13-03-2013 03:55:51

Undiscovered Moon - Uncharted System in the Outer-rim

Auron had managed to make it this far, and he was not turning back now. Of the team of six Jedi only he and two others had made it out of the crash. Why they had come this far into the outer-rim not even he was sure of, and they were a long way from any help reaching them. The moon was by itself, no planets near by. Just a dead moon drifting endlessly in space. There was no telling what system it may have drifted out of, or what it was once called. The surface showed signs of the moon having atmousphere once but it had long since been gone, and from Auron saw on the way down, the scars on the surface and the feeling of emptiness and pain from the planet.. There was once some kind of battle or war here. The team was orginally dispatched by House Odan-Urr to search for new hospitable words in the Outer-rim but after nearly a year of searching they were vastly unsuccessful. They actually stumbled upon the drifting moon during an emergency stop on the return to New Tython. The Nebulon B Frigate they were piloting had first lost its hyperdrive, nearly crashing them into an astroid field. Soon after they lost all control of the engines, and then the life support systems onboard. The moon was not massive, but it was large enough to force a gravitational pull on the ship and with no engines or conrols over the ship the team of Jedi were doomed for the crash.

After half the team was confirmed Dead On Impact Auron had his remaining Jedi suit up for zero atmousphere so they could explore the nearby surroundings of the moon. The team had enough oxygen for up to three days, but that was not nearly enough for the Jedi to survive. They all knew their fates were sealed but each of them knew something about this moon was throwing the force off balance and it was their duties until death to investigate it. The team was now inside the ruins of what they believed to be a city. What could possibly been thousands upon thousands of years of decay had riddled the ruins just that, ruined. All accept one place, huge arch that had been constructed into the face of a nearby ridge wall that spanned hundreds of feet high. Almost like the plate beneath had given way and a portion of the moon had just collapsed. Auron looked over to the two Jedi behind him that he had come to know well over the last year. "Jace, Terrance, we are getting no where in these ruins. We're going to move to the arch." said Auron, his voice a bit distorted over the helmet's comm system. The three Jedi formed together to converse a moment, each of them carrying heavily modified A280 rifles, and their ever faithful lightsabers at hip. The only way they were seeing was due to photorealistic imagery being projected to their goggles by thermal scans of the planets terrain from their suits. Not a comfortable feeling for most.

Jace pointed to the arch in the ridge side. "Would you look at that? Its like that place isnt even scratched.. Must have lucked out during all that war and space deteriation." Auron replied. "No.. not lucked out. It was built there by someone else. I don't think that place is anything that belonged to this moon when it was alive." Which immediately required Terrance's comment. "Great. A dead moon and a place that screams tribute to death.. You sure know how to pick em Auron, but hey no complaints here. Lets get moving" as he push through Auron and Jace walking to the Arch. "Agreed, but stay alert guys. I get an odd feeling about that place and I can definantly say it doesnt present a welcoming look even in virtual imaging.." Auron said giving a final note before the group formed up and pressed forward to their next target..