How I Saved The Db


03-05-2008 21:04:02

Note: I didn't change anything from my original entry, as such I'm kinda scared to post it but what ya gonna do?)

How I single handedly saved the DB and no one believed me.

Well it was a cool morning on Erugor and Callus was lounging in front of his tent on a log enjoying his temporary post. While sipping some milk he is listening to the PCON report and is waiting for his Quastor’s report to see if he’ll finally get to return to his house. He hears a beep on his data pad seeing that it is urgent he immediately switches to the new message. It is from THE Grand Master himself: Listen all remaining members of the Dark Brotherhood in the vicinity of Antei we are being overrun by light Jedi. We need all available members to report…. The message is ended in static and in an instant a message from Enthropes pops up on his Datapad. Callus get your tail over here now we need you here now most of the clan has been wiped out and Arcona is gone, Exar-Kun is no more. Naga Sadow has pulled back, we haven’t got word from Scholae Palantinae. House Dinnari of Clan Taldryan is here holed up with us. Tarentum has retreated to the Citadel and well they are relentless. Get here and help us. Enthropes Out//

Callus is stunned he is 10 kilometers from his ship and if he is going to be any help he is gonna have to bust it through the forest. It’s a 2 ½ day’s walk he’ll have to turn it into ½ day’s dead sprint. So he grabs his DX-2, Darkstick, and Ascension Gun and begins to sprint through the forest. While running he drops into a deep meditation letting the force guide his feet and remembering his previous path and trying to thing what he would do when he did get to Antei. He falls to the ground with a sudden smack to the gut. When he finally gets up he sees a wild vornsker. This is one of the deadlier creatures on Erugor with their whip like tails and not to mention their fangs. Callus decides that he doesn’t have time to have fun with this creature so he reluctantly draws his DX-2 and blasts the thing into oblivion. He resumes his force guided sprint. He can sense his ship knowing that it’s going to take about 15 minutes to warm-up and preflight. He decides to go with a cold start the engines won’t be happy but the fate of the Dark Brotherhood is riding on his shoulders. He gets to the ship and jumps in the cockpit powers on closes the canopy and rockets off towards Antei.

He gets oriented in space and gets the coordinates punched in and he pulls the hyperspace leavers and the computer tells him that he is 4 hours away from Antei. He gets his Datapad out and replays the messages from Firefox trying to see anything that could give him an advantage he sees blaster fire and lightsabers from the Jedi so they must not only be Jedi but recruits also. He then after watching the Grand Master’s message four times he then goes to Enthropes’ message and he sees that not only are members of his battleteam are going down but he sees the new apprentice fighting beside his comrades knowing that he doesn’t stand a chance of doing any good he decides to crank the engines up to full power.

4 hours later he wakes up to a proximity alert signaling that he is coming up on Antei. He shakes himself awake and brings up a surface map. He sees where the Jedi are operating from and decides to make an air raid on the base to try and disrupt the advance and then try and take out some of their advanced positions. He swoops over and drops a payload of proton bombs directly on top of their main cruiser taking out many of their troops and shuttles. He is now glad that he choose the modified Y-Wing instead of the A-Wing. Now while evading some blaster rifle fire he pushes the engines forward to see a squadron of walkers and troop carriers so he decides to release the rest of his bombs on top of them. While they smolder in their ashes Callus sees a small battle going on down below and he strafes the light Jedi and puts down right in the middle of the field and powers the shield full to port and jumps out to see Enthropes and Warhunter coming out to greet him with relived expressions on their faces. “Callus am I glad to see you.” Warhunter calls from a good meter away.
“Yeah well I’m glad you guys didn’t have all the fun before I got here.” Callus chuckles.
“Callus,” Enthropes calls “We are in a bad way here. Most of Kirleta is gone and well the other clans were blasted before they even had a chance. The Citadel reports that they need us to pull back but I don’t think we can afford to abandon this position. Scholae Palantinae just sent a runner with a blaster bolt in his back to say that they are on the way to get here and are about 40 strong and they will be looking for us.” Enthropes pauses.
“So you want me to get to the Citadel and tell them we won’t be joining their party?” Callus asks
“Right.” Enthropes sighs.
“Well I won’t be to affective against Jedi will I?”
“Uh well the Palantine runner was a DJK so I guess you could use his saber, though you’ll have to return it when you finish the mission.”
“Got it so anything special you want me to tell them when I get there?”
“Nothing particular but I’ll get in touch with you via Datapad if anything happens.”
“Right I guess I’ll see ya.” Callus turns and heads for his ship.
“Callus,” Warhuter calls “I don’t think you should take the Y-Wing.”
“Why?” Callus asks giving a quizzical look.
“They have set up dampening fields and your ship will come down fast. An old STAP is out behind the shed you should take that.”
“Right thanks I’ll see you after I take out some Jedi. You still owe me that beer too.” Callus smirks
“Sure thing just get back in one piece.”

