The Grey Ghost Of Tion Hegemony

Bucon Saalah

24-09-2007 12:00:35

I've started re-writing my Character's history and well I wanted to see what people thought so far. If you think it's a little too out there just let me know but I do deal well with constructive criticism. If the first part is too short and boring let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Grey Ghost of Tion Hegemony

Chapter I - The Sleeping Malice

Once upon a night, a witch, wearing an amethyst-hued robe, had gathered the blood of her enemies and sat in her chthonic chamber waiting for the white dwarf star of Kabal to burn bright.

Sensing the starfire, the witch drenched a white kaiburr crystal into a blood caldron and waved her left hand above it, whispering necromantic verses and rhymes. She sat before the caldron, moving her lips yet saying nothing. Her soft, lilac eyes blinking rather slowly stared hypnotically into the boiling blood. The three candles behind the pot flickered wildly, though no wind was present. Inside each tiny flame a faint grey heart began to rise and the hollow became illuminated by the pale light. Gradually, a bright crystalline shard rose from the ever darkening blood, and absorbed the blackness it had come from. Finally, it fully drained the container of its vile contents and different shades of light (azure, crimson, fuchsia, and verdant among others) coruscated within and through out the kaiburr crystal.

Licking her lips, the young witch reached into the pot, her pupils dilating, and the coruscation ended. The incense which came from her left and right had now filled the room. Darkness consumed her lair as the candles went out, a strange roar following shortly. For moments silenced lingered and suddenly, horrible groans spread from the candles as they lit once again. The witch sighed, anxiously, and stood up. An indistinct noise came from the kaiburr crystal and she knew in that instant she had performed her spell correctly. Now she would have to find a host to house this sleeping malice.


Lady Aspho-Del left her chambers and walked to the maw of her cave. She glanced in all directions and the crystal tugged westward, she complied. Few, yet important questions surfaced within Aspho-Del’s mind. Who would be the host? What planet would it be on? Finally, would he/she be an aspirant or a waste? She was dreadful of who it would be, but knew the force would choose well. She stepped into a raging winter storm, on the planet Daluuj, and began her long trek.


To most people, the great storms of Daluuj leave little hope of finding civilization. Most if not all people who have journeyed into the harsh environment never returned, nor been seen again. It took Aspho-Del a lot of concentration, but the extreme weather could not falter her mission. She focused all of her force powers and was filled with deep warmth; almost as if her midi-chlorians were next to an open fire.

About a hundred miles west, she stumbled across a Tion hangar. Gray, ancient and crumbling, crews of men were fixing three generators next to it. She slipped through them and entered the hangar. Inside she found a suitable vessel named, Jyykle Vulture III, it was opaque with some green streaks. She boarded the vessel of relatively small size and turned in on. The crews were now aware of her presence and ran into the hangar. Aspho-Del turned the turrets on them and fired indiscriminately. Needless to say most died in the process and with the hangar door closing she took the opportunity and fled. She set coordinates to the Perlemian Trade Route and clutched the stygian crystal with anticipation.

The first three destinations proved worthless; Centares, Taanab, and Tirahnn. Aspho-Del then ventured into the Kuat Sector of the galaxy and landed on the planet of Kuat. She found most of the Kuati were pleasant but her intentions would be considered malicious. She ran into a group of savages on the outskirts of a main city. They were lingering next to the thick forests and when she easily fought them off she followed. Compelled to venture and find one of the villages, perhaps even a clan in which to explore she kept behind them swinging from branch to branch never loosing sight of them. Finally reaching a strange, primitive clan she stopped and observed them. There were two species: human and zabrak. The kaiburr crystal was pulsating like never before and she hoped her trek had ended.

Two elders walked out from a large dwelling, a zabrak with engrossed tattoos and a human wearing a strange white mask. Both wore outlandish attire but stood out prominently. Her eyes then followed them. The kaiburr crystal gave off a strange shock of static and she understood it as a signal. The signal was letting her know she had to reveal herself. Aspho-Del leaped down from the trees and stood before the elders. Immediately scouts and military swarms came and surrounded her. She raised her hand in the air and harnessed the force towards her. Aspho-Del released the gathered energy and a strong push threw the welcoming party a great distance. She slowly walked towards the elders and announced herself.

‘I am Lady Aspho-Del of the Tion Sector.’ bowing, she hoped she made a good impression.

‘Lady Aspho-Del what is it you need here? Is it to bring us misery?’ asked the zabrak elder.

‘Or is it war?’ asked the human elder.

‘I neither seek nor need either. I am here as a healing witch, and offer my services where ever needed.’

‘Witch? We need not your services Lady.’

‘Ah but let my magic show you my intentions.’ She said this waving both hands in the air.

‘Well then we shall gather a few and see your powers and your magic.’ responded the zabrak.

The elders then gathered as many of their forces as they could and formed two groups. The zabrak and human military, and the women and children. Aspho-Del worked her magic and healed most if not all. After about three hours she advised them that she need rest. Everyone left considering her magic to be true. She then told the elders she needed one form of payment, and that was to test the youngest children for a midi-chlorian count. They complied and she was allowed to visit all the newborns. All had normal counts and the kaiburr crystal responded to no one. The last home she visited was that of the human elder. His name was Zeit and his wife was Seible Keno they were the leaders of the human group, The Djin. When she arrived Sable was giving birth and Zeit was helping her along. The crystal vibrated intensely and Aspho-Del knew she had found the host.

The delivery lasted twenty four hours and was performed by Aspho-Del. She immediately carried out a midi-chlorian count and was amazed that it was significant. Unfortunately the child was still born and Aspho-Del could not allow this. He looked as if in deep sleep so her lie would be able to carry through. She told the elder they would need to isolate the child for about seven hours in a life sustaining incubator. They complied and when they turned away she put the kaiburr crystal beneath the child’s corpse.

The hours seemed long and agonizing for Seible but she pulled through as she was comforted by Zeit and Aspho-Del. Finally as they went to see the progress of the child they found him well and alive but with the strangest eyes. They had black sclera and saffron irises and stared malevolently. The Keno family pushed that aside and embraced their child, naming him Norrin. When they turned to thank Aspho-Del she had disappeared. Now they focused on Norrin Keno and his sleepy appearance left almost immediately. They turned to the sky and stared at the constellation of Bucon and hoped that the Demon of Hate would not set his wicked eyes on them.