The Eternal Madness


20-08-2008 20:07:06

I live in eternal hell day and night.
I hear the screaming of the children that I have killed and tortured
I hear the crackle of flames as they devoure my soul
I see the darkness waiting to consume
I sense death lurking in the corner waiting to strike
I feel the pain I have brought upon the galaxy
I taste the blood of millions who died by my hand
I smell the stench of rotting corpses as I dragged them off into the night
I feel the darkness suffocating me in evil
I see my soul, as black as the night sky
I feel the souls of the dead waiting for their revenge
I see my brother, lurking in the shadows, waiting for me in Oblivion
and I see the jedi who killed him in the face of all my enemies
I hear the voices in my head who mock me and torment me
I see the end of life in all that deny the darkness

And at last I see the death of the force and the jedi upon my shoulders. Suffering, It is as in death, is as in Life

The madness consumes me.