The Battle of Jagred


26-01-2006 21:45:40

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26-01-2006 21:47:31

The weekend. Late. The Dark Hall’s lounge was turning a brisk trade as various Dark Jedi unwound after a hard day, or simply fuelled their alcoholic debauchery. In the case of the members of Clan Naga Sadow it was more commonly the latter.

Macron was drinking Sake with Manji while trading tidbits of alchemical lore with Sildrin, formerly his Black Guard, now the Aedile of House Ludo Kressh. Revenant was sat at a booth with Acara Rayden, his newest Mandalore brother and Flight Leader, and Eldrad Sin. The trio were drinking Corellian brandy and playing pazaak. So far, Revenant had made a heap of credits out of the pair of Jedi Hunters but Acara’s luck looked like it was changing.

Most patrons seemed to have achieved some state or other of inebriation and there was the faintest aroma of spice – possibly glitterstim, indicating that some preferred stimulation more chemical in nature.

Suddenly there was an almighty roar, as of thunder clapping right outside and the wall imploded. Sparks showered, smoke billowed and debris flew in all directions. A durasteel plate cartwheeled through the air and cleaved the head from a serving droid before embedding itself in the table at which Revenant, Sin and Acara were playing pazaak. Specifically, it lodged itself in Acara’s first winning hand for hours.

All across the lounge hands sought their weapons as training, instinct and the Dark Side took over. Security personnel leaped through the newly created breach, scanning the surroundings for any sign of a threat, but they found none

* * *

The next day, when hangovers had cleared, Xanos called a meeting of the conclave of Clan Naga Sadow. In attendance were the Quaestors of houses Ludo Kressh and Marka Ragnos, Macron Keibatsu-Goura and Nekura Manji Keibatsu, and Manji’s Aedile, Kat Pridemore. Also present were the battleteam leaders of each house, the envoys, the Consul, Xanos Xorrizor Sadow, the clan's rollmaster, Shin'Ichi Endymiron Keibatsu, and Lord Tron Sadow himself.

When he was sure he had everybody’s attention, the Consul began to speak. “As you are no doubt aware, the Dark Hall was attacked last night.” If truth be told, most of the conclave members were in the lounge at the time of the attack. Those who weren’t had heard the rumours.

Some had said it was the Korindans, but they were well and truly conquered by now. Others believed that the New Republic had finally tracked the Dark Jedi Brotherhood through the Unknown Regions. Xanos continued to address the conclave while they mulled over the many possibilities. “Most of you have heard the rumours by now. I am here to put an end to those rumours.”

Immediately after the explosion the Consul had contacted Scithe on the orbital station Obsidian, asking him to check on any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the Dark Hall. Reports had shown an unidentified speed, registered somewhere in Jagred, leaving the area at the time of the attack.

Jagred was a small country on the sunside of Antei. The capital City, Om’Jagred, was arguably the most important industrial sector on the planet. The Jagredites led the last great bastion of resistance against the Dark Brotherhood’s conquest of Antei. The city, typified by its tall spires, elegant arches and gothic style architecture, was ideally located to be all but impenetrable. Jagred was a mountainous country. Om’Jagred was situated in a basin in the middle of the Melkhim Mountains. The only viable option would be an aerial insertion.

Xanos was becoming more and more agitated as he relayed this information to the conclave. The fire in his blood was evident in his voice. “For too long has Antei defied the will of the Brotherhood!” Commander Revenant “Caligula” Mandalore, of Sapphire Squadron, could have sworn it was about to start raining fire and brimstone. Meanwhile, Xanos continued. “To attack us in our sanctum goes beyond foolishness. It is to invite death. This must not be allowed to stand. Today, we bring darkness to the sunside!”

With that, the members of the conclave left to assemble their teams, darkness in their hearts and vengeance in their blood.

Qiw Nuron

28-01-2006 21:13:04

Revenant stood beside a holo projector, arms folded. He was surounded by Sapphire Squadron Flight Members, all looking eager. He surveyed the group, in his mind choosing specific people for specific tasks in the upcomming battle.

"As you all know , the Brotherhood was attacked last night. Our intelegence has led us to believe the attack originated in Jagred, on the Sunside. We have finally had enough of dealing with those incompetant fools." He walked over and turned on the holo projector. A three dimensional image of Antei revolved for all to see. "We are finally going to put to end any doubt obout who are the true rulers of Antei. Jagred will be flattened by the might of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood."

Sapphire Squadron cheered. All were there except Judas, for an unknown reason.

"The fortress city of Jagred in in a mountainess region of the Sunside, making a ground assault next to impossible. That is why you have been chosen to lead an Air attack." The holo projector zoomed in on the mountains of mention. "The plan has not yet been finalized, but the idea is to send Sapphire in beforehand to take out the long ranged defences, and if possible their communications."

Malakai spoke out, "But sir, our small squadron against a city like Jagred's defences. We'll be crushed."

"That is why Quaestor Macron Goura and six other Assault Gunboats will be joining us. That makes seven Gunboats plus Nuron's Chimira. That should be enough to deal with this city's defences. Really the destructiopn of the artillery in the mountains to the north is all that is needed to get our larger, slower moving vessels through." Revenant switched off the holo projector, "Any questions?"

Sapphire remained still.

"Good, as i said the final plan is still in the works. Now go and get some rest, but be ready for battle at any time, the fianl plan will be ready within the hour, and a formal address will be made shortly after..."


29-01-2006 14:44:28

By now, most members of Naga Sadow had geared up and were ready for action. Raven had rushed around to gear up, he woulnd't be returning to his current assignment, this new development took priority. Someone or someones were going to die, and Raven wanted his two cents in there. Or, better yet, 20 more severed heads to add to his record. He strapped on his katana and an extra equipment belt and left his temporary quarters.

Making his way to the hangers he met his clanmates and others, people he hadn't seen in a long time. Usually a quiet person, Raven didn't hesitate to dicuss things with others. He preped his ship for take off the moment he got onboard and made ready to transport anyone who needed a ride. Through the viewport he could see the Naga Sadow capitol ships, magestically drifting outside the atmosphere. Things would definitly be going boom today.


29-01-2006 18:28:06

Judas was called to duty. Judas was furouse but noyone knew why. He tried his best to get out of this but there was no way out of it. He got his gear and a comlink and wondered off to find someyone to save "her".


29-01-2006 20:51:54

Acerbus, in training robes, sat in his quarters on Aeotheran, meditating. Although he didn't notice it, he had been doing a lot of it lately. Everything in his life seemed in order on the surface, but he felt as if something was...incomplete. Something was missing. And he didn't know what. He searched through his visions, wading knee deep in them, but he could find nothing to scratch the itch, nothing to pluck the proverbial tweezer from his mind.

Perhaps it was the radical shift of leadership he had seen lately. His Master, Raidoner, called to House Marka Ragnos to lead the Night Falcons Battleteam. Lucius, his adopted brother, mysteriously resigning from Aedile and leaving for his first home in Clan Arcona - even going so far as to leave the Mandalore family altogether. The office was filled by the Quaestor's Black Guard, Sildrin, who had just come back from what seemed like a pseudo-retirement - one of her first acts was to recomssion the Aedile's Black Guard, leaving the young Knight disenfranchised. Last, but not least, Muz, now a Son of Sadow, was called on to higher duties as the Brotherhood's Herald, left the office of Clan Proconsul, the void filled quickly by the former Obelisk High Commander, Korras.

All of these things troubled him. There was even talk of Xanos leaving the Consul spot! The Mandalore could sense trying times ahead for Clan Naga Sadow - times that would either lead to infinite glory, or times that would lead to the destruction and downfall of everything he and countless others had fought to build, uphold, defend, and protect. If his worst fears came true...every drop of blood spilt, every tear shed from every eye...would be for naught.

This overwhelming fear was put aside for a moment as his datapad beeped. Rising from the floor, dusting off and stretching, he walked over to the end table on which the small device resided. The face of his Commander, Revenant, appeared as he played the video which he had just received. The disembodied head began to speak.

"Greetings, Members and Leaders of Sapphire Squadron. Prepare for a meeting in our Conference Room in one hour. Gather all the equipment you can fit in your fighters - a major battle lies ahead of us. Come in your flightsuits, and prep for takeoff."

Qiw Nuron

29-01-2006 21:19:30

Sapphire Squadron assembled in their confrence room, in their Flightsuits as ordered.

"The plan i spoke earlier has been put through. We are to take out their long ranged defences to the north, and clear the way for our heavy craft to advance on the main city. New arders will be given out upon completion of the first phase.

"Nuron, you will cloak your shim and fly ahead of the rest of us. Get in behind their defences and wait for us to begin the attack. Ounce we have done some dammage open up from behind a take out their heavier batteries."

"Yes Commander," repplied Nuron.

"That is all for now, are their any questions?"

Acerbus raised his finger, "Sir..."


29-01-2006 21:22:42

Judas steped in the confrence room a little later then the rest in fact he walked in in the middle of a sentance. He would normaly would be ready to battle and to atleast attempt to kill the enemy at this piont, but he had other things on his mind. K'reed a Jagredite female. She was poor but she somehow was not like other Jagredites Judas knew this and wanted to protect her. He had prevously warned her of the attack and hoped she was safe. He took on flight suit slowly as possible. He serched the force for her sence but could not find her.The other Sith may not have known this but he was angry. He loved the city Om’Jagred. Judas would often go there on his free time he kept this as secret as possible knowing there was a rivarly between the two civilizations but not why. Judas straped his belt and got into half focus know either side he chooses he betrays someyone he loves.


29-01-2006 21:40:03

Rage had strided in to the conference room his krath war blade strapped to his side by a simple belt
"I heard we were attaked i wanna help" He smiled "Besides i have never seen Antei"
He looked up at revenant
"Talk to me Rev what are we going to do?"


29-01-2006 21:46:30

"...May I suggest a different plan of attack?"

Revenant sighed.

"Yes, you may completely undermine the well-laid plans of the Clan Summit. Go ahead."

"Rev, we have to take this more seriously! Besides, I have a bit of an idea. I say we bring in the Jade Serpents, Night Falcons, and Night Hawks on this, in addition to our members of the Summit?"

The young Sith spoke again, pointing to Qiw Nuron. "You can still take point and go behind the defense grid, cloaked, as planned. Bring Macron with you"

He pointed to the northern end of the map of Om'Jagred.

"See their heavier defenses here? Autoturrets, E-Webs, the like? We'll go in with the Leaders and Commanders of Sapphire flying TIE Avengers, with the rest of the squad flying in TIE Interceptors as usual. The Avengers will hit the front-line defenses as hard as they can, while the Interceptors clean out any and all primitive air defenses they have. Once the Interceptors are finished, they will bombard the mountain rock at the northern end. Meanwhile, Mac and Qiw will uncloak and take out some of the heavier batteries at the far end."

He paused briefly, then continued.

"Then, we bring the cavalry in. The other three teams will be in a mix of TIE Bombers and TIE Interceptors, flying over the city and generally blowing things up."

This elicited a chuckle from some of the members.

"Then, we will converge at the city's northern end, bring in the Assault Gunboats and bombard the main keep, landing to lobotomize the leadership if necessary."

His unintended pun once again caused some snickers and grins amongst the squad.

"And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

Revenant stood for a moment, his mind in thought.

"I like it. I like it a hell of a lot. Let's go with it. We leave in half an hour. For Sadow!"

He raised his right hand in a fist, and the squadron returned the salute, rousingly responding.

Acerbus smiled. He had managed to not screw something up for once...not yet, at least.


29-01-2006 22:25:16

Revenant was the first out the door, but Raven caught him on the shoulder.

"May I suggest something?"

Revenant sighed. "Please don't tell me you were listening to our private breifing."

The Guardian looked at Revenat quizically. "You can answer that. I can install a cloaking device on the Fearless if I divert the antigrav guns' power to the generator. 30 torpedoes...I can give your first wave a serious extra punch, and I have enough sheilds not to worry about getting destroyed. What do you say?"

Qiw Nuron

29-01-2006 22:28:22

Nuron was deep in thought as he powered up Chimira. The clan summit was not going to like this. but it was a much better plan than they had come up with. Much more precise.

Also what was with the strange behavior from Judas? Not being at the first meeting, and being late for the second, that was unacceptable for a member of Sapphire, the most distinguished Battle Team in the Brotherhood.

He switched on his navi computer an input the coordinants of Jagrad.

Nuron stood and walked over to his Antei Saber, examining it. He remembered when he had built it...long ago on Korriban, in the tomb of Naga Sadow himself. His guiding spirit had told Nuron of the power of the Antei saber, and had shown him the secret of the ancient alloy known as Permium, which was so vital to its design.

He also remembered the first time he had killed with it. It felt like something from a dream, invigorated, yet detached, as if he were not controlling his actions. He believed this must be more that the feel of a light saber, and knew even after he built his own light saber it would be seldome used in comparison to this unique weapon.

Nuron's com system beeped.

"This is the Commander Reveant Mandalore. We have just been given reluctant permission to go along with Acerbus' attack plan, and have been given clearence to leave. Good luck, and May Darkness guide you..."

Nuron, along with the rest of sapphire powered up his engines, and took off at top speed towards Jagrad...


29-01-2006 23:24:09

Judas began to power up his engines and turns his ships radio to two frequencies one was the home of K'reed the other was connected through all of the Sapphire Battle Team. Judas wanted tot ell someyone of K'reed but there was ovously no way he could without being a traitor or being kicked out of the Brotherhood or worse the Battle Team. Belur put on a necklase K'reed gave him for good luck. He looked at a picture of K'reed that was on his arm rest. Judas felt like he needed to protect her from anythign and everything just this time he wasn't sure how.


30-01-2006 02:02:08

Rage smiled he commed Rev
"Im ready Rev, i know you sith just love your flying and all i just want to get on the ground and fight sword to sword and uh..sword to blaster" he cliked it off
Rage powered up His Theta Class 2c Transport stocked up with his 'extras' and a full Squad of Shiny Krath War Droids.
Heh here we go He thought as he entered his coordinates and started to lift off
As he heard the whine of the engines he relaxed
This is where I the heat of battle
He then commed Rev " I think my bomb editon to this ting works so ill do that part of the flying"
"Ok then, just leave the real flying to my men"
"Real flying eh? you wont be able to get done without this uberbomber you know as Rage"


30-01-2006 06:58:36

Revenant was happy. He was in the cockpit and on his way to crush yet another uprising. Yes, all was well with the world.

