07-01-2008 11:42:31


Her hair floated around her
Like river mist, stirring with
Every move she made,
Every breath she took.

The glint in her eyes
Caught the snowflake reposing.
As the roses on the glade grow wild and majestic
She looked up at him from under lowered lashes.

Their lips touched
And their cheeks brushed,
She was lost in his kiss
Sinking in a sea of new sensations.

With hearts beating in unison
See held him in her arms,
His soft features and gentle touch
Bestowed a calm upon her soul.

As their song swayed, so did the room.
As they held hands, the lights started to flicker.
Waking up to the red of his eyes,
Is something she will get used to.

He was her ardour,
Her Sacré-Cœur.
He smelled like an angel
Encompassing her senses.

A love that would wither with her death...