Halo: Helljumpers


10-01-2008 21:00:27

not near finished and still need to add prologue, tell me what you think so far.

Chapter I: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Private Wesley Green felt the shock of the HEV pod releasing and plummeting to the planet. He held his Battle Rifle in his gloved hands tightly. His sniper was in three parts just so it could fit in the small quarters. The pod rattled as it entered the atmosphere, accelerating to Freefall. The pod hit the ground and planted its roots deeply; breaking his Shock resistant belt and popping off the door.

His team had already eliminated the Grunts from the area. Two Elites fired needlers from a hilltop, the bullets bristled from rocks and HEV pods like blue fangs.

"Wes, take those Elites out!" his commanding officer called. He rolled behind a rock and quickly screwed his sniper rifle together. He wheeled around, focusing on the lead Elite; letting of a round that cut straight through his head, sending purple blood all over his partner. The other Elite was sent into a frenzy, dropping his needler and pulling out an Energy Sword and charging the ODSTs. Two more sniper rounds sent the Elite doubling over.

Without saying another word, they moved into the forest; even in the daylight, their black suits turned them into shadows under the trees.

"Remember the objective: take out their cavalry and throw them the line!" Will whispered through the COM. The voice of jackals came cracking through the trees. The team dropped to their bellies.

"Wes, what do you see?" Sarge asked. He looked through the scope, watching as the jackals moved back and forth.

"Two jackals, every twenty meters, five meter distances between patrols," Wes answered