The Life And Death Of The Chosen One

Vengen Stormshadow

24-02-2009 17:47:37

The Life and Death of the Chosen One

In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away
A Jedi would lead the way.
On a desert planet, found was a child
Full of the Force, but he was wild.
And over the years he did grow,
And Force, through him, it did flow.
But came a great evil and he was deceived
And dreams of death, the Jedi believed.
No long good, but now corrupted and evil
And for many years his soul was beyond retrieval
But in his Empire, there was strife
And his son wanted to bring back his life.
But his soul was filled with darkness, his spirit made cold and hard,
For the Dark Side in him, greatly scarred
And on the second Death Star, they did fight
And as his son was being shocked, once more he became a Jedi Knight.
He picked up his master and tossed him down,
And, his master, in a hot plasma bath, burned and drown.
But the lightning of his master,
Caused his body to become a disaster.
He asked his son to take off his helmet, as he died.
And with his own eyes, he gazed upon his son with pride.
He died with redemption in his heart.
His body and spirit, they did part.
And in a great fire his body was burned,
But his spirit, to the Force returned.