Basic Jedi Twilight Review

Kalak Ragnose

09-08-2008 04:39:10

Jedi Twilight basically revolves around several characters. Jax Pavan, reccently knighted who is trying to fulfill his Even Piell's last request, I-five , a droid who has some very unusual modifications who has been searching for Jax and several other friends who are to assist them.

It also features a pre underlord Xizor who is a vigo with high ambitions and gives a deeper look into the Falleen pheremone abilities.

The Jedi and I-five are to find and recover a droid that contains valuable data for the insurgents. The Empire has posted a reward for it and to find it, they have to deal with a Hutt, Prince Xizor and travel through one of the most fearsome locations on Coruscant known as the Factory district where feral droids roam ready to kill.

The title is very accurate: Within the first few chapters, a Jedi dies and it really describes well the conditions and the hardships that any surviving Jedi had live through in order to stay alive.

The author is really descriptive and has what every good book should have: Plots within plots.

An additional incentive for those who enjoyed Shatterpoint is the return of Nick Rostu, a friend of Mace Windu. Also Den Dhur makes an apearence from the MedStar II book.

Its quite possible that Jax Pavan may be going dark in the next book as one of Darth Vader's servants, a deserter hands something to Jax at the end of the book. I'm not going to say what, that would spoil it, but it has been seen before in a previous book.

Overall, well worth the read, I'd give it 10/10