Fractured Mirror Triva


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1. Who is the Jedi Padawan to Master Ashura Konden that was killed by the Yuuzhan Vong while on a mission with their Master?
2. Who is the adoptive brother of Erisi Dlairt?
3. Who is the “rumored” father of Elise Dlarit?
4. Who was the first apprentice of Jedi Master Astronicus Dlarit?
5. What is the name of the Class VI Bulk Freighter that was once owned by Colonel Jack Burton?
6. Because of his Zabrak heritage, Josef March was allowed to skip what two trials by the Jedi Council?
7. On the planet Kyataru, at what age is a boy considered a man and provided with his first full-sized Katana?
8. What Jedi Order is equivalent to the Sith Order in the Fractured Mirror?
9. Under who’s tutelage were Manji and Musashi Keibatsu training under at the Jedi Praxeum of Luke Skywalker?
10. What renowned Jedi archaeologist selected Octavius Paladin as a Padawan learner?
11. Jedi Master Shin Ichi taught what Padawan in the ways of a Jedi Consular?
12. In the Fractured Mirror, Jedi Councilors are the counterparts of what?
13. During the Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Paladin was dispatched by the Jedi Council to locate the Holocron of whom?
14. Who is the daughter of Jedi Master Manji Keibatsu?
15. Jedi Master Renko Yast trained what Padawan as a Jedi Consular in the year 12 ABY?
16. What neighboring system of Sepros was liberated by the Dlarit Navy from the worldship of Domain Amnan in 28 ABY?
17. What is the name of the Victory I Star Destroyer under the command of Araic Simonetti?
18. The position of Padawan in the Fractured Mirror is the counterpart of Clan Naga Sadow between which two ranks?
19. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Yuuzan Vong fleet that is invading the Sepros system?
20. Who is the Master of the Sepros Jedi Conclave and is often referred to as “the Immortal”?

All answers can be found in the Fractured Mirror Week One Fiction or the various Fractured Mirror WIKI articles.

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Week 2 Trivia

1. What Admiral’s command ship was destroyed by a Vong worldship as Araic Simonetti watched in horror?
2. Who is the Viceroy of the Dlarit Corporation?
3. Which planet of the Sepros system was the location of the Command Center for the Dlarit Corporation?
4. How many moons orbit the gas giant Inos?
5. How did Araic Simonetti destroy a Vong worldship?
6. What were placed on the moons of Inos to cause small black holes to appear and block the invading worldship?
7. Talorthane Zemar is a member of what Yuuzhan Vong caste?
8. What craft did the members of the Dlarit Navy fly that were led by the “Crimson Angel”?
9. Following the Fall of Antei in 27 ABY, Drathal Amnan was escalated to commander by what Supreme Overlord?
10. For his success in securing what system was Drathal Amnan escalated to supreme commander?
11. Which caste of the Yuuzhan Vong was the military caste?
12. Yuuzhan Vong who were “imperfect” in some way were referred to as what?
13. Who is the current Chief of State of the New Republic?
14. The Marakith Skyhook was constructed in what year?
15. What Jedi Master is the son of the respected Jedi Councilor Severak?
16. Jedi Master Jade Imperial’s lightsaber is what color?
17. What planet was Jedi Padawan Dyrra Kyril born on?
18. Which creatures were released by the Yuuzhan Vong in Dentavii Fortress to capture Erisi Dlarit?
19. What is the name of Warmaster Varesh Shai’s Uro-ik V’alh battleship?
20. In the Fracture Mirror, at what Battle were the Dark Jedi finally defeated and wiped out?

All answers can be found in the Fractured Mirror Week Two Fiction, Fractured Mirror Events, Wookipedia, or the DJB WIKI.

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Week Three Trivia

1. Who gave the order for the Marakith Skyhook to engage hyperspace while still in the planetary gravity field of Aeotheron?

2. Whom did Jedi Master Urias Orian place in charge of the safety of Elise Dlarit?

3. What was the destination of the Marakith Skyhook when it escaped from Aeotheran?

4. Which Jedi Master instructed the Dlarit personnel and their families at Alabrek Castel to board their shuttles and meet in the newly arrived Marakith Skyhook?

5. What target was chosen for the Dlarit Corporation’s resonance torpedo?

6. Whose death was the pinnacle moment for Jedi Master Urias Orian’s life that leads to the choice of the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force?

7. Jedi Knight Tslotha Garnath was what species?

8. What planet was Jedi Master Anaxela Goura born on?

9. Viceroy Erisi Dlarit was born on the planet Thyferra, which produces most of the galaxy’s what?

10. Who is the father of Elise Dlarit?

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