Acerbus's plan was sound, as attested to by the Summit's willingness to go along with it. There was just one flaw. Revenant never felt at home, except in an interceptor. He had been given an A-9 interceptor on his appointment to Commander. He was not a fan of the ship, so had taken the turbolaser system and fitted it to his TIE interceptor, It was this that he was flying in.

Anticipation flowed through his veins as the rocks of Antei's night side sped underneath him.

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 07:45:05

"Sapphire, form up on me," ordered Revenant.

Sapphire Squadron with the grace and speed of well trained soldures formed into a diamond configuration with Revenant at the head. Below them flew Quaestor Macron Goura leading a group of Assault gunboats.

The Nightside of Antei spread out befor the Squadron like an eagle opening its wings...


30-01-2006 08:03:24

Despite the fact he was not paying all his attention while thinking about K'reed a new fatailty arose. The young acolyties comlink to the Battle Team has no longer functioning. The other comlink was working though and he got a call. It was K'reeds brother Jer'ell a member of the Jagredite military. They where comeing. Judas told him to break off so he would not be killed. Jer'ell was known for running off when there was a chance he could be killed above all else. Judas took holds off the weapon comtrols. He wasn't forming around Rev. but he was still in a battle team position.

Lanius Sin

30-01-2006 09:15:15

Eldrad Sin watched the fighters flying in formation behind him on one of the cockpit flat-screen displays. For some time now his thoughts were filled with a nagging doubt, one he was sure his master Macron would advise him to be wary of. Often his Keibatsu master would teach him of the value of mistrust and this, he was sure, was one of those times. For now he would watch the one named Judas, take notes, and try to weed out any of his private traitorous thoughts.

Sin’s gloved hand lightly pressed a combination of buttons on the craft’s comm panel that would open up a private channel to Commander Revenant and the newly appointed Flight Leader Acara Rayden Mandalore. He waited for the buzz of static that would signal the comm Link open.

“Cmdr Revenant, Acara, this is Sin.”

“This had better be good Flight leader, this channel has to be kept quiet at all times…” Rev was obviously boiling with rage, evident by his sharp tongued response. With a smile Sin replied, careful not to spend or waste any of the Commander’s hate. He would need that for the battle ahead.
“Watch out for any surprise attacks, I feel something duplicitous about our friend Judas… he may compromise our position, or worse.” There followed silence. For a moment he could feel Rev and Acara stretch out with the Force.
“Your warning is duly noted Sin, now concentrate. The terrain ahead is treacherous and we must fly in low to avoid being detected.” With that the comm clicked shut.

“Quietly sweating in his TIE interceptor Amon Nihilus Judas felt a strange sensation. It was as if someone had walked on his grave. With his left hand he rubbed the back of his neck and wiped the sweat off his brow. He had a bad feeling about this….”


30-01-2006 09:25:46

Judas did not know what was happening to him. Everything including his ship was pionting in the direction of K'reed. His Radar picked something up. His radar was a advanced radar for personal use and had a greater range then almost all other TIE fighters of any kind. It was Jagredite no dought as Judas felt the force essence of Jer'ell. Judas tried to make his comlink work but he could not. He veiwed the sight of Jer'ell leaving the seane as the enemy 'teams' came in pain view. Judas felt he was being watched as he firmed his grip on the weapon controls.

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 11:06:52

"We have enemy fighters at our 12 Oclock," Communicated Nuron.

Revenant glanced at his short ranged sensors, and confirmed it "Form into attack positions!"

Sapphire spread out into a duel trianglar (vertical and horrizontal) formation.

"Quaestor Macron, perhaps you whould hold back and let our squadron take care of this."

"Perhaps," Macron pulled his squadron of assault gunboats back below the canyon they were now flying over.

Eight heavy fighters appeared from behind a cloud, spiraling down from the sky in a semi circular formation.

Nuron droped down near the ground and engaged his cloak. He armed his photon torpedos. and waited. Overhead sapphire engaged the enemy...


Revenant rolled his Avenger to the left, then launched a volly of lasser cannon fire, hitting the
right thruster of an enemy fighter. "Nuron now!" he ordered.

Qiw Nurons Chirmira decloaked for only an instant, but that was more than enough time to launch his photon torpedo.

It streaked toward the heavy fighter, leaving a blue trail of ions in it wake. The torpedo slammed into the fighter, and with a defening roar, the torpedo and the fighter were gone...


30-01-2006 11:20:50

On board the Platinum Heart, the Delta Class Shuttle the Clan Envoy had dubiously requsitioned for his personal ship, Malisane sat idly in his quarters watching the display screen mapping the attack forces progress accross Antei. Though a former member of Sapphire and the Night Falcons, he hadn't been in a fighter for a long time and this complex and difficult raid probably wasn't the best time to start practicing again.

He sipped his wine. Outside he could hear the sounds of his assault team preparing themselves for the landing, the twenty crack troopers read to do their part in the attack.

As he watched the display, a brief stab of doubt washed over him. The failure of the hunt for Severak still prayed on his mind, the idea that you could do everything right and still loose out on your target wasn't a particularly inspiring thought at times like this. He had his personal demons to excercise and maybe this was the time to do it. He fingered the hilt of his saber absent mindedly, waiting for his signal to descend.


30-01-2006 11:42:12

Judas has hit the most. The others will still considered a threat but for soem reason attacking judas looked like a prime directive. Judas dodged as many as he could but he could not servive much longer. Judas grabed what we needed and pressed a button. His ship went at ful impact to the lead ship. Judas was able to jump out barly in time to servive the exoplosion. The Changling was in his common Miraluka form. He ignighted his sword, for he could not bear a light saber yet. He watched the death of the lead ship and ran across to ifnd the ruins of his ship. It was greatly damaged but his radar was barly damaged. Judas flew across the battle plain still being fired on, on the ground. He felt a hand touch him. Judas turned around. One of the enemies had escaped he knocked the suprised Judas out and said three words. "I Became Destiny".


30-01-2006 11:52:13

Revenant was slightly worried. Why were the Jagredites concentrating so much on Judas? As if in response to his mental query, two cloakshape fighters appeared on his tail. He twisted and turned, rolled and looped, spun and dived, all to no avail. These were skilled pilots.

Despite his aerial acrobatics, one of the COmmander's pursuants stuck to him like sewer sludge. All the while, the cloakshape's pilot was firing at him, streaks of coherent light flying past him on all sides. Much more of this, thought Revenant, and he's gonna...

He was cut off mid-thought as a lucky shot took out his engines. The Knight wrestled with the control yoke in an attempt to glide the ship into as gentle a landing as possible and the fighter dissappeared from view into the canyon.

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 13:10:48

"Much more of this and he's toast," communicated Qiw Nuron to Acerbus.

"I concur, Judas needs help," Repplied Acerbus. "You take the one on the right, I will take the one on the left. Give 'em hell!"

Qiw Nuron and Acerbus Mandalore took off after the the twin cloak ships following Judas. Diving in an out of the canyon, the ships began ot pick up speed...

"Hold off," Communicated Judas, "I can take care of myself." Just as he said that a turbo lase hit his port-side thruster.

"Appearantly not." Nuron raced foward in Chimira. "Judas do exactly as I say."

"And WHY should i follow orders from you?" Judas ship took another hit.

"Because if you don't, you'll be Bantha Fodder. Now push to full throttle and dive into the canyon, when i say, cut you engines."

"Fine." Judas pushed to full throttle.

Nuron and Acerbus sped up to follow. The dove into the canyon, fly over and under arche, and around pillers of stone. Nuron looked ahead with the force, sencing Judas' close demise. He had to act soon. "Wait for it...Now Judas!"

Judas cut is engines, and for a moment free fell into the canyon, the persuing cloak ships roared by him. He re ignited his engins and slowly carried his ship down to the canyon floor.


Meanwhile Acerbus and Nuron closely tailed the cloakships.

"Ready?" Asked Acerbus.

"Hell yes!"

"Both Nuron and Acerbus let go a volly of Torpedos. Within moments the cloakships were spiraling towards the canyon walls. With a bright flash ships were gone.


Revenant watched the the pair of Dark Jedi save judas, and within a few minutes the battle was over. He signaled the rest of Sapphire Squadron, as well as the Quaestors squadron of Assault gunboats to meet on the canyon floor. He then signaled Judas on a private channel, "Acolyte, we need to talk..."


30-01-2006 13:56:42

"About What!" Judas becme frustrated it was like he was not in control of his own body. Still all he could think about was K'reed. His fist grew tighter and tighter till blood driped form it. As Judas slowly calmed down.


30-01-2006 14:56:46

Rage was abit off from the others his transport was slower dispite all the modifications on it
So as he got the news that the was a fight going on infront of him he was pissed.
"Save some for me im almost there" he told on the comm that the entire taskforce, but then fighters came on his tail
"Surprise" he said as one of the droids manned the tail-turret
"Ok fly behind me, stay aways abit tilli call you though" he told one of the droids
He got out of the cockpit and ran done the length of his transport opened a hatch this has become more useful since i joined the brotherhood He jumped in and a sectoin of the transports underside split up to show Rage's modified (OOC: yes everything i have isnt stock :P)
Sith Fighter as he flew of to join the others

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 16:35:02

The Chirmira slowly floated down to the canyon floor. Nuron Staroed his Antei Saber to his side and awaited his orders.

Judas actions had been very troubling as of late. He had not been himself at all. He new he shouldn't worrie, if the time came to "Take Care Of" Judas, he would not hesitate. Judas was an unknown factor in this war, and would have to be controlled one way or another.


30-01-2006 17:16:23

((OOC-not to be overly critical, but people need to stick to reality. Revenant is DJK, so if he cant take aut the two stealth ships, you guys cant save Judas AND kill the stealthships. As well, your enemies are not stupid, they will fight back and this battle could not have ended so fast. AND you are not sticking to the battle plan. Judas, one thing, this is NOT your love story. Try to incorporate that into this as a SUBSTORY. Thanks for your time gentelmen))

The Fearless saw revenants ship go down, and Raven jerked the joystick planetside. Blasting his way through a small tower in the city, he made a rough landing near Revenants crash site. He raced through the post flight routine, and jumped out, two throwing daggers drawn. Nobody was getting to Revenant before him. Or at least no hostiles. And he would kill anyone in his way.

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 20:51:18

(( OCC- Man we haven't made it to the city yet, or even near it. We intercepted fighter heading to attack the Brotherhood. Also about shooting down the cloak ships...I Quote; "He was cut off mid-thought as a lucky shot took out his engines." IE not his fault he didn't destroy the cloak ships. Also this small skirmish could end fast considering that there were very few ships... Read the previous parts before poitning fingers! Sorry for anouther OCC post. ))

Nuron exited Chimira and walked over to where Revenant was waiting. Within moments most of Sapphire Squadron had joined them.

"Ok fokes...we have a sli-"

Just then Raven came running towards the assembled Dark Jedi. "Get away from him you fools!"

"Woa, settle down man." Revenant spoke in an strange tone, possibly using the force to calm Raven. "Put those away, NOW!"

Raven stoped in his tracks, instantly dropping his daggers. "I don't know what came over me. I am sorry Commander."

"No problem, your not the only one who's been acting strange latly." Revenant galnced at Judas.

"Now as i was saying, we have a slight problem. Someone has alerted the Jegradites to our attack, and I think most of us know who it was." This time Revenant looked directly at Judas. "Tell me everything!" The force could plainly be heard in Revenants voice now.

"B-but I can't!" Judas began to shake

"TELL ME!!!"

Judas fell to the ground shaking violently. "I-I don't--K'REED!!!!" he screamed, then passed out.

Qiw Nuron

30-01-2006 20:52:10

(( OCC- Man we haven't made it to the city yet, or even near it. We intercepted fighter heading to attack the Brotherhood. Also about shooting down the cloak ships...I Quote; "He was cut off mid-thought as a lucky shot took out his engines." IE not his fault he didn't destroy the cloak ships. Also this small skirmish could end fast considering that there were very few ships... Read the previous parts before poitning fingers! Sorry for anouther OCC post. ))

Nuron exited Chimira and walked over to where Revenant was waiting. Within moments most of Sapphire Squadron had joined them.

"Ok fokes...we have a sli-"

Just then Raven came running towards the assembled Dark Jedi. "Get away from him you fools!"

"Woa, settle down man." Revenant spoke in an strange tone, possibly using the force to calm Raven. "Put those away, NOW!"

Raven stoped in his tracks, instantly dropping his daggers. "I don't know what came over me. I am sorry Commander."

"No problem, your not the only one who's been acting strange latly." Revenant galnced at Judas.

"Now as i was saying, we have a slight problem. Someone has alerted the Jegradites to our attack, and I think most of us know who it was." This time Revenant looked directly at Judas. "Tell me everything!" The force could plainly be heard in Revenants voice now.

"B-but I can't!" Judas began to shake

"TELL ME!!!"

Judas fell to the ground shaking violently. "I-I don't--K'REED!!!!" he screamed, then passed out.

"This is going to be more difficult than I thought..."


30-01-2006 21:44:32

((OOC (again)-just talke with Rev about it while ago. All is back in its place))

"Raven looked from one Sapphire member to another, and then down at Judas and back at Sapphire Squadron. "Who the hell is K'reed??"

Qiw looked confused. "I have no idea."

"Great. You would think it was his contact in Jagred."

Acerbus turned. "Well he's no use to us now. Raven, you have a large ship, got anywhere to put Judas."

Raven grinned feindishly. "I know just the place."

The Sith Commander had been looking at the remenants of the enemy fighter squadron in the sky. "Alright, hurry it up people, we've got a battle to win."


As the Fearless dusted off, Raven keyed in the comm to the Sapphire squad member he knew best, Monoke Macron Kiebatsu.

"Mac, this is NH6 Fearless. We're dusting off Antei with Revenant and the rest of the forward Sapphire division." He turned to Revenant, who was seated to his left, who nodded in approval. "What's your ETA to the killzone?"

Static was followed by the reply. "NH6 Fearless, this is the Silooth. ETA is one hour. Raven, catch up if you can."


