Tales Of The Nightstalkers - The Cantina Stakeout


18-02-2008 00:24:52

)) Writer's Note to the Reader ((

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my little story here. I've written a bunch, but this one I've decided to place on an actual Operation that I myself was a part of during my time with the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion. At this time I was a Dark Jedi Knight in rank, and I was commanding a BlackOps squad known as the Nightstalkers. Many of you that were a part of it pry do not remember this, because to be short and brief I made the Nightstalkers with the assistance of former Prefect Dingo and High Colonel Cypher. This story takes place before the NS was a set SpecOps Squad, but instead a BlackOps unit that Dingo, Cypher and myself were testing out to see if SpecOps units like this would be successful. One of my most memorable encounters with the NS squad was when myself, Cypher and Lander had a SIM with the Rebel Squadrons. This may actually not be completed tonight, so sorry to keep you guys waiting on it if it doesnt get finished but I'll keep working on it. I hope you enjoy!

P.S - During this time I was known as Destavol Gin, but to make things simple I'll just use my current name. Aticus K. Kashu.


-(Time)- 2100
-(Location)- Imperius Outlet / Rooftop / Ancor Hed / Tatooine

It was raining, one of the most oddest occurences on Tatooine, and despite his several attempts to get Colonel Cypher to lay with him, this is definantly not what Lieutenant Kashu had in mind. Both were covered in a water-proof lay, and both were looking out of a scope mounted to the tops of their customized rifles.

Aticus> "Jeez Cypher, can't we just get a room - this water is kind of a turn off girl.."

Cypher> "Kashu if you want to bare ability to an erection by the end of this mission you will cut the [Expletive Deleted] and stay focused. We are on duty, and even off duty I think I'd rather space myself than jump you."

Aticus> "Yeah rodger that.." *sigh* "So what the hell, we are sitting here watching a bunch of rebels get drunk, I mean what the hell I'm NS not some rookie, why couldent you have taken Delak or your lover boy Lander?"

Cypher> "Well you allways bitch about me never picking you as a sidekick, now you get a chance and you still are crying? Am I literally going to have to give you a titty just to shut you up? And you know why Lander isnt up here, he is going to be on ground zero. We are high rise, his cover. And he's not my lover, but is a damn good friend so I suggest you cut the crying because if you mess this up and he ends up dead, I'll not only lose 1 friend but 2. There is also the fact that our target may be with Jedi escort, and since you're the only NS member that is both an SN4(Master Sniper) and a Dark Jedi you were prime select."

Aticus> "To be honest with you, that may not be the best. If a Jedi is with our target I could quickly become a becon giving off our presence should I lose concentration on consealing my force aura, and I got visual tits, er I mean ma'am."

Cypher held back her urge to blow her team mate's head off, and moved her scope slight to the right so that she could see Aticus's visual. Three men were walking up but with all the rain and dust, plus the fact that Rebel's tended to dress up like civilians it was to hard to tell.

Cypher> "And just how the hell do you know that is our target Khaos? I can't even make out silouettes hardly."

Aticus> "Because, I'm masking my force signature - the guy on the right of the middle guy is not. He is definantly a Jedi. Damn, and he is strong at that. At least a Jedi Knight, Cypher I'm going to have to let you handle shooting. I figured if any Jedi would be sent, it would be a Padawan or something, but this guy could pry sense your intent to kill once he is close enough. I'm going to focus on clouding both our minds with a mask."

Cypher> "Don't you start that voodoo [Expletive Deleted] with me Kashu, if you screw with my head I'll show you that I can screw with yours - just with a blaster instead of the force."

Aticus> "Ooo, kinky now stay focused I'm taking my eyes off the enemy. Please don't take this the wrong way but I have to touch you to be able to do this. And since I can't hold your hand.."

Silence fell over both when Aticus layed his hand on the back of Cypher's leg. He could feel anger in her rising but she knew that Aticus might have been horny as a bag of needle's for her, but he was trying to keep them both alive. Closing his eyes he began to place false surface thoughts on his own mind and her mind about drinking and enjoying themselves, thus not only displacing their thoughts but the location of the thoughts. Cypher had worked with Aticus long enough to think under false surface thoughts and this was not the first time the two had used this technique. drew back on the zoom of her lense so that she could see others around the bar. A man in a brown leather jacket, with black hair and a goatee was walking into the bar. The man was actually Lander going inside but he was waiting on a signal from his cover that the targets had went inside.

Lander was pry the most experienced out of the three, and even without the force, he could easily confuse Jedi Master's with his thoughts. Randomly playing songs in his head was very simular to Aticus's clouding technique. Not looking up to his snipers as that would only give away their cover, he instead lit a cigarette and walked towards the building that the two snipers were on. Standing under a tend set up over the doorway he grabed his holopad and began reading what most would think was the news. He then walked back over to the cantina and stood under its tent, as to better put distraction in his mind. Once the three men walked up to the door he looked up at them, smiled and nodded to them. The three smiled back and went in. A green light then lit up on his datapad. The laser mounted on Cypher's rifle showed up only in her scope, but Lander's datapad was fitted with a devise that could detect the beam's special lightrays and made a green light flash on his datapad. He smiled even wider, and muttered to himself after blowing out the smoke from his last drag.

Lander> "Oh joy.."

(To Be Continued....)