Light Vs Dark Official Rules


05-06-2009 18:30:14


1. Battles will take place between a DJB character and a Light Side counterpart. Members will agree on a match and email the CON and PCON with list of weapons they will use. The CON/PCON will begin a post designated for the battle and will designate which member will fight at the Jedi Counterpart.

2. Battles will essentially be a short Run-On, where one poster begins the fight, the next writes the next sequence of events, then the first fighter writes his/her version of the end of the fight, and the next writes theirs. The endings or "Death" Posts must bring the battle to a definitive end.

3. Battles will be judged based on basic rules of grammar, entertainment value, and 'realism'.

4. Weapons will be limited to 2 in number, and what's found on a member's dossier, their respective Wiki pages or in the ACC Standard Weapons list:

5. No edits are to be made to a submitted post. Doing so will result in disqualification and loss of the match.

6. Battles will have a 24 hour time limit between posts; extensions will be granted if CON, PCON, and DCM are notified before the time limit expires.

7. Point system: 2 for a Win (Completed Battle), 1 for a Win (Time Expired), 1 for a Loss (Completed Battle), -1 for Loss by Disqualification or Time Expired.

8. Posts must be at least 150 words to count. (Avoids single sentence posts)

9. Fighter who has been designated to fight as their Jedi counterpart will post after the Introductory post that the CON or PCON uses to begin the battle.

10. Total amount of points earned during the event will equal that amount of Participation points for the Competition.