30-01-2006 22:49:25

Judas woke up in a cell. It was small and Judas could hardly moove without getting hurt. He yelled "What Ever You Want From Me You'll Never Get It Without Revenant!" Although Revenant didn't know it Judas felt as if he was a brother to him. He stared blankly in the eyes of any one who would look at him. He waited patiently untill his brother would talk to him 'alone'.

Acara Rayden

31-01-2006 00:42:59

Walking about the Fearless Acara grinned. This situation with Judas would be interesting. Perhaps he would pay him a little visit later. Walking on to the Bridge Raven and his commander were seated. Walking up to them he Nodded to Raven in greeting as he addressed Revenant.

“Commander, may I interrupt?” As usual Acara was being polite only to those he liked or trusted, as far as a Sith would trust anyway.

“What is it Acara?” Revenant was used to his fellow Mandalore’s way of doing things.

“The tech droids have finished the analysis of your TIE. It Looks like it can be fixed and battle ready in time.” Smiling Acara paused, the commander knew there would be something else.

“Good Flight Leader. Was there anything else?” Revenant listened to see what Rayden was after.

“Yes Commander. I would like permission to interrogate Judas. I want to know what he has been doing.” Acara sounded slightly crazy as he said this, Revenant noted who dark his features had suddenly become. It did not bother him, he was used to the effect Korriban had left on the Jedi Hunter.

“Permission Granted.” The commander regarded Acara for a moment, he was on the verge of asking him exactly what he was going to do. “Go when your ready.”

“Thank you commander,” Turning round Acara nodded to Raven before walking off the bridge.

Walking into the room where Judas’ cell was Acara couldn’t help but smile slightly as he approached. Looking the Acolyte up an down Acara took note of the tension within him, perhaps it would be useful.

“Good day to you Judas,” Acara’s voice dripped with feigned politeness. “I am Flight Leader Acara Rayden Mandalore. I am here with Revenant’s permission.”

“Why are you here?” Judas asked from within the cell.

“To listen.” His voice held a very slight note of anger about it. “To hear as you tell me everything I wish to know.”

Judas’ Defiantly uttered, “Never!”

“Really?” Acara’s voice now echoed with Anger and the Dark Side. “Well we have some time before the next attack. Perhaps I can change your mind?” With that Acara’s left arm shot up to point at Judas.

Judas cried out as He hit something and pain coursed through him. He sank to the floor. Smiling Acara looked down at the acolyte.


31-01-2006 06:40:26

Onboard of the fearless in a small chamber Sildrin slowly got aware of her surrounding, slipping out of the meditation. She had felt pain, a twisted mind torn between love and loyalty. Love, she sneered. How foolish. Quietly she made her way to the bridge of the fearless, watching Acara heading to the cell rooms, walking up to Revenant: "Hey Rev, what is Acara up to?". Instead of a reply revenant simply switched on the camera of the cell room where Judas was placed in.

A light grin appeared on her face as she watched it with amusment. Finally she turned to Revenant: "I know you would like to take me part in flying with one of the squads, but as Malisane I am too rusty to be really usefull in this battle. But if you need me in any other way, just tell me. Oh and where the hell is Malisane?"

Macron Sadow

31-01-2006 09:35:04

The Silooth slipped out of hyperspace with a shriek, engines throbbing. Mononoke had recently perfected a unique hyperdrive with a x .5 modifier, making it almost as fast as the legendary Millennium Falcon. It certainly was beat up enought to resemble the famous Corellian ship as well. And now, he got to vape some choads. He snickered in anticipation.

"Sapphire, Fearless, this is Macron. I brought some requisitioned Aeotheran forces along. We are The Silooth, 2 TIE advanceds, and 4 modified Interceptors." came the secure encrypted comlink. "Killzone ETA one minute. Prepare for me to enter hot and ready to rock. Query: any capital ships about? I am detecting what may be an unknown Corvette and several snub fighters... those punks had to come from somewhere."

"Roger that, Quaestor. I read an old corvette a quarter paresec out," replied the TIE Flight Leader.

"I copy.. Am moving to interept. I see they have cloakshapes... meh," Mononoke snorted as they began their run. "You two in the advanceds, screen and clear the snubs. Interceptors, back the advanceds and deal with flankers. I will make the kill shots on the corvette. If you end up with extra missles, then launch them at the 'vette when she's ready to pop. Hail Sadow!"

The various Dark jedi listened to their comlinks and watched their holoscreens as the skirmish played out, it being too far to see visually. One by one, the cloakshape fighters were cut to ribbons as Macron launched a full load of advanced torpedoes into the belly of the aging Corvette. The screams and blasts were clear over the comlink.

Two TIE fighters had met their doom in a fiery blast of destruction, and those brave soldiers went to join their ancestors. That saddened the Quaestor, as losing one's charges was always difficult for any leader. "We have 2 casualties, KIA. The Corvette is neutralized. I am moving to dock and debrief. The Vibre-Class Cruiser Crimson Angel is system inbound. Meet me there. Macron out."

Qiw Nuron

31-01-2006 13:34:48

The Chimira soared through space towards the Vibre-Class Cruiser, Crimson Angel, the rest of Sapphire trailed close behind. The Crimson Angle came into view from behind an asteroid, itas balck hull reflecting light from this systems star.

Nuron wondered how Acara was doing interrogating Judas. The fact that Acara was the one interrogating the Acolyte was unknown to most of Sapphire, but not to Qiw Nuron. As of late he had been developing a clearvoyance of sorts. Ever since the Kah'mar'ian attack on the Base on Aeotheron he had been recieving visions of future & even current events. Only recently had be begun to simply know things. When something was happening to a member of the Brotherhood, he would simply know of it, with no idea how.

The Chimira approached the Crimson Angle, "Permission to Dock?"

"Granted." The Chimira drifted into its docing clamps.

"Welcome aboard Hunter." This voice was different from the first that he heard.

"Macron?" This was only habbit as he new it was him.

"One and only." The Quaestor laughed.

"Its good to hear your voice. A little more leadership around here would do us all some good." Nuron switched to a private channel.

Macron registered the change in channels. "Ok what do you want? This had better be important to use this channel!" Macron was seveirly agitated, like he new what Nuron was about to say.

"Have you been breifed on the situation?"

"What situation?"

"Sir, we may have a traitor in our midst..."

"I see. And who would that be?"

"One of our newer emebers. The Acolyte Amon Judas..."


Aboard the Fearless, Acara was at work on interrogating Judas, but so far to no avail. This Dark Jedi had an uncanny ability to resist torture that should not exist in a Dark Jedi of his skill.

"Look Judas, just tell me who you have contacted in Jegrad, and this will all be over." Acara let his hand drop to his side.

Judas lay on the floor of his cell, quivering like a lost child afraid of the dark. "NO!"

"Fine have it your way." Acara lifted his hand and threw Judas into the ceiling of his cell.

Judas clenched his fists, trying to control the pain coursing though his body. He would never tell the Brotherhood who K'reed was. But he could not take much more of this. Perhaps he would break eventually, but not without a fight...

The Fearless had just docked with the Crimson Angle. Quaestor Macron Goura and Qiw Nuron entered the room talking.

"Do you really think this Acolyte told someone in Jegrad of our attack plans?"

Nuron turned towards Judas. "I'm not sure sir, but something is definitly not right."

Acara continued to throw Judas against his cell walls. "Had enough yet?" He stoped to give Judas time to answer.

Judas slowly stood up. Something was not right about him. He had taken on a dark appearence like that of Acara, but more menacing. "This stops now!"

"Ha, you think so, no my friend it has only just begun." Acara went to raise his hand again, but was stoped by a look in Judas eyes.

Judas walked towards the edge of his cell. He raised hais hands, and with force powers rivaling that of a fully trained Dark Jedi, threw Acara accrose the room.

Macron instantly drew his light saber, Nuron his antei saber, but their was no need. Judas collapsed to the ground in convulsions.

"We have a serious problem." Nuron looked at Macron, who simply shut down his light saber. "That can not be Judas, sir, hes just an Acolyte."

"I agree, that was not Amon Judas. But I'm sad to say that i don't know what it was." The Quaestor stared at a strange marking on the back of Judas neck. "What is this?" He walked closer...


31-01-2006 14:34:52

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Acara Rayden

31-01-2006 14:51:09

Acara rose slowly to his feet. He could feel the start of a bruise from his landing. Fury coursed through his veins as he looked down at the convulsing form of Judas. Macron and one of Sapphire’s flight members was standing examining something on “Judas’s” neck.

Walking towards them he withdrew a small vial from his robes. Waving his hands through the air the cell powered down at hid force command . Bending over he injected the convulsing body. The Convulsing slowed and then stopped, to be replace by the slow sound of breathing.

“I have injected him with a sedative,” Acara waved his hand once more, powering back up the cell. “He should be ready for questioning shortly.” Eyeing where Macron had been looking he added, “What the hell is that?”

“No idea yet.” Was the response of Macron as he continued to examine the mark.

Acara stood up and tuned a personal Comm device to a channel.

“Commander, I will take it you have been watching.” He spoke into the commlink.

“Yes Hunter, a most curious development.” The commander’s speech was calm but Acara could here a note of curiosity in the Knight’s words.

“Do we have anything on board that can inhibit his force abilities?”

“I am not sure Acara perhaps Queastor Macron can come up with something,” The Keibatsu’s abilities in alchemy were well known.

“Rodger that Rayden out”

Acara looked round to his Queastor, he did not need to say anything the Sith Warrior had been listening. Macon looked thoughtful.

Nuron, having respected the Flight Leader’s ned to converse with the commander now looked as though he was about to offer his opinion.

Qiw Nuron

31-01-2006 15:07:50

(( OCC- ok man seriously stop with the OCCs. Just follow the story. You ahve been following Sapphire right? If so than you are now somewhere on thr Crimison Angle. Ounce again I am sorry for ANOTHER out of Charictor post.))

Macron deactivated the energy sheild containing Amon Judas. He nelt down beside him and pulled the hair away from his neck. "Oh so that's it..." Macron looked at Nuron, "Come here Hunter. Tell me what you make of this."

Nuron calmly walked over to Judas body, which had now stoped convulsing. He nelt down an examined the Acolyte's neck. What he say startled him. "It looks like hes been taking chemicals of some type."

"Close but not quite. It seems that Judas has been sneaking into my lab when I'm not around. Its funny in didn't sense him though. Those two small triangles are the mark of my prototype Midichlorien injectors."

"What in Darth's name are you talking about, Quaestor? It sounds like YOU'VE been taking chemicals."

"Listen for a moment you incompetant boy. Over the past few months I have been working on a device to remove Midichlorien rich blood and transfuse it into normal beings. Non Dark Jedi or Jedi for that matter. Anyway it doesn't work. Everyone I try it on goes mad for a few days, then does some crazy force thing, like blow a hole in their cell, then they passout. When they wake up they don't remember a thing." Macron scratched his chin. "I never thought of a blood transfusion with another Dark Jedi though." He pulled out small data pad. "This will requrie more research."


"Yes, yes, this is not the place. Well he SHOULD be back to normal when he wakes up. Maybe then we will be able to get some information out of him..."


31-01-2006 15:33:39

She frowned, having watched everything via the camera about Judas and the use of some Midichlorien infusions. Her fingers ran over the keyboards of the board computer as she deleted the evidence of this interrogation.

Quickly she made her way to the cells, on her way thoughts race through her mind. "Midichlorien infusions... indeed interesting. But also scary at the same time. We have seen what it did to someone as Judas... but what if applied to a Dark Jedi Knight... or an Equite..?", finally she approached the cells. She bowed her head to Macron: "Hello Macron.", she grinned. "Being in your element yet again I see", her force senses focused upon the datapad, the empty vial of a sedative, the limp body.
Then she turned to Acara and Qiw, saying quietly: "It's good to see you on this mission." She was indeed glad to see so many familiar names for this mission. Only Judas was completely unknown to her. She took a deep breath: "Soo.. what is about this midichlorien infusions? I deleted the camera recording. Just to make sure no one else hears about this. The cameras are off."
Am I too paranoid or is it better to not let too many hear about this, she wondered.


31-01-2006 18:45:27

Malisane sat in his quarters onboard the Platinum Heart feeling somewhat confused by the turn of events. He tried the commlink again. "I want to speak to Commander Revanent immediatley."
"I'm sorry Envoy he's still unavailable."
"Is Aedile Sildrin there?"
"I'm sorry she is also unavailable."
"Fine if either of them turns up could you please request they drop me a line telling me what's going on!" he snapped and turned the link off.
He wandered throught to the cockpit. "Lieutenant I'm going for a soak if anyone gets in touch call me."
The officer saluted. "Yes sir."

Qiw Nuron

31-01-2006 19:49:55

"Look it doesn't work." Macron shook his head "I mean Judas here is close to death, but he will pull through."

"I very much doubt that Mac, very few things you design dont work," Sildren pressed.

"Thats not intirely accurate."

"What do you mean?"

"He means that he not going to go around bragging about a failed invention." Qiw stood up after inpecting Judas scars further.

"Yes, yes. But you can make it work. I mean for a limited time Judas had the powers of s seasoned night."

"Look, I'm telling you, it does not work." But it was too late, Sildrin was sure of her self now, and would not stop.

"You can make it work. I know you can!" Sildrin started to become angry. She steped fowards toward Macron menacingly.

"I suggest you step back." Nuron drew his Antei Saber.

"Tell me how that machine works." Malisane lifted here hand. Lightning spread form her fingertips, but Macron had already drawn his Lightsaber. He heasily blocked the attack. "Hunter if you please?"

Nuron spun up and nailed Sildrin in the back of the head. She fell limp to the floor.

"What has been getting to people lately?" Nuron turned to Macron...


31-01-2006 20:00:19

Judas awoke in the lab. He did now know where he was. Judas tried to move btu he could not, "Help ME!!!!"Judas cried for help. His neck felt wierd he rubed it feeling the strong of his necklase as he begam to feel weeker wondering what has happened to him. He tried to break free as could feel that he was no longer trusted in the brotherhood not entirely knowing what they ment by his contact. Judas was now conserned about his place in the brotherhood but rev was the only person he oculd trust to keep his secret.

Lanius Sin

31-01-2006 22:03:52

Sin pushed another command into his data-pad and pinched the bridge of his nose tightly. The red glow from the small device illuminated his face enough to see an expression of pure rage. He grimaced.
He searched for clarity where there was none to begin with and could, so far, reach one conclusion. This is what happens when the will of the dark council is questioned.