Callus runs around back with the borrowed lightsaber clipped to his belt. He finds the STAP and powers it on checks his map and heads off into the woods. He sees lightsabers clashing in the trees but doesn’t have time to stop and help. He continues to speed through until he sees the spire of the Citadel. He jumps off the STAP and lets it glide to stop and sees a Jedi Coming his way at a sprint. Callus ducks behind a tree and the Jedi is getting closer 3…2…1 Callus ignites the lightsaber and severs the head of the Jedi with the steel grey blade. He continues on foot towards the Citadel. He can see lightsabers clashing in the distance he powers on the saber. Dashing towards the battle he sees only one Dark Jedi it is the Grand Master. He puts his saber out to the side and is able to take out 3 of the Light Jedi with the sprint. The Grand Master is finishing off the puny Jedi. “Master!,” Callus yells blocking a saber blow “You need to get out of here quick they need you at the forward position to assist them.”
“I don’t want to leave an Acolyte here to guard the Citadel.” Firefox says
“I can hold them off here but the main force is advancing on them I believe they have Jedi Masters with them.”
“Alright just hold them I’ll send backup soon.” Firefox says as he sprints off. Now Callus is here to defend the Citadel of Antei the center of the Dark Brotherhoood. He engages with the next Jedi and is able to use his training well by using Inflict Pain to drop a Jedi who was trying to sneak up on him and with that split second of distraction he is smacked in the face by a lightsaber hilt. With his nose broken and bloodied he is able to use the force to control his pain and fight on. He splits his opponent with a diagonal cut from his right shoulder to his left hip. He hears a noise inside the chamber and turns then a blaster is fired. He is able to use his force abilities to resist the blaster bolt but then he hears another blast turns and blocks it rolls behind a piece of ferro-crete and draws his DX-2. He tries to sense his enemy and can barely feel his presence. It is an acolyte like himself fearing for his life but something that troubles him is that the Jedi doesn’t trust the force. He knew that this would be the Acolyte’s demise. Callus calls out to him. “Acolyte.” He calls out to the Jedi. Callus can sense his fear and calls out again. “I know your out there and have a lightsaber I hereby challenge you to a lightsaber duel.” Callus tosses his DX-2 over the slab. He hears the Acolyte’s blaster hit the ground and the snap-hiss of a lightsaber powering up. He follows suit and comes face to face with the Jedi. Callus assumes his stance as he moves into the classic Sarlacc because he doesn’t know how enough to move fully to the Ysalamir form his opponent on the other hand is able to move into a form that he hasn’t been able to study much he wasn’t sure but it looked like the Hawk-Bat form and knew that he was in for an interesting battle. Callus assumes his ready stance as does his opposition. His opponent shifts his weight to his back foot and Callus braces for the attack. His opponent is about three steps away and leaps into the air. Callus dives forward and avoids the blow and swipes at the Jedi’s legs but is parried as Callus rolls to his feet his opponent slashes but Callus parries the attack with ease and now they are in saber lock. Callus remembers his hours of training with members of his house and clan and the Velocities he studies for hours and the burns on his arms and legs. The separate and begin the dance of death. They had been battling for what seemed like only a moment but in reality it had been over an hour. His opponent drops to his knees and calls “Solah…Solah” panting for breath. Callus laughs at this feeble attempt and in a triumphant voice calls out “Sai Tok.” His opponent looks up with disbelief before he can do any thing Callus sweeps through his neck and sees his head roll down the steps.

Wiping sweat from his brow he turns and moves into the Chamber and finds the main computer. He had been taught what to do in an emergency that was to signal the allies of the Emperor’s Hammer. This might qualify as an emergency in his book. He sends a transmission to the entire fleet but a response comes back informing him that they are also under attack. Callus swears under his breath and moves deeper into the chamber. He moves to the hanger and takes one of the X-Wings to try and see what he can do, if anything.

In a fly over he sees that the forward held position is leveled and engulfed in flames. He then wonders if Firefox had gotten there to aid them. Callus swoops over the Jedi encampment and sees that it too is destroyed and knows that all wasn’t from his bombs. Deciding to make an equatorial sweep Callus sees a massive cloud of force energy. He swoops through the cloud and it is a massive force storm and only a Grand Master can create one he knows that all hope is not lost. He lands his fighter and sees a large hole going into the ground he jumps through.

This is a crystal cavern he feels the power and sees the dark crystal. He has herd legends that this crystal could grant any wish that the possessor wanted. He moves to the crystal and places his hand over it. The energy surges through his body he can hear a voice in his mind asking him what his one wish was. He told the voice that it was for the Dark Brotherhood to be restored to its former glory as it was before the Jedi attacked. In a flash of light he falls to the ground and when he wakes he is back on Erugor and waiting for Enthropes' message. He is ordered home and getting up he feels the lightsaber on his belt he drops it to the ground and stomps it under his heel