have you now, you sorry sacks of flesh..." Lenzar dropped the targetting reticle on the concealed ships, about fifteen miles away from the Ragnosian landing party. "You guys should have used cloaks."

Lenzar grinned as the ships exploded, fire scorching the nearby trees and underbrush. He felt the Force flicker, as lives ceased in the inferno. This was a good day.


(("Alert Captain.")) VASIC's voice filled the command hall, Taliana's eyes raising to see her Quaestor's response.

"What is the problem, VASIC?" Muz stood slowly.

The viewscreen flickered, showing the sensor field. The K'hamar'an fleet was turning around and heading back to their position.

"Oh Frell...." Muz cracked his knuckles. "Intership Comm, VASIC." Beeps responded affirmatively. "Battle Stations, Avatars. Manji, to Command." He would need someone to man the ship's guns.

Muz paced a second as Manji slid through the doorway before it was all of the way open. "What's up, bro?"

"Man the guns. Lenz went to the surface. I think he was successful at cutting off the K'hamar'an escape ships. The fleet is coming back to get their men, and our artifacts."

Manji's eyes went wide as he sat down slowly into the tactical seat. "Are we going to be able to hold out against that fleet?"

Muz chuckled as he regarded the huge battleships and troop transports that slowly meandered back toward him. "Why? Do you want to live forever?"


13-02-2005 11:44:51

Xhedias nodded at the Exarch and went back to the killing grounds. He walked a few more meters forward and barely sensed the anger in one of the aliens and wheeled left to see one of them swinging for his head. The Ewok dropped to his back evading the sai blade from cutting him another mouth in his throat. Pushing himself back up he slammed one furry fist into their ribs, dropping down to one knee he leg sweept the alien to his back, standing back up he drove the lightsaber through its skull.

Two. The Ewok was now keeping a kill count in his head ready to prove what he could do for Naga Sadow.

Another one of the aliens ran by him, targeting Exarch Raistlin. He was already in battle and couldn't let him get outnumbered. Widening his feet he spun his lightsaber and stabbed it just underneath his arm, catching the alien in the small of his back, reeking havoc on his nervous system. The alien fell the ground in convulsions.

"I think you can make that three!" He heard it shouted from nearby, and quickly identified it as Raistlin.

Nekura Manji

13-02-2005 13:02:08

A rumbling echoed through space as the K'hamar'an fleet surged back towards the 'Spear, several cruisers still intact despite the heated battle that had taken place only moments ago. Throwing himself into the tactical seat, Manji pulled down a targeting reticle and sighted on the enemy ships, waiting for them to come closer.

Beside him Muz was shouting instructions into the commlink, the ship echoing with footsteps as the Avatars ran to the turrets, preparing to fire at the K'hamar'an fleet. Suddenly a high-pitched whine echoed from one of the cruisers, and hundreds of what looked like metal bees burst from it's innards, coalescing into a phalanx of fighters that burst towards the 'Spear. Swearing, Muz reached for the controls and tapped several keys swiftly. Instantly the ship jumped forward, charging towards the oncoming fighters.

As they met each other Manji opened fire, plasma bursting from the guns of the 'Spear to claim several fighters in it's fiery embrace. At the same time the Avatars opened fire, lasers pouring from the turrets and into the wave of K'hamar'an fighters. Then the 'Spear was through the crowd of fighters, swinging round to make another pass as Manji kept firing, muttering furiously under his breath as he swung the reticle back and forth, fighter after fighter falling to the guns of the 'Spear.

"Take that you alien sons of bitches!"

As the ship swooped through the whining cloud of fighters Muz felt a twinge of anger as a small icon on the controls bleeped at him. Then he heard the seductive voice of the AI in his ear.

(("Shields at 75%, Captain."))

"Oh, frell..."


13-02-2005 15:57:36

Link was not exactly a expert at flying but she managed to land safely onto the pad and she got out of the pod and looked round, ‘Sorry I’m late everyone,’ she grinned. ‘I overslept.’

‘That doesn’t matter right now Link but you might want to at least have a weapon if you decide to land next to the battle ground,’ said Raistlin as he chucked a energy sword at her. ‘Now get out there and kick some aliens ass!’ Link nodded at Raistlin and ran out to do some horrible killing, the anzat gripped her energy sword tightly and ran out onto the field ready to kick some ass.

Link noticed a familiar ewok on the field who was doing some serious good damage to the Kha, she gave him a thumbs up when all of a sudden a alien crept up behind her, ‘Link watch....’

Before Xhedias managed to finish the rest of his sentence the anzat had span around and stabbed the alien in the head. ‘That has got to hurt in the morning,’ she smirked then she saw another one charging at her. Gripping her energy sword she got ready to kill another one.

Kat Pridemore

13-02-2005 18:06:10

Although much unnoticed throughout much of the battle, Kat Pridemore had been running with the apprentices since the first attack. Although not proficient in the energy sword, she was still running a strong fight using her preferred weaponry - the whip and blaster.

The four apprentices were winding around the grounds, clearing out some of the scattered K'hamar'an forces. The team had gotten separated from the main unit in a fierce attack, but they were holding their own. The original orders were clear: “Attack, fight hard, and stay alive.” Kat didn’t want to fail at any of those orders.

The team had entered into one of the hallways in the palace. It was mostly dark and ominously quiet in the hallway. The team slowed their steps, and listened for sounds of battle.