With a sigh he recounted the damages taken in Sapphire Squadron’s recent battle, “This won’t do at all,” he uttered to the shadows over the hum of the ship’s engines. Another couple of presses on the touch sensitive screen brought up a tactical recording of the attack and subsequent grounding of Commander Revenant and Amon Nihilus Judas. He made a mental note to send all those responsible for breaking the chain of command and straying from the mission objectives to Shin-ichi for correction. Pushing this aside he concentrated on the job at hand.

He was alone with his thoughts for now and this was a perfect opportunity to find out exactly what had gone wrong and what part Judas had to play. Judas, he turned the word over in his mind as if it were an antique or a curious oddity on show in some dusty museum.

He could see the squadron’s markers fly in formation toward their objective, as they had done many times in the past, then without warning and out of nowhere the attack.

But wait, he thought, there was a warning. The feeling I experienced prior to this fiasco.

It took only a moment for him to find the time-stamp of his communication with Revenant and Acara. And with a dry smile he picked up his communicator, stood up and walked toward the compartment’s blast doors.

Clicking a tiny durasteel button the device Fizzed into life.
“Commander, this is Eldrad.. Judas made a comm uplink with an unknown party just before our private conversation. I have a full recording of the exchange… and Rev, we may have the codes for the entire Jagred military communications network”…

Qiw Nuron

31-01-2006 22:21:42

He had to find Revenant, but he doubted he would be able to make it out of this lab. Judas slowly stood up, feeling very weak. He walked to the door and hit the open switch.

"I'm sorry Acolyte, but you have been confined to this lab until further notice." A Dark Jedi stood guard over the doorway.

"I am free to go!"Judas said, waving his hand using the last of his inhanced force power.

"You are free to go Amon Judas."

"Thank you." Judas took two more steps, then collapsed to the floor.


He awoke ounce again in the lab aboard the Crimson Angle. This time beside him lay Sildrin. He tried to stand but his legs felt so week. He needed more of that concoction he had stolen from Macron's lab, and Sildrin might be just the person to get it.

He rolled over beside Sildrin, and shook her awake. "Hey get up, I have work for you."

Sildrin struggled to regain consiousness. Her head hurt and all she wantd to do was sleep...

"Get up!"

"Wha-what do you want?"

"I have work for you."

"I don't take orders from you."

"You will whan it come to this... You see i have stolen something from Macron."

"The Midichlorien Injection, i know. Where did you find it."

"In his lab," Judas finally summoned enough strength to stand. "Anyway its in a durasteel safe on my ship. I asume they recovered it." He began to pace. "If you get my the concoction I'm sure there will be enough for the both of us."

"Really." Sildrin jumped tio her feet. She took on a menacing look. "Fine, what is the access code?"

"1 3 beta 6 tetra, and don't screw it up, or you'll blow a hole in the ship."

"Ya, ya." She walked over to the door.

"Ah awake i see." An Oblisk, obviously of a low rank stood watch.

"Yes, yes. Now if you excuse me-"

"Not so fast. I have strict orders. Macron mus clear you first."

"So call him down."


A few minutes later Macron calmly walked into the lab.

"Sildrin, feeling better I hope."

Sildrin using all her skill managed to look upbeat & pleasent. "Oh yes sir. Quite better, but not quite back up to par." She sat down on a nearby table. "I was hoping i could go back to my quarters and get some rest before we attack Jegrad.

Macron studdied her. She looked much better, but something was still not quite right. "Fine, but this guard is to accompany you at all times."

Sildrin frowned.

"Its just a percaution."

"Of course sir." She walked down the hall followed closly by the guard.

"Now for you." Macron glanced at Judas, who simply smiled. "Rev, Acara, Qiw, get down her immidiatly. Our friend Judas has finally awoken."


Ounce she was out of Macron's sight, Sildrin turned to the gurad. Unlike Judas, Sildrin did not need a Midichlorien Injection to impose her will on the weak minded. She waved her hand, "I am free to go."

"You are free to go," repplied the guard.

"You will tell Macron none of this."

"I will tell Macron none of this"

"You will go back to you quarters and remain there for the remainder of this voyage."

"I will go back to you quarters and remain there for the remainder of this voyage."

"Good, now go!"

The guard walked off down the hall.

Ounce out of sight, Sildrin headed towards the Crimson Angle's hanger...


01-02-2006 04:47:46

She approached the hangar, walking to one of the technicians. "Where is Amon Nihilus Judas's ship?", she asked. The technician looked at his datapad, then pointed at a ship at the end of the hangar: "This is it, Aedile Sildrin". Then the technician turned back to his bussiness, shouting at one of the workers: "NO, you FOOL! That is the wrong battery! Watch it, or next time you will end up in Macron's lab!".
Sildrun chuckled quietly, approaching the ship. "mmh... so where is this safe?", she climbed into the ship, hitting her head. "Ouch!" Finally she sensed the small safe, punching in the code. To her relief it opened, revealing the midichlorien injector. So, Macron hasn't discovered this yet., she thought. She let it slip into a pocket of her robe, starting to crawl out of the ship, making her way back to the cells.

As she approached the cells, she realised that the "work" on Judas had already started. She cleared her throat: "Ahem.. sorry to interrupt you, but I wish to talk to this... subject here alone.", her blind eyes turned upon Macron and everyone sensed clearly the use of the force within the room, covering them like a thick heavy blanket. Macron stared at Sildrin then nodded: "I give you 5 minutes!", he nodded. "But..!", Qiw objected, but was silenced by Macron's glare. As the room was empty, Sildrin smiled at Judas: "I found it."

Judas sighed in relief:" Quick.. give it to me.", but suddenly tensed as he looked at her. Her eyes narrowed, she growled in anger: "How dare you to believe that this Aedile of Ludo Kressh would betray the Quaestor? .. My loyalty to Macron is unbroken and I would defend him with my life." Judas dropped to the ground, writhing and screaming in pain as Sildrin used the force power Inflict Pain on him. Macron entered the cell, followed by Qiw, Acara and Revenant: "Did you find the missing Midichlorian injector, Sildrin?", Macron looked at her, his grin reveald his metal capped teeth. Sildrin handed the small injector over to Macron: "Yes. It is untouched."

She slipped closer to Qiw, whispering: "Next time.. don't hit me so hard damnit. My head still aches!", she playfully nudged him. Judas stared at them, suddenly realising that he had been tricked. The Aedile's loyalty to her clan, her house and her Quaestor was above reproach.

Qiw Nuron

01-02-2006 10:19:07

Judas was thrown accross the room with a wave of Nuron's hand. "Sir, this is pointless, he isn't going to talk."

Macron sat in the courner watching Nuron, Acara, Revenant, and Sildrin torture the young acolyte.

"He will talk. Already his mind is weakening." This session of torture had already been going on for some time. "Especially with the help of this." Macron stood and pulled a vile out of his robe. He walked over to judas and injected him with a blue serum. "Now i mus warn you this is going to be VERY painful." He pulled out another vile, this time with an orange liquid. "As soon as you feel like talking you can have this." Macron sat down again. "Continue with you fun."

Acara grinned, as did Sildrin and Nuron. But Revenant waited a moment. "So, what does that stuff do?"

"Its a pain inhanser. It unblocks all the neural pathways leading to his pain indicators in his brain, then hyperstimulates them."


"Yaa, have fun."

"Oh i think i will." Revenant lifted Judas into the air and began to spin him from his feet as the others landed blows on him tht would kill a normal being, but not one trained in the Dark Side...

Shinichi Endymiron K

01-02-2006 10:19:10

As the four entered the laboratory Macron noticed the chair at his desk was turned around so that the back faced the wall. The Sith Alchemist reached out with the force and was met with a stronger presence. Slowly the chair turned to reveal his brother. Shin'ichi sat there with a malevolent smile upon his face, his fingers perched in the pyramid of evil contemplation. He addressed the assembly which included his own apprentice, Revenant.

"Such wonderful toys you have here brother." he began. "But it will take more than your twisted science to see us through this dilema. This is why I have come to you." The Archpriest stood walked around the desk stopping before his clansmen. "In all you've got but one Krath in your entourage" he said to his brother. "I know you Sith hold disdain for the workings of the Krath, but I had expected better of you Macron." he said the last while shaking his head. "You know as well as I that only through the intercessions of Dark Side can we be victorious." Shin'ichi saw Sildrin stand a little straighter and her face brighten a bit at his powerful words.

Picking up some device and turning it in his hands he smiled. "Besides I can't let you have all the fun."


01-02-2006 11:48:49

Things were getting out of hand. Judas wanted to talk to Revenant alone. So be it, thought the Knight. "Everbody out! Now! Five minutes with Judas. He says he'll talk to me, and me alone, so let's straighten this mess out." he instructed the rest that under no circumstances were the cameras to be on. He would know if this was ignored.

When the rest of them had filed out, he sat next to Judas and appraised him, partly with anger, and partly with confusion. "Tell me, Amon, what are you doing to us?"

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Qiw Nuron

01-02-2006 17:16:05

(( OCC- Judas is taking too long, so i am going to post, but don't worry, it will not be about Rev or Juads ))

Macron conversed with Nuron outside the lab. It was obvious that someone had alerted the Jegradites, and that Judas was hiding something. But Judas was not nessesarily the one.

"Judas will to take this torture says something of his charictor. He is strong willed, I'll give him that." Macron leaned against a wall.

"Yes, but he is also a traitor, and should be dealt with accordingly." Nuron fiddled with his Antei Saber.

"What makes you so sure of that, Hunter?"

"I just know sir." Nuron looked embarresed. Macron just raised an eyebrow. "Actually sir, I've been meaning to ask you about something."


"Well sir. Ever since the Kah'mar'ians attacked our new base, I've been having strang visions."

"I see."

"I've seen visions of the future, pased, and even present events. Things I'm supposed to know about, like how this attack was going to go, have come to my waking eyes. And latly it's been even more strange. I've began to simply know thing. I'm not even having visions anymore. I simply know things. Like the fact that we would intercept a Jegradite attack force. And this stuff with Judas is like that. I just know."

"Very interesting. This will require more thought on my part, but right now there is no need to fear it. I fact it seems like a very powerful ally. The fact that you can see, or just know, future events without meditation would give any Dark Jedi a huge advantage in combat."

"Yes sir. But have you ever heard of such a thing happening to another Dark Jedi?"

"Well, I've been told that Dark Prophets don't see the future, they simply know it. This sounds to be something like that, but to someone of such a low rank, no, I've never heard of it..."


01-02-2006 21:11:39

Please don't regard this as spam, These are images so you know what the fearless is like. Its millenium falcon size, incase i didn't get the comparison right.

Qiw Nuron

01-02-2006 22:12:33

((OCC- good idea raven...

here is Chimira at various wing stages.

The cockpit is two man, so it big, but not as big as the Fearless.

Here is a picture of Chimira, and another fighter of the same class in combat.))


01-02-2006 22:15:00

"I am sorry to made you go through all that but you are the only person I can say this to without being a traitor . As you know I often go to Jagred on my free time. There I met a female that apeals to me, she is K'reed. The contact i had witht he oposing military forces is her brother Jer'ell a ,am with low rank he is only there for a sorce so a K'reed knows what going on. She won't tell me why she needs him but i do know she was one a lieutenant, but thats all i know about her that would make her want to know. I also have a privite Jagred ship of my own but its not opperational.

-Judas leans back blood flowing almost evreywhere on his body. His muscles aching. Judas evenchul faints-

Macron Sadow

01-02-2006 22:18:28

"Be careful of your visions, Qiw. They may not be certainties... just possibilities," warned the alchemist. "I suppose Rev and Judas are having a little chat. Well, the torture session was fun anyhow."

Macron turned to Sildrin and Shin'Ichi as he re-entered the lab. "You seem to forget who my Master is," chuckled the Sith as he gestured toward his brother. "By all means, have fun. But you might want to be careful with that prototype diatium cell. It's a little... unstable."

A high pitched whine benag to emamanate from it as the Archpriest pitched it out the trash airlock. A muffled boom could be felt through the hull. Macron laughed nervously. "Uh, heh heh. Sorry."

He grinned at his so-called midichlorian injector. It was all a load of pudu, the syringe being an obvious fake to an experienced scientist.

"So. We need to waste these dogs. Who has a plan?" he asked.


03-02-2006 01:41:08

Rage had walked into the room where His Master and a few others were.
"Hey Master, i think ill stay with you" he said
"Ah" he said remembering "I need you to look at my Krath War droids see if you could um..Macron them up a bit"
"As for a plan put me own the ground, please" he said as he spotted a nice big gun "Oh lookie here"
"Rage, um... we are still coming up with a plan"

Qiw Nuron

03-02-2006 16:58:47

"Well, i couldn't get much out of Judas," Revenant commented. "You guys beat him up too bad. He passed out within a few minutes." He pointed to the limp body of Judas in the courner of the lab. "He said he met some girl in Jegrad on one of his outings, and that she was ounce a lieutenant. The person he contacted was her brother, currently a low ranking militant. I don't know what he told them, so there's know way of knowing how much the Jegradites know."

Nuron looked around at the group of Dark Jedi, a very resourceful group indeed. Many of them had fought against the Kah'mar'ians on Aontheron. "This is rediculous. C'mon someone must have some idea of what he said." He looked from person to person, but each jus shruged or shook their head.

"Look, until Judas wakes up, none of us can know how much the Jegradites know of our fleet." Macron Turned to face the group. "We cannot come up with a descent plan until then."

Qiw Nuron sat down in a meditative posture, "Fine, fine. I suggest you all get some rest, I will stay here and wait for Judas to awake. In the meantime perhaps Mac can come up with something to speed up the process."

"I think i have just the thing." Macron turned an ran down the hall towards his quarters...


04-02-2006 12:34:56

"There will be no such thing!" Judas stood up. The Jegradites know nothing of our military." Judas looked at Nuron. " I know i'm gonna get demoted for this but.." Judas swong his fist vilently at Nuron still having some of his stremthened powers left. "Stop teating me like a traitor or I eventualy will be one!" Judas cracked his knuckles . "Now i dont caare if you all listen to me or not you can stop bothering with me and go after the Jegradites! That wasnt a order by the way.
Judas' eyes seemed to glow red. Judas pulled out peices of paper. "These are ship desighns. As you can see there made to be linked to one another like a hive mind. who ever the general is knows the thoughts of everyone in his military."

