Run-on Ooc


31-05-2009 11:31:23

Hello everyone,

Here is the OOC thread for the Fractured Mirror run-on. If you have a question please ask it here and I shall answer it for you. :D


02-06-2009 09:09:20

If you need help in where to place your characters, then let me give you a couple of choices:

Seng Karash, Aeotheran - Here your counterpart could be helping the city for the pending invasion by Vong ground forces.

Kar Alabrek, Tarthos - Same as above.

Temple of Light, Sepros - Preparing to leave for your destination.

Star Destroyer True Enlightenment - Engaging Vong forces in a space battle.

Hope this helps. :)


06-06-2009 03:09:03

Is somebody else going to post? If not I will later on today (Saturday)...