Blaster fire in one of the side halls drew the group in that direction. Raising her hand for silence from the team, she edged to the corner and looked around. In the hallway were two of the K’hamar’ans, and they had taken down one of the other apprentices. At the sight of the fallen comrade, Kat snarled. She took her whip out, and caught the alien around the legs and pulled. The alien fell to the ground, and made a grunt as his form slammed into the ground.

The second K’hamar’an started to attack, but, the team was too quick. They took out the second alien within a few seconds. The team advanced on the squirming body, and Kat pulled out a short sword. With a yell, she pulled down, and took the K’hamar’an’s head. Purple blood sprayed from the severed neck. The team roared with the rage of battle. It was the first time they had the chance to enjoy the bloodlust of battle. Taking the head on a pike, they gloried in the battle cry of old, the cry that sang of the joys of painting the world with the blood of their enemies in the name of Sadow.


13-02-2005 18:12:49

By now, as more Jedi had assembled around Raistlin, hearing the din of battle, the rest of the Khas on the ground floor had joined in the fray. Out of the 5 other jedi assembled, Raist only knew one. Still, an aide in battle was never looked at negatively.

'The ewok is proving his skill with the lightsaber' Raist thought as he watched him duel.

"I will have to personally test his sksill with the blade later.' he thought

Raist flipped sideways over the head of one of the Kha,s driving his dagger into his skull as he did so. He let his momentum carry him past the Kha, and gripped the hilt of the dagger as he came down, ripping the head clean off as he pulled. He turned his attention to the new jedi, and quickly established a mental link with them, so that they could move swiftly and coordinate more effectively then any commando squad. The benefits of being linked to Sadow....

Raistlin recalled the dagger to him as he had a brief respite from battle.

*We have to get downstairs, Pheniox and I are going to go down to the next level, with luck we'll meet Jasru there. Guard us and follow when the other K'hmarans have been slain. Good luck my brothers.* he sent. Nodding to the Ewok and affirming they would meet again in battle to test another's skills, he and Pheniox went into the turbolift, guarded by 4 of the dark jedi.

As the doors closed and they descended to meet with Goatham, he heard the cries of battle from outside, and hoped his brothers could handle the Kha attackers.

Muz Ashen

13-02-2005 18:38:56

Aboard the bridge of the Fallen Spear, Muz was a screaming mess. VASIC's metallic voice interrupted every few seconds to let him know exactly how screwed up the shields were as he was trying to issue the command to let loose the droid swarm fighters. Kicking the chair out of the way, Muz slapped the console with his left hand, the sythetic arm denting the control array.

"Frell!" Muz cursed as he swung the ship sideways to avoid another capital ship. "Taliana, can you convince the spear to launch those drones? They'd help distract those fighters...."

Taliana snapped up a quick nod, then started tapping violently on the control panels in front of her.

(("Captain, Shields at 35%"))

"Son of a ...." Muz swore as he thought quickly "VASIC, reroute power from the backup generators. Shut down life support on the lower decks and reroute it to shields. We have to keep firing!"

Manji shouted in triumph as his chair swung away from an exploding capital ship, pumping his fist in the air. Beyond the descending wreckage Muz spied the troop transport, looming closer to the planet surface, trying to avoid devastation at the hands of the Spear.

"Oh, no you don't...." Muz clicked into the intercom as he maneuvered the ship through the herd of fighters towards the transport. "Avatars, I need you all to focus fire on the Troop Transport we're heading toward. Take her down before she hits the atmosphere. We can't let them land an army to flank our ground forces."

Smirking as he watched the red blaster fire focus on the pregnant transport, he thought about how many K'hamar'a would die in a moment.


13-02-2005 18:57:12

Xhedias nodded at the Exarch and zoned out, watching him travel down the turbolift shaft. With a distinct crack next to his ear he snapped back to reality, noticing that Kat had just saved him a lot of trouble by catching one of the Kha's around the neck with her whip and snapping its neck. Xhedias nodded to the Acolyte and barely tapped into the force bond between the group, *You heard him, we get to do more killing, lets wipe them out and continue to follow Raistlin.* The Entar didn't completly drop out of the bond but to the dull senses of the Acolyte it seemed so.

Turning around the Ewok to one knee and lifted his small body up, sending the blue lightsaber through the torso of another one of the aliens. Turning around once again he looked for another unlucky target and caught a wooden staff in the back of the head. The force of the blow sent him to his hands and knees and knocked the lightsaber out of his hands, sending it sliding away with the sound of metal on metal.

Standing back up he slapped the alien across the face with a force hand, turning him around 180 degrees. Xhedias smiled and stood back up, jumping onto the aliens shoulders. He tightened his thighs around his neck and leaned back. "Damn you..." Punching the creature in his back he finally leaned back. The increasing momentem caused the Ewok to flip the Kha onto his stomach. Placing a furry paw on his chin and one on the back of his head he laughed as he snapped its neck. The Entar outstreched a hand and called his lightsaber back to him. "Five."

Muz Ashen

13-02-2005 19:18:18

Muz Jumped from his seat as Taliana squealed, the drone fighters surging forth from the 'Spear's bay like lava from a volcano. Another volley of blaster fire strafed the K'hamar'an transport, the explosions shutting down the behemoth of a ship.

Cheering, Manji swung his targeting reticle over the next ship, not even letting up off of the triggers.

