The Path To Arcona


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The Path to Arcona
Written by Aticus Kashu

Many people write about their experiences with their clan, or during their training but not many of written stories on their personal paths taken during their time as a rogue if one has ever been on. I've spent time as a rogue and even though it is just a place were people go to retire or lay low for a while I thought it would be a good area for use in personal development and opens the doors to things that is not usually seen or done while in service in a clan. I'm not saying go rogue, but for those that have done it and like to write than this could be a good area to use and could make an interesting story. I hope this one turns out well.

~Aticus "Khaos" Kashu


It had been two months since Khaos had once again taken the rogue's path in the Brotherhood. He had spent some time as a rogue now when put all together, and usually not something one is proud of it is a time for a person to clear the mind and head and experience new things, or to seek out things that would not be allowed due to the amounts of time it would take. This time however Khaos had done something different. He had actually taken on quest of meaning to him instead of someone else. Khaos had traveled to countless planets now, gone by several names, and served with nearly all the clans and some that no longer existed in the Brotherhood. He did regret not finding a clan to dedicate himself to and learned that he lost several opportunities and allies in the process, but his desire for knowledge of the entire Brotherhood pushed him to look outside of the framing of clans, and sometimes the Brotherhood itself.

Reaching Battlemaster status some time ago, Khaos had aged in the title from when he was a younger Obelisk. He was once an impressive Sergeant, leading an Obelisk BlackOps Brigade, and several other Brigades before that. After his time as an Obelisk he moved into the Dark Arts of the Krath and studied solely on the force, and picked up a taste for the arts of alchemy and demonology. Though his time as a Krath provided him with much knowledge, most of the teachings he studied were Sith which lead him to the path of the Order of the Sith. Both the pride of being a warrior, but the mind before the blade teachings of the Krath all seemed to flow into one with the Sith, and its demands were easily met by him.

Khaos was now on a planet known as Kinsios, which was in the far Outer-Rim. He had traveled there only twice before. Once while an Obelisk Trooper in Galeres, and the second when he was a Sith Commander in Oriens Obscurum. Back then he had good strong men and women watching his back and everyone made it out alive. Now he traveled alone on a planet that was not yet civilized in any manner. The basic tribes and clans were among the most intelligent life but only a few had ever met a force user, and those that had worshiped the force users as gods. He had no concern of being worshiped, but rather to find something he had seen but never spoke of.

His second experience on the planet was as a Sith Commander on a mission to track a downed escape pod from an Imperial ship that had been captured above. After finding the officer that had arrived on the escape pod torn to shreds by rancors, the squadron left out nearly being killed by the rancors. On the way out Khaos was actually caught by one of the rancors and his squadron had already left ground. His life was saved only by a spirit of a dark jedi knight that crushed the rancor's life force using the force. He had introduced himself to Khaos as Dark Knight Malk Ujeebi and requested that he one day return to the planet and seek him out.

The clouds were now thickened around his camp and Khaos looked from his cliff top view of the black marsh below him. It was there that his squadron had left him and the spirit had visited and saved him for reasons unknown. He was sipping the last bit of his brewed tea. His cloak blew as the wind began to pick up. Knowing that the weather would soon make the marsh a nasty carnivore infested death trap. He would not be able to stay here though as the tribes were quick to find intruders and they were quite skilled in killing and Khaos wanted to avoid confrontation and distractions if at all possible.

"Hmm, well now Malk Ujeebi, I hope you are still around. I do hope we can speak again." said Khaos as he looked out over the marshlands. The wind picked up a strong breeze and blew his cloak further out towards the marsh. "It would seem you are telling me to come old friend, I shall not keep you waiting." said Khaos. In the blink of an eye Khaos left unimaginably high and far out. If not trained in the force, it would have been a suicide leap, but Khaos used his cape which had been fitted with retractable hollow polls that would form the cape into something much like a hang glider.

After landing and removing his cloak Aticus wore the standard Sith battle robes. He rather be limber and agile, than over weighted and bulky. He held in his right hand a customized battle rifle that he had been given during the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy. It was capable of firing as a long range rifle, cqc battle rifle, or an a-a rifle. It had an amazing fire rate and accuracy pattern as well which made this a favorite of his. Clipped on to his survival belt was a silver lightsaber hilt.

Wasting no time he began to walk towards the center of the marsh. Different flying types began to leave the trees. Making some not so lovely sounds. With the wind blowing it was hard to tell what might be in the bushes moving. After a twenty minuet walk he arrived at the opening in the center of the marsh. Khaos took a knee and raised his rifle to eye level allowing him to look through the scope. It was capable of tracking movement up to short distances, and had several body heat displays.

