Murtallica's Past Missions, Coruscant Heist

A'lora Kituri

09-12-2010 00:31:34

'''Beep!''' went Murtallica's wrist datapad device as he paced past the tower entrance.
"It's a call from my client, I need to get this."
He pressed a combination of symbols and the Datapad turned from orange to blue.
"Finally, it's about time I could get ahold of you!" Said a voice with a strange accent he couldn't guess.
"I have a job for you, we can't discuss this over over a device so you need to head up the stairs towards my office, only 3 floors up."
Murtallica replied, "I'm on my way."
Murtallica ran up the stairs, not stopping for a quick breath and found a large door marked 'room 5'.
He opened the door. "There you are!" said the client, sitting in his large black chair at the opposite end of the table, taking a few sips from a fancy drink.
"Sit." Commanded the client, pointing to an identical, empty chair in front of the doorway. "Oh and close the door, we can't have ears listing in to our conversation." Murtallica closed the door. "Now, down to business." said the client.

"First off, Murtallica, you should know that my name is Sendar. We have a problem that we need your skills to solve. Now, we know that you are a careful planner and are good with technology, so we need you to infiltrate and trick or sabotage a probable threat to our heist. We currently have agent Dupar attempting to steal some data from a group of mercenaries working for the Empire, we need you make sure the Mercs don't find out, and keep this operation undercover. Dupar and my team I have on the job to help you will be able to communicate with you, so use this as an advantage. The enemy currently is hiding out in a few rooms of the club Dupar will be going to for meeting a client about fining that data. You need to find some means to distract them for Dupar to get by and get the data unnoticed." Sendar took another couple sips from his drink. "Do I get any weapons or gadgets to help me out?" Asked Murtallica, leaning over the table. "I have arranged for a footlocker to be placed in a room upstairs in the club with a blaster and other tools you may find helpful. Use the blaster sparingly! We don't want them to suspect anything." Murtallica nodded, and walked out of the room, the door hissing shut behind him.

20 minutes Later, Murtallica finally arrived at the building the club was in. His wrist device was flashing alternating colours from orange to blue as he touched a few buttons. A message popped up on the device's surface and Murtallica began to read it. ''Everything is going smoothly, I am nearing the bar to find the client -Dupar''. "Good, all I need to do now is make sure this keeps running smoothly" said Murtallica to himself.

Inside of the club, agent Dupar was slowly making his way to the bar, making his way around the crowds, trying not to make a target of himself. He casually passed a table of mostly ailen Mercs sitting down and enjoying their berverages. He then made his first mistake. "oof." he breathed as he bumped into a Tranoshan Mercenary on his way to the bar. He attempted to walk away from the Trandoshan when the ailen grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around. "I think you owe me an apology." The Trandoshan hissed. "yeah, um, sure, here take this money." Dupar offered, but was refused when the Merc decided he wanted to make an example out of Dupar in front of his fellow Mercs. "Let's take him to the room." The Trandoshan ordered, as he led Dupar forcefully into a door from the lounge with the crowds curiosly examining.

"We have some bad news, Murtallica." Announced Sendar, speaking to Murtallica over his wrist device. "What is it?" Asked Murtallica in response. "Agent Dupar's cover has been blown, it's all up to you now."