Hellraiser: DJB


05-06-2005 21:39:55


I'm a pretty big fan of the Hellraiser series of movies, so I decided to write a short story integrating that with the DJB. I think I did a good job importing Pinhead into the SW mythos, although I do admit I "borrowed" a couple conventions from the movies (most notably Bloodline). Feel free to leave any comments or questions.


05-06-2005 22:18:03

Just to give everyone an idea as to what these creatures in the story look like:

Pinhead: http://www.cenobite.com/pix/hr2-poster-art.jpg

Angelique/Princess: http://www.cenobite.com/pix/hr4-angel01.jpg

Chatterer: http://www.cenobite.com/pix/hr1/hr1-snap204.jpg

Also, if you start at this image: http://www.cenobite.com/pix/hr1/hr1-snap008.jpg and go up to hr1-snap015.jpg, it shows how the Box is solved.

And check out http://www.cenobite.com/ to learn more about the movies.


05-06-2005 23:46:07

Hey Shad,

Wanted to thank you for writing this short story. It is great so far. If you were looking to be a horror or scary story well the pictures frightened the hell out of me friend. I enjoyed your well written transitions as well as brevity and terse diologue and diction that kept the story from being long winded. That being said a bit more description could be used. Keep up the good work buddy.

KP Octa


18-07-2005 23:57:28

Love it.
Who would have thought The Cenobites could be slipped so seamlessly into the SW universe.