An explosion shook the Fallen spear, the lights dimming momentarily. Muz cleared his voice, a worried look on his face. "VASIC, what was that?"

(("A boarding team, captain, trying to shut down the thrusters."))

Muz swore as he bolted from the deck, shouting for Manji to take command as he went to dispatch some pirating K'hamar'ans.

"This is my frelling ship, and no hairy, little, nasty, inbred, pathetic scum is going to be messing it up." Muz slid around the corner, activating his lightsabre, bathing the crouching K'hamar'ans in violet glow.

Muz snarled, a low and ominous sound born deep withing his gullet. "Now, you die."


13-02-2005 20:07:05

Xhedias looked around and saw the battle continue on around him. The aliens started to swarm around the Jedi and the concern that was coming over him of his new clan mates. The hum of the lightsaber could be heard by him, he started to hear his breathing and heart beat rapidly. He began to hear himself repeating the combat steps that he had been tought. "Step, one, two, three, slash," a Kha head fell the ground with a thud. "Duck," the swoosh of a overhead blade could be heard, "parry," a katana came racing at his thigh, sticking his lightsaber out for the parry he slipped and cut his hand off at the wrist. "Opps, jump," a Kha begin a leg sweep that was gracefully executed. I can't keep this up, at the pace I won't be any good to them.

Kat Pridemore

13-02-2005 20:26:19

Kat's group had joined the mass of fighting. Her whip took out one K'hamar'an, and those that got too close ran into her blade. When the fighting had drifted out of range, she would pull out her blaster, and assist however she could.

The Ewok they joined had connected to the group with a message, "You heard him, we get to do more killing, lets wipe them out and continue to follow Raistlin." Then the fuzzy one killed another beast. After a brief moment of confusion, the group surged into action, roaring with the passion of battle... the head on a pike was still being carried, and seemed to power them along.

Kat allowed her mind to go blank, as the fury built in her. She wanted to pull out the heart of one of these beasts with her bare hands, but, there wasn’t time to savor the kill yet.

Out of the corner of her eye, it appeared that the Ewok was being outnumbered. The K'hamar'a had noticed his skill, and focused their efforts on the furry one. Cracking her whip, she took out one of the aliens near the outside of the group, and the creature crumpled on the ground.

Kat knew what they had to do - they had to mass together, to cover their own backs. I wish I could tell everyone to mass together by the Ewok.

Suddenly, the mind connection was back, and the Ewok sent the message to her team. That was helpful, she grinned as another alien died on her blade. The group gathered together, fighting off the hordes of K’hamar’an, and slowly began to work as a team. A few comrades fell, but, that just fueled Kat’s anger. The bloodlust kept her going, even though others were starting to fade.

"Today is a good day to die… " alhtough Kat didn't plan on being the one to die today.


13-02-2005 22:41:34

The comlinks on almost every vessel around could hear labored breathing as the Jakual's Laughter tore through the sky towards the Sadow Palace. Firing several shots at a space on the ground to clear up the area, the ship landed.

As the ramp descended, a cloaked figure slowly stalked down the ramp from the ship. Shining black gloves, and red eyes were the only things visible since the cloak covered everything else up.

"Everyone, I guess it's time," the man said over his communicator.

"What? Who the hell is that on our fequencies?" Taliana said, anger flowing through her voice.

"It's your 'brother'. In all his metallic glory," Jakual said softly.

With that, he made his way to the Sadow Palace, with his saber ingnited, waiting for anything and everything. He had escaped death more than once in his life. With that thought, memories of the JAKUAL laboratory flooded back into his mind. Strengthening his resolve, Jakual charged towards the Palace, applying what artificial skin he could to his face so his clanmates would recognize him.

"Avatars! Don't fail us! You've done good so far, keep it up!" Jakual shouted loudly.


KP Jakual Gaiton Ordo (Krath)/TET/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow
(medals and stuff go here)


14-02-2005 10:31:21

Obelisk Hunter Jasru led his group of warriors from the Night Raptors down the corridors of Sadow Palace carefully eliminating every K'hamar'a they encountered. "Uhmmm, Bob," Jasru turned to the Sith Warmaster, "Could you stop humming Duel of Fates please. I mean it was kind of cool at first, but after an hour its sort of getting old."

"Sorry," Bob replied smiling, "It just fit the mood I thought, besides thats the problem with real life. No danger music."


Meanwhile, on a turbolift in Sadow Palace....

"A woman in a bar says that she wants to have plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts." Pheniox begins, "Her husband tells her, "Hey, you don't need surgery to do that. I know how to do it without surgery." The lady asks, "How do I do it without surgery?" "Just rub bathroom tissue between them." Startled the lady asks, "How does that make them bigger?" The husband replies, "I don't know, but it worked for your ass."


"I don't know why you have us just standing around waiting Bob," Ric Gravin complained as he leaned up against the wall, "I mean the palace is overun by....what the......" Gravin was interrupted as the wall he was leaning on opened up and he fell through. Looking up he saw some familiar faces laughing.

Exarch Raistlin Sadow exited the turbolift as Pheniox helped up Gravin. "Shall we continue?"

"After you," Bob replied.