Qiw Nuron

04-02-2006 17:39:28

Nuron lifted a finger, throwing Judas voilently against a wall. "If you ever try something like that again, I will personally make sure there is nothing left of you to demote!"

Maron walked up to the Dark Jedi. "I see i won't be needing this after all." He tucked a vile back into his robe. "Now Acolyte Amon Judas, you will tell me everything you told the soldure, everything..."

Judas sank to the floor, feeling the cold hands of death upon him. He knew he had to tell Macron, or he would not live to see K'reed again.

"I told him nothing. Only that he should leave his Flight Team before he was killed. All the Jagredites know his that we are going to attack them. Nothing more.

"That is very fortunate." Macron turned to Nuron, "Rellay this information to Revenant. Tell him we need to be battle ready as soon as possible."

"Yes, Quaestor..."


04-02-2006 19:27:58

Judas resently herd the threat by many and personaly would like to see Nuron try to touch him. He smirked at Nuron making sure he saw that. Judas couldn't belive that he had to say something to them twice. "Quaestor, I have sertain plans, but I must do them alone and no one much know an i mean no one." Judas looked him the the eye."I don't need anyone thinking i'm a traitor thats why from now on untill we find out who this guy is I work alone." This was half true. Judas could use some help but he wanted to work alone, his way. Judas wispered in his ear o fhis plans. "By the way nice robe." Judas walked tp his privet corters and pulled out his Jagredite ship...

Qiw Nuron

05-02-2006 11:19:27

Nuron calmly walked on to the bridge of the Crimson Angle, and spotted Revenant. He walked over to him, "Sir, it sounds like Judas really didn't tell the Jagredites anything. Mac and I just had a little chat with him."

"Very good, but I could have told you that-"

"Yes, I know commander, but Mac and I wanted to make sure..."

"Anyway, Lanius and I have been talking. We seem to have the code for the intire Jagredite Military Communication System, thanks to our pal Judas. All day Lanius has been monitering their communications, and thus far they have not mentioned anything of our fleet."


"Yes, yes, but w still have no plan of attack, which is why in an hour I will be calling an informal meeting of the Battle teams to come up with some kind of plan of attack..."


06-02-2006 10:52:03

"Actually," replied the commander, "I've been thinking about that. Have a seat." He talked his flight member through his plan. Nuron and Manesh were to protect the gunships from the few remaining fighters. Acara and Sin would run interference, leaving the rest of the strike team to concentrate on ground based command installations.

Revenant himself had other ideas. He would land at the outskirts and go on fooot, on a mission of his own, to capture the leader of the Jagredite militia. The self proclaimed general, a Bith named Gulga T'alal, was rumoured to be unneccessarily vicious. Since the Brotherhood settled on Antei, he had made a pastime of hunting Dark Jedi. This would be a pleasure. Revenant's Black Guard training would be ideal for this sort of covert operation.

Macron Sadow

06-02-2006 11:10:40

Macron sat in his ready room, fingers steepled as he felt for the flow and ebb of the Force. Tendrils of energy leading to differing possibilities swam through his brain. He sifted through them all, checking for a strand more substantial than the rest.

One in particular stood out. A blossoming mushroom cloud spreading over Antei, burning bodies and buildings alike. The strand was solid and strong, and represented a real possibility that could not be ignored. "They have..... they wouldn't dare!"

He opened his yellow eyes and keyed his hololink to Commander Revenant. "Commander," rasped the Warrior.

"Yes My Liege," replied Revenant as he sat at the table with his Flight.

"They have acquired an antique thermonuclear weapon, and intend to destroy the city if they cannot hold it. You must proceed with haste. I have forseen it in the Force," replied Macron.

Qiw Nuron

06-02-2006 13:15:45

"This changes nothing," repplied Revenant. "I am confident that our ground forces can breich the city in time to stop their use of that weapon."

"I tend agree with Quaestor, This ancient weapon could wipe out our forces within the city if activated. We need to act as soon as possible to neutralize this threat."

"Exactly," communicated Macron.

The bridge took on a eiry quiet, most of the command crew were listening to their conversation. "Get back to you stations." Nuron turned a slammed the head of a science officer into his console, the command crew went back to what ever work they had been doing, worried not about the continued wrath of Nuron, but more so of their Commander, Revenant.

"We should act immidiatly." Macrons face seemed to darken.

"Fine, within the hour I will call a meeting of the battle team leaders to discuss my idea for an attack. We should be on the planet within an hour after that." Revenant turned back to his command, issuing orders...


06-02-2006 14:52:23

"Of course i will be apart of the ground forces...." Rage said his hands holding his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, the hilt of his krath war blade sweat with recent practice and the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle strapped to his back, "so whatever you discuss bring you Faaavorite shistavanen into the equation "
He than sat down to listen


06-02-2006 17:44:09

Judas kept a comlink open to Rev at all times. This ship was modified so his minbd would be free of will, but this has never been tested. The weapons where better then the brotherhood fighters but the engines could have used work. He didn'y modify them though he wanted to slip in and slip out. This ship could get him in side the military base undetacted with a password that he got from K'reeds brother.
"Idanification?" a vioce on the comlink said. "This is the ship BlueDevil, passwork bro666zero." "Identification confermed be ready for docking"


07-02-2006 05:37:25

Sildrin was about knock at Macron's ready room, but already heard Macron's voice before she could: "Come in." Silently she slipped inside, sitting down on his desktop with a playful smile. Her blank eyes fell upon him - met by his yellow eyes. She was impressed to see a Sith being so good in picking up the different possibiities of the future. A talent which has been lost in the family domains of her planet - fortunately, because they usually went insane as many were barely able to controll that gift. Every single action was accompanied by visions of the different future timelines.

Her mental voice touched his mind: A thermonuclear weapon..? I guess we need a small ground force team to infiltrate the facility and deactivate it ... A wicked grin appeared on her face: A chance for a nice killing spree, care to join to get your share in this decent bloodshed, my Quaestor? It has been quite some time since we have fought side by side, giving our enemy a taste of our blades.

Macron Sadow

07-02-2006 08:02:37

Macron was lost in his thoughts for a second as he thought of a suitable reply. "Yes. I will come. This weapon is no ordinary bomb. It radiates some Force energy. I think it may be an ancient Sith weapon from the Great Sith Wars millenia ago. They either found it there, or got it from some unknown location. I must know," he said as he turned to the mess laid out before him on the desk.

It was a lightsaber, dissasembled. Several crystals were placed in various metallic cradles, and the whole thing was made of differing strange alloys. It looked quite complex. He quickly swept the parts into a case and closed it with a frown. "Little side project," he mumbled. "Can't seem to get it right. Quite frustrating really."

"Well Sildrin, these warheads were made to last, as well as being alchemically enhanced. They are quite nasty, and the fallout is particularly bad." He sneered as he spoke, wrinkling his nose in disdain. "What a barbaric weapon. I am glad the Order has evolved since then."

"Let us join the others," replied Sildrin as the two walked from the room. They were heading directly for the meeting room with a purpose.

"I believe Judas has inserted himself into the base by now," obeserved the alchemist as he checked his chronometer.


07-02-2006 13:40:21

Malisane sat down in the meeting room, finally something was happening. He wasn't quite sure what yet but his urge for some sort of action was burning now. He'd left his troopers on board the shuttle with orders to stay ready.

He put his feet up on the meeting table and took his saber out, fingering the hilt absent mindedly ignoring what else was going on around him. He took out his datapad and calmly began dictating his latest report, speaking slowly into the tiny microphone. It was boring but something to do.


07-02-2006 18:08:15

Amon made his mecklase more noticable and put chains on his robe as well as a collor one uses to put on animals. He steps put of his ship. He walked through the halls as he coud feel a faint force energy inside. 'The General is inside the building!' Judas thought to himself. Judas wanted to be the first to kill him because Jer'ell said that K'reed was cidnaped by the General in person and was torchering her but still keeping her alive. Judas also herd that he had lightsabers as prised tokens so show off his power, Judas planned on takeing everone he owned as prises for Gulga's death. Judas had with him a blaster and his sword. He also had a mark saying he was a Corperal.

Qiw Nuron

07-02-2006 18:33:44

Revenant finally entered the meeting chambers aboard the Crimson Angle. He scaned the group, Nuron, Sildrin, Malisane, and many others were among the non Battle Team Leaders.Many more than i expected, he thought. That is fine though, the more people that hear this the better.

"OK everyone, quiet down." The room fell silent. "I promise to make this quick. Macron has discovered that the Jegradites are holding a Thermonuclear weapon, and plan to use it on them selves if the city is taken. I have come up with a simple,yet effective plan to deal with this threat while seccuring victory for the Brotherhood." Revenant turned to Manesh. "Manesh and Nuron are to protect the gunships from anti air attacks, including fighters & turrets. Acara and Sin will run interference." He then turned to Macron and Sildrin. "I under stand Mac and Sildrin have volunteered to lead a strike force to disable the nuclear device."

The Quaestor nodded.

"That leaves the rest of us the concentrate on taking the City Command Intsallations. Now if there are no objections we can get underway..."


09-02-2006 20:52:10

Amon felt the attacked of his sith brotheren as he raced for K'reeds chamber. He got there but she was gone the only thing to say where she was, was a message writen in Bith. It said to meat them at dawn by the space eaters peek. Judas froze loking at it untill he was attacked.

Macron Sadow

10-02-2006 12:32:13

"I plan to land on the outskirts, and move to attack the Leader directly. Any questions?" finished Revenant.

"Yeah," replied Qiw.

"What is is, Qiw?"

"That's bad odds- for them!"

The room split up into evil laughter as the group chortled at the humor. Macron stood up. "My friends. now is the time to smash these upstarts and secure this base of operations." he pointed at Sildrin and Riv.

"You guys are coming with me, to stop that nuke. I'll need your skills at slicing and your Krath witchery, Sildrin. And Riv, your ferocity, stealth and rotary blaster will come in handy. Revenant, carry on. Great Plan. Malisane- you command the city assault group. We'll need your combat and organizational skills there. Remember, Revenant is the CO on this mission. Follow his plan."

Mononoke stood up, looked at his chronometer and nodded to Sildrin. They turned toward the nearby hangar bay window as a sleek vessel sat down. It was a Sienar GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat. However, it sported an alchemical dull matte black finish and smoother lines. Faint traces of red wiring could be seen interwoven into the hull, and the name Githany was painted on the hull. The hatch door opened in the vessel as they left for the infiltration.


10-02-2006 13:31:20

As Macron was about to board his ship a hand grasped his arm. He turned to face the Clan Envoy. "A quick word Macron."
"Sure," Macron replied, gesturing for Sildrin and Riv to board. The wandered over to a corner. "Whats wrong?"
"Is all this the best way of doing this?" Malisane asked.
Macron looked at the younger Sith "What do you mean?"
Malisane shrugged. "It must have occured to you. They have a thermonuclear device ready to detonate as soon as we attack. I say fair play to them. Launch a feint at them, let Sapphire bdo a few bombing runs. Let them blow themselves to little peices and we can all sit back and watch from a safe distance while they do our work for us. No risk to equipment or personell."

The Quaestor looked at him sternly. "That's not why we're here Malisane. We other reasons for being here besides just death and destruction. If I wanted that I'd have just sat in space and carved them up with the Turbolasers. If you have a problem you can stay onboard the ship if that's your wish."
"No of course it bloody isn't," Malisane snapped, "I was just considering the options."
"Well we've discussed them and this is the best route." the warrior replied.
"Very well," Malisane nodded. "We'd better all get going."
Macron smiled, "I take your point on the risk to personell. Make sure you and Rev bring these guys back alive."
Malisane nodded. "We will."

Malisane watched him go then turned to the Platiunum Heart and strode up the ramp. He walked past the assembled troopers to the cockpit and looked down at his pilot. "Take us out nice and smoothly and prepare for rendevue with the other assault craft. He watched the screen as the shuttle cleered the hangar into space.

He retired to his quarters and lay on the bed. He activated the communicator. "Get me Lieutenant Colonel Wes Terol." he said then he waited a few moments.
"Terol here."
"Colonel this is Clan Envoy Malisane de Ath of Naga Sadow. On Quaestor Mononuke's orders I am assuming command of our ground assualt."
There was a pause. "Very well Sir what are your orders?"
Malisane thought for a moment. "I am en route to your location. I need the 1st Aeotheran to follow these troop assignments..."

Qiw Nuron

10-02-2006 21:46:22

Qiw Nuron prepared Chimira for the comming battle.

Chimira was no ordinary assaul fighter. It had unparalleled speed and agility (Donated by the wings spinable configuration), and a "Spider-Web Waepons array." Her full payload of photon torpedos would wreak havoc amoungst the Jagredites airbourn. Each had it own targeting AI, which allowed Chimira to launch a volly and each would seek out different weak targets. It also had a complement of ion cannons on the upper wing, and turbo lasers mounted on the underwing. Chimira was built for battles like these, and was overly prepared.

Nuron entered the two man cockpit, sitting to the right. The left seat was missing. With a flick of a switch the floor opened, and seat rolled by, followed by a weapons rack. He stoped the rotation, and took a heavy blaster, a dagger, and multiple plasma grenades. I hope to stay in the air, he thought, but if not, these will come in handy.

Ounce again Nuron commenced the rotation, until the seat came up again. He stopped it on the seat. Nuron then got up and walked over to a large compartment at the back of the cockpit. He opened it, revealing a modified assault droid. He turned it on.

"State authorization code." said the droid.

"R J 2 0 5 T T F!" said the Hunter clearly.

"Operational statis affirmed. Good day Master." The droid abviously had a personallity circuit, uncommon for a droid of this making.

"Hey K4, sleep well?"

"Sleep, I'm afraid you are mistaken sir. I do not sleep, i me-"

"Oh shut up," Nuron laughed. "Did the breifing download?"

"Yes master. Shall I asume my post?"

"Yaa, what ever. Just have Chimira ready in ten minutes, then raunde-vou with the gunships. Mean while I'm gonna take a nap. Don't wake me until we commence the attack."

"Understood sir."

