BattleTeam Feud


18-11-2005 14:11:26

Macron sat in his throne in the Dark Hall. Beside him sat Lucius, his Aedile. Across were positioned the summit of Marka Ragnos. Muz and Xanos Sadow were seated slightly above the rest.

"As you know the new base is nearly ready" Macron said clearing his throat.
"I hear your base does not please Kha'mer'ans who live in the area" stated Xanos from his seat looking directly at Ludo Kressh Quaestor.
"I can fix this, we have enough power" Macron stated blankly. He wanted to speak again but Manji stood up and Macron politely stopped and gave his full attention to his master.

"Marka Ragnos will help you in this matter. Our BattleTeams have been waiting for action a bit too long." Nekura said and sat down waiting for the reply.

"We can handle it..."started Lucius and stoped talking under the gaze of Marka Ragnos Quaestor.

"it is decided then. Both Houses will send their best to defeat Kha'mer'an's threat" said Xanos rising from his seat. "any objections?" Everyone stayed quiet as the COnsul looked around the hall. "I declare this meeting over" he stated calmly and walked towards the exit.

Qiw Nuron

19-11-2005 14:41:36

Macron and Lucius stood up and exited the room.

"Lucius, please send a message to Commander Revenant Mandalore," said Macron. "Tell him to send one of his best men to take commaned of the New Air Base, perferably Qiw Nuron. He shows great potential, and Darth knows he needs the experience more than the others."

"Yes m'lord. Will there be anything else?" repplied Lucius.

"Not for the moment."

"I take my leave."

"Yes, yes just go."

Macron headed to his living area. Ounce there he began to meditate on todays events. He was deeply troubled, but new Commander Mandalore would make the correct choice in sending Nuron, and that Nuron would have no problem taking care of the situation...

Macron Sadow

19-11-2005 19:06:43

As Macron meditated, he had a troubled look on his face. The interclan politics had gotten heavy lately, especially with him now pitted as Quaestor of Kressh. He had done his best to maneuver into a position of power like a good scheming Sith, but had bitten off a lot to chew. The Force was unclear on this matter.

One thing was certain. The Kha'mer'an's would resist the new base with all they had. A fight was bound to happen, and he needed to be there personally. There was no way he would let the Ragnosians take all the glory for themselves. It was time to make up for the blunders during the last major operation.

He left his chamber and thumbed the intercom system switch. "All HLK Team leaders are to meet me in my office. Place our forces on combat alert and ready the vessels. I want us all ready to leave in 2 hours. That is an order."

The Sith turned to a nearby staff member. "Ready my ship."

Qiw Nuron

19-11-2005 21:04:37

Ounce he had recieved the word from Commander Revenant Mandalore, Qiw Nuron headed strait for his Assault Gunship, Chimira, and waited in orbit around Antei for clearence to leave. But before he recieved that clearence, he recieved a transmission.

" This is Commander Revenant Mandalore. I have just met with Macron. He wishes to personally oversee the defence of the new base. You are ordered to rondevous with several other Sapphire Squadron flight members, as well as Quaestor Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura. You are to escort him to the new Air Base, and assist him in any way he needs in defending the base."

"Yes Commander.I shall leave immediatly."

"Please do, and Qiw, I am putting you in command of all Sapphire Squadron members at this base, as i will be unable to undertake this voyage due to personal reasons, Macron knows this. Do us proud."

"Thank you sir, I will." Nuron ended the transmission. He smiled, all his work had paid off. He was finally getting a command position.

A few minutes later, Sapphire Squadron had assembled with Macrons Gunboat. They all ingaged their hyperdrives...

Qiw Nuron

20-11-2005 09:49:20

While in hyperspace, Macron meditated the commong battle...

He new that the Kha'mer'ans were not overly advanced in their vehicles and weaponry. Really the used what ever they could find to build their ships, or the used a mixed match arsenal of other forces ships. But they did have one advantage, they vastly out numbered the Dark Jedi, almost ten to one. Some real planning would be needed to defeat this foe.

The base also posed some problem. Due to it being withen a canyon, troops and ground vehicles could not be deployed easily. And if the Kha'mer'ans decided to attack from both entrances they entire Dark Jedi force would be pined down, that is accept for Sapphire Squadron, who could deplow through the top of the base in their fighters and such.

But the entrances were also an advantage. The Kha'mer'ans would have to attack through those entrances, that fact could be used to his advantage. AS long as the Kha'mer'ans never made it down the shole length of the canyon to the base, Dark Jedi and other soldures could be continued to be deployed, and the base would take very little damage.

Macron truned to his work table and began to draw up plans for his trap that would ensure victory for his house...

Syrus Korodin

20-11-2005 11:01:12

And while the forces of Ludo Kressh flew through the silence of space to an unknown fate, House Marka Ragnos prepared itself for battle. There was a great hustle and bustle of activity with people moving to and fro with the fervor of zealots. Footsteps echoed down corridors filled with many eager warriors ready to test their mettle in combat.

The Night Falcons, primarily a Sith battleteam, prepared their craft for battle. Rearming them, giving them a quick wash, generally making sure that they were in pristine condition.

The Night Raptors, primarily an Obelisk battleteam, armed themselves with all their little toys and trinkets. And by that I mean a crate of thermal detonators for each of them.

The Night Hawks, primarily a Krath battleteam, prepared their craft for battle with a prayer to the Lord Darth. A few proceeded with some small rituals, maybe a sacrifice or two.

Syrus Korodin, Jedi Hunter and Tyro for the Night Hawks, entered the hangar bay and began preparing his ship, the Twilight Shadow for takeoff. Making sure that the torpedo bays were full, the blaster cells recharged, and the J-type engines sparkling clean, that was the kind of maintenance he quickly did on his vessel.

His vessel, in fact, was not the typical TIE Interceptor that the Battleteams used. He used his own N-1 fighter, an archaic but nonetheless lethal instrument. And now he only had to wait for the word from Callus, and all would be well.

Qiw Nuron

20-11-2005 13:28:35

MINES...that is what Macron would use to defend his Air Base. Primitive, but none the less effeffective, mine feilds would be set up at either end of the canyon entrance. Ounce the ground forces were dissabled, or atleast stalled, laser batteries allong the cliff face would pic off all that were not killed upon detonation.

But this would only slow them down. The Kha'mer'ans were not stupid primitives as many Dark Jedi believed. Ounce a large enough peice of their force were killed they would find some other way in.

Also the air attack would be another matter. Sapphire Squadron alone was not large enough to defend the whole canyon base. He would need help. Possibly from one of Ludo Kressh's allies, but he would certainly not ask the help of Marka Ragnos.

The small force of Ludo Kressh ships continued they're hyperspace journy...


20-11-2005 13:57:56

Lucius walked alongside Macron as they entered the large ship.

"I still believe that marka ragnos should hold their forces" Lucius kept saying as Macron looked at him and sighed once again

"It is the will fo Manji, let them do as they please"

As both Dark Jedis entered the ship Lucius boweed to his Questor and existed throught he doors.

"I will meat you on Aeotheria in a few hours" he bowed and left quickly. Lucius walked through the halls of the large base untill he got to his office. As he entered he opened a hologram and contacted all of the Team Leaders.

"I want the the base defended at all costs, but do so before the HMR teams get to the planet, we are superior and I want us to stay that way" Lucius commanded as he watches all 3 leaders bow and confirm.

"That is all" he stated and left his office ready to join the battle.

Syrus Korodin

20-11-2005 15:20:18

Syrus smiled brightly as he walked all 'round the hangar bay imparting advice and providing support to his fellow Battleteam members. He wished Kreth a fruitful day of slaughter, congratulated another fellow on his new medals, and turned back to his ship. As he was approaching it he noticed a familiar figure at the edge of his peripheral vision. It was Dark Jedi Knight Callus, head of his battleteam. Just a week ago Syrus had been a part of a rival battleteam but now his loyalties had come 'round the bend. He was back with his fellow Krath, and he was proud to have Callus as his battleteam leader.

"Hey Callus!" he yelled. Callus turned and approached Syrus.

"What's up, Syrus?"

"We're late, for Darth's sake!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Ludo Kressh is already assembled and in flight. They just entered hyperspace about five minutes ago."

"[Expletive Deleted]. We'll have to hurry up. Can't let them have all the fun, can we?"

"Not at all," said Syrus with a chuckle.

Callus turned around and sent a telepathic command to the members of his battleteam.

I want us to be out of here in five minutes.

And Syrus heeded the command, opening the cockpit of his ship and leaping inside. With the speed of an experienced pilot Syrus activated the craft's navicomputer and inputted the coordinates for Aeotheria. The computer beeped twice to alert him that everything was ready. Checking to make sure that there was nobody behind him, Syrus fired up the radials and glided smoothly out of the hangar bay, Callus just ahead of him.

