Assassins Creed Part I

te me nekaka

21-11-2007 03:08:57

ok guys let me know what you think, any thing goes. but remember the time frame of the story takes place 2 years before i joined the DB.


The Assassins creed Part I Ė The Hit
By PRT Te Me Nekaka

It was raining, even though I couldnít tell cause of my armor, I could hear the thuds of the rain drops. It was indeed one of the coldest nights on this planet. The name of it, I donít remember, all I know is that it is deep in the New Republic. The reason you might ask, for why I am here is this: I was approached by a man in a cloak. He asked me to expose of this politician. He offered me 100,000 credits for him, 50,000 for his wife, 25,000 for any children, and 10,000 for any one else such as guards, maids, etc. I do not know anything about the hit except, he was a traitor to theyíre cause and he now worked for the New Republic. I thought this was going to be easy, but after examining the targets property, I have discovered not a home but a fort. 8 roving patrols outside the fence, 12 roving inside the fence (all in pairs) and guards most likely through out the building itself.
As I sit here in the outskirts of the jungle, I see one of the roving patrols. As he gets closer, I take aim with my hand held dart gun thatís attached at my wrist. Just as he creeps closer I take aim and ďHISS!!!Ē the darts find theyíre mark, right in the main artery on the neck. He goes down hard. I take a quick reference shot. I drag him in the jungle and bury him under the trees and grass. As I do this I realize itís a good thing theses patrols arenít closer together. If they were then I would have some serious issues. As I think this I canít help but chuckle a little at the mere thought of an all out fire fight. Of course I would win, but not with out getting injured. Some times itís a good thing to be an Anzat. I slowly creep back to the edge. But before I get there I hear footsteps. I turn around just in time for a blaster to be pointed at my face.
ďDonít Move!!Ē the guard warned me. Just as he says this I say ďDa Goth, Ka HEYA!Ē which is the code for my voice activated Gas ball launcher attached to the hilt of one of my death hammers, which is pointed towards the guard. The gas ball launches and nails the guard in the forehead. He drops like a fly in 0 degree weather. I decide that this one is not worthy of a grave and decide to booby trap him with a poison grenade. Then I take a photo of the trap, it has to be one of the best set ups yet. As I prepare to run towards the fence I get a funny feeling so I run to fence as fast as I can and duck in the shadows. Just as I cover I see the remaining guards come and I realize this is a good opportunity for me, as they get with in throwing range, I hear the leader stop them. ďHeís got to be around here some where, when Jacinta reported in, this was his position.Ē So thatís how they found me, the guard reported in. Ok letís have some fun.
ďDonít Move, your surrounded, put down your blasters!Ē I yell, ďNever!Ē was the reply. ďOk have it your way!Ē I respond. I threw my plasma grenade at them. After the explosion I walked closer to them, I notice two are dead, one critically injured and the last was just knocked out, hmm I think to my self, maybe I need to check the power charges on the next shipment I get or my aim is off. I quickly take out my two blasters. Canít leave any witnesses, I take aim and fire four shots, two in to each of the guards that are alive. I take a few more photos.
As I get to the fence it dawns on me that I lost track of time and have no idea about the inside patrols. So I take a chance. I cut throw the fence with my mini torch that I carry. I keep one of the death hammers hand as I do this. I finish creeping through the fence, just as I do the first pair of guards round the corner of the building. I quick draw the other blaster. I fire two shots, the first hits itís mark, guard one goes down. But guard two ducks and my shot misses by 2 cm. I see this and take cover behind a tree. Just as I take cover, bark flyís away from the tree where it was hit. I holster my blasters; climb the back side of the tree in to the leaves where they canít see me. I un-sling my sniper rifle. I take aim and the guard goes down. Just as he goes down three more round the corner and take his place behind two large rocks. They just sit there looking for me, like ducks in a pond. I sit in the tree for five more minutes. At three minutes five more show up, leaving 2 unaccounted for. Now is the time I figure so I grab one of my poison grenades, I throw it. This time my aim is right on, they all fall down dead. I get an idea; I set a booby trap using 3 frag grenades this time.
By setting up the booby traps, when some one checks the bodies, I can be sure they will not follow me inside. I sneak inside, due a quick recon with my info-red camera; I pick up 3 heat sources in the room on the left, 2 in the room on the right, and hear voices in the room that seems to be the commons. I think about a plan of attack and smile. I grab two of my Poison Grenades, knowing if I use my blasters or any kind of explosion device, I might attract guards. And since I donít know how many are in the building I am not going to chance it. I arm one Ďnade, open the door and toss. I hear the hiss of the nade as it goes off and I lock the door from the outside so they canít get out. I repeat the operation to the two in the next room. After wards I take a few snap shots and turn towards the voices I heard earlier. With five guards down I draw my two knives on is the Punch Dagger and a Locust Knife, and proceed to the commons room. I see the wife and a kid. I walk up to the wife and she screams and the kid runs. I throw my Locust and it nails the kid in the spine. I turn to the wife, turn her around and shove the Dagger at the base of the skull where the spine connects to the brain. The human female falls down with no movement. I grab my two blades and clean them off and put them up.
I proceed throw the next door, I am now in another hallway. I walk to door one, I pull my blasters out of the holsters, open the doors, and there are 2 guards. I shot both before they can react. As I turn around, I fall to the ground as a blast hisses by my head; I aim from the hip and nail the guard in the gut. I stand up and finish him off. I start to walk down the hall, but I stop when I feel the blow rather then hear it. I turn around to see my main target try to stab me in the back. I turn around and knock the knife from his hands. I have decided that this one will die from within. I pick him up; I grab a mini nade and force him to swallow it. He gags at first, and then realizes that he is alive for now. I then tell him that for stabbing me in the back he will learn the true meaning of suffering. He then tries to puke up the nade. I push the button for the remote, and I see the look of horror as the nade explodes in his stomach. I look down and all I see as a hole were his gut used to be. I figure it was time to go, so I snatch some photos on the way out. As I finish with the wife I hear a man scream. So I take off running, but as I reach the front I hear my booby trap explode and smile. I run towards them and take a few quick photos; I then run throw the hole in the fence and run towards the jungle. I quickly get aboard my ship, and take off. When Iím sure I havenít been followed I return home. Two days later the man who hired me shows up wanting to know how much he owes me, I tell him I killed 25 guards, 1 kid, 1 wife, and the main target. I then show him the photos. He tells me thank you and that his bosses will be happy. I tell him just have my credits in a week. And he tells me, he will and he might have another job for me then. He leaves and I get to thinking, you know this might not be a bad life after all. I proceeded to make a list of supplies I need to replace, silently I wonder, what is next...