The Lion of Tarthos

Muz Ashen

13-05-2005 12:57:14

The Lion of Tarthos

This story was done as a character development piece, set shortly after the end of the KRoS. It pretty much explains how Muz came to the point where he felt worthy of his family's name again. It's a more or less serious piece, and has a lot of the central figures of CNS (specifically in HMR at the time) in it.

Have fun.


15-05-2005 18:52:31

It's very well written.


03-06-2005 04:01:56

Yup nice writing. Fun to read.


06-06-2005 00:04:18

This was a rather lengthy write and throughout you kept it a good piece. Characters were three dimesional and their reactions, words, and actions seemed to be in character and make sense very well. Transitions were decent as well, liked how you segmented it to a degree. It was a slightly longer read and you could have condensed a bit but that is just me nit-picking.

KP Octa

Muz Ashen

07-06-2005 21:27:41

thanks for the feedback, everyone!