Macron Sadow

20-11-2005 16:11:11

"Status report," came Macron's voice over the comlink as the assembled group of ships slipped through the hyperstream.

"All Aeotheran forces are assembled. Your strike team is inbound, ETA fifteen microts sir," came the response from the new base. "We have detected the enemy inbound on our position. They will be here in twelve minutes," LT. Colonel Wes Terol replied.

"Hold them off for now. The Crimson Angel should be there shortly. The Sadow's Fire will rendezvous with your ground forces and deliver a little surprise I brought with me. I have a platoon of War droids and a Silooth beetle on the way," Macron spat over the link. "I have diverted the first Aeotheran regiment to this battle. We must stop them on Aeotheran. The Ragnosians will be here soon, and we have to put on a good show. I expect things to be 'under control' before they arrive. Macron out."

"Won't those shuttas be surprised," he grinned as he thought to himself. It was his first major battle as Quaestor, and he intended to show them all his skill as a tactician.

Qiw Nuron

20-11-2005 16:16:12

The Ludo Kressh fleet came out of hyperspace just outside the Aeotheria system, and headed toward the planet at sub-light speed.

"This is Acting Commander Qiw Nuron contacting Aeotheria Canyon Base."

"Go ahead Commander," repplied the Base.

"Sapphire Squadron is making its approach, as well as Quaestor Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura. He will be taking command of the Base."

"Yes, the Quaestor has already contacted us."

"I see."

"Sir, the enemy is inbound. ETA 10 minutes."

"All troops are assembled?"

"Yes sir."

"Very good. This battle should be quick and painless if I can help it." Nuron fiddled with his nav-computer. "Upon completion of this battle, have Krath Preist Kira Jenkins meet me in my quarters, I have something vitally important to speak with her about."

"Will do sir. Aeotheria base out."

Qiw settled into his pilots seat aboard his assault gunboat Chimira for the apprach to the base.

The scenery around the Canyon was one of erie beauty. Around the canyon was a large clearing in the middle of a forrested reigeon of Aeotheria. But the Canyon clearing was out of place in such a green area, it was dry and barren. None the less this area was perfect to set up a secret, or used to be secret airbase. Off in the distance the Kha'mer'an force could be seen, marching on the base...

Qiw Nuron

21-11-2005 05:59:08

Sapphire Squadron Landed a full five minutes ahead of schedule, and prepared for battle. All that had their own ship rearmed them, making sure all torpedo bays were full and laser cannons charged. Any that did not were issueda TIE Interceptor.

Nuron's Chimira would be at the front lines, provinding suppresing fire. He would be the first ship to fire on the Kha'mer'ans. He couldn't wait.

While others continued to prepare, Macron new he was already ready. This was his first battle as Quaestor, there was no way he could loose.

"All Ludo Kressh forces," said Macron over the base's internal com-system. "This is Quaestor Macron. We will be engaging the enemy in 3 minutes. You have all been breifed well in advance, and I Expect this to go smoothly. May Darkness Guid You."

The Hanger Bay erupted into cheers.


21-11-2005 09:55:16

As the Ludo Kressh forces emerged from their hangar they saw another Interceptor, slipping across their field of view. Identity signatures confirmed what they had come to suspect. Revenant had arrived. He tipped his TIE into a barrel roll by way of salute. "Sorry about the delay, I had to rig up a little, uh, surprise. Sapphire, I shall resume control. Zak, Romulus, form up behind me. Acara, Manesh, you will assist Flight Leader Sin. Guardian Nuron, you handled yourself well, but for now, you and Karimicus fall in behind Konar." Executing maneuvers they had done a hundred times before, they all formed up as instructed. It was smooth, seamless, as though all nine ships were acting as a single unit. "Okay Sapphire Sith," said Commander Revenant, "Let's make a recon sweep of the canyon, both ends." Before they could complete the sweep they saw the first of the inbound enemy fighters - two full wings of Z-95 'headhunters'. "Gentlemen, let the games begin..."

Qiw Nuron

21-11-2005 13:44:40

Sapphire Squadron was well versed in fighting Headhunters. They were the main opponents in their war game simulations. They could easily out maneuver their opponents missile and laser attacks.

Within a few minutes most of the Headhunters had already fallen from the sky. They pilots were most definitly untrained.

"Sir, if this is all they can muster, this battle will be over in less than an hour." In was Zak.

"Don't worry. I have a feeling this will get rough. For now lets just toy with the reamaining headhunters, atleast until something a little tougher is thrown at us."

Sapphire squadron continued to fly circles around the Kha'mer'an Headhunters., Causing some to fly into the cliff face, and others to colide with each other.

"Sir, this is Gardian Nuron. We better finish these off. I have something a little larger at the edge of my sensors..."

Revenant looked at his sensore. They too showed a wing of Assault Gunboats headed for Sapphire Squadron...


21-11-2005 22:55:57

Callus fumed in his cockpit as he saw sapphire squadron ready to handle a group of assault gunboats. He signaled to his squadron.

"Night Hawks this is Night Hawk 1 form up on my wing. Were going to make a run for the planet. We're going to be first down. Even out your sheilds and only engage if you get tagged. Don't fly straight either don't wanna get a torpedo on your tail cuz then your gone for shure.

Alright Lech, you take Oasis and Zepthon make sure you don't get blown up.

Syrus take Raven and the Temptress try to come in below the angle of attack that the gunboats have stay out of the way of the Kresshies and whoever else is out there.

Sharmin, Daniel you've got it your with me. I'd advise taking power from your blaster cannons to your engines." Callus said cutting off his comm and sapping power from his blaster cannons. He dropped into a roll so that he was upside down in relation to the battle but that his head was ontop of the planet giving his full ventral sheilds to the battle above. He opened up the throttle and rocketed toward the planet with Sharmin and Daniel following suit.

"Lets go guys, don't get blown up." he said eating up the space inbetween the planet and himself.

Syrus Korodin

21-11-2005 23:09:12

Don't get blown up...

Syrus chuckled darkly as his N-1 slipped into the atmosphere of Aeotheria, glowing red hot with friction. He tapped a few small buttons on his drastically upgraded craft and his sensors activated. The initial sweep told him everything he needed to know, but then he noticed an anomaly. Something else was following directly behind the Gunboats, something that looked awfully like...Cloakshapes. He activated his comlink.

"Callus, the Kha'mer'an Gunboats are being flanked by Cloakshapes."

"Ancient technology, no need to worry."

"I used to fly those things, Callus. They are by far the most upgradeable craft I have ever been privy to. Secondary sensors are marking at least three craft with low-level thrust-vectoring and at least eighteen with missile launchers of some sort."

Callus groaned through the comlink.

"Night Hawks, keep an eye out. Cloakshape fighters coming in directly behind the Boats."

Syrus nodded and pulled away from the main group. He picked up his Comlink again, this time setting it so taht he would communicate directly with his smaller group.

"Temptress, Raven, you heard the man. Modify your power output accordingly, we're going in."

And suddenly they were in battle, blaster bolts scorching the air. A few members of Sapphire Squadron flew past him, spraying a lone Z-95 with blaster bolts. Syrus dove down lower, away from the Kresshians, and spotted a good target. He gunned his engines and headed for the Gunboat directly above him, his powerful cannons shredding through it's shielding.

Qiw Nuron

22-11-2005 05:51:47

"Hey Nuron, you seeing what i'm seeing?" asked Baas.

"I think so," repplied Nuron. "Cloaked ships?"

"Yup." Baas took a closer look at his sensor readings. "They don't look too bad. Older technology."

"I'd agree with you except that those ships are easily upgradable. Signal the commnader."

"Commnader Revenant," Baas signaled Revenant.

"I'm a littly bussy right now."

Baas turned his ship and blasted away one of the fighter that were chasing his commander. "Is that better."

"Bastard, i would have had him."

"Sorry sir. Anyway take a closer look at your sensors."

"Yes, yess i already saw the cloaked ships. Ancient technology." He switched channles. "Gardian Nuron, engage your cloak and move away from the group. Be ready with those torpedos as soon as the Cloaked ships get close."

"Yes Commnader." Nuron cloaked his ship and moved away from the battle down into the canyon.


22-11-2005 07:51:06

Callus righted himself as he sent the nose of his Z-95 into the atmosphere and pushed his sheilds forward. Once through the atmosphere he activated his sensors and got a lock on the destination. A small crevvase that they'd have to fight down unless they could bring down their defenses first.

"Alright Daniel, Sharmin close it up we're going in and we're going in full throttle." Callus said to his wing mates through the comm.

