Star Wars Novel & Comic Reviews


09-12-2010 18:21:42

Greetings and welcome to the Forum for reviews on Star Wars novels and comic books. Anyone may write a review and post them on this forum. Each review will be looked at by the VOICE and the member awarded a Dark Side Scroll should the review be well done. For any exemplary reviews, an additional Dark Cross will be awarded.

Please use this topic for any questions or comments you may have, and feel free to comment on any reviews already made.

I hope to see plenty of reviews!

Basic Guidelines
* Each Review must be on a Star Wars novel, short story or graphic novel (no movies, shows or individual issues of comics. Comic storylines are acceptable)
* Reviews should include a synopsis as well as a review of the work itself along with the reviewer's own thoughts
* If possible try not to review any piece of literature previously reviewed in this forum

List of Novels
List of Comics