"Good." Nuron dosed off

Qiw Nuron

10-02-2006 22:07:45

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13-02-2006 03:23:21

Muffled Footsteps could be heard in the hanger what gave them away were the retractble nails that were click-clacking on the steel floor, Rage didnt wear boots to battle, they prohibited his running if he had to break out on all fours.

"Master" Rage said not quite a word but not quite a snarl either
Macron popped his head out of the silooth "Yes?"
Rage cleared his throat "Permission to take my transport and my Krath War droids with me?"
"What? Krath War Droids?"
"Yes" Rage answered
"They Can guard the rear and be the in the front when storm wherever their keeping it"
"Fine, now suit-up we are getting ready to leave"
"Plan uploaded onto my Transport?"

Rage told the workers to put the sith fighter back into its compartment and he then checked on the droids.
He clammered into the ship and memmorized the city plans he looked at were the bomb was and every scenrio he thought of failed...all but one, but is was risky.
"Well we are dark jedi after all" he repeated what he heard his master say alot of times...

Macron Sadow

13-02-2006 09:46:49

Mononoke wondered where in the hell Riv had gotten Krath War droids as the flight captain lifted the blastboat off the deck. "My apprentice learns quickly," he chuckled to Sildrin as the vessel left the hangar. Macron extracted the case from his luggage and opened it. He wondered if she had told him how to do it briefly.

While fiddling with the saber parts, he had an epiphany. One part on the shroud was not quite right, and he adjusted it. He smiled as he prepared to hit the activation switch. Sildrin stepped back a bit and held her breath, knowing both that he was insane and the results of a poorly aligned blade.

The switch flipped, and an orange-red blade sprung from the emitter. It was hot, finely focussed, and thrumming with raw power. The slightly curved grip was plated in Phrik alloy, and fit his hand perfectly. It was truly a duellist's weapon. He chortled.

"It worked, Sil. Time to try this puppy out on those Jagredites. What's our ETA, captain?"


13-02-2006 10:26:35

Sildrin's eyes stared through Macron, her force senses focusing on his saber. She nodded, her mental voice a mere whisper in his head: A fine weapon indeed. And yes, Riv does indeed learn fast. I hope he has found in Naga Sadow a place that supports his talents more than where he had been before. She leaned back in her seat, wearily closing her eyes she murmered: "And you got enough of your poison collection with you?" Her voice nearly surprised him, realising that she indeed had stopped to use her voice for several days now, limiting her communication down to the telepathic abilities of the Dark Jedi. Her pale hands tugged a bit on her simple black robe, then she folded them on her lap. Macron's eyes wanderd to her hands - each of her fingers, even the thumbs, were adorned with a silver ring. They differed all in all, some having engraved runes.

Acara Rayden

13-02-2006 10:38:53

Acara walked briskly into the hanger bay. His yellow eyes surveyed the room in a sweep. He could see Sapphire Squadron getting ready for launch around him. The flight Leader swung a bag round from his back and double checked the contents. Rayden climbed into the waiting TIE Interceptor. Keying in a few commands he brought hi ship online and made ready for launch.

Reaching forward he activated his communicator, “Any who are to accompany me report in now.”


13-02-2006 14:37:07

Malisane sat in the co-pilots chair while his pilot rendevued with the flottila of assault craft that carried the troopers of the 1st Anthereon Regiment.. He clicked the communicator. "Colonel are you there?"
"Yes sir," the officer replied.
"Have you made the adjustments to your ship assignements?" Malisane asked.
"Yes it's been done as ordered," Terel replied, "I hope you know what you're doing."
"So do I," Malisane muttered under his breath. "Colonel everything will work according to plan. Prepare the first detacchment for descent to the preset co-ordinates."
"Yes sir." Terel replied.

Malisane sat back in the chair. He watched through the viewscreen as the fighters of Sapphire Squadron launched and got into formation. He adjusted the settings on the communcatior and clicked the transmitt command. "Acara this is Malisane."
"Hi Malisane," the Sith flight leaders voice came back, "whats the plan?"
Malisane took a deep breath. "I'm sending an initial force of ten assault ships to make landfall within weapon range of the city."
"Acknowledged," Acara replied, "And you want us to fly escort?"
"No," Malisane said with a deep breath, "I want you to stay clear in orbit till I signal you, no matter what happens."
There was a pause then, "Are you serious?" Acara demanded, "you know what will happen they'll be shot to peices without an escort, even if they stay out of range of their turrets they'll scramble fighters to intercept. You know that!"

Malisane nodded, "I'm counting on it Acara," he replied, "trust me I know what I'm doing."
There was another pause. "I hope you do," the flight leader replied, "if you get this wrong they'll have your head on the block, and probably mine too for going along with you."
"Trust me," the envoy repeated, "I'll let you know when I'm ready for you."
"Acknowledged Malisane." Acara replied.
Malisane switched chanels. "Colonel proceed as planned."
"Yes sir." the reply came back.

The envoy watched as with seemingly agonising slowness ten of his flotilla powered up and entered the planets orbit and desended towards ground beyond the city. "Have them keep their distance Colonel," Malisane ordereed, "we don't want to spook them enough to detonate that device."
"Yes sir," the reply came back, then, "Sir we're picking up fighters launching from the city Two squadrons."
"I see them," Malisane replied. He watched the display as the fighters intercepted the assault craft. The display began to flash with explosions as the Jered fighters homed in on his force and his ships took hit after hit helplessly. One by one his assault craft crash landed on the ground, a bout five miles from the city.
"It's over," Terel reported, "enemy fighters breaking off and returning to base."
Malisane nodded. "Good," he replied, "lets see if they take the bait."

He waited a few more agonsing minutes.
"Sir," Terel came over the communicator again, "we're detecting ground troops leaving the city, two regiments on an itercept cause to the crashed ships."
"Good," Malisane nodded, "follow me in when I make my descent." He flicked the communicator again. "Acara this is Malisane."

"Malisane," the flight leader replied, "as I predicted they destroyed your force."
"No they didn't," Malisane replied, "there isn't more than a handful of crew on those ships, and the damage is larely superficial. Pyrotechnics and a little subdefuge. It was enough to lure them out from behind their walls"
"Good," Acara replied, "so what now."
"We're going to sneak up on those troops they've sent from the other side of the crash site. I want sapphire to follow us in then break off and maintain your distance from the city, but if a single fighter launches blow it from the sky. I don't want anyone to spoil our suprise."
"Agreed," Acara said enthusiasticaly , "if they launch fighters they're ours."

Malisane nodded. He signaled the pilot and the Platiunum Heart began to accelerate towards the planet, the larger assualt craft forming around him. "We're coming in low Colonell," he communicated, "we'll catch those Jered fools with their trousers down."

Qiw Nuron

13-02-2006 15:50:14

Sapphire Squadron formed up ouitside the city walls, and watched as Malisane approached the city.

Nuron signaled Revenant. "What the hell is going on? What happened to the plan?

"Things change on the battlefield. You of all people should know this."

And indeed he did. During the Kah'mar'ian attack on the Naga Sadow base, bio weapons had been used. The orriginal plan of using mine had gone to hell early in the battle. "Yeah, but why should the greatis battle team in the brotherhood be stuck waiting here? We should be leading the battle."

"I agree, but this is what i have been ordered to do."

"By who?" Nuron was getting annoyed.

"I ca-" Just then Revenant noticed something on his sensors. Four heavy gun ships with fighter escorts coming from the mountains.

"Looks like we've got company." Nuron engaged his waepons systems.

"I guess our man Judas told them more than we thought. This trap will be their undoing. Sapphire form up on me."

Sapphire Squadron spread out into a helix formation around their commander. Nuron droped low to the ground and engaged his cloak. He took off towards the gunships at high speeds, followed cloesly by the rest of his squadron...


13-02-2006 21:50:40

"Revenent its me Judas!" ,Judas shouted on the comlink,"Don't attack. These are ships of the Jagreed Rebelion they have come to help us fight!" Judas had just earlier been sliced his arm has still healing. He stared out of the helm into the space in which the Squadron was headed toward. Judas almost chuckled at the fact that Nuron leaded it. Judas was secretly a Admiral of this army on the side of being a proud Sith.

Qiw Nuron

14-02-2006 14:03:47

"Nuron hold-"

But it was too late, two photon torpedos streaked from the Chimira and soared towards Amon Judas.

"Oh [Expletive Deleted]!" Judas threw his ship into a barrel roll, and spiraled downward, but Nuron's torpedos had been equiped with an AI of startling strength, it would take more than that loose one of these. Judas flew with the fluency of an experienced pilot, easily worthy of Sapphire recognition, but it was no use.

Within a few seconds the torpedos fopund their mark, the engines of the Jagredite ship. Judas managed to land his ship using back up thrusters, with little dammage.

"God damnit Nuron, if you ever-"

Revenant was cut off by Judas "What in Darths name is this, firing on your own men!"

"Who is this?" asked the Hunter.

"Acolyte Amon Judas."

"Oh, sorry. What are you doing with the Jagredites?"

"Like I just told the Commander, Leading a resistance movement!"

"I see, well next time you should broadcast over an open frequency, it might have saved your ship considerable dammage..."


15-02-2006 06:19:58

Malisane stood on a hilltop next to the Lt Colonel watching the Jagred forces swarming towards the crashed transports. His own forces were hidden behind the hill out of sight of the enemy. "So far so good." he commented, "by the time they find out there's no-one there we'll be on them."
"Agreed," Terel replied, "the crews should have slipped away without the enemy seeing them."
The Clan Envoy nodded, "We're about ready then." he replied.

He looked up, seeing the sapphire ships moving in formation along with some unrecognised gunships. He clicked his communicator. "Acara what's going on up there? Where did those ships come from."
"They're rebels," the reply came back, "they're on our side."
Malisane smiled, "I'm about to engage the Jagred forces around the crash site," the envoy replied, "how about you and your allies warming them up for us first?"
"It will be a pleasure," Acara replied happily.

Malisane watches as the Sith fighters and the gunships set up for an attack run on the swarm of enemy troops. They weren't going to know what hit them he thought.
"As soon as strike we move in and mop them up," he told the Colonel, "pass the word onto the squad commanders to prepare to assault."
Terel nodded and began relaying the orders.
Malisane stood watching the incoming air strike waitng for all hell to break loose.

Acara Rayden

15-02-2006 18:28:40

Acara considered the situation for a moment before opening his COM link.

“Commander? I will require three members of sapphire to help with this,” Acara’s speech was as usual carefully placed.

The commander was silent for a moment before replying, “Take Nuron before he accidentally blows up Nilus. Also take Sin and Romulus.”

“Thank you commander.” The Mandalore reached forward and keyed in a few commands. “Flight members Nuron and Romulus form up in front of Sin and behind me. Diamond formation. Nilus, have your friend come up them from below.”

Acara listened to the confirmations before proceeding. When the sapphire attack wing was in position above the Jagred forces he reopened his communications. “Ok. Attack speed. Hit them hard and fast. Don’t let them know what hit them till it’s too late. Fire at will.”

The diamond formation of the sapphire attack wing bore down from above onto the Jagred forces, their lasers scoring multiple hits while Nilus brought the Jagred resistance up from below. Commander Revenant had brought the remainder of Sapphire squadron to attack the enemy from the front. Acara watched with pleasure as two fighters blew up under his barrage. Looking right he saw Nuron scoring a kill as well.

The commander’s voice came over the COM link, “Scatter through them, targets of opportunity and Nuron.”

Qiw was a little hesitant in replying, “Yes Revenant?”

“Try not to shoot our allies down.” The commander’s voice faded into the background leaving sapphire with nothing to distract them rm the heat of battle.


15-02-2006 23:04:32

Knowing he may be soon kicked out of the Brotherhood, but worse he knew he would be kicked out of the Squadron, Judas waned to be remembered as a Sith his leading ability would not save him he was only a acolyte. The rebelion was atleast a place to start. Judas was firing the Ships weapon himeself. He actualy enjoyed fighting even though he was almost at the top of the food chain."Sapphire Squadron radar South South East. Weapon energy signiture type plasma! Looks like a flag ship."


17-02-2006 03:13:44

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Qiw Nuron

17-02-2006 10:10:12

A flag ship eh, thought Nuron. Fantastic, Sapphire will finally get to show it's true colors. Dark Jedi Hunter Qiw Nuron formed up with the rest of the Squadron as the approached the ship. Nuron began to activate the full Spider-Web weapons array. He glanced up and saw the Jagredite flag ship. It was massive, and looked to be a carrier of some type.

"Wow," was all he could say at the sight.

"Where in Darth's name did the Jagredites get something like that?" communicated Manesh.

"Well, it doesn't really matter now," repplied Revenant. "The fact is they have it, and we're gonna destroy it!"

"Yeehaa!" Nuron picked up speed towards the ship. Just then the siding opened up, revealing a massive laser cannon. It fired three shots at the squadron. "Uh-oh," Nuron threw Chimira into a dive, narrowly escaping the blast. Two of the Jagredite rebels were not so lucky. Their ships slammed into the forrest below...


18-02-2006 19:57:44

Ker'el aim for there shields with the forward weapons! Dor'ib aim for there weapons.Mer'tir all energy,but life suport, to shields, weapons, and engines!" Judas looked at the seene where two of his ships where destroyed. "Sir.... you might want to see this!" a privet saod looking at diagrams. Judas walked over. "Open A Freqency To All Brotherhood Vesles Now!" Judas urged a fritened officer. "Brotherhood vessles this is Amon Judas this flag ship ancient sith desighn! It was a imperail Prototype. I'm not sure of it weakness y--." Judas then thrown off the grownto the sides of the ship.


19-02-2006 13:00:18

Riv, Macron and Sildrin carefully approached the secured area where the thermonuclear weapon was heavily guarded. Sildrin whispered, sensing the numerous guards: „Ohh this will end up in a bloodbath.“, words that caused Riv's hair rise in a comfortable anticipation – bloodlust literally ran through his veins. Riv's Krath war droids had been well positioned in the front of the base while they themselves approached the rear of it. Macron's hand tightened around the fine crafted lightsaber hilt – the Battlemaster wanted to taste the blood of his enemies, wanted to hear their death screams, but he knew when the time had arrived when to draw blood.