"Sir at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?" Sharmin asked a bit nervous.

"Dunno guess we'll find out when we get there." Callus replied with a smile on his face. "Alright now just...(static)" Callus was cut off in mid sentence as a missile hit his right wing blowing it off sending his fighter into a dead spiral straight for the canyon floor. Sharmin and Daniel pulled off trying to get a bead on where the missle came from.

As Callus was approaching the canyon he got hit by another missile oblitereating his engines and ripping most of his port stabilizers to shreads. His path took him close to the canyon wall now with a little forward spin he ripped the rest of his left wing off. He was about 6 meteres from the canyon floor now. His ship made one last rotation as the nose of his fighter crumbled into the ground. The ship landed rightside up. The cockpit canopy popped up but no one climbed out.

A group of Kha'mer'an came over to the wreckage and saw a limp body in the pilots couch. They took what little they could salvage and were about to leave when one of the members of the group began to choke. The attacker collapsed as Callus leapt out of the cockpit and buried his lightsaber throught the skull of the alien. He removed two more of them of their heads and used what little force energy he had left, after using it to survive the crash, hit three of them with a blast of energy as he rushed over to them and finished them off. The last one was running. Callus drew his hold-out blaster from his boot and blasted it in the back 3 times untill it collapsed.

Callus fell to a knee as he took a med pack from one of the dead Kha'mer'ans and used it to heal some of his wounds. It wouldn't help much with the broken ribs but it would stop some of the bleeding. He left the crash site and made his way down the canyon.

Macron Sadow

22-11-2005 10:58:10

"Situation- deteriorating, Prefect," came a comlink message as Macron's Gunboat heaved and pitched. "We read an old Dreadnaught class ship out there directing the enemy fighters."

"Copy that, Sapphire three," replied Macron. "We better do something about that. All gunboats and Sapphire TIE fighters pull out of the atmosphere and form up on me. We are going in to blast them back to the hell they came from. Commander, gather your pilots and let's move in."

The covey of Assault Gunboats and TIEs swooped in on the aging vessel. The ship deployed a last reserve of cloakshape fighters, which the TIE's began to pick off quickly. Turbolaser blasts lanced through space, missing the small fast vessels.

Macron's vessel shuddered with a near miss as he launched his advanced proton torpedoes.

Qiw Nuron

22-11-2005 13:56:56

"Torpedos locked on," came the voice for Nuron's combat computer.


Four proton torpedos flew form their fireing tubes on the Chimira, temporairly decloaking the vessel. Nuron then sent a volly of laser shots. "Computer fire advanced proton-cannons."

Wave of energy erupted from under the cockpit of the Chimira, tearing holes in the Dreadnaught's hull. The rest of Sapphire Squadron followed through with attacks of their own.

An alarm broke out through out the Nurons Long range assault gungoat/heavy fighter "Missiles inbound."

"Evacive manoeuvers."

His ship began plummet towards the planet, then made a barrel-roll to the right and turned back on itself facing the oncoming missiles. He fired the turbo lasers at the twin missiles, destroying one. The other continue towards him, though on wavering course. Nuron rolled his ship to the right, just as the missile detonated to his left...

Syrus Korodin

22-11-2005 21:55:51

And while the great battle occurred around him, Syrus Korodin was engaged in a duel of wits with a crafty Kha'mer'an pilot. The pilot was flying a Cloakshape, to be sure, but he was flying it damn well. The ship was a very well upgraded variant with missile tubes, thrust-vectoring control, and perhaps a few other little "gifts" for Syrus to enjoy. The pilot was obviously a Commander, his ship quality displaying his status well.

Together the two warriors swooped through the air, performing dives and aerial maneuvers that confounded those watching. And still, neither of them could score a hit. Both pilots were equal in skill...until Syrus began using the Force to guide him. In a moment he knew where to go and what to do. Swift as a bolt of lightning he slid behind the enemy ship and achieved a missile lock.

With a dry hiss the Advanced Proton Torpedo exited the launch tube. It cut the air like a knife and slammed into the engines of the Cloakshape causing it to burst into savage blue flame. Syrus chuckled darkly and veered away from the main battle.

Like a hammer blow to the head, the dark side screamed at him. He shot a glance out of his cockpit and saw Callus far below, fighting off Kha'mer'an forces. He tipped the nose of his N-1 down and flew towards his Leader. He watched Callus make his way down the canyon and noticed something that Callus did not. There were Kha'mer'an soldiers hiding behind a small outcropping just waiting for Callus to pass by. He would not let them kill his leader. Syrus aimed a proton torpedo at the outcropping and let it fly.

The torpedo flew right over Callus who instinctively dropped to the ground. It collided with the outcropping, completely disintegrating it and killing all the soldiers behind it. As soon as the shockwave and shrapnel subsided, Callus rose once more. Syrus slowed his craft down and landed a meter away from him on his left side. The cockpit slid open.

"Need a lift, Callus? It's upgraded to be a two-seater."

Qiw Nuron

23-11-2005 09:59:18

Qiw Nuron, with his ship only slightly damaged from the missile attack, reingaged his cloak.

Switching to sheilded channels Nuron signaled Macron, "This is Sapphire two, I have reingaged my cloak and am heading toward the Dreadaught to deliver my Advanced Photon Torpedo payload. I could use some help keeping those damn fighters off my back. My cloak is not THAT great."

"I read you Gardian Nuron." Macron switched to a Squadron wide channel. "This is Quaester Macron, all fighters form up on me." He switched back to his previous channel. "We'll keep those fighters off you, but dont screw this up or I'll have your head.

"Yes Sir." Nuron picked up speed heading towards the Dreadnaught...


24-11-2005 20:55:32

Nuron reached the Dreadnought, with Macron in his gunboat and the rest of Sapphire behind him, picking off the Z-95s at every given opportunity. He aimed at the nose of the massive vessel, which housed it's sensor array, and fired.

The torpedo spewed forth from it's tube with a burp of exhaust gasses, it's propulsion system leaving in its wake a blue ion contrail. It raced towards it's target, gaining velocity the whole time.

A couple of the Z-95s spotted it, and tried to blast it out of the sky. With their attention diverted from the battle, Revenant saw his opening. "Manesh, take the one on the left, I'll take the right."

"Roger, commander." The two Sith pilots broke off from the carnage and formed up behind their respective targets. A bleep from his targetting sensors told Revenant that the headhunter was now in laser lock. He stroked the fire control and green lances of energy stuttered from his cannons. The fighter directly in front of the young Mandalore shattered, torn apart by the explosion which began somewhere in the engines. Shrapnel scudded his viewport in a hail of superheated metal. He threw the interceptor into a one-eighty to see Manesh spiralling through the wreckage of the other fighter.

The whole time this was going on, Nuron's torpedo was gaining ground on the Dreadnought. The warhead impacted on the Dreadnought's hull at terminal velocity, disintegrating most of the nose section, and the delicate sensors within.

Before long the effects were noticed across the battlefield. The Kha'mer'ans had lost any coherence their maneuvers might have had before. With the command ship blinded, the defenders had nobody to co-ordinate their resistance. They were little more than a bunch of militia pilots flying on luck.

"Revenant?" It was Macron. "I thought you had nine members of Sapphire Squadron?" Revenant checked his scopes. Sure enough there were nine interceptors, and Nuron's Chimira, all showing Sapphire's signature.

One of the interceptors made a barrel-roll as it passed Commander Revenant's field of vision. "Meet the newest recruit to Sapphire, Flight Member Amon Nihilus Judas, reporting for duty SIR!" So, fresh blood. "I was told you guys need all the wings you can get out here."

"Welcome aboard, Judas. Squad, form up. Let's take this fight to the Kha'mer'ans..."


24-11-2005 21:10:46

"Gladdly sir" *Judas uses his T.I.E. to fly down with the rest of the squadron, dogdeing fire from the headhunters, to the ground based defences*"I'm getting somethign on radar sir"


24-11-2005 21:38:57

Acerbus rolled out past the rest of the squad. "Gentlemen, this is no time for introductions!" Some of the group chuckled, while others were suprised at the Sith's sudden leap out of the woodwork.

The brash young Mandalore dove towards the wounded Assault Gunboat, blasting the surrounding CloakShapes out of the sky with laser fire. He knew the ship's soft spot from his Imperial Navy days. Diving under the gunboat and looping back around so that he was facing the engines, he prepared to fire his torpedos in dumbfire mode.

But, to his shock, the Kha'mer'ans had installed a most unusual modification to the Gunboat's rear - a particle cannon. "Guys, a bit of help-!" A blast from the particle cannon cut him off, and all the assembled Battleteams heard was static.