14-02-2005 13:36:31

As Raist, Bob, Jas, Pheniox and Grav made their way toward Goatham, they encountered more Khas on patrol. As they two forces collided, it looked like a whirlwind of destruction. The four Obelisk bladesmen, among them some of the most elite saberists that Naga Sadow had, engaged the Khas. Bob stayed back, readying to provide sniper fire.

Raistlin faced up to a Kha soldier, who was taller then him, even though Raistlin was already pretty tall. He didn't give him a chance to react, as Raist jammed his saber squarely through the Kha's chest, causing him to double over backwards. Raist grunted as he yanked his saber out of the Kha body, seeing two more had locked in on him. He turned to face one and nearly fell over as the other's body crumpled onto him, a victim of a well-placed blaster bolt from Bob.

He rolled to the right, and stood up, lightsaber ready. The Kha had some kind of glowing polearm, and swung it at Raist, trying to seperate his torso from the rest of his body. He flipped back just in time, hitting the wall and using it as a springboard to lunge at his opponent, aided by the Force.

The momentum caused the Kha to fall over, as Raist stood up kicking the Kha in the face repeatedly, before jamming his saber down. The bastard had managed to cause damage on the collision, and Raistlin's jaw was on fire, while not broken, it was fractured. He sat down as the rest of the jedi finished off the Khas, who were now retreating. He started to use the Force to heal the wound, and more importantly, quell the agonizing pain.


14-02-2005 16:27:07

Xhedias risked a glance to see how his companions were doing, Better than I am, that's a relief. The Ewok noticed a towering pike over all the heads of the K'hamar'ans and smirked. I'll bet that's their champion. Not for long if I get my way. The nearby K'hamar'ans were starting to anger him, and that couldn't be done easily but when it did things died. Xhedias slashed out and decapitated a unsuspecting victim, the ducking another blade and cutting the cartiledge and tendon of his attacker at the knee, sending him toppling over.

Passing Link quickly he noticed a K'hamar'an was forced to his knees, he made great use of his speed and quickly bludgeoned one of the attackers with a sick crack, causing fluid to use out of his wound before slumping to the ground. He quickly went back to concentrating on the blades whirling around him and noticed the pike in the air once again. You're mine. The Ewok pushed through the K'hamar'an warriors stealthfully until he reached the champion. "Are you ready to die?" The beast laughed mockingly and replied something back in his own language. Xhedias could almost hear the snicker, I think it insulted your size, Xhed. He could have known that annoying voice from anywhere, Yep, it WAS Link. The battle seemed to quiet down as all focus shifted to the two dueling opponents. Small scuffles still were out there but it seemed that the Jedi were keeping the K'hamar'ans on their toes.

Muz Ashen

14-02-2005 19:46:28

Muz sneered at the blood splatter on the wall before turning on his heel. He would have to get someone to clean the detritus off of the wall before it started to stink. But right now, more important things were on his mind.

Heading back to the bridge, Muz heard the pulsing hum of the ship's alarm systems. Wasting no time, he barreled through the door to see the sparks cascading from one of the consoles.

(("Aft Shield failure, Generator damage"))

"Son of a..." Muz's curse was cut off by Manji.

"Frell!" Manji slapped at the apparatus as he pushed away from the tactical suite. "That generator has killed my lasers."

"What?" Taliana stood up to see if she could fix the problem.

"And that other transport is headed straight for Sepros!" Manji shouted excitedly.

Muz thought quickly, stepping with authority to his command couch, and strapping himself in. Clicking open the comm channel, he switched to intership speakers. "Avatars, we are at critical. We are going to make a rough landing and will probably have to stage a massive assault immediatelyt upon landing. Check your weapons, strap yourselves in, and brace for impact."

Muz sneered out the viewscreen at the K'hamar'an fleet as they fired upon the Fallen Spear. He would not give them the satisfaction. Not on this day.


"tshhhhhsshhhshs...Xanos....thstshhhhs....Emergency landing...xhhhhhhshshs....Ashen...zzzzzxxshshshsh...out."

"What the hell was he saying?" Xanos slapped the radio piece away from his ear. He had bigger fish to fry. There wasn't many more places to hide, here deep in the bowels of the Sadow Palace. The thief was just out of reach....


Xhedias heard the thudercrack of a ship entering the Seprosian atmosphere, looking up above the heads of his assailants to see the descending bulbous ship.

"Neenga nunaga ni'anuu?"

"That's the Fallen Spear, Xhedias." Link smirked at the ewok, unable to do much else but think that the teddy bear of a Jedi was much else but cute.

"Narna nii Zoom?" Xhedias grunted as he rolled out of the way of a clumsy K'hamar'an strike, severing first the knee and then the head of his ninth trophy.

Link laughed as she used her sword to cleave an alien limb from its owner. "Yeah, it's Muz."

The ship on the other side of the 'Spear, however...


Muz stormed down the ramp, sabre glowing and Nagamichi glistening. The Avatars of Darkness followed him, with Manji bringing up the rear. As he touched his boot to soil, Muz let out a deafening roar, then snarled at the landing K'hamar'an Carrier.

"In the Name of Sadow!"

The jedi ran, seething against the tide of alien flesh, leaving a wake of death and dismemberment. Head after head fell to the Avatars at Muz's flank, and Morombath cackled with glee despite the blood that covered his face.

Taliana slashed through a k'hamar'an throat and froze. "Jack?"

