So I Sit Here..

Zaxen Dauketrenal

23-02-2008 19:20:47

So I sit here on the precipice of destiny. A pit of languid, raw, visions. Unforgiving in their torrential bombardment. Nothing but this and so here I sit.
I watch the distant grey shatter in the morning light only to shift again and I lose my sight to the night.

Oh Sister Darkness, hold me in your tender embrace. Protect me from the sinister minds of the numerous flocks of those who would call themselves real. Empower me with the eyes of your love and the judgement of your kiss.

As breath drifts upon the clouds of midnight the ancient moons look down with out care or concern for the restless spirits who dance about the stars.

Oh Mother Night let me taste the essence of the universe. Bring me to the keen edge of tomorrow and let me tend the puppet strings. Rend the fabric of the galaxy and send the hordes of my nightmares screaming from me.

Here I stand and in this place I can wonder and wander about the world. Of what is this place? Of what is the soul made? Where am I going? and where have I been? As the languid shadow envelopes my sight I regret no choices I have made and think of the last time I saw you there.

Oh great mystery of paradox and sensibility, do you not offer the greatest of understanding or even sensation as the being of being touches another? My beloved do you know? Upon all that is built on rage and love and sleepless funnelings of thought, there is no illusion of power.

Only in this that you are here. All confusion, all darkness, all night, all wonder, and all sight. I know and I feel. OH horrid knowledge run fast from me!! I love you and hate you!!
No pain remains no feeling...
My restless soul wanders on in an ocean of starlight
Dancing upon the waves of evermore
Embrace me my sister
Embrace me my mother
Let me wander farther still as you take my hand and lead me over that precipice where the damned have taken hold.
Destiny and its cruel finality will be remade and in your image and in mine shall it be formed anew.
Look now all who would dream a dream
Look and see the ebb and flow of a universe that cares not for you.
Fill yourself with power, fill yourself with hope, fill your self with anger, fill your restless soul.

Walk along that slippy slope and find yourself amongst the stars on the verge of an empire. And there the Force trully flows, indiscriminant, and free.

Eternity awaits...

Child of Darkness, Child of Krath, Born of Shadow, Born of Wrath.
My Restless soul is longing
I step over the edge.


25-01-2009 01:00:19

This is VERY well done!!

You have a very good creative streak and your poetry and story telling in it is awesome. You portray exactly what you want to say (hey that rhymed!)!