Zaknafein and Revenant looked down in time to see the flaming hulk of a Sapphire TIE Interceptor tumble from behind the gunboat and towards the massive canyon below. Revenant swore over the comlink. "That makes two down - Callus from the Night Hawks and Acerbus from Sapphire Squadron. All Commanders, Flight Leaders, and Tetrarchs, take down that Dreadnaught and those Assault Gunboats. Everyone else go after the supporting fighters, then help us with the flagships. Watch yourselves, and start scanning for Callus and Acerbus ASAP!"


24-11-2005 22:02:27

"Sir with all do respect I do not beleve that is a good idea. My radar is senceing a unidentified energy signature from the center flag ship and its growing I request a new plan before we find out what it is!"


25-11-2005 10:41:36

"Judas, fear is not an option," growled Commander Revenant. "You will destroy the remaining fighters then rendevous with us as ordered. Do you acknowledge?" There was no reply. "Flight member, I asked you a question!" Another cloakshape erupted in a flaming maelstrom of shattered components and twisted chassis.

"I'll be with you momentarily, Sir!" replied the Novice. With that, Revenant formed up between Sin and Konar and headed for the Dreadnought once more.


25-11-2005 16:17:35

I dogde almost every fire fromt he ship wile I was mostly shooting at its engines I did not wamnt to kill the pilot as it seems he was a good pilot but he could not aim.I was finly able to destry his engines then I zoomed past under cloak.

"Sorry sir, but I will not fight a bunch of fighters when there is a bigger threat I can feel it.*Judas did not say it but when he first noticed the energy signiture he felt a disperbence in what little of the force he knows he gulped knowing he may not live much longer*

Syrus Korodin

26-11-2005 09:26:53

Callus leapt into the cockpit of the N-1, grunting a little as pain flared through his chest. He nodded at Syrus and the cockpit slid shut, sealing them off from the rest of the world from a brief moment. Syrus turned towards Callus.

"Where am I taking you?"

"To the base, I think. If I stay down here I'll be overpowered."

"No problem, Callus. Just hold on."

Syrus gunned the throttle on his N-1, accelerating at an incredible pace, pulling several g's as he did so. Callus groaned as his ribs protested the pain, but he said nothing. The craft swooped in and out of strange, rockey formations, enemy fighters, and friendlies on its mad rush to the Kresshian Base. Within twenty seconds they had arrived, and the ship slowed to a stop at the main entry of the Base. The cockpit slid open once more and Callus climbed out, carefully avoiding hitting his wounded chest area.

"Thank you."

"Anytime, Callus."

Callus turned and began limping towards the entry, the gates opening for him as he did. Syrus nodded and turned his ship around, ready to reenter the battle. He transferred power to the engines and accelerated to the battle area where the Dreadnaught was being torn to shreds.

Syrus Korodin

26-11-2005 13:42:47

Upon reaching the battlezone Syrus transferred power from his engines back to his shields and primary cannons. He followed the various Brotherhood pilots to the location of the Dreadnaught and began spraying the damaged vessel with blaster fire. It's shields were weak, and the combined assault was tearing it apart. Miniature fireballs flared from its ruptured hull, steam and various gases flowed from rupture points, and entire chunks of hull began collapsing. It was clear that if the Kha'mer'ans were not already routed, they would be very soon.

Syrus chuckled as a gunboat exploded directly in front of him, spraying his ship with a fine coat of flaming debris. Another gunboat fell to his cannons, the sublight drive coughing up an unpleasantly green shade of gas as it plummeted to the surface. Syrus grinned as he stared out of the cockpit, watching the gunboat explode as it collided with a large boulder. He turned back to the Dreadnaught just as a huge explosion rumbled forth from its mechanical insides. The dozen miniature fireballs all around its midsection expanded, flaring wildly and intensifying in heat. Another explosion cracked the air, rudely shaking Syrus' N-1 and knocking him off course by a few inches.

There was a third explosion and then there was cheering as the massive craft split in half across the center, spraying shrapnel all across the battlefield. There was a noticable drop in Kha'mer'an morale, for their pilots became more desperate and far easier to kill. Victory, Syrus felt, was almost at hand. And then his sensors started flashing, and a visceral feeling of fear crept up his spine. He activated his Comlink and spoke directly to Macron.

"Macron, this is Syrus."

"What can I do for you?"

"Check your long-range sensors, will you? You and I have better sensors than any of the TIEs out there, and I want to verify my readings."

"Copy that. I have twenty-two targets approaching from two-hundred eighty kilometers away at...roughly 400 meters per second. That's too fast for any Kha'mer'an craft."

"Yes, I know."

"What do you think they are?"

"Switch on the radiation sensor, it's giving me a hint."

"All right...oh no. Each target is emitting some serious radiation."

"I noticed that too, Mac, but there's no way they can have that many thermonukes."

"I'm guessing that there are maybe three thermo's in the entire bunch. They're using a complex decoy system thats probably mounted at their main base."

"Not good. We're going to have to take them out, you know. There's no time to get to their base of operations."

"I agree. T-minus ten minutes before impact. Let's take them all out."


28-11-2005 16:36:09

*Amon presses a botton trying to hail the N-1 ship*

"T.I.E.Interceptor to N-1 vessile state your name and what help you can be for me"Amon says in a deep and a slightly frightend vioce. "My rader is picking up mass amount of energy from a in comming ship do you comly? You have 5 minutes to respond."

Syrus Korodin

28-11-2005 21:36:01

A slight flicker of amusement passed over Syrus's face as Judas hailed him.

"Good day to you, Judas. I would suggest that you form up with your Battleteam. We've got missiles to destroy, and they're closing in fast."

He heard a sharp inhalation of breath from the other end of the comlink, and then Judas responded.

"Will do, sir."

"Thank you, Judas. Be careful though. If we screw up, there won't be any of us left to tell the story."

Macron Sadow

28-11-2005 22:02:35

"Well done, Syrus. The Dreadnaught is about to be toast.... . I have 3 launchers on this bad puppy," came the Sith's voice as they all scrambled to obliterate the oncoming missles.

"Sapphire Commander, bring up the Team and form about us. We will need all the firepower we can muster here to prevent our base from becoming a nuclear hell."

"I want you to fly on my wing, Commander," replied the Quaestor as they maneuvered. "Contact Lucius and have him deploy our TIE advanced fighters and any reserves immediately. Let us hope they can stop any devices we may miss."

"Yes, Prefect. Roger, Macron," came Reveant's voice. "Sapphire, you have your orders. Form up and move out I want Nuron and Amon on the flanks," came the terse voice across the staticy comlink connection.

Macron commanded his R3 droid to scan the oncoming projectiles and extrapolate which ones were likely to be active warheads. The little advanced droid beeped and chugged away at the data, and selected five likely targets. They may, or may not be live bombs.

"I read five signatures, folks. I am feeding through the stream now. I also read some A-wings as escorts, which could prove to be problematic. They just jumped in ahead of us on an intercept vector. We have just a short while until the warheads pass this location," warned the Sith. A shriek reverbrated from his helmet as he smashed the throttle. "Get 'em!"

Qiw Nuron

29-11-2005 09:23:52

Macrons ship accelerated ahead of the squadron.

Nuron kicked foward his customized throttle and rushed foward with the rest of Sapphire Squadron. Just as his short ranged sensors picked up the A-Wings, they vanished.

"What the hell is this!" Reveant said over the com-system. Other confused chatter could be hered.

Suddenly an explosion shook Judas's ship, just to his right.

"This is Flight Member Judas, I have taken heavy dam-" The signal faded.

"I believe we have a problem," said Nuron.


29-11-2005 15:40:09

Judas was soon no longer in control of his ship as his ship made a deadly fall in which he just barly survived.He went out of his ship wondering ho wmuch it would cost to fix it, but he knew there was something he had to worry about, so grabed his blaster and scouted the area and cautiously ran to the ground base. He was then atacked by a single gaurd in which he shot and took his armour as allways keeping his face hidden.

Qiw Nuron

29-11-2005 19:17:48

"Report!" commanded Macron to Flight Commander Reveant. "What in Darths name is going on with those A-Wings?"

"Not sure sir," repplied Reveant. "They are just disappearing." He looked down at his sensors. "They keep poping up at random places, firing, and then vanishing in the blackness of space. "

"Its true sir." It was Nuron. "Both I and Amon saw the go. I mean visually. They just fade away and then someone else see them on the other side of the Squadron."

"They are causing us valuable time and resorces." Reveant again. "I've locked on four times to the same ship. But once i shoot, poof, they're gone."

"We'll have to worry about them later. If you see them shoot them, but otherwise we need to concentrate on those missiles." Just then Macron felt something, something incredibly powerful in the force. His head began to ring with the sound of tortured screaming. He instinctly shut down his engines, just before he blacked out.

