Syrus Korodin

10-09-2007 16:01:14

The Last Locked Door

All doors are opened now
As the end approaches
And eternity itself
Decays and ages

What to do now
When the grand experiment
Crashes into ashes?

Open the last locked door

Where once we were so loud
Our voices reached and echoed
Across the fabric of the universe
Now we are silent

Slowly, as time rushed past
We realized the true fate
We are powerless
Perhaps it is best

Where once we feared
The hands of death

Where once we cringed
And prayed
And dreamed
To Gods above and below

Now we are silent

We are as one, now
Together as one
I, and we, and they
Eternal, and immortal

Not even the last shatter
The last cold wind
The last wall of heat
Shall end us now

What for do we live, when all else dies?

Truly, for we are dreamers
And travelers, and have seen
All and beyond all
In sleep and in flesh

Now, beyond flesh

What more is there?

Now we are silent
For there is nothing more
Nothing more
To speak of
As the dim stars

Grow dimmer still

We are looking now
At the last locked door

We have tried to solve
That last locked door
That puzzle, always
Missing pieces

Every key in all our
Cannot unlock that secret
And to open the door?

All too easy!

To return?

Now we have done it
We fear not the door

We are curious
We ponder
We dream

Though we have been there
And returned back
A mystery exists
Beyond our machines

Always the possibility
Of something else
Of perfection
Of wholeness

Open, the last locked door

We are silent now.


I enjoy constructive criticism, especially when it concerns the insane poems I manage to piece together. Thanks in advance.


11-09-2007 05:05:13

VERY well done!