Jack snapped to attention across the battlefield, a gulf of k'hamar'an soldiers separating the two siblings. Sabring another k'hamar'an absentmindedly, he made his charge through the thicket of blades and blasters, a swirling cavalcade of cloak and death.

Muz brought both of his blades to bear on a large k'hamar'an, rending the hairy alien in twain as he spun, cleaving the next from crown to crotch in a smooth movement. "Manji! Fire it up!"

Manji nodded, throwing a satchel full of thermal detonators into the belly of the k'hamar'an transport, a few alien hands groping to the sky to catch it before it landed deep within. Muz grabbed Taliana's arm as he spun, running from the transport ship, using his free hand to cut down any foolish enought to stand in the Quaestor's way.

"Rally to me, Ragnos!" Muz screamed, his voice booming with the force over the din of the battlefield. The blood was starting to accumulate on the jungle floor, and the hems of their cloaks were stained as they made their way alongside Ashen, moving with great haste away from the K'hamar'an ship.

The shockwave hit them before the sound, and that before the light of the flames. Knocking them all to the bloodstained soil, the jedi covered their heads to shield themselves from the debris.


Link shielded her eyes as the ship exploded in the distance, the purifying white flame of detonation removing who knows how many K'hamar'ans from the field. Xhedias whooped in encouragement even as he leapt to sabre another K'hamar'an.

The remaining forces were too stunned to move, all of their gazes transfixed upon the flaminmg embers of their ship.

"Attack Now!" Link screamed, slashing through the K'hamar'ans like they were grass. She would not waste this opportunity.


Xanos smiled. The flicker in the force, the thousands dead not far from here had disoriented his prey. He felt the fear, felt the wonder, felt the swelling anger that was building a nest in the K'hamar'ans soul.

Running deeper through the shadowed hallway to the hidden libraries in the Vault, Xanos bared his teeth. "Now you are mine..."


Muz pushed himself up from the bloody soil, spitting vile purple blood from his mouth as he looked about for survivors, his violet sabre still humming as he helped Taliana to her feet.

"Call out!" Muz beckoned, and the Jedi started shouting out their names, making sure that they were known to have survived the blast.

Manji tried to brush a thick swath of blood from his chest, smearing it across his cloak as he surveyed the damage. The K'hamar'ans who survived had started to move toward their burning ship, slowly and without spirit.

Manji smiled, the seeds of laughter taking root deep inside him as he let out a victorious cheer.

"Sadow!!!" Manji pumped his fist in the air, the brilliant white of his sabre blade punctuating his cry.


"You feel that?" Raist muttered as Grav turned the corner in front of them.

"What?" Bob slurred, looking warily at the Obelisk.

The cheer found its way through the palace, echoing off of the walls and deep into the hall, the force carrying it past them and further into the vaults.

Raistlin smiled, swinging his sabre a bit in a figure eight. "Let's move quicker. We don't want Goat stealing whatever fun is left!"

Ric smiled back, starting to run as he vanished down the hallway, Jas, Raist, and Phoeniox behind him. Bob watched them go, a look of horror crossing his face.

Sighing deeply, Bob started after them. "The only thing good about running..." Bob coughed as he started to jog. "...is stopping."


14-02-2005 20:12:50

Xhedias looked around to see the K'hamar'ans staring straight up throught he temple stain glass windows with drool dripping from the corner of their mouths. All of them froze in physic shock.

"That is soooo grooooss!!" Link couldn't help but making a comment about everything.

Swinging his attention back to the Champion the Ewok destroyed the pike with a horizontal saber slash. To easy. The Entar jumped up in the air and leaned back, letting himself fall to the ground he quickly pushed off with one hand, changing his direction back at the Champion. Sending the warrior backwards in mid air, reacting quickly he sabered him under his jaw, penetrating through his skull with a bubbly pop, forcing the champ to stay impaled on his saber to the ground.

That was lame, I 'wanna find another one! The Ewok began watching frenzy that the Acolyte and Guardian were getting into. Xhedias began sabering more K'hamar'ans on his way out to the exit and procede to the crash sight.



14-02-2005 22:27:23

The warriors approached the vault and saw chaos had already beaten them here. Bodies lay strewn about, jedi, Saraii guard, which signalled Goatham's prescence, as well as Kha. Raist halted the group and they entered the vaults, letting them move cautiously throughout the area.

As they shadowed one another, Raist could feel Goat deep in the vault, surrounded by another force signature, though of what origin, he couldn't tell. He broke into a run, and the rest of the jedi behind him did the same, closing in on Goatham.

As they saw his black cloakc, they saw that he too was running. He stopped and waited as the rest of the jedi managed to catch up to him. Welcomes were brief, as they all had more important matters to attend to.

Silently the group closed in, seeing jedi grabbing books off the shelves. Raist glanced at Goatham, who's eyes were becoming blood red, knowing that his retribution would be swift.

The rest of the jedi readied their sabers, and the Jedi who were looting stopped, igniting sabers of their own. The two groups sized the other up for a moment that felt like eternity. Neither wanted to make the first move, but Goatham did, he charged and growled, gutterally, and then battle was soon on.


14-02-2005 23:04:42

It hit the Ewok in the stomach, almost causing him not double over gasping for air. The force pike was now destroyed and the suppression of it was lifted, it could now be sensed. It took little skill to pick out the filth that corrupted the temple. Turning around he headed for the turbolift and cut down any straying Kha's that broke from their hive mind. It was apparent that Link and Kat were having similiar ease in the killing.