"Sir," communicated Nuron. "Something much, much larger is...well...its fading in like those A-Wings." Nuron Gasped in pain. "S-sir Quickly!, AHHH, SIR LOOK AT YOUR SENSORS!" Nuron also heard the screaming just before he, and the rest of Sapphire Squadron, blacked out.

Syrus Korodin

29-11-2005 22:29:36

Dance with me, my friend, and let us die together.

Something tugged at the edges of his conscious mind, something strange and terrible. He could feel the dark side screaming, but he resisted its mighty call, instead shifting all power to his engines and rocketing towards the missiles. He could feel his fellows behind him, some of them falling from the heavens and some of them trying to attack the missiles. They were all far, far behind him, embraced by a chaos that he could not see. He did not know whether he was alone in trying to destroy these missiles, but at this point it mattered very little. He had singled out (With Macron's help) five probable targets out of the bunch, and he had more than enough torpedoes to carry out the deed.

He began to slow his craft down, being suitably close to the missiles so that he could get a missile lock, and being sufficiently far-away from whatever it is that was attacking the rest of the Clan. His sensors flashed as the MTAS singled out each of the five missiles and assigned torpedos to them. Then, as the missiles reached a distance of only five kilometers from the base, Syrus launched five proton torpedoes in rapid-succession. With a hiss they slid out of the launch tubes, leaving fading ion contrails behind them. And then he waited, slowly turning his ship around.

One by one the sensors registered contact, and with a rousing cry of joy Syrus noted that all five missiles had been destroyed. He noted this just before a round of heavy blaster fire from a Cloakshape (which appeared out of nowhere) obliterated his shielding and sent him spiraling downwards. As he was trying to take control of his ship again, the sensors flashed once more. He gasped in horror.

Five missiles had been destroyed, but the sensors had found a sixth that was definitely carrying a nuclear payload.

Qiw Nuron

30-11-2005 11:23:52

Korodin's craft plumeted towards the planet at high velocity, smashing against vegitation as hit hit the ground, sending him flying form his cockpit.

Korodin ran from his dammaged craft out into the clearing. He saw the missile nearing the base, and then a bright white flash. He dove to the ground sheilding his head, but no shockwave came. he stood, looking around. No craetor, no shockwave, must have been a dud, he thought.

Suddenly he felt the screaming pain in his head again. He looked up to see a massive (even by destroyer standards), but ancient ship. It was like a huge squid, revolving in the air. Its tenticals flapping agount wildly, picking things up off the ground.

Korodin could take the pain no longer, and passed out...


01-12-2005 08:22:23

Callus entered the base and powered his lightsaber on. 3 guards lept at him. He despatched them swiftly with several quick swipes of his lightsaber. He ducked to the left into a small corner and deactivated his saber as 3 more guards moved past he grabbed the last guard in a head lock and snapped his neck. He crept up behind the other guard and powered on his lightsaber that went straight through the guard. The first one turned around as Callus finished him off with a boot to the face crishing his nose into his skull.

He fell to his knees catching his breath as the pain in his ribs was unbeliveable. But he'd had broken ribs before and he could survive theese. He forced himself up as he continued down deeper into the base. He entered the control room and was confronted by atleast 15 Khmarian soldiers. He powered on his saber as they rushed him.

The first one got Callus' blade through the face. The 2nd one sliced Callus' left forearm with a claw or somthing before Callus quickly broke it's left leg with a hard kick to the knee and then decapitated him. They rushed more now as 4 came on top of him slicing and clawing. Callus used the force to send them flying. He quickly drew his blaster and fried two of them.

As he spun he caught one of them with his saber and the other with a low sweeping kick. He drove his saber into the one on the ground and was about to finish off the four techs at the terminals and claim the base but to say the least he was stopped.

A huge beast of a Khamarian grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. This made it even more difficult to breathe along with the injury to his ribs. Callus had a ring of black around his vision as his lightsaber slipped from his hand before he could swing it. The huge beast landed a huge fist right into Callus' ribs causing him to utter a scream of pain. The beast seemed to like it so he did it again. Callus wanted to scream but didn't instead he used his pain to lash out one last time before he blacked out and sent a huge wave of force energy at the beast knocking it back. Callus fell to the ground to catch his breath as the beast staggered to regain it's balance. He groped about for his lightsaber.

He felt the cool metal of the hilt as he powered it on he removed one of the creatures legs. Then it's arms then he cout it straight down the middle. He stepped through the carcass as he quickly dispatched the techs he was able to send a message before collapsing.

"Nighthawks come to the base. Our victory is near."

Qiw Nuron

01-12-2005 15:47:03

You discrace us all!

Nuron dreamed while unconcious. He had terrable visions of all thwe current dark jedi in agony, tortured by far superior dark side users. He even say Jac being torn apart by an unseen foe. All the while hearing the same words over and over, screamed and whispered. YOU DISCRACE US ALL!!

Suddenly he awoke, or so he thought, he mearly became concious of his dream.

He was running down a dark hall, seemingly endless, when this happened. He stoped, and tried to get is bearings. He was out of breath.

Nuron checked his belt. He still had his Antei-Saber, one of the only known weapon that could go up against a light saber. This katana could be super heated to cut almost as cleanly. It would also pass through a light saber when cool, causing it to malfunction and shut down.

He drew it and walked down the hall. All was dark except for a small area illuminated by his Antei-Saber, which was glowing now from the heat the hilt was transfering to it.

He heard the screaming again, 'You will discrace us all!!!' This time comming from down the hall. He waited and listened. Nothing more could be heard. Looking around the hall he could see the wall almost looked like living, no dead tissue. The hall was rounded and had something like a spine running accrose the top of it.

He saw something move to his left, and took off down the hall...

Suddenly Qiw Nuron truly woke up. He was strapped to a black metal table. He surveyed the room. It was dark, but Chiss have excellent night vision. The room was of the same design as the hall in his dream. But this room look ancient, decaying.

Drawing on the Dark Side, Nuron broke through his bindings, and stood up. Over to his left was what appeared to be a doorway. He walked towards in and with blast of compressed air the door opened.

The room he walked out into was massive, he could not see the ceiling.

Suddenly his head exploaded with pain. He fell to the ground, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, as a vision was driven into the back of his mind.

"You are a discrase to all that is Sith." A figure in a black cload turned around, and Nuron saw the face. An ancient dry and cracked face. The figure's eyes were gouged out of his head.

And then it was all over. Nuron slowly stood again, the vision fresh in his mind, and somehow he had found that he was holding his Antei-Saber, though he did not have it when he left the room he awoke in...


01-12-2005 17:44:18

Amon shot his way no longer hideing himself which he allways hated. He ripped off his armour just then he senced something in the force, something he felt beofre but he could not identify it. he blasted his way threw the door in side he saw a coffin, ancient Sith design the force seemed to fill the inside.Then it started to shake Amon waited not intiminated hopeing it would open grabbing his dagger.

Acara Rayden

01-12-2005 18:50:48

In the skies above the Kressh base

Revenant was having a hard time. The thrashing tentacles of the ancient looking ship made it impossible for his squadron to keep any kind of formation. What's more, there was something, well, bothering him, like a mental itch he couldn't reach. His vision flashed briefly. It had taken a fraction of a second but he had seen a rock fall, and a TIE getting struck, spiralling to the ground. He checked his squad mates. Zaknafein was flying dangerously close to the canyon wall. All of a sudden a tentacle impacted the sheer stone face just ahead of Zak's ship. The Sith Commander tried to shout a warning, but he was too late. Zak's ship was struck by falling rock, and began its spral to the canyon floor. "Sin, Acara, follow me, we're going to get Zak..."

Qiw Nuron

01-12-2005 21:54:28

Nuron was deeply puzzled. He new he was in some type of ancient sith ship, most likly the squid-like one that had faded in near the missiles. His stomach clenched at the thought of the missiles. The whole Kressh base may have been already destroyed.

Again he saw movement, but deeper into the huge room. This time he stayed where he was and watched with his minds eye, usingh the force to sence it movements. The thing walked cloeser, and cloeser. Nuron lashed out with his Antei-Saber, cutting what ever it was clean down the middle. He walked up to it.

Hmmm, a dark jedi. how is it still intact, I cut-, just then the corpse fell in half, and sand fell out of the wond instead of blood. Nuron searched the body, and found a very old light saber, non-opperational.

He heard something from behind him, turned and spirled into an aggressive posture, Blade in hand.

"Relax you fool," said the figure.

"Quaestor Macron?" puzzled Nuron.

"Yes, yes. I see you've found one of those, things." Macron bent down to look at the corpse. "I've already killed three."

