Headmaster Report Fiction 1, by Ood


16-05-2013 20:34:01

A fire crackled merrily in the chamber, ignoring the sounds of clashing lightsabers. The room once more had the feel of a Headmaster’s office. Two comfortable couches sat in the centre of the long ovoid room. The desk opposite the fireplace was filled with datapads and forms. The yellowish glow of the flames illuminated shelves of artifacts and holo-books surrounding the upper tier of the room. This was a private study, the place where the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy met his subordinates to discuss important matters.(1) Behind the desk, an unassuming door led to the Headmaster’s living quarters. A side door to the immediate right of the fireplace led to the more public office. The opposite door, to the left of the fireplace, led to a private sparring room.

Inside, two aides watched with fear and slight awe as the Headmaster’s emerald blade met yellow. Neither combatant giving ground in any visible fashion. The Shard Epis shifting between saber forms as often as the situation demanded. To be constantly met by the Makashi stances of his opponent. Shifting between Shii-Cho, Djem So and Shien he looked for any opening to expound upon.

Ood tired from the physical strain, as Solari's host began slowing its response time. Use of the force for anything had been forbidden, this was a test of martial strength, not mental prowess and both parties were dedicated to proving who was the better saberist.

Makashi, based in footwork… all it would take to breach it would be to overextend his opponent, make him lose his footing for even a second…

To the aides, the fight was over just as it had begun, nearly too fast to be noticed. In horror they watched as their master, stepped into the path of an attack. Only just ducking below the slashing blade. Failing to encounter the expected resistance, the Neti lost his footing for a millisecond as he stumbled forward ever so slightly. It was enough.

As he deactivated his blade, the Headmaster smirked, “It seems you're bestest, Ood.” Turning towards his study, the Shard focused on the two aides, “Do throw those severed legs into the fireplace will you? I'm sensing a chilly evening.”

In revulsion, the newer aide stared at Solari. “Oh don’t worry. They’ll grow back, won’t they Ood?” On the ground, the old Neti lost consciousness.

Walking through the door, the shard muttered, already distracted by the piles of bureaucratic nonsense “They always do…”

(1) Description based on a drawing of the HM study by Muz in the last Krath Rite of Supremacy (Khamar’an Crisis) (http://www.krath.org/RoS/Ch2_graphic_Muz.jpg)