Star Wars Comics


05-01-2011 11:13:44

Below is a listing of Star WarsComics, as well as a link to more information on that specific series. Next to it will be a link to any DB reviews that may have been done. Only comics considered "in continuity" are listed here, but others may be added should reviews be done for them. Although only the Comic series is listed, when reviewing you may either review the entire series or individual storylines (generally collected in a trade paperback).

Old Republic Era

Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith (5,000 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire (5,000 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic (3,998 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd Uprising (3,998 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (3,997 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War (3,996 BBY)
Tales of the Jedi: Redemption (3,986 BBY)

Knights of the Old Republic (3,964 BBY)
The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire (3,678 BBY)
The Old Republic: Threat of Peace (3,653 BBY)
Jedi vs. Sith (1,000 BBY)

Star Wars: Republic (67 BBY - 19 BBY)
Darth Maul (33 BBY)
Episode I: The Phantom Menace (32 BBY)
Jango Fett: Open Seasons (32 BBY)
The Bounty Hunters (31 BBY - 11 ABY)
Jedi Quest (28 BBY)

Episode II: Attack of the Clones (22 BBY)
Star Wars: Jedi (21 BBY)

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (19 BBY)
Star Wars: Purge (19 BBY)
Star Wars: Dark Times (19 BBY)
Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire (2 BBY)
The Force Unleashed (2 BBY)
Star Wars: Empire (2 BBY - 0 ABY)
Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire (1 BBY)
The Force Unleashed II (1 BBY)

The Rebellion Era

Episode IV: A New Hope (0 ABY)
Vader's Quest (0 ABY)
Star Wars: Rebellion (0 ABY)
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (3 ABY)
Tales from Mos Eisley (3 ABY)
Shadows of the Empire (3 ABY)
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (4 ABY)
X-Wing: Rogue Leader (4 ABY)
Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand (4 ABY)

New Republic

X-Wing Rogue Squadron (5 ABY)
Boba Fett: Agent of Doom (5 ABY)
Shadows of the Empire: Evolution (5 ABY)
Dark Forces: Rebel Agent (6 ABY)
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight (6 ABY)
The Thrawn Trilogy (9 ABY)
Dark Empire I (10 ABY)
Dark Empire II (10 ABY)
Boba Fett: Death, Lies, & Treachery (11 ABY)
Empire's End (11 ABY)
Crimson Empire (11 ABY)
Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood (11 ABY)
Jedi Academy: Leviathan (13 ABY)
Union (20 ABY)

New Jedi Order & Legacy Era

Chewbacca (25 ABY)
Star Wars: Invasion (25 ABY)
Star Wars: Legacy (137 ABY)
Star Wars: Legacy-War (138 ABY)

Star Wars: Tales (Anthology Series spanning all time period. Only Issues #21 and onwards are considered within continuity)


24-01-2011 21:53:09

Thanks for the reference list, Halcyon :)

Though you may want to add Star Wars: Legacy - War, since the first issue was released in December and the second one debuts on the 26th of January.


25-01-2011 11:30:41

And added. Was going to wait until the series was over, but double-checked to make sure there's a page for it (and there is!)

I highly recommend the Legacy comics as well...some of the better SW comics around


25-01-2011 12:23:29

I didn't see the Darth Maul comics. Are they part of a bigger series?


25-01-2011 14:29:39

If you can find a link to it on the SW wiki I'll have a look. Not sure which specific comic you're talking about


25-01-2011 14:54:21

guessing he means


25-01-2011 14:57:14

You guess correctly.

Sith Bloodfyre

25-01-2011 15:20:46

New Republic Era: Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand

Given enough time, since I'm working on several other things at the moment, I may do up a review on it, since I have the series, and I actually enjoyed it, too. It was only six issues, but an interesting addition to flesh out a popular character.


25-01-2011 15:36:26

I've updated the list with both comics...that Darth Maul comic has a pretty good writer/artist team.