"What are they sir."

"That, Gardien, is a VERY good question." Macron stood. "They seem to be Dark Jedi, who have managed to cheat death using sith alchemy."

Nuron looked down at the floor, in deep thought. "In all my studies i have never heard of such a thing."

"This is abviously the work of very powerful dark side users." Macron headed out accrose the room. "Well are you comming? I want to find a way off this death trap before we find whome ever is the leader of the Dark Jedi." He ignited his Light Saber.

Syrus Korodin

01-12-2005 22:01:31

((Forgive me for this out-of-character post, but I need to make a few things clear. I will not be participating anymore in this run-on because I find that it has been blatantly unrealistic. The addition of these "ancient sith" that are so power they can torture Lord Cotelin himself is totally ridiculous. I will not stand for it. Also, Mr. Nuron appeared to be exercising a sort of godmoding by not only knocking everyone unconscious, but making everyone part of his strange new story. Always, this "antei-saber" is something that totally defies all rules of the SW world. It is also NOT the only weapon capable of stopping a lightsaber blade. Forgive me for my rant, but it had to be said.))

Qiw Nuron

02-12-2005 07:59:23

OK...let me clear a few thing up...Jac was not being tortured, my charictor only saw a vision of him being tortured, a halucination. Second i was just trying to push the story in a more exicting direction. I was probably going to make the whole ship turn out to be a halucination caused by a virus released by the missiles. (Kinda farfetched, so i was not sure)

I also wanted to add something new to the story, to see what others would do with it.

Sorry if i screwed up your vision of the star wars universe.

also sorry for another out of charictor post.

OK so back to the story...


The pair of Dark Jedi continued deeper and deeper into the room. Searching for way off this strange ship.

"Sir what do you think this, well this thing is?" asked Nuron.

"Well, I'd say some type of sith artifact, possibly pre old republic, but i doubt it. I Believe it has been made to look old." Macron waved his light saber around, using it as a source of light. He noted that he could no longer see any walls. "Gardien, sheith your sward."

Nuron did so as Macron shut down his light saber.

"You have better eyes than I. What can you see?"

"Ah, nothing with my eyes sir. This must truly be a massive room. But i do sense something..." Nuron looked around, trying to sense where this disturbance in the force was coming from.

"As have I." Macron ignited his light saber ounce more, and Nuron drew his Antei-Saber. "We mus hurry now, i feel something terrable is going to happen if we remain on this ship."

The two ran off into the darkness...


02-12-2005 22:34:45

Jusas hears something as the coffin stops shaking foot steps possibly two men there was no clashing so they weren't wearing armourhe goes out and is pushed down my a man holding a ignited lightsaber and a man he thinks he's seen before.

Qiw Nuron

03-12-2005 09:42:51

The pair of Dark Jedi continue to run, but find no end to this room for some time. They do eventually come to a wall. The wall has sith hyrocliphics covering it.

"Can you read those sir?" asks Nuron

"I'm afraid to say that i cant."

Behind them the hear a lightsaber ignite. They turn to see two tall dark jedi, posed for conflict.

"You take the one on the left, i have the one on the right."

"Confirmed!" Nuron dives at the Dark Jedi to the left, and Macron goes for the one on the right.

Nuron, goes for a round about kick, but is knocked to the ground by this force user. He stands again, prepared to use his Antei-Saber. He drives foward, slashing with the reckless abandon, but the Dark Jedi preparies all his attacks. In a dazzling move of athletic ability, and force prowess, Nuron flips over the dark jedi and drives his blade through the back of it head. The Dark Jedi falls to the floor in cnvulsions. With a quick swipe, nuron removes the head of his enemy, quickly putting a stop to them.

Nuron looks around, and see Macron far off in the room ingaged in a rather more athletic duel. Nuron runs towards his Quaestor, but before he got there Macron had already won. He spun around and kicked his foe to the ground holding his lightsaber to the dark jedi's neck.

"Who are you? Waht faction are you from?" Macron asks the Dark Jedi. But before he gets an answer, the Dakr Jedi Stands up into the blade of the light saber, killing himself. "Bastard, we'll have to watch that next time. C'mon, we must keep moving..."

The pari walk back to the wall, and go through one of the hatches.

Syrus Korodin

03-12-2005 09:48:13

Syrus Korodin groaned as he slowly regained consciousness, pain filtering through his thoughts and distorting them. He looked around from his position on the ground and saw a few Brotherhood fighters crossing the skies. Was the battle over, then? He began to rise, using the Force to mask the pain from his wounds. He cracked his knuckles and spine, enjoying the crackle of old bones. When that was done, he turned back to the clearing and looked over at the base, not knowing what he would find. Despite his fears, however, the base was intact and Syrus fancied that he could see a few TIE Fighters safely landed on its roof. He smiled and turned back to his ship. He hobbled towards it, limping slightly and favoring his right leg.

As he approached he saw that the damage was, in fact, very minimal. The attack that had brought him down was not a result of faulty systems or expert piloting; it was the result of sheer luck. He had forgotten to transfer power from his engines to his shields, and that had been a near-fatal mistake. He could see that the Cloakshape had not damaged the engines with its blasters but had merely temporarily ionized the navicomputer. The probability of this was incredibly low, what with his quadanium armor, but it had happened. At this point that was not important. As long his ship could fly to the base, then all damages could be addressed later.

He noted that the crash had knocked his cockpit covering open; a blessing in many ways. If he had been thrown into the transparisteel shell instead of out of the ship itself he would be very, very dead. Thanking Lord Darth for this occurence he climbed into the ship and let the transparisteel shell close over him. He fumbled with the controls for a brief moment before hearing the familiar hum ofthe sublight drive activating. The R2-unit behind him whirred and beeped telling Syrus that the ship was, for all intents and purposes, in good condition. The HUD in front of him displayed a few small dents, scratches, a minor impact to the left-side radial, and the shutdown of three thrust-vectoring controllers. Nothing particularly impressive. He nodded and transferred more power to his sublight drive, tilting the nose of his craft upwards. He began to approach the base, calling in on his comlink to his fellow pilots.

"Callus, are you there?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Syrus Korodin."

"Where have you been? I've been calling out to all Night Hawks to return to base for almost twenty minutes!"

"My apologies, Tetrach, but I was knocked unconscious after an attack on my ship. I see, though, that my efforts were not in vain."

"Not at all, Syrus. All the missiles save one were destroyed, and that one caused very little damage. Get over here and lets end this thing."

"Yes sir."

Qiw Nuron

03-12-2005 10:57:29

Korodin flew towards the base, sensing that something was not quite right. As he approached, he noted that the base had suffered almost no dammage, which was quite unlikly with a missile of that size. TIE's sat on the roof of the base, but no people were in sight. He continued towards the base, but at the last minute noticed something off to his right. Turning his ship he saw the outlines of eight cloakships, and his sensors confirmed it.

"This is Syrus Korodin calling Callus."

"Go ahead."

"I have discovered remaining air forces just south of the base. I reccomend immediate depployment of TIE squadrons."

"We have picked them up as well. TIEs are inbound on your position."

Korodin droped his ship low to the ground waiting for the TIE squadron...

Syrus Korodin

03-12-2005 11:47:22

Syrus Korodin maneuvered his ship towards the Cloakshapes with a smile on his face. He set his energy transfer mode to standard, sending equal amounts of energy to each part of the craft. With a hum and a dull roar the craft accelerated, and Syrus prepared for battle. He engaged the first Cloakshape, spraying it with blaster fire. It exploded into a brilliant orange fireball. He let loose another barrage of blaster bolts and a second ship burst into flame and spiralled downwards. The Cloakshapes moved into attack formation and swarmed all around the Twilight Shadow, trying to disorient him. But Syrus was a skilled pilot flying an incredibly deadly craft and this ploy would not stop him.

Syrus accelerated away from the Cloakshapes and turned his ship around for another attack run. He flew towards his foes and one of them boldly intercepted his flight path and began to head straight towards him.

"So you want to play?" Syrus said, chuckling. He narrowed his eyes. "Let's play."

He gunned the throttle, ignoring the blaster fire coming from his foe's craft, and collided with him. His quadanium plated hull sheared through the weak armor of the old Cloakshape, killing the pilot instantly and sending his craft downwards in a dozen flaming pieces.

The morale of the other Kha'mer'ans pilots broke, and Syrus felt it through the Dark Side. All the remaining Cloakshapes turned tail and ran with the vain hope of outrunning their destiny. Syrus locked on to what he assumed to be their leader and let fly a proton torpedo. Just as it detonated he was overtaken by several TIE Interceptors.

"We'll take it from here, Syrus," he heard Lech say through his comlink.