"Dabada wooooosh!"

"Down you say?" Kat said in question.

"Down? Wh- oh, Raistlin, I forgot about him, he never really was important ya know, I always thought of him as very quiet and conservative." Link babbled on.

Xhedias motioned for them to get on the turbo lift and as soon as they did so he looked for a pulley system that was often used on his home planet for transportation. Quickly he found a panel and began banging on it not knowing how to use it. The Entar got furious again not being able to operate it, he started jumping up and down, banging the console some more until a spark shot out from it.

"Great job fuzz ball..." That one came from Link.

"How are we suppose to get down now?" Kat interjected quickly.

Drawing the lightsaber once more he ignited the blue blade and held it behind him indicating something to the Journeymen Women.

"Don't even..." Link sputtered.

"You're crazy!" Kat yelled as her eyes went wide at the Ewoks next actions.

Xhedias stabbed the console and they begin to rocket down the shaft, screaming filling it up from the women and laughter of joy from the Ewok. Xhedias quickly sent images to their head of them to jump right before it crashed.



15-02-2005 09:19:06

“Lieutenant Larthen.”

“Your Excellency,” said the Saraii guard as he made a courteous bow.

“It ends here, Larthen,” replied Xanos coolly, “you have nowhere left to run.”

Larthen laughed.

“Enough talk, let’s just kill him,” spat Raistlin, gesturing aggressively toward the guardsman with his lightsaber.

Xanos shook his head. “He will not die tonight.”

Larthen let out another laugh. “You see. He’s weak. He’s afraid. Join us. Join the true power.”

Jasru Lakca brought his lightsaber to life with a snap-hiss. “Blasphemous dog, I’ll kill you myself!” He raised his thrust his weapon for the fallen guardsman’s neck but it was met by the crimson light of the Dark Adept’s weapon coming to life.

Xanos turned his head and glared at the Jedi Hunter. “No, Lakca.”

The newly appointed captain of the Royal Guard backed down. “Whatever.”

Xanos turned his focus back to the crippled warrior before him. “Give me the tablet.”

Larthen looked at him bewildered. “Tablet?”

“Don’t play games with me. The Tablet of R’puntaf. Give it to me.”


“Pitiful creature,” spat Xanos. He lifted his free hand and raised a finger toward the blue clad guardian. Larthen shook with pain an instant before he fell to the floor writing in agony. He coughed blood before his eyes began to shed tears of red.

“Give me the tablet!” bellowed his serpentine voice, resonating throughout the Grand Vault.

Trembling, Larthen raised his head to meet the Falleen’s stare. “Never.”

Xanos deactivated his lightsaber. “Then you will die.”

Blue-white light began to spark across the Dark Adept’s fingertips a second before he bared his claws and sent a wave of lightning hot energy through the Palace Guard’s flesh. Larthen convulsed for a split-second before collapsing to the floor, his body smoking.

“I thought you wanted him alive?”

Xanos turned to Raistlin and shrugged slightly. “I was mistaken.”

He turned and headed to exit the Grand Vault. “Return the Tablet of R’puntaf to its holding and mobilise the remaining Palace Guard. Sentinel,” he gestured Raistlin to follow, “consider yourself acting captain of the guard until we find Captain Martok a replacement.”

Jasru stepped forward to interrupt. “What about the rest of us?”

Xanos narrowed his eyes. “There’s still a lot of cleaning up to do, Commander. Though I believe you will find the K’hamar’an numbers significantly… less. Illusion; the power of the tablet.”


15-02-2005 11:08:23

Raistlin stepped outside, the mid day morning causing light to beam down onto the grand courtyard. The members of Naga Sadow had been fully assembled, and Raistlin saw some of the last vestiges of the K'hmaran threat in full retreat across the grand courtyard. Goatham stepped out next to him, and the two of them stood, looking impressive, atop the stairs of the Great Temple

"Raist, you're in charge of the guard. Take them and wipe out whatever is left of the Kha forces. I need to inform KHP Alanna and the rest of the Dark Council as to our situation. While we may have prevented our artifacts from leaving for the time being, I assume other clans either do not know of the threat that these aliens possess, or have not faired as well in their endeavors. In either case, I take my leave." He bowed to Raist respectfully, as Raist did the same, then, saying a few words, Xanos Goatham winked out of existence, where he appeared to afterwards was anyone's guess.

As the blue-armored members of the Saraii Guard formed up around Raistlin, Raistlin reached out to his fellow clanmates. he could see that each of them, save for Bob-Fett and Jarsru, were engaged in their own personal battles with the Kha forces. As he turned to the assembled Saraii Guard, who were kneeling, waiting for his command, he ordered them to rise.

"Split up, cover the rest of the Great Temple, make sure the K'hmaran forces are out of here. I want two teams, and if any of you begin to feel Kha influence, one of us will put you down. Let's move, make this quick and painless."

As the guard split up, Raistlin broke into a run, hoping beyong hope that the K'hmaran threat had been eliminated.

Nekura Manji

15-02-2005 11:26:18

Ripping his sabre out of a K'hamar'an warriors corpse, Manji turned hurriedly to face the next attack- only to find that none was forthcoming. The melee had retreated so far that only a few K'hamar'an fighters were left- and as the Archpriest watched, several disappeared in clouds of ethereal smoke, winking out of existence. Realisation came to the Archpriest even as Muz strode towards him, sabre still activated in case of an attack. Turning to face his brother, Manji grinned and flashed a thumbs-up.