He nodded to Sildrin and Riv. Sildrin stood up, slowly approaching one of the guards. She breathed in, bathing her body into a force aura, tendrils invisible to the normal sight reached out for the guard – enveloping him. The guard turned his head around, responding to imaginary whispers. Then the guards's eyes locked onto the Krath priestress and he started to smile: „Oh hello, beautiful Lady. You know you shouldn't be out here... its a dangerous place.“ Sildrin approached him, replying: „Ohh I know.. but I always had something for men in such gorgeous uniforms.“ The guard lowered his weapon, grinning. „You know, we soon will be evacuated, I am sure I can get you a place.. and then you and me....“ She smiled: „Oh that would be great. But to be honest... I got different plans.“ He started to grin broadly, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, but suddenly his eyes started to bulge out, his lips escaped a few choking sounds.

Slowly he sank onto his knees as she continued to invade his mind, searching for any usable informations. Finally he dropped back, cringing and writhing only to fall silent after a while. Riv quickly helped her to carry his dead body back to where Macron was waiting. She whispered: „Ok, this is him. He truely has a special security level as you found out, Mac. Here.. the ID card... „, she handed the card over to Riv. Macron grinned: „Perfect. Now Riv, its time for your entry. You need to get to the ventilation system and get the poison into that system. Unfortunately the facility has several independent ventilation systems and each of it has to be contaminated with the poison. As soon as the poison kicks in, we will infiltrate further into the base and deactivate the thermonuclear weapon. Your War droids will keep away any reinforcements.“
Sildrin leaned over the dead body: „Maybe you can get into his uniform. Except for the boots...“, she grinned.


20-02-2006 03:37:31

"No need...but i will take his credits" The shistavanen said as he rummaged thru the guards pants to find what he was looking for.
"Oh...and slugthrow-"
"Riv get going we dont have all day" said Sildrin
"Ok..ok.." He said as he snatched the poison and started to climb up the concrete wall with his nails digging into the wall.

"Look at him go, you would think he would use the secruity card" whispered Macron to Sildrin but just as they said that, Rage took out the card and used it to pry open the venilation shaft opening he yelled down "They have some nice A/C in here Mac"
He then scrambled in and started down the corridor...

Qiw Nuron

20-02-2006 11:59:07

Mean while, south of the citry, Sapphire Squadron, accompanied by the Jagredite Rebels, assaulted the Flag Ship...

"A sith design? I doubt it," repplied Revenant. "It looks to be Imperial, but definitly not sith."

The flag ship's hanger bay sheilds opened, spilling its masses of fighters.

Nuron instantly cloaked his ship as he passed through the clowed of light fighters, which were also of an imperial design. He let go two vollies of laser fire, hitting four ships. The slammed into others around them creating a violent chain reaction which was quickly stabalized.

"They're flying some cloes together," communicated Nuron. Its almost as if...of course.
"Its droids!"

"What?" was almost a unanamous response from the rest of the squadron.

"This isn't an Imperial ship, its older than that. This is a Sepratist ship from the Clone Wars."

"Well that would explain the precision of the pilots, that their droids. But where did they dig it up?" asked Manesh.

"Well, many sepretist ships were sent out beyond the outer rim during the clone wars, as well as Republic ships," repplied Judas.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But the point is these ships used to have a distinct weakness, but I dont remember what it was." Nuron frowned...

Macron Sadow

21-02-2006 15:40:09

“His larcenous tendencies will get him killed one day…” sighed Macron as he watched his Apprentice descend into the shaft.

Sildrin nodded, and replied, “Yes, but I am sure you remember struggling for every resource you could get as a Journeyman.”

“True, you have a point. I still do, hell. Well, shall we?” snickered the alchemist as they waited behind the bushes, hidden from view. Macron called upon the Force to cloak them, and Sildrin used metal trickery to distract those guards who did pass by. Mononoke was checking his text com. when an unusual message popped up.

“This isn't an Imperial ship, it’s older than that. This is a Seperatist ship from the Clone Wars….." The Battlemaster raised an eyebrow and confirmed it with the Priestess, who had received the same communiqué.

“We’ll have to check that out later in vac suits when they get done,” said Sildrin. “Who knows what sort of technology they had. I’d personally like to get plans for one of those Magna Guard droids.” The look of greed passed on both of their faces for a moment, not unlike Riv some minutes before.

“Okay, it’s done,” came the silent text from Riv. “Come on in!”


21-02-2006 18:00:16

Malisane watched as the detachment from Sapphire lead by Acerbus swooped amongst the startled Jagred ground troops raining deadly laser fire down on them. Hurriedly they prepared Surface to air missiles and launched but the expert Sith pilots dodged these easily and continued to blast the troops.

Malisane could sense waves of panic from the Jagred army. It was about time, they're formation was broken and they were skaken up by the air attack. "Ok Acerbus that should do them break off we're going in."
"Acknowledged Malisane," the flight leader replied, "good hunting."

Malisane turned to Terel. "Commence attack."
The Lieutenant Colenal nodded. He spoke into his communicator. "All squads commence attack plan Alpha.
Malisane watched as a swarm of troopers surged around each side of the hill he was stood on, spreading out to pincer the shocked Jagred troops. He raised his hand and brought it down and near him on the hilltop his detachment of rocket troopers let fly on the enemy, explosions bursting amongst them keeping them pinned and stopping them regaining formation to defend from his assault troops.

Malisane watched in satisfaction as his troops opened fire at the jagred forces, wiping out line after line of the enemy, before smashing into them and fighting rifle to rifle. He smiled in satisfaciton as both his forces drove a wedge through the Jagred troops. He switched on his communicator and set the frequency to the command channel so it would be heard by the squad leaders. "Any minute now they're going to break and run," he sent, "keep on them, if they regroup they're going to come back hard at us."

He watched the battle intemse;y, desperatley wanting to be amongst the fighting scything his saber amongst the Jagred troops, but not wanting to abandon his command post. He watched as detachments circled around, kneeling and picking off the Jagred forces that tried to run, sything them down as they panicked with lethally accurate rifle shots. He smiled. It was going well.


21-02-2006 20:54:56

The Fearless swooped in under the Jagredite Flagship, anti-matter guns spewing out anomalies, ripping hole is the flagship's shields. Diverting some of the immense amouts of power needed to run the anti-matter gyros to the com, Raven opened a link to Macron.

"I think I've got enough fire power to take down this flagship for you guys, but then I'd be out of missles and torpedoes. What's the call?"

Macron came through with a small amount of static,"Don't touch the ship! Kill the turrets and back off, then get your rear over here pronto, Me and Sildrin may need a ride off this rock."

"Already done, but I have an idea..." Raven chuckled. This would be fun.

Judas got up from his fall onto the deck, and sat himself down in the captains seat. He was about to begin issuing orders when a shadow crept across the deck. A ship, a very, very overarmed ship eased its way directly in front of the bridge. The two secondary screens flickered, and then begun to display a sneering Krath.

"Looks like you lose Judas, my tricky little friend. I won't annihilate your precious ship, but i'll certainly decompress the bridge on the count of three, so you better start running!"

The image froze, and the number one appeared which then became two...


21-02-2006 22:15:08

"Dahm You Krath I'm On Your Side!"Judas yelled. As the screen hit three a serge came over the battle field and force senced even in Judas' Force ability that somethign wasn't right. Judas' deck was undamaged and ships on niether side could start engines, weapons, nothing but life suports seemed to be working on both sides including the Jared flagship. "Sir" some one looking at a radar aid,"Our radar just came back online and theres a unidentified ship comming this way." Judas walked over."Put it on screen Lt." A ship of a odd desighn came across the screen. "Any readings?" Judas sence a powerful force inside the ship. "There is a unidenfied weapon sending out odd readings, Sir." "Any life sighns?" Judas asked. "It appears to be mostly driods But there is a Clawdite and a Bith abourd along with a unidentified life sighn."


24-02-2006 17:19:55

Macron and Sildrin came in thru the door, the force aiding them with their breathing thru the poison.
As they walked across a checkpoint they saw two gurads still choking, Macron bent down and plucked the secruity card from the breastpocket of the head guard.
"Thank you" he chuckled as he and sildrin walked past the gate
"Where could riv be?" wondered sildrin
Always the one to make a cool entrance, Rage dropped behind them.
"Macron i have something to show you" he whisperd
"Its awesome its a treasure trove of ancient sith relics"
He shoved them into a room
"Armor, weapons, holocrons, everything"
Macron was examining a holocron
"And a cage that would hold something as big as the bomb"
"Why are you showing this to us?" ask Sildrin
"For one so i can call that SIth Warrior armor and that sith sword"
He looked at the big cage like structure
"And if we can find where it is using something here with the force" he said as he picked up the sith made sword
"This blocks blaster bolts right?"
Macron smiled "WHy yes, yes it does"
"And your idea just might work"
Macron and sildrin started to look for it as rage fiddiled with the armor
"How do i look?"
"I think i found it" said sildrin


26-02-2006 18:29:32

Sildrin ran a hand through her red hair, absent minded she scanned the armor Riv was wearing. A faint force imprint radiated from it, like the rippling of water after a stone hitting the surface of a lake. All the other items within the room had the same aurora. "Someone manipulated the items - to make them look real. But those are plagiarisms. I wonder what they want with this stuff", idly she ran the tips of her fingers across the engraved surface of a holocron - or that what appeared to look as one. Finally she picked up the holocron, running her sleek fingers over it. Within seconds the holocron melted, crumbling into small particles of stone as she used Affect Matter on it. The remaints of the holcron trickled through her fingers onto the ground. "Worthless - belial.", she muttered. She took a deep breath: "We have a job to do. As far as Riv has found out, there is a special security level down below this base with the bomb. The poison wasn't able to make it through the system down there. We need to move quick. Riv.. your droids?"
Riv grabbed for his datapad, looking at it. "Currently some minor reinforcements have arrived. Looks like they found out about it. We need to hurry!".
Macron snarled, grabbing for his saber: "Then lets go and kill these bastard! I want a decent... bloodbath!"

Qiw Nuron

28-02-2006 13:41:06

The Chimira rolled to her port. Nuron turned to his droid, K4, "K4, search your databanks. What was the weakness of the old Seperatist's flagships used during the clone wars?"

"Multiple models were used Sir. Which would you like?"

"Their most recent one. The same as the invisible hand."

K4's head snaped into place from it pivoting position. Lights on his lower body came to life as he computed the data. "There were many weakness, i assume you meant the greatist..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"The ships coolant tanks for the engines are located just below the command spire. Suffecient missile damage to that location should disable the ship."

"Good work return to weapons statis"

"Yes master!" The droids hand returned to the weapons controls.

Nuron flew the Chimira around from the underbelly of the ship, and saw where the droid had pointed out... "Rev?"

"Yes Hunter."

"Well you know that weakness I was talking about. It was the coolant tanks, located just below the command spire."

"And?" Revenant brought his ship up beside Nuron's. "Oh, I see."

The whole command spire, as well as the coolant tanks were gone. "Obviously the Jagredites knew of that weakness..."


08-03-2006 18:00:20

"Rebel ships aim for the ships hull!" Judas ordered. It was a amature plan but it was atleast a plan. "All forward weapons off the starbird bow aim for the flag ships engines. Judas sat in the admirals chair and stared at his ships. Judas sighed as he was leading people to there deaths and he was not far behind his own.


08-03-2006 19:47:20

Malisane took out a hipflask as he watched the remainder of his forces mopping up the broken Jagred troops. He studied the field, prompting the Lt Colonel where he could see the enemy forces preparing to break and run and quickly moving his own troops to plug the gap.

"They're ready to surrender." Terel observed.
Malisane nodded. "Very well I want a decent number of prisoners. Strip them of weapons and armour and have them sit down with our forces guarding them."
Terel nodded. "Do you want them loading onto the ships?" he asked.
Malisane shook his head. "No, I have a purpose for them. Have the ones that can march ready to do so and kill anyone who can't quickly."
"Yes Sir," Terel answered.

Malisane watched as his orders were carried our and about two hundred jagred troops sat on the ground surrounded by rifle carrying troopers, ready to gun down anyone who tried to run.
The Sith took another swig from the flask. "I'm ready Macron," he sent telepathically, "give me the signal and we'll march."

Macron Sadow

08-03-2006 21:36:37

He had a far off insane look in his eyes, but that was nothing new. The fake artifacts had annoyed him intensely. He hated being teased, and these worthless trinkets did not satisfy his larcenous urge for knowledge.

Riv put away his datapad as the three finished scanning the chamber. Two Krath droids followed, keeping their weapons ready for trouble.

"Very well. Move them out, Malisane," replied the Quaestor from his comlink. "What's your status, Sapphire?" he asked with no immediate reply. That concerned him. He nodded to Sildrin as they both came to the same conclusion. This job needed to be over fast.

"Let's go destroy them," she said with a wicked grin.

"I concur, madame. Let me provide us with an entry, the quick way."

Nonetheless, the Bomb had to be stopped. Resorting to an old trick that Muz had taught him, he drew his saber. The blade ignited with a hungry crack and hum, shrieking as he cut a hole in the flooring. The edges glowed white hot from the plasma as the beam cut the durasteel like butter. He shut off his saber and spritzed the hot edges with a spray from a small coolant cannister.

The droids jumped through the hole with a gnashing of metal limbs. Riv stepped through with his blaster ready, and the two Kressh Summit followed him into the breach.


10-03-2006 15:54:39

Malisane smiled. "Time to move on the city Terel." he said.
"It's going to be a hard nut to crack," the Colonel pointed out, "we may have taken out most of their defence force, but they've got walls and turrets, and the bomb. I don't fancy being in range if they blow that thing."
"Macron will deal with the bomb," Malisane said confidently, "they won't have a chance to detonate it."
"I hope you're right," the offcer said.
Malisane nodded. "Of course," he replied, "as for the rest. I have taken that into consideration. Get them moving and watch the prisoners. If any stop or try to escape mow them down."
"Yes sir." Terel replied.

The Sith Knight watched calmly as his forces began to form into a column, in precise formation. The prisoners were herded into a group in the middle and were pushed forward under guard from eagle eyed troopers covering them with rifles. Malisane turned in satisfaction and headed for his command speeder.