"Thank you. I'll see you back at base," Syrus responded.

He tilted his ship back in the direction of the Kresshian base and began to fly towards it, hoping for a nice glass of tea and maybe some chocolate when he arrived.

Qiw Nuron

03-12-2005 16:49:45

Aboard the Squid like ship, which had left the atmosphere, Nuron and Macron had been cutting down enemies for hours, searching for some way off the ship.

"This is truly getting rediculous," said Nuron.

"I would tend to agree," repplied Macron. "You would think that sith of this power, able to cheat death, would be a little harder to kill."

"Well sir, are you sure these truly are ancient sith. It seem to me that they would be a little more powerful if they truly had been around this long, they would be a 'little' more powerful."

They continued down the halls, cutting down dark jedi with ease as they went.

Suddenly they were both thrown to the ground, pinned...

Macron Sadow

03-12-2005 17:46:53

"What the hell am I doing here," wondered Macron. "They must have used some sort of ganglion altering radiation and force effect. How the hell did I ....?" he wondered as he passed down the hall. It seemed a toxic effect to him. These dirty ragamuffin mutants must be tough.

A subroutine in his armor computer summoned a hissing modified Sith IT-4 droid. It drew an aerated sample of his blood and analyzed it for toxins. He trusted his IT-4 droid. It responded negative, and that bit of ennui seemed out of place. "wait... I didn't bring it!" he gasped.

The entire scene was dereft of detail, and seemed to shudder occasionally. It seemed very unreal. Syrus had blasted the Cloakshapes, but he saw that that was only a distraction. The cockpit of his Assault Gunboat washed up around Macron.

They had been pinned by yet another illusion, as Macron snarled. "Get up," he screamed as he writhed in his seat. "Don't you see? This is all unreal... They are in our minds as we fly our ships.... fight it off man!" The ships ran on silent power as they drifted past where the original warheads had targeted. Their lights were dim.

Mononoke began to bolster his own defence agaist toxins and radiation. He looked into the Force, seeking the ghostly tendrils that bound him to every other member of Sapphire. The ancient Sith were known to be able to bestow their power upon their associates, and it was so with the Quaestor. He groaned in numbing agony as he gave a little bit of his essence to all of those associated with him.

The rest of the squadron felt the cloud of trickery lifted from their eyes. They still flew their vessels, and that unknown psionic radiation had temporarily blinded them while Syrus had shot down the majority of the missles. One superhot warhead remained as the rest of the raiders desperately began to drop upon the planet in their dropships.


03-12-2005 17:51:57

Amon kills them men and runs back to the coffin it is now open. Amon then fells a shift in the room and falls over senceing the batte station is not a batle station but a ship!He is able to regain his balancend look out the wondow to see a squid like ship."Someing is happening, somehing long overdue." He looks at the coffin and tries to read it he only knows a few leter in the ancient languge but he could make out te words, "Here lies the enemy of all the great teacher who lifted the dead from the grave and birth to the true children of the sith." He turned around and another coffin waa behind him it had no writing on it but still kind of fancy for a coffin. It was closed but unlocked he opened in side wasa skeleton of a sith(the speacies not the order).

Qiw Nuron

03-12-2005 21:30:54

Nuron looked at Macron, his lightsaber glowing in hand. he could tell something was not right. The whole scene was wrong.

Macron turned towards him shaking and screaming. "Get up! Don't you see? This is all unreal... They are in our minds as we fly our ships.... fight it off man!!"

The whole scene faded away, Nuron opened his eyes, scencing but not yet able to see the real world. Suddenly, like a rush of steam from hydrolics he was back in the cockpit of the Chimira.

Nuron looked deep within himself, using the force to fight off the effect of the toxins. He was still dazed but was quickly regaining himself. Had it really been all just a dream? he thought, though he new tha answer was yes.

"This is Quaestor Macron. Fight it off you damn fools. Wake up!" the message was sent to all the ships in Sapphire Squadron.

Nuron looked around, now fully back to reality. Outside his ship he saw the blackness of space, and Sapphire Squadron ships powering up.

"Sapphire Squadron form up on me," communicated Macron. "Nuron and Baas on the flanks."

The Squadron formed up in an arrow head formation. All except Judas.

"Sir," signaled Baas. "Something is still up with Judas TIE. He hasn't powered up his ship."

Macron only had to think about this for a moment before comming to a conclusion. "He too weak in the force to overcome the halucination. I will send for a tow to take him back tot the base upon completion of this battle."

Sapphire moved towards the remaining missile at high speeds...

Syrus Korodin

03-12-2005 23:06:37

Hearing the sound of voices emanating from his comlink, he listened carefully. Ah, it was the Kresshians. He smiled as he flew towards the base and then suddenly picked up his comlink.

"Had a nice nap?" he said with only a bit of sarcasm.

"Cut the chatter, Korodin. You missed one," muttered Macron.

"Ah, for Darth's sake!"

"Yes, I know. We're approaching it."

"You'll never make it. And besides, fellas, i'm closest to it. Shall I?"

"Go for it."

Syrus smiled and leaned back in the plush seat of his N-1. It was time to dance again. He turned his ship away from the Base and let his sensors do their work. It took them a mere five seconds to identify the missile and lock onto it. With a noncommital wave of his hand Syrus fired off a proton torpedo. The torpedo split the air as it rocketed towards the missile, a hazy blue contrail rapidly fading behind it. Confident that the threat had been neutralized, he turned back and flew towards the base. Ten seconds later a rather loud explosion followed by the blip on his radar disappearing told him that the missile was gone.

"Easier than women on Coruscant," he said with a dry chuckle.

The battle was over, then?

He sure liked to think so, hoping that his cup of tea would be waiting for him back at base.

Qiw Nuron

03-12-2005 23:33:47

The Kahmarian air attack had been defeated, but ground force certainly were not. Kahmarian transports were rapidly landing on the planet.

"Lucius, Sapphire Squadron is inbound, ETA approxematly four minutes." Macron settled back into his seat and let the autopilot take over. "What is the statice of the Kahmarian ground forces."

"Unfortunatly, this is an air base, and most of our TIE arsenal was up with you. We have been able to do little to slow their approach." Lucius sounded worried. "They aren't as stupid as last time we fought them. They have set up a temporary base a few miles west of here. They are settling in for the long-run sir."

"Why are you so worried. This will be a victory for Ludo Kressh, even if your pitiful display of power may have delayed it." Macron switched to open channels, "This is Quaestor Macron Kibatsu-Goura. Upon arrival, all Ludo Kressh Battle Team Leaders meet me in my ready room, as well as possibly Marka-Ragnos!?!"

Macron Sadow

04-12-2005 00:28:00

"Roger, copy one four niner- xray foxtrot, " replied Macron as they moved to strafe the sorry bastards that had landed on the planet's surface. His altered gunboat shuddered and moaned as he drove it to the limit toward Aeotheran. The hull began to creak and groan as he streaked in against the ground positions and atmospheric fighters.

Proton torpedo loads and blazing blaster shots were mercilessly delivered upon the enemy positions by Sapphire Squadron. Bodies flew in a horrible parody, like a marionette's evil dance. The thump of antimatter space bombs split the air. The enemy was ill-prepared to face Dark Jedi, and was desperate.

Even now, the combined forces of Iron Fist and the Jade Serpents had infiltrated the enemy positions. The Hand of Sadow was closing about the Outlander scum. Soon they would all be embracing the grasp of Death. Macron opened his special payload hatch.

"All Kressh forces form up on my signal for the ground assault. I'll need some air cover, too," Macton spat over the comlink. A specific bioweapon could be delivered personally as Macron flew on an attack vector. It was horrific, and would affect the enemy alone.

"I need Sapphire to cover me for the delivery of the agent," gasped the Sith.
"Are you with me?" he shouted over the link.


04-12-2005 01:25:36

Amon then backed into a wall. A shadowy fiqure was closeing inhe pulled down his hood. "Master!?" Amon could not beleve it his long dead jedi master was there in front if him in a sith ship."But I saw you die how, and this is a sith ship what are you doing here?" He stood cracked his neck then repliad."You were right to go to the dark side after my disappearnce I found this ship when I fell and and i found this." He lift up a phyrimid shape object."This is a Sith Holocron. I can;t beleve I wasa foolish enough to resist opening it as long as I did." Amon fearfully looks him in the eyes and says "You havn;t aswered my question why are you here?" Amons old master smiled and says in a loud deep vioce "To kill my apprentice I had no master so this is just as good. Its a shame you will not be able to see it both magick from the order and the race the perfect power to take over the galaxy and bring the true name of darkness to the highest power.Yet this Brotherhood you jioned is a descase and I will soon be finished with then and your so called Dark Lord Cotelin." Amon became foureouse tries to move but chains out of nowhere are chaind to him as his old jedi moaster keeps moneloging."The dark side of the fourse and the magick of the sith race is the perfect necromansic power.Threw this I arose many of the true Darths at my total cammand.he then drew a red light saber swong it in my direction and....

