Tale Of Warrior


11-07-2010 07:31:37

I am a Dark Jedi. I Am a warrior. It is the truth, I am a member of the Krath Order. Still, it does not negate the fact that I am a warrior. Here is the story of a warrior. Here is a story of my life as a warrior. Here is a story that describes my point of view on being a warrior. Maybe you will

We, Krath, are told to be manipulators and to influence others from behind the scene rather than to fight directly. However, it is not true. Certainly, if we can, we do not put our lives at risk, if it is not necessary. Still, we fight, when we find it suitable and proper move. It makes us wise warriors, wiser than the Dark Jedi of the Obelisk Order are. They see fighting and strenght as primary way of solving problems and defeating enemies. We see further than that. We us force only when there is no other way. We try to use more subtle ways of defeating our enemies. It is a part of our philosophy and I keep to it. I believe that despite our phisolophy, which may be considered as a way of cowards, we remain true warriors. We simply differ in aspects we put emphasis on.

I realise that we will never be as strong as the members of the Obelisk Order are. Their Order specific Froce powers focus specifically on fighting and killing. This is their advantage over all other Orders. They are also renowned of remarkable courage and bravery. Still, I know I am very courageous as well. I have never chickened out nor retreated, if there was no order or necessity to do so. I have always fought bravely and have often participations in missions that many others would claim to be sheer madness. During many missions, I have proved myself to be skilled warrior, despite the fact I belong to the Krath Order, not to the Obelisk Order. I fear no enemy, no challenge. Many Jedi have fallen from my hand. Many dangerous creatures have been slayed by me. Only few of them were poweful enough to resist me and to make me run away to save my life. Still, I have promised myself to try again, when I will be more powerful and to slay them down in the future.

There is no battle I would refuse to fight in. There is no mission I would refuse to go on. I believe that only through the battle I can learn the nature of the Force as it is seen by members of the Obelisk Order. Thanks to that knowledge I will be able to expand my understandmanet of the Force, which is necessary to grow in power. I believe that there is no better way to test my courage, abilities and strenght than in the heat of battle. It is an ultimate test of my loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood. It is also an ultimate test of confidence and friendship between us, the Dark Jedi. I am proud of the fact that I have never betrayed my friends, the Dark Brotherhood and…myself.

I find the battle to be a part of my life. I find it to be a part of me. I do not think I could live without it. Resignation from being a warrior would be tantamount to resignation from a part of my very soul. Battle is a part of my nature and I cannot renounce it. What or who would I be, if I was not a warrior? I do not know that, but I know that I would definitely be not the same person I am now. Though there are different ways to serve the Dark Brotherhoo and the Empire, which are important for both of these organisations, but well, they are not as useful as warriors are.

Weapon manufacters, traders, shipyards engineers, doctors, politicians, workers, researchers. They are all important, but they would all be overcame by Jedi and soldiers of the New Republic with ease. They need our protection, they need the protection of warriors. That is why I see being a warrior as something very important, something necessary. That is why I chose to be a Krath. To join being a wise man with being a warrior. Thanks to that I can do my duties a warrior really well.

Certainly, the life of a warrior requires a sacrifice from a person, who wishes to be a warrior. Firstly, it is very dangerous. At every mission, at every battle a warrior puts his life at risk. He or she may be killed or die because of heavy wounds. They may be imprisoned and tortured by their enemies. What is worth remembering, skilled and effective warrior has many enemies. Most of them are alraedy dead, but there are their families, friends, organisations they belonged to and whole political organisms, like the New Republic. They all may dislike a warrior for killing one of them.

As a result, being a warrior requires great courage and bravery. A coward cannot become a true warrior. He or she would tremble in fear, what definitely makes it harder to fight in battles. Also, warriors must be either strong or agile and perceptive. Without these abilities, a warrior would be an easy target to imprison or to kill. It is important to remember that there are many other characteristics and skills that have significant meaning for a warrior.

Also, warriors are always busy. They are very often sent on missions that are important for the organisation they belong to. Go here, go there. Bring this, bring that. Kill him, kill her. Blow this up, blow that up. Bribe him, bribe her. These are only few of the missions to be done. Sometimes, a warrior does not even have enough time to powder one’s face, not mentioning dealing with some personal problems like a bounty put on their head.

However, while I am aware of these disadvantages, I still see a life of a warrior very tempting and interesting one. It has many positive aspects, which make it charming for me. What is more, these positive aspects have greater value for me and they make me remain a warrior, no matter of circumstances.

The first of these aspects is the fact that a life of a warrior is a challenge. It is a great challenge. It allows me to test myself and my abilities during different missions, as well as under different circumstances and conditions. The variety of missions makes a life of warrior very interesting and provides me many opportunities to learn new things and skills. I can visit new planets, encounter new species, find new artifacts and expand my knowledge.

Also, a life of a warrior is very thrilling. There are always new challenges to stand up for, new adventures to experience. I never know what I will encounter during missions, I am sent on. Even perfect and the most detailed plans are not perfect enough to predict all circumstances and all events that will happen during missions. There are often suddent situations that require high reflex and making hard decisions immediately. Though such situations are risky, I enjoy them really much.

To be honest, a life of a warrior is a way of life. If you wish to become a true warrior, you must be ready for it. To become a true warrior you must have a soul of warrior. To become a true warrior you must always do your best. There is no time for rest. You must always be ready to fight. If you do not fulfill all these requirements, you will fail. Sooner or later, but you will. Never forget that a life of a warrior is a constant trial and will remain a constant trial.