The column marched quickly and efficiently forward, with Malisane and Terel leading in a speeder. The city drew slowly nearer, and the Envoy could make out the walls and the turrets and the scattered remainding defense force. He could sense Terel next to him, feeling the anxieity and anticpation coming off the man like waves. This was either going to work or go horrendously wrong. He'd hoped for air support but like Macron he couldn't raise Sapphire or the rebel allies on the communicator. He could sense the air battle somewhere but couldn't see it.

He stopped just out of turret range of the city. He looked down at the pilot of the speeder. "Prepare to send a message on all available frequences. I want them to hear this."
"Done sir," the pilot replied clicking a few buttons.

Malisane took a deep breath and reached down taking the microphone. "This is a message to the commander of the remaining defences of the Jagred city, and it's government. I am Dark Jedi Knight Malisane de Ath, Clan Envoy of Naga Sadow and I command the ground forces you see before your city."
He waited a few seconds then carried on. "I have beaten the pathetic soldiers you sent to destroy my forces with minimal losses amongst my own troops. I have two hundred prisoners. If you do not surrender the city to my forces within fifteen minutes I will execute each and every one of them."

He waited a few more seconds. "And if after I have done this you still continue to resist my forces I will take your city, seize everything of value from it, strike off the right hand of every man woman and child I see in there, and kill every third citizen without mercy. I await your response."
He clicked off the microphone. "That should get their attention." he mused.
"I don't doubt it," Terel replied, "I just hope you didn't shake them up enough to detonate the damn device. I don't doubt we're in the blast range."

Malisane shrugged. "I trust my summit. Macron and the others will get to that bomb." He thought for a moment. "Show them I am serious," he ordered, "pick twenty prisoners at random and execute them. Make sure the city can see."
Terel nodded, "Consider it done."


10-03-2006 17:33:37

With the mine planted on the Jagredite ship, Raven put the Fearless into a steep dive towards the surface of Antei. Hugging the ground, the ship scoured for its pilots Clanmates. Within minutes, several hundred CNS troops were identified about a mile off, as well as the Knight Malisane.

Landing near the group, Raven diverted the Jagedrite attention for a moment. However, at the same moment, twenty prisoners stepped out from the ranks of the Brotherhood soldiers. Raven looked on, as one by one, the prisoners were excuted at gunpoint. A smile appeared on his face, but dissapeared quickly as the Guardian turned to a nearby soldier.

He grabbed the troop by the shoulder and spun him around. "Who's in charge here?" Raven grunted. To frightened to speak, the soldier, who's tag identified him as CNS23778; Galphen, pointed to a Dark Jedi standing next to a speeder. Malisane.

Striding off in his direction, pushing a soldier in his way, he Force "tapped" Malisane. The Envoy turned around, immediatly detecting the presence of another Force user. "Raven. Why did you decide to drop in?"

"They have no need for me up there. I'll better serve as a ground attacker. As ranking officer, I guess I'm now under your command," Raven turned to get a better view of the city, "What have you got going here?"


11-03-2006 22:22:24

Malisane smiled. "Glad to have you on board Raven." he said. "To bring you up to date, I've given them fifteen minutes to surrender," he looked at his watch, "ten minutes now actually. After that we exectute the remaining prisoners and take the city."
"Why not now?" Raven asked.
"I want to give Macron time to disarm the bomb, otherwise they're going to blow it when we assault."
"What do you estimate the range of the blast is?" Raven asked looking at the city.
Malisane shrugged. "Put it this way you're stood well within it."
"Ah I see," Raven replied, "lets hope Macron suceeds then."
Malisane nodded grimly. "Well look on the bright side, if he doesn't and we attack we won't be alive long enough to register a complaint."
He looked at Colonel Terel. "Get the men ready for the assault, Raven and I will be leading it."


12-03-2006 07:50:08

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21-03-2006 12:17:02

(OOC This is the ending as approved by Rev)

The sound of laser fire died away and the smell of ozone drifted across the field. Malisane looked at the bodies of the remaining prisoners without emotion. They had warned the Jagred of the consequences of refusal to co-operate and they had ignored them. Now for the second part of his promise.
He turned to Raven and Terel. “It’s time to move. They’ve had plenty of time to consider our ultimation and haven’t responded. We go in there.”
Raven nodded. “I agree,” he replied, “let’s make them pay.”
Malisane looked at the Colonel. “Is the artillery prepared?” he asked.
Terel nodded. “They just await your command.”
“Proceed as planned.” The Envoy ordered.

The officer spoke into his communicator and the air was suddenly filled with high pitched screaming as a hundred rockets launched from the portable artillery behind them. Malisane, Raven and Terel watched as the city was lit up with explosion after explosion, the walls, the houses, the offices, the civic buildings. Flames raged through the city and Malisane and Raven could feel waves of panic from the citizens.
“Target the walls and turrets,” Malisane ordered, “I want out assault to be as smooth as possible.”
Terel nodded and a second barrage soared overhead, this time targeting the defences. The laser turrets fired back but fell short of the attackers and slowly Terel's rocket troops picked them off one by one, causing them to explode in a shower of burnt metal and masonry. Malisane watched in satisfaction as walls shook and crumbled under the precision rocket fire.
“As soon as we make a decent breach we go in.”
Raven smiled, “They won’t stand a chance.”

Underground Macron, Sildrin and Rage heard the explosions from above. “The attack has started,” Macron commented, “we’d better move quickly otherwise they’ll set off the device.”
Sildrin nodded. “Let’s go.”
The three dark Jedi moved quickly but silently down a winding metal staircase into the bowels of the city. It was dark and hot and the air was filled by the sounds of electric generators around them powering the city. They didn’t speak, but communicated with hand gestures. At the bottom Sildrin held up her hand, and pointed down the corridor. “Jagred troops,” she whispered, “about a dozen.”
“Easy pickings.” Rage whispered back in satisfaction.
They moved silently down the corridor, weapons at the ready and keeping to the shadows.

The Jagred troops spun at a noise behind them and raised their blasters as the three infiltrators leapt at them. The corridor was suddenly lit up as Macron and Sildrin ignited their sabers and attacked, Rage following quickly with his own weapon. The Jagred troops didn’t stand a chance, before they could mount an effective defence the three Dark Jedi scythed them mercilessly down, and within the space of thirty seconds it was over.
“Too easy,” Rage commented.
“It’s not over yet,” Sildrin replied.
“Can you feel anyone else?” Macron asked her.
She nodded. “I can feel someone in the room at the end of this corridor.”
“They’re arming it!” Macron said grimly, “quickly we have to stop them.”
The three of then ran now, any stealth was useless. They knew if the device was set off they and the forces attacking the city would be evaporated in seconds.
Macron raised his hand hurling the force at the door ahead and it crashed open. A lone officer turned raising his blaster and Sildrin blocked a laser blast with her saber, sending it bouncing harmlessly off the walls.

The officer backed off. “You’re too late,” he gloated, “the countdown has begun you’re all dead!”
Rage leapt forward and looked the device over. “He’s right we’ve got maybe two minutes.”
Sildrin raised her saber. “Give us the code to disarm it.” She threatened, “two minutes is a long time I can make it very painful for you.”
“Do your worst Jedi,” he replied with a sneer, “there is no way of disarming it. I have the satisfaction that my death caused yours.”
“Is he telling the truth?” Macron asked.
Sildrin nodded, “Yes he is I can feel it.” She snapped the blade of her saber across the Jagred’s throat and he fell twitching.”
“Rage can you do something?” Macron asked.
Rage shook his head. “We have about a minute left, it would take me longer than that to crack the thing open.”

The three of them thought desperately, feeling the seconds ticking away and knowing death for them and their allies outside the city was imminent.
“I’ve got it,” Macron said, “we can stop it if we shield the first explosion.”
“We can’t shield it,” Rage replied, “a blast that size I doubt even a group of elders could block.”
“Not the main blast,” Macron explained, “I’ve studied these bombs, there’s an initial blast that acts an initiator. It starts the chain reaction that sets off the main device. We can shield that if we work together.”
“Worth a try.” Sildrin replied, “Concentrate!”

The three of them let the force guide their minds through the casing of the device, finding the explosive that would act as the initiator. “Ready?” Macron asked, his eyes closed.
They concentrated, their force strength linked and forming a protective barrier around the explosive. They felt a kick as it detonated and they focused their mind harmlessly dissipating the energy.
Rage opened his eyes in triumph. “We did it!” he shouted happily.
Sildrin opened her sightless eyes and nodded. “We did.”
“Start disassembling it Rage,” Macron ordered, “then we get upstairs and join the attack.”

Malisane, Raven and a swarm of troopers moved on the city. The wall had collapsed inwards, making it a steep climb to get into the city, but they weren’t worried. “According to our surveillance we should be entering the commercial district,” Raven reported.
“Good,” Malisane replied, “from there we can advance on the Headquarters. I don’t want a long drawn out battle.”
They moved forward. The turrets had been disabled by the bombardment but Jagred soldiers with rifles tried to pick off his advance force as they headed for the breach and a few troopers dropped twitching to the floor. However a few minutes later they climbed up the pile of twisted metal and masonry and into the city.

A group of defenders moved forward and Malisane leapt at them, his saber scything amongst them slicing into arms, legs and bodies. Raven was right beside him, his twin blades a whir sending blood and guts splashing to the floor. As his troops poured through they opened fire, cutting down more Jagred troops as they rushed towards the attackers. Some of them crouched behind masonry and started exchanging fire with the troops still on the wall, but now the situation had changed and it was the defenders that were exposed and the troopers cut them down one by one.

Malisane sliced his saber through the abdomen of a soldier and turned to see Raven draw his blade across the throat of another. They looked at each other. “I’m taking a detachment and taking the headquarters. You want to secure this area and then join me?”
Raven nodded. “Sure.”
Malisane lead his force forward, picking off any defenders who reared their heads quickly and efficiently. The headquarters was an ornate grey two story building surrounded by trees and shrubs. Back in his poetic youth he might have once admired the beauty but now he was pleased how poorly defended the structure was.
Two guards stood outside warily and were picked off by Malisane’s sharpshooters. The attackers advanced on the doors. Malisane wasn’t in Sildrin’s league when it came to force sensitivity but could make out a large number of soldiers inside, tense and ready. Going through the doors was likely to incur massive casualties. He thought carefully.

He clicked his communicator. “Revenant, Acara, anyone there?”
The communicator crackled. “Revenant here.”
“What’s your status?”
“We’ve taken care of those Jagred. We’re inbound to your location Malisane, E.T.A one minute.”
Malisane thought carefully. “Can you set your lasers to simulation mode?”
“I could do,” Revenant replied sounding puzzled, “of course they won’t do any damage to anything.”
“That’s what I want Rev, can you guys target the building at my co-ordinates and do a fly by hitting it with a low intensity barrage, enough to shake the building.”
“Sure thirty seconds get clear.”
“Thanks Rev,” he turned to his men, “withdraw back thirty metres and activate flash visors.”

Malisane watched from under the cowl of his cloak as the squadron of TIEs entered the city’s airspace and heard the whine of Ion engines. They swooped down in a line formation and blasted the building. Malisane put his hands over his ears and watched the building rock and laser blasts bounce all over it. The noise was tremendous. Then they were gone. Malisane concentrated and used the force to amplify his words. “That was a warning,” he announced, his words bouncing around the building area, “the next time that will be full intensity and will reduce that building and you to rubble. Order all troops in the city to surrender to my forces, then leave your weapons and exit the building otherwise you will all die.”
He waited. After thirty seconds he was about to order Sapphire in again when the doors opened. Malisane’s troops tensed themselves, rifles ready, before a stream of Jagred soldiers slowly came out, followed by a couple of officers. Malisane directed his troops to herd them together then clicked his communicator. “They’ve surrendered Revenant, you can come down here now.”

Half an our later a party of Dark Jedi walked down the corridors of the HQ building past Terel’s troopers towards the office of the Jagred Commander, Macron, Sildrin, Revenant and Malisane, all grim faced. They entered and Macron smiled coldly. “We have taken your capital city, we have your citizens under our power. You will sign a full surrender. From now on the Jagred are now subjects of the Dark Brotherhood, if you do not sign we will massacre your population and burn this city to the ground.”
The four Dark Jedi watched while the Commander looked at each of them nervously, he was a beaten man. They knew he would give in.

Suddenly Revenant's communicator crackled. He stepped over to the corner of the room. Malisane followed him. “Go ahead Acara,” the commander responded.
“Revenant we have a serious problem,” the flight leader’s voice came back, “we’ve spotted a large force moving on the city from the west. They’ll be here in an hour.”
“How large?" Malisane said leaning towards the communicator.
“We can’t get close enough to do a detailed survey,” Acara replied, “but we estimate five thousand troops, a large number of ground assault vehicles, and the sky is black with fighters and gunships. It’s a whole damn army.”
Malisane and Revenant looked at each other and then at Macron. “We need to move,” the envoy said.
Macron sighed. “Start evacuating our troops from the city.”
Malisane nodded, “I’m on it.” He clicked his communicator. “Raven this is Malisane. I need you and Terel to bring the assault craft in and withdraw our forces from the city immediately.”
“We’re running away?” Sildrin demanded.
Macron nodded. “I’m afraid so we can’t fight a force of that magnitude. We have to move.”
Sildrin sighed. “It’s been for nothing.”
“Not for nothing,” Malisane replied, “we’ve hurt them badly that’s enough.”

An hour later they were back on the Fearless. Macron sat on the command deck watching the planet display. Sidrin sat next to him. “Bring up the display of the Jagred force on the monitor,” he ordered one of the officers.
The bridge officer clicked a few buttons. “There’s nothing there sir,” he replied.
“What?” Macron demanded, “They must be there.”
“We’re not detecting any ground forces near Om’Jagred sir.”
“We saw them as we left,” Sildrin replied, “thousands of them.”
“An illusion,” Macron replied, his eyes widening, “it was a damn illusion.”
“How?” Sildrin demanded, “The Jagred don’t have that kind of knowledge.”
Macron sat back. “Then who does?”

They looked at each other. “There’s something going on here,” Macron said quietly, “we’ve been set up.”
“Who?” Sildrin asked.
“I don’t know,” the Quaestor replied, “but someone did this, someone powerful in the force.”
Sildrin looked at the display. “Do we go back down there?”
Macron shook his head. “No, Malisane said he was staying to have a look around. We’ll see if he turns anything up. Prepare for hyperspace we’re going home.”
A few minutes later the Fearless jumped into hyperspace.