"Something gives me the feeling that Goat stopped whoever was in the vault..."

Nodding, Muz clapped Manji on the shoulder as they turned to watch the sons and daughters of Ragnos mopping up the remaining K'hamar'ans. As the last alien fell or vanished, Muz strode purposefully towards the Sadow Palace, the other Dark Jedi falling in behind him. As they reached the mighty arch that led to the grand courtyard, Muz heard a screaming sound- then another group of K'hamar'ans was upon them, obviously fleeing the warriors of Sadow behind them. The slaughter was brief and fierce- as the last bloodied corpse slammed against the paving stones, Muz moved out of his fighting crouch and strode forwards into the courtyard to find the rest of Naga Sadow assembled and ready for any attack. Moving up the huge steps, Muz turned to face them with Manji by his side and raised his sabre, roaring proudly.


His cry was taken up by the warriors below him as they raised their own weapons, uplifted by the victory. As though the cry had some physical force, Manji thought he felt the dying cries of several K'hamar'ans through the Force, the warcry banishing them from the Sadow Palace. The very stones themselves seemed to shake under the power of the cry, and as Muz paused to draw breath it continued, spiralling upwards into the sky.



15-02-2005 21:07:08

Link got up clutching her aching sides, ‘good…. Job…. furball..’ she stuttered. The anzat felt something trickling down her face and looked at her hand to see a crimson colour. ‘Oh my god!’ Link screamed at the sight of how much blood there was.

Kat sat up groaning and Link helped her up, ‘you alright?’

‘I think so..’ Kat said brushing her robes down, Link turned round to see if Xhedias was alright but he was unconscious on the floor, Link turned to Kat with a worried look on her face. ‘This is not good Kat, we need to get in contact with the others.’

‘I’ll work on it,’ Kat replied. Link tapped the ewok’s body with her foot then heard a groan. ‘Ouch, my knee.’ He said lifting his head up, ‘is it broke?’ ink asked worriedly.

Link put some pressure on his knee but the ewok just shrugged, ‘no need to worry guys, I’m alright.’ He said getting up on to his feet. ‘At least we are all alright but I still think we need to get in contact with the others.’ Link said nodding at Kat.

‘This stupid thing won’t work!’ Kat screamed throwing the radio on the floor causing it to smash. ‘Looks like we will just have to find them ourselves,’ the anzat said trying to make her way out of the ruins. ‘I think it is a good idea if we go back to the battle fields, I’m sure we will find all the others there,’ Xhedias said.

‘Just make sure you don’t get us nearly killed again,’ Kat grinned.


15-02-2005 22:26:45

"Yabada maestlin jabber!"

"Raistlin is over here? How do you know anyway? The stupid comm doesn't work!" Kat said curiously.

"Yes Kat," Link took one finger and pointed at her head repeatedly. "the force."

"Right, I'm a little...well....new," she said putting emphasis on the last word, "to the force."

Link rolled her eyes as Xhedias closed his and focused on his suroundings. He searched the temple with his mind, he saw the many grey shadows of the broken K'hamr'ans, the dark outline of Raistlin, Goat and Bob. It was strange, he felt something else around him, something not of their siding, he knew it now, the light outline. It was a lightsider, it must die. Xhedias stormed off into a dash that sent his small figure moving so fast it was close to flying down the corridor. Kat and Link both yelled for him to slow down as they chased after him.


15-02-2005 23:15:44

The two female followed Xhedias round the twists and turns to try and find the others, ‘I never knew he could run so fast.’ Link mumbled, and a grin emerged on Kat’s face.

‘Nearly there,’ the ewok said turning the last corner.

‘Hey guys, didn’t miss much did we?’ Xhedias smirked at Raistlin.

‘Not much but we need to clear all of them out of the temple, now I want you guys to split up and search.’

Link nodded and she ran round the corner to search the area followed by Kat. Link turned round the corner and stopped in her tracks, there were about 10 K`hamar`ans` standing there staring at them both, Link nodded at Kat and unholstered her energy sword.

‘In the name of Sadow!’ Link said charging at the aliens, she cut one’s head off then turned round to see how Kat was doing. Kat seemed to be doing pretty well so Link carried on killing the K`hamar`ans. Eventually all of them were killed and Link nodded at Kat.

‘Good work Kat but something tells me we ain’t finished yet, I think this area is clear so we had better find the others and help them.’

Kat nodded and the two dark Jedi ran back the way they came still watching out for any more K`hamar`ans. After a while they found Bob, Xanos and Raistlin with Xhedias near the entrance, ‘did everything go ok?’ Xhedias asked.

‘Yeah, the area we searched seems clear now but I sense there is more trouble still.’


