Headmaster Report Fiction 2, by Solari


17-06-2013 00:40:15

With a metallic hand gently resting upon a wooden banister, Solari slowly walked the length of the balcony overlooking his private study. His other hand held aloft a datapad, such that his visual receptors could scan the displayed information. It was, perhaps, the most inefficient way for the Headmaster to assimilate data, yet the novelty of the act made him feel more Human.

The sound of an approaching repulsorlift echoed down the short halfway leading to the Shard's public office. Green light danced briefly around the cavity in his host's chest, the Headmaster would have smiled if he was capable of it.

"Ood, my friend. Have you come for another round?"

The Neti responded, motioning at the regenerating sumps where his legs once hung, "Not this time, Headmaster. I am merely delivering the reports you request."

"A shame," Solari made his way down the stairs to meet his professor. "This Crusade business has rendered the Academy unsettlingly quiet."

"Would you prefer to be on the front line?"

"Certainly not," Solari scoffed, though the audible sound resembled that of static feedback. "The attempt on my life was enough combat for me."

Ood's attention suddenly snapped to the - yet to be mended - scorch marks covering the Headmaster's host.

"I simply fear the rest of the Council, and indeed the greater Brotherhood, will begin to see this institute as irrelevant."

"If they don't already."

The Headmaster paused for a moment before taking a seat at his desk, "I am acutely aware of the sentiment of some of our more established brethren."

"Your," the Neti considered his words carefully, "your persuasion doesn't help matters."

Solari's chest cavity went dark for a moment. "Thank you for these reports, Professor," the droid motioned towards the exit. He watched as the Neti navigated his Power chair out of the study.