A Light So Bright


12-09-2007 04:33:01

As I lie here on the ground looking up at the stars so bright
On a camping trip here in the wilderness, all alone
I'm sure like many others I question, Star light, Star bright
Dear sweet Madeleine, where on earth have you gone?

The whole world watches, just like me, trying to figure out a huge mystery
A little angel, so small, so fragile, more or less disappeared, from the very face of the earth
Just like a star in the night sky, your light should shine bright, surely this isn't how it was supposed to be
A child, something I could never have, where is she, on what turf?

Just like the birds in the sky, you should be free, allowed to experience child hood
But instead, you an innocent child, you were thrust in a situation, filled with dread
I guess everyone is grasping at straws, trying to make sense of a situation, that contains nothing good
But you are still missing after everything done and said.

Your picture on the news, you look so full of vigor, so full of life
Your eyes so big, at times they make you look so sad
A child such experience the magic of childhood, not put into a situation so full of strife
I know everyone wishes that you would be happy and glad.

Someone out there knows the horrifying truth
Where is Madeleine? This I know the whole world takes time to ask
To find you, avenge you, we only need some kind of proof
Someone needs to come from behind a liar's mask?

So looking up at the stars, I have to wonder, if you see them too
I hope you can, but I'm afraid you have joined the other stars in the sky of night
Someone knows where you are, but to this it seems no one has not one clue
But little Madeleine, regardless of your fate, you light to a lot of people will always shine bright.