Qiw Nuron

04-12-2005 09:50:36

Nuron's Chimira rocked through the atmosphere, dropping payload after payload of anti-matter bombs on the Kahmarian forces. Screams would be heard if he were on the ground, and and he loved the thought of that.

"I need Sapphire to cover me for the delivery of the agent," gasped Macron. "Are you with me?" he shouted over the link.

"Yes sir, forming up." Nuron and the rest of Sapphire Squadron formed up around Macrons Gunboat.

Macron smiled at the thought of what the bioweapon would do to all those kahmarians...

Macron Sadow

05-12-2005 23:27:24

"Oh yes," the Quaestor mumbled as he thought of the flesh melting from their bones. "It unbinds proteins, and replicates like a virus.... It was fortunate it was keyed to the invader's systems. It neutralized the free energy in their ions.... how very interesting.

"Let's get 'em!," he shouted over the commlink as they dove into the fray, blasters and missles firing like mad. they dove on a low flight path through the atmosphere, skirting the terrain. At the last moment, they swarmed up over a rise and began to strafe the enemy emplacemt.
They could do some damage at relatively low risk, but the shots were a distraction from the real menace.

Macron thumbed the release switch for the cannister as they all pulled away. It fell loose and dropped to the ground, emitting an invisible and odorless cloud of molecules as it fell and then shattered. he pulled up hard and kicked his engines as he cleared the atmosphere a minute later.

"Bacon's in the pan, folks. Let's go see what of their shipping we can raid," came the prefect's voice over the link.

Qiw Nuron

06-12-2005 05:56:14

The agent began to do its magic. Kah'mar'ians fell to the ground in convulsions, screaming as they felt their bodies unraveling. Transporst stoped in their tracks as the drivers saw what was happening to the ground forces, then began to feel the effects themselves.

Moving away from the grusome scene, nuron truned his ship for a moment to see the carnage, and smiled as he saw what would be the end of the Kah'mar'ian attack. He joined back up with Sapphire Squadron.

Macron signaled the base, "This is Quastor Macron, please send a tow to pick up Flight Member Judas, and have him taken to the medical ward."

"Yes M'Lord. Will there be anything else?"

"Yes, we will be raiding the kah'mar'ians. MAke sure Marka Ragnos knows nothing about this. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir!"


07-12-2005 20:39:12

Acerbus crawled out of his wrecked TIE shaken but unharmed, stood, and looked up, seeing the squadrons flying overhead.

He shouted into his comlink, "Forgetting someone?! Give me a li-"

A ruby-colored bolt pierced the air, slamming into the comlink. He looked into the direction of the bolt and saw eight Kha'mer'ans standing before him, miscellaneous brands of blaster rifles leveled at him. One of them spoke to him in their bizarre language. Acerbus thought, That sounded like "Give up or we'll shoot." They've got a surprise comin' to 'em. With that, he pulled a lightsaber from the belt of his flightsuit, and activated it with a snap-hiss.

They opened fire as the newly-christened Dark Jedi Knight leapt towards them, closing the fifteen-foot space between himself and the patrol with ease. He thrusted and slashed, disemboweling one, slicing one in half, and beheading yet another. He deflected two blaster bolts into the ground, then deflected another back at the Kha'mer'an who had shot it. With yet one more wide swing, he cut the blaster rifles of two Kha'mer'ans in half, rendering them useless. He jumped and spun, giving the remaining armed primitive a black boot to the face, shoving the unfortunate moron's nose into his brain.

The two disarmed Kha'mer'ans remaining looked as if they had soiled themselves. The Mandalore chuckled as they trembled. Calling on the Force once more, he shoved one over, leaping and spinning his saber before impaling his chest with the deadly beam. The other now turned pale, and Acerbus decided to test another one of his powers. Thrusting his hand outward, he seized the final barbarian's throat with the Force, choking him. After he rattled and gurgled, then finally slipped into unconciousness, the young TIE pilot slammed him into the ground telekinetically, killing him.

He deactivated his saber, and walked casually back towards the wrecked TIE to rest. He knew he was safe - Macron's new chemical agent had taken care of that. But with no comlink, he would be forced to wait with his destroyed fighter until a ride came along. He sat and sighed, lightly meditating on the battle that had taken place that day.

Qiw Nuron

07-12-2005 21:26:32

Sapphire headed south to the Kahmarian shipping lanes. They came over a cliff face to a vally. On the forrest floor was the Kahmarian Base; a group of prefabricated shelters attached together, and a hanger type structure set up amoungst the trees.

"Guess they were in for the long hall." Baas communicated to the Squadron.

"I have mass of enemy approaching from the south on my sensors. As well as many anti-aircraft turrets in amoungst those trees," repplied Nuron. "We should call for reinforcements."

"No, we will take these guys on our own." Macron switched power over to his sheilds. "Marka Ragnos will not take OUR glory. Prepare to ingage the enemy."

Nuron activated his weapon systems, as did the rest of Sapphire Squadron.

"Form up. Nuron cloak and head in first."

"Roger that!" Nuron fliped a switched and his ship disappeared from naked eye.

He dove down to just above the canopae, flying at high speeds. Laser fire erupted from the stations turrets, but Nuron was as skilled with Chimira as he was with his Antei-Saber. He barrel rolled to the right and watched as the turrets continued to fire at his previous position. Obviously they were maned, not computer controlled.

He slowed down, so as not to attract the eyes of the Kahmirians. His cloak was not perfect, it mearly bent light, it did not let it pass though his ship. He flew in behind the defences, and let fly four torpedos, destroying the closest turrets. "All clear for you approach Quaestor."

"Lets wreck 'em!" Macron led Sapphire Squadron towards the Base...

Macron Sadow

08-12-2005 23:18:43

"That's it, you pigs. We Will hold Aeotheran!" thought Macron as they swooped toward the base at speeds better then a thousand kilometers an hour.

The atmosphere screamed and whistled about his gunboat as he drove it mercilessly. It shuddered and bucked, almost like an unbroken horse. All of Sapphire followed, like blazing meteors in the burning sky. The Hammer of doom was upon the invading scum.

"Qiw, what do you see?" he whispered over a coded comlink. "All clear for your approach, Queastor," came the reply. The sound of four detonating torpedoes could be heard in the background.Those sorry bastards were dead meat.

"A cloak. How intriguing," he thought. Macron was keenly interested in his cloak, and intended to have a really deep and meaningful discussion with Qiw about the subject later.

As the Team approached, they could see the debris and smoke billowing from the turrets as Nuron turned and swooped to rejoin them. Macron signaled for the team to spread shields, slow down, and boost their laser recharge rates for maximum devastation. It was time to slag these shuttas.

The screaming ships that comprised Sapphire Squadron wove back and forth as they vomited their plasmatic beams of destruction upon the enemy base. Revenant gunned down some of the enemy that fled on foot with a laugh. No one was spared, and the structures were ground down by swooping vultures of Death.

Soon, the black smoke billowed up about the ruined structure as the ground forces moved to capture the building. Kha'mar'ians gyrated and heaved upon the ground as the flesh melted from their bodies, whether from blasters or the nanovirus. The tiniest of allies had surely won this day.

"Macron to assembled forces. The major threat is over. This base is now secure," he snarled into the comlink. "All Hail the Glory of Sadow."

Qiw Nuron

09-12-2005 05:53:30

"All hail the Glory of Sadow!" Cheers broke out over the com lines. The battle was finally over, Aeotheran was theirs. Nuron landed in what used to be the hanger.

He walked from his ship and headed towards the main base, easily slaying any reamining Kah'mar'ians in his way. He met up with the rest of Sapphire. "Hail Sadow!" he said.

"Sadow had very little to do with it. Hail Kressh," repplied Revenant. "It was us who won the battle today."

"Does anyone know if Marka Ragnos knows about this base?" Nuron looked to Macron.

"They will not, or I will have the head of whome ever told them..."

The Dark Jedi easily took over the base. Macron sent a message to the Dark Council, informing them of Ludo Kressh's victory.

"This was a decisive victory for Ludo Kressh. Marka Ragnos had very little to do with it." He transmitted images of the battle. "As you can see Sapphire Squadron saw most of the action, and should be rewarded thus." He ended the transmission.


09-12-2005 22:54:46


Thanks to everyone who took part, I didnt expect this to get up to 8 pages. You guys rock!! I will be calculating results now.