A blue circle appeared around several objects in the tree's but nothing ground level. Satisfied he lowered his rifle and moved to the inner area. Though the wind blew everywhere else the inside of the clearing was like a peaceful area but with a dark presence about it. He was here and there was no denying that. It took only a few moments before Khaos felt a presence behind him. Quickly turning he could see the robed spirit standing looking at him. Khaos gave off a hint of a smile but the spirit did not return it.

Instead he looked at Khaos in a dark and sinister manner. In a flash his eyes began to burn like fire and he pulled from his side what appeared to be a lightsaber hilt. Shocked but always on guard Khaos tossed his rifle and reached for his saber hilt. Before his hand could pull the hilt from his belt the spirit had already closed in to attack range. A thrust came from head level and aimed for his left eye. His reaction was an instant jolt of force downward with his left hand to push him away from the attack. Now having his light saber drawn he landed and crouched into an a defensive kneel with his blade slanted in front of him.

The spirit waisted no time in another supernatural charge. This time Khaos was ready, he had already used the force to speed not only his body but mind to the speed of the attacking spirit. When the spirit got close Khaos lowered his blade swiftly and stabbed his blade deep into the chest of the spirit. This caused the spirit to stop and look down, then backing itself off the blade. "I'm impressed Sith Commander Kashu, all this time and your form has only grown more devastating. How have you been old friend?" asked the spirit.

"Malk Ujeebi, Dark Knight of the Brotherhood. A simple hello would have been much better. And its simply Aticus now. I resigned from my post as a Commander some time ago." said Aticus placing the hilt of his saber back on his belt. Malk looked at his in confusion. "But one does not simply leave a Sith position do they? Or has the Order changed this much since I left? Regardless, I shall call you Aticus from now on. Welcome back my friend what has brought you back?" asked Malk.

"Well to be honest Malk I have come to return a visit you requested of me. You said to return at a time that I could study under some special training you could provide. I have come to request of you that training." said Aticus. The coulds began to pour rain over the land and lightning began to fill the dark clouds. Both dark jedi looked up and agreed shelter would be wise. "You will come to my temple. It is on the other side of the marsh, not to far and its safe." demanded Malk. Aticus only nodded his head and quickly followed Malk to his temple in the marshlands.

To be continued...


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The temple was hardly hospitable. Infact, more of a ruin than a temple in Aticus's opinion. The storms were now at mercy of the clouds break, and Aticus quickly searched for a room that had all four walls and a none exposed ceiling. It took a moment but to his luck towards the center of the ruined temple the rooms were not so harsh. It was dark so he had to use his force seeing tactics to make his way through the room.

Torches were lined across the wall, and in the center of the room was an old stone table formed with the room. Roots of plants ran through everything made of stone, cracking even the strongest of the support beams, the life span was running out for this ancient place. After looking around the room Aticus found some flint stones to strike against the torches.

Suprising the Battlemaster, the torches were still quite damp with fuel even after all this time. The combustion of a flame ignited after his fourth strike and it made him step back a few feet. Carefully he took the torch out of the wall, he knew old temples were known for very half effective traps, which would leave you to die a long horrible death. Though this torch released no trap, so he walked around the room lighting the torches on each wall then replacing the one in his hand back to its original resting place on the wall.

Malk appeared in the room soon afterwards looking at Aticus, and he looking back. "Aticus your days are coming to where you must choose a path and remain at pace with it, for to long have you searched for your destiny among the galaxy. I am going to train you to prepare you for the upcoming events that will lead you to a road you have strayed from long ago. You must prepare yourself now to endure beyond that of what you have endured and understand that of which you can not now understand. Open your mind to me and my teachings and soon you will understand the dark side beyond your current comprehension."

Sitting quitely in the corner of the room in the floor, Aticus toyed with the thought. It was not everyday he got a dead dark jedi to come back and desire to show him things. What were these teachings though he spoke of? They obviously could not be to important as his level when he died was far lower than his own, and if he died than what he knew must not have been very effective. On the other hand though, its not like this could hurt but only expand what knowledge he currently had. Sith or Jedi, the quest of knowledge and power is never ending.

"Agreed then Malk, I'll be your student for the time being. Where do we begin? I'm eager to start now as I'm sure you already know." said Aticus standing up by pushing his arms against the corner. The spirit only laughed. "Like so many before you, rush to your death or be calm and learn.. ..your choice Sith. With your experience I am sure you know the path you should take on this one. The weather is terrible. Desiese, beast of terror, among other things are all out during the rain. We wait for the weather to clear."

Aticus simply nodded his head and fell back into the corner with a thud. "Well I guess this is going to be a long night. Don't guess any use in staying awake for this one." said Aticus as he slid further down the wall until his head lay on his arms which were now folded behind his head. "Good idea Aticus Jade, you will need rest. I shall watch over the temple tonight.."

To Be Continued...