16-02-2005 12:45:43

***Meanwhile, on planet Tarthos***

Xizor paced up and down a decaying corridor, deep within the Marka Ragnos Cathedral. He decided to kick a wall. No Clan Members appeared, and the only thing which he achieved was add a striking pain on his foot, to pile up with his feelings of great annoyance.
"So much for feeling welcome in a new Clan," he mumbled to himself.
He tried to gather his wits. This was not the way a Combat Master Emeritus should act, or a Krath Epis. He attempted heavy breathing, closing his crystalline-blue eyes. It didn't help.
Highly un-regally, he flipped his commlink out and contacted Nekura Manji Keibatsu, his new Aedile. The Archpriest's face appeared on the screen, and the Falleen Prince greeted him with a smile which did not meet his eyes, showing milky-white teeth.
"Good evening, Archpriest Keibatsu," he said in a sibilant whisper. "I trust everything is going well in....wherever the hell you are?!"
If Nekura was uncomfortable about conversing with a rather furious Falleen, he quickly hid it. "Good evening, Lord Xizor. I could very much ask you the same thing."
Xizor had calmed down. No point in making a bad first impression. He sighed, and carried on: "I am in planet Tarthos, obeying the orders of my High Priestess and Consul."
"Ah yes," the Archpriest responded, "change of plans. We're on Sepros, at the Sadow Palace, and most of the work here is done. It'd be jolly good if you could come over and join us for the celebrations."
"Sepros...done...celebrations," Xizor mouthed the key phrases, trying to comprehend them. Definitely not a good start. This was far from the triumphant entrance he had envisioned, highly assisting in saving the day for Naga Sadow Clan. "Very well," he finally said with a sigh. "I'll be right over."

Just a small post to say hello, hope I haven't disrupted things too much!


17-02-2005 00:08:11

Under the cover of the ongoing battle, three saraii guard who had betrayed Clan Naga Sadow by following the orders of Lieutenant Larthen tried to sneak away before facing the same fate as their leader.

"Excuse me," a voice asked from the shadows, "You fellas leaving the party so soon?"

"Who's there?" one of the guards asked nervously.

Sith Warmaster Bob slowly revealed himself as he finished his can of beer. "I think Xanos Sadow would like to have a few words with you," Bob stated as he dropped his empty can and unholstered his BlasTech DL-54 Special.

The three guards slowly moved into position surrounding the Sith while laughing. "Your so drunk you probably see two of me," one of the guards stated laughing.

"Thats ok," Bob replied as he unholstered his other weapon, "I have two blasters. One for each of you."

"But you know what?" Bob said as he re-holstered his weapons, "I'm going to give you a-holes a chance."

All three guards began to chuckle.

"How about we play a little Nar Shaddaa rules?" the Sith asked.

All four of the men got in there ready stances as Bob slowly reached down and picked up the empty beer can. "Nobody draws til this can hits the ground," Bob stated.

As the tension grew Bob couldn't help but let out a little grin, "Ready?"

Bob threw the can high into the air and quickly withdrew his blasters blowing holes into the traitors as they watched the can in the air. All three guards layed dead on the ground as the empty can hit with a thud.

"Draw," Bob said as he slid his smoking blasters back on his side.

Nekura Manji

17-02-2005 13:31:54

Soon the sounds of revelry could be heard within the Sadow Palace as the victorious warriors of Naga Sadow celebrated their victory in the cantina.

Sinking back into his armchair, Manji raised a cup of sake and grinned at Muz.

"We sure showed them, huh? No more damn K'hamar'ans going to come and steal things from Naga Sadow!"

There was a chorus of agreement as Muz grinned back, downing his own glass of fermented rice wine in one. Suddenly the door hissed open and an Apprentice ran in, searching for the leaders of Marka Ragnos. Catching sight of them, the Apprentice scuttled over and bowed deeply.

"Masters Keibatsu, Ashen... a message from the High Priestess."

Looking round, Manji nodded curtly at the hapless Apprentice.

"Go on."

"She is calling for a volunteer from each of the Clans to participate in a ritual that will 'deal with the K'hamar'an threat once and for all'."

"Really? Hrm. Okay, you can go now."

Relieved, the Apprentice scuttled away fearfully. Turning back, Manji raised an eyebrow at Muz.

"So who do we send?"

With a shrug the Quaestor took another sip of his sake.

"Your choice."

"Fair enough. It can wait, though... I need to rest."

Once again, the Aedile sank back into his chair... only to sit bolt upright as a thought crossed his mind.

"Oh, frell... I forgot about Xizor. Ah well... he'll be here soon enough. For now, it's booze time!"

A lusty cheer rose from the Dark Jedi around them. Once again, the warriors of Naga Sadow had demonstrated their prowess- none could stand before them. As the Dark Jedi lunged for the bar, Manji restrained himself and stopped by Xanos, a question on his mind.

"One thing I still don't understand, Goat... how come there were so many K'hamar'ans? I thought they were all but extinct?"

Sighing heavily, the Falleen turned away from his reflections and shook his head at Manji.

"Were you not paying attention? The K'hamar'ans we fought here- and most likely the ones you faced on Tarthos as well- were, for the most part, illusions created by our own minds. The 'trump card' of the K'hamar'an race is the ability to confuse the minds of those it comes into contact with; so, our few attackers used our closeness to the Force to warp our minds into thinking that there numbers were drastically increased."

Shaking his head, Manji muttered to himself.

"Felt pretty real for an illusion... well, thanks. Fancy a beer?"

For the first time in several days, a smile crept across the aged Fallen's face.

"No thank you. I would prefer to keep my wits where they are."

Shrugging, Manji turned away.

"Fair enough... hey, guys! Leave some for me!"


And so ends the Krath RoS Run-on... thanks for your participation, people. I'm now going to start collating this into a .doc file for submission before Sunday. In the name of Sadow!