11-09-2007 05:04:22

Between true reality and things we dream about
Sometimes a doorway is accidentally opened, which causes dream to become night mares
One which the nightmares seem, very real, about this there are no doubts
Things some time manifest, things we do not wish, because sometimes between dimensions there is a tare.

Things we do not wish to know of, makes their presence knew to us
Thing that deep down, most people don't even believe they exist
To make their presence knew to us, sometimes they really stir up a fuss
Sometimes, in desperation, their evil will evens persist.

Like they are saying," Hey look at me! I am here!"
Sometimes things can be demonic, other times just a poor soul, that has lost their way
In any case, things like this, within us, they bring forth our fears
The lost ones to me are saying," We are here,not by choice, but we know of no other way.

The demonic, the demons that find their way to us, making sure we know they are there
These creatures, I believe, come from the very pits of hell
Their sole purpose, to bring total evil and chaos, no matter who, why, or where
Sometimes things so horrifying, others wouldn't believe, so we never tell.

But my concern are for those, by no choice of their own, have lost their way
I wish to them, there was some way, I could help, put their souls to rest
From that very bright light, them lost, from the light they have accidentally strayed
Them, the ones that crossed over, before their time, before they had time to finish this life's quest.

So when a portal is opened, things from the other side, more or less escape
Coming from a place, a living being knows nothing about
The land of the dead, a place, no one alive knows nothing about, no one living ever comes back or escapes
But this place I know exists for them, to me of this there is very little doubt.